Blood brothers

Wisdom is knowing how little we know.

The same bloodlines have been installed in the positions of political and economic power for thousands of years, first as the royalty and nobility of the ancients, and now as the leading politicians, bankers, businessmen, and media owners of modern society. So what are these bloodlines and where do they originate?

A recurring story with these great civilizations, including Sumer, is that they began at the peak of their powers and then gradually declined, thus indicating a vast input of knowledge at the start, which was later lost. The Sumerians had their own explanations and their accounts were rediscovered thousands of years later.


These are the so-called Sumerian tablets and we can now look at them in more detail. In the mid-1800s and later, tens of thousands of clay tablets were found in the former land of Sumer on the site of the Assyrian capital city of Nineveh, about 250 miles from what is today Baghdad in Iraq. An Englishman, Sir Austen Henry Layard, made this first discovery and others have followed.


The astonishing accounts the tablets contain originated in Sumer and not with the later Assyrian culture. I therefore refer to them as the Sumerian tablets. It is estimated that they were buried around 2000BC, but they tell a story that goes back long before, to Atlantis and Lemuria, or Mu. In more recent times, many books have been written translating their content. But although these accounts of Sumer, and far ancient history before the Earth's upheavals, demolish the official version of events, once again the same old story goes on being told to children and students by official academia.

You do not have to delve into the translations for long to see that much of the biblical Old Testament is simply an edited rewrite of these Sumerian stories. The tablets talk of how King Sargon was floated on a river in a basket of rushes, as I mentioned earlier. The Bible tells this same story of "Moses". The tablets describe a place called E.DIN ("The Abode of the Righteous Ones").


The Bible speaks of Eden the garden of "God". The story of Genesis is a summary of the same basic story that is told in the Sumerian tablets in far more detail. Interestingly, many of the terms translated into the English version of the Old Testament as "God" come from words that actually mean gods, plural, and the Sumerians said the founders of their civilization were a race of beings that came to this planet from elsewhere in the heavens bringing great knowledge and technology.


As I have already indicated, the Sumerians called these beings the Anunna and their later Semitic name was AN.UNNAK.KI ("Those who from Heaven to Earth Came") and DIN.GIR ("The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets").


Anunna means "sons of An" (later Anu),1 another likely origin for "Sons of God" as the reptilian Anunnaki interbred with the Nordics and Earth peoples. The name for Sumer in the tablets is KI.EN.GIR, which has been translated as "The Land of the Lord of the Blazing Rockets" and also "The Land of the Watchers". The term "Watchers" is often used to describe ancient gods.


The Egyptian name for their gods, the Neteru, translates literally as "Watchers". The Egyptians said that these Watchers came in their "heavenly boats" and in ancient cultures across the world you have this constantly recurring theme of "gods" arriving in some kind of flying machine to found civilizations and bring knowledge and techniques that were light years ahead of what existed before.


In the Indian culture they called these flying craft Vimanas. There were several designs of these craft. Some were cigar-shaped while others were described as double-decked with a dome and porthole windows. Both types are regularly described in UFO sightings today. The ancient Indian texts describe anti-gravity technology of the type used in "flying saucers". So much so that when the Chinese discovered Sanskrit documents in Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh for translation, they were found to contain the knowledge to build interstellar spaceships, according to the University's Dr Ruth Reyna.2


Yet the documents are thousands of years old! Dr Reyna revealed that these ships were known as "Astras" and it was claimed they could fly to any planet. Some texts talk about them flying to the Moon. Details of building, flying, and operating the craft are all included. The Chinese, apparently, even used part of the contents in their space programme.3


These were the craft used in the endlessly recorded "wars of the gods". The same basic knowledge used to build anti-gravity technology can be employed to disconnect massive stones from the laws of gravity. Arab legends say that the astonishing blocks of stone at Baalbek in the Lebanon were laid together by a tribe of giants" after the deluge. In the same way, British legends tell of giants coming from Africa to build Stonehenge. Was the Golden Age of Lemuria/Atlantis before the cataclysms created by knowledge brought from the stars and/or even other dimensions of existence far in advance of where the Earth was at the time?

