Reason 126:


Here is a rendition of the Babylonian Ziggurat or Tower. The King resided in the top with the Gods in the clouds.

As we have already discussed Pantheism is the belief and worship of more than one God so we will review a few popular Gods amongst the people. Marduk who is Ra takes most of the spotlight, he is at times head over the Demoniac Pantheism of the inverted Tree of the Underworld or Netherworld/Neterworld.


All world leaders are now rebuilding towers to Ra who is their Lord.


Here are a few of his Generals, we will call them The Dark Side.

Abaddon, Adremelech, Ah, Ahriman, Amon, Apollyon, Asmodeus, Asteroth, Azazel, Baal and the Baalim (not a singing group), Baphomet, Bast, Beelzebub, Behemoth, Beherit, Bile, Chemosh, Cimeries, Coyote, Dagon, Damballa, Demo-Gorgon, Diablos, Dracula, Emm-O, Euronymous, Fenriz, Gorgo, Haborym, Hecate, Ishtar, Kali, Latchme, Lilith, Loki, Mammon, Mania, Mantus, Marduk, Mastema, Melek Taus, Mephistopheles, Metztli, Midgard, Milcom, Moloch, Morm, Naamah, Nihasa, Nija, Oyam, Pan, Pluto, Persephone, Pwcca, Rimmon, Sabazios, Saitan, Samael, Samnu, Sedit, Sekhmet, Set, Shaitan, Shiva, Supay, TíANMO, Tchort, Tzezcatlipoca, Thames, Thoth, Tunrida, Typhon, Yaotzin, YEN LO WANG.

There are of course many more then these mentioned, however, these in particular are in the German Satanic Bible so their should be no questions with the Beings listed here if whether they are good or bad, they are the orchestrators of evil and 100% dark-siders keep them and anyone representing them away from anything you love and care about.


They are a sad lot. We shall place great chains around their necks and drag them about in ridicule before they are particlized and dispersed to the winds.






Reason 127:


As you see they are not really hiding their affiliation with Babylon/Bel/Ra/Marduk.


The picture on the left has inverted pentagrams and the people are shaped like cubes. These types of images are rich with symbolism. The Tower itself is complete and several other Towers are nearing completion.

It was even more fascinating to see Vin Diesel the Actor with a tattoo of the Necronomicon Sigil on his neck in the movie Babylon A.D.


In another movie The Chronicles of Riddick he actually battles Necromongers, holy half-dead from the Underworld who take over worlds by combining their souls with Humans through non-voluntary possession.


In Babylon A.D., his role is to protect a woman who will birth the final seed of Babylon, the Anti-Christ twins with genetically enhanced powers. What is being said in secret circles is once the line-up happens the Gates will be open and many Beings will have the opportunity to go into different Planes and Dimensions through Portals.


This is a time of great going and coming.

The stars of Hollywood are "as below" resonators off the stars above. A person seldom gets into the acting industry and establishes a career unless they are "in tune" with their position. Many actors can be found playing the sesame type of role such as the savior role Keanu Reeves is often given in movies like The Matrix, Johnny Mnemmonic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and A Scanner Darkly.


This is all a part of the heavy programming being done to the viewer. It is a fact that many people in Hollywood are initiates and know for a fact the roles they play are at times initiations.

Madonna who we talked about briefly actually initiated Cristina Aguilera on stage during an award show while dismissing Britney Spears with a holy kiss just as the ritual entails. She begins by walking down a 13 step Pyramid in front of a million viewers who only a few knew what was actually taking place.


Watching Britney's career after that night was like watching a horror show while Christina became Miss Teen, Cover Girl, etc. The same thing is witnessed with Riana in her Umbrella Video which Lenon Honor Films on YouTube did a profound job at exposing amongst many other astonishingly things about the film industry.

This particular topic about how movies, cartoons, comics, and various other types of propaganda through history are all being used to communicate and portray Masonic and Elitist ceremonies, inductions, current information, and the status of world domination has all been rolled up in to the modern title Synchro-mysticism. This word means the clear identification of certain patterns that involve esoteric activity embedded within the media for various reasons.


This has become so popular a Synchro-mistic Wikipedia has now been formed.






Reason 128:


The Media keeps a constant broadcast of esoteric information going which works two-fold.


It serves to keep various members of the Elite in the know of current situations, while making the average person continue to believe its all a part of the entertainment. The year 2010 will be anything but entertainment for those who are not prepared.



With this unraveling of secrets that seemed to begin after the Twin Towers collapsed those who have begun investigating under the pretense of conspiracy have uncovered a trail of immense proportion. Many things reveal that not only are we dealing with a force that has the ability to traverse space and time it also has the supreme intelligence of a Master Architect or Master Builder.


When you begin to look into these matters you find an inner network of people from various nationalities and backgrounds all "in the know", which allows them to be more mentally, financially, and physically superior than the average person. When the Twin Towers collapsed, which was the Tower Card #16, the consciousness of the Planet shifted starting in OZ/NY.


The Twin Towers themselves were giant tuning forks with the base of the structure infused into the chambers that kept the Gold Reserve.






Reason 129:


The Twin Towers which we will call Jaochin and Boaz were tuning forks setting the frequency and consciousness for the City which is silently the Capitol of the United States, New York the Land of Oz.


The globe placed at the base of the fallen towers is now the controlling device until the Freedom Towers are complete in 2012.

There has been profound amounts of publications found that date back as far as 1960 indicating that the tower would eventually be collapsed in some massive Masonic Mega Ritual.


There are enough books and movies on the full details of the 9/11 plot so I will only discuss what many of the conspiracy researchers have missed. Now that 9/11 has past it is for many just another moment in time because they did not lose any loved ones. For those families that lost a loved one they are torn between this conspiracy and that conspiracy.


It is fact that this was an orchestrated event that signaled the dawn of a new view of how we see our leaders. I will also say that I believe those people did not die in vain.


It was that single event that made many wake up and see things deeper.


Thousands of lives are lost everyday due to plans that we could interpret, interrupt, and prevent if we would wake up and learn how the spiritual world functions, along with its signs and symbols.






Reason 130:


Since the Elite are notorious for following the 22 card Tarot deck it was already divined that they would cause the Tower to fall.


In this FEMA Terrorism self-study manual the Towers are shown with the Bulls Eye/Aldabaren over the South Tower. This manual was published in June 1999 way before the Towers fell, they already knew it was going to happen.

The Gold that was contained in the WTC Towers was moved to Dubai. In fact most of the Gold in the world is now in Dubai. If one has investments in Gold bullion and would like to take delivery, it has to come from Dubai.


In Dubai it is clear by the architecture they are expecting the arrival of a Being.


Since the Anunnaki bloodlines trace mainly through the regions of what is now the Arab world it is almost guaranteed they are expecting the return of Marduk and have gathered the Gold as instructed. These Beings are at the root of the mental and physical enslavement that has faced man and woman, it is also their bloodlines the Elite are attempting to keep preserved. It is also clear the Anunnaki are masters at keeping their identity unknown.


