ON A BLAZING MORNING OF FEBRUARY 1968 SOME information came my way which was to start off a whole new chain of investigation — and which was to bring me to number of discoveries so startling that even now their full implications are hard to comprehend.

As a theory, anti-gravity looks all very well. True, it would make obsolete overnight such antiquated forms of transportation as trains, cars, aircraft and rocket-propelled space ships; true, it would revolutionize our thinking about fuel oil resources and basic engineering But suppose the theory were not only correct but in actual application today — suppose there were a great many people fully aware the existence of the UFO grid and its mighty potential as a power source that could be tapped by earth technology; suppose, in fact, at equipment had been set up in many parts of the world, even right here in quiet New Zealand where nothing very earth-shattering ever seems to happen — then would not this mean that in fact anti-gravity was virtually within the grasp of us all?


A group of fellow-pilots and myself had finished preparing our bought plans for the first flight of the day, and we were chatting generally, when a co-pilot came up to me and said he had noticed odd looking aerial mast on his way to the airfield. It was, he said, on private property, but its shape was so unusual, and it was patently expensive-looking, that it had caught his attention.

Like many other aircrew members, this pilot had shown considerable interest in my UFO research and had got into the habit of noting any unusual activities up and down the country which could easily have a bearing on my investigations. By training and experience pilots are good observers and generally capable of making precise, factual, and impartial reports. In fact I am greatly indebted to pilots and aircrew as a group for a great deal of help and many fascinating leads. Many there present that February morning were aware of some suspicions I had concerning some unusual radio transmitting stations that were springing up around New Zealand. But still this time I had no proof that these stations were anything other than what they purported to be; what had principally stimulated my suspicions was little more than an occasional rumor, and the evasiveness of officials when pointed questions were asked.

The co-pilot wondered if the mast he had seen, with its strangely shaped array of aerials perched on top, could have any connection with the evidence I was looking for. He made a rough sketch of the mast for me, and I immediately sensed a familiarity about the pattern in which the hardware was arranged. Certainly it was only a rough sketch; the co-pilot, whatever his virtues, is no artist. But the sketch he drew of the side view of the mast had a marked similarity to the polar patterns of the UFO grid system.


This intrigued me greatly and I had a hunch that a closer look at this aerial might provide a key to unlock yet another section of the Pandora’s box with which I had become involved. That evening I contacted my journalist friend Peter Temm and we arranged to meet the next day. Armed with a camera equipped with a telephoto lens, we planned to drive to the area in question and quietly obtain a few close-ups of the aerial for closer scrutiny at our leisure.

A few days later we pored over a series of ten, good enlarged photographs which showed the aerial and the house to which it was linked. The aerial was in the shape of a cube, with each side about nine feet long. Supports for the wires forming the box-like shape radiated from a central point. These were eight in number, with each individual support terminating at a corner of the box. The aerial was supported, from the central point of the box shape, on top of a lattice steel mast we estimated to be about thirty feet high. A check revealed that according to Post Office regulations this expensive and elaborate device was nothing more sinister than a ham radio aerial erected by the owner for communication with hundreds of other technically knowledgeable hams scattered around the world.

Maybe so. We even found that there was a technical name for the general form of aerial in the photographs — neither of us being in any way informed about ham radio, this came as news. But somehow the gear had a slick, sophisticated look about it that gave it a ring of something more than the kind of ham devices one can see almost anywhere. Hams are enthusiastic and inventive folk skilful at rigging and jury-rigging their own-designed aerials; but a great deal of money is not generally laid out on the mast. In this country, at least, a length of wire stretched from a wooden mast is more the norm. Sometimes the amateur operator will have a few dipoles across the top of his mast for directional purposes: but this one had a decidedly professional look about it. I decided to check a bit further and, to start off with, I set about plotting the position of the aerial on my Auckland grid map to see if any correlations would show up.

At first nothing unusual presented itself; there seemed to be no connection with the aerial site and the grid system. But something kept nagging at me. I had a very strong feeling that there was a connection and that a thorough search of the facts and figures would bring it out.

At this point I decided to plot co-ordinates from the various positions of known UFO activity already plotted on an Auckland map. The results were immediately interesting. A line plotted through a position where a large, disc-shaped UFO had been observed hovering over Inverary Road, Epsom, and the point where an unexplained explosion occurred in Rutland Street, Auckland, some eleven years previously, passed directly through the location of the North Shore aerial. This was hardly anything conclusive — but it suggested a possible lead. I told Peter of my find, and we agreed that the next step was to search the Auckland area for similar aerials, plot their positions on the map and then look again for correlations of data. In the interim I began to spread the word among some of my associates and fellow pilots that we were hunting for aerials, and asked them to keep an eye out.

Over the next four months I spent my days off work cruising around the Auckland area looking for anything unusual in the way of masts and aerials. Results exceeded all expectations. A surprisingly large number of strange aerials turned up; plotted on the Auckland map, they showed quite clearly that they were more than ham listening-posts — although in every instance they were in fact listed as belonging to ham stations in the official ham radio yearbook. It was clear that the specialized aerials were set up in straight lines in relationship to one another — and in addition were blended into the UFO grid pattern established over the Auckland area.


At this point I was faced with the obvious conclusion that a group of electronics experts knew far more than I did about the grid system — and moreover, that the knowledge must have been in their possession for quite some years. Some of the aerials, we found, had been located on the present sites for periods ranging up to several years.

When the implications of this dawned on me, the shock was severe: the grid was no longer just a theoretical possibility. It was a definite fact, and a fact that had been known to an indefinite but clearly large number of people for some considerable time. It looked to me as though electronic equipment was being built into the network, and as though they were carrying out or controlling large scale experiments. But to what purpose? And who were “they?” Both of these questions cannot yet be answered. However, we shall present some of our speculations and we hope that readers will come to light with further information that will help solve the mystery


There was another method by which we could prove conclusively that the so-called ham radio stations were established on certain geometric positions for purposes other than for private experiment or simple communication. By a study of the geometric pattern that had emerged from a careful plotting of all the known aerial sites, it should be possible to predict where other odd aerials would show up. If the pattern was right, if our thinking was right, we should be able to extend the pattern, rather like the “series” type of problem sometimes presented in intelligence tests, and declare that therefore another aerial should be located here, there, or over there — or the map.

If, on the other hand, the positions were entirely coincidentally linked with the grid; if in fact there was no connection at all; and if indeed the aerials were genuinely ham stations and scattered in a more or less random order over the countryside, such prediction would simply not be valid.

One Friday night I spent a couple of hours studying the network of aerials and calculated various co-ordinates from their positions When I had pinpointed what seemed to me to be a most likely position for an aerial as yet undiscovered by us, I called Peter and we arranged for a meeting the following afternoon. On an ordinary street map we penciled in the position where expected an odd aerial should be located. Then with a camera handy, we went off on our hunt.

This was to be the first big test. I was reasonably confident the we would find an aerial where I had plotted it on the map; but a the same time I was horribly aware that I could also be falling flat on my face. I had still been compelled to assume certain geometric relationships in connection with the system; whoever had planned the evident aerial network already knew for certain all the relation ships involved, while I had to fumble through a maze of calculation to theorize about them. I was not certain, also, how Peter was reacting to my theories. We hadn’t long been working together at that stage, and up to now he had simply had to take my word for many aspects of my research. But if the present excursion proved to be successful, the greatest gain for both of us could be a firming up of confidence.

We approached the street I had circled on the street map, and turned the corner.

And there it was.

I was both relieved and excited. Peter seemed quietly surprised. The aerial before us, and which we photographed, was a two-way complex of directional components. Co-ordinates from several other aerial positions passed through this point from different directions. My plot had been accurate to within about a hundred feet or so which, considering the quality of the survey maps I use, was fairly close to precision. We found a place from which we could take photographs to add to our growing pile of pictorial evidence for the existence of an aerial network, and went home.


There was still a slim possibility that the finding of an aerial almost exactly where I had predicted it to be could have been by chance alone; I knew that it was by no chance; but at the same time we recognized the fact that skeptics would make this claim. However, a short time later, and on two different occasions, I was able to go through the identical performance for yet another two aerials — first, figuring on the map where they ought to be, in accordance with the emerging pattern and my theories on the factors involved in locating the strange masts; and then with a street map and a car, actually locating them in precisely those positions. In all honesty I must also admit that on two occasions I drew a blank.


One of these spots, where I was certain I would find a mast, is now being kept under observation by some of our helpers; I believe there is a strong possibility that eventually an aerial will appear on this location. One development, and one that we realized would come about, has been that the folk in charge of these aerials are aware of our activities and, probably knowing that we have the place under surveillance, they may be unwilling to construct a mast until it becomes imperative for the network as a whole to have one there.

We have never been reluctant to let people know what we were up to in our searching, and in our conclusions. As soon as new evidence has come along we have passed it along the pipeline which we believe is being tapped by “them.” There is nothing secret, classified or underhand about our investigation. The New Zealand Government has been kept up to date with my findings, both thorough correspondence and written reports direct to the Prime Minister. We have made a point of passing on each link in the chain of evidence to key personnel so that there can never be any suggestion made that our investigation is somehow or other “subversive”.


Our whole aim has been to bring facts to light so that from the sheer weight of the evidence someone in authority, somewhere, sooner or later, is going to have to admit to the public that not only do UFOs exist but that the grid system on which they operate is also an established fact. And until this happens, our work shall continue. If it should happen that I am stopped, there are many others now with the knowledge that will enable them to continue the investigation, with or without official approval.


