“’He was conscious and in great pain. One leg was partially pinned by the shifting interior. I was examining cuts on his cheek and lip when I first touched him. An overwhelming feeling of compassion came over me as I heard his voice in my head. I could understand him clearly even though his mouth did not move. The communication was strictly telepathic

(Note: ie. empathic? There is little evidence that actual mind-to-mind ‘thought reading’ is a reality. Even if it were possible the ‘words’ formed in the mind of the human encountered by ‘Oscar’ would most likely be in a language completely unfamiliar to him. Most people who experience this phenomena claim that ‘thought words’ are not involved, but that so-called ‘telepathy’ instead involves the empathic ‘feelings’ or ‘images’ BEHIND these words.


Emotions are the most common ‘universal language’ between the various different human races wherever they may be. Many experts claim that ‘words’ make up only about twenty percent of the actual ‘communication’ which passes between people. Sometimes body language, facial expressions, feelings, eye contact, and attitudes tell more about what a person is thinking than mere ‘words’ can. This is because humans have a duel physical and spiritual nature.


Just as an astronomer can determine the chemical makeup of a star by looking at it’s spectrograph, human beings are like ‘lights’ in themselves who can to a large extent be ‘interpreted’ by others who are sensitive to the feelings, expressions and word-attitudes which they are projecting. For instance emotions, sight, and even thoughts result from a combination of the physical and spiritual natures of human beings - Branton).

“’I perceived his fear of being harmed and told him that I would not let anyone hurt him. Suddenly, a voice from the doorway refocused my attention on the duties at hand.

“’I called back that we had a live one. The craft filled with gloved and masked medical personnel to help free the occupant. He was quickly carried outside and placed on a gurney. I remarked that he felt heavy for his size and a few others that had assisted agreed. As the alien was whisked off for medical attention, Professor Bear examined the inside of the craft.


He found what he thought was a star map depicting the constellation Eridanus and wondered if that might be where the alien was from. After a brief discussion concerning the nature of the communications, Bear asked me to accompany him to the medical lab. As we talked along the way I referred to the alien being as ‘Hank.’ The professor asked if that was the name the alien had given me. I explained that it was not and that I had chosen that nickname based on it’s native American reference to a ‘troubled spirit.’


The professor smiled and said, ‘Hank it is,’ and the name seemed to immediately stick. In the antiseptic, impersonal medical room Hank’s discomfort was compounded by his complete undressing. While still in great pain he was examined from head to toe. No stone was left unturned, so to speak. They treated him as if he were a baby of some rare animal species being first born into captivity. It became evident that Hank could not communicate with everyone involved so I was asked to be translator. I had no trouble understanding that the normal anesthetics we were administering had little or no effect. Suddenly, with Hank’s discomfort still a concern, everyone’s attention became divided between the being and a new person arriving on the scene.

“’This new person was obviously important yet seemed to make everyone uneasy. Even Hank recoiled in fear when he came close. He barked a few stern orders and several people, myself included, marched into a nearby conference room. The man introduced himself as Frank Drake and told us he was the head of the operation. The reports would hence forth be titled ‘Project OSMA’ (with an ‘S’). As the sound of his continued briefing faded into a day-dream, I thought about how my regimented life had just jumped track and was now speeding off in a totally new direction...’

Forest Crawford, commenting on the incident, states:

“This extraordinary story, according to the witness, is not fiction. Oscar is a simple country person from rural Missouri where he lives with his wife, three children, and a menagerie of stray animals. His life is seemingly uncomplicated and unhurried. However, his eyes reflect a clarity indicative of inner knowledge and understanding.

“We first came to meet this man as the result of a lead from nuclear physicist and renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman. At the ‘Show-Me UFO Conference 1989’ in St. Louis, Friedman asked Bruce Widaman, State Director of Missouri MUFON, if he would attempt to locate a witness that called responding to the ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ show on the Roswell crash. The person in question had possibly been involved in a crash retrieval while in the military. The tip had come from a former neighbor of Oscar’s.

“Widaman of course agreed to follow up since Friedman felt that the witness did not have a phone. So with little else than a name, town, and rumor to go on, the search began. Widaman and Alex Horvat, Public Information Officer for Missouri MUFON, arrived in the small town near St. Louis after dark. After questioning a girl at a local convenience mart no further leads were found.


Horvat suggested checking the local bar. This produced a description of a front yard that might be that of the elusive witness. After driving up and down the lane several times, one yard seemed more appropriate than the others so they hesitantly stopped. Stepping from the car into the country night proved harrowing enough as several large dogs snarled and barked from the surrounding darkness. Widaman was further unnerved when a large black dog began licking his hand as he knocked on the door.


Not knowing whether he was being greeted or tasted by the animal, Widaman was relieved to see someone answer. After a brief explanation of who or what our investigations were, an invitation to sit and talk came as a positive sign. The stranger said he did not know where ‘Bill,’ the name given Friedman, was, but that he was his brother. After Widaman and Horvat explained their purpose and some of their feelings and ideas he finally conceded that he was in fact the man they were looking for. He explained that his real name was Oscar and that the name ‘Bill’ had been given so he would know where any inquiries were coming from.

“As Oscar told the story that began this article it became obvious that, because of his military background, the name given was for his protection. The account unfolded further to reveal horrible injustices to Hank and to Oscar himself.


At the direction of Drake the team conducted medical experiments such as spinal taps, marrow sampling, taking organ specimens and other exploratory surgery on Hank WITHOUT anesthesia. Oscar had spent many hours over three months communicating with and growing close to the alien. One day he stepped between Drake and Hank with his .45 cal. pistol drawn and demanded an end to the torture. Drake withdrew but the next morning Oscar had new orders to depart immediately for Saint Albans Hospital in Radford, Va., where he was incarcerated for debriefing.


He remained isolated for several months until the efforts of Lt.(?) Charles Turner, Oscar’s Commanding Officer, got him to move to a psychiatric ward. His family, who had now been out of touch with him for almost three months, was told that Oscar had suffered a head injury during a submarine accident. After spending time under psychiatric care, which would damage his military record, he was oddly enough given an honorable discharge.

“After having returned to civilian life he and his father embarked on a hiking trip to North Dakota. They purposely entered the restricted area surrounding the base where Oscar had been stationed. Perimeter patrol picked them up for removal from the area. While in their company Oscar asked how Hank was doing. One of the guards confided that the alien had died several months earlier.

“The next trip out to the country included myself and David Rapp, a physicist with 13 years experience in the aerospace industry and also Director of Investigations for Missouri MUFON. Because of our backgrounds in science the discussion focused on technical questions about Oscar’s experiences...”

As for the alleged home of “Hank’s” people, Crawford states:

“The pattern from the panel inside the ship was confirmed by Rapp to match stars of the constellation Eridanus as seen FROM EARTH. It was later confirmed by Hank that the stars of origin of his people were Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani.

In later sessions Oscar discussed some reasons for the presence of the aliens. He said they DO NOT LIKE THE SITUATION WITH SOME OF THE SMALL GREY ALIENS (emphasis ours - Branton). He corrected us when we used the term ‘grey’ and said that they are actually white. The Tau Cetians feel that the abductions being carried out by some of the Greys ARE A GREAT INJUSTICE TO HUMANITY.


“THEY ARE A PARASITIC RACE THAT HAS AND IS PREYING ON HUMAN CIVILIZATIONS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE,” Oscar relayed. He added that our government’s involvement with the grays IS VERY DANGEROUS AND OUT OF CONTROL... Oscar is ADAMANT that the bug people (ie. Oscar’s term for these creatures - Branton) are using HUMAN FLUIDS FOR SUSTENANCE. They feed by immersing their arms in vats and/or rubbing the fluids on their bodies. HE CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE ALSO KIDNAPPING CHILDREN


(Note: To our knowledge ‘Oscar’ had in no way at the time been in contact with John Lear nor and other researcher who has alleged this exact same thing. Oscar’s claim that these creatures are more whitish or albino in color would seem consistent with accounts concerning SOME branches of the ‘serpent race’.


For instance the SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE several years ago revealed an account of a group of explorers who were passing through a deep chasm-canyon in a remote part of Mexico. As they descended deeper and the passage became darker the party was attacked by small albino-like humanoids wielding laser-like weapons. Only one of the men survived to tell the horrifying story.


Also, the reader may recall that in an earlier file we related an account which appeared in “U.F.O.” magazine concerning a sighting of short ‘grey’-like white, large headed hominoids who were working with a large ‘Lizard-like’ sauroid in connection with a UFO sighting - cattle mutilation. Some ‘grays’ are allegedly bio-synthetic constructs with “foam-like” internal makeups designed as “containers” for non-physical entities—the “infernals”—to operate in the physical dimension. This “may” account for some sightings of different “gray-like” beings, especially some of those having opaque non-pupiled eyes instead of vertical-slit-pupiled “reptilian” eyes. As Oscar alleges, not all “grays” have been described as having the same coloring.


Some have been described as plain gray, others blue-gray, gray-green, or grayish white! One source suggests that the “coloring” has a direct connection with the amount of “protein fluid” which they have access to.


Also, Oscar’s reference to the “bug people” may be based on the fact that the reptilian branch known as the grays and others are often said to resemble “praying mantis” like creatures in that their eyes are sometimes bug-like and protruding, and their long arms which often reach down below their knees often appear mantis-like when in their folded or reposed position - elbows pointed downwards and clawed-hands positioned above. In fact, some of the early saurians such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex kept their arms in such a position, elbows pointed down, although many of the modern sauroids possess arms which are now much longer.