Although the Sumerian tablets are some of the oldest writings discovered, stories of the Anunnaki which are contained on Cuneiform Tablets did not start to really leak until after 9/11.


Zecharia Sitchin wrote extensive books on their workings, these books did not get much attention from those who did not already know about the Sumerians and the Anunnaki until recently.






Reason 131:


The Anunnaki are possibly the oldest Reptilian faction to infiltrate Earth.


The elder Anunnaki eventually left Earth with the ship Nibiru to return once their Ship makes its next pass by Earth, as it does every 26,000 years.


They left their sibling and offspring in charge while they were gone. It just so happens that 26,000 years comes to completion on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m.


Reports say Nibiru can now be seen approaching from the South Pole.

The Anunnaki are shape shifters so they can take on many form such as Birdmen, Cherubs, and Dracos. Their offspring such as the Danu Nimrod became the Kings of Sumeria, they were of large stature.

Before we move from the subject of the Anunnaki there is one more thing that must be known. Its apparent that the interaction with the Anunnaki males and the Earth females seems to parallel Genesis, especially since all these stories are Sumerian and of course the Sumerians had the Fallen Angel story first. These Angels were actually advanced winged Reptilians. There is definitely a link here.


Furthermore these bloodlines have now claimed to be the Blue Blood Elite that have been ruling like tyrants, Blue is the color of the Serpents blood. Magdalena was said to be the twin sister of Jesus who was carrying the bloodline. She was married into the House of Windsor/Hanover/Mero/Goth/Viso etc. These are all Blue Bloods.


Finally the Grail became Princess Diana and as planned she bought forth Prince William of whom many are implicating as the Anti-Christ.


It is of value to remember that the Anti-Christ does not have the Power, it is the Beast and the False Prophet who he teams up with and they form a trinity. Lord Matrieya was seen on the boat when a major meeting of the worldís top secret societies, such as the Knights of Malta, took place. It is highly possible Lord Matrieya will be the False Prophet.


The Pope has agreed to take the position after Matrieya rather than before.


The Beast is the Red Dragon and I donít feel it is time to reveal who that really is due to the amount of disbelief which will occur. If the "Second Edition" is allowed to come forth I will reveal it then and by that time much of what Iím talking about now you will already see.

When Princess Diana began to date Doti Fayed it seemed the Royal House was very sore about this, or was all this part of the plan to mix the Reptilian Bloodlines with Anunnaki?


Another name for the Anunnaki is Annu"doti". When Dianaís autopsy came forward it stated she was pregnant with twins before her death. It is known also by those who meditate day and night and expect their Maker at any moment, that the Jesuit Priests are now training one group of twins.


Twins have the specialty of both parallels being born in the same womb thus combined they have heightened Spiritual ability if they pursue it.






Reason 132:


As can be seen here by this statue made by instruction, Prince Charles has no problem depicting himself as the Prince Lucifer who was cast out of heaven.


The royal family are the laymen of the demonic Pantheism and they now control most of the world. The Bible makes sure to include that Satan is the Ruler of this World.


As I said before they will have to be faced or they will continue to decimate everything innocent and pure as their ranks increase with the youth who are conned into practicing the things abhorred in the High Heavens. Prince William "The Golden Boy" is continuously prepped for his role as the new world Anti-Christ ruler, surely he will be struck so hard his jewels will fall from his crown.

There is another Planet that used to be in our system known as Maldek that is no longer with us due to another civil war which went nuclear on their surface. I personally believe this is a very big connection that will put pieces together for many who have already engage in finding out whatís going on but canít connect certain things.


Here is what I know; Salt Lake City is located on top of a vast underground cavern system predating this interim of man. Those cavern systems connect through underground Nevada Area 60, 13, 51, and probably every major underground hub up into Mount Shasta and various regions of Alaska.


Generally when they dig underground it is to extend this system. This system is controlled by the Unseen Hand built by the Atlantians; it can be seen as the backbone of the Matrix. Zion is already running and is underground which can be seen the movie Matrix but also the movie Ember.

When entering a Mormon sanctuary the highest priority is to trace your genealogy, they contain the worldís largest database of genealogy rivaled by only Israelís. The Jews keep extensive records to prove their lineage and bloodline. You cannot enter inside the Temple unless your genealogy can be verified by them.


We will continue to establish the link between the Anunnaki the Hibiruís, Nibiru, Meldek, and the Melchizedeks as we go on. The entire priesthood of the Earth reside under one roof.


The divisions between religions are now mending because they were always together in the background. One part of the design was to get the people to continue to quarrel which is chaos called in Latin CHAO, this buys time. Chaos produces a mist or smoke screen. When chaos is breaking out anything can go on because everyoneís attention is on something else.

Let us look at the division of the minds of the world for a moment to see why there are not many coming to the aid of those who really wish to go beyond this Universe/University and into the Cosmos because the course is over. Some have the knowledge while other have the resources, they must join or it is left for ones individual self to make your body a ship, activating a portal and exit the dimension.


When you head to the Arab world they are Monotheist and are waiting on the Mahdi, the Twelver or Twelfth Imam. Hmmm why is it taking these Masters so long to show up, their people are dying by the masses.


In reason there should be no way the U.S., who they call the cursed Dajjal a serpent beast known also as Nakash, should be able to infiltrate the Great Orient and murder everything in sight unless their power has somehow waned and they have been fooled to believe things that are not true thus depleting their spiritual shield which is the real personal barrier before the physical.

Many are angry and have taken up arms against Tubal-Cain!


I ask the Arabs and Jihadist did not your great Master say Tubal Cain the Black Smith was the Lord of weapons of great destruction, you cannot beat him at his own Great Art.


Our strength does not lie in weapons fashioned of metal it is with Spirit, Crystal Power and control of the Ability particle energy which moved massive stones even mountains with the mind, lay to waste powerful Beast, and keeping malignant Jinn at bay. We learned this from the Most High, the Wise who will always remain above all things.


The quarrel is between Archons like Jaldabaoth, Dominions such as Jesu, Rulers such as the Queen Lizard Elizabeth of England, Principalities like Lucifer, and Kings like Asmodeus.






Reason 133:


Top Left, this is the Official Seal of the "Dominion" of the Order of Melchizedek the High Priesthood.


This links Christianity, Judaism, and Islam altogether. The Jewel of the 33rd Order out of Chaos. I still find it amazing that although a few people have already made it known, the 33rd Degree is made to look like the highest degree when it is not.


I know of 90 Degrees by Title and there are 360 in which only one can hold the title of each.

Here is another thing to think about. If everything is based on sound and every combination of those sounds can be found on a piano scale there are then 12 octaves on the scale and a 13th overtone. If we are at 3 which is C we are 2 scales away from the lowest dimension. When you hear the low keys on a piano you can feel the vibration of danger those keys emit.


It is time to wake up and really inner-stand where you are in this whole thing rather than just imaging everything will work itself out. We must begin to engage life the proper way or face the results of such negligence as things run amuck.

