IN 1908 AN EXPLOSION OF CATASTROPHIC proportions in Tunguska left a surface scar, flattened 400 square miles of forest, and destroyed 80 million trees. Local inhabitants described an enormous ball of fire in the sky that looked like a comet. This was immediately before the explosion. Afterwards, scientists examined the crater, but no meteoric mass was found, only small bits of metal scattered around, and some reports hint at traces of metallic alloy.


In recent years, Russian scientists have again investigated this spot and reported traces of radio-activity. Had Nature gone crazy again? I don’t think so. That UFO was one that didn’t get away.

Many years later, the following news item was released from Moscow:

A 50-year-old mystery has caused major dissension among Russia’s leading space scientists. They cannot agree about a theory that the “Great Siberian Meteorite” which fell in the remote forests on 30 June 1908 was, in fact, a space ship from another planet.

An expedition from Moscow is now working in the area, taking radiation measurements.

Three Soviet scientists, Professors Korkarkin, Krinov and Fesenkov, believe the object was “probably” a meteorite - but they prefer the cautious word “phenomenon.”

Professors Alexander Kasentsev and B. Lepunov insist that it must have been a rocket or ship from Mars. Kasentsev has released some details of his spaceship theory after years of accumulating evidence.

The known facts are that on that June day, inhabitants of Siberia’s Jenisaci area, saw a gigantic ball of fire. Then a colossal explosion devastated nearly 400 square miles of forest. The shock waves were registered as far away as England.

Scientists looking in vain for a crater, or traces of a meteorite, found that in the centre of the blast area only the tops of the trees were snapped off. But the meteorite theory persisted until the explosion of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Just after the war, Kasentsev pointed to the similarity between the Hiroshima devastation and that in Siberia, and suggested that the “meteorite” was an atomic explo-sion at a height of one and a half miles.

In 1951, Kasentsev and Lepunov developed the theory of an atomic power-propelled vehicle which exploded while trying to land, Expeditions to the area still fail to find any meteorite evidence, and the controversy has flared up again.

Russian aerodynamics expert, Manotskov, has joined the ranks of the “spaceship” theorists. He declares the Siberian “fireball” was breaking as it approached the Earth, so that its final speed was about two kilometers (1.24 miles) a second, compared with a meteorite’s usual speed of 30 to 60 kilometers (18-37 miles) per second.

1. The great circle distance between point (G) and point (H) is equal to 347.2 nautical miles, or minutes of arc. The harmonic reciprocal of this value is 288, or twice the speed of light. If we double the value then we get 6944 (695), the speed of light reciprocal.
2. The great circle distance between point (C) and point (H) is equal to 411.635 nautical miles, or minutes of arc. This value squared is equal to 16944 (1695). Later research proved this value to be associated with the gravity acceleration factors, and mass.

MATHEMATICAL KEY TO DIAGRAM SHOWING RELATIONSHIP OF TUNGUSKA EXPLOSION TO UFO GRID A, B, C, D, = Polar section of UFO grid as published in Harmonic 33. Each of these points is a major aerial position of the grid system.

E = Pole of UFO grid.
F = North geographic pole.
G = Intersection of grid longitude 90° of Tunguska explosion 60° 56.8’.
H = Position of Tunguska explosion. Latitude 60° 55.8’ / Longitude 101° 57’ East.
C = Position of major aerial on longitude 90° / 65° 8.88’.


A map tracking the movement of the space visitor.

The pattern is more characteristic of a guided apparatus than of a natural celestial body.

“/” shows its “southerly” trajectory and “//”, its “easterly”.


Diagram showing relationship of Tunguska explosion to polar section of UFO grid. Not to scale

The secant of the angle of latitude of the explosion point (60° 55.8’) is equal to:

2.0581 (20581) Harmonic
(20581 X 2) squared equals 16943
1695 Harmonic (16944 in later work)

An interesting point which emerges on the map is the actual path of the explosion “object” — usually referred to as a “meteorite.” If the phenomenon had been a normal one, that is a meteorite, as has been assumed by most scientists, then the trajectory one would expect would have been a parabolic curve. But the object that blew a great surface scar at Tunguska exhibited no such regularity. It completely ignored all the ground rules laid down for the entry of objects into the earth’s atmosphere: it ignored the laws of physics completely.

First of all, it approached from a southerly direction, and when it reached a latitude of about 58°, it suddenly decided to alter course; it veered off to the east for twenty miles or so, whereupon it changed direction yet again, executing a sharp turn to west-north-west, just before the impact which wiped out in a flash millions of trees in the surrounding forest area.

A natural object, whether a meteorite or anything else, and performing in accordance with known laws, could not possibly have carried out such a trajectory. That leaves only one conclusion to a logical mind: the object, whatever it was, was under the control of some sort of intelligence; and the point of impact was not a matter of chance — it was carefully pre-ordained or pre-calculated. This leads me to conclude that what flew over Siberia that day long ago was either a spaceship which blasted something into the grid at that particular point, or else a controlled missile which was exploded in the area for some definite purpose.
If the object was indeed a spaceship which crashed by misadventure, we can understand the situation up to a point. But if the object was a guided missile, another question immediately comes up: why?

Could it have been that as the system was to be reactivated, it was necessary to lay a marker from which all measurements would be taken? The Tunguska explosion in that case, could have been caused by the laying of a colossal survey peg. From this point, any other point on the earth’s surface could be electronically calculated.

There are scientists in Russia who say that the explosion near Tunguska in 1908 was atomic in origin, and I find myself in complete agreement. The big question is: how long will it be before the Russians determine just why the explosion occurred? News item from the Western Leader, Auckland, dated 17 March UFO or?
A mysterious catastrophe took place in the Tunguska taiga, Russian, on 30 June 1908, but it is only now that a plausible theory has been suggested to explain it, says the Novosti news agency.

Albert Zolotov, an engineer-physicist, has devoted many years to the study of news articles about the Tunguska meteorite and has studied the site of the catastrophe, collecting samples and taking photographs.

Recently Zolotov’s book on the subject was published.

“The Tunguska space body,” writes the author, “could not have been a comet, a swarm of particles or a cloud of space dust, nor could it have been an ordinary iron, stone or ice meteorite.”

There was, he said, a nuclear explosion at an altitude of three to four miles over the taiga, by a space body 160-230 feet long, traveling at 2300-4500 m.p.h.

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A DRUMMING ON THE ROOF LIKE THE SOUND OF A shower of hail stones was the first indication to the occupants in one of the buildings perched on the slopes of Mt. Ruapehu that something was amiss.

The sound came just on twenty-five minutes after midnight on a chilly miserable night, 21 June, 1969.

It soon became apparent that this was no hailstorm. What was showering down was rocks and debris from the now active crater of Ruapehu, shrouded in thick clouds thousands of feet above. Gargling the millions of gallons of sulphurous water in its crater-lake no longer had the desired soothing effect; the old man had decided that a good cough would shift the abrasive material that had lodged in his throat and was slowly choking up his windpipe. Ruapehu coughed: showers of rock and debris fell around him, and after a few hours relief was obtained. Drowsiness overcame the giant and once more he quietly drifted off to sleep. The sickness had passed.

The eruption of this volcano, located in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island, had been completely unexpected. Scientists received no warning from the electronic gear they had implanted on the summit — the activity had come too suddenly. With all due respect to those engaged in vulcanology in New Zealand’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, I reiterate something which I have stressed before. A study of the harmonic relationships of the geometric positions of the earth and the sun at the time of volcanic eruptions will yield important findings and point the way to an entirely new system of study.


 A complete programme, based on date, time and geometric relationships of earth and sun will enable a scientist, or a layman versed in mathematics, to calculate with extreme accuracy the time when volcanic activity may be expected. The period over which the activity may occur and also the degree of intensity at which it may occur, according to the particular harmonics involved, can be predicted by this method.

I am fully aware that the scientists will treat with scorn utterances of this kind from a mere layman like myself. Vulcanologists have built up their particular branch of science over a considerable period of time, yet here am I, an unknown upstart, daring to pull the very foundations from under their precious pile of data.

Gentleman, my apologies. No scientific anarchist, I, If I seem to be rocking your boat a little, it is only in order to shake a few intellectuals into a more wakeful state. As a matter of fact I’m not even particularly interested in the study of volcanoes — I have much too much to interest me in other fields. But I do recommend that just one of you vulcanologists, somewhere in the world, takes the trouble to check out my ideas with a computer. If my theory is groved to be correct, then an extensive programme can be planned and carried out, to open up a completely revitalized branch of science.