This is what the ancient accounts say. These are the same accounts, which, like the Sumerian tablets, describe planets of the solar system in both number and environment in ways that were only confirmed in the 20th century. They describe how these beings, later called "gods", the Anunnaki, created a culture of great advancement and technology that was destroyed by Earth catastrophes and flood. The story of the Great Flood is told at length in the tablets. The Sumerian flood hero, Urnapishtim, was replaced by the name, Noah, when the much later texts of Genesis were compiled from the Sumerian records.

If these Anunnaki or "gods" were indeed so advanced and able to fly, as all these various ancient stories either symbolize or openly confirm, it would be a further explanation for why there could have been a global society during the pre-flood Golden Age and,

  • how the same building methods were used across the world by apparently unconnected peoples

  • how the Nazca lines in Peru were created and fantastic structures like the pyramids could have been built while the general population was technologically "primitive"

  • how those breathtaking ancient structures could be aligned both with each other and the cycles of the Sun, Moon, planets and star systems

  • how ancient peoples knew more about astronomy than even modern science did until recently, and in some areas, still so

  • how the planet was mapped so accurately thousands of years ago, as proved by the maps showing Antarctica before the ice came

  • how peoples in every part of the world have the same legends, stories, and basis for their religions,

...and why, the further back you go, the more impressive are the temples and other structures that survive today.


The Sumerian tablets suggest that the Anunnaki came to this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. They would have been very much involved in Lemuria and Atlantis, leading up to great upheavals and the deluge.

After the catastrophes, the Anunnaki returned, the tablets relate, and they supervised the rebuilding of another global empire, which we know as Sumer. But although this was fine for a while, the gods fought among themselves in the thousands of years that followed, the tablets say. This was especially the offspring of the earlier leaders, Enlil and Enki. They demanded that human nations fight for them against other peoples committed to a different Anunnaki "god".


Thus the Sumer Empire, although a wonder for its time, did not reach the heights of the Golden Age and eventually collapsed, breaking up into warring factions. Many of these wars are described in the stories of the Old Testament when it seems everyone was fighting everyone else in that heart centre of the Anunnaki, the Middle and Near East, from where the major religions have all emerged, including what is now Hinduism.


This could also be the reason for the theme in the Old Testament of "worship no other god than me." Some researchers have even presented evidence that high-tech weaponry was used in the Anunnaki conflicts, including nuclear warheads. The Sumerian and Indian accounts give support to this. It may be that the "mist" that poisoned the rivers and water supplies and left the Sumer region an uninhabitable wasteland for a long time, was the fall-out from this.


It is believed that the Anunnaki eventually left the Earth, but I suggest that while some may have done so, pledging eventually to return, others stayed and have been the orchestrators of the manipulation through their bloodlines and secret societies ever since. The themes of this extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs can be found in almost every native culture.

If anyone has a problem with the existence of life beyond this planet, by the way, consider this. Even according to conventional, and desperately limited "science", it takes a hundred years for light to travel from one side of this one Milky Way galaxy to another, and this at a speed of 186,000 miles a second! There are estimated to be at least a million galaxies in the universe, a billion planets, and a billion trillion stars.


There are a hundred million planets in the visible universe with conditions very much like those on Earth, according to Dr Melvin Calvin of the Department of Chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley. And that is only in this one density or frequency range of existence. Imagine the scale of what must exist in all the other frequency ranges beyond our physical senses. So given all this, do we really believe that life as we know it has only evolved on this one little planet in this one little solar system in one galaxy? We do? In that case I have some seafront property in the Gobi Desert you might like to buy.


Very large beach, too.

The Illuminati bloodlines

Through the 1990s, as I researched the way the world is controlled and manipulated today, it was clear that for some reason the ruling families and their offshoots were obsessed with interbreeding with each other. The higher you go in the hierarchy the more this genetic obsession prevails. When you follow these bloodlines back into history, you find that they have always interbred with themselves.


The bloodlines of the 43 American presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush go back to European royal and aristocratic families who have famously interbred and still do to keep the gene pool "pure". Their genealogy, and that of today's key politicians, banking tycoons, business leaders, and media owners, continues back even further into the distant past through those European royal and "noble" (Aryan) families to the ancient kings of Sumer and its empire, not least Egypt. Hold that thought because it is vital.