Continuing on the trail we find that the Arabs contained detailed information in regards to the involvement of these invaders and us. They have accounts that have survived for ages of ships they called the Shams visiting Earth. It is safe to say that the Arabs had already familiarized themselves with these Beings and even worshipped them.


I find an uncanny similarity in the name of Alalu the first Anunnaki to find Earth before his brother Anu, and the Muslim God Allah. The story of Alaluís discovery of the Earth is the first part of the Sumerian Tablets which is seldom mentioned amongst scholars since Anu becomes the chief God of the Tablets.


They immediately go into the story of Anu as ruler, Enlil, E.A, Marduk, Inanna, Ningursag, Gilgamesh, etc.

This also lets us know these Beings are not referred to as Anunnaki amongst themselves since it is clear Anu the brother of Alalu earned the right, because of his victory over his brother in battle, to name their lineage on Earth Anunnaki. The Sumerian Tablets that proceeds the one in common publication states that Alalu made the journey from the home Planet of the Anunnaki first in order to find a Planet that contained the resources to save their World.


He was then considered the bravest for accomplishing an almost impossible task. After lengthy travel through the solar system Tiamat was discovered and Alalu set a course to enter the atmosphere in which ended in a crash landing into the ocean. With atmosphere suits he came upon land not knowing if the air was yet breathable.


Once Gold was found Alalu send communication back to the home Planet of his find.

When I think of all this the movie Predator comes to mind again. Apparently the second to arrive was Anu, Alaluís brother who challenges him for the new found territory by a wrestling match. It says Alalu lost this match and was exiled along with his trusty companion. Later it says that Alalu challenged Anu again and lost a second time.


It says that Alalu was so angry about this that he bit off his brotherís penis. For this the council of the Gods banished Alalu to Mars a world that was only inhabitable underground. The face on Mars is said to be the face of Alalu a shrine to Him who found Tiamat first and saved their home Planet.


Amazingly the story of Osiris and his Brother Set are somewhat similar missing penis and all.

Could the Muslims be worshipping Alalu as the one and only God because He was the first of the Gods to come to Earth?


Getting back to the Gold we find that all the Gold of the world has now been transported to the UAE Dubai the strongest financial superstructure in the world right now. For those who can truly appreciate architecture and sacred geometry they will find the structures of Dubai spell binding.


A brand new version of the Tower of Babel has been constructed boasting itself as the tallest building in the world shaped just like a modern ziggurat. The Gates of Ishtar have been reconstructed to be in at least three times their Original proportion. You find 8 sided pyramids rather than the old four sided pyramids which makes it clear that everything is evolving they now have crossed into the 16.

As I said above when the Gods return their Spirit often takes up habitants in the Temples man constructs for them. It is clear after awhile that those who were Pharaohs allowed their bodies to become vessels for the Gods so thus the Deity spoke through them. It makes sense that no common man will become ruler of this world, he would have to be in close association with the Powers and Dominions that be.

The world sits and watches powerless as the Elite in the U.N. play like they cannot stop Israel from bombing Gaza back into the Stone Age. Why is it that they really donít want to hold back Israel even after they bombed a U.N. convoy?


It is as simple as the name, "Is" "Ra" "El" "Is" stands for Isis and of course her consort "Ra" Lord of the underworld from the land of Dar and "El" who is Saturn the "The Lord of the Rings".


The Star of David carries the hexagram in its center, words like Elect, Elite, Elevated, Elohim, Elysium and many more are all Saturnalian words. Just as Earth is alive as people often forget, other Planets are alive also and can be contacted through frequency, shapes, and colors tied into a perfect system. Pythagoras the old Python from Samos taught this in his schools.


The Elite have coveted this information and have used it to rule the people thus barring the way to Ascension, while not getting through themselves what joy will come when they shall prevail no longer.






Reason 134:


Saturn has Hexagonal North and South Poles.


NASA pretends to be baffled by this phenomena. This is also why the Seal of Solomon, also called the Star of David is a Hexagon Star because it evokes the Spirits from the Sphere of Saturn. Other Planets also have geometric correspondents that serve for evocation purposes.

A branch of Hyksos Shepherd Kings left Egypt under Thutmoses III a.k.a. Moses to take over the land of Canaan which became Palestine then Israel. This is told in the tales of Egyptology as the story of Ra deciding to depart from Egypt. This was the time the cult of Ra left Egypt and spread through most of the world.


Even the other day I overheard a Bob Marley song with him saying in the beginning "If a man does not serve "Ras", he will never see no peace," what kind of talk is this? The takeover was initiated and much blood was wrought up to the bridle.


Once they gained a foothold it gave birth to Zionism. These bloodlines all connect by way of Babylon, Sumeria, Egypt, Chaldea, Syria and even Nubia and together the Brotherhood of the Snake began to expand and divvy up the world and its resources and the Humans remained completely unsuspecting, for a time.

When bad things happen in this world people begin to pray, this gives the Deities more energy to make more bad things happen so the people can pray more, a vicious cycle. All main religions use these Beings as their backbone and seldom teach self empowerment through the manipulation of body energy. They say "true you can reach higher states, but not without the aid of so-and-so". There are two separate doctrines, one for you and one for them.


Generally if the Spirit is alive it will manifest that is the doctrine of the Elite. The people are taught to remain in blind faith never seeing the God and only maintaining a one sided dialog with a crucified Lord. All real Prophets, Yogis, and Brahmas maintained vivid contact with the Spiritual realm.


The doctrine of the Elite gives them power which is instilled by communing with these Beings. The belief system for the commoner leaves them powerless.


As they say the more prayers go up the more blessings come down. "Be Lessed"?


These are the words that have to be analyzed by the individual believer if they expect to discover why they are still waiting on something that should have already come.

So the truth behind Israel is they are evoking the assistance of Entities they discovered while playing with written Kabbalah along with some creepy residue from Ancient Egypt all the way back to the Groves of Ur. Although thousands of people from different countries are protesting the Gaza situation they find their governments doing nothing because in secrecy they are all working on a plan that has NOW the name of the NWO or simply OWN a.k.a ZIONISM.


"Own" is actually the correct pronunciation of the word we know as "ON". "ON" was Oanes the main Deity worshipped in Babylon and Heliopolis.


The "ON" has embedded itself so deep into our words we find when we need a light we must turn it "ON" thus a false light is created. All units of energy contain the word "ON" in it because "ON" is a type of power for the Elite for example Neutron, Proton, Electron, Tachyon, and Orgone, to name only a few.

The real mind control is people are not dealing with their Spiritual condition they are holding on to Spiritual beliefs that they in fact live contrary to everyday. Many Spiritual beliefs contradict each other all in the same book and since the sub-conscious mind has picked this up by more of intuition, it is generally not dedicated to religion, while the conscious mind which becomes diseased by the ego, is.


Thus it will "play church" just to say that it is better than most and will be slaved, I mean saved by the God when He returns.