John Lear described the early beings recovered from crashed disks as mantis-like and reptilian-skinned. The possibility of little children being abducted and used for their “secretions” and body organs is almost too horrible to contemplate. There MAY be other indications that such is the case, whether we choose to believe it or not.


For instance:

1) Bill English, son of an Arizona state legislator and a former Green Beret commander who allegedly viewed the top-secret “GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13”, stated that this secret document contained eyewitness descriptions of children who had been abducted by “grey-type” entities, one of them being abducted right in front of the parents, and never seen again;


2) We have related in an earlier file that children have also been abducted into subterranean recesses—many of which by all indications are also inhabited by the “grays” or reptilians—and never seen again. Take for instance the Maltese account concerning the Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti. The indications point to the fact that these children were intentionally abducted and did not merely become lost in the labyrinth;


3) John Lear, son of Lear Jet Corp., founder William Lear, also claims—based upon accounts given to him by several contacts of his in the intelligence community—that there is evidence that a percentage of America’s missing children have been taken by these creatures, suggesting that the “grays” largely prey on the weak and defenseless among the human race. It is uncertain however what percentage of “missing children” is involved here.


Lear also confirmed in his original Public Statement which appeared over “Paranet’s” Odyssey on-line computer magazine that the “grays” have reportedly been seen—by witnesses abducted to underground bases—applying a greenish liquid to their bodies which came from huge vats in which parts of human cadavers were allegedly being stirred. Several of these “vats” are allegedly located in the extreme deep reptilian-controlled lower levels of the Dulce, New Mexico underground complex, and others as well. This would confirm “Oscar’s” claims to this effect;


4) Researcher William Cooper, who was also a chief Petty Officer and Intelligence Worker in the Pacific Naval fleet, pointed out at the 1989 MUFON Conference in Las Vegas that over 3000 children disappear without a trace yearly in one part of Manhattan alone. We might relate this to other obscure though evident indications that Manhattan literally sits atop vast underground caverns which have been confirmed by different sources. Cooper also claimed to have seen top-secret reports stating that sections of human bodies were found stored on disks retrieved from crash-recoveries, and that the government was extremely disturbed by this aspect of the alien activity;


5) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts of women who had been a few months along in a pregnancy, most often unexplained, only to find after a UFO abduction experience that their babies suddenly “disappeared”. These accounts are a reality. It is very unlikely that hundreds or thousands of women would collectively use the same “bizarre” identical excuse if they themselves aborted a child and did not wish others to think that they did so, especially when many of these women were the ONLY one’s who knew of the pregnancy;


6) Although many of the children who are allegedly abducted and never seen again are of the homeless or unwanted type, “street” children of prostitutes, and so on—children who will not be ‘missed’ as much as others—it also appears that thousands of children who belong to middle-class families are also being abducted, IMPLANTED and returned.

Since the disappearance of these would cause far more “waves” than a child without a guardian, they are used instead for purposes of manipulation. It appears that these infernal creatures are EXTREMELY cunning and subtle, and they hide their tracks well - Branton).


Forest Crawford continues:

“...He (Oscar, based on what ‘Hank’ communicated to him) claims that they are also kidnapping children. The Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and they are working with other races and communities that were also victims. ONE SUCH RACE (emphasis ours - Branton) THAT OSCAR CLAIMS WAS RUN OFF THEIR HOME PLANET BY THE BUG PEOPLE WAS WHAT WE NOW CALL THE NORDICS OR PLEIADIANS. He claims, because of his ongoing contacts, he was made aware of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland and swears that is a real contact...

“I find all these comments interesting especially when you consider one investigative detail of this case. I have seen Oscar’s house, his Mother’s house, his work shop and truck, and at no time were any books, magazines, transcripts or movies about any subject, let alone recent UFO material, found... Could he be an avid reader of the latest and most controversial UFO documents and just be hiding them when we come over? This is highly unlikely since, without a phone, our visits were always unannounced.

“...(Oscar) wants people to know that if they are contacted by the Tau Cetians (humans such as he described) to not be afraid because they are here to help.

“This attitude is reflected in correlations with a totally independent case involving a woman near Springfield, Illinois. Jill Waldport (relates) an ongoing and very serious involvement with grey aliens. After Budd Hopkins spoke to her at length the case was recommended to John Carpenter, State Section Director of Missouri MUFON, and then to myself. The intensity and detail of the case is reminiscent of Debbie Tomies’ (Cathy Davis) experiences.

“In my first interview with Jill she asked if anyone had ever been abducted/contacted by more than one race or group of aliens. I told her that it was reported with some frequency and asked her which other one she had seen with the Greys. She said it was a totally separate contact and that they did not like the Grays.

“When asked about their appearance she reported that they were human, approximately about five and a half feet in height, 180-200 pounds but not fat, tanned looking skin with short hair cuts that laid flat against their heads. I asked her to describe their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. She said all features were essentially normal except the nose was broad and flat and their eyes were brown. Oscar reported the weight of Hank to be 190 pounds and five feet seven inches tall, he also noted the broad, flat nose.

“Jill informed me that the aliens told her they didn’t like what some of the aliens were doing to her without her consent. They had come to help her learn how to overcome the deceptions of the Grays and to protect herself. They explained that she needed to psychically build a shield around herself, like a brick wall, when they came for her. This would help keep her from being deceived by their mind tricks. She tried it the next time the Grays came for her and it ‘seemed’ to work

(Note: Mere ‘will power’, in our opinion, will not always guarantee that one will escape the overlapping deceptions and psychic manipulations of the serpent race or the Grays. DIVINE INTERVENTION is the only FAIL SAFE way to ensure oneself from being entangled by their deceptions, which are often deep, complex, and extremely subtle. - Branton)

“At this point the correlation counter in my mind was working overtime,” Crawford continues, “so I decided to go for gold and ask her if they told her where they were from. Believe it or not she replied, ‘Tau Seat-eye, does that make any sense?’ Later I mentioned to Oscar that I was investigating a case that involved intense interaction with Grays and Tau Cetians showing up to help. He asked where the case was from and I told him near Springfield, Illinois. He rattled off a very accurate description of Jill and said he was aware that she had been contacted.

“Horvat showed several pictures of people from the archives of ufology, one of which was Drake; Oscar immediately picked Drake’s photo from the stack and one could see the anger come over his face at the sight of this man. Follow up research by Horvat produced an interesting set of circumstances. The crash in question happened in 1961. Some of you will remember that Drake headed the OZMA program, the predecessor to S.E.T.I. In 1961 Drake announced that OZMA, in it’s search for intelligent extraterrestrial radio signals, would first look to the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani...”

During one interview with Oscar, Crawford became concerned about the “logistics” of a tunnel system stretching from California to North Dakota to Washington D.C., etc., attempting to correlate this with their background in science. According to what Oscar revealed to Crawford and his research companion:

“...it became evident that this was not feasible. With careful questioning it was discovered, according to Oscar, that the tunnels went only a short distance and did not actually connect to the North Dakota base. The capsule shuttle was accelerated and then a time/space window was opened. The ‘exit door’ of the time/space window simultaneously opened at the prescribed destination where the capsule would appear in a tunnel and decelerate

(Note: One must wonder why an entire half hour was necessary for such an instantaneous transit, unless a tremendous speed was necessary to attain the subspace jump. There are accounts as given by researcher William Hamilton and others that some of the subterranean societies beneath America, the Telosians for instance, possess a tube-shuttle system. From his description it appears however that the Telosians utilized actual vacu-tube shuttle tunnels which stretch for hundreds if not thousands of miles.


Perhaps the early shuttle systems constructed by ancient technically-advanced societies were of this variety, and were replaced or upgraded with time/space windows later? Is it possible that the government’s eventual alleged discovery of ancient tunnels leading to this particular subsurface colony of “Telosians,” which has been confirmed by “Thomas C.” and others, has led to a JOINT Telosian-American use of the ancient sub-shuttle systems? Or are the tunnels referred to by Oscar entirely U.S. government constructions?


Also, a similar network of shuttle vacu-tunnels is also said to converge below Dulce, New Mexico, according to many sources. These are allegedly used mostly by the Grays, and possibly by mind-controlled “M.I.B.” groups who are working for them. - Branton).

“The technology (for the teleport-tunnels described by Oscar - Branton) was supposedly a combination of our own knowledge, rooted in the Philadelphia Experiment, and acquired alien technology. Oscar also talked about the geological location of time/space/dimension doors. These places allow an easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our atmosphere. Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just northeast of Seattle, Washington and south of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior...

“An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural time/space windows can be found in studying patterns on
special energy maps. One such map is the Bouguer gravity anomaly map. Oddly enough A FAIRLY LOCAL low gravity area can be found at... the locations mentioned by Oscar (Not only near Seattle and the Apostle Islands, but also in Missouri where Oscar claimed to have had most of his subsequent contacts-meetings with the Tau Cetians - Branton)...


My research is finding some interesting patterns emerging by comparing the location of gravity anomalies, Indian reservations, military bases and cavern entrances. These specialty maps can be purchased at great prices from GEOSCIENCE RESOURCES., 2990 Anthony Rd., Burlington, NC 27215...”