Perhaps the most astonishing information in the Sumerian clay tablets are the detailed descriptions of how the Anunnaki interbred with human women to create a hybrid race, a fusion of the genes of humans of the time and the "gods". Included in the term "human" are the white or Nordic race, which are also, originally, of extraterrestrial origin. Yet again, this is a constantly repeated theme in every part of the world and can be seen in the Old Testament narrative, taken from the Sumerian, of the Sons of God (properly translated, the sons of the gods) who interbred with humanity and created a hybrid bloodline.


Genesis recounts:

"When men began to increase in number on the Earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God [the gods] saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose... The Nefilim were on the Earth in those days and also afterwards - when the sons of God [the gods] went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown."4

The term Nefilim can be translated as "Those Who Descended" or "Those Who Fell From The Heavens". The American researcher, David Sielaff, emphasizes that the Nefilim or Nephilim are not the sons of the gods (beni ha-Elohim), but the offspring of the interbreeding between the extraterrestrials the Bible calls the Elohim and the daughters of men. The Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world today, therefore, are the Nefilim, the extraterrestrial-human hybrids. They were also known in ancient times as the Rephaim, Emim, Zazummim, and Anakim, all very tall or "giant" people in those days.5


The biblical Goliath was a Rephaim, and giant in Hebrew is repha.6 This theme of giants is a constant one. Cave paintings found in places like Japan, South America, and the Sahara Desert, depict giant people with round heads towering over human hunters. Bones of giant people between 8 and 12 feet tall have been found in mounds in Minnesota and other locations. The Delaware Indians speak of a race of giants who once lived east of the Mississippi in enormous cities and the same descriptions of giants in ancient legends and lore can be found everywhere.7 Scores of giant red-haired mummies were discovered in a cave near Lovelock in Nevada and some were seven feet tall.8


The Piute Indian legends about these giants say they were cannibals. They would even dig up the Piute dead from their graves and eat them, the accounts claim.9 Stories of Atlantis include tales of red-haired giants who acted like vampires, and the giant Nefilim were associated with cannibalism and blood drinking -just like the Illuminati bloodlines are today. Most accounts say that these giants were unfriendly, even hostile, to the rest of the population. Often associated with these giants are strange craft that sound very much like the "flying saucers" of modern UFO accounts.


Genesis tells us that the sons of the gods married the daughters of men before the flood, as well as afterwards and Numbers calls the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, or descendants of the Anakim (Anunnaki).10

Hero worship

According to Zecharia Sitchin, who has written many books on the Sumerian tablets, the term "men of renown" in the Genesis passage should read, from its Sumerian origin, "men of the sky vehicles". This puts rather a different complexion on the whole story and makes a great deal more sense of it. The reference to "heroes of old" is also relevant. The word hero comes from the Egyptian term, heru, which, according to researcher Wallis Budge, was "applied to the king as a representative of the Sun God on Earth".11


The precise meaning was "a human being who was neither a god nor a daemon".12 The term has the inference of a crossbreed race. The writer Homer (8th-9th century BC) wrote that "the heroes were exalted above the race of common men". The poet, Pindar, (518-438BC) - a very relevant name for readers of The Biggest Secret - used the term, hero/heru, to describe a race "between gods and men".


At this moment I have the song playing in my head that goes "Search for the hero inside yourself"! It is extremely likely that Horus or Haru, the Egyptian son of God and a mirror of the much later "Jesus", came from the term heru, which means the Sun God's representative on Earth, the hybrid or Aryan race. There is also the Sumerian word, Hu or Ha, meaning hawk, and the hawk or Sun-hawk was a Sumerian symbol for the Sun.13


The term Nibiri or Nebiru, the alleged home planet of the Anunnaki according to the tablets, is derived from the word found in Egypt, Neb-Heru, according to researcher and author, Robert Temple.14 He says that Neb-Heru is clearly described in the Sumerian, Enuma Elish, as a star and not a planet.15 Again could the Sirius sun or dog star be the true "Nibiru/Nebiru"? Maybe, maybe not. Horus, the Son of God of Egyptian myth, was strongly associated with Sirius as in Heru-Sept or "Horus of the Dog Star".16