The information we have patiently garnered over the course of several years has been spread out, and I have personally schooled others so that they can carry on if it becomes necessary. Several journalists, some of them correspondents for overseas organizations, are also kept informed of our progress, and it will now be impossible for the truth to be hidden for much longer.

When the admission is finally made, when it is stated that marsh gas, the rise and fall of Venus and all the other rubbish trotted out by the tame and the not so tame scientists who seemingly have forgotten the first principles of science to “explain” UFO sightings, are not the be-all and end-all of UFO phenomena, then our investigation will slow down. Our aims will have been achieved. Our search for aerials has continued throughout the months, up to the present time, and still the odd mast is drawn to our attention. They can be seen throughout New Zealand, and we know they exist abroad as well from reports from as far afield as Australia, France and America. In this country we have uncovered them from Invercargill to the north of Auckland.

Most numerous are those shaped like boxes. But others have slight variations. One variety is an elongated type that looks something like the framework of a box-kite — presumably for more efficient directional purposes. Some have a highly polished metal sphere placed within the box shape. For some reason these spheres, which are quite large, give off flashes of light, observable from many miles away on a fine day. This type is easily seen from the air from as far away as fifteen miles. Whether the light is reflected from a prismatic surface or emitted from within the spheres themselves is something we do not yet know.

We do not know what this sphere is, or what it does. One possible explanation was offered by a director of a scientific equipment manufacturing company in the United States:

“The needlelike protruding elements on the ball are unidirectional vertical probes. In the ball a transducer, or transistor pre-amp director, directs any signal from above the main antenna down to the main antenna, and this is then relayed from one antenna tower to the next to a main base of receiver operations. This, then, would prevent any accidental reception of the signal from a UFO etc. from being picked up by any, just any, radio that happened to be tuned to the right frequency...I prefer to think that the little ball on top of the receiver receives at a much higher wavelength (frequency) and then the ball’s transistorized circuit, acting as a converter, reduces the received signal to a lower frequency, and it is then carried from one tower to the next until it reaches its home receiver station.”

Another hint of connection between the strange aerials and UFOs is the fact the grid aerial under the sea off the coast of South America, photographed in 1964 by the US survey ship Eltanin, has ball-shaped objects on the extremities of its antennae; moreover, antennae protruding from UFOs have been observed, also, to have ball-shaped ends.

The other main type of aerial which appears to be built into the grid consists of a similar lattice steel mast with heavy-looking aerial elements supported horizontally across the top. Some minor masts within the system are more like ordinary TV aerials. The pattern produced on a map by pinpointing the aerials is a complex one — especially when positioned on a map that also includes the UFO grid. After a close study of the network it becomes obvious that the man-made aerials have been built into the UFO grid for a definite purpose, and apparently with a full awareness of the existence of the UFO grid. A number of areas in New Zealand where UFO activity has been pronounced are also areas in which the aerials occur.

As our investigation went on, a mass of information was built up from the aerial network, and I have been able to check many of my own theories against it. The discovery that “they” had placed their equipment in specific geometric positions gave me clues which have led me on to new discoveries. “They” are now aware of this, and I imagine I am not too popular with “them” — first, for having stumbled on the aerial network, and then for not having the decency to keep quiet about it.

The discovery of the aerials and our conclusions about their function, plus the new discoveries which we have derived from our understanding of their positioning, have given rise to a cat-and-mouse affair which has sometimes been anything but a game. The following chapters will enlarge upon these matters in detail.

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THE DISCOVERY OF A NETWORK OF MAN-MADE transmitting stations around our city, described in the preceding chapter, was the most startling tangible fact that we had encountered in our UFO research. We discovered that Auckland city and the surrounding areas were linked with the transmitters by numerous geometric alignments. Further investigation suggests very strongly that the pattern is still incomplete — and that other stations are yet to be added to the system. Months passed before we were able to determine the positions of all the stations plotted on the survey maps and at that stage we considered that there was enough evidence to prove that secret experiments were being carried out.


We decided also that it was now necessary to bring to public attention all the facts so far established, and to fill in further details of the aerial network patterns as each new additional aerial came to our notice. On the basis of the material in this chapter, some readers may wish to carry out investigations of their own into the aerial system. If so, we would certainly be interested in hearing about results. As each aerial was discovered, its precise position was plotted on the same grid map of Auckland and its surrounding districts which I had used when I established the positions of UFO activity, published in my first book.


The question was whether there was some correlation between the positions of known UFO activity and the location of the transmitting aerials. Remember, the UFO positions had been established several years before our investigations into the aerials. It was soon very clear indeed that there were connections between the UFO positions and the more recently found aerial locations. Straight lines drawn through different combinations of aerial positions produced definite geometric patterns which were clearly linked to the UFO positions.

When these patterns were further analyzed it appeared that where the building of a man-made station was not possible for topographic reasons, a UFO may have been brought in to place — or blast— an aerial or similar device into position. One of these positions was, we believe, in the middle of a factory in Rosebank Road in the Auckland suburb of Avondale.

Another such position was, in our opinion, near the corner of Rutland Street, in the central part of the city. If this hypothesis is correct, one is naturally led to the conclusion that scientists were well aware in advance that certain locations would be subjected to extensive damage as a result of the placement of aerial devices. We do not dispute that research of the kind being undertaken in secrecy involving both UFOs and aerials may be essential for the advancement of mankind. But it is the secrecy that we feel is wrong.


Moreover, the dangers inherent where aerial locations fall upon crowded city areas must be obvious. If the rules of geometry (and the concepts involved are those of geometries) compel whoever is responsible to construct apparatus of a dangerous nature in densely populated areas, then surely the citizens of those areas have a right to be told — and to be warned of the possible consequences of the experiments to be carried out. If the instigators of the research happen also to be representatives of a foreign country, which we believe to be the case, this is all the more reason for the nature of the experimental work to be made public.

One scientist has told me quite plainly that the aerial network is not under the control of the New Zealand Government. I find the implications of that statement rather disquieting. Is it possible that New Zealand, one of the last peaceful sanctuaries on this planet, is being manipulated by a power group operating outside the normal confines of democratic control? I believe there is a distinct possibility that this is the situation and that no government, large or small, is able to control its activities.


The knowledge possessed already by the group may be so advanced that those who have the secrets may be in a position to dictate action on their own terms, particularly if political leverage is applied at the same time, through normal governmental channels.

It was suggested to me by my informant that this was indeed the case, and that New Zealand would be cut off from certain overseas aid if our government refused to allow the activities of foreign scientists to continue within our territory.

We believe that this is too high a price. If our dealings with overseas interests are not openly and honestly carried out, then we would be much better off not to have this work going on in our midst. Who among us, anywhere in the world, has the right to decide who should and who should not have access to advanced technical knowledge — or to any knowledge, for that matter?

Technological superiority is dangerous only when held by a small group. History shows that groups of this very nature have, in times past, invariably used their superior knowledge for purposes other than for the good of all humanity, eventually destroying themselves and large numbers of their fellow men along with them. The atomic bomb offers a prime example of the folly of secrecy in the field of advanced technology. I know for certain that my theories regarding the bomb have been proved correct.


The bomb is, in short, a geometric device which can only be detonated in accordance with the unbreakable laws of geometry. The device is detonated by the manipulation of the relative motions of the atomic particles enclosed within its casing; and this can only be effected by placing the bomb on, under or over a specific geometric point related to the earth’s surface, at a specific time. The relative motions of the earth and sun, at this instant of time, cause the disruption of the unstable particles of uranium, plutonium, cobalt or whatever unstable matter is used to trigger the explosion.


Every test of nuclear devices since World War II has been designed to discover all the geometric combinations possible for the detonation of the atom. because of the secrecy imposed on this advanced body of knowledge, every major power has been frantically carrying out experimental tests in an endeavor to keep up with, or ahead of, rival powers — in the fear that one or the other will eventually get the upper hand. The computers of each nation concerned are fed with this information so that calculations can be made ahead as to where and when a nuclear device might be triggered.


In this way the spiral of insecurity and distrust has increased its momentum until, at this present time, the world has become a mad-house with our-selves its inmates. Unless something is done, a system set up for the pooling of all knowledge, we shall end up as have so many other civilizations, intent on annihilation of the race. If every intelligent individual had had free access to these secrets immediately after the war, the sheer weight of public opinion alone might have been enough to prevent the insane game now being played the world over in the name of national security. Certainly, at least, the brakes would have been applied to slow down our headlong rush, to eternity.

The geometric nature of the bomb makes a nuclear war completely illogical — and perhaps this explains the present concentration of research in the United States, England, Switzerland and elsewhere into bacterial and chemical warfare techniques.

Why is a nuclear war illogical?

Let’s take an example: if Russia, let us say, were to launch a missile in an attempt to demolish New York, the Americans would have known months in advance that at such-and-such a time the city would have been a potential nuclear target. Their computers would have told them so. Naturally, all defenses would have been alerted for that one target point until the danger period had passed. If a missile managed to get through the defense system and New York was incinerated, America would want immediate retaliation.