One last note on this account. William Cooper describes another incident involving a reptilian “gray” which was allegedly recovered from a crash-retrieval in the southwest. Enormous efforts were taken to try to save the “life” of this ugly little beast, yet when it came to an actual HUMAN alien like “Hank” certain people could apparently have cared less for his/their personal welfare.


Cooper also alleged that the “secret government” for a large part refused to ally themselves with the “Nordics” or human-aliens who warned them about the malevolence of the Grays, and chose instead to go ahead and form an alliance with the reptilian “grays” since a U.S. - Gray alliance would seemingly help the cause of the power groups (serpent cults?) who were making a “killing” off of exploiting the masses. Or did serpent cultists working in the government already have an ages-old pact with these draconian powers, and because of THIS refused the advances of the Nordics?


Apparently these did not desire to accept the “conditions” required by the “Nordics” which included the discontinuation of nuclear weapons proliferation and the cessation of multi-billion dollar war efforts which, according to many sources, have filled the pockets of the secret government, which covertly operates in nearly every country. Such wars-conflicts-revolutions-etc., many believe, have been directly influenced and orchestrated by the serpent-cult-secret-society groups.

Another note. If Einstein’s theories concerning the possibility of time/space anomalies are correct, then this might
explain how a civilization could possibly travel from one star to another in a relatively short period of time. There is no
evidence that time could ever be reversed, but there is a theoretical possibility that time/space might be SUSPENDED via some type of ‘hyperspace’.


There is allegedly much technical information contained in the elusive “GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13” describing this aspect of physics. Some ‘contactees’ even state that the FORWARD flow of time is different in other parts of the galaxy, and that a day on earth could constitute a week on another planet. In other words a spacefaring race 10,000 ‘years’ old might have left earth only a couple thousand years ago!

In relation to the apparent “tug-of-war” between the “Grey’s” and the “Nordics”/Tau Cetians, etc. over individuals, as in the case of “Jill” which we’ve just related, we have an apparently similar situation which was described in an “Intelligence Report” released by “Leading Edge Research” (Formerly Nevada Aerial Research). This report stated:

“One contactee that has been contacted by the blond/Nordic race was captured and examined (by the greys) after it was discovered by them that the blue beam used to paralyze people failed to have an effect on him. The implant device that the Nordics put in evidently neutralized the paralysis beam. It was said that the Greys came in a football-shaped craft.”

This is one more confirmation, among others, that actual conflict if not warfare exists between certain segments of the “Nordic” and “Gray” aliens.

A possible confirmation of this comes from a correspondent of ours from Pasadena, California by the name of Penny Harper. Penny is the Pasadena director for a group called UFORUM. She claims to have had contacts with beings “claiming” to be from Tau Ceti and a separate contact from “Pleiadeans”. However, the “Tau Cetians” she encountered were, as she described them, “praying mantis” or bug-like beings.


She was told that THIS IS NOT THEIR ORIGINAL FORM, but for various reasons these aliens chose to show themselves in this form to her. IF these beings ARE from Tau Ceti as they claim, then there seems to be some conflict here between her account and the Forest Crawford account as related by “Oscar”.


These beings “claim” to be humans who do not wish to show themselves in their “true form” during Penny’s contacts, so that she does not, they explained, become “too attached” to them (Note: This mantis-like description is the same one given by the early “contactee-psychic” Ted Owens, who alleged that these creatures had the power to influence the aerial environment, change weather patters, initiate destructive hurricanes, etc.).


In Miss Harper’s case this EXPLANATION for appearing in this mantis-form would be a first, as we have not encountered any other incidents where the “aliens” have bothered to appear in another form for this specific reason. If they are human, then one must wonder why they would appear in “mantis-like” form when the human Tau Cetians according to Crawford and others are at war with such a race. If the beings described by Penny Harper ARE from Tau Ceti and they utilize that “form” while there, perhaps they operate in underground bases where they will not be observed.


That is, if they ARE in fact from Tau Ceti as they claim. Quoting from Ms. Harper’s account:

“...these AREN’T THE SAME TAU CETIANS AS YOU DESCRIBE.” That is, the humans mentioned by “Oscar” who we informed Penny of in a previous correspondence. “Mine are 7 to 7 and a half ft. high, green grasshopper (or praying mantis) looking beings with huge black shiny wraparound eyes and two antennae on their heads.”

Whether these “bug” or “grasshopper” like beings are Human, Reptilian or PARAPHYSICAL entities that utilize such a “form”, is not certain. It is unlikely that they are human Tau Cetians since according to Oscar’s account such beings would obviously be considered one of the so-called “bug people”.


The only other alternatives would be that they are reptilian or paraphysical. Although some “grays” might appear somewhat mantis-like, the addition of the antennae and “huge” opaque black eyes rather than reptilian slit-pupiled eyes would suggest that they probably are not sauroids unless the reptilians for some reason decided to appear in such a form by transmuting the molecular structure of their bodies. There is the possibility that “they” are paraphysical entities which, as they themselves allege, are far different in their ORIGINAL forms than the mantis-like forms which they appeared to Penny in.


Whether the creatures encountered by Penny were reptilian OR paraphysical, this does not detract from the fact that there are basically only two entity “groupings” in the universe that are at odds with each other:

  • The Draconians (Paraphysicals or “Infernals” and the Reptilians)

  • The Evadamics (Unfallen Angelic beings and degenerate or regenerated humans)

These are nevertheless the two “basic” groupings of intellectual beings who utilize aerial craft, whether these craft are of a physical or etheric nature, or a combination of the two (ie. para-physical).


Miss Harper continues:

“...I still talk to my main (alleged) Pleiadean contact. I asked him about the Tau Cetians and why they had giant bug bodies. He said... THEY CAN APPEAR IN ANY FORM. They chose the grasshopper form... The bug form makes me keep a distance from them. THEY USED TO SCARE ME simply from the way they look.”

This description seems to indicate that these beings are paraphysical entities, and the possibility that they are fallen paraphysical entities trying to pass themselves off as “super evolved” beings (as Penny said they claimed to be) should not be ruled out either. Researcher John A. Keel has written much about this third “paraphysical” group of aliens, and has offered much documentation that “they” are capable of taking physical matter and re-assembling it into various different paraphysical shapes and forms, including aerial vehicles of various types.


Since all evidence point to the fact that the “paraphysicals” work as one with the Saurians then the entities described by Oscar might have been a description of BOTH interworking groups, or in other words the “bug people” could represent both the sauroid group as well as their paraphysical “transmutating” masters!

There are, as we have seen, three ‘realms’ in which Draconian - Evadamic conflicts have for unknown generations taken place. However there is a possibility that another “realm” which permeates all of these exists where such conflicts have taken place as well. This is of course the etheric or spirit realm. Both Reptoid and “Gray” aliens have on occasion been seen “phasing” in or out of the physical “dimension” and into this “hyperspace” realm, possibly through the electromagnetic occult-technological manipulation of the molecular densities of their physical forms, and thus have seemed to appear, disappear, walk through walls, etc.


Many humans have allegedly been caught up PHYSICALLY into this “invisible” dimension where supernatural entities roam about in more tangible forms. This was evidenced by the “Philadelphia Experiment” (made popular by the Charles Berlitz book of the same name) and similar incidents, including the Bermuda Triangle events which have included time-displacement, UFO’s, disappearances, etc.

There is a possibility that yet another group of living, breathing human beings may have the ability to travel between the visible and invisible dimensions by altering their molecular structures as well, or had entered this state by accidentally falling through electromagnetic vortexes resulting in a molecular phase-shift of the individual. To them our world would probably still be visible to some extent yet theirs would not be visible to the majority of us.

These “Etheric dimension” human beings (in addition to saurian, paraphysical and angelic beings who apparently inhabit this realm temporarily or permanently as well) might explain some accounts of “ghost” sightings or human like beings which seem to appear or disappear into or out of thin air.

Fallen angels may also account for some “phantasm” sightings, as various accounts indicate that these “infernals” have the ability to manifest in various different, even HUMAN like forms. There may also be indications that ONE “parallel world” similar to ours might exist on the opposite polarity of the electromagnetic spectrum from us in an “anti-matter” type of existence. If this is the case then it would likely consist of only one OTHER “dimension”, and any human life which might exist there must have originally come from our own “world”.


We would NOT have “duplicates” of ourselves in that world as some science fiction depictions of this possibility have suggested, but supposing it exists it might be very much different than our world. This “other” reality, if it exists would nevertheless be somehow tied-in with our own world, as there is only one “electromagnetic reality” yet very possibly many “facets” of that one reality.


This might explain events such as that of Joseph Vorin, who suddenly appeared “out-of-nowhere” near Frankfurt-am-Oder, Germany in 1850, dazed as if disoriented by his new surroundings, who spoke a strange and broken para-Germanic dialect and claimed to be from a place called Laxaria in the country of Sakria! (see: Brad Steiger’s book ‘STRANGE DISAPPEARANCES’).

Also, variations of these three realms (subterran, ulterran - as in John Keel’s “ul-traterrestrials”, and exterran) might exist like in the case, for instance, of humans who have entered or PHYSICALLY “phased-in” to the “Etheric” frequency of another planet. A good candidate for such a race would be the so-called “Men In Black.” The “MIB” are according to many sources, to some extent a race of unfortunate souls who have fallen under the occult control of the Serpent Races and their “infernal” allies. According to various accounts other “beings” have been seen to accompany the human “MIB”.