One depiction of Horus was as Heru-ami-u, a hawk-headed crocodile with a tail ending as a dog's head. He was also portrayed with a jackal or dog/wolf head, as was An or Anu, the royal leader of the Anunnaki.17 Heru = hero = hybrid bloodline and these "heroes" may be ruling the Earth, at least in part, on behalf of the Sirius "gods". Another definition of the term, hero, is a "man sacrificed to Hera", which is again related to Heru/Horus, etc.18

Biblical scholars and the dictatorships that control Judaism and Christianity have always avoided an explanation of that "Nefilim" passage in Genesis because it is so difficult to encompass the contents into the party line. But, hey, they tell us that this is the literal word of God and he's not going to make a cock-up, is He? It's very clear. Some sort of beings, the sons of the gods, came down and produced children with Earth women and those children were therefore a hybrid race, the Nefilim. It's official. God said. Over to you, vicar. Or rabbi. Talk us through that one.


Flavius Josephus, the 1st century writer and historian, did offer a comment on this Genesis reference to the interbreeding between "gods" and human women:

"...for many angels of God accompanied with women and begat sons that proved unjust, and despisers of all that was good, on account of the confidence they had in their own strength; for the tradition is, that these men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Grecians call giants."19

The term, angel, which simply means messenger, became associated with these non-human entities that interbred with humans. The Sumerian tablets go much further than Genesis in explaining this interbreeding. They describe how the Anunnaki systematically set out to create a slave race, later called Homo sapiens, to serve their agenda and how they began this quest, amid much trial and error, using what we call today test-tube methods.


This is described in the tablets, and they tell of how the sperm of Anunnaki males was used to fertilize human eggs before they were transplanted to Anunnaki females to be birthed. All this appears to have first happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, but has continued ever since on various scales. I think many of the stories mentioned in the tablets refer to events in Lemuria and Atlantis. All this makes more understandable the countless stories told today by people claiming to have been abducted by non-human entities that forced them to have sex or took their eggs.


The babies that result often disappear in early pregnancy with no medical explanation. Of course, there are many "abduction" experiences that are simply invented or have other, more earthly, explanations, but to dismiss them all, given their number and often consistency of detail, would be just as ridiculous as believing every word of every one.


The Sumerian tablets tell of how the original breeding programme was headed by the chief scientist of the Anunnaki, called Enki, or "Lord of the Earth" (Ki = Earth), and their expert in medicine, Ninkharsag, also known as Ninti ("Lady Life") Mesopotamian depictions portray her holding a horseshoe-shaped tool used at that time to cut the umbilical cord. Another name later given to her was Mammi, from which came mama and mother. Mama or ma as a term for mother can be found in various languages all over the world. Ninkharsag would later be symbolized in part by the stream of mother goddess deities with names like Queen Semiramis, Isis, Barati, Artemis, Diana, and the biblical Mary.


These were also used to symbolize the feminine principle as goddesses of the Moon or waters, which are considered feminine in balance to the masculine Sun. There are often two distinct camps in these areas of research. There are those who believe that these deities were only symbolic of astronomical and esoteric principles, and those who say they were originally flesh and blood extraterrestrial "gods" or "goddesses". My own view is that sometimes, not always by any means, it is a combination of the two, as some changed over thousands of years from literal descriptions of Anunnaki leaders to symbolic of astronomical and esoteric themes.

After many failures and some horrendous creations, Enki and Ninkharsag produced a human hybrid that the Sumerians called a LU.LU ("One Who Has Been Mixed") - which appears to be the biblical "Adam". This was the splicing together of the DNA of the reptilian Anunnaki with that of the human form known as Homo erectus.


Also there was the interbreeding with the Nordics to create the Aryan reptilian-Nordic "master race", which was designed to rule as the "middle men" or "demi-gods" between the Anunnaki and the people. What the Bible calls "Adam", the "first man", is likely to be symbolic of "the Adam", a genetic stream not an individual. The biblical "Eve" was supposed to have been created from a rib of Adam, according to Genesis, but the word from which "rib" derived was the Sumerian, TI, which means both rib and life.2


To be created from the "life" or life essence of the Adamic race makes rather more sense than a rib. In the same way, the "dust from the ground" from which the Bible claims that Adam was created, really translates as "that which is life" from the Sumerian term, TI.IT. As I detail in The Biggest Secret, many investigations into human origins, using the DNA of people from different cultures, colors, and races, all point to a single source in Africa around 200,000 to 300,000 years ago. This is in line with the claims of the Sumerian tablets.


