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History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.
Napoleon Bonaparte

By the mid-1990s I had begun to piece together the structure through which the Illuminati could manipulate the masses while maintaining the secrecy essential to their agenda's success.


It was clear to me by then that,

  1. this conspiracy had to go back a long way

  2. there obviously had to be some unifying force that was coordinating events through the generations.

Quite understandably, people ask why, if the conspiracy goes back at least thousands of years, Illuminati operatives would have given their lives throughout that period to achieving global control when they knew they would not be around to see it? There is an answer to that question and I began to appreciate what it was when an apparently bizarre new theme entered my research: reptilian shapeshifters.


Yes, I know, but stay with me a while. I began to follow the conspiracy 'back' into history searching for the origin of the Illuminati and their agenda of global conquest. I got comfortably back to the time of the Crusades in the thirteenth century in the so-called 'Holy Land' and the elite secret societies established in that period like the Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights and Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, which now has two main arms known as the Knights of Malta (official head the Pope) and the Knights or Order of St John of Jerusalem (official head the British monarch).


These secret societies are still Illuminati operations with some of the world's most powerful people among their initiates, including Queen Elizabeth II. I continued to go back from the Crusade era and I was thousands of years BC before I found anything like a starting point to the Illuminati agenda. It was not, in fact, the origin, which lies way back with the advanced civilizations known as Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu, and even earlier.


These lands were believed to be located in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and were destroyed by enormous cataclysmic events that started perhaps some 11,000 years ago (see The Biggest Secret).


But there is a later point where you can pick up the story, around 4,000 to 2,000 BC in Sumer, now Iraq, in the "Land Between the Rivers" called Mesopotamia.

Sumer or later

Sumer is known as the 'cradle of civilization' to conventional history because it was so advanced. The Sumerians were the first known people to study the stars, develop the written word and enforce a legal code. It was the artifacts, texts and records from Sumer and its successors in that land, like the Assyrians and Babylonians, that were so professionally and systematically looted or burned after the Fourth Reich's invasion of Iraq in 2003.


The British writer and anthropologist, L.A. Waddell, produced a series of brilliant books about Sumer and other ancient cultures. He was an expert in Sumerian and Egyptian hieroglyphic and the Sanskrit language of the Indus Valley in India. This was a rare gift indeed and it allowed him to travel these regions, reading the ancient accounts on the temple and monuments, and see that Sumer, Egypt and the Indus Valley were parts of one empire based on Sumer (Figure 18).


See The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix for more of this background and Waddell's work is documented in detail in his book, Egyptian Civilization, Its Sumerian Origin And Real Chronology. Waddell also shows in his work, Makers of Civilization/ that the Sumer-centered Empire extended not only to the Indus Valley in the east, but to the British Isles in the west and encompassed much in between. It was larger than that of Alexander the Great or the Romans. The Sumer Empire included a large part of the world and it is from this same information source that all of the major religions have emerged.


From where did Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and others like Zoroastrism, etc., emerge?

The Middle and Near East and the vast region ruled at one time from Sumer; and it continued to be dominated by that knowledge base and belief system in the thousands of years that followed Sumer's demise.


The story of King Sargon, the Akkadian king who conquered Sumer, is an excellent example. They said that his mother bore him in secret and floated him in a basket on the River Euphrates, where he was found and brought up by another family.3


The Israelite/Hebrews, or rather their manipulating priests, the Levites, later took this ancient story from the Mesopotamian accounts and used it in the story of Moses. The Old Testament is founded on Sumerian and Egyptian accounts, edited and rewritten as required, to create a manufactured history and religion called Judaism.


The New Testament is based on symbolic stories repeated over and over in the thousands of years before it was compiled and these relate to a large extent to the Sumerian and Egyptian religion of Sun worship and Mystery school rituals. The New Testament texts, in turn, created a manufactured religion and history called Christianity.


King Sargon was a major Sun worshipper and these rulers of the Sumer Empire were given the title, "Son of the Sun".4


To the Sumerians, the Sun was a symbol of 'God' and from this came the title Son of the Sun or Son of God. Sumerian emperors were also often known as "The One Lord". You find the same story in Egypt because the two cultures were so connected. Waddell discovered from the time lines and the descriptions of the leaders and their genealogy that the rulers of these three great cultures, Sumer, Egypt and the Indus Valley were, at least in one period, the same people under different names. It is the different names that have obscured the truth to a large extent.


Historians have taken different names to mean different people, but this is not correct. The endless 'gods' in the various cultures also turn out to be different names for the same deities.


Once you understand this, wading into the past becomes a lot less complicated. The advantage that Waddell had over conventional Egyptologists and 'historians' (apart from an open mind) was that he could read Sumerian and could decipher inscriptions in Egypt, which they could not understand. He could see that early Egyptian hieroglyphics were those used by their ruling culture in Sumer. It was only later that they evolved into an Egyptian system developed more locally. It is the latter that Egyptologists have been decoding. The earlier Sumerian hieroglyphics in Egypt flummoxed them, but not Waddell. Here is one example of how he proved his point.


The Sumerians recorded that King "basket on the river" Sargon had a son called Manis, who later became emperor. At the same time, Waddell shows, the son of the king gin the Indus Valley was known as Manja, and in Egypt he was called Manj (abbreviated to Man) - the guy known to the Greeks as Menes and to English Egyptologists as Mena.5


So we have the ruler's son, and later ruler, in Sumer, Egypt and the Indus Valley in the same period called variously, Manis, Manj and Manja. The reason becomes obvious - it was the same bloke. Even the title given to him was the same or very similar in all three places. In Egypt he was known as Manj-the-Warrior; in Sumer he was Manis-the-Warrior; and in the Indus Valley he was called Manja-the-Shooter.6


His father, Sargon the Great, is a Semitic name for the Sumerian-Mesopotamian emperor, King Gin, Gani, or Guni.


The Sumer Empire was so large that in the later Babylonian texts he is called the "King of the Four Quarters of the World."

Figure 19:

The ancient Illuminati symbol of the Pyramid and AII-Seeing-Eye on the dollar bill.

The raised capstone represents the unseen force that manipulates the pyramid

Babylonian texts he is called the "King of the Four Quarters of the World." The Incas of South America also used this term "Four Quarters". In the ancient Indian epics, Sargon's son, Manja, was called "The Royal Eye of Gopta and of the Four Ends of the Earth" when he became emperor.7


In Egypt, India (at the Taj Mahal, for example) and the Christian world you also find the four pillar symbolism representing the pillars that hold up the heavens. In the Indus Valley clay seal records, Sargon and Manja or Menes also called themselves and their dynasty Gut or Got ('Goth' to the Romans) and used the titles Bar or Par which means 'pharaoh', according to Waddell.8


Gut or Got became 'God', a term used by the later Goths. All non-Latin languages in Europe are derived from the Gothic, including English, and the ancient Swedish language is still called "Sueo-Gothic".9


The former name for Denmark was "Goth-land" and a derivative was Jutland.10


Gothic architecture so beloved of the bloodlines and the Illuminati, comes from the same source and so does the horned headgear worn by the kings and leaders of European tribes and kingdoms. But these symbols, styles and customs go back much further to the technologically advanced global civilizations known as Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu. The Illuminati Knights Templar used the 'Gothic' style of architecture when they built the great 'Christian' cathedrals of Europe, which are full of Pagan symbolism and located on ancient Pagan sacred sites.


The symbolism of the 'Eye of Gopta' may relate to the widely used Illuminati symbol, the all-seeing eye or Eye of Horus, which you will find at the top of the pyramid on the US dollar bill and on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States (Figure 19 above). It certainly represents the11 God.


The symbols used by the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian dynasties are still used by the Illuminati today because they are the same bloodlines and are working with the same knowledge, which has been hidden away since ancient times within the Mystery school and secret society networks.

Origins of the bloodline

I knew by the time I was researching the Sumer period that the Illuminati were obsessed with genetics and obsessively interbred for some reason. The same bloodlines have been installed in the positions of political and economic power for thousands of years. First they were the royalty and nobility of the ancients and now they are the leading politicians, bankers, businessmen and media owners of modern society.


So what was it with this bloodline stuff?


The Sumerian accounts of their history were to offer an answer. Sumer began at the peak of its powers and then gradually declined, indicating a great input of knowledge at the start that was later lost. The Sumerians had their own explanations for the origin of this knowledge and their records were rediscovered thousands of years later. In the mid-1800s and later, tens of thousands of clay tablets were found in the former land of Sumer on the site of the Assyrian capital city of Nineveh near what is today Mosul in Iraq.


An Englishman, Sir Austen Henry Layard, made this first discovery and others have followed. The astonishing accounts the tablets contain originated in Sumer and not with the later Assyrian culture. Therefore, I refer to them as the Sumerian Tablets. It is estimated that they were buried around 2000bc, but they tell a story that goes back long before to the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu and even further. In more recent times many books have been written translating the content of the Tablets and you don't have to delve into the translations for long to see that much of the Biblical Old Testament is an edited rewrite of these Sumerian stories. Besides the floating basket story of King Sargon, the Tablets describe the Great Flood and a place called E.DIN ("The Abode of the Righteous One").


The Bible speaks of Eden, the garden of 'God'. The story of Genesis is a summary of the same basic story told in the Sumerian Tablet§> in far more detail. Interestingly, many of the terms translated into the English version of the Old Testament as 'God' come from words that actually mean 'gods', plural, and the Sumerians said the founders of their civilization were a race of beings that came to this planet from elsewhere bringing great knowledge and technology. They called these beings the Anunna.


Their later Semitic name was AN.UNNAK.KI ("Those who from Heaven to Earth Came") and DIN.GIR ("The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets"). Anunna means "Sons of An" (later Anu), the 'king' of the Anunna/Anunnaki.11 The name for Sumer in the tablets is KI.EN.GIR, which has been translated as "The Land of the Lord of the Blazing Rockets" and also "The Land of the Watchers".


The term 'Watchers' is often used to describe ancient 'gods'.


The Egyptian name for their gods, the Neteru, translates literally as 'Watchers'. The Egyptians said that these Watchers came in their 'heavenly boats' and in ancient cultures across the world you have this constantly recurring theme of 'gods: arriving in some kind of flying machine to found civilizations and bring knowledge and techniques that were light years ahead of what existed before. In the Indian culture they called the flying craft Vimanas and there were several designs.


Some were cigar-shaped while others were described as double-decked with a dome and porthole windows. Both types are regularly described in UFO sightings today. The ancient Indian texts describe anti-gravity technology of the type used in 'flying saucers'. So much so that when the Chinese discovered Sanskrit documents in Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh for translation, they were found to contain the knowledge to build interstellar spaceships, according to the University's Dr Ruth Reyna.12


Yet the documents are thousands of years old!


Dr Reyna revealed that these ships were known as "Astras" and it was claimed they could fly to any planet. Some texts talk about them flying to the Moon. Details of building, flying, and operating the craft are all included. The Chinese, apparently, even used part of the contents in their space program. 13 The Sumerian Tablets describe planets of the solar system in both number and environment in ways that were only confirmed in the twentieth century.


They describe how the Anunnaki, later called' gods', created a culture of great advancement and technology that was destroyed by Earth catastrophes and flood. The story of the Biblical Great Flood is told at length in the Tablets thousands of years before the Bible appeared. The Sumerian flood hero, Utnapishtim, was replaced by the name, Noah, when the much later texts of Genesis were compiled from the Sumerian records.


The most astonishing information in the Sumerian clay tablets are the detailed descriptions of how the Anunnaki interbred with humans to create a hybrid race, a fusion of the genes of humans and the 'gods'. Yet again this is a constantly repeated theme in every part of the world and can be seen in the Old Testament narrative, taken from the Sumerian, of the Sons of God (properly translated, the sons of the gods) who interbred with humanity and created a hybrid bloodline.


Genesis recounts:

"When men began to increase in number on the Earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God [the gods] saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose ... The Nefilim were on the Earth in those days -and also afterwards -when the sons of God [the gods] went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown." 14

The term Nefilim can be translated as "Those Who Descended" or "Those Who Fell From The Heavens". The American researcher, David Sielaff, emphasizes that the Nefilim or Nephilim are not the sons of the gods (beni ha-Elohim), but the offspring of the interbreeding between the "daughters of men" and the non-humans the Bible calls the Elohim.


The Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world today are the Nefilim, a race of human/non-human hybrids.


They were also known in ancient times as the Rephaim, Emim, Zazummim and Anakim, and they were all very tall or 'giant' people in those days. IS The Biblical Goliath was a Rephaim and giant in Hebrew is repha.16


This theme of giants is a constant on~. Cave paintings found in places like Japan, South America and the Sahara Desert, depict giant people with round heads towering over human hunters. Bones of giant people between 8 and 12 feet tall have been found in mounds in Minnesota and other locations. The Delaware Indians speak of a race of giants who once lived east of the Mississippi in enormous cities and the same descriptions of giants in ancient legends and lore can be found everywhere. 17


Scores of giant red-haired mummies were discovered in a cave near Lovelock in Nevada and some were seven feet tall.18 The Piute Indian legends about these giants say they were cannibals. They would even dig up the Piute dead from their graves and eat them, the accounts claim.19 Stories of Atlantis include tales of red-haired giants who acted like vampires, and the giant Nefilim were associated with cannibalism and blood drinking - just like the Illuminati bloodlines are today. Most accounts say that these giants were unfriendly, even hostile, to the rest of the population.


Often associated with the giants are strange craft that sound very much like the 'flying saucers' of modern UFO accounts. Genesis tells us that the sons of the gods married the daughters of men before the flood, as well as afterwards, and Numbers calls the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, or descendants of the Anakim (Anunnaki).20

Hero worship

According to scholar Zecharia Sitchin, who has written many books on the Sumerian Tablets, the term "men of renown" in the Genesis passage should read, from its Sumerian origin, "men of the sky vehicles". This puts rather a different complexion on the whole story and makes a great deal more sense of it. The reference to "heroes of old" is also relevant.