But again because of the solar geometries involved, this would not be possible at any unspecified time for any specific Soviet target. It could take hours; days or weeks for a major target in Russia to match the harmonic geometries of the sun position in order for a missile to be successfully launched towards that point with any certainty of its detonation. And so it would drag on, month after month. For this very reason it became necessary to arm submarines with nuclear weapons and launching devices so that they could roam the oceans in secrecy and be able to position themselves in such a way that they could launch nuclear missiles at enemy targets as the right times came up.

Meanwhile, those at the top who had started this insane war, and those in control on both sides, would know clearly, and well in advance, where the danger spots were going to be. They would make sure that they themselves were many hundreds of miles away until the danger periods had passed. The general populace, you can be sure, would be blissfully unaware of impending explosions. An even more dangerous and complex game has now been initiated by the same group. Knowledge obtained from the bomb has opened a door to secrets of anti-gravity; if one group or another obtains supremacy in this field, they could, if they desired, rule the world.

For UFOs are real. They are anti-gravity machines. Someone has advanced knowledge about them. Now we would like to have access to the truth, all of it, and a democratic voice in the control of our own destiny.

My informant declared that his group was not concerned with moral issues. Its representatives are here to carry out certain work and it is only this task that interests them. It is neither right nor good, he declared, for the public to have knowledge such as this.

My answer was that I was part of the public, a free man in what I believed to be a free country; and that, relying on my own resources, I had been able to discover a considerable amount of information concerning the activities of the people in question. I often wonder how much worry, how many years of hard work, I could have saved myself if only it could have been possible for me to study all the relevant data in freely available technical publications. Isn’t it the right of all free citizens to have access to the technology of the future?


I firmly believe that we do all have that right — the alternative is to end up like Pavlov’s dogs, when we may all be forced to perform at the will of a new kind of master. Time and again I have asked to be given just one good moral reason why the data known on UFOs should not be published. So far no reason has been forthcoming, and I believe that none exists. Investigations of a private nature such as I have undertaken will be carried on. I believe firmly that others, with more intelligence and greater technical ability than I have, will continue this work.


To look more closely at the aerial network in and around the city of Auckland: the picture is a complicated one, but a prolonged study of the system reveals many connections with the geometric harmonics associated with anti-gravity and UFO phenomena. It shows without doubt that some technicians at least have direct communication with UFOs that have been active on the positions indicated on the Auckland section of the UFO grid. Who is actually in control of the UFOs?


This we cannot as yet determine — but there are several possible answers, including the following:

  1. The UFOs are controlled by extraterrestrials who are greatly advanced in science. These aliens are instructing our scien-tists in new technological fields.

  2. Earth scientists have uncovered the secrets of anti-gravity and have managed to construct a small number of UFO-type vehicles. These anti-gravity machines are now being used to further research and to improve their scientific techniques.

  3. The UFOs are under the control of extraterrestrials, and their activity is aimed at hindering earth scientists in their research.

  4. An alien group of people from space have lived among us secretly throughout history and now control the world. They are in charge of all advanced scientific experimentation. (This, we feel, is the least likely answer.

  5. Other possibilities which we are as yet unaware of. We do not know, any more than you do, which answer is the true one. But it may not be too long before we find out.


I was told by a foreigner holding a high position with one of the government ministries that I would be stopped from publishing this book by those in charge of “the experiment.” “The group,” I was told, “is all-powerful, and you can’t possibly beat them.” My answer was that I was fully aware of the power weilded by the “group,” as well as of my own relative insignificance.

History shows that in other ages “insignificant” men have succeeded in upsetting the plans of power groups, and with perseverance and luck I may be able to do the same — because I am convinced that the “group,” closely guarding secrets that should be freely available to all, is morally evil.

A study of the Auckland map will show that it is an exact reproduction of the grid map published in my previous book. The grid lattice covers areas of one minute of arc square. Positions 1 through 6 are those of UFO activity previously plotted.

These are, in more detail:

1. Rosebank Road factory demolished by an unexplained explosion. A UFO was reported over the scene before the explosion occurred.
2. Unexplained explosion at the corner of Rutland Street, Auckland city.
3. UFO observed hovering near the Museum, Auckland Domain:
4. UFO observed hovering behind a house in Inverary Road, Epsom, in suburban Auckland.
5. Lake Pupuke, North Shore, over which point a UFO has been observed.
6. Object was seen entering the water from the air at this point.

7. I was informed by the head of a government department in Auckland that a UFO had been seen hovering over this point.

8. This is the position of a base staffed by personnel from one of the most powerful nations on earth.

This fact was first drawn to my attention during a visit to Victoria University, Wellington, in 1969. I had presented a lecture to students. After the lecture, which covered aspects of the UFO grid system, I was showing a copy of the Auckland grid map to the American air attaché, who had asked to be present incognito, and the editor of Salient, the university’s student newspaper. The student asked me what I knew about the American base on the North Shore, at Kauri Point.
Surprised, I asked: “What base?” He replied: “You must know what base I mean; you have plotted it on your map.”

I told him, quite truthfully, that I had no knowledge of any such base. The point on the grid map to which he was referring was where I had plotted co-ordinates crossing at Kauri Point; he insisted that I must have known of the base in order to have plotted it so accurately. I explained that I was completely unaware of the significance of the position, and had only been aware that certain lines connecting other stations crossed at this point. I had left it to a future time to study the position further.

Reflecting on this conversation some days later, it occurred to me that I had probably been “set up” in some way by the invitation to lecture at Victoria University; however, this conclusion may have been unkind to the students who were involved. In any case the visit was well worth the time and effort, since at least I had gained a hint about a base established on Auckland’s north shore. Since then I have found that the base does indeed exist — and that very few people in this city of more than half a million are aware of it. A New Zealand electronics technician contacted me, for example, and he turned out to be one person who had access to the base.

He was very interested in what I was doing and what I knew, “Don’t you know what happens to people who know too much?” he warned me. Somewhat taken aback I went to some pains to explain to him that in the event of anything untoward happening to me, I had taken the precaution of making, and putting into safe keeping, several copies of a long list of names of people involved with the “experiment,” and that they might be embarrassed at the inevitable questions that would follow a mishap to me.


His question gave me some anxiety, but I felt fairly certain that the “group” would realize that putting me out of action would only draw attention to themselves. I put a circle around the position of the Kauri Point base on the map and later, out of curiosity, measured the distance in minutes of arc (nautical miles) to another mysterious establishment staffed by Americans — at Woodbourne RNZAF base, near Blenheim, in the South Island.

The plotted distance was just on 288 minutes of arc, relative to the accuracy of the map I had access to at the time. It appeared that the two bases were positioned in this way for the purposes of setting up a harmonic geometric relating to twice the speed of light. My interest was immediately focused and I have believed from that time that there is a definite geometric connection between the two stations which allows electronic experimentation.

Recently I carried out a more accurate series of calculations, by computer, in relation to these two points and found much more persuasive evidence regarding a geometric connection. I had more mathematical data to work with, collected over many years, and had discovered that the seemingly obvious did not always turn out to be the right answer.

One of the interesting facts I had discovered was that I could shift the harmonic values up, or down, the scale by multiplying or dividing by 6, or 60. We normally use degrees, minutes, or seconds in arc measure, relative to the Earth’s surface, but equivalent geo-metric wave-lengths can be increased, or decreased, below or above these normal values. In fact the ones above can be decreased in length an infinite number of times for the creation of very high frequency transmissions.

I applied this exercise to the computed distance between the two stations, as follows:

Distance between stations:
Distance — 284.9006 minutes of arc (nautical miles)
Multiplied by 6 : nine times.

The square root of the 2871140 harmonic is equal to:
1694444 harmonic.

The latitudinal displacement between the two stations was com-puted to be:
4.706666 degrees.
which equals
16944 seconds of arc. (harmonic)

The longitude of Kauri Point is equal to:
174° 421

If we subtract 90° from this value to ascertain the position of
Kauri Point within the appropriate 90° sector, we have:
84° 42’

Which equals:
Which is a half harmonic of:

169.4 (harmonic)

I am not sure how accurate this value has to be, for practical application, but it has been found that this particular harmonic (169444) has a direct connection with communication; particularly space communication. See the last chapter; Wake Up Earth.

The circumference of the latitude which passes through the Woodbourne position is 269.53 degrees, relative to the equator, which could be associated with the harmonic values derived from the unified equations.

All the evidence suggests a use of very accurately computed geometric positions for the purpose of extremely advanced scientific experimentation. If so, New Zealand is very strategically placed on the Earth’s surface.

A further interesting factor was that the geometric co-ordinates connecting the Kauri Point station to the points at which massive explosions had occurred (Rosebank Road and Rutland Street, 1 and 2 respectively on the map) were equal. A line between the two explosion points, in other words, was the base-line of an isosceles triangle, the apex of which was the Kauri Point position. I checked the length of the base-line and found that the distance between the two explosions was 288 seconds of arc, or twice the speed of light harmonic, subject to the accuracy of the plot.


Further, if the isosceles triangle so formed were to be bisected (which is shown by line 8 — 32 on the map), then the co-ordinate 8 — 32 was equal to co-ordinate 32 — 4. Position 4 is that of a UFO sighted hovering behind a house in Inverary Road, Epsom (a verified sighting). Could this be yet another coincidence? I could hardly believe so. The angle formed by 1 — 8 and 2, is equal to 288,000 seconds of arc, subject to the accuracy of the plot, which is also a harmonic of twice the speed of light.