Let us calculate the harmonic relationship of the latitude position of the sun at the time of the eruption on 21 June, 1969. Harmonic relationships for light and gravity can be found throughout the whole range of mathematical tables based on angular measurement. These harmonics are the building-blocks of the universe, and are the only values which have such inter-relationships. Who was it that said God made the universe according to the rules of geometry? He was a man with a deep understanding of the fundamental character of Nature.

I have challenged scientists to supply any random values other than those I have calculated for light and gravity, and to try to find similar relationships throughout the tables. So far, to my knowledge, no one has been able to demonstrate that other harmonics are valid.

Analysis of geometric relationships during eruption:

Latitude and longitude of active point below Mount Ruapehu:
Latitude: 39.28371° south / Longitude 175.558333° east.


The latitude value 39.28371 creates a harmonic association with the earth’s resultant magnetic field:
3928.371 lines of force per square geodetic inch. The Sun was passing overhead the following position on the Earth’s surface:
Latitude 23.44° north / Longitude 7.219166° west.

At this time the Sun position would have been:
4116.3621 minutes of arc from Grid Pole “B.”

The square of 4116.3621 is equal to:
16944444 harmonic (mass and gravity).

The great circle distance between the Sun position and the active point beneath Ruapehu was:
590335.72 seconds of arc.

The reciprocal of this value is equal to:
1694 (169444 harmonic) (mass and gravity)

The great circle distance between Latitude Sun and Latitude of the active point at Ruapehu was:
62.72371 degrees.

The logarithm of the secant of 62.72371 degrees is:

This value divided by 2 is equal to:
0.16944 harmonic, (mass and gravity)

All values calculated by computer.

Again I theorize that all volcanic activity is caused by a geometric imbalance of the universal harmonics which form our physical world.
The scientists can now fight this one out among themselves. shall be satisfied if they will at least give my theory a fair trial and make an independent check for verification.


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UNTIL RECENT YEARS THE VAST AUSTRALIAN outback was thought to have always been a barren, windswept sandy desert, devoid of all signs of civilization. A chance discovery in early 1953 was to change this concept and prove to the world that at some period, way back in what the Aboriginals call the dreamtime, a highly advanced and long-forgotten race had raised constructions there that could be of great scientific importance.


The evidence had been hidden away beneath the sand for centuries and came to light only because a modern-day scientific research team found it necessary to venture into the area in order to probe the secrets of the atom. Ever since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War Two, the race had been on to discover all that could possibly be known about the structure of matter.

After successful tests at Monte Bello Island carried out by a team of scientists headed by Sir William Penny, it was decided to establish a more permanent test site in south Central Australia. The person chosen to find and survey the site was a man well used to similar types of operations, by the name of Len Beadell. He had spent months of his life in the Australian outback on surveying expeditions and was chosen as the most experienced man for the job. The trip into the interior was a story unto itself and Mr. Beandell did an excellent job of this in his well-written book called Blast The Bush, published in 1967.

The initial site chosen was called “Emu” and needless to say the coordinates of the bomb tower were such that certain harmonics of light were fulfilled to cause atomic disruption of the radioactive material placed upon it.

While preparations were being carried out for the first tests it was decided to send an expedition to survey a more permanent site further south which would be much nearer the trans-Australian railway line. Len Beadell once more led his small team into the desert wilderness in their Land-Rovers to blaze a trail to this new position. During this trip he was the first man in modern times to set eyes on the leftovers of an ancient civilization on the Australian continent.

I had read Mr. Beadell’s book some years before, and had put it aside with an idea in my mind to carry out at a later date some research on the information he gave. During one of my trips to Australia I was shown some photographs which had been taken of the same area.

It was this information that brought my immediate attention to that isolated spot in the desert. On returning to New Zealand I carried out some calculations and decided to contact Mr. Beadell immediately for more accurate information. With his permission I quote from his book:

“Just about everyone had a color camera, and I had a black-and-white-one, so photographs for the recording of our trip were constantly being taken. None of us knew that we were on the brink of one of the most startling discoveries ever made on any of our expeditions past, present, or future, a discovery that would provide ample scope for all our cameras.”

The convoy of Land-Rovers had come upon a small clay-pan nestled among sand-hills, and while the others drove their vehicles over it just for the sheer joy of being on a flat surface after hours of struggling up and down sand dunes, Len Beadell decided to do a quiet bit of exploring on his own:

I did however have a brief scan of the rocky steep bank on the western side to find the best lead out from this clay-pan. The small plateau beyond was roughly six feet higher than the level of the clay-pan. Dotted about with casuarinas or sheoaks it looked a very pleasant spot. The shales seemed to have broken away to form an inclined plane which could be used as a ramp slightly to the south of where I was, so I started up and veered towards it to be in position at its base when the others were ready to follow. When they noticed my movement they made towards me so I started the rough shale-strewn ascent.

The moment my vehicle topped the rise to level out again, I saw it, spread out right across my path, extending for at least sixty yards either side. It was almost like a picket fence with posts six feet apart made from slivers of shale. Tingling with excitement I switched off and leapt out of the cabin. Being in so isolated an area it was obviously an ancient Aboriginal ceremonial ground built by those primitive Stone Age nomads in some distant dreamtime. And here we were, surely the first white men ever to be gazing in awe at the sight, scarcely daring to breathe in order to hold the atmosphere of it all and to prolong the memory of this dramatic moment to its limit.

The others had driven up the rocky incline and had stopped, wondering for a fleeting instant what was the trouble, until they all saw the reason for themselves. We all knew without saying that it was going to cause much speculation and theory, and that we would all be recapturing this scene for years to come. Moved by curiosity we ventured forward slowly on foot, as if we were creeping about an antique egg-shell china-shop....

It was impossible to tell how old the posts were, but they must have been pretty old for they were well-weathered at their base where countless ground thermals and wind currents off the clay-pan had sandblasted them. The area was about a hundred and twenty yards long, the main line bearing a few degrees west of north. The individual slivers of grey, water-impervious shale were protruding three feet above the surface of the plateau, and judging by the one or two which were leaning or fallen they seemed to be embedded about a foot or so beneath.


Each was comparable in section to its neighbor, measuring four inches by three, very rectangular, and with a perfectly straight long axis. There were about sixty of them about two yards apart. As well as these there were clusters vaguely resembling stocks of hay each made up of one centre “post” of shale with a dozen or so slivers leaning in towards it, the inner ones resting against, and seemingly propping up, the centre; they covered a circle three feet in diameter and were three feet high. On closer inspection they seemed to be rather carefully placed.


I counted half a dozen of these clusters in all, one placed at either end of the main line, at its centre and one several yards distant on its own; the other two were on the plateau level on the eastern and western side. One of these was erected about fifteen yards west of the southern extremity but on a raised natural rock dais eight feet higher than the others, and what we took to be the main one of all, was the cluster built roughly a chain west of the northern extremity.

At the time of this amazing discovery Mr. Beadell had carried out a hurried survey of the site to record its position for the arm-chair boffins back in civilization, and it was this information that was necessary for my own research into the possible reason for the remote location of the ancient construction. Len had thought the work had been carried out by an Aboriginal community way back in the distant past, and at that time there was not much evidence to show otherwise. No other explanation would fit the known facts. The photographs shown to me changed this explanation dramatically.


Over the years, since the original discovery, either nature, due to weathering, or man, due to his insatiable curiosity, had uncovered the sand from a corner of the plateau, and laid bare a small section of stonework which had lain hidden possibly for centuries. In startling detail the photographs showed a small section of paved surface. The paving stones were large and rectangular in shape and several inches thick. They were very accurately cut and fitted together in an extremely precise tessellated pattern. It was immediately obvious that no primitive race could have had a hand in a construction such as this.


The tools necessary to carry out such an operation pointed to a much more advanced type of civilization being in the area at the time. A find of this nature would be expected more so in Greece, or Rome, than in the Australian outback. Mr. Beadell described the plateau as being about six feet above the level of the clay--pan, with a sort of natural ramp on one side, up which he had driven his Land-Rover. This suggests that the stone platform under the sand is the top surface of a construction which is at least a few feet high and possibly of something buried deeper in the drifting sand. The ramp could be the buried remains of a flight of steps perhaps.

Recently Mr. Beadell successfully led another team into the area of the “Stonehenge” site, armed with movie cameras and other gear in order to gather more information necessary for our research purposes. I only wish I could have been one of the party, but my flying commitments with the airline necessitated my remaining in New Zealand.

When discussing the find with him on the telephone, he said he had misplaced the original survey data he had recorded at the time but would replot the position on his maps and send me a set of coordinates which would be within one minute of arc in latitude and longitude. He was true to his word and sent off the data the same day.