Appropriately, the Sumerian name for humans was LU, which has the root meaning of worker or servant and also implies a domesticated animal, like a sheep. Look around you. Does that not describe the nature of human life today and for a long time past? My own research leads me to think that claims that the Anunnaki created the human form as we know it all over the world are seriously exaggerated. I think there were many examples of interbreeding between humanity and the "gods" of various origins and races and not just the Anunnaki.


It was more that the Anunnaki created DNA streams or bloodlines to suit their agenda and they have continued to infuse their DNA into human blood streams. They rewire the DNA to close down humanity's interdimensional communication and telepathic powers. This puts us in a vibrational prison in which we can perceive only the very narrow frequency range accessed by our physical senses. The suppression of our telepathic powers is symbolized in ancient accounts all over the world as the gods dividing human peoples by giving them different languages.


I will discuss this further a little later. Official history says that certain human forms died out to be followed by new ones and thus Neanderthal man was followed by Cro-Magnon man, and then Homo sapiens or modern man. And yet I archaeologists working in the Middle East discovered evidence to show that all these physical forms existed during the same period. The "missing link" that would connect them and explain the sudden and dramatic changes and appearance of their physical forms has never been found because the establishment of academia would rather stay ignorant than utter the "E" word -extraterrestrial.

The themes of the Sumerian tablets are supported by Credo Mutwa, one of only two surviving "sanusis" left in southern Africa. A sanusi is the peak of the African shamanistic stream. Credo is 79 and the other sanusi, his aunt, is in her 90s. He is the official historian and storyteller of the Zulu nation and the very name "Zulu" means "People from the Stars" because they believe they were seeded by an extraterrestrial "royal" race.


With no one for him to pass on his knowledge, and the urgent need for everyone to know the astonishing information he has received in a lifetime of initiations, I produced two videos with him, The Reptilian Agenda, parts one and two (watch clips). They last more than six hours and still that is only a fraction of the knowledge he holds. In the videos he reveals what he once pledged in his initiations never to reveal. But he says that the situation for humanity is so perilous that it is far more important for them to know what is going on than for him to keep such vows of silence.


This information went underground when the Europeans invaded Africa and their Illuminati leaders, in Credo's words, "milked the minds of the shamen and then killed them". It was suicide to talk openly of such things and secret networks of initiation were formed to keep it alive. Credo, who has become a close friend, tells the same story of the interbreeding between the extraterrestrial Anunnaki and humans to produce a hybrid race.

He also has artifacts like the "Necklace of the Mysteries", which confirm this story (see picture section). It is an extremely heavy copper "necklace" that actually rests on the shoulders and it has been mentioned in records 500 years old. Credo says it goes back at least 1,000 years. The large symbols that hang from the necklace tell the story of humanity. In pride of place at the front are an extraterrestrial with a big copper willy (in come-and-get-me mode), and an Earth woman into whom the ET "fits", if you follow me.


This is symbolic, Credo explains, of the union between the people from the stars and humanity, which you find recorded in virtually every ancient culture. Significantly, he says the copper willy was once made of gold before it was stolen and replaced with copper. This mirrors the ancient Egyptian story about the golden penis of their key god, Osiris, which is symbolized by the secret societies today, especially the Freemasons, as an obelisk.


The way the extraterrestrial is portrayed on the necklace, Credo says, is merely symbolic because these "gods" were of a very distinct and unhuman form (reptilian) and they warned the people of instant death if they ever depicted them as they really looked. Thus the "gods" were portrayed symbolically. Hanging from the Necklace of the Mysteries is a large hand, full of symbols.


Among these are the all-seeing eye, symbolizing, Credo points out, the "Watchers" (the same as the Illuminati image on the US dollar bill); also there is the constellation of Orion, which modern researchers have constantly connected with extraterrestrial activity on Earth, especially the reptilians; and a Star of David, which is not, contrary to accepted belief, an ancient "Jewish" symbol at all. As some Jewish historians have stated, it is a far ancient symbol found all over the world, and only became associated with the Jewish faith when the banking and Illuminati bloodline dynasty, the Rothschilds, began to use it in the 18th century.