Reason 135:


Contrary to what most people believe, Jewish "Holy Men" do not support Zionism, they recognize it as an infesting plague rotting away the morals and culture of the 12 Tribes. However, they are not part of the Israeli political party, so their words are not heard.

In Genesis Chapter 3 it says and then the Sons of God, plural, saw the daughters of women. Since it is clearly indicated that there is more than one "Son of God" why does the New Testament insist all of a sudden that there is only one Son. Not to mention in the Book of Hebrews located in the New Testament it even says that Jesus was from the Order of Melchizedeks the Priests of Ha Elyon also indicating that he was an Initiate and not even the most powerful of his Order.


These Melchizedeks lead directly to Sirius. The Melchizedeks have always been involved in the deeper esoteric course of our future. Those who have come into the spotlight representing the Melchizedeks have always been on a higher Spiritual level bringing portents of an impending visitation by the Sirians and the Anunnaki.


The two men of our time openly representing the Melchizedeks are Drunvalo Melchizedek and Dr. Malachi Z. York, the former is still conducting deep initiations in Peru last time I checked, and the later is jailed in Denver Colorado super max for 140 years for several counts of child molestation which I know for a fact he committed.


It took the FBI 30 years to find that out but they can catch a bootlegger in a minute.

It is clear the extraterrestrial card is about to be played. There are several documents about a future staged invasion by the Beings that have already been here that are not humanoid.


Basically it seems the Unseen Hand wants to step a little from the shadows for the next phase of their plan. The "arrivals" will serve to unite the world under one common enemy, the Aliens. This will bring about various systems that will ensure everyone remains safe, traceable, and immune to foreign viruses through vaccine.


Just recently the Swine Flu scare made millions go and get injected with not only a foreign virus but whatever else is in the vaccine. One should be very careful of these types of scares that force you to go and get vaccinated because of fear of catching the disease.


In the vaccination there are mind, DNA, and health altering drugs that will have various effects as we continue into the New Age.






Reason 136:


The Melchizedeks are similar to the Levite Priest put over taking care of the personal needs of the Unseen One.


When they manifest into flesh they are always carrying out a main agenda and their information tends to be several cuts above the rest. Drunvalo states that we should expect the Sirians to begin returning by the end of this year. Malachi York was one of the first men to bring information of Nibiru.


Dr. York introduced the religion Nawabu to the world thus bringing light to the whole Sumerian ennead of Anu a great misguidance to African Americans.

When one takes a look at the Bible in the Old Testament you are immediately confronted with a God who demands large sacrifices of animals. Still many fail to make the connection that animal sacrifice is Black Magic.


Those closely involved in the inner order tend to have dark characteristics because they must participate in these senseless sacrifices of cruelty. I noticed even in the Islamic faith an animal must be sacrificed during weddings, holidays, and various occasions. Why do we continue such practices? The ancient law even says if it can run from you donít eat it, look upon it, can it feel pain, now see yourself taste death.


The Creator made many things for man and woman to marvel and cherish so their character may be pleasing and entertaining to you.

Now would be the time to get to the root of where much of the power of the Zionist movement lies. That becomes as easy as looking at the name Solomon to see how all this connects. When the works of Solomon were introduced it involved the evoking of demons. The more popular book is the Key of Solomon removed from his sepulcher.


Solomon himself proclaims in the Bible that he built the Temple with the assistance of demons in which he had subdued and put under control with a ring that was given to him by the God of the Bible. "Sol" is Latin for the Sun, "Om" is Sanskrit for the alternate Sun, and "On" is Sumerian/Babylonian for Oanes. Many adepts learn that the name is a sign of collaboration between three different Brotherhoods that decided to combine forces and knowledge to achieve complete dominance over the world.


Solomon brought it all together. Solomon not only wandered after Ashtoreth he also sacrificed once a year to Bel. Jewish works further claim that Solomon was rebuked for doing these things but was absolved nonetheless.

While Solomon was ruler, Kings and Wise Men came from all over just to hear his words and see his accomplishments thus many were induced into a deeper version of mysticism that involved commanding the lower Genii. When one thinks the Solar Deities are the Evil ones and the Moon Deities are the nice ones they still havenít gotten the picture.


All of these Energies seek to master what will serve them often times by fooling the worshipper into actually believing they are in control. As I was told by someone very wise Demons are strong enough to hurl men far lengths, they are not your companions and you cannot trust them. They are jealous and seek respite until the Day if you but knew Iblis (Satan) said he was made of Smokeless Fire, stronger than flesh, thus he would not be a friend to man.


Failing to realize we are created in the Image of the Most High showed he lacked reason and was deluded by pride so We stripped him of his Jewels and his Beauty and placed him in the darkness.

Indeed we where made aware that when trying to duplicate the power of our Most High Majesty " the imposter Nakash", pointed all the people who found themselves not sure of their origin, to the direction of a dying Sun who is Shamash called also Samael. Yes it was that dismal light which proclaims itself as sustainer of this Earth and rises every morning in full 90 degrees.


This faint hue the "uncounted" perceived as the Splendid One incessantly wanting to make their God visible and not seeking sensibility and reason. Even great Egypt was caught worshiping only what they perceived in clear view impatient they where and they failed utterly, trapped in the world of no return thus they beckon others to join them in misery.


They are still known by the wise and chaste to be misguided death dealers residing even now by ritual and pact in the lowest places. Their abode is nothingness they are lechers of life and feast on those who are misled into the wants of material matter.

Just as always the female role is kept secret. It was actually Saba/Sheba who is Balkis who taught Solomon the Wisdom of the Stars. Saba actually means Star or Seven thus the Seven Stars or Pleiades. The Koran tells of a people called the Sabians who would make good converts. I found that Saba was more of a energy like Sothis, and not an actual woman. Sheba was a temple in Ethiopia not a physical Queen.


The physical Queen of the time was Makedah who had as her consort the converted Eunuch Candace who commanded Elephants. The Elephant was a sacred Deity in Ethiopia they have many temples to commemorate the Elephant although all books say the meaning of these temples have been lost.


The ancient elephant is called Mastodon this is where our word Master comes from. This is like the woolly Mammoth looking Elephant. Even hearing the name Makedah brings Oprah Winfreyís movie The Color Purple to mind.


In the movie when they go back to Africa they are singing this song,

"Ainít no ocean ainít no seas, Makedah dah, can keep my sister away from me, Makedah dah".

This was sung while a blood letting ritual and scarring was taking place.

There is nothing new under this Sun. Now that information portals are opening it is much easier to connect the dots and see that we have been lied to profusely since day one. This should be enough for one to realize they cannot trust what others say and must investigate it for themselves. Everything that I bring forth I can prove even at times down to the Quantum level.


Those who are at the head of many religious circles are pushing propaganda that they cannot validate the origin of thus everyone is told to have blind faith. If my charge is allowed to continue it will be amazing to watch them attempt to answer questions about their connections with what you have seen so far.