The word hero comes from the Egyptian term, hem, which, according to researcher Wallis Budge, was" applied to the king as a representative of the Sun God on Earth".21 The precise meaning was "a human being who was neither a god nor a daemon".22


The term has the inference of a crossbreed race. The writer Homer (8th-9th century BC) wrote that "the heroes were exalted above the race of common men". The poet, Pindar, (518-438 BC) used the term, "hero/hem", to describe a race "between gods and men".


Flavius Josephus, the first century writer and historian, said this of the Genesis reference to the interbreeding between 'gods' and human women:

" ... for many angels of God accompanied with women and begat sons that proved unjust, and despisers of all that was good, on account of the confidence they had in their own strength; for the tradition is, that these men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Grecians call giants." 23

The term' angel', which means messenger, became associated with these nonhuman entities that interbred with humans. The Sumerian Tablets go much further than Genesis in explaining the interbreeding of 'gods' and humans.


They describe how the Anunnaki set out to create a slave race, later called Homo sapiens, to serve their agenda and how they began this quest, amid much trial and error, using what we call today test-tube methods. This is described in the Tablets and you can read the accounts in detail in the books of Zecharia Sitchin.24


The Tablets tell of how the sperm of Anunnaki males was used to fertilize human eggs before they were transplanted to Anunnaki females to be birthed. All this appears to have first happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, but has continued ever since on various scales. I think many of the stories mentioned in the Tablets refer to events in Lemuria and Atlantis.


All this makes more understandable the countless stories told today by people claiming to have been abducted by non-human entities that forced them to have sex or took their eggs. The babies that result often disappear in early pregnancy with no medical explanation.


Of course, there are many 'abduction' experiences that are simply invented or have other, more earthly, explanations; but to dismiss them all, given their number and often consistency of detail around the world, would be just as ridiculous as believing every word of every one.

Let's hear it for Lulu

The Sumerian Tablets tell of how the original breeding program was headed by the chief scientist of the Anunnaki, called Enki, or "Lord of the Earth" (Ki = Earth), and their expert in medicine, Ninkharsag, also known as Ninti ("Lady Life"). Mesopotamian depictions portray her holding a horseshoe-shaped tool used at that time to cut the umbilical cord. Another name later given to her was Mammi, from which came mama and mother. Mama or ma as a term for mother can be found in various languages all over the world.


Ninkharsag would later be symbolized in part by the stream of mother goddess deities with names like Queen Semiramis, Isis, Barati, Artemis, Diana and the Biblical Mary. These were also used to symbolize the feminine principle as goddesses of the Moon or waters, which are considered the feminine balance to the masculine Sun.


After many failures and some horrendous creations, the Tablets indicate, Enki and Ninkharsag produced a human hybrid that the Sumerians called a LV.LV ("One Who Has Been Mixed") which appears to be the Biblical "Adam'~ This was the splicing together of the DNA of the Anunnaki with that of the human form known as Homo erectus. Some of these hybrids were designed to rule as the 'middle men' or 'demi-gods' between the Anunnaki and the people. What the Bible calls "Adam", the 'first man', is likely to be symbolic of "the Adam", a genetic stream not an individual.


The Biblical "Eve" was supposed to have been created from a rib of Adam, but the word from which "rib" derived was the Sumerian, TI, which means both rib and life according to the translations of Zecharia Sitchin. To be created from the "life" or life essence of the Adamic race makes rather more sense than a rib. In the same way, the "dust from the ground" from which the Bible claims that Adam was created, really translates as "that which is life" from the Sumerian term, TI.IT. So Adam was a bit of a TI.IT.


Appropriately, the Sumerian name for humans was LV, which has the root meaning of worker or servant and also implies a domesticated animal like a sheep. Does that not describe the nature of human life today and for a long time past? My own research leads me to think that the claims that the Anunnaki created the human form as we know it all over the world are exaggerated.


There have been many examples of interbreeding between humanity and the extraterrestrial 'gods' of various origins and races and not just the Anunnaki. It was more that the Anunnaki created DNA streams or bloodlines to suit their agenda and they have continued to infuse their DNA into human blood streams. They seek to rewire the DNA to close down humanity's interdimensional communication and telepathic powers. This puts us in a vibrational prison in which most can perceive only the very narrow frequency range accessed by our physical senses.


Official history says that certain human forms died out to be followed by new ones and thus Neanderthal man was followed by Cro-Magnon man and then Homo sapiens or modern man. But archaeologists working in the Middle East have discovered evidence to show that all these physical forms existed during the same period. The 'missing link' that would connect them and explain the sudden and dramatic changes and appearance of their physical forms has never been found because the establishment of academia would rather stay ignorant than utter the 'E' word extraterrestrial.


The theme of royal families claiming the right to rule because their bloodline was seeded by the gods is a constant one all over the world, not least in Sumer and Egypt, and this is the origin of the Illuminati bloodlines.

The 'Israelite' pharaohs

Given the significance that the Illuminati gives to ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid at Giza (not least on the dollar bill), you would expect an Egyptian connection -and there is. I should stress here, however, that what we call Egypt was not the first civilization in those lands. In the tens of thousands of years before the emergence of the Egypt we know from the official history books, this land was called Khemit (I have seen a number of spellings).


Khemit connected with the advanced civilizations of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria that existed before the vast 'Great Flood' cataclysms of around 11,500 BC (see The Biggest Secret)


They were all part of a global society. The word Kh'met in Egyptian means "The Black Land", and this is said to refer to the dark, rich soil laid down on the banks of the Nile by the yearly floods. (Deshr'et means "The Red Land", from which comes the word 'desert'.)


I have also heard the view that The Black Land refers to a black population. The pharaohs of Egypt claimed the right to rule because they were children of the gods and they were another expression of the bloodline seeded around the world to rule on behalf of these' gods'. This Egyptian royal line is seriously important to the Illuminati and it has survived intact to the modern era. In more recent years the official history of the Jewish people has been questioned by a number of authors and researchers who have no motive whatsoever except to establish the truth.


In previous books, I have connected a people known as the Hyksos to the Biblical Israelites and, as I was completing this work, I came across a series of extremely interesting books by the British author, Ralph Ellis.25 He has focused especially on the Egypt connection to the 'royal' bloodlines and the Hyksos are at the heart of his research. The Hyksos are known by history as either the "Shepherd Kings" or "Rulers of Foreign Lands" depending in the translation and are said to have invaded Egypt about 1720 to 1650 BC, again depending on which account you read.


They produced a number of pharaohs or "priest kings" who were initiated into the secrets in the Great Pyramid and the Mystery school dedicated to the Sun at Heliopolis (called On in the Bible). The Hyksos Dynasty ruled from Avaris (hence the word 'avarice' meaning greedy) in the eastern delta (see Figure 20). I recommend Ralph Ellis's books for a wealth of detail, but in summary he says that the great figures of 'Jewish' history, like Abraham, King David and King Solomon were pharaohs of the Egyptian royal line that claimed to be descended from the 'gods'.


I don't share all of his conclusions and I offer my interpretation of events at the end of the chapter, but his general themes are supported very much by my own research: a bloodline and its associated secret knowledge came out of Egypt with the leaders of the Biblical Israelites. As I have highlighted before, you search in vain for historical evidence outside the Bible for the characters known as Abraham, David, Solomon and Moses.


Equally lacking is the archaeological evidence to support the Old Testament tales like the mass exodus of the Israelite people from bondage in Egypt during the period it supposed to have happened. This is ludicrous given the scale of the alleged events and the apparent stature of these people and the feats for which they were supposed to have been responsible. Quite simply, they did not exist in their Biblical form. But Ellis presents evidence that the story does start to make sense if you relocate them to Egypt and the pharaohs of the Hyksos, the "Shepherd Kings" or "Rulers of Foreign Lands".


These were supposed to be a people from Western Asia, which includes the lands of modem Turkestan in the north, Afghanistan in the east, the Mediterranean Sea in the. west and the present Iran and Iraq in the south -the land of Sumer and Babylon. I think the Hyksos bloodline came from Sumer for reasons I will outline later. Two on the Burner monarchs in their king lists were called "Shepherd Kings" and the Sumer/Egyptian religions were virtually identical. The Egyptian Sun God called Ra was Shamash in Mesopotamia and both were depicted as a winged Sun-disk (a symbol often used by the Illuminati today).


The Hebrew word for Sun is "Shemesh"26 and so were the sons of "Shem" (hence Semitic) really sons of the Sun?


That is a term you find in ancient Egypt, as in sons of Ra. When we speak of Egypt we are also speaking of Sumer and Mesopotamia because the two are fundamentally connected.


As Ralph Ellis writes:

"The historical record of Sumer runs substantially parallel to that of Egypt, dating back to some 3000 BC, with king lists much the same as to be found in Egypt. Historically, it would appear that at some point in history, elements of the Sumerian culture sailed across to Egypt and that the first dynasty kings of Egypt, therefore, had much in common with the Sumerian peoples." 27


Ellis's research leads him to conclude that the Hyksos never invaded Egypt from anywhere. They were already there. He says that the Hyksos were Egyptians who began to follow the religion of the 'sheep' when the astrological age of Aries was proclaimed to have started by the priests at the Mystery school at Heliopolis - the Biblical "On".


He says this caused massive conflict with those, including the reigning Pharaoh, who supported the continuation of the worship of the 'bull' or the era of Taurus.

Figure 20:

Ancient Egypt at the time of the Hyksos

 (courtesy of Ralph Ellis from his book. Tempest and Exodus


Ellis writes that this 'sheep' v. 'bull' religious conflict is the coded meaning of the "Shepherd Kings" (which he believes is the true translation of their title) and the countless references to sheep, shepherds, "good shepherds" and cattle in the symbol-sodden Bible stories.


Genesis, for example, says that the patriarch Jacob…

"did separate the lambs ... and he put all his flocks by themselves, and put them not unto Laban's cattle".28

In the same way, when the age of Aries gave way to Pisces in the period related by the New Testament the codes begin to move from shepherds and sheep to fishes and "fishers of men". Today we are in the transition from Pisces to Aquarius. Ellis says that Abraham, the Biblical 'father' of the Jewish and· Islamic peoples, did not come from the lands of Mesopotamia as the Bible contends, but was instead the son of an Egyptian pharaoh.


Abraham became the first Hyksos Pharaoh, Ellis suggests, when the Aries followers, or" Arians", as he calls them, seized Lower Egypt, which included the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Mystery school at Heliopolis, the City of the Sun. Upper Egypt continued to follow the old religion with its centre at Thebes, Ellis says. What is for sure is that the Old Testament stories about the Israelite heroes being poor shepherds are baloney.


These were seriously connected people, as Ellis shows, and this royal line that came out of Egypt is the reason for the Old Testament obsession with genealogy and all those 'begats'. He says Abraham was a Hyksos pharaoh called Sheshi, whose throne name was Mayebre or Mayebra. Switch the M around, he says, and you have a perfect phonetic match for Abram who became Abraham of the Bible.


Mam-aye-bra = Ay-bra-ham: Abraham's son known as Isaac in the Bible was the Hyksos pharaoh called Anather, says Ellis, and Isaac's son, Jacob, was really the pharaoh whose throne name was Jacobaam.


Jacob is the Biblical patriarch who was said to have had twelve sons that founded the "twelve tribes of Israel", Ralph Ellis contends that the Biblical exodus of the 'Israelites' was actually a story that combined two mass evacuations from Egypt by the Hyksos and their followers. The major one, he says, happened in the 16th century BC when the conflict between the Upper and Lower Egyptian religions, the bull and the sheep, led to the people of 'Abraham' leaving to settle in Palestine at the time of the Hyksos pharaoh, Yakobaam or Jacobaam (Jacob).


According to the Egyptian historian, Manetho, "they numbered 240,000 families" and the first century Jewish writer, Josephus, described the 29 Hyksos as "our ancestors".30 They left for Canaan, disguised by the Biblical texts as Israelites, and sacked Jerusalem. The Hyksos royal line returned to Egypt, says Ellis, with the Biblical 'Joseph'. He writes that the Genesis "coat of many colors" story, when Joseph was sold by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, is symbolic of the return of the bloodline from exile in Canaan.


While 'Joseph' was not the first born according to the story, he was the first born of his father Jacob's 'chief wife' called Rachel. Thus he was the heir. This relates to the bloodline being passed on through the female. It is the DNA of the mother, not the father, who decides the 'purity' of the genes from the 'royal' point of view. The Illuminati follow the same principle to this day and the 'chief wife' or 'first wife' symbolism continues with titles like 'First Lady' for the wife of an American president.


The Biblical story goes that Joseph became 'vizier' or chief minister to the pharaoh and the Old Testament tells us that he married the daughter of a priest at the Hyksos sacred Mystery school at Heliopolis.


His wife as from the Egyptian royal bloodline. Not bad for a humble shepherd who was sold into slavery by merchants. But, of course, that's just the Biblical cover story. Joseph was considered to be of the royal line of Hyksos pharaohs. His job, says Ellis, was to regain the throne for the Hyksos and by becoming chief aide to the pharaoh, who did not at first know his background, he was in the perfect position to begin the process.


There are many examples in history of the line of 'chief advisors' to the royal family eventually taking over the throne.


One is the Stewards in Scotland, chief aides to the kings, who became the Stuart Dynasty. The Bible claims that Joseph's brothers came back to Egypt and so, says Ellis, an underground alternative royal line lay in waiting. He says that it took 200 years before the future pharaoh, Amenhotep III, married a daughter of the 'Joseph' Hyksos line of royal 'stewards' or 'advisors'.


By the way, the title of 'Amen' used in ancient Egypt, as in Amenhotep, is the origin of the "Amen" used in 'Christian' services because the 'Christian' religion is based on the Sun worship of Egypt, Sumer and elsewhere.