A researcher who saw the symbols on the necklace at one of my talks, also saw the connections with the star, Sirius, from which, according to ancient accounts, a reptilian race came to the Earth.


He wrote:

"I noticed that the South African shaman necklace with the carved hand had a picture of Orion on it. Orion's belt points to the binary star Sirius. On the carved hand, the belt of Orion points directly to the eye in the centre, suggesting a link between the Eye cult and Sirius. Indeed, throughout the history of occultism, Sirius has been seen as very important, indeed it was a most sacred location throughout the ancient world. It is the Star card in tarot, the silver star of [Aleister] Crowley's A: A: organization [Crowley was a Satanist], the star to which the Queen's shaft in the Great Pyramid points, and the star from which the Dogon of Mali say their alien visitors the Nommo came from."

The Necklace of the Mysteries includes a very clear "flying saucer" which, the legend says, the extraterrestrials flew from their giant "Mothership" to land on the Earth. They say the Mothership continued to orbit and it was to there that the leaders sheltered during the upheavals.


In France, cave paintings dated to between 10,000 and 30,000 years ago include oval and disc-shaped objects standing on tripod legs with ladders coming down from them. A drawing carved in a cliff at Fergania in Central Asia had a man who appeared to be wearing an "airtight helmet" with some mechanical device on his back. It was dated to 7000BC.


Whatever the origin and nature of "flying saucers" and other such craft, they have been seen and recorded for thousands of years.

The genetic obsession

The Anunnaki leader called Enki, the "Lord of the Earth" and chief scientist, was not the top man in the Anunnaki mission to this planet, the Sumerian tablets say. He was the eldest son of the Anunnaki's overall Mr Big, An or Anu, who made only rare visits to the Earth, we are told by translations. But Enki's younger half-brother Enlil was made commander of the mission because his mother was considered more genetically pure than the female with whom Anu conceived Enki.


This, the accounts reveal, was to be the cause of ongoing conflicts between the half-brothers, which were to erupt in the wars within the Anunnaki that stimulated enormous conflict between their factions within humanity, as described in Old Testament texts. It is well known by researchers that, although the Illuminati agree on the overall agenda of global control, they, too, are constantly at war within themselves as different groups and families seek to be at the top of their greasy pole.


This is no surprise when you consider that the Illuminati is a front for the Anunnaki and the secret society network is their means of covertly manipulating humanity and introducing their agenda for a planetary dictatorship via a world government, world central bank, world army, and a micro-chipped population. All of which are getting closer by the hour. These factions within the Anunnaki, and therefore the Illuminati, are still at war with each other today.


One researcher described the Illuminati to me like this:

"They are like a gang of bank robbers. They all agree on the job, but they argue over how the spoils will be shared out."

This is the Anunnaki and their bloodlines to a tee.

Something happened that led the Anunnaki to withdraw from overt control and to manipulate through certain bloodlines from behind the scenes and the cover of human form. It is likely that there were so few of them, as human numbers began to soar again after the catastrophe, that covert control became the only option, especially when their own internal strife, described in the tablets, led to a period of utter chaos.


The accounts confirm many times (according to Sitchin's translations) that the commander of the mission Enlil was alarmed at the rapid expansion of human numbers and it is even suggested that one major geological catastrophe was manufactured by the Anunnaki to dramatically reduce the population (just as the Illuminati seek to do today with war, famine, and disease).


The decision by the Anunnaki to withdraw to the shadows could even have involved an outside intervention of some kind because it is clear that there are many extraterrestrial groups with varying agendas at work who find this planet of great interest. Whatever the cause, the Anunnaki went underground, literally and symbolically, and used certain hybrid bloodlines to do their dirty work in the human arena.

The "divine right of kings" (and presidents, and bankers...)

You can appreciate from the genetic reason for Enlil's elevation over Enki that the Anunnaki are fiercely hierarchical and that hierarchy is decided on the basis of bloodline and genetics. Exactly the same theme is followed by the "human" bloodlines that have held the reigns of power since the days of Sumer. Throughout history the right to rule has been decided by bloodline.