These are often described as android-like or “humanoid” forms apparently “possessed” my malevolent non-physical entities. According to other sources, biological matter is often taken from mutilation victims by the Reptilians or another entities and used to construct bio-synthetic “cybernetic” units which can be inhabited-possessed-controlled by the paraphysical “infernals”, allowing them to operate in the physical realm.

The “Men In Black” are said to be tied-in with a group called the “Nation of the Third Eye” who are in turn tied-in with a Reptilian-influenced or controlled other-stellar society which was established in the past on a planet orbiting the star Sirius! Some of the “Sirius Star People” are apparently humans who were descended from ancient astronauts native to earth who had apparently “sold out” themselves in ancient times to the “Infernals” and the Serpent Race in exchange for technology and power, just as the
U.S. “Secret” Government had done in more recent times.


Actually, the Illuminati-NSA-CIA connected “NOD” installation which is said to exist deep below Washington D.C. (allegedly one of a series of antediluvian or “Atlantean” city-complexes beneath the Eastern seaboard which were re-discovered and “re-established” in post-deluvian times) is allegedly tied-in with the Imperialist “MIB” civilization near Sirius.


This does not mean that we should blame the present-day “MIB”—many of whom have apparently been manipulated by the Draconian (“Infernal” & Reptilian) forces—for the mistakes of their ancestors, nor blame them for being born into such a society.

There are allegations that the Draconians are attempting via manipulation to stage a future conflict between the human MIB in Sirius and the nations of earth, by turning these two human societies against each other. This “staged” conflict, as we’ve said, is no doubt largely inspired by the Saurian-Greys and may potentially involve other human societies native to this sector of the galaxy as well. This may all be part of a reptilian “divide and conquer” strategy which if successful will deplete human influence throughout the populated sector of the galaxy.


This would open up the way for saurian-reptilian races to continue their expansion, and enable them to spread out and take control of the rest of the galaxy, and possibly and eventually galaxies beyond, without the human element to hinder them. This may also be similar to the Reptilian-Illuminati (serpent cult) thesis-antithesis conflict scenarios which have been orchestrated in the past on earth, although this time it would be on a much grander scale. Hopefully both sides will see through such draconian strategies before “they” are able to initiate an interplanetary war between human societies in the “Sol” system and their human cousins in the Sirius star system.

There seems to be three human societies other than the “MIB” that UFOlogists apparently confuse with each other. These are,

  • the “NORDICS” (From the Pleiadean, Vegan, Ummon, etc. systems)

  • the “BLONDS” (usually from Telos and allied subterran societies who are described as being 6 and a half to 7 and a half foot tall blonde humans)

  • the “ARYANS” (an alleged underground “pure-bred” Aryan society based in part beneath Antarctica, which was allegedly established by Nazi-German scientists utilizing “saucer” technology largely based on an alien disk recovered by the Germans before World War II. Some of the 2nd-generation Aryan “aliens” are allegedly now fighting against the saurian grays, which they “may” have had dealings with in the past)

As we mentioned above there is evidence that the Reptilians have used their influence to set human societies against each other in a type of “divide and conquer” strategy in the past. Whether the following incident involves the “chameleon” type of sauroids or saurian-controlled “MIB” groups is uncertain, but it seems to contain certain aspects suggesting that the sauroids were somehow involved.


The incident which took place in the 1970’s was mentioned, among other places, in an article titled “UFO’S OVER MAINLAND CHINA”, which appeared in Tim Beckley’s UFO REVIEW (issue No. 11., 1981), published by UFO News Service., 303 Fifth Ave., Suite 1306., New York, N.Y. 10016. The article stated:

“...it has been reported by the Hungarian Embassy that border skirmishes between Chinese and Russian soldiers was caused when both governments thought the other country was sending spy planes at low altitude over strategic areas. Several battles reportedly took place and later it was determined that UFO’s and not ‘spy planes’ were involved in what could have easily turned into an international incident.”

This is only a small part of the entire story, as other sources which we have come across have stated that these UFO’s had landed on many occasions. The occupants, in what seemed to be a strategic attempt at stirring up international tension, reportedly looked like “Russian Cosmonauts” to the Chinese witnesses who saw them; while the Russians peasants insisted that they looked like Chinese “Orientals”. It appears as if the occupants were intent on turning the Russians and Chinese against each other, and this they succeeded in doing to some extent.


Several people turned up missing during the UFO flap, but the “last straw” seemed to occur when a Russian supersonic jet vanished without a trace in proximity to the UFO activity. This incident resulted in a massive reconnaissance effort on the part of the Russian Air Force. They had apparently traced the UFO flight paths to a convergence in a particularly remote region in the eastern part of Asia, within the Soviet borders. Every square inch of territory in this region was allegedly photographed.


Shortly after this, reports emerging from Russia insisted that waves upon waves of military aircraft were seen flying from all areas of the continent, only to converge over an isolated area outside of Olekminsk. Native Russians reported that for a space of three days a continuous distant thunder could be heard as the area was literally blasted from the face of the earth. Other reports claim that a large hidden “base” consisting of numerous “pyramidal” like structures was obliterated.


It was also alleged that HUNDREDS of miles of underground tunnels were later found beneath the devastated ruins of this ‘UFO Base’. Who or what were these “Chameleons” that apparently used various disguises to turn these two nations against each other and, in fact, almost succeeded in igniting World War III?

Although there is much evidence that the “Serpent Cult” has for centuries used the strategy of turning nations, races and even human families against each other in order to establish a “climate” for further controls over humanity, it is evident that the serpent race itself is deeply involved in fomenting conflicts between human societies upon, below and beyond the earth in order to subdue humanity as a whole.

It is uncertain what role certain events such as the Los Angeles “race” riots of 1992 (apparently incited by the Los Angeles police as well as L. A. gangs using cellular phones according to some sources) may have had in such a “control” scenario. Some believe that these riots were in part inspired, or at least “allowed” to happen, to initiate anarchy AS AN EXCUSE to establish one more step towards totalitarian martial law, or a “Police” State, by opening the way for Federal and National Guard troops to take control of the city to some extent.


Certainly the L. A. police knew the riots were coming and did little to prevent them, and the apparently “fixed” police trial which sparked the whole thing did little to prevent them either. Even though one cannot blame the majority of police officers who are no doubt in those positions to serve the public good, there are relatively small groups working in the police departments throughout the nation who nevertheless hold great power and who, according to various sources, are members of a fraternal organization or organizations which have an entirely different agenda than that of public servant.


Some small groups working within different police departments seem more cultic than civic in nature. There have been many “rumors” for instance to the effect that the reasons why satanic cults or even sacrificial cults thrive with apparent impunity from the law, is simply because many of the major police departments have been infiltrated by persons loyal to such cults.


We must stress however that although many similar rumors to this effect exist, there is relatively little solid evidence supporting them. Then again, there is a possibility that such persons could use their influence and positions to suppress such evidence. We must again stress that the “alleged” cults working in the police departments consist of relatively few police officers in comparison to the majority of the force.

There are however allegations, for instance, that the Ku Klux Klan wields a good deal of power in police departments across the southeastern states, and that a white-supremist police cult known as the “Vikings” exists within the Los Angeles Police Dept., and also that recorded racial comments made by various police officers as well that the police chief Gates himself seem to support such an allegation.

The following information was released by ‘Leading Edge Research’ in June of 1992. Although the alien vanguard that is allegedly behind the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy is not specifically mentioned in the article, a secret government group, the Trilateral Commission (TLC), which is in turn allegedly motivated by a reptilian agenda according to many sources, is mentioned:

“During the UFO EXPO West 92 in Los Angeles, which took place a week after the riots in Los Angeles, I chanced to run into some fellow investigators who had observed several ships loaded with electronic antennae off the coast of Los Angeles two days before the riots took place. There are groups in Southern California that regularly conduct frequency analysis of various metropolitan areas, and they reported that the Los Angeles area was HEAVILY DOSED WITH BETA FREQUENCIES shortly before the riots occurred. Beta frequencies can produce anxiety states, and this most certainly exacerbated another scenario, which was a controlled exercise in population manipulation.

“The enormous media-centered campaign around the Rodney King case would not have been possible without the approval from the highest levels of the TLC and intelligence agencies, and it points to a long-standing campaign to encourage race riots - a campaign that has apparently existed for the one-year period between the original incident involving Rodney King and the trial that ended on April 29, 1992.

“There is sufficient evidence that what occurred in Los Angeles was in fact not a riot, per se. It was in fact the result of the deployment of somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 urban guerrillas in order to start what would have the appearance of a race riot...

“On April 30th, the Compton Police Dept. revealed that it has arrested six people for arson, and that when questioned about their activities, the youths said they ‘were on a mission to burn down 10 buildings an hour’ (Note: are some of the L.A. ‘gangs’ tied-in to secret societies at the higher levels? - Branton). Their car contained 10 gallons of gasoline for use in these fire-bombing operations. Law enforcement sources also report that many of those arrested during the disturbance had identical cover stories, indicating that there were many such groups under the coordination and control of someone.

“The Los Angeles riots were in fact intelligence agency operations that were used to invoke the application of military troops; they were an attempt to start nationwide riots that would require the invocation of martial law and FEMA plans.