Ellis writes:

"Both Amenhotep II and Amenhotep III were called 'hyk' in their royal title - meaning 'Shepherd King'. More interestingly, their origins are also listed in the record and Amenhotep II's full title is the 'Hyksos King of Heliopolis'; which makes sense as this was the sacred temple and university of the Hyksos princes. Egyptologists are strangely silent on this fact." 32

Out of Egypt II

Ellis says that a son of Amenhotep III, the "Shepherd King", was highly likely to have been the Biblical character called Moses, who was from the Egyptian royal family of priest-kings and not a "poor Israelite".


"Moses", writes Ellis, was probably Tuthmoses, brother of Amenhotep IV, the future pharaoh better known to history as Akhenaton. The Bible story of Moses being found by the pharaoh's daughter floating on the Nile in a basket of bulrushes (a later steal from the King Sargon story) was designed to hide this fact. His brother Akhenaton married Nefertiti from the 'vizier' line going back to 'Joseph' because he knew that they were both from the same bloodline.


The ancient royal families married their daughters and sisters to keep the bloodline pure and this continues today among the Illuminati families, although it is hidden by having children 'out of wedlock' and bringing them up under other names before reuniting them later in marriage. Incest is a fundamental part of life for the Illuminati families, as it was for the ancient bloodlines from which they originate.


They are obsessed with maintaining the genetic connection to the 'gods'.


The Hyksos pharaoh Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaton when he sought to transform the religion of the country to a worship of "One God" - the Sun, or perhaps more accurately, the "power behind the Sun". Akhenaton (remarkably close to Ashkenazim) was another priest-king educated at Heliopolis where the centre of worship was the tower known as the Benben stone. This was a round tower with a conical top - the phallic symbol of the bloodline of the gods.


This is the real meaning of the obelisks all over the world, like the George Washington memorial in Washington DC, the 'mysterious' round towers of Ireland and the constant use of the obelisk in memorials instigated by Freemasons. In London, Paris and New York you will find original obelisks taken from Egypt because this is still the religion of the Illuminati families that moved out of the Near and Middle East and North Africa to take control of the wider world.


The Benben 33 stone at Heliopolis stood within the Temple of the Phoenix and the phoenix or 'Bennu' bird was in the first design of the Great Seal of United States because the bloodlines were behind the creation of the USA. Later the Phoenix was symbolized in the seal as the eagle (which also has its own esoteric meaning) and for this reason you will find the eagle used in national symbolism across the world - including Nazi Germany. No doubt at least some of them represent the phoenix.


Akhenaton, an "Arian" or follower of the cult of Aries, says Ralph Ellis, moved the capital of Egypt to a place called Amarna when he became pharaoh and once again there was a furious response from those among the priesthood and the people following the religion he wanted to replace. Also in the centre of this conflict, it seems, was Akhenaton's brother, Tuthmoses, who, like the Moses in the Bible, gave up his royal birthright to his brother. Moses gave it to Aaron while Tuthmoses did the same for Akhenaton because of wounds that made Moses/Tuthmoses less than the 'perfect specimen' a pharaoh had to be.


Moses and Tuthmoses and Aaron and Akhenaton appear to be same characters, says Ellis.


Anyway, in the religious conflict under Akhenaton he and his followers (the Biblical Israelites that had not left in the first exodus) were exiled to a remote part of Egypt and segregated from the rest of the people in an area of stone quarries. This is supported by the Biblical narrative in its story of Moses, Aaron and the 'Israelites'. Ellis says that Akhenaton's father, Amenhotep Ill, appeared to be a sort of joint-pharaoh operating "co-regency", but when he died Akhenaton took over everything. He banned all "graven images" of the old religion.


The Great Pyramid was obviously a key part of Egyptian religion and Ralph Ellis believes that this appears in the Bible under the code name of "Mount Sinai". Moses was said to have climbed Mount Sinai to receive the Mosaic Law or Ten Commandments from 'God'. But the Bible actually says that Moses went into the mountain to meet with God. Does God live in a cave then?


Much more likely that this is referring to entering a ritual chamber of the pyramid where the Egyptian priests went to converse with the gods. Incidentally, the Ten Commandments are very similar to the Egyptian Declaration of Innocence in the Judgment of the Dead.34


As unrest grew among the people, the Israelites send an army of 200,000 from Jerusalem to Avaris to support their bloodline brothers. The anti-Akhenaton priesthood had installed his brother (often reported to be his son) Tutankhamen as the eight-year-old boy-king. He had changed his name from Tutankhaton at their insistence. Eventually came the second and much smaller exodus as Akhenaton and Tuthmoses left to join their Egyptian brothers and sisters in Canaan.


This is the exodus referred to in the Bible, but with the magnitude of the first one included in the tale, Ralph Ellis concludes.


The Bible says that when Moses died he was buried in the land called Moab - the name of the American weapon of mass destruction or Mother of all Bombs. Ellis says that Moab (Mera or Merab) was in fact Egypt.


No wonder, as I reported earlier, that Moab is associated with Freemasonry.

'House of David'

Ellis goes on to present more compelling evidence that 'King David' and his son 'King Solomon' (for whom there is no mention in the historical record outside the Biblical-Jewish accounts) were, in fact, another two Egyptian pharaohs called Psusennes II (David) and Sheshonq I (Solomon). Psusennes II was the last pharaoh of the twenty-first dynasty with his court based at Tanis in the eastern Delta lands the true location of the original Temple of Solomon, Ellis suggests. Psusennes II's official title apparently means something like "My Star that Appears in His City".


King David, of course, is associated with the 'Star of David' and 'City of David'. Ellis contends that the Hebrew name for King David was "Duad", which is close to the Egyptian word for star, pronounced djuat. The full title for the daughter of Psusennes II was Maatkare Mutenhat or Maatkare Mu-Tamhat while King David's daughter is named in the Bible as Maachah Tamar II.35


No archaeological record has been found of King David in the lands attributed to Israel, but references to his real self, Psusennes II, have been discovered.36 The suggestion is that Psusennes II of the Hyksos bloodline arrived with an army to seize the unified monarchy of the Israelite tribes from King Saul and he passed this on to his son, Sheshonq I (King Solomon).


Once again these were priest kings, the bloodline of the 'gods', and expert in esoteric 'magic' - hence the reputation of Solomon for having such powers. Ralph Ellis presents an extremely well researched case for this 'Hyksos kings' scenario and the mass of inter-connecting detail can be found in his many excellent books.


This is his comparison of the stories told about the Israelites and the historical record of the Hyksos:

Israelites Hyksos Shepherds and kings "Shepherd Kings"

Introduced religious changes into Egypt

Had a vast army

Had a vast army

Adopted Egyptian names and customs

Skilled in astronomy and science

There was a famine in Egypt

Major war with Egyptians Same
Great exodus of about one million from the Nile Delta
Fleeing Israelites pursued by pharaoh
Went to Jerusalem 37

Hiding the truth – again


The 'Israelite's' Egyptian origins were written out of the Biblical accounts when a whole new history was invented by the ruling priesthood, the Levites (descendents of Aaron/ Akhenaton). This happened most comprehensively after the invasion of the Israelite/Judean lands by the Babylonian army of King Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC when most -but not all-of the former Israelite/Egyptian 'Tribe of Judah' were taken into captivity in Babylon in the former lands of Sumer.


Babylon was a melting pot of peoples and bloodlines and a centre for what we would call Satanic ritual and black magic. The captivity of the Israelites in Babylon did not mean prison cells. They were not allowed to leave, but they could go about their business and they came into contact with the religious stories and myths from Sumer and the Sumer-Babylonian technique of controlling the people through interest on money.


Cuneiform texts discovered in Babylon show that during the reign of King Kandalanu (648-625 BC) one banker, Jacob Egibi, was charging an interest rate of 20 per cent.38 The Illuminati, who largely came out of Babylon, have been playing the same scam ever since. Only after the 70-year captivity did the Levite priesthood produce the texts that became the Torah (the law), the first five books of the Old Testament also known as the Pentateuch that are officially attributed to "Moses".


This was hundreds of years after the events were supposed to have taken place. These texts created new 'Is.rali.e' names for former Egyptian pharaohs and made up stories to provide an official history that suited their interests. The invented name of Solomon includes in every syllable a word meaning the Sun-Sol-am-On.


Solomon means Sun-Sun-Sun. Hot stuff. Whenever they wanted the people to do something they wrote that 'God' had commanded it.


They used the basket on the river story of King Sargon in Mesopotamia to cover the truth about the man they dubbed "Moses" and introduced the character of "St Michael", the Sumerian Tas Mi-ki-gal, the dragon slayer and Lord of Agriculture.39


He was later called the Lord of the Air and given wings to fly. There were no 'angels' in Israelite belief until the Babylon captivity.40 The Babylonian holy days were turned into the 'Jewish' holy days, including the Passover and Feast of the Tabernacles.41 The Levites relocated the Sumerian and Egyptian stories and themes to lands that they called Israel.


The high initiates through the centuries have understood the coded story, but the mass of the people who have called themselves Jewish have been sold a lie, a cover story, to imprison their minds and make them slaves to their hierarchy.


Even circumcision, so fundamentally associated with the Jewish faith, came from ... Egypt.


Of course it did.

What really is Zionism?

The sacred place of the Jewish faith is Zion, hence Zionism. It is variously claimed to be Jerusalem and apparently Mount Sinai - Mount Zion - which Ralph Ellis says in his books is code for the Great Pyramid at Giza.


But Ellis writes:

" ... the nation that built ... [Jerusalem] ... was primarily influenced by three pyramids at Giza, which were now regarded as the three symbolic foundations of the Judaic people and their religion. When, according to the famous song, the Israelites sat down in Babylon and remembered Zion, they were not just reminiscing about their lost City of David; they were also remembering the long-lost days when they could physically visit their primary temple in Egypt - the Great Pyramid at Giza." 42

Ellis says that when the scribes reminisced about Giza, they symbolized Zion as a mountain or a desert monument ("Tsion" in Hebrew) and when they were symbolizing Zion as Jerusalem it was described as a castle. But even with the latter, Egypt is center stage once again.


Ellis makes the following comparison between the Judean Zion of Jerusalem and the Egyptian city of Tchian or Zian (known today as Tanis) where the walls were stamped with the cartouche or code of the pharaoh, Psusennes II (King David):

Judean Zion Egyptian Zian Called Jebus Called Jebet (Tchebet) Known as a castle Known as a fortress Identified with a rock Known as the "Rock" Called the City of King David Called the City of King Psusennes II 43

Zionism is not about fulfilling the Biblical text as read by the masses. It is dedicated to the global dictatorship of the Egyptian-Sumerian royal dynasties seeded by the 'gods'. They have recaptured Sumer and Babylon (Iraq), so does this mean "Look out Egypt"?


Alongside the bloodlines is the religion of the Sun God. Ralph Ellis writes that the Hebrew word Eli has the root meaning of "ascension" or to "climb up" - the rising Sun.44 So we have the name, Isra-eli-tes. The name Eli is also used as El. The chief Sun god of Egypt was Ra and the Moon goddess was Isis. Thus we have Israel ... Is-ra-el.


It is the Illuminati Trinity again that constantly recurs. I have highlighted in other books how the Judaic hero, Samson, was a symbol for the Sun and we can see it in his name. In Hebrew, Samson (Shimshown) means "a representation of the Sun".45


The worship of the Moon is also implied in the name of the Hebrew god, YHWH or Yahweh.


Ralph Ellis writes:

"Could the ineffable, the unspeakable name of the Israelite god be etched into the walls of the great Temple of Karnak perhaps? It may seem incredible, but I think that this is precisely the case. The first two letters of the tetragrammaton are YH and the presumed vowel in the middle is an 'a'. giving the syllable of 'yah'. Turning to the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary of Wallis Budge, it can be seen that the name Yah can be translated as 'the Moon'. Here, at last, is confirmation that the presumptions I have made are standing on secure foundations. If the word Yahweh was derived from Egypt, it is highly likely to have had some lunar connotation." 46

The Rothschild "kings"

I have also stressed the key role in the conspiracy of the Rothschild family and it is no surprise that their name Rothschild or "Red Shield" can be traced back to Egypt and the Hyksos kings. Ellis reports that the Hyksos/lsraelites wore protective talismans in the form of a 'star shield' that became the 'Star of David'. This is today displayed on the flag of the Rothschild-created-and-controlled State of Is-ra-el (Figure 21).


What's more, the Hyksos kings were closely associated with the color red. The crown of the Hyksos pharaohs in Lower Egypt was the Red Crown, known as the djesher-t (djesher in Egyptian meant red and the first-born sons of Israel were sometimes identified by a scarlet thread on their wrist).47


The Rothschilds or Redshields are of the Hyksos royal line, as are many other Illuminati families, and this is why they don't give a damn about the plight of the mass of Jewish people in general who are not of this 'royal' line of the gods.


Do most British monarchs give a damn about the 'common people' over whom they 'reign'? Exactly.


Out of Babylon came the coded cover story produced by the Levites that we know as the Old Testament and the books of the Torah or Pentateuch that are the basis of Judaism. The Levites were the priestly tribe of 'Moses' and' Aaron' or Akhenaton and I wonder if the Levites were really the bloodline going back to the priests at Heliopolis?


What also emerged from Babylon was the truly appalling, unspeakable, Babylonian Talmud on which the more extreme forms of the belief system are founded. This takes precedence over the Jerusalem Talmud. The Jewish religion that has held the minds of its believers in thousands of years of servitude came from these perversions of the truth inspired in Babylon.


It was this manufactured version of 'God' and history into which the Khazars were converted about 740 AD, but their elite would have known the real score.

Figure 21

The Star of David or Psusennes II -the Roth (Red) Shield.