Bomb site

The reason I was curious was that the “Stonehenge” site was not far distant from that chosen for the atom test. I had long since discovered the geometric nature of the bomb, which has been verified from scientific sources since I published my findings. In my earlier publications I had shown a set of harmonics which appeared to fit the geometric coordinates of the bomb site. As time went on and more knowledge became available I became dissatisfied with the initial results and decided to carry out another series of calculations. I thought I had found the most likely combination, then I received a very accurate map through the post, from one of my readers which caused me to check the results once more.

I now believe that the geometric coordinates used were as follows:

Latitude: 28° 41’ 54.35” south / Longitude 132° 22’ 12” east.
Data from the book: “Blast the Bush” By: Len Beadell The location of the bomb site from map reference:
28° 41’ 54.35”S/ 132° 22’ 12” E
Bomb site latitude: 28.6984305°
Equal to : 286984305 harmonic
The square root : 169406 harmonic
Displacement from longitude 90° = 2217.7 minutes of arc (great circle)
Displacement from longitude 180° = 2489.2 minutes of arc (great circle)
Total = 4706.9 minutes of arc
(41706.9 X 6 X 6) = 169448.4 Harmonic

In my recent research I have discovered the harmonic relationship of the speed of light and gravity. The indication is that the light geometric changes with the position of latitude in conjunction with the acceleration of gravity. (This will be demonstrated in later publications).

From the latest light and gravity tables:

The light harmonic (gravity) at 28° 41’ 54.35” = 143551 minutes per grid second
Twice the speed of light (2C) = 287102
The square root = 169440845 (16944) harmonic

In each case the geometric harmonics show a close relationship with the unified value of 16944. I believe that an exact match would occur if a star survey of the site position was obtained and the light and gravity tables were corrected by a full computer program.

The 16944 harmonic is now known to be the connecting link between the earth’s magnetic field, the speed of light and the acceleration of gravity.

Publications, at a later date indicated that most of the atomic tests were carried out at a place called Maralinga. The position that Len Beadell was heading for on his trip south. The harmonics centered round this position also proved to be extremely interesting.

The complete Atlas of Australia shows the position of Maralinga to be:

30° 09” south / 131° 35’ east.
The great circle distance to Grid Pole “B” in the south proved to be 3240 minutes of arc.
The harmonic 324 is equal to half harmonic 648.

The square root of 648 is equal to 25.455844. The 25455844 harmonic is related to the earth’s magnetic field, as demonstrated in other sections of the book. If the harmonic 324 is reduced by division by 6 (six times), the resultant harmonic is 6944444, which is the reciprocal of the speed of light.

The “Stonehenge” site was not concerned with the disruption of matter but as it was close to the geometric point necessary to carry out this method of destruction, it could possibly be connected to some way with light harmonics. The ancient site could also have some scientific meaning which would be of great importance to us.

The position supplied by Mr Beadell was:

Latitude 28° 58’S/Longitude 132° OO’E

If we apply these values without any correction, then:
Latitude 28° 58’ is equal to:

If we reduce the harmonic by dividing by 6, we get:

The square root of harmonic 482777 is:
6948221 harmonic, which with slight correction would equal the speed of light reciprocal.

The longitude value, in relation to longitude 180° in great circle distance, has a connection with gravitational harmonics which have been discovered in later research. (The value: 2502.35). Also the longitude 132° is displaced 2880 minutes of arc from longitude 180(0). The harmonic 288 is equal to 2C, or twice the speed of light. Possibly this area will be searched with the appropriate electronic equipment in the future to ascertain whether there is anything hidden away underground. The Stonehenge site could be giving only a hint of what treasures lay beneath the ground for discovery.

Hopefully much more information will be made available about the stone platform in the near future which will help us to probe further into the mystery. So much of this type of evidence is being discovered now that several lifetimes would be necessary to carry out all the research. What we need is a concentration of dedicated scientific minds to spend full time on discoveries of this nature, with complete freedom to pass all their findings on to the public.


MAP 10

This map was originally produced by Len Beadell during the survey of the site for an atomic bomb test.

The rough position of the “Native Stonehenge” discovered purely by accident, is clearly shown.

MAP 11

EMU: Atomic Bomb test site


These photos show the cut flagstones uncovered at the Stonehenge platform site discovered by Mr. Beadell.

The matchbox resting on the left hand corner of the displaced stone gives some idea of size.

It is obvious that this construction was not placed by a primitive race.


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WHEN MODERN CIVILIZATION, FOR WANT OF A better phrase, first impinged upon the brooding jungles of New Guinea, it inadvertently created new religions. Primitive tribesmen encountered their first representatives of the outside world, in many cases by courtesy of the airplane. Many missionaries arrived in the bush-land outbacks by aircraft; to the native mind these were superior beings who descended in vehicles from the clouds, stepped out, and distributed gifts and medicines. These strange white beings with their superior powers, their odd clothes, their material benefits, were as gods. Thus were born the beliefs that have come to be known as “cargo cults.”

In the wake of the first airborne missionaries, deluded New Guineans in scattered parts of the territory hacked out rough airstrips in the jungle, hung up tattered rags to represent windsocks, and chanted religious incantations, hoping to entice the gods to come on another visit. No doubt rival tribes adopted differing religious beliefs; one tribe might insist that God was six feet tall, had red hair and a flowing beard; to their rivals across the river, God was a short, plump being in khaki slacks with glasses.


None would willingly accept that God was an intangible, a force that has characteristics that are manifested in identical manner to all life throughout the universe; the creative force that permeates all space, all material things; that all beings are cells in the gigantic God-body. “Ye are gods,” Christ said. We are all manifestations of the Creator. And in our turn, to a limited extent, we too can create. When we fully understand the creative force and learn how to apply it we shall create what we now refer to as miracles. Christ insisted that men would, some day, duplicate all the miracles that he performed.

Everyone of us has God within himself — a God that is beating furiously from within in an attempt to emerge. Before we can make miracles we shall first have to learn to abide by the teachings of the great religious leaders down through time: God Is Light, this is the fundamental truth. For every speck of material sub
stance in the universe is built up from a particular combination of wavelengths of the creative force, which we call light. God is Light — Light is God. I hope to demonstrate this truth by unified field equations derived from a study of the UFO grid which envelope this planet.

I have attempted elsewhere to show some possible relationships between UFO phenomena and certain passages of the Bible. The same kind of links have not been ignored by other UFO researchers; the similarities between certain Biblical descriptions and modern reports of UFOs are too marked to be passed over. Again, other writers have shown support for the theory that much in modern religions stems from visits to this planet of superior beings from space in ancient times.


Did Christianity, for example, evolve from older religions which in turn had sprung out of cargo cults? There is a great deal of evidence which would indicate that the hypothesis might be a valid one — without in any way denigrating the basic religious beliefs we cling to. On the contrary, a study of the evidence, far from eroding at basic religious tenets, can hardly fail to buttress them up, to give us confidence in their fundamental truth. Some of that evidence, and some of the theories that have been put forward in recent times, we shall look at in this chapter.


It is almost inevitable that a UFO investigator, sooner or later, feels compelled to look at the connections between UFO phenomena and religion. One may satisfy oneself that the connections are there; but to try to encourage this idea in others is fraught with hazards. People of many different races, creeds and cultures have come to an unshakeable belief in the existence of some sort of personal savior.


There are some four thousand different religions in the world; the converts to any one of them will go to any lengths to prove that the followers of the other 3999 are misguided, nonbelievers of the true God, and beyond redemption. Schisms in the Christian belief have led to some terribly bloody wars during the last two thousand years or so. Where persuasion and argument have failed to win converts from one belief to another, force had been employed almost as a matter of course... What a sorry and divided lot we are!

Here we are, milling around like madmen, searching frantically for something that is right in front of our eyes, always has been and always will be; the simple truth that we are part of the Creator; this is the meaning behind true phrases such as: “the equality of all men,” “all men are brothers,” and so on, for as cells among the uncountable billions of cells, we are all aspects of God, God is Us, We are Light.

When we learn how to use the laws of harmony which permeate the whole of Creation, we shall be free to create that which is now unattainable. We hold the keys to our own salvation — not some Old Testament figure watching down on us from on high, dealing out punishments and rewards as he sees fit.

Conscience, the laws of cause and effect, the teachings of superior brothers from space — these are the guides. I believe all this even if you do not, because the evidence I have studied tells me that it is true.


Perhaps you condemn me for these beliefs; perhaps you are calling me blasphemer, or worse. I may never know if all my beliefs are correct or not; even so, I must be honest with myself, and I must reach my conclusions on the evidence I have before me. One thing I am already sure of: “He” did not create a universe peopled only with sycophants and flatterers; if “He” did, “He” would certainly have become horribly bored with us long ago.