“Another indicator that the ‘riots’ were probably an intelligence operation is that the day before the Rodney King verdicts were released, a mass leaflet was distributed in South Central Los Angeles by a group calling itself the ‘Revolutionary Communist Party’. If you are at all familiar with US intelligence agency practices, it can immediately be seen that RCP is a front for CIA activities. Most ‘revolutionary’ and ‘terrorist’ activities are in fact performed by the very intelligence agencies which claim to exist for the prevention of such activities.


The leaflet said, ‘There’s No Justice in the Courtroom - It’s Right to Rebel.’ Remember that these were distributed THE DAY BEFORE the trial was complete, so whoever passed them out or caused them to be passed out already knew the verdict, which also implies that the whole trial, in fact the whole Rodney King affair, was a setup from the very beginning that was intended to inflame the public to induce greater totalitarian control measures...

“Within days of the incident, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (who is also a member of the Trilateral Commission, folks) used the press-orchestrated clamor for ‘police reform’ to put TLC counter-insurgency apparatus in place which launched a virtual war on local law enforcement, effectively paralyzing, if not destroying, those functions (could Bradley and Gates have been two lower-level ‘Hegelian’ pawns? - Branton)


TLC member Tom Bradley, as it turns out, appointed fellow TLC member Warren Christopher to form the ‘Independent Commission to Investigate the LAPD.’ Christopher, whose ‘specialty’ is riots and urban insurgency, is a partner in the law firm of O’Melveny and Myers. In the early 1960’s, he and fellow TLC member Cyrus Vance, then at the Pentagon, drafted ‘Operation Garden Plot’, a plan for military martial law in American cities in the event of ‘domestic civil disorder’. Of course, there is no distinction made of the ‘cause’ of domestic disorder, if you get my point.

“Warren Christopher, in fact, was one of the creators of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), during the Johnson administration, when he was Deputy Attorney General. LEAA was one of the early attempts to implement a top-down federal takeover of local police departments in the U.S.

“...Christopher, years ago, sat on the McCone Commission (chaired by former CIA director John McCone), which ‘investigated’ the Watts riots in 1965 for the intelligence community. Is it all adding up now?

“It is apparently a long-standing policy of the Trilateral Commission to foment civil disturbance and unrest, not just in the U.S. but worldwide, in order to foster the imposition of world dictatorship.

“Don’t stop now - it gets more interesting. Also appointed to the Christopher Commission by TLC member Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles, is a man by the name of Mickey Kantor, who just happens to be the national campaign manager for the Democratic Presidential candidate and TLC member William Clinton, who is himself at the heart of the drug-smuggling operation that was detailed on April 21, 1992 on NBC televisions ‘A Current Affair’; drugs have been flown in and out of the airport in Mena, Arkansas since the early Reagan days, and according to the television broadcast, both Bush and Clinton are aware of it; every time there is an effort to look into it, THE INVESTIGATION GETS STONE-WALLED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Check it out for yourself...”

According to reporter Geraldo Rivera, the L. A. Police may have conspired with the C.I.A. to cover-up the fact that, as stated by many witnesses who were willfully ignored by the police, Sirhan Sirhan—the alleged murderer of Robert Kennedy—was not a “lone gunman.” This is similar to allegations made by many other witnesses that the Dallas Police force conspired with the CIA in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Aside from the possible Dallas Police connection with the J.F.K. assassination, there were many unexplained deaths of several witnesses to the assassination as well. For instance Geraldo Rivera in one of his “NOW IT CAN BE TOLD” segments referred to a witness by the name of Lee Bowers. Bowers had died in an automobile accident shortly after testifying, and one witness claimed that a “black car” deliberately drove him off the road.


Although Bowers testified at the hearings, he did not tell everything he had witnessed because he was afraid to. He did however tell his friend Walter Rischel, who in turn told “NOW” investigator Maurey Terry in a video-taped interview in Dealey Plaza the following:

“...He said he saw a car pull up. Two men got out of the car... they were carrying what appeared to be rifles. One of the gunmen apparently positioned himself either on their car or ‘a’ car. The other one, I don’t recall where he said ‘he’ was. He said he saw BOTH men fire shots, he could tell by the puffs of smoke that came from the rifles.” (Note: This is one of the scenarios given in Oliver Stone’s movie “J.F.K.” - Branton)

This was in a parking lot separated by a fence from a grassy knoll which overlooked the presidential convoy. Quoting from Rivera:

“Another witness that wasn’t questioned by the Warren Commission, a deaf mute named Ed Hoffman, ‘said’ he too observed two men behind the fence, and saw at least one shot fired. Further, acoustics tests conducted by the House Assassinations Committee determined that at least one shot was almost certainly fired from the knoll.”

In answer to why Bowers was afraid to tell the whole story, Walter Rischel said:

“He had disappeared for about two days, one night I know for sure, which is very uncharacteristic of him. And when he came back one of his fingers was missing on one of his hands.”

Rischel and a friend of his contacted every hospital in the area and were unable to find any evidence that anyone with that particular injury had come in for treatment at that time.

Bowers’ death certificate as well as his autopsy report are missing to this day. Craig Rivera added some further comments:

“There’s also some more evidence that backs up what Lee Bowers told Rischel... Three railroad workers who also saw a puff of smoke and heard what they thought were gun shots, ran down to the area, the wooden fence behind the grassy knoll. And they found cigarette butts on the ground, footprints in the mud, and also mud on the bumper of a car.”

Geraldo, interviewing a reporter by the name of Liz Smith, stated:

“Syndicated columnist Liz Smith... is also seen here in the big apple on the GOOD DAY NEW YORK T.V. program.”

On the program she referred to a former friend of hers by the name of Dorathy Kilgallon (spl?) who had interviewed Jack Ruby and who was later found dead under mysterious circumstances. The autopsy showed large amounts of nicotine in her system even though she did not smoke. Jack Ruby had allegedly told her that he felt that “they” (whoever “they” were) were going to kill him, and he wanted to “get out of there” (prison) because of it.


Another “Police” connection? Ruby by the way had known Mafia connections. This might support the allegations by some researchers that members of the Mafia and the CIA who were tied into high-level Scottish-Rite Masonry (ie. the Illuminati) worked together in the assassination-coup of this U.S. president. On this particular segment Geraldo showed a few pages of names and information and explained:

“This is a list of about ONE HUNDRED of the mysterious deaths that we’ve been talking about, people in some way connected to the assassination or the investigation of the assassination. Obviously some of these deaths were from natural causes, but the many suicides, falls, drug over-doses, karate... and hunting accidents lead to what many consider an inescapable conclusion. That just as there apparently was a conspiracy to kill the president there was also a conspiracy by the killers to cover their tracks. A coverup that for the most part has sadly been a success.”

Even though assassinations are no doubt one of the methods used by the “controlling powers” to manipulate society towards their own agendas, other methods seem to be the incitation of serial murders (many of the perpetrators of which were later found to have connections with masonic-like cults), riots, civil conflicts, revolutions or even wars. The fear of the totalitarian “Police State” may be used to incite anarchy among the so-called “lower classes”, which in turn gives those who would impose a police state more of an “excuse” to bring in martial law and totalitarian restrictions.

The following is certainly not the definitive description of human and saurian centers of activity above, upon or beneath the earth. It should be seen as a very basic attempt to outline these regions of activity based on the relatively minimal data that we have accumulated.

HUMAN INTERSTELLAR CONVERGENCES - The Major “convergences” of human societies and activity in the extraterrestrial realm seem to include the,

  • PLEIADES CLUSTER (Taygeta System, planet Erra, etc., populated largely by descendants of refugees from the “Lyran Wars” with the saurians-serpent race, from which other refugees fled to the Hyades and possibly other systems)

  • TAU CETI - EPSILON ERIDANI (Two of the nearest SOL-TYPE star systems to earth, possibly inhabited originally by a race of “ancient astronauts” who may have originated from ancient Grecian, Mayan, Egyptian, Eastindian or Chinese races, or possibly a combination of these)

  • VEGA (also allegedly populated by refugees from the Lyran wars)

HUMAN “INNER-MOUNTAIN” CONVERGENCES - The major convergences of non “International” human societies near the surface of the earth, ie. bases within mountain ranges, hidden valleys, etc., seem to converge within,

  • California’s CASCADE MOUNTAIN RANGE (Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, Panamint Mts., etc. which are possible convergences of ancient hi-tech Mayan, neo-Grecian and Native American human groups, including human-Sasquatch, El-Anakim or human giants, diminutive humans, some secret society interaction, and rare interaction with humans from Sirius, the Pleiades, etc.)


  • the ANDES MOUNTAIN RANGE (Including vast “Pleiadean” bases near Lake Titicaca, Peru, etc.)


  • the FRENCH - SWISS ALPS (within which, according to certain sources, apparently exist “bases” established by “Scandinavian Blonds” from the planet UMMO near the star system Wolf 424, and possibly also bases maintained by “Nordic” humans, both dark and blond haired, from the Pleiades, etc.)

HUMAN SUB-SURFACE CONVERGENCES - The major areas of subterranean convergences of human activity seem to include,

  • the AGHARTA NETWORK beneath central Asia, Mongolia, Karakorum Pass, etc. (whose influence allegedly extends to the sub-nets below the America’s, etc.)