It is now on the flag of the Rothschild-created and controlled State of Is-Ra-EI

There is no way in the world that the Roman royal bloodline of Byzantium would have bred with a Khazar princess to produce Emperor Leo the Khazar, for example, unless the lady was from the 'bloodline of the gods'. Indeed, especially as she was female, the route through which the crucial DNA is preserved across the generations.


The Egyptian-Sumerian royal bloodlines expanded throughout the world and this is why evidence has been discovered, as I outlined in The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix, that Egyptians and their associated Sumerians and Phoenicians settled in Britain and Ireland thousands of years before the Christian era. It was they who built the great monoliths and stone circles like Stonehenge and Avebury.


These bloodlines also expanded through the Caucasus Mountains and into the lands of the later Khazars.

Same origins, different spin

Islam is also based on the stories of people like Abraham - the first Hyksos pharaoh according to Ralph Ellis.


He points out that the name of Allah, the Islamic God is derived from the Hebrew Eli (the spelling in Hebrew is almost identical) which means ascension and "to rise up" - the rising Sun. In turn, we have Heli, the Greek word for Sun, and all go back to Egypt where, for example, the Sun God Aton is almost certainly the origin of another Hebrew name for God, Adhon (plural ~ Adhonai).


Christianity, too, came out of Babylon in its structural form and the world's three major religions all originated from/the fabricated allegorical stories of the "royal bloodline" of Egypt and its closely associated bloodlines of Sumer from where Noah is said to have resided and produced his offspring of the gods.


Noah is another code for the bloodline (see Children of the Matrix). To think that these three religions, based on the same misrepresentations, have been fighting each other all these years!


It is the same with the Hindus and Muslims.


It is the common origins of Judaism and Christianity that has led to both Jews and the Pope wearing a skullcap. It symbolizes the way the priests in the Mystery schools of Egypt and elsewhere would shave their heads in that same place. Christian monks and such like have done the same.


The Pope also holds a shepherd's crook, a symbol in Egypt of the Shepherd Kings, and even the title of Pope could well originate from the Egyptian Hyksos king, Apopis 48. This can also be pronounced "Apapi" and the original 6th dynasty version of his name was Papi or Popi.49


This could be the root of Papa, Pop and Pope, all versions of "father".


Christianity may appear to have moved from the 'Holy Land' to Rome, but the Roman Church that turned Christianity into the state religion was simply the Church' of Babylon transplanted when the Illuminati moved their headquarters from Babylon to Rome. That is why the Christian religion, and its churches, are awash with ancient 'Pagan' symbolism (see The Biggest Secret). The Babylonian trinity of Nimrod the fish), his 'son', Tammuz (who 'died to save the sins of humanity') and his other', Queen Semiramis (the dove), were transformed into Christianity's 'Father, and Holy Ghost'.


That may seem to have ousted the female or goddess from the trinity, but Roman Catholicism venerates Mary, the virgin 'Mother of Jesus', in the same way that the Egyptians did with Isis, the virgin 'Mother of Horus', and the Babylonians did with Semiramis, the virgin 'Mother of Tammuz'.

Figures 22 and 23:

On the left is how the ancient Egyptians portrayed their 'Virgin Mother' Isis, and her savior son, Horus.

On the right is the classic pose of the Christian Virgin Mother, Mary, and her savior son, Jesus,

 in a church at Godshill on the Isle of Wight in England.

They are the same deities under different names.

Horus and Jesus were also both connected to the symbol of the fish,

as was Nimrod in Babylon


Semiramis, Isis and Mary are all names for the same deity. The 'virgin' bit is related to the bloodlines seeded by the gods. Queen Semiramis was said to have had an 'immaculate conception' when she was impregnated by 'God' - the rays of the Sun God Baal/Nimrod.


If you look at figues 22 and 23 above, you will see the glaringly obvious comparison between the Egyptian portrayal of Isis and Horus and the Christian one of Mary and Jesus, Horus and Jesus were, like Nimrod, both connected to the symbol of the fish. The Gospel stories on which Christianity is founded are a mass of Sumerian/Babylonian/Egyptian Mystery school symbolism relating to Sun worship, secret rituals and other esoteric concepts, as I detail in The Biggest Secret.


The same basic story of 'born on December 25th, died to save humanity, etc., etc.', was widely told thousands of years before Christianity about the exploits of the Sun gods in many and various cultures, including Rome (Mithra) and Babylon (Tammuz -the 'Son of the Sun God'), Tammuz and Nimrod are symbolized in endless forms around the ancient and modern world and this includes 'Jesus'.


This is why 'Christian' churches always orientate to the east - the direction of the rising Sun, Nimrod was worshipped (and still is) as 'The House of the Rising Sun'. This is precisely what 'Christian' churches are and thus they are often targeted for Satanic rituals. What better place could the Satanists have? The churches are full of Babylonian symbolism venerating Nimrod/Baal/Tammuz and surrounded by dead bodies in the churchyard.


The halos used in pictures of the Gospel heroes are inspired by the way the ancients portrayed their Sun gods with halos to symbolize what they represented. Jesus is called 'the Light of the World' because he is another name for the Sun God/Son, Nimrod/Tammuz, and he is symbolized as a fish because that was the symbol of Nimrod in Babylon. When Nimrod was killed it was said that his body was cut into pieces and his wife/mother, Queen Semiramis, found all the pieces except his penis.


Exactly the same story was told about Osiris and Isis in Egypt. Nimrod was said to have 'ascended' to the Sun and become the Sun God 'Baal' -a major Illuminati deity to this day. As the Sun rose in the morning, the Babylonians believed it was Nimrod/Baal 'rising again'. At Sunset, they said, he went to fight off evil creatures in the ocean, only to return again every morning -victorious! Queen Semiramis said that it was Nimrod, as the rays of the Sun, who impregnated her to conceive Tammuz. It was claimed that Tammuz (or Damu and Dammuzi as he is also known) was the reincarnation of Nimrod and it was said, therefore, that the "Father and son are one".


This is the origin of the same claim by 'Christianity' that the Father God (Nimrod) and his son, 'Jesus' (Nimrod/Tammuz), are one. The Gospel stories are actuality symbolic tales about Nimrod/Tammuz using the names 'God' and 'Jesus' with 'Mother Mary' and 'Mary Magdalene' added to represent different expressions of Queen Semiramis. Mother Mary is known as the 'Queen of Heaven' -exactly the title given to Semiramis in Babylon.


Mary Magdalene is portrayed as a prostitute or whore in the Bible -Queen Semiramis is the 'Whore of Babylon'. Christianity is the Sun religion of Babylon and when Illuminati operatives like Bush, Blair and the British royal family claim to be 'Christians' and attend 'Christian' services, they are, in fact, knowingly worshipping Nimrod/Tammuz/Semiramis, the Babylonian trinity.


When others talk about the 'bloodline of Jesus' surviving to become the Merovingian kings, this is really code for the bloodline of Nimrod, Tammuz and Semiramis: the bloodline of Babylon. The 'Jesus bloodline' story promoted by people like the British author, Sir Laurence Gardner, claims that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and produced children that continued the bloodline that became Merovingian! [Illuminati] royalty.


I would suggest that such stories are simply code representing 'the bloodline of Nimrod (Jesus) and Queen Semiramis (Mary Magdalene). Queen Semiramis proclaimed that Nimrod/Baal would be present on Earth after his death in the form of a flame and that's the real origin of the Illuminati symbol of the flame or lighted torch. This is what the Statue of Liberty is holding!


When Tammuz died, Semiramis said that he had "ascended to his father" and would also be worshipped as a flame.


The 'Christian' festival of Easter comes from the same source. Easter comes from the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, (Semiramis again) and it celebrated her son, Tammuz, who was, wait for it, the "only begotten son of the Moon goddess and Sun God" - Nimrod and Semiramis. The "Easter" (Ishtar) eggs and the "Easter bunny" also come from Babylon. Queen Semiramis said she came from the Moon in a giant egg and this became known as the Ishtar egg. Tammuz was said to be very fond of rabbits and so we have the Easter bunny.


Oh yes, and they also ate "sacred cakes" with a T on the top - the origin of our hot cross buns. The T is a major symbol of Freemasonry because of its associations with Babylon and Tammuz. The Christian wafer used in Catholic ceremonies comes from the Egyptian ta-en-aah - the sacrificial bread of the Moon.50 Christians think the bread symbolizes the 'body of Jesus' when they are really involved in a ritual about the Egyptian Moon god. It doesn't take much brain power to see the true meaning behind drinking red wine as the 'blood of Jesus'. Mine's a type A, please barman.


Other representations of Semiramis, by the way, include Athena (Greece), Minerva (Egypt and Greece), Astarte (Syria), Cybele (Rome), Ashtoreth (Israel) and Diana (Ephesus). Diana, the great goddess of the Merovingians, is symbolized as the Goddess of the Moon, child birth and hunting. Diana is Semiramis, the 'goddess who came from the Moon', who gave birth to Tammuz and was married to Nimrod, the 'hunter'. Semiramis is everywhere under different names and Princess Diana's murder in Paris in 1997 was a symbolic ritual sacrifice to Semiramis (see The Biggest Secret).


In Illuminati symbolism, Prince Charles (Sun God/Nimrod) impregnated Princess Diana (Queen Semiramis) to produce Prince William (Tammuz), the 'Son of the Sun God' who was induced to be born when?


On June 21st -the summer solstice, the major day of worship to the Sun. Ralph Ellis believes that behind all this symbolism and make-believe there was a man on whom 'Jesus' was; based (although very different to the Gospel hero depicted by Christianity). He says that the claim that 'Jesus' was of the House of David was an indication that he was claiming to be of the Egyptian Hyksos bloodline (pharaohs were called the "Son of God" -bloodline of the gods).


I have heard the 'Jesus' bloodline 144 story proposed many times by various authors, especially Sir Laurence Gardner, but I simply don't buy it. Jesus is code for Nimrod/Baal/Tammuz and Mary Magdalene is code for Queen Semiramis. What better way to justify global domination by the bloodline families to billions of Christians than to make out it is the sacred bloodline of their Christ?


An alternative view to the 'bloodline of Jesus' story and its associated secret society, the Priory of Sion, can be found here. I would add this point also. I read stories about the bloodline, including the Merovingians, "almost dying out" and that Jesus was the last of the line who had to pass on his bloodline to keep it alive and so on. Oh please.


These ancient 'royal' lines in their various forms are all over the world and, I stress again, they are passed on through the female line that history largely does not record. History follows the men. Large numbers of bloodline births are also outside marriage and the real parentage is not recorded. The bloodline depended on one man?


Are you kidding?

And the free masons too...

When famous Illuminati names go to church - be it Christian or 'Jewish' - they know what the symbolism and the texts really mean. They know they are taking part in an ancient pre-Christian or pre-Jewish ritual celebrating their bloodline and origins. These religious rituals are the 'outer' knowledge presented in code while the 'inner' knowledge is passed down through the highest levels of the secret society network, which is based, once again, on the same bloodline and Egypt-Sumer-Babylon origins as the major religions.


Freemasonry is usually traced to the 1600s when the guilds of masons who built the cathedrals (using the sacred geometry of the ancient pyramid builders and coded architecture) began to allow outsiders to join. The Mother Lodge of Freemasonry was formed in London on June-24th 1717. But informed Freemasons know that is not their true origin.


My wife Pam and I, walked into the Freemason headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and when we found no one around we decided to keep walking until we were stopped. We saw only a builder who thought we were supposed to be there and took a number of pictures inside as we walked down the corridors and into the temples.


You can see from Figure 24 below, a picture in one of the corridors, that they trace their origins to ancient Egypt and the Middle East. The caption underneath the picture spoke of Freemasonry passing from "Friend to Friend, from centuries past to centuries to come."


It features George Washington, the first President of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, who was so important in the country's creation, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the wartime leader, President Harry S. Truman, who ordered the nuclear strikes on Japan, General Douglas Macarthur of Korean War fame and astronaut Buzz Aldrin...

Figure 24:

The origins of Freemasonry confirmed in a picture on the wall of the Freemason headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

This secret society goes back to the ancient world and even beyond Sumer and Egypt to Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria


The Freemasons worship the 'Great Architect' in their rituals and in Egypt the pharaoh was called the 'Greatest of Architects' or the 'Son of God'. This is why you find the symbols of Freemasonry dominated by the tools of the builder or architect, like the compass and hammer.


The hammers banged on a block by judges in their courts are also Freemasonic symbols relating to the 'Great Architect' and Egypt. The Illuminati created and control the 'justice' system, as I have long highlighted. Freemasonry or 'The Craft' is focused on the building and re-building of King Solomon's Temple that was located, it is said, in Jerusalem on the site of the present El-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount. King Solomon = Egyptian King Sheshonq I, says Ralph Ellis.


The Freemasonic hero is called Hiram Abif (the "widow's son"), who is claimed to be the chief architect of Solomon's Temple and the man the Bible refers to as Hiram. But once again Ralph Ellis makes the Egyptian connection. The chief designer for Sheshonq I's temples in Egypt was called Harem Atif ("Hiram is my father"), he says.51


Harem or Hiram was a royal/priestly title in Egypt and used by some pharaohs, as with Haremheb. Temple Mount to the Arabs is Harem a-Sharif. The Egyptian and Freemasonic goddess known as Ma'at was depicted as a symbol of truth and justice and you will find her on many court buildings with her arms out stretched holding a sword and scales. The title of magistrate is derived from Ma'at, who assisted Osiris in the judgment of the dead by weighing their hearts. 52


As the Egyptian knowledge and bloodline passed through history, Ma'at became known to the Greeks as Themis and her ability to foresee the future allowed her to become one of the oracles at Delphi and the "goddess of divine justice".53


The Roman goddess of justice was called Justitia and she was often portrayed as balancing both scales and a sword while wearing a blindfold. One of the major secret societies that carried the knowledge from Egypt and Sumer at the time of the Roman Empire was the Comacine Masters, the Roman expression of the Mystery school known as the Dionysian Artificers.