Now is the time media such as MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Scribd, and various other free information channels can be exploited to actually reverse their otherwise useless brain high jacking effects.

Once information like this begins to leak there are others who are the siblings, spouses, and workers of various individuals they will now know are affiliated with spiritual corruption.


When they figure out they have been used and lied to, they will began releasing information that could have never been obtained by any other means. Such as a Masters copy of a High Initiates Protocols that may have been kept in the private possession of the family of a long deceased Master Mason.


As I said before we are hacking Morpheus and soon he will tell us everything.


Their devilish doings will bring forth their ruin just in time for the Cosmic showdown.






Reason 137:


This Temple of Sheba is actually below ground.


Nubia became Lower Egypt maintaining the Pantheism of the Pharaohs even when it was lost to the common world.

Solomon, who was clearly of Hibiru descent, entreated Balkis to give him the Wisdom of the Stars and the doctrines of the Underworld. With these instructions what is now modern Christianity was given more form. The Ethiopic books of the Bible predated all other works. The Ethiopic books became the main resource for writing many versions of the Bible in other languages.


The most recent story of the death and resurrection seems to be plagiarized from their books of another Savior and his Virgin mother who was black. Mary and Jesus are modeled after them.


Oprah Winfrey we know to be Initiated. Not only did she endorse Barack Obama which gave him the edge over McCain, she also has an entertainment company called Harpo which is her name backwards this is known as backwords magic.


Horus, is the Christ-like savior of Egypt in which Barack emulates. Horus is also called Harpocrates. In Chicago where Oprah and Obama both hail from they have the famous "L" or EL Train. This train runs across the ley lines of Chicago in some type of Masonic pattern. Obviously this book will have to expand out into other editions where I can detail more of whatís going on. The more I write the more I see how much has to be written, however, something must get to the people now.


I want the reader to know that even if some of this seems hazy now just keep with it and you will see the pieces connect. Iím not telling you anything but what has been unveiled to me. With that being said Iím intentionally cutting the book short and we will call this the first edition.

Several mind control "Triggers" were used when the Elite made the moves to make Barack Obama President. In several movies that made it to the box office before Barack came into the spotlight they showed the President of the United States as an African American. Those movies were made to be favorable box office hits and the viewer was then set in the fertile soil for the future move.


This way it almost seems like it already happened when the actual scenario starts to take place. This makes people more comfortable in thinking it was their idea. Many of these types of methods were learned from German mind control scientist and were put to the test in the CIAís Project MKUltra.

Their work on compartmentalizing the brain was phenomenally riveting.






Reason 138:


This is how suggestive mind control works.


The "Dream" poster was to "Trigger" the feeling of Martin Luther King Jr. getting African Americans to believe that they would finally be treated with justice when Barack came into Office.


Since African Americans donít generally vote, not believing in such nonsense as politics, this time they showed up at the pools which caused the Republican Party, who always vote, to be outnumbered. Although they could always just cheat and rig the vote, it is better when it is a conscious decision by the people.


This way a pact or agreement is made thus the outcome will be entirely the fault of the Voter for participating in the "El"ection. As also seen here they prepped everyone first through the Media for the African American President who is really an incarnate of Pharonic energy.

We will discuss briefly a topic that is way out of the box, my hangout. Since the inner core of these societies have mastered death and resurrection they known how to reincarnate into this world again and assume various roles of leadership. Below Iím showing profound proof of this. Remember many people were lured into these Occult Circles by the promise of consecutive lives. I believe for some that promise was kept due to their particular position on the Pyramid.


I doubt that those on the bottom of the Pyramid enjoyed such mystical prestige; let us look at those who may be closer to the top of the Pyramid.






Reason 139:


Once you hear real truth itís much stranger than fiction.


When addressing the Nation from the Whitehouse Obama will stand in a Pyramid which will be on the floor below the podium traced in Gold.


In the magic evocation of Entities, the Apparition will appear in the Triangle drawn by the Magician, if the Magician stands in the Triangle he becomes the vessel for the apparition to communicate through. For a novice, standing inside the Triangle can result in death as the Spirits that are not trained, then tamed, will tear apart the Magician.


The Adept strikes fear in the heart of the Spirits by having in their possession certain things such as daggers, swords, jewels, crooks, rings, herbs, and various other consecrated magical items designed for such purposes.

Some of the Secret organizations were known to possess the secret of bringing one back in contact with their double. This was of the greatest value because it gave the Initiate the natural powers associated with being completely balanced and assembled or re-membered. This also took place in the Pyramid while lying in the Sarcophagus.


This also gives the Initiate the ability to sing, dance, and act to an amazing degree of perfection since they are now using the side associated with perfect articulation and true genius.


Those who are still "split" marvel at the accomplishments of these people and become fans, groupies, gopis, and worshippers of these false idols who use the secret to their advantage.






Reason 140:


In my studies into the Occult there can be only two explanations for this type of "Doppelganger Effect".


Either the same Spirit has possessed the same individuals that look similar to each other, as strong Spirits are known to change the facial appearance and sometimes bodily features of the Host.


Or they have actually pulled their Doppelgangers from the parallel and are living double lives. Both of these scenarios can be accomplished by a very skilled Adept.

In each photo there are 2 different people.

When King Nebuchadnezzar entered Jerusalem he set the Temple of Solomon on fire. When asked about it he said he was carrying out the will of Marduk.


This would solve one of the biggest issues we face with deciphering who is on what side because this shows that although both of these Sects appeared to worship the Sun, Planets, and Serpents it is in all actuality some worship Serpents, and others Amphibians. Still others worship the Horned Gods like the Ram, Ramses, Ra, Mendes, Tet, etc.


The Bible says that the dragon had several heads and they began to devour one another until two remained. Of course we find the tales of Solomon in much of the Hebraic lore and in the Masonic Rites in which they confess that Solomon was the first Master Mason.


The Temple itself was known as the "Double Square".

When locating the ancient depictions of the real Solomon, which are very hard to locate, I came across two, one by the Russians, and the other by the Rastafarians. Solomon is depicted in both the motif and the bask relief as half man half reptilian or amphibian. Religions like Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, and Judaism all support and defend Solomon as the wisest King, so it is better to throw them all in the bag together.


When reading works like the Testament of Solomon which details his dealings with nefarious demons who are made to confess their crimes and then put in service of building the temple, it becomes obvious all who studied the Gnostic doctrines of these groups became Magicians, Wizards, called then Wizard and various other types of Mystics.

Once Israel subdues the complete portion of the Promised Land it fulfills a much awaited prophecy which is obtaining all the land that was originally promised to them by the God of the Bible. It becomes obvious that the God of the Bible promotes the Israelites to kill in order to obtain what clearly belonged to someone else before they invaded.


This becomes no different then what the so-called founding father of the Americas did to the indigenous that were there first. Even the Hebrew Book of Light states that the Children of Israel who wandered around the wilderness and never made it to the Promise Land were those who found favor with the true God thus they gained an attachment to the wilderness and nature verses a city flowing with Milk and Honey.