I have recently studied this pattern again, at some length, and again, subject to the accuracy of the plot. I believe the following geometric co-ordinates are built into the system. A radius with the centre at position 8, and passing through positions 1 and 2 would have a length of 231.48147 seconds of arc. If we multiply this value by 6 to shift the harmonic up the scale, then we produce the harmonic 13888.888. This is twice the harmonic of 6944.444, which is the reciprocal of the speed of light. The circumference of a circle formed by this radius would be 1454.441 seconds of arc (relative). If we multiply this value by 6x6x6 then we produce the value 314159.27, which is the direct harmonic of Pi., or 3.1415927. Quite remarkable.

9. This is where we discovered the first aerial of the network, as described in Chapter 3. It was from this point that the whole aerial investigation started. The first geometric line-up we found was 9-2-4, 2 and 4 being two UFO positions previously plotted.



Shows refined section of grid A over the city of Auckland, New Zealand. Circles show positions of UFO activity. See grid map showing positions of man-made transmitting stations. (Original map published in Harmonic 33,)

Other co-ordinates from 9 are: 9-30-11, 9-8-16-17, and 9-6-28. It would appear that these line-ups, then, are not just accidental.

Positions 10, and from 13 through 29, are all man-made transmitter stations which have sophisticated aerial systems attached to them. Photographs have been taken of each, and copies are filed away in a variety of safe places. The geometric patterns produced by connecting all the stations show definite evidence of linkage. The harmonics involved are complex, and I shall leave their solution for mathematically-inclined readers. The various angles formed by intersecting lines also have harmonic association.

Positions 11 and 12 appear to be two major stations. They fall within the area of the Waitakere Mountains, to the west of Auckland, and the aerial masts can be seen from some miles distant. It may be argued that it is purely coincidental that the stations are in geometric alignment with others on the map — but if coincidence is the answer, I dare say no one will have any objection to my having free access to the buildings in order to photograph and study the electronic equipment installed within. One of the buildings, by the way, is constructed like a fortress.

Finally, on the map I have plotted positions 30 and 31, which I believe to be sites where some type of transmitting equipment will be set up in the future. The distance between these points is equivalent to eight times the speed of light harmonic of 1439, or 8C. The square root of this value is 3.3927. The harmonic of 3927 is incorporated in this group of figures. I had earlier found that a harmonic of 3393 was one of many used in the detonation of an atomic bomb.1 Activity of an odd variety has already been observed around these two positions, and a close watch will be kept to see what eventuates.


Aerials are still appearing, but we shall not complicate the map any further. We, and the many people who have aided us in our investigations, believe that there is more than sufficient evidence here already to support our demand for a full and open investigation into the whole system which of course is not confined to Auckland but is spread throughout New Zealand.

Who is in charge of the “experiment?” Where do the necessary funds come from? What is the intention of those in control of the system, when the work is complete and all the answers are in? Will they then tell us the full story about the UFOs? Frankly, I doubt it.

13393 is the term 33927 corrected to four-figure accuracy

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IN MY EARLIER WORK I SHOWED THE VARIOUS STEPS I went through in my research which eventually led me to a unified equation based on the harmonic of the speed of light, and the Einstein equation E = MC2. The equation indicated to me that all the physical substances in the universe were formed from the harmonic frequencies of light in various interlocking geometric terns. All matter, be it a star, a planet, or the structure of the atom, is formed by the harmonic resonance of light.


A very rough analogy of how light is individualized into a physical substance from the universal matrix, would be to liken the universe to a vast ocean. If a vortex or whirlpool is created in the ocean, then a small portion of it has been transformed into something quite different from the main mass. The area enclosed by the vertex operates under a different set of geometric laws. The change in state is caused by a spiraling motion being imparted by the influence of her forces.

I believe that the forces which cause a vortex to form in the universe matrix are manifested by the interaction between the universe and anti-universe. In other words the interaction, or pulsation, between matter and antimatter causes the creation, or dissotiation, of substance. This idea conforms with the “steady state” theory of the universe. Many scientists believe that matter is being continuously created and destroyed, maintaining a constant supply of material in the physical universe.

Is it possible that light reciprocal harmonics from the anti-universe interact with the pure light harmonics of our physical universe to form resonances which create matter? If this is so then we must look for the reciprocal light harmonic of 6944 within the geometric structure of spherical mass formation in all parts of the universe. If this applies to the largest planet, or star, then it must also apply to the spherical structure of the atom.

The geometric or universal value by which we can measure spherical bodies, regardless of size, is angular measurement. The constant factor for the circumference in all cases is 360 degrees, or 21,600 minutes of arc. In respect to the earth we call the surface distance of one minute of arc one nautical mile, but the actual physical distance would naturally vary with the size of the body.

If we consider the diameter of all spherical bodies to be also measured in units of arc values, equal to those of the surface then we find that the constant value for diameter is 6875.493542. This could be termed the harmonic diameter for all spherical bodies. To bring this body into being from the universal matrix, vortexual action must be initiated and the body built up from fundamental particles. We would expect some sort of rarefied gaseous stage at the periphery of the body graduating to a more dense atomic structure, until a solid body manifests which gets much more dense towards its centre.

From this we see that in our hunt for the light reciprocal harmonic which actually creates the spherical body, we must not only consider the solid body itself but also the rarified gaseous or atomic particle, envelope around it, as this also has mass. If we take the earth as an example we find that many differenlt layers extend outward from the surface, getting increasingly rarefied with altitude. First of all the troposphere, where three quarters of the bulk of the whole envelope is concentrated.


This consists of 78 per cent nitrogen, 21 per cent oxygen, 0.9 percent argon, 0.3 per cent carbon dioxide, with traces of several other gases plus copious quantities of water vapor. Next is the stratosphere and the mesosphere, which extend up to about 50 miles. The stratosphere consists in part of ozone or heavy oxygen formed by electrical discharges, or strong ultra-violet rays, passing through ordinary oxygen. At about 50 miles, up to between 350-600 miles, is the ionosphere, where X-rays and ultra-violet rays from the sun ionize the rarefied air.


This produces electrically charged atoms and molecules, together with unattached electrons. This area contains only 0.001 per cent, by weight, of the atmosphere. The outermost layer is the exosphere, where sub-atomic particles are found, plus a 900-mile layer of thinly dispersed helium surrounded by a layer of hydrogen that extends 4000 miles into space. The atoms are so far apart in this area that they very seldom collide, which gives some idea of the density. As can be seen from this, if my theory is correct, hydrogen is the first type of material to be manifested from the universal substance then the heavier gases close to the earth’s surface; and finally the solid matter of the earth itself.

The geometric harmonic diameter of the earth could then be extended to encompass the main mass of the surrounding atmospheric envelope to see if the harmonic reciprocal of light is evident.

If we add the harmonic equivalent of 6875.493542, namely,

68.7593542, to the diameter to encompass the atmosphere we get

As 6944 is the harmonic reciprocal of the speed of light in free space, it appears possible that spherical bodies are in fact formed by some sort of vortexual resonance which causes precipitation of matter. In the initial stages of formation are the rarefied gases; then, as the harmonic vibration intensifies to the point that it matches that of the light reciprocal, the more dense substances are built up. Finally at certain harmonic values solid substances occur. If this is so then, in my theory, every spatial body must have some sort of gaseous, or ionic, envelope surrounding it. I should imagine that in the case of the planets, the type of gaseous envelope would depend on the orbital radius from the central sun or star.


The orbital values would set up secondary harmonics which would modify the geometric makeup of the surrounding atmosphere. It follows that all planets in the universe that have similar size and orbital radius to earth would have the same type of atmosphere and other characteristics. Accordingly there must be millions of planets which could be habitable for man. The ratio of the diameter of a planet to the height of the main bulk of its atmosphere would be 200:1.

Shortly after I published my second book I had a visit from an Australian who passed some information to me in regards to straight and curved line geometry. He was a most intense sort of chap and I still don’t know the reason behind the visit, or the connections he has in his own country, but the information was most interesting. He left me quite a few notes, saying that I could make use of them as I saw fit. Possibly I can use the data in some future research but a small portion I will quote here: Straight and curved line geometry; the globe and the disc.


By choosing a single universal measurement unit we are able to convert directly from units of length to angles of geometry and back again. Taking the earth as a globe we see it has a circumference of 21,600 minutes of arc (or nautical miles) and a diameter of 6875.493 minutes of arc. It is stated in this theory that every globe has an equivalent disc which is equal to it. The best way to imagine this equivalent disc is to liken it to a globe which has been put into a giant press and squashed flat at the equator.



Showing that all spherical bodies have a harmonic affinity with the harmonic reciprocal of the speed of light.

Harmonic of the speed of light = 144/harmonic reciprocal = 6944. In geometric measurement the circumference of all spherical bodies is 360 degrees, or 21,600 minutes of arc. The diameter of all spherical bodies, in he same minute of arc units, can be expressed as a constant of 6875.493542 minutes of arc. If this value is then considered as a harmonic, and extended by the equivalent harmonic of 68.75493542, the resultant value becomes 6944.248477; the light reciprocal.


The application of this harmonic diameter to all planetary bodies in space would account for the mass of the planet and the surrounding atmosphere. The constant of 6875.493542 minutes of arc for the diameter, and a constant of 34.377468 minutes of arc for the height of the atmosphere above surface level. (Roughly 39.5 statute miles. This would extend to the mesosphere if applied to the atmosphere of the earth. Above this level would be the ionosphere and the exosphere.)