They used the same symbols that we see in 'modern' Freemasonry, including the black and white squares on the floor of their temples. Appropriately, you see this in many churches and the great cathedrals of Europe. The cathedrals were built to the sacred geometry of Egypt and Sumer by the Knights Templar and their associated secret societies and groups. See The Biggest Secret for a vast amount of information about such matters and the symbolism of the Illuminati. I have stressed that the agenda is to create a global fascist state and we can find the symbol for that in Egypt and the Freemasons. The word for axe in Egypt was neter, which is very close to neter-kherti, a term that means quarryman or stonemason. 54


This is highly likely to be the real meaning of the axe in the symbol of the fasces (an axe and bundled rods) - the origin of the word fascism. The axe was also associated with the goddess, the key figure in Illuminati ritual. Ma'at was sometimes portrayed holding the fasces in one hand and a flame (the main Illuminati symbol) in the other. The 22nd degree of the Scottish Rite is called a Prince of Libanus or Knight of the Royal Axe.


The following is a Freemasonic explanation of this degree and note the mention of the Hyksos:

"This degree teaches that all labor is honorable, and the 'toiling millions' should be respected and assisted [sure]. The Phoenicians [of Egypt/Sumer origin], especially those of the city of Tsidun, are remembered as those who cut cedars on Mount Libanus (Lebanon) for Noah's ark, as well as the Ark of the Covenant and the Temples of Jerusalem. The peoples of Phoenicia, Hiram of Tyre and Hiram Abif included, were tied to the Israelites by the fact that they shared the mysteries, and it is even said that the Etrurian and Roman Colleges of Artificers descended from them via the Hyksos.


The Lodge, styled a College, has two apartments. The first is a plain room which represents a workshop on Mount Libanus. Here, the Senior Warden, or 'Master Carpenter,' presides. The second apartment is hung in red, lighted by 36 lights, and is called the Council-room of the Round Table. The brethren sit at a round wooden table, and the altar in the East holds the three great lights and an axe.


Battery: [2-2-2]. The apron is white, bordered in purple, and contains a three-headed serpent and a table with instruments and plans on it. The jewel is an axe and handle of gold. On the top of the handle are the initials of Noah [from the land that became Sumer] and Solomon [from Egypt]. In the middle of the handle are the initials of Libanus and Tsidun. On the blade are the initials of Adoniram, Cyrus, Darius, Zerubbabel, Nehemiah, Ezra (on one side), and Shem, Kham, Yapheth, Moses, Ahaliab, Betselal (on the other)." 55

Freemasons and their connected secret societies (operating under overall Illuminati leadership) have their agents in control of all areas of global society, including politics, business, banking, media, medicine and military. Freemasons controlled both sides in the American War of Independence when the Mother Lodge in London made sure the 'right' side won to give the illusion that the new United States was no longer controlled from England (see The Biggest Secret).


Of the 55 signatories of the American Declaration of Independence, at least 50 were known to be Freemasons and only one known not to be. The Great Seal of the United States is a mass of ancient Egyptian symbolism with the Great Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye, the eagle (or phoenix), the repetition of the esoterically-sacred number 13 and the motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum", which is Latin for "New Order of the Ages".


One of the Illuminati code names for their agenda is "New World Order" or "New Order of the Ages". The Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye was put on the dollar bill by President Franklin Delano 'Illuminati' Roosevelt and his later Vice-President, Henry Wallace, who believed that America was chosen by God (the gods) to lead the world in establishing the New World Order.


Wallace was it prominent Freemason and he wrote in 1934:

"It will take a more definite recognition of the Grand Architect of the Universe before the apex stone [capstone of the pyramid] is finally fitted into place and this nation in the full strength of its power is in position to assume leadership among the nations in inaugurating 'the New Order of the Ages'." 56

Wallace knew that the United States was always planned to be the vehicle for the final push to global dictatorship - exactly what is happening now.

The British pharaohs

The Coronation of the British monarch is inspired by the crowning ceremonies for the pharaohs of Egypt passed down through the Israelites. In 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey, the Archbishop of Canterbury turned to the north, south, east and west (the four points of the Pagan cross) and the congregation shouted "God save the Queen".


This was symbolic of the story in the Old Testament described the crowning of Saul as King of Israel when people shouted "God save the King". This cry can be found eight times in the Old Testament when the kings of Israel are crowned. The Queen sat in the Coronation Chair, under which was the ancient "Scone Stone" that legend says was brought from Egypt/Israel. In her hands were the Egyptian symbols, a sceptre and a rod. On the top of the sceptre was a Maltese Cross (symbol of the Illuminati Knights of Malta) and on the rod was a dove (the symbol of Babylon's Queen Semiramis).


She later held an orb with the Maltese Cross on the top, the same as those used by the Dutch (and high-Illuminati) House of Orange. Queen was anointed with oil, the ancient tradition that goes back thousands of the years to the Egypt-Sumer era and beyond. The word Christ means "Anointed One". The oil used in the British Coronation is the same mixture as that used in Egypt and Israel. It is carried in a gold vessel called an ampoule made in the form Man eagle (phoenix) and legends also connect this part of the ceremony to the dove (Queen Semiramis).


The oil is symbolic of the "messeh" fat of the crocodile used in the coronation ceremonies for the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. From this we get "messiah" - the Jewish legend of the coming "messiah" - the one anointed with the fat of the crocodile: the new pharaoh. The anointing at the Coronation is supposed to elevate the monarch to the rank of High Priest and in this case, appropriately, High Priestess of the Church of England, as well as head of state.


While this was happening, the Archbishop of Canterbury said:

"As king, priests and prophets were anointed: and as Solomon was anointed by Zadock the priest, Nathan the prophet, so be thou anointed, blessed and consecrated Queen over the people whom the Lord thy God has given thee to rule and govern ... "

The Coronation Crown is set With 12 jewels together with two depictions of the Maltese Cross, one of the most prominent symbols of the Nazis. In the Levite authored Exodus we hear of the Breastplate of Aaron, which is set with 12 stones. The same stones, in the same order, appear on the British crown.


And who does Ralph Ellis say Aaron was? Akhenaton!!


The Archbishop placed his hand between those of the Queen to pay homage to the new head of his Church and he kissed her right hand.


Then he said:

"The Lord Almighty ... establish your throne in righteousness, that it may stand for evermore, like as the Sun before him, and as a faithful witness in heaven."

This is almost a repeat of the words used in "God's covenant" with David in the Old Testament. The "Lord Almighty" was called El-Shaddai and we are talking Nimrod/Baal from Babylon. The Coronation is completed with the "Coronation Anthem" called Zadock the Priest, the man who is said to have performed the coronation ceremony of King Solomon (Sheshonq I).


Wherever you look you find the ancient 'royal' bloodlines, their rituals and agenda, and their goal is global domination as I have been warning all these years.


OK, so it is clear that the interbreeding "bloodlines of the gods" who ruled the ancient world continue to rule today. But who are these bloodlines and who are the 'gods' that seeded them? The Sumerian Tablets reveal that the Anunnaki were a reptilian race, as widely confirmed when you read other ancient accounts.


A Sumerian Tablet dating to around 3500 BC leaves us in no doubt as it describes the arrival of the Anunnaki:

"The reptiles verily descend." 57

In Hebrew myth, the Biblical "Nefilim", the "sons of the gods", are called awwim, which means devastators or serpents. The symbol of the Hyksos kings was the snake and Egyptian royalty were very much associated with reptilian imagery. Even academics like Dr Arthur David Horn, former Professor of Biological Anthropology at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, have concluded that humanity was seeded by an extraterrestrial race and that the Anunnaki were reptilian.


He, too, believes that these same Reptilians have controlled the world for thousands of years, as he explains in his book, Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins.58 The Illuminati use reptilian and Anunnaki symbolism all the time, as you can see in The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix, and remember how Jay Gamer and Zalmay Khalilzad hosted a meeting of Iraqi groups in the shadow of the 4,000-year-old ziggurat at Ur, the stepped-pyramid temple of the ancient Sumerians?


Ur was a major centre for the Anunnaki and the ziggurat is believed by some to be a place where communication and interbreeding took place with humans. What a coincidence that the Illuminati-controlled American government should choose such a location for their first conference after Iraq was occupied. The themes of the Sumerian Tablets are supported by Credo Mutwa, one of only two surviving 'Sanusi' left in southern Africa.


A Sanusi is the peak of the African shamanistic stream. Credo is in his eighties and the other Sanusi, his aunt, is in her nineties. He is the official historian and storyteller of the Zulu nation and the very name "Zulu" means "People from the Stars" because they believe they were seeded by an extraterrestrial 'royal' race. I think many extraterrestrial groups have been involved in seeding human races for aeons and this has given us the diversity of forms.


With no one for him to pass on his knowledge, and the urgent need for everyone to know the astonishing information he has received in a lifetime of initiations, I produced videos with him called The Reptilian Agenda. They run more than six hours and still that is only a fraction of the knowledge he holds.


In the videos he reveals what he once pledged in his initiations never to reveal, but he says the situation for humanity is so perilous that it is far more important for them to know what is going on than for him to keep such vows of silence.

Figure 26:

The necklace features a non-human figure with a ·come-and-get-me· penis that fits into the earth woman.

This symbolizes the interbreeding of the Chitauri/Anunnaki that created the hybrid bloodline

Figure 25:

The Necklace of the Mysteries in the possession of Credo Mutwa that appears in accounts going back 500 years

and Credo believes is at least 1,000 years old

Figure 27:

Another symbol hanging from the necklace is a 'flying saucer' that the accounts say were used by the Chitauri/Anunnaki

This information went underground when the Europeans invaded Africa and their Illuminati leaders, in Credo's words, "milked the minds of the shamans and then killed them". It was suicide to talk openly of such things and secret networks of initiation were formed to keep it alive.


Credo, who has become a great friend, tells the same story of the interbreeding between the extraterrestrial Anunnaki and humans to produce a hybrid race. He has artifacts like the "Necklace of the Mysteries", which confirm this story (Figures 25, 26 and 27 above). It is an extremely heavy copper 'necklace' that actually rests on the shoulders and it has been mentioned in records 500 years old.


Credo says it goes back at least 1,000 years. The large symbols that hang from the necklace tell the story of humanity. In pride of place at the front are an extraterrestrial with a big copper willy (penis) and an Earth woman into whom the ET 'fits', if you follow me. This is symbolic, Credo explains, of the union between the people from the stars and the people of the planet. You find the same theme recorded in virtually every ancient culture.


Significantly, he says the copper willy was once made of gold before it was stolen and replaced with copper. This mirrors the ancient Egyptian story about the golden penis of their key god, Osiris, which is symbolized by the secret societies today, especially the Freemasons, as an obelisk. The way the extraterrestrial is portrayed on the necklace, Credo says, is merely symbolic because these 'gods' were of a very distinct and inhuman form (reptilian) and they warned the people of instant death if they ever depicted them as they really looked. How often we can observe in religious texts the theme of "God (the gods) must not be seen or revealed".


Thus the 'gods' were portrayed symbolically. Hanging from the Necklace of the Mysteries is a large hand, full of symbols. Among these is the all-seeing eye, which symbolizes, Credo says, the "Watchers" (the same as the Illuminati image on the US dollar bill); there is also the constellation of Orion, which modem researchers have constantly connected with extraterrestrial activity on Earth; and there is a Star of David, so associated with "King David" (Psusennes II) and now on the flag of Is-ra-el.


As some Jewish historians have stated, it is an ancient symbol found all over the world and only became closely associated with the Jewish faith when the banking and Illuminati bloodline dynasty, the Rothschilds or Redshields, began to use it in the eighteenth century. The Necklace of the Mysteries includes a very clear 'flying saucer' which, the legend says, the extraterrestrials flew from their giant 'Mothership' to land on the Earth. They say the Mothership continued to orbit and it was to there that the leaders sheltered during the upheavals of the Great Flood.


This is exactly what the Sumerian Tablets say. In France, cave paintings dated to between 10,000 and 30,000 years ago include oval and disc-shaped objects standing on tripod legs with ladders coming down from them. A drawing carved in a cliff at Fergania in Central Asia had a man who appeared to be wearing an "airtight helmet" with some mechanical device on his back. It was dated to 7000 Bc.


Whatever 'the origin and nature of 'flying saucers' and other such craft, they have been recorded for thousands of years.

Figure 28:

Credo Mutwa's painting of a Chitauri reptilian from ancient and modem accounts.

This represents one of the warrior class and not the 'royal" leadership


Reptilian royalty

Credo has painted pictures from ancient and modem descriptions of these reptilian entities (Figure 28 above) and describes the various levels of the fiercely imposed genetic hierarchy. The lower levels are the 'warriors', the 'poor bloody infantry', as we say in Britain. There is another Reptilian as typically described in Figure 29 below. How appropriate that British troops were given reptile training glasses during their preparations for desert warfare in Iraq in 2003 (Figure 30).


The Reptilians are ruled by the 'royal' leaders, which have horns and tails, Credo says, and at the very top are beings with a white, albino-like skin and not the greenish or brownish color of the others. Witnesses and abductees have reported seeing reptilian beings with albino-like skin and these descriptions can also be found in ancient texts. In Credo's Africa these Reptilians are known as the Chitauri, which translates as "Children of the Serpent" or "Children of the Python". This is so close to the Central American term, "people of the Serpent".


Africa, like every other continent, is awash with the legend of the serpent race. Credo Mutwa talks for hours on the videos, The Reptilian Agenda, about the background and history of the Chitauri. He describes how the Earth was once encircled by a canopy of water vapor (the "firmament") that was destroyed in a cataclysm. This water vapor protected the planet from the harsh effects of the Sun, and the whole planet was moist and humid and had a constant temperature. It was a place of enormous abundance and vast forests.