Milk and Honey were just symbolism for the Cow and the Bee the two animals sacred to the Egyptians.


We now see returning to the Promise Land was more like becoming the Egyptians for the Hebrews based upon the way they are ruling now. There is absolutely no excuse for such barbaric behavior unless of course you are serving a blood thirsty Deity which brings up the point again about sacrifice.

How can it escape a personís judgment that if something is asking you to slaughter thousands of cattle and various other animals into a huge furnace of fire it could possibly not be something negative? Putting yourself in the moment is key. Throwing a living cow in a furnace 10 times heated would sound horrible. Just think of thousands of them back to back mooing to the Moon like crazy. This would not smell like the drive through at Burger King since the fur was not removed.


Some will say "Well Jesus did away with animal sacrifice" and I will say so we moved on to child sacrifice? This God now tells his so-called only son to sacrifice himself?


No parent in their right mind would participate in such demonic activity, thus many in history not in their "right" mind did, this is the drawback of only using your "left" mind. This does not come up only once but at least twice in the modern Bible where Abraham is also told to sacrifice Isaac paying no mind to the strict rules against child sacrifice in the Bible.


For the God to even use this as some test seems unethical and hypocritical.

The behavior of an individual will ultimately determine what they are about, so through treachery and subterfuge the world has been set in array. Once the prophecy is fulfilled of Greater Israel it indicates it will be time for their next move which is to rebuild the third temple of Solomon in Jerusalem using the demons again of course.


The New Jerusalem is spoken of in Revelations coming down from the sky and that cannot be fulfilled until the third Temple is complete. What remains of the last Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem is only the Wailing Wall which is why the Zionist are so fond of it.


Obama was even instructed to pay a trip to it yarmulke and all. The proposed location of the new temple is where the Dome of the Rock, a sacred Islamic Mosque, sits now.


It is known that if something happens to the Dome of the Rock, Muslims beyond number will become extremely violent and spread real terror upon the Earth such as it has never been seen.






Reason 141:


The Zionist, who are now making the rules as they go, intend to rebuild the Final Temple of Jerusalem.


If this Temple is allowed to be completed it marks the end of this world as we know it. This of course is in the prophecy that has so far been correct up until this very moment. All that is left is to remove the Dome of the Rock.

This becomes the ultimate setup for the Humans by these bloodthirsty Deities. The Islamic prophecy reads that when the "Ma"hdi returns he must have his feast in the Dome of the Rock before he emancipates the Muslims.


The Muslims are charged with making sure the Dome of the Rock is available at all times just in case he returns. On the flip side unless the Dome of the Rock is removed and the Temple of Solomon rebuilt, New Jerusalem cannot descend from the Mount.

This of course the Zionist will not stand for and neither will the Muslims. So this equals a no win situation for these two brothers who have been fighting forever and the clock is ticking down for them both.


They have also dragged everyone else into their battle through religion although they refuse to give the masses the full details of what took place on Tiamat the enemy of Marduk. So let us look closer at the similarities of these faiths to see that this has gone far beyond belief in the Most High and is about domination, destruction, and chaos.


Do keep in mind this is all an inside job and the people that war with each other are the sacrifice.






Reason 142:


The Dome of the Rock.


This is the most sensitive spot in the world. If itís touched it will be like getting into a small box with thousands of Queen Hornets who are protecting their larvae.


Many Muslims have lost the focal point, their language was one of the first codes to the Matrix so they face a different matter that the Most High will have to deal with personally. I will just say when one is wise and ready to grow they will be flexible like a reed thus they will bend a little for Inner-standing, this is growth.


If One is brittle they will break the moment something comes that blows surprise towards them thus in a world full of surprises they do not fair well and the Experience eludes them. I know this because I was the most brittle and the Most High soaked me first so that I would not break under the Truth which is heavy for man and woman and must be given in stages. On this ladder there are those who are coming up and those who are going down.


They now use "El"evators so if the Guided do not rally behind the one with the Idea which comes before the Name then they will not see "ABAD" eternity, without end and may find their Companions in the Fire which is Purification. Iím just an agent myself dictating faithfully what has been revealed to me by the Most High who controls all things and which all must draw their substance as all expect to take their next breath but see it not before it is goes into the body.

First off the Temple of Solomon has already been reconstructed and I will show you two of them although many more exist, they serve as portals. The wormhole amongst many things allows a person to travel anywhere on Earth in an instant.


Not just anyone can travel through the wormhole. The Auric field of the person has to be enhanced. It is said the elements on the wall of the wormhole dissolve anything they come in contact with that is not geometrically configured properly, this is necessary to disassemble and reassemble the atoms in perfect form. The common worshiper is told the Temple it yet to be rebuilt, what a hoax.


One of those Temples is the Rosslyn Chapel and the other is in Winnipeg Manitoba the heart connection of Canada and North America. In sacred geometry a double square makes 8 points thus linking the double square to the 8 pointed Star of Ilu.

The Rosslyn Chapel founded by "Sir" William Saint Claire called Sinclair (Prodigus) Knight of the Cockle and Golden Fleece changed their name to Roskeyln which later became Rosslyn, Sir Henry, and "Pent"land.


This is also the lineage of Sir William, the first Grand Master Mason of Scotland. The Chapel contains 22 Masonic marks. The rights of Master Mason was granted to William by King James II, the two were great friends. This family became so famous and respected they were even allowed to coin money. Passing three times around the line-stone or boundary stone of Rosslyn was known to grant whoever was allowed to do it, unique abilities.


The Temple was always guarded to prevent anyone from doing this without the leave of the hierarchy until the Chalice was removed.


The Temple was a great resort for Gypsies who ever inhabited the place and the "physical" Holy Grail was stored for some time in the Chapel until it became unsafe and had to be moved.




Reason 143:


Most are un-invited to the hyperdimensional party, how I see it is the Earth is near its regeneration cycle just like after the close of Atlantis and Lemuria when the Earth laid dormant on the surface for thousands of years before it could be habitable again.


The Elite are only taking care of their own thus a few must come together and make a bridge to higher planes or get left behind.

The Muslims and Jews bear witness that Abraham was their father and all races descend from him, which I pointed out earlier is absurd. I found the stories of Abraham and Sarah to be none other than the stories of "Ab" meaning Father and "Braham", a Brahman.


Brahman and his wife Saraswati can also be found in the Hindu Puranas which is much older than the Bible and of course the Koran.


The Brahmanís were a group of Beings that leaned more toward the masculine side and may be some of the first Sun worshippers themselves being Sons of the Son which meant endowed with "discovered" immortality. This also means they have completed a succession of incarnations in which they know of their previous existence and are continuing their cycle of Ethereal Development.


Beings that are aware of this are far more advanced than those who cannot remember past lives. Imagine what another 100 years of memory would do for your perspective of things.

The Bibleís composition itself is a hodgepodge of several ancient books and powerful works accomplished by various individuals, especially of Sumerian origin, all combined in one final novel next to the Koran.