When I began writing my first book I was hesitant about including references to any religion; in fact, I was warned against it. I was assured that readers would be offended, and that the book as a whole would consequently be condemned. I don’t deny that the risk of offence is there, although that is certainly not my intention. What I do hope to achieve is the same thing that a friend seeks to do when he calls to a sleeping companion. If I can succeed in jolting some people into a state of wakefulness, even if this means provoking argument and controversy, my intentions will have been successful. A minister and Biblical scholar, Barry H. Downing also has a degree in physics. When I came across his book, The Bible and Flying Saucers, I was understandably surprised. His book, a reverent one for all the eyebrow-raising its title may cause, questions the very foundations of formal religious teachings, and re-interprets the Bible in the light of modern science.

It was this book which recently rekindled my interest in tracing links between modern UFO phenomena and sections of the Bible. I thought I had been a little controversial when I introduced some material of this kind. Mr. Downing had been much more outspoken, and uses scientific argument to suggest that most of the miraculous happenings related in the Bible were connected with visits to this planet of space people — a superior race sent here to attempt to teach the peoples of earth how to live their lives in harmony with the universe instead of existing in conditions that led to chaos and destruction.

If some of the points I had put forward were ripples in the wind of change, Mr. Downing has produced a veritable tornado. In his book he discusses most of the classical miracles of the Bible which other UFO investigators have considered to be related to the intervention of outer space beings. Some of these events include the Ascension; Jacob’s ladder; Elijah being taken up to heaven on a whirlwind; and the experiences of Ezekiel.


The Biblical passage which describes the burnished wheels which Ezekial saw in a vision is perhaps the most interesting; the account tallies with many modern-day descriptions of UFOs, complete with passengers. However, I must leave you to study these matters for yourself; a number of books have been published dealing with such correspondences. Mr. Downing particularly interested me with his explanations of the Exodus. Some months ago it was suggested that I check all the geographic locations of religious significance where miraculous happenings and other events had occurred, from Biblical to recent times, to ascertain whether the actual location had any direct relationship with the occurrence in terms of harmonics.

I did accordingly carry out an approximate check on several places, including Lourdes and Fatima. I found, for example, that all the math incorporated into the geographical position of Bethlehem invariably worked back to unity. Other findings convinced me that geographical positions did have a relationship to particular events and manifestations. We agreed that the whole subject might bast be taken up in another work, at a later date, once we have established the existence of the geometric harmonics which connect the physical world, as we know it, to the less tangible worlds reached by harmonic manipulations of light and gravity frequencies. In any case, my interest was sufficiently aroused after rending Mr. Downing’s interpretation of the Exodus that I determined to locate the geometric position of the Red (Reed) Sea where it was closed following the passage of the Israelites in their flight from Egypt. Was it possible that evidence could be found to show that the waters of the sea were parted by an anti-gravity force field, thus allowing the Israelites to cross over on dry ground?


Let’s quote a passage from Downing’s book:

The Bible narrates that “when the Pharaoh let the people go...God led the people round by way of the wilderness towards the Red Sea,” Exodus 13:17,18.

What is meant by saying that God led the Israelites? Here is the answer:

The “Lord” went before them (the Israelites) by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way; and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night; the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night did not depart from before the people (Exodus 13:21, 22).

By means of an unidentified flying object, God led the Israelites from Egypt to the Red Sea. How does this Biblical UFO compare with modern UFOs? Modern UFOs sometimes exhibit a corona effect, which results in a white, cloudlike halo appearance. Modern UFOs also usually glow in the dark, as the Biblical “pillar of fire” seems to have done. But the difficult question is the significance of the Hebrew term for pillar. There are in fact two Hebrew words which have been translated as pillar in the RSV: ‘ammud, and mazzebah.


In this passage the word ‘ammud is used, which may mean a cylindrical column; thus the implication would seem to be that this UFO looked like a cylindrical column (height not specified), cloud-like during the day, but showing in the dark ...If the Bible is describing a UFO which appears as a cloud-like cylindrical column during the day and as a glowing cylindrical column at night, then this UFO corresponds in description with a class of modern UFOs which have been seen with considerable frequency. Occasionally these cylindrical or “pillar” UFOs seem to act as a kind of “mother ship” for the flying saucer type or class of UFO, which seem smaller in dimension than the pillars from which they come.


This UFO deliberately led the Israelites to the Red Sea, which seemed like a foolish thing to have done, because with the Egyptian army coming up from behind, the Hebrews were literally caught between the Pharaoh and the deep blue sea. The Bible says Pharaoh thought the Israelites were “entangled in the land; the wilderness has shut them in” (Exodus 14:3). Pharaoh and his army moved in for the kill with the “pillar” having proved a poor guide unless the being in charge of the UFO knew ahead of time what would happen at the Red Sea.

The text suggests that some sort of UFO, totally under its own control, led the Israelites out of Egypt to the Red Sea and then as Pharaoh’s army closed in, the UFO moved from the front to the rear of the army of Israel, and kept the two military camps separated during the night. Phase one of the operation involved leading Israel to the sea; Phase Two requires the UFO to keep the camps separated until darkness falls.


Now begins Phase Three:

“Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.” (Exodus 14:21).

I went over these extracts from Downing’s book with a recently acquired map from the National Geographic Magazine illustrating “The Lands of the Bible Today” (see map 12). Shown on the map is the traditional route of the Israelites in their flight before the Egyptians. The first point that strikes one is the unusual course followed by the Israelites, considering that Pharaoh’s army was in close pursuit. First they headed south-south-east from Ramses to Succoth; then, for some unaccountable reason, they turned back and headed north to the crossing point at the Red or “Reed” Sea.


It seems odd that the “Lord” should lead the Israelites into a possible trap of this nature when a free route could have been taken to the south-east, over land which would eventually have led down the eastern side of the Gulf of Suez. This route would also have been much shorter — unless, of course, as Mr. Downing comments, the “beings in charge of the UFOs knew ahead of time what would happen at the Reed Sea”. I too believe this to be the case. If the “pillar of cloud” was in fact a cigar-shaped UFO, then the intelligence controlling it had to lead the Israelites to the one place in the area where an unforgettable miracle could be staged, and Pharaoh’s army destroyed.

A geographic position had to be selected where all the necessary harmonic coordinates to set up a force field with which the seeming miracle could be arranged, were available. And since we in the twentieth century are still unable to duplicate such a feat, a miracle it was indeed.

According to Downing, at the time of the “parting of the waters”, the UFO had taken up a position behind the Israelites, who were then on the west bank of the Reed Sea. From this fact we can assume that the cigar-shaped vehicle was positioned a half mile or so from the western shoreline.

I checked the map coordinates for this area and found that the latitude of the crossing from west to east was close to 31 degrees north.


MAP 12

By courtesy of National Geographic Magazine.

This was an interesting beginning because this angle of latitude is equal to 1860 minutes of arc. The log of 1860 is 2695 which is a harmonic value derived from the unified equation. In my initial publications I used this latitude but with more evidence available at this time I am more inclined to think a latitude of 30° 59’ 00.426” would be more appropriate. The displacement from the north pole would then be 59.0165 degrees. The harmonic reciprocal of this value is 169444. Research up to the present time has proved that harmonic is associated with mass and gravity. The longitude value is estimated to be 32° 11’ 45.1165” which is within seconds of the original calculation. This is equal to 32.195866 degrees. If this harmonic is increased by the multiplication of six, as follows: (32.195866 x 6 x 6 x 6) = 6954307 harmonic, then the speed of light reciprocal is evident.

I now believe that from this position a wedge shaped force field was created and focused across the stretch of water to the east of the Israelites.

In order for the waters to be parted it must have been necessary to produce such a force field lying along the line of latitude, thus forcing the waters apart and forming a ribbon of dry land by means of which the Israelites could cross over to the eastern shore. The intensity of the field could have been varied to any desired value, and frequencies necessary to react with the water would first of all have been used to cause the sea to part and allow the Israelites to cross.

Once safely on the eastern shore, the field could have been intensified so that when the Egyptians tried to follow, they and their vehicles would have been weighed down by the gravitational forces directed upon them, stranding them midway across the ribbon of exposed sea bed. At the appropriate moment the force field would have been withdrawn, the water would have flooded back, drowning the army of Pharaoh and destroying its equipment.


The east wind felt by the Israelites to be blowing in their faces all that long night can be explained by the positioning of the UFO behind them. The force field set up would cause atmospheric effects which would certainly have displaced masses of air. The UFO would have been the focal point for the movement of the air masses; in theory, a wind from both the east and from the west would converge on the central point of the wedge-shaped force field. The Israelites would only have been conscious of the wind from the east, blowing in their faces, as the UFO was to their rear, that is, to their west.



The making of a Miracle

If records were available we might find that Pharaoh’s army experienced strong winds blowing up from behind them. Did an inscrutable but almighty God cause the “Reed” Sea to part? Or did some highly advanced beings perform a scientific “miracle” for us, knowing that some day we would be able to go to the records and understand for ourselves how it had been done?