This is a common description of the pre-cataclysmic 'Golden Age' or the Lemurian/Muan 'Garden of Eden' in the Pacific Ocean. But, he says, when the Chitauri destroyed this canopy (symbolized by the Biblical 40 days and 40 nights of rain) the whole climate changed as the Sun's rays baked once green and abundant lands, like Egypt, and began to form the deserts. Scientists agree that Egypt, now part of the Sahara Desert, was once a green and pleasant land. This was in the days when Egypt was 'Khemit'. The story could explain the water erosion found on the Sphinx (which has a face of a woman, not a man).


To divide and rule the people, Credo continues, the Chitauri scattered them across the Earth and gave them different languages so they could not communicate with each other.

Figure 29:

A painting by artist Hilary Reed of a Reptilian entity as described by witnesses
Figure 30:

A British soldier wearing the eye protectors issued to the troops

as they prepared for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

How appropriate...


This is another story repeated all over the world and not just in the Old Testament version of the Tower of Babel. That was taken from many more ancient accounts. The Native American Hopi tribe in Arizona say that when they came to the surface of the Earth on the orders of "Spider Woman", a "mocking bird" arrived to confuse their language and make the tribes talk in different tongues.


Credo, repeating the information passed on to him in a lifetime of initiations into this underground knowledge, said the Chitauri Reptilians interbred with all races to create the reptilian-mammalian hybrids through which they rule. He said that in African culture a person's genealogy is very important and that the 'royal' bloodlines of the kings of black Africa claimed descent from the same 'gods' as the white 'royalty' across the world.


He said that these black royal bloodlines (like those in the countries of the 'West') had largely moved out of the positions of inherited control, the kings and queens, where they could be identified. Instead they have taken the positions of 'appointed' or 'elected' control, like government administrators, bankers, businessmen and political leaders.


He reveals, from his knowledge of black African genealogy, that many black presidents who came to power after 'independence' from the white Europeans have been the same royal bloodlines Jas the kings and queens of black Africa. He cited Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe as an example the same Robert Mugabe who was manipulated into power by the Illuminati's Henry Kissinger and British Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington, as explained in And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Mugabe has brought poverty, hunger and chaos to black and white alike in a country that should be one of the richest in Africa.

At the same time he has made himself a billionaire by 'winning' rigged elections and stealing the people's wealth.


This is typical of the bloodline's behavior.

Recurring story

In the late nineteenth century, Colonel James Churchward, an ardent researcher into the existence of Mu or Lemuria, says he was shown some ancient tablets in the secret vault of a monastery in northern India. They told the story of how the Naacals or Naga Mayas ("serpents") from the continent of Lemuria-Mu had travelled to India via Burma to establish a colony there.


Churchward put the texts together in years of painstaking work and revealed how they described the destruction of Mu, the Motherland, and how the Naga Mayas or Nagas had travelled to India.59 The Vedic scholar David Frawley explains how the ancient Indus holy books, the Vedas, reveal that the earliest royal bloodlines of India, the priest-kings, descend from the Bhrigus who arrived from a place across the sea.


The Bhrigus were an order of adepts initiated into the ancient knowledge. Frawley says in his book, Gods, Sages, And Kings: Vedic Secrets Of Ancient Civilization,60 that the monarchs of these bloodlines included the "Serpent King" Nahusha. They expanded into the five tribes that populated a large part of the Indian population James Churchward wrote a number of books on the civilization of Mu and he says the Nagas also populated China, Tibet and parts of Asia. The Naga Maya people, with their mother goddess religion, were also the origin of the Maya people of Mexico.


Researcher Michael Mott writes in Caverns, Cauldrons, And Concealed Creatures:

"The Nagas are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology. They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with, and even to eat. The interbreeding has supposedly led to a wide variety of forms, ranging from completely reptilian to nearly-human in appearance. Among their many devices are 'death rays' and 'vimana', or flying, disk-shaped aerial craft. These craft are described at length in many ancient Vedic texts, including the Bhagavad-Gita and the Ramayana.


The Naga race is related to another underworld race, the Hindu demons, or Rakshasas. They also possess, as individuals, 'magical stones', or a 'third eye' in the middle of their brows, known to many students of eastern mysticism today as a focal point for one of the higher chakras, or energy channel-points, of the human(oid) nervous system - the chakra associated with 'inner visions', intuition, and other esoteric concepts." 62

For Nagas and Chitauri, read Anunnaki.


Different names, same origins...

The dragon kings and queens

The theme of ruling 'royal' families and emperors who claim descent and their right to rule from the "serpent gods", can be found across the ancient world. These bloodlines and connections were symbolized by royal emblems in the form of a dragon, snake, sphinx, plumed serpent or the tree-cross or Ankh. In Egypt they had an order called the Djedhi (Jedi?) and the Dj meant serpent.63 Thus we have pharaohs of the serpent line called Djer, Djoser and Djederfra.


The Royal Court of the Dragon was established in Egypt in 2170 BC under Ankhfnkhonsu, and more formally by Queen Sobeknefru in 1783 BC, to provide an institution for the pursuit of the work of the Dragon of al-Khem who is best known as Thoth or Hermes.64 From al-Khem we get alchemy, the 'Great Work' of the Dragon. Note that the date of 1783 BC was around the period when the Hyksos appeared in Egyptian history.


The most famous books attributed to Thoth are The Emerald Tablets and The Pymander. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth talk about reptiles, specifically shapeshifters, who seek to control the world, as we shall see later. I have mentioned the way that crocodile fat, or messeh, was used in the coronation of pharaohs and this became part of Celtic mythology also. The image of Messeh evolved to become a Dragon, the emblem of kingship.65 Messeh, the holy crocodile, evolved into what we know as Sobek in Egypt, the crocodile god, who was Suchos in Greek.66


The Royal Court of the Dragon continues to this day and is promoted by Sir Laurence Gardner, the author of a number of books about the 'royal bloodline', which, he says, is the bloodline of Jesus. He calls it the "dragon bloodline" .. In India, the Buddhist text, the Mahauyutpatti, lists 80 kings who descended from the Nagas or "Serpent Kings". Hindu legend says that the Nagas could take a human or reptilian form at will, what is called shape-shifting.


This is also a trait of the Chitauri according to Credo Mutwa and I shall detail shortly some of the many experiences people have had in the modern world of this phenomena. The serpent 'sea' or 'fish' gods of Sumer and Babylon were said to be able to change shape and look human whenever they chose. Shape-shifting is a common theme. Across India the rulers claimed power because they descended from the Nagas, who were described as offspring from the interbreeding of humans with the serpent gods.


Accounts in the Indian epics also refer to how the reptilian Nagas intermingled with the white peoples and although their relationship was often one of conflict and distrust, the two interbred, the epics report, to produce a reptilian-mammal hybrid that became ... the Aryan kings. These serpent bloodlines became the 'Divine' royal bloodlines or 'demi-gods'. The Chinese emperors were the same. They were known as Lung or Dragons and many of the earliest emperors were depicted with reptilian features, very much like the Nagas. They were described as part human, part serpent.


One of them, called Huang Ti, was said to have been born with a "dragon-like countenance". It was claimed that he was conceived by a ray of golden light that entered his .. mother's womb from the Big Dipper constellation.68 The Big Dipper includes the star Alpha Draconis, the star of the Egyptian god, Set. Alpha Draconis is an alleged home of the reptilian 'royalty', the elite leadership, known as the "Draco". One Chinese legend says that when he died Huang Ti transformed into an etheric dragon and flew to the realm of the immortals.


In Media, now Turkey, the Iranians knew their kings as Mar, which means snake in Persian. They were called the "Dragon Dynasty of Media" or "descendants of the dragon".


The earliest of the royal bloodlines of Central America claimed genetic descent from the serpent gods, Quetzalcoatl and Itzamna. The priest kings of the Peruvian Incas were symbolized by the snake and they wore bracelets and anklets in the image of a snake. In the Mycenaean age in Greece, the kings were, in the words of author Jane Harrison, "regarded as being in some sense a snake".69


Cecrops, the first Mycenaean king of Athens, was depicted as a human with a serpent tail. Another, Erectheus, who founded the Eleusinian Mystery School, was worshipped as a live snake after his death and, according to legend, King Kadmus shape-shifted into a live snake when he died.70


The Sumerian accounts tell of flying serpents and dragons breathing fire (symbolic of their aerial craft?) and how the kings of Sumer, going back long before the deluge to some 240,000 BC, were "changelings" seeded by the union of the gods and humans. Sargon the Great, that famous ruler of the Sumer/Akkadian Empire, claimed this genetic origin.


The very existence of "kingship" is reported in the Sumerian Tablets to have been a gift of these gods. Equally clear is that they were reptilian gods with the many references by the Sumerians to their gods as fiery, winged serpents. The ancient world abounds with stories of the serpent or dragon race and royal kings, queens and emperors who claim their right to rule through their descent from the serpent gods.


The kings of the succession in the reptilian bloodlines were known as "Dragons". When many kingdoms joined together in battle, or as a group of kingdoms, they appointed a king of kings. These were known as the Great Dragon or... Draco. I found direct references to this theme in the Indian (formerly Indus Valley) works, like the Book of Dzyan, one of the oldest of Sanskrit accounts, and the epics, Mahabharata and the Ramayana.


The Book of Dzyan tells of how a reptilian race it calls the Sarpa or Great Dragons carne from the skies to bring civilization to the world. A deluge, the Biblical Great Flood, ended the Golden Age, it says, but the serpent gods survived and returned to rule. They are described symbolically as having the face of a human, but the tail of a dragon.71


Their leader was called the Great Dragon and the Illuminati's Ku Klux Klan, created by that infamous Freemasonic 'god' in America, Albert Pike, still uses the term Grand Dragon today. The Celtic title of Pendragon, as in Uther Pendragon, the father of "King Arthur" in the Grail stories, was also a version of this. Pendragon = "Great Dragon".


In the legends, the symbolic Arthur was a descendant of the dragons and his helmet carried a dragon motif. The red dragon symbol of Wales comes from the claim by Merlin, Arthur's "magician", that the red dragon symbolized the people of Britain. Merlin was described as only half human because he was the child of an underground being and a human woman.


The Arthurian stories include all the classic elements of the theme, including the creation of royal bloodlines through the interbreeding between humans and non-human entities, shape-shifting, the use of holographic images to hide a being's true form and battles between competing dragons. Geoffrey of Monmouth, the twelfth century historian, said that Merlin's earlier name had been "Ambrosius", thus possibly associating him with the Greek term for menstrual blood, Ambrosia, which the Reptilians love to drink.72


There is also the theme of the "Lady of the Lake" and this connects with the stories of goddess-worshipping serpent peoples like the Nagas living in underground centers located under lakes and lochs. Like the Celtic myth and folklore, the ancient Greek culture was inspired by the Sumerians and Egyptians and the earlier Atlanteans and Lemurians and was based almost entirely on their stories and myths under different names.


Throughout the Sumer Empire the people worshipped serpent gods and as the Reverend John Bathhurst Deane wrote in his book, The Worship of the Serpent:

" ... One of [the] five builders of Thebes [in Egypt] was named after the serpent-god of the Phoenicians, Of hi on ... The first altar erected to Cyclops at Athens was to 'Ops', the serpent deity ... The symbolic worship of the serpent was so common in Greece that Justin Martyr accuses the Greeks of introducing it into the mysteries of all their gods." 73

The Merovingian bloodline

One of the key human-reptilian 'royal' bloodlines later became known as the Merovingians, who were known as sorcerers or "priest kings", just as the pharaohs were in Egypt. The Merovingians were the royal line of a people known as the Sicambrian Franks. Francio, who gave his name to the Franks and died in 11 BC, claimed to be a descendent of Noah (Sumer). The Franks called themselves Newmage or "the People of the Covenant".


The Egyptians also believed they were the chosen people and had a covenant with God, a theme transposed by post-Babylonian Levite scribes to the Egyptian 'Israelites'. But for 'God' read reptilian 'gods'.


The Merovingians/Franks can also trace their bloodline from ancient Troy and the Trojan Wars, up through the Caucasus Mountains into what is now France, a land to which they gave their name.


Once again the Caucasus, this bloodline melting pot, was involved. At one time the Sicambrian Franks settled in an area west of the Danube and were known as the Scythians, whom the Romans called "the genuine ones".

Figure 31:

The state seal of Utah dominated by the beehive,

the ancient symbol of the Merovingian bloodline that created the Mormon 'Church'


Legend says that Merovee, the founder of the Merovingians, who died in 458 AD, was seeded by a reptile and this bloodline is related to every royal family in Europe and a stream of others in positions of influence and control. The founding names of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both Merovingian bloodline and that's why the Mormon-controlled state of Utah has a beehive at the centre of its seal (Figure 31 above).


The bee or beehive is an ancient symbol of the Merovingian bloodline, as is the fleur-delis, so beloved of British Merovingian royalty. The hive is the symbol of the queen bee, the Illuminati reptilian goddess at the heart of their symbolism, and it also relates to the 'hive' mentality of the Reptilians that they have been seeking to transfer to humans. The Greek deity Zeus was depicted as an eagle (phoenix?) and a serpent to whom offerings of honey were made and this is a possible connection to the Merovingian bee symbol.74


The themes of the serpent and honey can be linked to the 'Tribe of Dan', which is claimed to be one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. But are they really lost or did they never exist in the form portrayed by Levite 'history'?


The Tribe of Dan also used the symbols of the serpent and the eagle and I have written about them at some length in The Biggest Secret. I do not believe they are the Israelites of the Bible. Genesis says that the Danites did not have a known genealogy and were not related to the early Israelites.75


They were a sea-faring people (the Danuna or Denyen to the Egyptians) and many settled in northern Europe. The names of Denmark (Danmark), the River Danube and Ireland's Tuatha de Danann or "People of the Goddess Danu", would seem to be expressions of the Danites and this is one reason why there is such a North African influence in Irish history. The Egypt-Sumer-connected Phoenicians made the same sea journeys as the Danites and they were almost certainly the same people.