What we are interested in is the ratio of the dimensions of the globe; radius, diameter, circumference etc., to those of its equivalent disc. It is found that the diameter of the disc is equal to one half the circumference of the globe, and the circumference of the disc is one half of pi times that of the circumference of the globe. As a globe the circumference = 21,600 nautical miles As a disc the diameter = 10800 nautical miles As a disc the circumference = 33929.2 nautical miles The circumference as a disc is 1.5707963 times the circumference as a globe, or half of pi.

This is a very interesting fact because my visitor is saying that the earth grid, as I discovered it, seems to be based on the possibility of one geometry switching over to another geometry. The idea of gravity being a force appears to be a fallacy. In reality it seems to be simply a state of tension, or a ratio between the two geometries. I found in my earlier research that this geometric harmonic of 33929.2 was one of the factors in the positioning and detonation of an atomic device.
Next let us look at measurement itself. We are led to believe that all systems of measurement, as used today, are purely arbitrary values set up by man himself and therefore a fairly haphazard way of finding quantities or dimensions of things.


British measurement for example was purported to be a jumble of bits and pieces related to man’s own dimensions. The inch was an eighteenth of a cubit, of the breadth of a thumb. The cubit was measured from the point of the elbow to the outstretched tip of the middle finger. The foot was about two-thirds of a cubit, four palms, twelve thumbs, or sixteen digits. The digit was the width of the middle of the middle finger.


The meridian mile was 4000 cubits. I’m not sure where all these ideas originated, but I believe them to be pretty ridiculous, even though they are taught in our schools today. How many human beings, taken at random, would conform to these particular dimensions? We would have some peculiar-looking buildings around our cities if we standardized the construction measurements on the thin, fat, short or tall citizens who lived within them.

I consider that there is evidence which suggests British measurement was originally based on geometric concepts. If this can be proved then it follows that this method of measurement could be used in a universal sense, to harmonize structures to natural law. The first indications of this can be seen in the design factors of the Great Pyramid.

A pyramid, or geodetic inch, is equal to 1.0011 British inches Could it be that in ancient times a pyramid inch and the British inch were equal to each other and some how derived from a geometric value associated with the light harmonic of 144? If so, then our ancestors were scientifically advanced to a much greater degree than we give them credit for.

In 1635 the author of Sea-Man’s Practice, Richard Norwood, using a sextant of more than five feet in radius, made observations of the sun at two points which were 9149 chains apart and found a value of 69.5 statute miles for one degree of latitude. In 1671 the French astronomer Jean Picard, by means of trigonometry, was able to obtain a fairly accurate value of 69.1 statute miles. Newton made use of this value to complete his general theory of gravitation. The figure generally taken for the circumference of the earth as the equator is 25,000 statute miles. If we divide this by 360 to find the number of miles in one degree the answer is 69.444. Taking everything else into consideration I’m sure this is not just coincidence. The value of 69444 is obviously the reciprocal of the speed of light harmonic.

A serious study of the origins of British standards of measurements could be of extreme interest and possibly many of our history books would have to be rewritten as a result.

The measure of one geodetic foot, equal to one six-thousandth part of a terrestrial minute of arc, which is equal to one grid foot, was proposed in early 1700 by Cassini. If this had been the standard accepted it would have been equal to the ancient Greek foot, which was five-sixth of a remen. The Parthenon was laid out to this unit The French meter could be taken as a fairly close scientific method of measuring. The standard was taken as one ten-millionth part of the length of a quadrant of the meridian measured through Paris


This was established reasonably accurately in 1798 and is the equivalent of 39.37 British inches. As British measurement itself appears to be based on a geodetic equivalent, this value of 39.37 could be close to a harmonic equivalent of the resultant earth magnetic field Some work in this direction might prove to be worth while. The British and metric systems could probably be complementary to each other.

Another ancient measurement of interest is the megalithic yard of 2.72 British feet, discovered by A. Thorn. The unit is considered to be of Egyptian origin as it is found in the geometrical canon of Egyptian measures. John Mitchell in his book The City of Revelation brings out another point in connection with this unit: “All over the world the traditional units of length, area, weight and capacity are related to each other and derive from ONE ORIGINAL CANON OF COSMOLOGY. Two such are the English mile and the unit which now only survives in the East as the “pu” of Indo-China, its value given on page 358 of L.D’A. Jackson’s Modern Metrology as 2.72727 miles, the fraction recurring.


Without previous knowledge of this unit its former existence in Britain was deduced by Mr. J. F. Neal from his analysis of the intervals between ancient sacred sites, who called it the ‘megalithic mile’ on account of its ratio to the mile being virtually the same as that of the megalithic yard to the foot. There are 14,400 feet in one megalithic mile. He points out also that the ratio between the dimensions of the earth and the moon is 10:2.72727. The key point here is that one megalithic mile is equal to 14,400 British feet.


Again we have the harmonic of the speed of light, 1440, connected with British measure. There are also mathematical indications that the unit could be connected in some way with the exponential function “e” which is taken as 2.7182818. The mathematicians could delve into this area with possibly interesting results. If it can be proved that English measure was the only form of calculation that was harmonically associated with the structure of the universe and geodetic measure, then a crime of great magnitude would be committed if this system were lost to the world. Right now the pressure is on to force the metric system on all countries and if this is finally accomplished the true system of measure will be hidden away, and only be made use of by the initiates.

I believe a new system could be devised by the combination of geodetic and metric measure. The standard geodetic inch and foot could be retained and incorporated into a measuring system which has a base of 10. A basic unit could be 120 geodetic feet, which would accommodate the harmonics of ten and twelve. The unit would be 1440 inches long which, would give the direct harmonic of light. Another way would be to use a basic unit of 1.2 geodetic inches, ten of which would equal one geodetic foot.

A geometric figure which also indicates a remarkable relationship between the harmonic of light, the circle, and a system based on multiples of 10, is the decagon (see diagram). If a decagon, or ten-sided figure, is inscribed within a circle then the subtended angles are equivalent to 144° (the light harmonic). The angles between the side and the radius of the circle at each intersection are all 72 deg., or half the light harmonic.

Another curious fact gleaned from my geometry books is that if the side A of a regular decagon, inscribed within a circle of radius R is laid off along that radius, the latter will be divided into the golden section (a ratio of 1:1.618, found to be incorporated into the structure of many ancient buildings). Our ancestors must have known something!

The next interesting figure to have a look at is the spiral. When we really think about it there is no such thing as true circular motion at any point of the universe. This is due to the relative motion of all physical bodies in space. Although we may describe a perfect circle relative to our position on earth, the instrument used to describe such a circle in actual fact would carry out a spiraling path in relation to the universe as a whole. When we think of all the different movements we are subject to we realize that it is virtually impossible to calculate the path taken by a physical body when it moves from one spatial position to another. For instance, we would have to take into account the actual movement in relation to the earth, the spin of the earth, the movement of the earth around the sun, the sun’s movement within our galaxy, galactic movement and so on.

From all the research I have done so far I have come to the conclusion that during the formation of matter the wave-forms from which physical substance is manifest move through spiraling paths of 371.2766° cycles. These cycles set up a resonating pulse which creates a harmonic reciprocal reaction to the unified equations governing our reality. The value for pi in relationship to the radius of the spiraling motion is difficult to calculate due to the multidimensional movement.


But I believe the value to be 3.24; the value of two pi, which could allow for the double cycle of matter and antimatter, would then be 6.48. The square root of this figure is 2.545584412, which is harmonically equivalent to the value built into the polar square section of the world grid system.

The world grid system itself is set up in harmony with the natural spiraling motion of the wave-forms in physical substance. The main poles of the two interlocking grid systems on the earth’s surface are placed at intervals on the natural spiral which coincide with the harmonics of the reciprocal of light.




The decagon, or ten-sided figure, indicates a direct relationship between light, the circle,

the harmonic power of 10, and the golden-section ratio of 1.618.

The subtended angles A-B-C, D-E-F, G-H-I, etc. each are equal to 144°,

giving a direct relationship with the harmonic of the speed of light.

Each inner angle K-B-E, K-E-B, K-E-H, K-H-E, etc. is equal to 72°, or half the speed of light harmonic.


If the side of a regular decagon inscribed within a circle is laid off along the radius, the radius will be divided into golden section. This is shown in the diagram by laying off the side B-E along the radius B-K. The radius is then divided into the ratio of 1:1.618.

The north and south poles of one grid are displaced 694.4 minutes of arc from the north and south geographic poles. The second interlocking grid has poles which are displaced 1054.4 minutes of arc from the geographic poles: the difference in latitude being 360 minutes, or six degrees. The two grid pole positions, north and south, fall on a spiraling curve which commences at the north and terminates at the south geographic pole. This is probably very hard to visualize without the appropriate demonstration models, but suffice it to say that the harmonic points on the natural spiral cause sympathetic resonances to be set up which combine with those of light, gravity and mass.

In Harmonic 33 I demonstrated the relationship of the position of Wolf Creek crater in north-western Australia to the world grid system. Wolf Creek crater is a massive so-called “meteor crater” similar to the Arizona crater in the United States. Although many scientists believe that these craters, and many others like them round the world, were gouged out by giant meteors striking the earth, to date no large meteor fragments have been discovered. A fairly good scattering of a certain type of iron has been found in the vicinity of some of the holes, but the combined mass of the fragments would be only an infinitesimal fraction of the bulk required to blast out holes of such size.