The miracle was a masterly production; intentionally, perhaps, it was one that could never be forgotten by the human race. Would a just God have destroyed an entire army in such a horrifying way? I think not. But a superior race may have done so, if the action suited their purpose, whatever that may have been.

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HE WAS A SMALL, FRAIL MAN, NOT MORE THAW 100 pounds in weight. He came to the United States in 1912 from near Riga, in Latvia, where he was born on a farm in the district of Metei.

Almost as though he were making for one particular point on the map, he passed through California, Texas and Florida. He moved south almost to the tip of the Florida peninsula, right at the edge of the Everglades. There, at a point where US Highway No. 1 now runs, about twenty-five miles south of Miami, he took up the life of a recluse.

His name was Edward Leedskalnin.

Until the day of his death — 7 December, 1951 — he lived a life of secrecy; he undertook and carried out a colossal building project the like of which the world has never known. He worked alone, and with simple tools and pulleys. Today scientists confess they are still baffled; for he moved great stones hewn from coral rock; he hoisted massive blocks, set up fantastic edifices, including an obelisk weighing more than twenty-eight tons; all alone, without the aid of machinery.

In his later years the Latvian was to make this claim:

“I have discovered the secrets of the Pyramids, I have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons.”

A colonel of the United States Army Engineers, Carrol A. Lake, has written of the wonders that Leedskalnin built:

“Leedskalnin proved for all the world to see today, that he knew the construction secrets of the ancients. He quarried and moved into place, alone and without modern machinery, stones weighing twice the weight of the largest blocks in the Great Pyramid. In all he cut and placed over 1,000 tons of coral rock, the greatest achievement in all history by one man. Here is one of the great wonders of the world, ranking with the pyramids of Egypt, with Stonehenge in England, with the fabulous Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek near Damascus in Syria, with the great mysteries in stone on Easter Island.”

It was natural for this army engineer to associate Coral Castle, as it is now known to thousands of visitors each year, with the wonders of the ancient world which he listed. There is every reason to believe that Baalbek and Giza are positions on this planet where some curious physical conditions prevail. I have also noted an apparent connection between these sites and the energy grid which encompasses this globe; Stonehenge too, falls within this grid. No one ever saw Leedskalnin at work when he was engrossed with his constructions in the 1920s. He built a wall of stone slabs, each of several tons, rising to a height of eight feet around a courtyard. Within this he erected a two-storeyed tower, the ground floor of which became a workshop and storehouse. He used, the upper storey as his living quarters.

But from the simple tools he left behind, some conjectures have been made about his working methods. It appears that he would drive a wire cable several feet into the rock with an iron stake, attaching the other end of the cable to an apparatus that he moved backwards and forwards in a sawing motion until a cut was achieved reaching the depth of the driven cable. A second cut made in the same manner would then be made at a distance determined by the size of the slab he required. Next he would cut a trench between the two cuts, several feet in depth, and set into it a row of flat chisels; by hammering each in turn the block would ultimately break free from the bedrock. With the help of a tripod made of logs and a hoist, he would then put a sling around the slab and little by little raise it from the ground by using jacks and wedges. With his own arrangement of pulleys, it is said, plus the use of rollers, he would coax the slab into its final position.

But when it comes to the moving of blocks weighing up to thirty-five tons, this explanation is obviously not good enough. Says one American writer, Vincent H. Gaddis,

“What mystifies the engineers is how equipment of this nature and size could possibly be enjoined to support the tremendous weights that Ed raised in the air to high levels or stood upright. There is no doubt that he applied some principle in weight lifting that remains a secret today.”

Leedskalnin worked on his project for twenty-five years. Coral Castle is on a ten-acre site. There is a tower containing 160 tons of coral rock, made from individual blocks weighing nine tons. Behind the massive walls of the tower are fantastic pieces of furniture and movable objects, including a bed that could be raised to the ceiling.

There are rocking chairs made of rock, weighing thousands of pounds, but so delicately balanced that they move at the touch of a finger. Great crescents top walls in the garden which rise to twenty feet in height; there is a 28.5 ton obelisk reaching for the sky. There is also a polaris telescope carved from coral rock, rising to twenty-five feet and weighing nearly thirty tons. There is a circular hole bored through it, near the top, within which are wires crossing at right angles. Several feet away is a lower stone with a similar hole and a similar “gun-sight”. By lining up the crossed wires in the lower stone with those in the obelisk, a direct sighting of the North Star is obtained.

The Latvian’s interest in astronomy is further evidenced by the representations of the moon and the planets along the rear wall of the courtyard — and also by a unique sundial which tells time to within two minutes of accuracy all year round. Entering Coral Castle, visitors pass through a swinging gate a triangular stone block weighing three tons. In the centre rear wall of the courtyard there is a nine-ton stone gate so perfectly pivoted that a child can make it swing around.
Leedskalnin’s secrets have never been plumbed. When asked directly by visitors how he had created his marvels, his only reply would be to the effect that he was privy to the secrets of the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders.

A remarkable man in every respect, and one too little known outside his adopted Florida, Leedskalnin also undertook studies and experiments in magnetic current, an interest which reminds us of that other mysterious genius who emigrated to America from Europe, Nikola Tesla. Leedskalnin developed a number of theories related to the field of magnetism, claiming that they were more accurate than any prevailing ideas on the subject; he published booklets on his studies at his own expense. His theory on cosmic force is along the lines of Einstein’s unified field theory.

In a pamphlet which he published in 1946, he wrote:

“The north and south poles are the cosmic force. They hold together the earth and everything on it, turning the earth around on its axis.”

And, in a newspaper article, he declared:

“Every form of existence, whether it be rock, plant or animal life, has a beginning and an end, but the three things that all matter is constructed from have no beginning and no end. They are the north and south poles’ individual magnets, and the neutral particles of matter. These three things are the construction blocks of everything.”

It came as no great surprise to me that the site of Coral Castle is mathematically related to the world energy grid, as are the other remarkable structures which, however, date back from ancient times. After a series of calculations I came to the conclusion that Ed Leedskalnin had not moved on to the Florida site by chance. The initial check I made to ascertain the position of Coral Castle, published in my earlier works, was Latitude 25° 28’ north, longitude 80° 27’ west — as near as I could pinpoint the position on my maps, This geometric position was extremely close to one that would be ideal for setting up harmonics related to gravity and light harmonics. More recent information gives the position as 25° 29’ 09” north, 80° 26’ 08” west.

In my initial publication I stated that the direct latitude value of the site set up a gravitational harmonic, but further investigation has indicated that a modification of this view is necessary. When the geometric pattern is projected onto a flat plain, as in Diagram 20, then the coordinates projected from Coral Castle to the zero degree and ninety degree longitude lines, where they pass through the equator, yield harmonics related to light and gravity. The angle 0 as shown in the diagram, is equal to 69.4 degrees and the square root of the longitudinal distance of 4826.133 minutes of arc is a value of 69.4: close to the speed of light harmonic reciprocal of 69444. My latest research shows that this harmonic is also related directly with gravitation. The pattern suggests a dimensional relationship between spherical and flat plain geometry.

The fact that Leedskalnin had access to secret knowledge is much more evident in the relationship of Coral Castle to the world energy grid system. Normal latitude and longitude, on the earth’s surface, is not coincident with latitude and longitude related to the energy grid, due to the fact that the Polar positions are off-set. In the case of energy grid pole “B” the position is 694.4 minutes of arc displaced from the north geographic pole, on normal longitude 105 degrees west. (Geometrically opposite on normal longitude 75 degrees east in the southern hemisphere). It would appear that zero longitude, grid “B”, is coincident with 105 degree longitude (normal) in the northern hemisphere.

This is, no doubt, confusing to the reader, but a study of the grid polar diagrams should help to make this clearer.

I now have more modern equipment to work with and a computer calculation indicated that the direct great circle distance between Coral Castle and grid pole “B” in the north is 3246.4847 minutes of arc. It is therefore a simple matter to calculate the grid latitude which passes through the Coral Castle position: Latitude 35° 53” 30.9”.



The geometric position of CORAL CASTLE


The circumference, in minutes of arc, or nautical miles, relative to the grid equator, at this parallel of latitude, is 17,498.685 minutes. This is equal to: 1,049,921.1 seconds of arc, relative. If we subtract this value from the circumference around the grid equator we have:

1,296,000 1,049,921.1 = 246,078.9 seconds of arc difference. If we subtract the difference of 246,078.9 from the circumference 1,049,921.1, we have 803,842.2 seconds.
(803,842.2 X 60 Harmonic) = 48230532
The square root = 6944.8205

A few hundred feet correction in the position of Coral Castle would give the 69444 harmonic exactly.