  • the MATO GROSSO NETWORK (spanning the underground areas deep beneath south and western Brazil and outlying areas of South America. This is allegedly a convergence of some of the “Benevolents”, ancient Incan descendants, certain natives tribes who have moved underground, diminutive human races and other hi-tech human societies)

  • the ARKANSAS SUBNET (allegedly a convergence of the Moon-Eyes, or pale-bluish skinned humans 7 to 8 ft. tall with large “wrap around” eyes, and also human-Sasquatch, and some human groups with ties to surface society)

SAUROID EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONVERGENCES - These seem to include the star-systems of,

  • ALPHA DRACONIS (an alleged major “Reptoid” stronghold)

  • EPSILON BOOTES (another alleged Sauroid-Reptoid center of activity)

  • ZETA 1 - ZETA 2 RETICULI (a binary star system with possibly two separate planetary systems, and an alleged Reptoid-Saurian Gray center or convergence with some “possible” human-MIB or synthetic “MIB” activity)

SAUROID “INNER-MOUNTAIN” CONVERGENCES - One of the major convergences of this type is allegedly within,

  • the HIMALAYAN MOUNTAIN RANGE (an entire network of connected caverns including “Naga” or “Serpent Race” activity beneath Lake Manosarowar and possibly beneath other parts of Tibet; this also may include interaction with Serpent Cults tied-in with Far Eastern “occult” societies, also Naga - UFO activity as well)

  • the intra-mountain activity within MOUNT ARCHULETA - ARCHULETA MESA in northwestern New Mexico (deep levels of which are allegedly utilized by several different types of Sauroid Reptilians including saurian-grays; large-nosed grays; Chameleons; Large ‘Lizard’ Reptoids; Mothmen-Draco, etc.)

  • the PINE GAP PLATEAU near Alice Springs, central Australia (which holds a base similar to the one at Dulce, New Mexico, with deep-level control by saurian-gray and other Reptoid beings, as well as implanted-controlled human worker-slaves tied-in with the Illuminati’s “Club Of Rome”.)


  • The major deep convergence or “capitol” of Reptilian-Sauroid deep-underground activity is traditionally located below the area known as Hindustan

  • This “infernal” subterranean region is known as “SNAKEWORLD” by the natives. It also goes by the name “Nagaloka,” “Bhoga,” or “Patala,” etc.

  • Another apparent convergence of deep subterranean Reptilian activity seems to be the MITLA NETWORK below Central America (within the Aztec - Toltec “underworld”)

  • Also the deep SOUTHWESTERN U.S. SUBNET -  which undermines the 4-corners states, Nevada and southern California

    • This area includes caverns, ancient and more recent tunnel systems, underground aqua-systems, Reptilian and ‘joint’ laboratories largely controlled by saurian infiltrators-invaders such as the saurian grays, chameleons, naga-reptoids or “lizards”; winged-horned dracos; iguana’s or large-nosed grays, and so on

    • This area seems to be the major area in the world for human - sauroid conflicts, human and animal mutilations, serpent cult activity and genetic experimentation involving so-called “hybrids” - some with human soul-matrix’s—“humans”—and some without human soul-matrix’s—“sauroids”

The previous information as we’ve said may not be entirely complete, but may be revised as new information presents itself. There are three more “areas” which might be included with the above. These are major Exterran, Terran and Subterran convergences of “joint” human - saurian INTERACTION, or “Serpent Cult” activity involving human and reptilian “cult members”.

The major surface convergence of such activity from ancient times seems to be in Rome, centering just beneath the Hill Vaticanus. In pagan-Roman and pre-Catholic times this hill was known by Roman sorcerer cults as the “Hill of Divination” and was named after one of the pagan “Gods” that went by the name “Vaticanus”. According to many sources Rome is now the headquarters of the “Mystery Babylon” religion initiated by Nimrod and Semiramis (who later became known and worshipped as Osiris and Isis, Baal and Ashtaroth, the ‘Sun God’ and the ‘Moon Goddess’ Venus-Aphrodite, or the ‘queen of heaven’, etc.).


Many will recognize Nimrod as the original builder of the Tower of “Babel”, from where we get the words “Babel” and “confusion”, and Semiramis as the post-deluvian co-founder of the lodge-like Idol worshipping—witchcraft practicing—astrological cult or secret society known as the “Babylon Mystery religion” from which many have allegedly traced modern-day “Illuminized” Masonry.


According to many sources this ancient secret society began in Babylon with the Babylonian kings acting as “Grand Pontiff” of the Mystery Order or Society, and then later gravitated to Egypt where the Pharaoh’s took up the unbroken pontifical line, and still later to pagan Rome itself where the Roman Emperors took up the title of “Pontifous Maximus” or Supreme Grandmaster of the ancient Babylonian Mystery Society.


When Constantine became the last Roman Emperor AND AT THE SAME TIME the first Roman “Pontiff” or “Pope” over the so-called “Holy Roman Empire”, the pontifical line merely traded political garb for religious garb for convenience sake, and for the sake of protection. Nevertheless the serpent-worshipping Babylonian pontifical line continued through the “Popes” who demanded submission and brought it about by,

  • manipulating religious feelings

  • using fear and intimidation by declaring that no one could enter heaven and escape hell unless they submitted themselves personally to the Roman Pontiff

  • It was an infernally ingenious plan that succeeded beyond their wildest expectations (they killed millions in the INQUISITIONS).

According to Revelation chapters 13 and 17, and other more recent confirming accounts, this hill will be the center of human - draconian interaction during the 7 - year “tribulation” period, as prophetically symbolized as a “Whore” sitting upon a 7 - headed “Beast” or “Dragon”. This is also evidenced by the vast secret catacombs beneath Rome, and which according to one source allegedly connect or connected with the “alien-controlled” catacombs beneath the island of Malta, which happens to be one of the most profusely ROMAN-church-controlled countries in the world. The Club of ROME - Illuminati - Knights of Malta and the human-reptilian bases they jointly control, such as the ‘joint’ base beneath Pine Gap, Australia, tends to confirm this.

Even now, as we will see in later files, the Babylonian or Jesuit-Masonic serpent cult, or “Club Of Rome”/ “Illuminati”, is largely based in Rome and apparently has present associations with “joint” human-reptilian serpent cults beyond and beneath the earth, namely connections with the “MIB” cult within the “NOD” complex beneath Washington D.C., and the “Sirius” colony.


One of the “connecting points” between the serpent cults in Rome (Terran), in Sirius (ex-Terran) and in Nod (Sub-Terran) seems to be the “House of the Temple” in Washington D.C., within which there are, according to witnesses, numerous depictions of SERPENTS as well as other indications of blatant serpent or reptile worship. The 33rd (Illuminized) degree of Scottish Rite Masonry, which was originally inspired and created by ROMAN Jesuits, has it’s headquarters within this “Temple”, which in turn is allegedly built over ancient tunnels that lead to the deep underground “NOD” complex, which is in turn allegedly tied-in with the SIRIUS empire.


So then, in one sense one could say that the Masonic “House of the Temple” (click image right) is a major center of “MIB” activity in the United States, in spite of outward indications.

Another possible event that we might interject into this entire scenario was related by “LEADING EDGE RESEARCH”, which reproduced an article that originally appeared in the “CONFIDENTIAL REPORTER”, concerning Sirius, the Hubble Telescope, etc. As we’ve said, Sirius had been identified with the “MIB” or the so-called “Men In Black” or “Nation of the Third Eye”, apparently a type of cosmic “terrorist” organization (not to be mistaken for the “Syrians” although there are probably similarities between the two), who are allegedly allied with certain Masonic-Wiccan groups on earth, and who are in turn largely controlled by the Reptilians.


If any true human beings are left in the Sirius system they are no doubt under extreme forms of Draconian control. For instance, most human-like “MIB” when encountered are described, like many so-called “joint” base workers themselves, as being “not all there,” as if under some kind of perpetual mind control.


Also, as we’ve said earlier, if a human being was “born” into such a society one cannot blame them for this, and we should feel sorry for them rather than be angry at them (our anger should instead be directed toward the Infernals and Reptilians who apparently control this “slave” society in Sirius, etc.). They, the human “MIB”, have no doubt been “acclimated” through mind control into this giant “serpent cult” or society ever since birth.


The following article may add more light on the entire Sirius problem.


LEADING EDGE RESEARCH’S Val Valerian comments on the article in the following words of introduction:

“The subject of the Hubble Telescope has been widely discussed over the past year. The above article is certainly one of the most interesting to appear about the Hubble for some time. In recent issues of LE and other publications, it has been discussed that the Hubble is in fact being used for surveillance of deep space in terms of detecting approaching alien species...”

The article in question, titled “HUBBLE TELESCOPE: BIG LIE”, is quoted here:

“At a time when NASA public relations needs an outstanding success, they have been ordered to report the Hubble Telescope as virtually useless. There has to be a big reason for that, and indeed there is a VERY BIG REASON.

“As you know, the purpose of this giant ‘Eye in the Sky’ was to give us information on the universe we had never had before. It was designed to probe the universe, yielding visual images of deep space phenomena, by a hundred times or more, than any telescope trying to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. It does all that and more, even as NASA’s public affairs department is busy explaining why it doesn’t work and pointing the dread finger of blame here and there.

“’Empty’ space is not empty! To the limits of the universe, where space turns back on itself and beginning and end become the same, there are to be seen a variety of vessels in progress from one point to another. We must assume that these are inhabited, but by what? Even our own solar system is not without it’s share of USV’s, Unidentified Space Vessels. They occasionally dip into our atmosphere causing great excitement, but a whole department of government has been set up to explain them away. Weather balloons, indeed!