Both of these books say pretty much the same thing. The Koran is a book of repetition, repeating the same poetic words over and over in various ways about the penalties for not serving Allah. It pretty much boils down to being completely obliterated by fire and demons that ripe the flesh apart, then brought back to life, and obliterated again for the sake of the pain.


This is to take place for an eternity; talking about scare tactics. Other penalties for sins are described in such ghastly detail the Believer is generally in fear of Allah. Both religions maintain they have delivered the final book and all other books that do not bear witness should not be entertained by the Believer. The Koran bears witness to the Old Testament and what it calls the Injil which is the New Testament as being authentic works of the same God, thus whirling the two faiths together even tighter.

Both Books claim to be storehouses of Numeric and Alpha Numeric Codes in which only those who are trained in Kabbalah or Abjad can decipher. I read the Bible three times from cover to cover and it was only until the third time that the book "unlocked" one must agree that most Christians have never read the complete Bible. They may have come close, but skip books like Leviticus and "Numbers". In these books there is lengthy detailing of numbers especially in the section concerning the building of the Temple.

All these numbers are actually the Codes that can be deciphered to bring forth immense amounts of Gnostic information. All letters in Hebrew double as numbers so the numbers actually spell words.


Those words were the names of various Energies related to controlling whatever was being discussed in that particular scripture in some symbolic way. For example if it was 13 bushels of wheat, whatever that translated to in Hebrew was the God or Goddess of wheat lets say IS.


Furthermore it should not escape the readerís attention that the Priests of this time had to be from the tribe of Levi, Levi is also an anagram for Evil which makes even more sense when you consider the role of the Leviathan that seems to be playing a heavy role in controlling our mind especially while sleep. Leviathan is said to also be Cthulhu.


This name Levi given to the Priests called in Hebrew Cohen, another anagram for Enoch, canít get anymore obvious but as the Yogis say people are sleep walking in an illusion.


The Spanish word Noche which is Night is also an anagram for Enoch.





Reason 144:


There are in fact several Arks constructed for the purpose of keeping items Sacred to the Deity.


There was the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of Ra, the Ark of Mary and numerous others. The word Arch means Bo or a vessel such as Noahís Ark thus the original Arks were used as crafts. Contact could also be accomplished by these devices through transport, hologram, or wormhole. Just as we upgrade constantly these Beings have upgraded also, imagine the difference in a Cessna and a Stealth Bomber.

The dispute between these two nations remains partly due to the issue of the birthright that was stolen from Ishmael although he was the eldest son. It goes on that Abraham built the first Alter with the assistance of his eldest son Ishmael who later became the father of the 12 Tribes of the Arabs Ad, Samud, Jadis, Tasm etc.


This alter was known as the Kaíbah of Mecca. In the Koran Solomon talks to Birds and even commands a Jinn, Ifrit, to go and steal the throne of Queen Makedah of Ethiopia who was said to be worshipping the Sun.

Solomonís gift for communicating with birds can also be compared to the highly mysterious Language of the Birds which was known to be given to those who had reached higher Spiritual levels and thus received instruction from angels. In certain books Iíve watched Magician after Magician stumble over the origin of this language most saying it was bequeathed by the Angels.


This language is really The Language of the Bards more properly known in the highest circles as SKALDSKAPARMAL. This is said to be the language spoken before the confusion at the Tower of Babel. The knowledge of this language bequeaths the possessor with the ability to communicate with all animals. The original Bards were half man half bird just like you see in Reason 131.


Because they had wings they became easily associated with Angels but they are the Fallen Ones the beginning and end of our troubles.

When studying Islam I noticed certain inconsistencies right away. The main one being the story concerning the intelligence level of Prophet Mohammad. It is said that Mohammad could neither read nor write and this put special emphasis on the Miracle, the Koran, purported to be given to him by an the Angel Gabril/Gabriel. After all, it lends a lot more credibility if a man who can neither read nor write all of a sudden appears with one of the greatest Spiritual works of the time, rich in poetic meaning and Spiritual dialog.


The original Book was said to be numerically equivalent to the number 19 and was never translated into the vulgar languages. This book remains protected by the Sudanese till this day.

Many anomalies exist within the book itself like all the chapters when added up produce a number divisible by the number 19. How many times Allah is mention in the whole Koran that number is divisible by 19. The first chapter Al-Fatiha when said correctly causes the tongue to touch the roof of the mouth 19 times. It exceeds a normal personís capability after awhile to keep the consistencies of 19ís going.


Even our modern computers could not do it since a story is also unfolding while the perfect numbers roll in place. This became the sign of the Muslims that Muhammad was Guided and in contact with the Great Deity Allah through His Host the Angel Gabril.


The Angel Gabril is known to be the of the Moon Gabriel. It seems where most of the Scholars and Spiritual leaders of today get lost is thinking that these religions are so separate.

Also in question is the mandatory ceremony of Aqiqah established by Muhammad himself which consist of a sacrifice to Allah in the name of the child, two he-goats for a boy, and one he-goat for a girl.


This incantation must be said during the sacrifice and feast,

"O Allah! I offer to the instead of my own offspring life for life, blood for blood, head for head, bone for bone, hair for hair, and skin for skin. In the Name of the Great Allah, I do sacrifice this goat".

Why does it appear that Allah would even want a child to be sacrificed and something must expiate that?


This is something that continues to reoccur in the history of mans involvement with these Gods. All of this I believe shows the reasoning of mankind is deluded. Even the people who are said to be the most devote in purity. If there is a God that wants us to sacrifice our children to Him then we have a war at hand. Iím saying this after millions of children have already been sacrificed and thousands continue to disappear. Who will face this foe? Bomar has fastened his Armor and who will join him?

In Islam it says that Muhammad married Khadejah who was a rich businesswoman who choose Muhammad to run all of her business dealings because he was a wiz with numbers.


This begins to shake the foundation of Muhammad being illiterate seeing that if he knew how to add and subtract he also knew how to read and write, remember Arabic also has the same letters for numbers. There was no doubt two Mohammads existed during that time. One was teaching pure Monotheism and the other was an invention of a man named Musalymit, a political leader who saw the charisma of the real

Muhammad and attempted to entice him to be a political leader. Muhammad, they said, would have no of it so Musalymit became his sworn enemy ultimately succeeding in getting Muhammad poisoned or was it the other Muhammad? Do you think they could poison the Guided? Did they not say We could drink the poison of vipers and it would hath no effect?


We are not the body it is only the vehicle to traverse this dimension and it is sluggish and moveth about like a square wheel going uphill.

The Kaíbah itself in history was used at various times for idol worship although it is said the Mohammad came to do away with such things. The Kaíbah had been destroyed several times by razes, fires, and natural causes through history. On those occasions it was always men from Egypt of High Nobility who paid to rebuild it.


The connection between Egypt and the Kaíbah is very heavy.