The presence of this pure iron could point to other interesting possibilities which will be discussed in a later chapter.

I indicated in my earlier work that I believed the craters were formed by explosions from below the surface. This would have been caused by the instability of spiral geometries within the grid system. This could have been brought about by interference with the system in the ancient past, based on advanced scientific knowledge. All the evidence being compiled in modern times indicates that at some time round eleven to twelve thousand years ago a major catastrophe occurred which caused worldwide devastation.


Some of this evidence indicates most strongly that atomic-type explosions occurred at various positions on the earth’s surface. An ancient war perhaps? Or were the scientists of the day overreaching themselves and carrying out experiments with the structure of matter, without being in complete control of the resulting effects?

I said in my first work that,

“the force fields of the grid were naturally distorted when this happened and stresses were set up in various parts of the system. As the earth moved through space, various points in these areas of strain have lined up geometrically in relation to the solar system as a whole; the MC2 section of the grid formula has possibly been fulfilled and a resulting explosion has taken place, with the known devastating results.”

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THE FIRST BOOK THAT I EVER READ ON THE subject of unidentified flying objects was called Behind The Flying Saucers by Frank Scully, an American reporter. This was in the early 1950s and the factual information contained in it impressed me very much. Some years ago, I lent my prized copy to someone and never received it back—the fate of many books in the early years of my research. Last week I was lucky enough to obtain a small paper back copy from a very good friend in the United States and on second reading I came across some information which makes sense now that I have had a number of years of research with which to correlate the data.

According to Scully, a group of American scientists carried out a crash programme during the second world war years to study magnetism and all the allied branches of science. Most of the knowledge gained has never been made public, and it appears that this comparatively small group is now so far advanced in the field of electro-magnetism that they could well apply the knowledge in the construction of antigravity-type vehicles. Scully also states that the destructive forces of electro-magnetism have been mastered in the field of weaponry.

It was his comments on the magnetic fields of the earth that interested me most. Evidently a device call a magnetron was in vented by a physicist by the name of Albert Wallace Hull, who was born in April 1880. This invention was brought to the fore in 1928 when it was discovered that magnetrons with split anodes can generate very high frequencies.

Quoting Scully.

Since then the magnetron has had many important applications. It depends on the fact that electrons can be ordered in their path by a magnet. In ordinary electron tubes the flow of electrons from the filaments to the plate is regulated by the charge on the grid. In the magnetron there is no grid, but the tube is in a magnetic field. As the intensity of the field increases there comes a stage at which the electrons are curled back into the filament, and never reach the plate. At this critical point a slight change in the field produces a large change in the current carried by the tube.

The magnetron is especially valuable for producing high frequency oscillations used for generating ultra-short waves. The magnetron is a diode or thermionic tube having a strange axial cathode surrounded by a cylindrical anode. Its use as a magnetic prospecting instrument derives from the fact that in the presence of a magnetic field the electrons do not travel regularly from the cathode to the anode; instead they spiral around the cathode in circular paths, and after a critical magnetic field intensity is reached, the electrons will return to the cathode without reaching the anode. At this field strength the plate current will drop abruptly.


The procedure in operating the instrument consists in decreasing the plate voltage on the diode until the voltage is reached at which the current falls off rapidly. The plate voltage at which this occurs is related to the critical field strength H by the relation H 6/7200 V/R, where “R” is the radius of the anode.

(This equation is interesting when related to my own research because the value of 6/7200 is equal to .000833333. The square of this number is .000000694444, or the harmonic of the reciprocal of the speed of light.)

In practice a compensation procedure is used wherein the field to be measured is nullified by a known field produced by a coil arrangement. The magnetron is affected by the component of the earth’s field which is parallel to its axis. The instrument theoretically may be used to measure any components of the earth’s field by suitable orientation.

The sensitivity of the tube may be increased through regeneration by passing the plate current through an additional solenoid. Interesting experimental results have linen obtained by using magnetic alloy field pieces to in-crease the affected magnetic field.

The earth being simply a huge magnet, a dynamo, wound with magnetic lines of force as its coils, telescopically counted to be 1257 TO THE SQUARE CENTIMETER IN ONE DIRECTION AND 1850 TO THE SQUARE CENTIMETER IN THE OTHER DIRECTION (EDDY CURRENTS), indicates that natural law has placed these lines as close together as the hairs on one’s head. And yet they never touch or cross each other if let alone. If done so, by accident, the catastrophe would spread like a searchlight and destroy everything in its path.

(I agree with this statement up to a point, as I believe that matter is actually produced by the crossing of these lines of force.)

An original error of say a foot, at its source would burn everything in its path up to 20 miles and a mile and a half wide in ten thousandths of a second. If left to encircle the world the original flash would have banded the globe ten times in one second. FORTUNATELY AS A WEAPON OF DEFENSE THIS DESTRUCTIVE FORCE HAS BEEN MASTERED.

The spectroscope shows that there is an enormous magnetic field around the sun, and it is the present conclusion of the best minds that magnetic lines of force from the sun envelop this earth and extend to the moon, and THAT EVERYTHING, NO MATTER WHAT ITS FORM ON THIS PLANET, EXISTS BY REASON OF MAGNETIC LINES OF FORCE.

This I agree with, according to my own research. We are taught in our schools and universities that the magnetic field passes through one magnetic pole, then through the body, and out the other magnetic pole. I disagree with this explanation. I believe that the magnetic lines of force enter the body at the poles, then carry out a looped path through the body before passing out the opposite poles. As pointed out by Scully, the lines of force move in both directions. The flow is not in one pole and out the other, but in both poles, and out both poles, although the field intensity both ways is unbalanced.

If we can visualize one line of force so that we can trace out its path we can form an analogy by imagining it to be similar to a piece of string. First of all we make a loop in the piece of string. Now imagine it being fed through a fixed position with the loop remaining stationary relative to a fixed point. With the length of string as the axis we can now make the loop revolve in a path which is at 90° to the movement of the string. The loop in fact would trace out a spherical-shaped form in space.

The lines of force of the magnetic field would form a lattice or grid pattern, due to the spin of the planetary body. A good analogy would be an ordinary machine-wound ball of string. The length of string has taken on the form of a ball, and at the same time has formed a crisscross pattern. If we again visualize this as a physical body being formed in space then we can now imagine a small vortex being created at all the trillions of points where the lines of force cross each other in the lattice pattern. Each vortex would manifest as an atomic structure and create within itself what we term a gravitational field. The gravitational field in other words is nothing more than the effect of relative motion in space. Matter is drawn towards a gravitational field, just as a piece of wood floating on water is drawn towards a whirlpool. The gravitational fields created by the vortexual action of every atom would combine to form the field of the completed planetary body.

The world grid that I speak of is the natural grid that is formed by the lattice pattern of the interlocking lines of force. The density of the earth’s magnetic field is the most important piece of information in Scully’s book. The unbalanced field of 1257 lines of force per square centimeter in one direction and 1850 in the other does not tell us very much in itself. But we use the information to calculate the field strength over an area which has a harmonic relationship with the unified fields of space, and if the basic information is correct, we should find some mathematical values of great importance.

At the time of my earlier publications I was not aware of the extreme importance of the values at that stage of accuracy. I was close enough to see how they fitted into the equations, but a further fine tuning was necessary to reveal the knowledge locked within these two simple numbers.

The basic unit for harmonic calculation is the geodetic inch, or one seventy-two thousandth of a minute of arc; one minute of arc being 6000 geodetic feet. If we take the values 1257 and 1850 lines of force per square centimeter and calculate the field strengths for one square geodetic inch, the field density is 8326.71764 and 12255.08864 lines of force respectively. The fields being in opposition to each other. The combined field density is equal to 20581.80628.

Allowing for very slight variations in the conversion factors the difference in field strengths (12255.08864 minus 8326.71764) is equal to 3928.371. We could say that the resultant field density one way is equivalent to field “A” minus field “B,” or 3928.371 lines of force. This value I found to be the harmonic reciprocal of the grid coordinate 2545.584412.

The combined field strength of 20581.80628 lines of force can be associated with the communication harmonic 169444 as follows.

Allowing for the matter-anti-matter cycle, we double the value:

(20581.80628 X 2) equals 41163.612
41163.612 squared equals 169444 harmonic.

The harmonic 41163612 also has a direct relationship with the geometric construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Kings Chamber in particular is built according to this value. It appears that the chamber could act in some way as a cavity resonator Perhaps for communication? This is discussed in later works.

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AFTER PUBLISHING MY DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD grid system I soon came up against opposition from the academic world of the universities. Much derisive comment was made at various meetings, and the main objection appeared to be that I had used angular measurement of degrees and minutes of arc upon which to base my values of universal measurement. It was also argued that a harmonic value to base 10 was not valid as a universal multiple, as any other number, such as 12, could be employed just as effectively if my theories were correct.


At the time I could only counter these attacks on my work by pointing out the fact that I had endeavored to make use of other values in my calculations for this very reason. I had found through trial and error that only angular measure in degrees and minutes of arc, in multiples to base 10, could be utilized to set up a system of universal harmonics. I found that this method was the only possible way to measure the harmonic relationship between light and matter regardless of the size of the body in question, be it an atom or a mass the size of Jupiter.