“In our history, whenever an inferior culture has been exposed to a superior culture, it has languished and faded away. This is supposed to be proof that our world cultures will suffer the same fate, if exposed to a vastly superior extraterrestrial alien culture. In the past, that may have been true of cultures in stasis, people who were satisfied with their way of life and didn’t want to change it. Today, we are in a vastly different situation. We are moving forward into a New World Order at a breath-taking pace. There is more technological progress in a day now then there was once in a thousand years before. We are not now of a nature to bow down humbly to alien entities as ‘Our Masters.’ Give us some credit!

“At least, that is the firm conviction of Dr. Hans Markowitz and the ‘Secret College,’ of top scientists the world over. They don’t accept the politically fictionalized history of man, but instead see man as capable of holding his own. And deserving of the truth!

“The big picture, the reason for the big lie, is this: We may be facing the greatest war, an interstellar war, that the universe has known. Far out in space, in the general direction of Sirius, the ‘Dog Star,’ a monstrous cloud of vessels is moving through space. All information obtained to this point has been subjected to computer analysis. The indications are that this is a space flotilla that will intercept Earth in approximately 12 years

(Note: That is, shortly after the turn of the century. Sirius, being 8.7 light years distant from earth, would have been an even more likely choice than the Cetus-Eridanus constellation for ancient Terran cosmonauts to explore, other than the fact that Sirius is of the AO-spectrum class and Tau Ceti, etc. are more of the SOL type. Planetary bodies with habitable environments might theoretically exist around larger, non-Sol type stars, but these planets would very likely be at a much greater orbit. This flotilla described in this article then would be traveling just under the speed of light - Branton).

“The word ‘approximate’ must be used because, at their speed through the universe, they are subject to some degree of time compression. Never-the-less, there is every appearance that our green planet could be a target, or at least their destination.

“These vessels, though huge, do not give the impression of enclosing vast amounts of useful space, as would be the case with freighters, or passenger craft. They are up to five hundred miles long, sleek, apparently all technological muscle, and are assumed to be military in nature, and therefore likely hostile. Such a conglomeration of power would not be put together to pay us a friendly visit! We must assume the worst!

“In the meantime, the ‘Powers That Be’ favor the approach, ‘business as usual,’ and such preparations as are to be made, made in secret.

“How long have the governments of the world had some inkling of this? Since the first ‘saucer’ sighting was validated? Could this be the secret behind the ‘cold war,’ the apparent hostilities between the nations of the Earth, requiring a rapid progress in military technology and (as much) expansion as possible to ward off space aliens? Was it assumed that we would be less fearful if the enemy were recognized as our fellow man? Better the evil known than the evil unknown. Is that their belief?

“Given these facts, we must begin a world-wide psychological preparation, and an all-out technological effort to prepare our defenses.

“Has mankind perhaps faced a similar situation in the past? A very
primitive tribe in Africa claims to have come from ‘Sirius,’ the Dog Star (were these people descendants of ‘ancient astronauts’ who, possibly with the help of the Reptoids, traveled to Sirius thousands of years ago? - Branton). They describe in astronomical detail and exactness of the twin-star system, the situation of the planets, and the physical makeup of their ‘home’ planet. Yet they don’t even have a written language!

“It may be that we are outgunned. On the other hand, it may be that other entities have underestimated mankind’s ability to rise to the occasion.”

If this space fleet from Sirius does in fact have some connection with the pact between the “Men In Black” and the “Serpent Race”, then there may be a connection between this invasion (?) force and a “fifth column” of MIB - Reptilians working here on earth, especially in the underground bases, whose job might be to sabotage things on our end so that resistance will be minimal when the fleet finally arrives. Believe it or not, such a thing may be taking place, and the Dulce, New Mexico Base may be the headquarters of this type of “serpent cult” activity.

According to Dr. Paul Bennewitz of Thunder Scientific laboratories near Albuquerque, New Mexico, Black Cadillacs HAVE been seen in connection to the “base” near Dulce, especially in connection with the “restricted” road or roads that lead to the base entrances. These large black automobiles, as many Ufologists will agree, are an apparent sign of “MIB” activity, especially when seen in connection to UFO or alien-related events. UFO abductee  Christa Tilton, who described her own abductions to the underground base near Dulce, also confirmed this “MIB” connection as well.

The mysterious “government insider” whose books have been published by Tim Beckley’s Abelard Press of New York, an informant who goes by the name of “Commander X,” related a very interesting incident which involved the subterranean mega-complex beneath Dulce. The story he tells might turn out to be an important part of the puzzle in connection with what we have just related. This anonymous (understandably) U.S. Government “Intelligence” worker claimed to have received several reports involving strange events emanating from the small city of Dulce.

One of these accounts included the following:

“...In another case an old illustrator, John D., does very painstaking work, but during his being on active duty at Dulce (where there is located a restricted military installation on the surface, just outside of the city, according to different sources - Branton), he began to act very queerly. He would write letters to the President informing him of a plot underway to undermine the government, and to sabotage the base. He began to draw pictures of American flags, beautifully executed. He drew strange designs of mechanical devices, began to visit the library and bring back books on physics and advanced electronics. He hardly knew how to spell the words.

“He would patiently explain something of a very technical nature which he shouldn’t have understood. When asked what he was raving about and why he was causing trouble by writing the President, John D. would say that he had been ‘sensitized.’

“’Last year when I was sick (John D. explained), the doctor on the base gave me sulfanilamide. There is a fifth column in this country that is tied up with aliens. Selenium is being slipped into sulfa drugs, and this selenium lodges in the bones and makes the body receptive to extremely short waves, those in the wave band of the brain. Similar to the waves that can be detected by the encephalograph. About 300,000 people in this country have been sensitized, and at least seven secret radio stations have been set up in this country, and they are broadcasting to these sensitized persons, instructing them in the best way to perform acts of sabotage against our planet.’”

These claims as given by the Dulce worker, John D., are incredible indeed, and could easily be dismissed as the ravings of a madman, IF NOT FOR THE FACT THAT many others are saying basically the same thing, that there is a movement underway to bring minds under the subjection of some alien force, whether through implantation or other means, and that these alien powers from all indications intend on bringing humanity under their control.

Why would the “controllers” use the United States as their major target of their activity? We believe that this is due to the fact that the U.S. is a place which was originally intended by it’s founding fathers to be a refuge for people from all nations to come and work out their collective destinies free from the restrictions of dictatorial or tyrannical rule.


Therefore it is unlike any other single nation. It is a “melting pot” and a place where not only international human societies on the surface CONVERGE and intermingle in a dramatic way, but apparently where human societies beneath or beyond the earth converge as well. For instance, according to various accounts, most non-surface human societies who are aware of earth have their representatives walking among us in our society.


There is even a possibility presented by some accounts, however strange it may seem, that the sauroids or reptilians themselves have their own chameleon-like non-human “representatives” walking among us, infiltrating society (and according to one account a human-appearing but internally ‘reptilian’ being was caught infiltrating the Pentagon and stealing ‘intelligence’ on the SDI projects.)


We will deal with this possibility in another “File”. The U.S. then is in essence a “World Scenario”, if not a “universal” scenario in miniature and therefore the “Conspiracy” sees it as a most valuable “prize”. Therefore it would probably not be too “far out” to suggest that the war between the human and serpent races from all three “realms” CONVERGE in the United States and, to be more exact, within the vicinity of Mt. Archuleta near Dulce, New Mexico.

There are apparently other planets “out there” which the Sauroid races have allegedly colonized hundreds if not thousands of years ago, and which, according to different sources, the saurian grays now utilize as bases of operation.

In his article “THE ZETA RETICULI INCIDENT” (which appeared in ASTRONOMY Magazine, December 1974 issue), Terence Eickerson suggested that one of the major centers of the alien “Grays” is in the double-star system of Zeta Reticuli I and II, based on the testimony of “abductees” who have been manipulated and implanted by the grays. Both Zeta I & II are Sol-type suns about 37 light years from earth, right next door, cosmically speaking.

Jeffrey L. Kretch published an article titled “THE AGE OF NEARBY STARS” in ASTRONOMY, written in response to the earlier article by Eickerson (which incidentally raised more interest and brought more response from the readers than any other article the magazine had formerly published).


Kretch raised some facts which bring into question the presumption that the “gray” type aliens “evolved” in the Zeta Reticuli system, as the “grays” would probably have us believe.


Quoting from Kretch:

“A final point concerning the METAL DEFICIENCIES is rather disturbing. Even though terrestrial planets might form around either star in the Zeta Reticuli system, there is a specific DEFICIENCY IN CARBON to well within the error range. This is disturbing because CARBON IS THE BUILDING BLOCK OF ORGANIC MOLECULE CHAINS. There is no way of knowing whether life on earth would have emerged... if carbon were not as common here.”

Although Zeta Reticuli may nevertheless be a major “convergence” of reptilian activity, it appears as if the “convergences” of human activity are elsewhere. We might suppose that early astronauts from earth decided to travel first to the nearest SOL-type system to earth, rather than a non-Sol-type system. Believe it or not, the NEAREST and most likely candidate for conditions found in our solar system is TAU CETI.