It is known better as "the Shrine" and has been an object of veneration for hundreds of years. Laws exist such as if you walk around it 70 times all your sins are forgiven, if you pray in special section you get a better position in Paradise. As children these stories can be fascinating but as adults we should know better. No amount of times walking around a cube will expiate you from wrong doing; life itself is the biggest example of that.


Things are taken at times from the Kaíbah and sold, like the water from the well of Zem Zem and dust from the covering.






Reason 145:


A great deal of "Illumination" came from the Arabs and their affiliations with the Genies and Jinns called also in Hindu, Jaan meaning Devils. The religions of the world all connect and it is only the blinded that hold fast to their faith while talking about another.


The true belief is internal. Pictured here Ila-Al-Ilahu, the Muslims are forbidden to carve images of the God for purposes of secrecy and sanctity. They used designs and their rich language to express what they viewed. Notice the Swastika on the Medallion.


We see the same thing with Rael.


Are you beginning to see that the inner circle is not as separate as they claim? It is the people who are divided defending the Gods as if they need the protection of Man, offering to them as if they eat food and spend money.






Reason 146:


There is no doubt that the Kaíbah itself is on a major Leyline.


Islam contains so many Sects from Sunni, Shiite, Sufi, Wahab, etc. its inner circle of mysticism remains unable to be included in the general religion itself. By this I mean the Arab world abounds with Sorcery, and many such practices however it is easy to pin that on the individual not the Believer since the Koran forbids such things.


I believe one of the Four Gates of the world to be contained here. The belief in one God is also found in this faith however I question if the 1 God has a 5 letter name that is tossed about before acts of vengeance. Likewise the sacrifices are senseless and should be treated as such.


On of the most sacred parts of the Kaíbah is the Stone Jewel placed in the corner as seen above. In another more detailed account of jewels falling from the sky Lucifer in legend was struck by the Great Angel so hard it knocked the jewels out of his crown and they fell to Earth and those who recovered them were said to gain magical powers.


This does sound a little more like a camp fire tale however there are 12 known Synergy Crystals that are said to enhance the human ability, they are

Most of these stones are Meteorites that have fallen from space throughout time. Whether they came out of the crowns of Angels could be metaphoric.


They are made of foreign elements hardened into glass while entering our atmosphere.

In Catholicism there are four great Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel of whom the latter is sometimes swapped for other Angels but at least the other three stay the same. If you go to a Baptist church they will assure you they have nothing in common with Catholicism yet when the main prayers are taking place the names of the Angels are sometimes mentioned and they are of course the same.


In Islam the same thing happens and even in the New Age movement one often receives emails from someone who has channeled the Arch Angel Michael who sends light into the grid as we make our transcendence into the beyond and all that mumbo jumbo. So what does this tell you? Itís obvious that if the main workers for the religions have remained the same then all of the religions are in some way linked to the same source.


Even deeper you will find that the name Michael means "one who is like God".


If I remember correctly there was only one who pretended he was like the Most High and We hurled him from space. Some may believe this is a stretch to advocate that Michael may be a Fallen Angel, however, let us think again where the term Angel really comes from.






Reason 147:


This is a well known painting of the Angel Gabril and Mohammad that has survived since antiquity. It strikes me as odd that Gabril has black wings, which signifies a fallen Angel.


In addition to this in several texts many men who went to the East to become mystics say that Baphomet and Mahomet where the same Being and were worshipped in mystic Islam. A Muslim would call such statements sacrilegious however Baphomet also has black wings.


It seems that all the old religions are tied to horned Gods some way or another, the Age of Ram.

First off it should be mentioned that in the Hebrew doctrines they classify their Angelic Beings as Aralim, Chesmalim, Aphanim, Ophanim, Malachim, Chioth Haqudush, etc. This means they do not group all their Spirit forces together and just call them all Angels in fact that term is foreign to them.


This is because in encountering these Beings through evocation the Magicians and Cabbalist learned that many of them were very different from the others so they categorized them as such. Again the term Angel comes from the word Angle. It appears only Fallen Angels respond when evoked. In other writings it says many tribes wandered after what they called the Chaldean Baalim, although it has not been determined that all the "IMíS" mentioned above can be grouped under that one title it seems highly possible.


In other cultures Angels are given names such as Sukallin and Amesha Spentas.

The main concern is the actual uses given for these Beings. It describes that some reveal treasure, some make women fall in love with you, some give you amnesty etc. I would highly consider again why would a High Vibration Being want to grant a human undeserved favors just because they knew how to do a ritual.


There is of course much more at stake when entering into leagues with these types of Spirits and most have unleashed a never ending karmic sea-saw for tampering with spiritual forces for selfish means.






Reason 148:


Since their plans have reached completion they are now prepared to tell the world bluntly about their involvement with Angels, Demons, Baalim, Gregori, Nephalim, Rephaim, and who knows what else.


We can assume there are always things that will not be talked about until they happen, just as its never good to tell anyone your desires before they come to pass. Be watchful of these Watchers. Some things I have put direct emphasis on and may have been a little repetitive, I have done this on purpose so that it may stick with you.


Spirituality and Science as a couple have first birthed monsters just as Cain was the first child of Adam and Eve. It is these monsters that have become very strong thought forms moving about on their own will and totally uncontrollable by those who originally brought them forth.


We have been given the task of removing them. Intel has now released it Nehalem/Nepalim computer chip.

The Geometry which has now been placed over our Earth Grid through Crop Circles created by sound devices like the HAARP, have allowed the Elite to erect a new grid which has been termed "The Earth Consciousness Grid".


This keeps Humans somewhat trapped in the Matrix until they learn the methods of building up strength to break out.


As you see they call the new system the Internet or "Internal Net". The biggest hint is the Ethernet cable, why is it given such a Name? Ether itself means Spirit so why is a term like that being used in comparison to computers?


Since the Ozone "Oz Zone" layer is melting there is no telling what the potential is if itís dissolved.


Favor is often disguised as misfortune.






Reason 149:


These shapes are created by Advanced Sound Devices used by the Elite to place frequencies into the Earth grid. Those frequencies effect, health, mentality, belief, etc.


When really studying these designs in Sacred Geometry we find them to be insignias and logos of the Dark Side, designs caused by extremely low frequencies or ELFís research Chlandi Plates.






Reason 150:


It becomes obvious that Crop Circles are not created by benevolent Alien forces from space trying to communicate to us.


They are created by the same Hyperdimensional Tricksters that plague the Planet and continue to fool us with their lies and God-like Technology.

After examining the two faiths of Islam and Judaism it became obvious the one was holding the power of an older God from the Age of the Ram, the other the power of the Lion and the Serpent.


Getting all the details becomes burdensome as many lies are woven in with the truth to discredit the other side much like the modern Republican and Democrat candidate scenario. This becomes the power one has over you once they can tell you what happened in the past and you have no way of proving it. They even tell a person how long a second is thus what time it is.


That type of control is mind control in its purest degree very hard to notice due to its subtlety and necessity.


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