The great circle displacement of Coral Castle from grid longitude zero, at the same grid latitude, is just on 22.275 degrees relative.



1336.4748’ = 22.27458 degrees
(22.27458 / 60) = 0.371244

The reciprocal harmonic of 0.371244 is equal to:
2693645 harmonic: Derived from the unified equation in recent research.
(22.275 divided by 60 harmonic) = 0.37125 harmonic.


The 37125 harmonic is the reciprocal of the geometric harmonic derived from the unified equation: 26936: (in recent research).

Leedskalnin’s remark that he was privy to the secrets of the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders points to another remarkable seeming coincidence. The computed great circle distance from the Great Pyramid in Egypt to Coral Castle is 5650 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. 5650 minutes is equal to 94.16666 degrees.

As we work in 90 degree arcs to calculate most of the geometric harmonics it is necessary to subtract 90 degrees form 94.16666 degrees to ascertain the harmonic evident in the second sector.

(94.16666 90) = 4.16666 degrees.

(4.1666 + 60) = 0.0694444 (694444 harmonic)

This I believe is sufficient to show that Mr. Leedskalnin knew what he was about when he searched out this area to establish his stone Garden of Eden. He knew secrets that some of our scientists would give their right arm for.

At certain positions on the globe there are localities where the forces of gravity can be manipulated by the application of certain geometric harmonics. Coral Castle, I believe, occupies one of these positions. We already know for certain a little about other areas of gravity abnormality. Many of them exist deep within the oceans; modern navigational charts show ocean areas where the sea is above sea level — as much as 250 feet or more above normal sea level. Apollo Ten astronauts found abnormal gravity conditions on the moon — causing their frail craft to buck and tumble in totally unpredictable fashion.

Where these geometric conditions exist, it is evidently possible for people who have the knowledge to use gravitational forces to construct great buildings of massive material. Stonehenge, the ancient pyramids, the temple at Baalbek, and perhaps the pyramids in Central and South America were the results of a combination of knowledge and gravitational abnormalities.


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The Marshall Cavendish book on The Atom states:

“One isotope of lithium has three protons and three neutrons in its nucleus, giving a mass number of 6. But the atomic weight of lithium is 6.94 because of a significant contribution by an isotope with three protons and four neutrons: that is, a mass number of 7. The average of these two isotopes is 6.94 rather than exactly 6.5 because there is much more naturally occurring lithium 7 than there is lithium 6.”

We can see from this the reason why lithium has become a very important element on the world market. The atomic weight of 6.94 is the harmonic reciprocal of light speed 144. This makes the element ideal for the construction of extremely efficient batteries. (The batteries used in the lunar module and other space research vehicles are of the lithium type.) The element is also used in many other types of modern electrical apparatus.
Atom Bomb Tests

In my first two books I pointed out that the harmonic geometries of the earth are a necessary factor in the successful detonation of an atomic-type device. Certain points on the earth must be selected because of their harmonic geometric location. It was shown that the islands of Bikini and Eniwitok in the Pacific were used because the latitudes were 695 minutes of arc north of the equator. This gave the scientists perfect positions to set up bomb apparatus tuned to the reciprocal of the speed of light (694.444 harmonic). Successful detonations devastated the islands, proving that the scientists knew what they were up to.

Closer to home and more recently, the French have been causing ill feelings in the Pacific by the use of Mururoa Atoll for their testing programme. Why don’t they carry them out in France or somewhere close to their own shores, is the argument, instead of harassing the friendly peoples of the Pacific?

The reason is that they can’t as the proposition is a geometric one. The following may point this fact out once again. In 1973, during all the protests and opposition to the tests, a small news item appeared in the Auckland Sunday Herald on 7 October, headed ANTARCTIC BASE FOR N-TESTING (by Gilbert Sedbon, Paris NZPA — Reuter):

“France may use the Antarctic island of Ker-guelen — about 2500 miles south-west of Perth — as its new nuclear testing base. Work is now proceeding on the island for a possible relocation of France’s huge new ‘World Strategy’ base in the Indian Ocean. If the French government decides to switch to underground nuclear tests because of world public opinion over its use of Mururoa Atoll it is possible that the Antarctic base may be used. The French have already built a space telecommunication station on Kerguelen Island which will serve as a direct link with their nuclear submarine fleet.”

The latitude and longitude of Kerguelen Island:

Latitude 49° 30’ south/longitude 69° 30’ east
Latitude 49° 30’ = 49.5°
Displacement from the equator = 49.5°
Displacement from the south pole = 40.5
Difference 9.0°

If we shift the harmonic by division of 6 (4 times); then the speed of light reciprocal, harmonic 69444, is evident.
Grid latitude, which is offset from normal geographic latitude, is:
61° 00’ 00” south.
If we shift the harmonic by division of 6 (2 times),


The harmonic 169444 becomes evident, which has relationships with mass and gravity.
Longitude 69° 30’ = 69.5’

Harmonic 695 (6944) = Reciprocal of the speed of light It is obvious from the above geometries that a position chosen near the centre of Kerguelen Island would be ideal for the carrying out of atom tests, when correlated with my previous publications and recent findings. Is it necessary to show more evidence?

Headline AUCKLAND STAR 1 August 1974

Moscow — Wednesday: Soviet scientists working at the Nuclear Research Institute at Dubna have discovered a new element with the atomic number of 106, Tass reported today.

The news agency said the scientists bombarded lead nuclei with accelerated ions of chromium-54 to produce the new element, which divided in radioactive decay in less than one-hundredth of a second.

The search for new elements is carried on mainly as a test of scientific theory and has little practical value. The elements are created in very small amounts and often have an extremely short life-span before radioactive breakup. But according to scientists there is a theoretical possibility that some elements with higher atomic numbers may be more stable and of value — for example, as improved sources of neutrons for use in atomic fission.

What an idiotic statement to make — that the search for new elements of higher atomic number is of little practical value! The search for these elements is of the utmost importance for the advancement of science.

It is possible that the heavier elements will be found deep down towards the centre of the earth when our technology is advanced enough for us to reach for them.
Headline AUCKLAND HERALD 16 October 1975 HEAVY HOLES IN SPACE An American astronomer has produced rare visual evidence of the presence deep in space of a “black hole”, a mysterious object where time and space are distorted. Black holes whose existence is largely theoretical are stars collapsing under intense gravitational forces, sucking in nearby material and emitting powerful X-ray pulses....The black hole is thought to be between 16 and 32 kilometers across but it is so compressed that a pin-head of its material would weigh millions of tons.

Could it be that the so-called black holes are the gateways between the universe and the anti-universe? The raw material that is necessary for the creation of matter may pass back and forth through small areas of space such as this, in a pendulum-type motion, to alternately form the universe and anti-universe. The action would take place, of course, over millions of years in terms of human time.

A UFO which hovered over the radio masts of Mt. Victoria, Wellington, on 31 May 1965. This object was seen by dozens of witnesses in the vicinity of the airport and as far away as the central city area. The weather on this particular day was filthy, and flying conditions were minimal. However I had been able to take off from Wellington airport less than half an hour before the UFO appeared.

The object was first sighted about 3:55 pm and was observed for over half an hour. It was first seen to descend from the clouds over Mt Victoria. It was generally oval in shape, but appeared to change in outline quite rapidly, as if it were tumbling. It hovered over the northern face of Mt. Victoria for about ten minutes, then rose into a low stratus cloud layer covering Wellington Harbour. It appeared almost immediately farther north over Point Jerningham, the northern part of Evans Bay, then shortly after this it was seen again over Mt. Victoria. It was approximately 20 feet in width or diameter, and greyish-white in color. It was seen by experienced personnel in the airport control tower and by numerous witnesses around Wellington city. I understand that at least six people in Broadcasting House, Bowen Street, which is about two miles distant, also saw this strange object.

A report was given on the television news but so far as I know the newspapers were silent and the whole affair was quietly forgotten. During the last nine months, a football-shaped UFO has been seen on many occasions in the Wellington area and this could very well be the same one seen over Mt. Victoria. I anticipate it will continue to be seen until its job is done.

And now a report from the Wellington Evening Post, dated Friday 21 May 1976:



An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported this morning by Post Office workers who say they watched it for about five minutes from their cafeteria on the twelfth floor of Post Office Headquarters in Waterloo Quay.

“We stood at the window and watched for about five minutes,” said a spokesman for the twelve people. “The object appeared as a dark mass at first, then changed shape and kept disappearing and re-appearing. Basically it was oval in shape and hovered above Mt. Kau Kau, to the left of the transmitter [TV transmitting mast]. It seemed to vary in size at first then steadied, and from then appeared as a thick mass.”