The Danite colors were red and white, just like the Phoenicians, and these are the colors of the Knights Templar that has its famous red cross on the white background displayed as the flag of England or the Flag of St George. This is a Phoenician deity called George of Cappadocia in what is now Turkey, the same country as Troy.


Another strand of the Oanite-Phoenicians became the Merovingians and, it is suggested by some researchers, the Khazars in the Caucasus.


The works of the Greek poet, Homer, who lived around the 9th or 8th century BC, are the main source of information about ancient Troy and the conflicts that led to its demise. The two epics the Iliad and the Odyssey are ascribed to him and modern archaeological discoveries have confirmed the accuracy of Homer's work. According to the Iliad, the founder of Troy was named Dardanus, who was said to be the son of the god Zeus. Not surprisingly then that the symbols of Zeus and the Danites, the serpent, eagle and bees are the same.


Dardanus had a son named Erichthonius and his son was named Tros, who gave his name to the Trojans and their capital city, Troy, from whom the bee-symboled Merovingians claim descent. (Trois is the French word for "three" and this is an extremely important number to the Illuminati, as in the Babylonian Trinity, and this is symbolized in the three-pointed fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the Merovingian bloodline and, therefore, the British royal family).


Tros had a son called Assaracus and a prince of the royal house of Assaracus is credited with founding the Roman Empire.


His name was Aeneas and we will see shortly that this guy is massively important to the Illuminati bloodline. The Merovingians are associated with Arcadia in Greece, home of the Spartans, one of the protagonists in the Trojan Wars. Some Spartans migrated to Troy (in today's Turkey) and up into France, settling in the province of Lorraine. This is a long time major centre for the Illuminati Reptilian bloodlines.


In the apocryphal book 1 Maccabees, a letter from Areus, King of Sparta, tells a Jewish High Priest that the Spartans are "... of the race of Abraham".76 In other words - Egyptian/Sumerian.


The Spartan king's letter said that his symbol was an eagle holding a dragon in its claws77 Here we go again. Fritz Springmeier, a long-time researcher of the Illuminati bloodlines, refers to the Merovingians as the "13th bloodline" because it weaves its DNA through the other 12 major families.78 It also most appropriate that the accounts of the Merovingian connected Trojan Wars involve the story of the 'Trojan Horse' and you could not have better symbolism of the way the bloodlines infiltrate their target societies.


The Merovingians were supposed to have died out long ago, but in reality only the name disappeared, until recently, and not the bloodline. The genetics continued with the King of the Franks called Charles, more famously known as Charlemagne, to whom 34 of the 43 US presidents and so many other key figures are related. He vastly extended the Frankish domains and ruled as Emperor of the West in the papal empire created and controlled by the bloodlines descending from the Roman Empire. These in turn, descended from the royal lines of the Sumer Empire, Babylon and Egypt, who descended from the Atlanteans, Lemurians and the hybrid interbreeding programs.


Charlemagne was a contemporary of the Khazars. The Priory of Sion ("Tsion" in Hebrew means mountain or desert monument - Zion) claims to be an elite secret society created in the twelfth century to serve the Merovingian bloodline or "Le Serpent Rouge" (the serpent blood). It says it was very closely connected to the Knights Templar who were officially formed at the French city of Troyes, named by the Sicambrian Franks (Merovingians) after their former home in Troy.


Prince Paris from the Trojan Wars stories also inspired the name of the French capital city.


Another of the key figures in Illuminati genealogy is Alexander the Great, an ancestor of Charlemagne and all the major Illuminati families today. Alexander descended from the Viking peoples who settled the Mediterranean and the Aegean after the cataclysms and may well have become the white peoples of the region, including the Danites. Alexander ruled Troy at one stage and, before he died in Babylon in 323 BC at the age of 33, his army had seized control of an enormous region once ruled from Sumer. This included Egypt, Mesopotamia and into India.


He founded the city of Alexandria in Egypt and, as he was known as the "Serpent's Son", Alexandria became the "City of the Serpent's Son".79 Once again we see the recurring theme. The legend goes that Alexander's real father was the serpent god, Ammon, and this mirrors the story of Merovee, founder of the Merovingian dynasty, of whom a similar origin is given.


The Merovingians have been linked with the bloodline of 'Jesus' by a number of books, not least those by Royal Court of the Dragon promoter, Sir Laurence Gardner. But the 'Jesus' connection isn't necessary to make the link between the "dragon bloodlines" of Egypt and Sumer and the Merovingians because they were transported to the Mediterranean region, Asia Minor/Turkey and elsewhere long before the era associated with 'Jesus'. The Illuminati are not going to have only one strand of the bloodline that is so important to them.


The 'Jesus' bloodline is only code for the Babylonian/Serpent bloodline, anyway. Throughout history, the Reptilians have perpetuated their 'purest' bloodlines by marrying as closely as possible to their own genetics and through the secret breeding programs. It is important to remember that these bloodlines do not just breed through their official partners. They have stunning numbers of children out of wedlock.


These offspring are then brought up with names that are different to the major Illuminati families like Rockefeller and Rothschild. So when one of these children, called Clinton, Roosevelt or whoever, enters a position of power, the people do not relate them to the elite families because they have a different name.


But, and I can't emphasize this enough, they are the same bloodline.


This is how they hide the tribe, the reptilian genetic network.

Insider confirmation

Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, who now lives in America, claims to be an unofficial offspring of Philippe de Rothschild of the French Rothschilds, and worked within the Illuminati Satanic network for most of his life. Phillip told me that the key 'Nefilim' bloodline is connected to that figure called Aeneas, the alleged inspiration of the Roman Empire through his descendants, Romulus and Remus.


The latter are code names for the bloodline and not real people and that may be the same with Aeneas. The legends of Aeneas fit with the codes and themes of the Illuminati bloodlines, including his association with Troy. Aeneas is said to have been born in Troy, the city sacred to the Merovingians and the Knights Templar. In the Hymn to Aphrodite, the goddess proclaims that Aeneas, the son she has conceived by the mortal Anchises, will come to rule the Trojans, as will the generations upon generations that succeed him.80


In Homer's Iliad, Aeneas recounts his birth and ancestry to his opponent Achilles on the battlefield at Troy. Aeneas says that he descends from "Divine and immortal stock" through both his mother and his father. This connection between Divine immortality and the Anunnaki under their various names constantly recurs in ancient accounts. Aeneas says that his mother is the goddess, Aphrodite, and his father is Anchises, and he can trace his lineage back to Dardanus, the son of Zeus and legendary founder of the Trojan race. Aeneas is endowed in the Iliad with a close relationship with the gods.


The legends of Aeneas are peppered with references and codes about his genealogical connection to the 'gods' and it is no surprise that he plays such an important part in the codes and symbolism of the Illuminati bloodlines today.


Phillip Eugene de Rothschild told me that this' Aeneas' bloodline became what he called the "Rothsburg dynasty" - the union of the Bauer-Rothschilds (same family, different name) and the Battenbergs.


This is the Merovingian bloodline and also the line of the Habsburgs, the leading family in the Holy Roman Empire for hundreds of years that again uses the symbol of the eagle, which follows the bloodline. The Greeks, Romans, Germans, French, Czarist Russia, the United States and many more have all displayed the symbol of the eagle/phoenix. The Habsburg's Holy Roman Empire was the medieval state that embraced most of central Europe and Italy from 962 to 1806.


Phillip Eugene says that this "Rothsburg" bloodline is known within the Illuminati as the "Gens". This is a Latin word meaning "race", "tribe" or "male line of descent" and comes from the term gignere - "to beget". The late Lord Louis Mountbatten, a famous member of the British royal family, and his nephew, Prince Philip, are Battenbergs.


It was Lord Mountbatten who arranged the marriage between Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, after which the royal line of the UK became known as Windsor-Mountbatten.


Both the Windsors and the Mountbattens are German bloodlines formerly known as the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the Battenbergs. They anglicized their names during the First World War against Germany for public relations reasons, but both of these 'families' supported the Nazis, and Prince Philip was sent to a school in Germany run by the Nazi youth program (see And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret).


Phillip Eugene, the Rothschild offspring, says of this' Aeneas' bloodline:

"Apparently Aeneas embodies all the various bloodlines that must trace their lineage back through Charlemagne because in him is embodied the confluence of the lineage of both David (Jewish [Egyptian]) and Alexander the Great (Aryan). It is the modern day representatives of these Roman 'Gens' or European monarchs that make up the ruling 'aristocracy' of the revived Roman Empire.


These 'royal' families maintain their pedigree through endogamy (inter-familial marriages). The first prototype of the Antichrist [the purest bloodline] was Nimrod, founder of Babylon. The historical and seminal nexus of this last Roman Empire is Charlemagne and his descendants, people like [Prince] Philip Mountbatten (Rex Julius Alexander Battenberg) who is one of the ruling heads of the Julian Gens." 81

Dracula = Draco

As I have detailed in other books, the Illuminati bloodlines are seriously into human sacrifice and blood drinking ritual and have been throughout their existence. They perform the same rituals today as they did in Babylon, their ancient headquarters after the demise of Sumer, although I think there was a much earlier version of Babylon, also.


The story of Dracula originates from this theme. It was written by the Irish author Bram Stoker and published in 1897. Stoker probably knew the score after years of research into the countless vampire legends. As a History Channel documentary about Stoker confirmed, there is no part of the world and no era of history that does not have its myths and legends about vampires who feed off other people's energy and blood. Dracula contains all the familiar themes.


His name is Dracula (the Draco are claimed to be the 'royal' reptilian bloodlines); he is called "Count" Dracula (symbolic of the way these Draco bloodlines have been carried by 'human' royalty and aristocracy); he 'shape-shifts' (like the Reptilians) and he is a vampire (symbolic of the need of the Draco Reptilians to drink human blood and feed off human energy, as I shall detail shortly).


Many famous writers and artists were initiates or dogged researchers who told elements of the story through art and 'fiction'. Stoker's character was largely based on a man called Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, the fifteenth century ruler of a country called Wallachia, not far from the Black Sea in what is now Romania (Rom = Reptilian bloodlines).


This region was once called Transylvania, the home of the most famous vampire legends. The Danube River valley, which runs from Germany to Romania and into the Black Sea, comes up very often in the history of the bloodlines. These were once the lands of the Khazars and so many strands of the Illuminati bloodlines have passed through here, including the Merovingians.


Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula, slaughtered tens of thousands of people and impaled many of them on stakes.


He would sit down to eat amid this forest of dead bodies, dipping his bread in their blood. He usually had a Borse attached to each of the victim's legs and a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body. The end of the stake was oiled and care was taken that the stake not be too sharp; he didn't want the victim dying too quickly from shock. Infants were often impaled on the stake forced through their mothers' chests. The records indicate that victims were sometimes impaled so that they hung upside down on the stake. Death by impalement was slow and painful. Victims sometimes endured for hours or days. Dracula had the stakes arranged in various geometric patterns and the most common was a ring of concentric circles.


The height of the spear indicated the rank of the victim, an excellent indication of the ritual-obsessed Reptilian mind. The decaying corpses were often left there for months. It was once reported that an invading Turkish army turned back in fright when it encountered thousands of rotting corpses impaled on the banks of the Danube. In 1461, Mohammed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, a man not noted for his squeamishness, was sickened by the sight of 20,000 impaled corpses rotting outside of Dracula's capital of Tirgoviste.


The warrior sultan turned over command of the campaign against Dracula to subordinates and returned to Constantinople. Ten thousand were impaled in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, where Dracula had once lived. On St Bartholomew's Day, 1459, Dracula had thirty thousand merchants and others impaled in the Transylvanian city of Brasov. One of the most famous woodcuts of the period shows Dracula feasting amongst a forest of stakes and their grisly burdens outside Brasov while a nearby executioner cuts apart other victims. Impalement was Dracula's favorite technique, but by no means his only method of inflicting unimaginable horror.


The list of tortures employed by this deeply sick man included nails in heads, cutting off limbs, blinding, strangulation, burning, cutting off noses and ears, mutilation of sexual organs (especially in the case of women), scalping, skinning, exposure to the elements or wild animals, and boiling alive. No one was immune to Dracula's attentions. His victims included women and children, peasants and great lords, ambassadors from foreign powers and merchants. Vlad the Impaler was the son of Vlad Dracul, who was initiated into the ancient Order of the Dragon by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1431.


Its emblem was a dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross. Father Vlad wore this emblem and his coinage bore the dragon symbol. All the members of the order had a dragon on their coat of arms and he was nicknamed Dracul (the Devil or the Dragon). Son Vlad signed his name Draculea or Draculya or the "Devil's Son" and this later became Dracula, a name that translates as something like "Son of Him who had the Order of the Dragon". Most appropriate.


The ancient Order of the Dragon began in Egypt and expanded through the period of the Hyksos kings whose symbol was the snake.


This is the same Dragon Order that is today promoted by the British 'Holy Grail' author, Sir Laurence Gardner. By the way, Queen Mary or Mary of Teck, the mother of King George VI and therefore grandmother to the present Elizabeth II, was descended from a sister of "Dracula". These are the bloodlines and the mentality that seek to conquer the world today.


That's why they have no compassion or empathy with the suffering, death and destruction they cause.

Thinking reptilian

Against this background of the reptilian connection, if you study the reptilian mind you can understand both the behavior of the Illuminati across the centuries and the global society they are creating. They have distinct character traits and they are, seeking to make humans the same. The most ancient part of the human brain is known by scientists as the R-complex or "reptilian brain" (Figure 32 below).


It is the most obvious remnant of our reptilian genetic history. Most people have no idea of the reptilian heritage of the human body and its influence on our behavior. Scientists say that the reptilian brain represents a core of the nervous system, and look at the character traits of the reptilian brain as agreed by scientists.