For thousands of years it was done openly and today it is achieved through covert manipulation and the secret society web I call the Illuminati. As humanity interbred, the traits of the Anunnaki were diffused into the overall genetic pool. But certain bloodlines were specifically seeded by the Anunnaki "royal" leadership to be their front men and women who would rule humanity on their behalf and to their agenda, the accounts reveal. This is the reason for the obsessive interbreeding of the ruling families over thousands of years.


The Sumerian texts call these Anunnaki "royal" bloodlines the AB-GAL, the "Masters of Knowledge" and the "seven elders", and they apparently go back to ten priest-kings before the deluge. Atlantis and Lemuria in other words. They were depicted with fish-like bodies, as was Enki himself under another of his names, Oannes. The fish symbolizes the amphibious nature of the gods and that is right in line with the apparently amphibious extraterrestrials from Sirius.

These "royal" bloodlines have worked to maintain their Anunnaki genetics through interbreeding and others have continued to be seeded for this purpose ever since, hence the stories of humans forced to have sex with, or being artificially impregnated by, non-human entities. The Sumerian records say that the crossbreed hybrids of the Anunnaki were placed into the positions of royal ruling power during the Golden Age and throughout the Sumer Empire.


This happened, the tablets document, when Anu bestowed "Anu-ship" (later called kingship) on humanity by creating the bloodlines to rule on behalf of the gods. Kingship is really kin-ship -bloodline. This is also the true origin and meaning of the ancient theme of the "Divine Right of Kings", the right to rule because of your genetic history. It is not the Divine or "God", at all. It is the right bestowed by the "gods", the Anunnaki, to rule according to their agenda.


In reality, most of the battles between kings and queens of various bloodlines to rule various countries were a continuation of the internal tussle for supremacy within the Anunnaki. This applies to the Stuart and Tudor dynasties in England, for instance, the battles between bloodlines in England and Scotland, and those today within banking, business, politics, and the media.


Researcher John A. Keel wrote of these themes 30 years ago:

"In all these legends there is another persistent theme: that the god-kings mated with mortal women, impregnated them and thus started a royal lineage. Tradition claims that the blue bloods of royalty actually had blue blood in their veins in early history, perhaps as a result of this crossbreeding. Even today some royal families suffer from hemophilia [and other rare blood diseases]


...This ownership [of the planet] was passed onto human heirs, and for thousands of years a few dozen families literally owned the entire planet. They intermarried and managed to keep the system going until modern times. Although the king system degenerated slowly, it did not really collapse until 1848."21

But control by these bloodlines only appeared to collapse. They just moved from overt power through royal rule to covert control through politics, banking, business, and media. In Appendix I at the back of this book, you will see just some of the famous rulers and influences on the world over thousands of years who come from the same bloodline, starting with the rulers of Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, and Greece.


These were all part of, or the successors to, the Sumer Empire and based on that same knowledge, culture, and bloodline hierarchy of the "gods". As we follow this bloodline through the millennia we find that all 43 presidents of the United States to George W. Bush, the royal families of England, including the House of Windsor, and those responsible for the creation and imposition of Christianity and other religions, like the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons.


Of those 43 US presidents since the first in 1789, some 34 are connected genetically to Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of what we now call France, and a major figure in the Illuminati and its bloodlines.22 In the last weeks of the farcical year 2000 presidential election campaign, that "blue blood bible" of royal and aristocratic genealogy, Burke's Peerage, confirmed the themes I am highlighting here. Four years earlier, when Bill Clinton faced Bob Dole, Burkes Peerage said that the candidate with the most European royal genes had won every single presidential election in US history.


Clinton and George W. Bush have since continued that unbroken sequence. In a Reuter's report of October 17th, 2000, Burkes Peerage confirmed that both George W. Bush and "opponent" Al Gore were of royal descent with Bush the "bluer" of the two. Purely by knowing his bloodline and watching the behind-the-scenes developments, I was able to predict three years before the 2000 election that George W. Bush would be the next president of the United States.


Bush is closely related to every European monarch on and off the throne including the King of Albania and has kinship with every member of Britain's royal family, the report said. He is a 13th cousin of Britain's (seriously reptilian) Queen Mother, and her daughter Queen Elizabeth, and is a 13th cousin once removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles.


Bush has a direct descent from Henry III and from Henry VIII's sister Mary Tudor, who was also the wife of Louis XI of France. He is further descended from Charles II of England.