So there we have two similar reports eleven years apart, 31 May 1965 to 21 May 1976, Has it completed its job yet, or can we expect another visit?

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Map 13 is a copy of my original grid map showing the positions of recent drill sites off the west coast of New Zealand, indicating another amazing coincidence. Each of these drill sites has been abandoned as a dry hole, and as being of no further use to the oil companies. Possibly a bright mind could find some other use for the holes and make use of their peculiar geometric positioning.

The key to the following positions as shown:

  • A UFOs plotted from radar screen at Mangere Airport as previously described.

  • B Moa 1B.

  • C Maui 2.

  • D Tasman 1.

  • E Drill site off Albatross Point.

  • F Maui 4.

  • G Possible future drill site (prediction by us)

  • H UFO position published Harmonic 33 1968.

  • I Plotted position latitude 39° 24’

  • J Cook 1.

  • K Distance D E , E I, equals 2C/4.

  • L Position of UFO activity at Port Underwood reported by Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Harris in Harmonic 33, 1968.

The copy of a letter is that received from an American scientist, Mr. J. Jackson, who resides in Auckland city. The letter refers to a survey carried out over the position where I observed the Submarine Unidentified Object in the Kaipara Harbour in 1965. This was the position published in Harmonic 33, and the point from where all my research originated.

I was informed by Mr. Jackson that there is now a hole in the harbor bed approximately one eighth of a mile wide and over one hundred feet deep. I feel that this proves that there was indeed an object carrying out some secret project at this point five years ago.


MAP 13

Section of original UFO grid showing surprising relationship of drill sites off the West Coast of New Zealand.

In August 1970, some months after a copy of this map had been lodged with a New Zealand Government agency,

the Marine Department issued a warning to shipping advising that marker buoys had been placed at a position of 39° 24’ south, 173° 46’ east.

This position coincides with position K on my original map.

I believe that this proves, without any doubt, that scientists are fully aware of the geometric principles governing the unified equations established in this book.


Report from the Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Works, Auckland,

regarding the position in the Kaipara Harbour where the submarine type object was observed

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I AM CONVINCED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that space is the home of countless billions of intelligent beings. Among those billions there must be a great percentage of entities whose physical appearance is similar to ours. The human form is a highly efficient mechanism and a design team would find it very difficult to make any improvements.


On earth we have many variations of this form but basically we are all very much the same. Because of the growing mass of evidence that indicates we are not the sole owners of the universe, the probability that we will meet a traveler from some other part of our galaxy who looks much like we do is ever increasing. The acceleration of technical knowledge in recent times makes this prospect almost a certainty in the near future. Anyone who is interested enough to search through all the available evidence in the world today will find to his astonishment that there are very strong indications that contact with alien intelligences has already been accomplished by a number of individuals throughout history.


These contacts have invariably been treated by the authorities at the time with ridicule or hostility. The contacts which they have been unable to hush up have been written into religious tracts as visitations by angels, or various emissaries of the gods who supposedly rule the heavens. Every method possible has been used to make certain that the public at large is kept ignorant of the fact that we are not alone.

The reason for this massive con job is not completely clear, but possibly greed, and a fear by the comparatively small group of people who decide our destiny that they will lose control of the ordinary individual, like you and me, if the truth is known, ensures that the evidence is suppressed.

One of the main arguments brought up in recent years as the increasing number of sightings of strange objects in the sky has aroused public interest, is that if “they” exist why is it that astronomers, or other scientific people, do not see them? In actual fact, many of these people have seen unexplainable objects in the sky, and out in space.


Unfortunately they would probably lose their jobs if they made too much of a fuss about it. In the early stages of my own research I was threatened with this very same thing, but common sense prevailed and I am still happily flying aircraft for a living and, as far as I am aware, within certain bounds, am in control of my own destiny. How long this will last is probably debatable. Mr. William Moser, president of the British Astronomical Association and general secretary of UFOIC Sydney, has brought attention to the fact that a great number of men of science have observed strange occurrences throughout recorded history.


He lists some thirty-odd cases of sightings by astronomers and scientists dating from 7 February 1802 to 23 August 1966 in the newsletter of July/August 1973. The objects varied from cigar, disc and ovoid-shaped, and with sizes from three meters to two kilometers in diameter; both stationary and moving. This is only a small percentage of sightings which can be found by searching through old records. The general UFO-type publications list many of these. I believe that researchers like myself read all this mass of material and get to the stage where they say to themselves “OK, I know they are out there and that every now and then a contact taken place. But what is to be done next?”

The obvious thing to do, as I have attempted to show in my writings, is to find scientific evidence which will help us to emulate the activities of the intelligences which we are continually observing invading our airspace. The time is past when long lists of sighting reports and unsubstantiated speculation will help us to advance our own knowledge, or to make progress. This information is essential in the early stages of a research project, but eventually we have to stop gathering new data and start using the stuff to form the basis of a new science.


This is my main objection to many of the largo international UFO organizations scattered round the world. Since the late 1940s they have gathered together massive amounts of evidence of UFO activity and related data. Their boards of directors and consultants list dozens of names of scientists, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers and academics in all fields. Besides this they have direct access to computer facilities into which they can feed the truck-fulls of information they have collected, hopefully to come up with some sort of intelligent analysis. Years have gone by yet nothing has happened — so far as the public are aware. I am very surprised, and very suspicious.


As an individual with access to none of this sophisticated know-how and technical machinery, I have been able to discover many areas where a small amount of research should bring a great spin-off of new knowledge. I am, perhaps, tenacious in my efforts to discover new concepts, but I have only an average education and level of intelligence. It is quite obvious to me that many of these organizations are not making known their findings and that the public are being kept blissfully in the dark.

Wake up, Earth! We are being taken for a ride and the time has come to demand the truth.

As I have pointed out earlier in this book, if space is being traversed by vehicles controlled by advanced intelligences, we would expect to intercept some sort of communication signals which are obviously being passed between the space vehicles and various bases scattered round the cosmos. Initially the interception of such signals would probably be accidental, as we would not be sure of the electronic principles behind long-distance communications over the millions of miles of space. Eventually, after scientific analysis, the concepts would be understood and a full-scale project could be contemplated which would hook us into the galactic switchboard. And this I believe is exactly what has happened.

As I was nearing completion of this book I received another letter from Mr. Cook of Derbyshire, England. My writings have sparked him off on an independent line of calculations and from the information received from him it appears that he is on the way to opening up more areas for serious research. He decided to take a close look at some radio signals that were received from space in 1928, using the basis of harmonic mathematics that I formulated in my original work.
The radio signals were recorded in the 1920s by Norwegian, Dutch, and French experimenters. It was suggested in recent years that the long-delayed echoes of equally-spaced radio signals transmitted from earth could be interpreted in the form of a code.


A Mr. D. A. Lunan, a graduate of Glasgow University, carried out an analysis along these lines and concluded that the echoes were being broadcast from a space probe in orbit somewhere in the vicinity of our moon.

The theory is that if an advanced civilization wished to contact us, they would leave a space satellite in earth orbit, waiting quietly through the centuries until our technology reached the stage where we were able to interrogate it. I believe that the space probe is out there, and that it is programmed to teach us how to get out into space and join the galactic community.

Mr. Lunan suggests that the signals identify the probe’s origin as the double star Epsilon Bootis and puts its arrival in earth orbit at somewhere around 13,000 years ago. Another investigator made the comment that such probes might listen for our radio signals and repeat them back to us after obvious delays, such as those reported in the 1920s. It is thought that the device is still in orbit waiting for its secrets to be unlocked.

The APRO bulletin of March/April 1973 states:

American experimenters Taylor and Young first reported echoes coming from apparent distances of 2900 to 10,000 km in 1927. Halls, an engineer, reported to Carl Stormer of Oslo that echoes of 3 seconds delay had been heard at Eindhoven, Holland. On 11 October 1928 Carl Stormer, with Halls, helped by Van der Pol transmitting from Eindhoven, picked up 3-second echoes on 31.4 meters, which changed to echoes varying from 3 to 15 seconds (signal pulses were transmitted at 20-second intervals). Echoes were received in the following delay sequence: 8, 11-15, 8, 13, 3, 8, 8, 8-12, 15, 13, 8, 8. In two cases two echoes were heard 4 seconds apart.

To the author the series of 3-second echoes without Doppler shift constitute the statement: “Here I am in the orbit of your moon,” while the varied series means some-thing much more elaborate.

He constructed a graph and plotted the delay time of each echo of the Van der Pol series against its position in the sequence presenting double echoes on the
same line ... When delay time was graphed horizontally the result was a striking resemblance to the constellation Bootis. Bootis was missing, but when the 3-second point was transferred from the left of the vertical barrier formed by the 8-second points it completed the constellation figure by marking the position of Epsilon Bootis...This is interpreted to mean that Epsilon Bootis is the origin of the probe.