I also suggested that the critics should set up a system such as mine by using other basic values and harmonic equivalents if they were so sure of their ground, and to my knowledge this has never been accomplished with any success. The academics maintained that the division of a circle into degrees and minutes of arc was a random decision made by mathematicians in historical times and was therefore a purely arbitrary method of measure. The division, according to them, could just as well have been into any number of equal parts, depending on the whim of the mathematical body which set the standard. This naturally would make all my work completely valueless.

I continued to maintain that the division of the circle must have been made due to considerations of a geometric nature, coupled with that of natural law. All the work I had done to date indicated to me that the mathematicians of old had a knowledge of the universe which we are only once again beginning to understand.

The final solution to this argument could be overcome only by the discovery of a geometric connection between the harmonics of light and the harmonics inherent in the division of a circle. As I had based my light values on minute of arc measure there must be some type of geometric arrangement which would tie them together.

This was always in the back of my mind during the reading of many research books and finally I came across something which believe will answer the critics. The friend who came to my rescue was none other than Pythagoras himself, a man of great stature and forceful personality who lived in the sixth century BC. He traveled extensively to enlarge his mathematical knowledge and was said to have gained much information from the priests of Zoroaster, who had in their possession the mathematical lore of the Mesopotamians. He founded a semi-religious, or mystical, cult based on mathematics, round about 540 BC in the township of Crotona, in southern Italy. He taught his disciples to worship numbers, the main idea being that number is the essence of all things, and is the metaphysical principle of rational order in the universe.

He discovered the mathematical relationships of the musical scale and the connection of musical harmony and whole numbers. He firmly believed that all harmony and things of nature can be expressed in whole-number relationships. Even the planets in their orbits, according to him, moved in harmonious relationship, one to the other, producing the so-called “music of the spheres”. The Pythagoreans explained the elements as built up of geo-metrical figures. One of the most interesting of these was the dodecahedron. That particular figure has locked within it a great deal of information on the geometrical nature of the universe. My first introduction to Pythagoras however was in the discovery that the humble right-angled triangle, with sides to the ratio of 3, 4 and 5, was the key to the relationship of the speed of light to the circle.

The clue to this was found on page 62 in John Mitchell’s book The City of Revelation. He was discussing sacred numbers and referring to the problem of squaring the circle. The suggestion was that the relative dimensions of the earth and the moon indicated as answer and that the same source provided the sacred numbers of the canon.

He demonstrated that if the circles of the earth and the moon and placed tangentially to each other and produced in their correct proportions, then each framed within a square, the geometric figure thus produced successfully squares the circle. With an earth diameter of 7920 miles and that of the moon 2160 miles, the perimeters of the two squares are respectively 31680 miles and 8640 miles. The radii of the earth (3690) and the moon (1080) in combination amount to 5040 miles. This, according to Plato, is a mystical number. it turns out that the circumference of a circle struck from the centre of the earth and passing through the centre of the moon would very closely measure 31,680 miles which is also equivalent to the perimeter of the square containing the earth.

Mitchell then went on to state that if the outer corner of the square containing the moon is joined to the corresponding corner of the square containing the earth, the triangle thus formed has sides of 2160, 2880, and 3600 miles. If divided by their highest common factor, 720, these numbers become 3, 4 and 5. He follows on to say that “confronted with facts such as these, it is scarcely possible to avoid the conclusion, orthodox in every age but the present, that the cosmic canon, inherent in the solar system as in every other department of nature, was revealed to men not invented by them.” It was obvious to me that from these facts another extremely interesting conclusion could be arrived at.


The various geometric relationships of the 3, 4, 5 triangle are many and varied, as can be seen by a glance through any standard geometry book. But the most important of all cannot be found in any ordinary publication. As demonstrated in other sections of my work, the pure harmonic of the speed of light is 144. If we divide this by two, to find the harmonic of one half-cycle, or half-wave, the answer is 72. If we now apply this to the Pythagoras right-angled 3,4,5 triangle and extend each side in this ratio, then the figure will now have sides of 216, 288, and 360 units.

The harmonic proportions thus derived are equal to:

216 = 21600 = minutes of arc in a circle
360 = 360 = degrees in a circle
288 = 144 X 2 = 2C, where C = speed of light. It pears from this that the harmonic of light has a very definite relationship with the geometry of a circle, and that the early mathematicians were fully aware of the fact.

If a triangle in this proportion is laid out in minutes of arc upon the surface of a sphere, then the combined angles formed by the corners of the triangle and the centre of the sphere are:

360 } minutes
864 minutes = 14.4 degrees
This again creates a harmonic in sympathetic resonance with the light factor of 144.

Can the critics still deny that the geometry of matter is directly related to the harmonic interweaving of light itself? There is no substance, in the absolute sense. We live in a reality of un-reality all is an illusion and the stuff that dreams are made of. Our physical world is nothing more than a resonating ball of light and shade.

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WHO WERE THE ANCIENTS WHO MAPPED THE coastline of Antarctica, long buried under massive layers of ice and hidden from the eyes of modern man? It is only recent years that our scientists have probed beneath the ice with electronic instruments, and found the contour of the coastline deep down below the surface. It has been said that either the cartographers of old had the same scientific means of doing the job as we have, or that the coast was then free of ice and the contours mapped from a high altitude. This would mean that our ancestors had some means of air travel. We shall not venture too far into that, though much has been written on the subject. The maps themselves are of the greatest interest to us, from a scientific and mathematical point of view.

Charles H. Hapgood, a professor at Keene State College of the University of New Hampshire, in the United States, has provided a complete scientific analysis of one of these maps which indicates a very advanced level of mathematics as the basis for construction. The chart used for the project was a copy of an old parchment now known as the Piri Re’is map. It was discovered in 1929 in the Imperial Palace in Constantinople and, according to the date inscribed, was produced in 1513. The signature found on it was that Piri Ibn Hati Mammed, known as Piri Re’is, at that time an Admiral in the Turkish navy.

What caused a special interest in this map was the fact that it showed South America and Africa in their correct relative longitudes. As there was no means of calculating longitude in the 16th century, this caused much puzzlement amongst the scientists. in 1956, attention was again centered on the map when a copy was presented to the United States Navy Hydrographic office by a Turkish naval officer.


A member of the staff referred the map to a friend, Captain Arlington H. Mallery, who had made a study of the ancient Viking maps of North America and Greenland. It was Mallery who suggested that the original map was made before the coast of Antarctica was covered in ice. He said it was his opinion that the southern part of the map traced out the inlets and islands of the Antarctic coast which are now buried under millions of tons of ice.

Many other scientists conceded that Mallery may be right, and subsequently Charles Hapgood decided to investigate the map in a thoroughly scientific way at Keene State College. He was helped to a great extent in the venture by a number of his students. Their first step was to acquaint themselves with as much information as possible in regard to mediaeval maps. They concentrated mainly on the old sea charts or “Portolan” maps which guided the sailors of old from port to port.

It was found that the old charts appeared to have been copied from a more ancient master-map. What pointed to this was the fact that no major change had been made in the maps for over 200 years, dating from the 14th century. The original map had been so accurately constructed that no one in that period had the knowledge to improve on it. Mr. Hapgood states in his book that “the evidence pointed to their origin in a culture with a higher level of technology than was attained in mediaeval or ancient times.”


It was a difficult task to determine the method of construction of the chart, but it was finally decided that the only possible way would have been to work from some central point. From this the mapmaker would select a radius of sufficient length to cover the area he wished to reproduce and then draw a circle. This circle would then be divided up into 16 equal triangular segments, each of which subtended an angle of 22 ½ degrees at the centre. If the points of intersection of the various radii and the periphery of the circle were then joined, four different squares could be drawn to form the basis of a grid. By choosing one of the squares and drawing a series of lines parallel to the sides of the square and at right angles to each other, the map lattice would be completed. The details of the map could then be plotted in.

If the grid line which passed through the centre of the circle was orientated towards the north, then the map lattice would be much the same as that used in modern-day construction. The difficult part was to find out where the centre for the Piri Re’is chart had been placed, as only a small fragment of the map remained. It could be seen that its centre would have been in a position a long way to the east.

A number of different projections were calculated over a period of three years, and each time it was found that errors in either latitude or longitude resulted. By gradually lengthening and shortening the radius and shifting the central point, it was eventually discovered that the most probable position for the centre was at 23.5 degrees north, 30.0 degrees east.


The radius which was finally calculated to give the best results proved to be 69.5 degrees long. Here again we have a very strong indication that our ancestors had an extensive knowledge of science and mathematics.


The value of 69.5 degrees for the radius is very close to the natural earth harmonic geometric of 6944 (see Chapter 12) and the reciprocal of the pure harmonic of light. The mapmakers of that time apparently used a method of map projection which was based on universal mathematical constants, which afforded them great accuracy in plotting the surface features of the earth.



The diagram shows the most probable position for the centre of the map projection

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PYTHAGORAS TAUGHT THAT ALL THE ELEMENTS contained in the physical universe were built up from geo-metrical figures. The most interesting of these was the pentadodecahedron, which was identified as the “sphere of the universe”, or the “hull of the sphere”. The construction of the world was likened to the building of a ship, by the use of geometrical shapes. Plato also referred to this in the Phaedo where we see a statement that the “true earth”, if looked at from above, is “many coloured like the balls that are made of many pieces of leather”.