I quote here from an Internet article by Skip Largent:

"At least five human behaviors originate in the reptilian brain. Without defining them, I shall simply say that in human activities they find expression in: obsessive compulsive behavior; personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts; slavish conformance to old ways of doing things; ceremonial re-enactments; obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters and all manner of deceptions." 82

Add to that the other traits of the reptilian brain such as cold blooded behavior with no empathy with the victims of your actions; 'territoriality' - controlling the world around you; an obsession with hierarchical structures of rule and control; aggression; and the idea that might is right, winner takes all.


What you have in those character traits of the reptilian brain are the very characteristics displayed by the Illuminati and their agents for thousands of years. You could not describe them better. Racism comes from the reptilian brain and the aggressive, violent sex that the Illuminati bloodlines indulge in big time - ask Father Bush, Cheney, President Gerald Ford and other Illuminati names I expose in my books.


Can it really be a coincidence that the Illuminati manifest the classic traits of the reptilian brain-while, at the same time, the evidence mounts that they are reptilian bloodlines?


Cosmologist Carl Sagan, who knew far more than he was telling, wrote a book called The Dragons of Eden 83 to highlight the reptilian influences on humanity.


He said:

"It does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behavior. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are really about."

Other areas of the human brain balance the extremes of the reptilian characteristics in most people, but they can still be seen, for instance, in those who live their lives as a daily ritual repeating the same cycles over and over week after week. The Illuminati have sought to turn society into a clockwatching, ever-repeating cycle, because that locks the people into their reptilian level of perception and further activates the reptilian brain.


Those with the most dominant reptilian genetics, the Illuminati, obviously express more of the characteristics associated with the reptilian brain and this is why the Illuminati are utterly obsessed with ritual.

Figure 32:

The oldest part of the human brain is known as the R-complex or reptilian brain. From 'here we get the
character traits of cold-blooded behaviour, a desire for top-down structures of control, and an obsession with ritual. The
more reptilian we are in nature, the more these traits will dominate



Global conquest

With typical synchronicity since the mound in Peru, I received a book through the mail in the last few days before this manuscript was completed. This chapter was already finished. The book was called Blue Blood, True Blood 84 and contained information about the reptilian bloodline that matched so much of my own research and my own feelings about what is going on.


Once again, I don't necessarily agree with everything in the book, but in theme it matches my own view very closely. The author is Stewart Swerdlow who says he was one of the few survivors of the Illuminati mind control and genetics programs at Montauk on Long Island, New York. As a youngster Stewart was kidnapped at night by what he thought were extraterrestrials and taken to Montauk.


He later learned that his kidnappers were military officials posing as ETs -this has been a common ruse to hide the truth of who is doing the abducting. He was forced into the Montauk genetic experiment program and he found out much later that he was among only one per cent who got out alive. During his years under Illuminati control, Stewart says that he learned about the agenda for global control and the non-human entities behind it all. These entities, he writes, are reptilian. He says he saw reptilian beings at Montauk and they "seemed to pop in and out of physical reality".85


The following is a summary of what Stewart says he learned during the Montauk years and in his research and experiences since then.


Many and various extraterrestrial groups have come to this planet and seeded the different races. Atlantis was dominated by a white or Caucasian people called the Atlans. They were from the star system known as Lyrae or Lyra while a reptilian race located on Mu or Lemuria in the Pacific. The original Lyrians were not physical as we understand that word, but they became trapped in this dimension and their vibrations became ever denser. They had blond hair and blue eyes with the occasional red hair and green eyes.


Credo Mutwa told me about a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, extraterrestrial that Africans called the Mzungu. He said that when the white Europeans first arrived in South Africa the tribes people thought they were the returning Mzungu and called them by that name. You can see Credos painting of the Mzungu in Figure 33 below.


The Reptilians, Swerdlow says, were created by those he calls the,

"transparent people" who "cannot really enter into the physical dimensions because their energy vibratory rate is so high that it cannot sustain a physical body".

When they appear, he says,

"It looks like a transparent glass shell." 86

At first, the Reptilians were "borderline physical" and to function here they needed a physical form. This was achieved by mixing reptilian genes with those of the Lyrians. This is why, as we shall see, the Reptilians are so obsessed with blond and blue-eyed people - they need their genetics to operate in this reality. There you have the reason why the deeply reptilian Windsors wanted the genes of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Princess Diana and discarded her once they had them.


Prince William is blond-haired and blue-eyed while Prince Harry has red hair. The Windsor line had become so Reptilian with its interbreeding that it needed a massive infusion of 'Lyrian' genes to maintain an apparently human form. The Reptilians were located in the Draco star system (hence "Dracula", Vlad Dracul and the word" draconian") and they began to expand across the galaxy by the sort of conquests we are experiencing on this planet.


Stewart Swerdlow says they have been assisted in this by a race from Sirius, the brightest star seen from Earth. The Reptilians are programmed to believe they are the superior form and believe themselves more "God-like" because they are androgynous. They have a programmed the mentality that wants to conquer everything. The British and Roman Empires are examples of this at work. The fusing of Reptilian genes with those of the Lyrians and others is why humans have so much reptilian DNA, Swerdlow says, and why fetuses go through reptilian-type development in the womb on their way to becoming 'human'.87


The Reptilian-Lyrian hybrids were designed to be 'tuned' to the Reptilian frequencies and could, therefore, be controlled by them. They wanted a 50-50 mix of genetics because that would produce a body that looked human while being able to shape-shift into Reptilian.

"Shape-shifting was accomplished simply by concentrating on the genetics the hybrid wished to open, or lock up, whatever the case may be", writes Swerdlow.88

This makes sense of why Phillip Eugene de Rothschild said that the importance of Charlemagne to the Illuminati (34 of the 43 American presidents go back to him) was that he embodied the mixture of the bloodline of 'King David' (Egyptian/Hyksos/Reptilian) and Alexander the Great ("Aryan").


When the genetic domination is too far to the Reptilian side it becomes impossible to hold human form and in these cases they consume human hormones, flesh and blood to compensate. Human sacrifice and blood drinking rituals have followed the bloodlines everywhere and this is why. Swerdlow says that the domesticated pig was developed for this purpose and thus it is so close to human genetics.


He also explains why royalty became known as the "Bluebloods":

"Their blood, because of the increased Reptilian DNA, contained more of a copper content. Since copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing, these Reptilian hybrids were called 'Bluebloods'." 89

Figure 33:

A blond-haired. blue-eyed "Mzungu' painted by Credo Mutwa.

They look very much like the 'Lyrians' that Stewart Swerdlow describes


When Mu/Lemuria was destroyed, the survivors relocated to Northern India and inside the Earth where they built a massive underground civilization. I will present evidence of this later.


They also re-launched their genetic takeover and the location they chose, says Swerdlow, was ... Sumer. He says the Sumerians became known as the Sum-Aryans or simply Aryans and they expanded into North Africa, Central Asia, Northern India and the Steppes of Russia.

"The Aryan leaders, all Bluebloods, became the Sultans and Rajas of legend", writes Swerdlow.

He says that when the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians (formerly from Lemuria) in India, they created the Hindu religion.

"The caste system of India is a direct copy of the Reptilian division of function".91

Once again the importance of the Caucasus is confirmed:

" ... [the Aryans] mostly established themselves in the Caucasus Mountains and [later] became the Khazars. From here, they spread west towards Europe, seeding the national identities for the Vikings, the Franks, the Teutonic peoples and the Russians. Keep in mind that when Atlantis sank, some of those refugees went to western Europe and developed into the Celts. Some went to Greece and others to the Italian Peninsula. These peoples were here before the hybrids moved in ... These Blueblood leaders also infiltrated the Middle Eastern peoples, such as the Biblical Canaanites, Malachites and Kittites." 92

So what did happen in Egypt?

This brings us to Egypt and what really happened with the Hyksos story.


Swerdlow says, quite rightly, that the Egyptians also became known as the Phoenicians and were descendents of Atlantis. This was also the Tribe of Dan, I would suggest. As 'Lyrians', they were blonde-haired and blue-eyed with some that were green-eyed and red-haired. These were the people who located in the British Isles and the Americas as archaeological evidence and other finds have shown (see The Biggest Secret).


The Sumer-Aryans infiltrated Egyptian society and implanted their Reptilian bloodline into the royal fan1'ilies of the pharaohs. So it is quite correct, at least symbolically, that" Abraham" is said to have come from the Sumer region that is now Iraq. At the same time it could also be correct, as Ralph Ellis says, that the Hyksos "Shepherd Kings" or "Leaders of Foreign Lands" were already in Egypt and did not invade.


The Sumer infiltration began before the Hyksos period and it could well be that the time of royal and religious conflict was actually the battle for supremacy by the Reptilian Bluebloods in royal and religious affairs. The Hyksos symbol was the snake and their colour was red -highly significant in Reptilian ritual. Remember, their kings wore the Red Crown.


The Egyptian ceremonial title of Moche means, "He who is anointed with crocodile fat from the Nile River".93


Swerdlow says the term "Sun God" was a Reptilian symbol and so was the lion. Both abound in ancient Egypt, as they do in the Reptilian religions and royal families to this day. The Royal Court of the Dragon (also known as The Brotherhood of the Snake) was formed in Egypt to infiltrate the royal and religious centers of power.


Manly P. Hall, the Freemasonic historian, summarizes what happened in Egypt, although for "black magicians of Atlantis" read "Reptilians" who also infiltrated Atlantis:

"While the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion several false schools of sorcery, or black magic, [in Egypt] ... the black magicians of Atlantis continued to exercise their superhuman powers until they had completely undermined and corrupted the morals of the primitive Mysteries ... they usurped the position formerly occupied by the initiates, and seized the reigns of spiritual government.


"Thus black magic dictated the state religion and paralyzed the intellectual mind spiritual activities of the individual by demanding his complete and unhesitating acquiescence in the dogma formulated by the priest craft. The Pharaoh became a puppet in the hands of the Scarlet Council - a committee of arch-sorcerers elevated to power by the priesthood." 94

Note "Scarlet Council". This is what happened wherever the Blueblood Reptilians located. Babylon was a prime Reptilian centre, as I have been stressing all these years. It was the place where the Reptilian bloodlines organized the Blueblood blueprint for global conquest, not least through manufactured religions.


Swerdlow writes:

"Babylon was the civilization that Sumer developed into as it expanded into Central Asia to become the Khazars. In fact, many of the Blueblood organizations that developed through the millennia called themselves Babylon Brotherhoods. [They] later combined with the secret Atlantean-Egyptian schools in Europe to become the Freemasons. Some of these immigrants went by the name of Bauer, now known as the Rothschilds. The family quickly took control of the financial and trade foundations of Europe." 95

Babylon's modern expression is London and this is referred to by some researchers as Babylon-don.


The Babylon god and goddess, Nimrod and Semiramis, were depicted as half-human, half-reptile, and to enter that Illuminati stronghold, the financial district called the City of London, you pass flying reptiles on both sides of the street. The City's emblem is two flying reptiles holding the Phoenician/Knights Templar symbol of the red cross on the white background (Figures 34 and 35 below).


This is symbolic of the mixed Reptilian/Sum-Aryan genetics with the Reptilians in control. The British royal crest is a lion and a unicorn (Reptilian and Sum-Aryan) with the unicorn's horn representing the penis. It symbolises the two genetics that come together to create the royal bloodline represented by the shield. The Reptilian control is emphasised by the unicorn always being tethered (see Figure 36).


The crest of the Rothschild family is virtually identical (Figure 37) and you can see a similar theme with the logo of the truly appalling Christian television network in the United States called Trinity Broadcasting, which also includes the symbol of the dove - Babylon's Queen Semiramis (Figure 38). It is the same as the beliefs of the Reptilian Nazis, who considered the Sum-Aryans to be the "Master Race". Where the City of London meets the area called Temple Bar, named after the Knights Templar, there is another flying reptile in the centre of the road (Figure 39).


Temple Bar is the headquarters of the global legal profession and this area, together with the City of London, has more elite secret societies per square mile than almost anywhere else on Earth.


Stewart Swerdlow says that the Reptilians also developed hybrid bloodlines with a race from Rigel in the Orion system that became the royal bloodlines of China and Japan and this is another reason why the Caucasus and Eastern Europe are so significant.


It was into this region that the 'Golden Horde' and others carne from the Far East to interbreed with the Sumer Reptilian 'royal' bloodlines to create a very important genetics from the Reptilian point of view. Since those ancient times, the bloodlines and the Illuminati secret society network through which they manipulate have worked to place their operatives into the positions of power over the population.


As they expanded across the world, they used the same techniques of manipulation everywhere to increase their power over the people and now they are seeking to complete their long-term goal-global control. These are the bloodlines behind the World Wars; September 11th and the 'war on terrorism'; and all the needless suffering, conflict and depravation that we see across the world.


It doesn't have to be like this.


It is just that the Reptilians want it to be.

Figure 34:

The crest of the City of London, the financial district and sovereign state,

within the British capital and one of the major global centres for the Illuminati Reptilian network.

The reptiles are holding the Sum-Aryan symbol from Sumer and the Phoenicians and also the symbol of the Knights Templar

Figure 35:

Flying reptiles are located at the entrance to the City of London

and again they are holding the symbol of the 'Aryan/Lyrian' bloodlines

Figure 36:

The British royal crest. The Reptilian bloodline symbol of the lion

with the tethered Aryan unicorn that together produce the 'royal' hybrids

Figure 37:

The crest of the Reptilian House of Rothschild

Figure 38:

and the logo of the Trinity Broadcasting Network in the United States

with Queen Semiramis - the "Dove" - in pride of place

Figure 39:

This flying reptile is located at the point where the City of London financial district meets Temple Bar,

which is named after the Knights Templar secret society,

Temple Bar is the headquarters of the British (and North American) 'legal' system



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