This, as well as the nearby system of Epsilon Eridani may have as a result become a major center or “jumping off” point of human interplanetary exploration. Tau Ceti is only 11.8 light years away. Incidentally, according to ASTRONOMY Magazine, 15 of the 46--or 33 percent—of the SOL-type stars within 55 light-years-radius of earth, are in the Cetus and Eridanus constellations. This would be the most likely point of initial exploration by an ancient civilization such as the “Hav-musuv’s,” etc., who developed the art of interplanetary and interstellar travel hundreds or thousands of years before the “Internationals” on the surface of the planet were able to.

Oscar, the “source” of the account given by Forest Crawford earlier, claimed that the “star map” found on board the recovered Tau Ceti craft showed the Tau Ceti - Epsilon Eridani systems as they would be seen from Earth. Apparently, over the ages the Tau Cetians had developed several interstellar trade or exploration routes. At the same time, the non-human alien-sauroid “empire” no doubt continued to expand as well.


The map which was drawn by abductee Betty Hill from memory indicated, once it was lined up with contemporary star maps, that it connected with the Tau Ceti system as well as other systems. Or rather, the “lines” connecting other stars on the gray’s map connected Tau Ceti, etc., as well. This suggests that the Grays utilized interstellar routes to prey upon human civilizations, as was confirmed by Oscar’s contacts.


As we’ve said, if an ancient hi-tech civilization such as the Hav-musuv’s decided to explore nearby star systems, then Tau Ceti would be THE MOST logical candidate (Remember the accounts we’ve related telling of an alleged connection and cooperation between the Pleiadeans, Tau Cetians, Ummites and Vegans, as well as the statement that they “seem” to utilize a subterranean “space port” beneath Death Valley - Branton). Just as the Tau Cetians very likely had their genesis on earth thousands of years ago, we can see from the evidence that the grays-reptoids (as confirmed by Thomas C. and others) also originated on this sphere, having left this planet from the subterranean regions they occupied hundreds or thousand of years ago, and colonized Zeta Reticuli as well as other systems.

Recently we received word from researcher Jason Bishop (who is in contact with SEVERAL individuals who have been victims of gray and reptoid abductions and implantation, as well as different people associated or formerly associated with the Dulce base) that certain sources have informed him that:

“The ‘Draco’ takeover of the Earth surface cultures is becoming OVERT (no longer as ‘covert’), 1992-1999. 1993 - money will be worthless (at present rate of change, and implants will be triggered). 1995 - Lots (25 percent) of people on earth (are scheduled to) die or disappear - food of the ‘Gods’”

(The latter “disappearance” is not to be confused with the “rapture”, which will be a Divine “rescue” of the followers of “The Lamb”. According to Jason Bishop, “the plan” which the Sauroid infiltrators-invaders have established is in the process of becoming a reality, unless of course some miraculous event takes place which hinders “the plan” from being carried out as scheduled - Branton).

A recent update from the Dulce Base “defector” Thomas C. reveals that the early American leaders, possibly after discovering various subterranean facilities like those beneath Washington D.C., learned shortly after the founding of the nation of the existence of the subterranean city of “Telos”:

“Beginning with Grover Cleveland,” Thomas C. alleged, “every president in the U.S. history have visited Telos City, except for Taft.”

Taft, incidentally was an excessively large man, which might explain the reason why he didn’t make the trip. In Jim Brandon’s book, WEIRD AMERICA (E. P. Dutton & Co., N. Y., 1978., p. 58), we read that a “Dr. John Thornton” investigated ancient glazed tunnels under Washington D.C., which the founding fathers were allegedly aware of, and over which several important government buildings in the Capitol City were constructed. These tunnels allegedly led to deeper underground systems beyond. Could these have been instrumental in bringing the American and Telosian governments together, or did these presidents utilize another “entrance”?


We could probably say that a “lodge” or hidden “government” exists consisting of both American and Telosian delegates. Whether such a delegation is strongly or loosely tied, it would nevertheless be necessary to orchestrate such visits to the Telosian capitol.


Apparently it may have been THIS American-Telosian delegation which made the original encounters-treaties with some of the “grays” whom they at the time assumed were benevolent (Note: Could this delegation also include MJ-12 and the “Benevolent” groups who are jointly working together against the Grays within the Nevada military complex, according to “Yellow Fruit”?). As we’ve seen earlier this same group after having been “burned” by these creatures, had apparently become aware of their untrustworthy, deceitful and infernal nature - as well as the fact that the reptilians from all indications intend to take over human society.

The following areas are sites where conflicts between the human and serpent races have reportedly taken place, as a continuation of the ancient Da’ath or Da-yath wars (“Da’ath” is the Hebrew name for the ancient tree near which, according to tradition, the human and serpent races first came into conflict): see general

DULCE, NEW MEXICO - Site of the “Dulce Wars” which broke out within the subterranean mega-complex itself after the insidious nature of the aliens became apparent. Human government scientists, possibly working with “other” societies (Blonds, etc.) allegedly discovered the remains of thousands of human mutilation victims in cold storage in extremely deep and remote levels of the complex. Draco’s, Reptoids, Chameleons, Iguanas, and Grays are some of the reptilian-saurian mutations encountered in this underground facility.

NELLIS RANGE, NEVADA - (Covering S-4, Dreamland, Mercury, Blue Diamond, Nevada Test Site, etc.). MJ-12 and the “Benevolents” allegedly work here together against the saurian-grays which are concentrated largely near Deep Springs and in deep cavern levels miles beneath southern Nevada. The subterranean mega-complexes are varied and highly compartmentalized. Upper levels of this mega-complex are in human control while, as at the Dulce subsystem, lower levels (some of which allegedly descend OVER 30 LEVELS underground and intersect with extensive cavern systems below) are controlled by the Reptilians - Reptoids, Chameleons, Iguanas, Grays and OTHER ‘grotesque’ reptilian beings.


“Controlled” humans also work in the lower levels. According to sources everything here is “way out of control” and the situation is such that when a “Test Site” worker learns “too much” about the alien activity and the infiltration of the lower levels by saurian beings from below, they often end up dead or missing. The “security clearances” and extreme secrecy involved in the reptilian-human interaction as well as the compartmentalization works in the favor of the Reptilians, making it easier for them to neutralize any human who discovers their TRUE motives for establishing joint interaction with government officials - namely, the ultimate subjection of the human race.

MOUNT SHASTA, CALIFORNIA - Originally an antediluvian outpost and later re-established by early post-deluvian explorers. The inhabitants are usually 6-7 ft. tall blond humans, possibly a combination of ancient Grecian, neo-Mayan and/or Eastindian and other heritages. Their society apparently came in contact with the ever-expanding reptilian empire and like many other societies - our own American society for instance - they at first were led to believe the “benevolence” facade utilized by the reptilians.


A similar parallel or reverse scenario can be found in the Reptilian-controlled “Dulce” - Archuleta underground complexes which “allowed” human ambassadors-workers limited access after the base was “discovered” by government agencies. Most of these workers were later implanted and came under the control of the Saurians. These humans mistakenly assumed that instead of declaring war against the aliens within this and other bases they could instead formulate a mutually beneficial “treaty”, in essence throwing “their pearls before swine” and through blind faith entrusting the reptilians with certain accesses to human society.


They “entrusted” these creatures with the supposed benevolent “abduction and study” of human beings when in fact, as the government later discovered, the saurians continued to permanently steal thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of human beings, as well as engage in other hidden atrocities. In time it became apparent that the humans - Telosians, El-Anakim, Sasquatch, diminutives, etc. (converging at Shasta, etc.) and reptilians (converging at Archuleta, etc.) could never co-exist without the humans losing all self-will of their own, due to the reptilian desire and in fact instinctive “drive” to completely conquer and subdue the human race. Thus the “Dulce Wars” and the resulting “stand-offs”.


According to Thomas C. the “original” owners of the planet which the Sauroids-Greys claim to be (and so they would have us believe), and their Infernal paraphysical allies who operate in the physical realm via bio-genetically engineered physical “forms”, are going “to wage war” on Terra, with “The El Race and the Owners.” The “owners” would be us, one would assume. The “El’s” or human giants are just like us physically, but anywhere from 9 to 11 and in some cases even 12 ft. tall. They have allegedly been encountered within large cavern systems deep below Alaska, Oregon, California, Texas, Mexico, etc., and are allegedly capable of interstellar travel. There are indications that the “Agharti” civilization and the “Moon Eyes”, both referred to earlier in this file, are involved with the activities at Mt. Shasta as well.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - According to various accounts, an ancient system of tunnels and caverns exist below this area. As in the case of much of Nevada, a large percentage of the water in this “Great Basin” area cannot escape to the Pacific Ocean, but instead seeps down underground into huge subterranean systems.


According to various sources, these underground systems may have at one time been largely under human occupation. These caverns were apparently and eventually infiltrated to a large degree though not entirely by reptilian influences. Certain “controlled” Dero-MIB type human groups who are being manipulated by the Saurians seem to exist there as well. Also, certain “human resistance” groups that are opposed to the reptilians seem to occupy some of the underground systems also.

DIXONVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA - Sometime during the 1940’s, 15 miners turned up dead or missing underground after breaking into an ancient tunnel of unknown origin. Claw-like marks were seen on some of the dead miners, while others were never found. One eye-witness (according to an article by Stoney Brakefield which appeared in the July 14, 1974 issue of the Pennsylvania newspaper NEWS EXTRA) reported seeing a grotesque hominoid creature which was totally “alien” and “not of this world”.