Out of the regular solids, the dodecahedron is the one that most closely approaches that of a sphere. It is a solid that is bounded by twelve surfaces, and in the case of the pentagon-dodecahedron, twelve regular pentagons. If a ball were made up of twelve pieces of leather, the pieces would be in the shape of a regular pentagon. If the pieces were not flexible, but rigid, the geometric body would be a dodecahedron instead of a sphere. The ancient philosophers regarded this geometric figure as the building-block of the universe, and the knowledge was so secret that anyone revealing it was immediately put to death. It is possible for this reason that the schools of mysticism adopted the pentagram, or pantalpha, as their symbol.


There was considered to be much magic power in the five-sided figure and the Pythagoreans regarded it as the symbol of health. Is the earth some sort of gigantic crystal with a rigid skeletal-like structure beneath the surface? The Russians ran a story to this effect in 1973 in the Komsomolskaya Pravda, the official newspaper for the younger generation of the Soviet Union. The globe was not just the simple spheroid that we imagined


The suggestion was that it first started out as a large crystal with angular dimensions and that after millions of years wearing-down processes, the crystal finally rounded itself into a ball. According to Soviet scientists, the angular edges of the primary crystal now lie beneath the surface of the earth. In some areas, the edges of the crystal protrude imperceptibly through the surface, giving us a slight clue to the overall pattern beneath.

Knowing nothing of these theories, a Russian historian by the name of Nikolai Goncharov had a hunch that there might be a pattern to all the centers of earliest human culture and accordingly began to mark them out on a globe. Later, collaboration with a construction engineer, Vyacheslav Morozov, and an electronics specialist, Valery Makarov, led to a complete hypothesis concerning the geometric nature of the earth. After working together for several years they published an article in the science journal Chemistry and Life issued by the USSR Academy of Sciences. The article was headed “Is The Earth A Large Crystal?”

The article was based on studies covering widely separated fields such as archaeology, geochemistry, ornithology and meteorology. They theorized that the earth projects from within itself a dual geometrically regularized grid. The initial form of the grid being twelve pentagonal slabs over the surface of the sphere gave evidence to the fact that the first shape of the earth was a dodecahedron. The second part of the grid is formed by twenty equilateral triangles making up an icosahedron. They maintain that by super-posing the two grids over the surface of the earth a pattern of the earth’s energy structure can be perceived.

A careful study of the Russian system showed that the lines tracing out their dual grid on the earth’s surface coincided with zones of active risings and depressions on the ocean floors, core faults and mid-oceanic ridges. One of the vertices of the triangles falls just east of Florida, near the centre of the infamous “Devil’s Bermuda Triangle”, known worldwide as an area of mysterious disappearances of numerous ships and aircraft. It is now known that there are twelve of these areas.

It was also noted that at various positions on the edges of the polygons, scientists have discovered regions of seismic and volcanic activity. Magnetic anomalies are likewise found at the vertices of the polygons. The nodes of the grid are centers of great changes in atmospheric pressure and hurricanes form in these areas, veering off to follow the paths of intersection formed by the interlocking patterns. Prevailing winds and ocean currents also fit into the network.

An extremely interesting point of the system is in the African Republic of Gabon. According to the scientists, a “natural atomic reactor” was recently discovered there, which was active 1.7 billion years ago. This caused a mass of uranium 235 to reach a level of chain reaction. Oddly enough, this piece of evidence backs up the information published in my first two books regarding the geometric nature of atomic reactions. Certain modern-day atomic stations must be constructed on geometric locations in order to function efficiently-breeder stations in particular. An atomic bomb is a geometric device which necessitates geometric positioning for detonation.

Large mother lodes of mineral ore and vast oil deposits can be found where lines of the system cross each other. A whole new science is beginning to unfold from research into the geometric makeup of the world beneath our feet.

Satellite photographs have been correlated with the grid. The Ural Fold extends along one of the lines and a gigantic fault from Morocco to Pakistan coincides with one of the ribs. Large circular geological structures show up on intersections in Morocco, California and Florida. Even soil is apparently affected according to its locations on the grid: at different intersections the very elements making up the soil are mixed in different proportions. Man himself, the authors say, has not escaped the influences of the energy emitted by the grid lattice. Many of the ancient cultures seem to have flourished on intersections of the system.


The mind of man is evidently tapped into the very circuitry of the ball of energy that constitutes the world that provides his home. Most startling of all is the revelation in their article that to line the system up on the surface of the globe so that all these different factors could be correlated, the point they located as position one was that of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. The “measure of light” is the key.

It is obvious from these reports that the Russians are working along the same lines as I have been. I too had found similar manifestations in geometric locations round the world, by the study of two interlocking grid patterns. The Russian grid was shaped differently to mine but the same facts were becoming evident from the related research efforts. This hinted at the probability that the same mathematical concepts could be applied to either system. The Russians are certainly on to something and a much more extensive in-depth study will have to be made of the network they have uncovered in order to “wrinkle out” all the secrets inherent within it. Suffice it to say that enough is known at this stage to guarantee a goldmine of scientific truths.

The Germans are not to be left out in the exploration of the energy fields within the earth. They are known to be far-reaching the realms of science and not afraid to explore, or put into practice, concepts which to most other western scientists appear fantastic. The “buzz bombs”, V2 rockets and jet aircraft developed during World War Two are direct proof of this.

A book written by Siegfried Wittman was published in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1952. It was titled Die Welt Der Geheimen Machte, or The World Of The Secret Forces.

An unusual number of people were involved in the research that went into the subject-matter of the book. The group formed a very impressive mixture of professional minds to be focused upon one project: Dr. Willi Schlosser; Prof. Hellmut Wolff;Hans-Wilhelm Smollk; Heinrich Reblitz; Theodor Weiman; Herbert A Lohlein; Ferdinand Reich; Univ. Prof. Dr. Hubert J. Urban; Dir. Prof. Dr. K Sailer; Prof. Dr. George Anschutz; Prof. Dr. Theol; and Adolf Koberle. After extensive research they came to the conclusion that the earth has upon its surface a grid system, in a checkerboard pattern consisting of positive and negative poles.

The squared pattern, according to them, has a centre pole surrounded by eight smaller poles within each section. The squares vary in size from the equator, getting smaller in the direction of the earth’s poles. The main pole concentrates energy. Experiments conducted at north latitude 48° indicated that the centre pole has a diameter of 2.45 meters. The eight smaller poles have a diameter of 60 cm. Four of the eight outer poles send energy up toward the sky alternate pulses. The other four send energy outward horizontally to the north, south, east and west.

The squares at 48° north latitude are 15.9 meters diagonally from centre to centre poles. A border field is mingled together in the north-west and south-east directions, and in the south-west and north-east directions. These four corners of the squares seem to connect the fields of two of the negative smaller poles, and two of the positive smaller poles. The side length measurements at the equator are 32 meters long. The main centre pole of each positive square shows a direction of energy from above to below the earth’s surface. The created pulse forms a vortex. The negative poles work in the opposite sense.

Not much more is known to me of the German research effort at this stage as I have only sighted extracts from the book. One thing does stand out however from the scanty bits of information that I do have: the Germans carried out many of their experiments on latitude 48 degrees. What made them select this particular latitude in South Pole World grid system discovered by the Russians preference to any other?



North Pole

Could it be that 48 degrees happens to be 2880 minutes of arc? Have they also discovered that the harmonic of twice the speed of light is 288? The unified equation derived from this harmonic cannot be a particularly well-kept secret. This band of learned men appears to be aware of a grid complex similar to the one I described in my earlier writings. I would be most interested to be advised of their complete findings-particularly if they are now in possession of the knowledge to make use of the energy being radiated by the system.

I have a feeling that there are many people, or small groups of people, in the world that know the secrets of tapping free energy from the earth grid and that the knowledge has always been avail able to the select few. As far back as 1919, at least one man demonstrated that he could run electric motors and lighting system without having to pay the power companies one cent for the power he used.

A young nineteen-year-old inventive genius by the name of Alfred Hubbard startled his contemporaries by powering an eighteen-foot boat around Portage Bay, not far from Seattle, by use of a free energy device.

The boat was driven by a 35hp motor without the aid of batteries. The electrical energy was supplied from a transducer within the boat. This device was in exact electrical resonance with his free energy transformer, which had been constructed on a small area of hand. The transformer was supplied by energy collected from an array of ground aerials. Wires were run underground north, south, east and west for a distance of 1200 feet. At the outer end of each wire was attached a hollow tube, 18 inches long, filled with mercury. From other information I have, I would assume that the tubes were made from pure iron. The reason for the iron-mercury combination will be discussed in another section.) The mercury-filled tube combination apparently created an electrical one-way gate system which directed the energy flow to the central primary coil.

The information I have states that Hubbard made use of what the Chinese call the “cosmic flower”. This was, according to them, the source of all power. The electrical energy which was directed into the central coil of the system caused a resonating pulse tuned to the natural earth frequency. This caused an electrical current to flow through the secondary coil of the apparatus due to induction.


The coils were said to be round-shaped in both the primary and the secondary. The secondary coil in one instance was wound in a diamond configuration — or wound like a basket. I have a sneaking suspicion that the two superimposed coils had a similar configuration to the Russian grid pattern (pentagonal and triangular), but this will have to wait until experiments can be carried out. (Any further factual information from readers will be most welcome.) A small outlay of capital and a series of experiments could, with a bit of luck, demonstrate one of the methods of extracting free energy from the earth. If the secret can be broken it should be possible to run several homes from such a device.


I leave this open to those of you who have a streak of inventive genius.


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