I do not wish to disagree with Mr. Lunan’s interpretation of the space signals when subjected to this type of analysis. What I do believe however is that the received signals, and others waiting to be triggered, are for the purpose of teaching us scientific knowledge pertaining to the universe itself. Many different types of information are sure to be coded into the system.

I had heard of the radio signals and Mr. Lunan’s work, but up until recently I had not spent any time in trying to decipher them. I was occupied with so many other interesting projects that I shelved this particular line of thought for some future date. That was until I received the letter from Mr. Cook.

He had found many interesting mathematical associations between the space signals and my harmonic calculations. The most important and interesting piece of information that he passed to me was that the transmission which triggered the space echoes was broadcast on 31.4 meters and that when this wavelength was converted into minute of arc value to compare it with grid harmonics the answer was .016944 minutes of arc!

This was an amazing piece of news. The signals were tuned to the most important harmonic of 16944, as shown in other sections of my work. This must be a universal wavelength which will plug us into the space network. Did someone know something as far back as 1928, and are we about to make a serious attempt to communicate, as evidenced by the massive radio grid being constructed in the United States.

Are we receiving other signals from the heavens which to us could be classed as divine?

There are many powerful religious groups in the world, each of them vying for the minds of man and promising various states of salvation or damnation for those of us who choose or reject their particular doctrine. It is very difficult for the ordinary person like me, who has a belief in some overall divine intelligence controlling the universe, to sort out which particular religious group is nearest to the truth. After all, if we, as individuals, are going to place our souls in the hands of one of these groups, we want to be very sure that they are not going to mess about with them. Out of all the thousands of religions there can only be one which is treading the path to absolute truth — maybe none of them are. We shall only be sure when we pass from this life and have a look for ourselves. In the meantime we can only choose the particular group that suits us best, or remain out of them all and search for truth in our own way.

My attention has recently been drawn to one of the major religions of modern day, as a result of my delving into the mathematical mysteries of the universe. Time magazine published an article on this religion in the issue of 16 September 1974, headed “Behind The Temple Walls.” Some statements in the article are as follows:

To people of other faiths, the Mormon temple is an impenetrable place of mystery...only Mormons in good standing can participate in the Holy “ordinances” that are performed in the temple precincts, or even visit the rooms where they are performed....

Although the exterior of the temple is striking — 288 ft tall from the ground to the tip of the angel Moroni’s trumpet and encased in 17,300 square feet of gleaming white Alabama marble — the interior does not inspire awe. Divided into dozens of rooms on nine levels, the temple has nothing comparable to the great nave and towering sanctuary of a traditional Christian cathedral. Indeed the Mormon temple is not built for regular worship (that purpose is served by thousands of local “ward” meeting houses) but for “temple work” — the performances of various church duties and doctrinal study. To the outsider the rooms seem to serve a function rather than majesty.

Has divine guidance had a hand here and inspired elders of the church to design a temple that reaches 288 feet into the air, to broadcast the voices of us mortals to the gods in the heavens? Out of curiosity I wondered if divine guidance had had any influence in the actual placing of one of these temples in a geometric sense. From my own work I had discovered that geometric location on the structure of the earth had profound effects on physical manifestations. Possibly the spiritual part of our nature could benefit by the effects of specific geometric location.

On 20 April 1958 a Mormon temple was dedicated at Temple View, Hamilton, New Zealand. My wife and I had been taken on a conducted tour of some parts of this temple shortly before it was closed off from public view. What we saw of the interior structure was very impressive, but in some ways strange to us, not being familiar with the Mormon beliefs.

I checked the placement of the Temple on a survey map and the following coordinates were evident.

Latitude: 37° 49’ 40” south / Longitude 175° 13’ 28” east. I have shown in my earlier works that this position could be associated with grid harmonics but now that I have access to much more accurate computers I was able to discover a quite startling fact.

But first an extract from the book, “Essentials in Church History”, by Joseph Fielding Smith regarding the Survey for the Temple Block at Salt Lake City.
The Place for the Temple. — During the westward journey the building of a temple was a constant theme. On the evening of the 28th of July, President Young and the apostles with Thomas Bullock, the clerk, walked from their camp northward to a spot between the forks of City Creek, and there President Young designated a site for the building of a temple.


Waving his hand he said:

“Here is the forty acres for the temple, and the city can be laid out perfectly square north and south, east and west.”

Orson Pratt’s Survey. — The survey of the city was made by Orson Pratt. His line was on the southeast corner of the Temple Block. Beginning at that point the city was marked out into blocks of ten acres each. It was decided by the brethren that instead of using forty acres for the site it would be better to have that block conform in size with the others. According to Orson Pratt’s calculations, the latitude of the north boundary of the Temple Block was 40 degrees, 35 minutes and 34 seconds. The longitude was 111 degrees, 26 minutes and 34 seconds west of Greenwich. The altitude was 4,300 feet above sea level. Later government observations varied from these of Elder Pratt but slightly.

From the above it seems that the Temple Block was surveyed very accurately.

I had a hunch that if I checked the geometric placement of the New Zealand Temple in relation to the First Temple in Salt Lake City, on the computer, something interesting might turn up — and it did.

The great circle displacement, in seconds of arc between the two Temples is :

371244 seconds.
With a margin of error of a few hundred feet.

My latest book, “The Bridge to Infinity, Harmonic 371244” will show that this is the reciprocal harmonic of the value 2693645 derived from the unified equation — according to the speed of light at the Earth’s surface 143,795.77 minutes of arc per grid second. Have the Mormons been given the secrets of the unified field? Other geometric areas on the earth’s surface which I have mentioned before in my writings are those where the normal gravitational fields are grossly distorted.


These small localized positions have been of great interest to scientists in recent years and no logical explanation has yet been given for the queer physical effects experienced within the boundaries of an “anomaly area”.


If a plumb-bob is suspended within the distorted field it will not hang vertically but at an angle; people who walk into such an area start walking with a lean on; light itself appears to be distorted, and photos taken of objects within the influence of the gravity-warp from outside the area, show all sorts of queer effects. Depending on position, for instance, objects can appear either physically elongated or shortened. According to reports at least seven of these areas have been located on the North American continent.

More information is gradually filtering out regarding these anomaly areas and I have discovered several mathematical leads in connection with the effects which I intend to follow up in later research. One of the best-known anomalies is called the Oregon Vortex, the position of which is given as 42° 29’ 40” north/123° 05’ west. The area is circular with a diameter of just over 165 feet. A series of force-lines has been discovered passing through the circle, running east-west and north-south, five lines one way and six the other. The given information does not indicate how the position was calculated; whether by map reference, or by a very accurate star survey.

I am not completely happy with the accuracy of this position so I will leave the analysis of the associated geometric harmonics until a later date. However the great circle displacement of the position from longitude 180 degrees, at the same latitude, is very close to 41.1636 degrees. The square of this value being the 169444 harmonic.

A theoretical diameter for the area which would be very close to the given value of around 165 feet 4 inches would be 165 feet 3.76524 inches. This would give a conversion diameter of 163.13859 geodetic, of grid, feet. Converted to grid inches we have 1957.6631 geo/ inches. The volume of a sphere with a diameter of 1957.6631 grid inches equals 3928371000 cubic grid inches. This would be a harmonic of the resultant field strength of the Earth (3928.371 lines of force per square geodetic inch) as shown in my earlier work. This rough calculation would indicate that a spherical field is being produced in the gravity anomaly area, harmonically tuned to the magnetic field of the Earth.

The force-lines discovered passing through the area could have some connection with the harmonic of the speed of light. I found that if I divided the number of force-lines east-west by those north-south, 5 divided by 6, the value was .83333 repeating. The square of this figure is .694444 repeating — the reciprocal of 144 (the harmonic of the speed of light). The distorted optical effects in the area could be controlled by this factor.

It is my hope that at some time in the future arrangements can be made to visit one of these areas and to have accurate measurements taken with all the necessary scientific instruments. The relationship with the grid structure can then be thoroughly investigated by use of computers and harmonic mathematics.


My studies have led me up many paths over the last few years and helped me to understand that the universe and all things in it are inter-related. If the unified equations which I have formulated prove to be valid, or even partly valid, when checked by the academics, then the time I have spent on my research will be of some value. If what I have written is sufficient to prove that not all knowledge can be found in the standard textbooks, and others are encouraged to carry out independent research, I shall be happy. The most important aspect to be aware of is that we have neighbors out there, and that we must change our attitudes if we wish to join them.

Wake up, Earth!


We are about to be taken out of isolation!

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