Harold Brooks-Baker, Publishing Director of Burke's Peerage, said:

"It is now clear that Mr Gore and Mr Bush have an unusually large number of royal and noble descents." Only unusual if you don't know the story.


He added: "In point of fact, never in the history of the United States have two presidential candidates been as well endowed with royal alliances."23

Brooks-Baker said there had always been a significant "royalty factor" in those who aspired to the White House, with Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan, among others, all boasting blue blood links. He said that Al Gore, a cousin of former president, Richard Nixon, was a descendant of Edward I and has direct links to the Holy Roman Empire through Emperors, Louis II, Charles II and Louis I. This, therefore, makes him a direct descendant of Charlemagne, the 8th-century Emperor.24


These Charlemagne links make Gore a cousin of George W. Bush!

The Merovingian bloodline

Charlemagne, in turn, takes us into the Merovingian dynasty in France, which founded the city of Paris and to whom all the royal families of Europe are related. Other highly influential figures of their time, like the founders of the Mormon religion Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, and Brigham Young are from this Merovingian line. There have been a number of best-selling books written over recent years about the Merovingian bloodline and the France-based Priory of Sion, a secret society through which this bloodline manipulates.


These books have presented some interesting and important information, but they claim that the Merovingians are the bloodline of Jesus and the children they say he conceived with "Mary Magdalene". The story goes that she fled with them to southern France after the "crucifixion". But there was no Jesus and there was no Mary Magdalene, a fact that will become obvious.


How do two people who did not exist conceive children who became the Merovingian line? Beats me. This is a vitally important bloodline, yes, but not because of Jesus. The Merovingians are Anunnaki hybrids. It is one of their key bloodlines. Interestingly, MAG is apparently a code for the reptilian DNA passed on through the female line and it appears to relate to Orion from what I understand.


Dan Winter has a lot of background information to the reptilian-human genetics.

The Merovingian bloodline is a constant theme in my research of the ruling families. It goes back to the ancient Middle and Near East during the Sumer Empire and almost certainly even further to Atlantis and Lemuria. The people later known as Merovingians were involved in the Trojan War (c. 1200BC) between the Trojans and the Greeks in what we now call Turkey. Over time they moved out through the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia under the name Scythians and into Europe where they were known as the Sicambrian Franks, the source of the name "France".


They were named after Cambra, their tribal queen of the late 4th century, and Francio, their founder, who claimed to have been descended from Noah of the biblical Great Flood.25 Noah is a mythical name, but possibly based on a real character from the Atlantean period and an Anunnaki crossbreed. It should be stressed here that Noah and Abraham, had they actually existed, were not Hebrews because there were no Hebrews in this period.


The Hebrews were an offshoot of the Sumerian-Egyptian cultures, as outlined by, among others, Professor Cyrus Gordon, in The Common Background Of Greek And Hebrew Civilisation (1965). To claim descent from "Noah" is used by Illuminati initiates to symbolize their genetic connection to the Anunnaki bloodline. The Sumerian version of the "Noah" story relates his close connection to the Anunnaki, especially Enki.

The Franks called themselves the Newmage or "the People of the Covenant" and settled in Germania (possibly named by the Romans from a word meaning "genuine ones") with their centre in Cologne. Peoples of the former Sumer Empire moved into Europe over many centuries by land. As they traveled they were known by different names in different regions.


Once more the changing names have obscured the fact that they were the same peoples from the former Sumer Empire and even further back to Atlantis and Lemuria. Some of the names by which these former Sumerian peoples were known are the Scythians (Saca, Sacki, Sacksen, Saxon), Goths (Gauls), and Cimmerians. The Angles and the Saxons, who combined to form the Anglo-Saxons, once again had the same origin, the Aryan race from Sumer and its empire.2


This exodus into Europe included the people called the Sicambrian Franks. Interestingly these Franks also claimed to have lived in Arcadia in Greece, which is a name for Atlantis according to some researchers. The Danube (Danaan) region was another area where the Sicambrian Franks settled and this region has long been connected to the bloodlines and their interbreeding.


From the time of their king called Meroveus or Merovee, who became Guardian of the Franks in 488, they became known as the Merovingians. Legend says that Merovee was the offspring of a human mother and a sea creature called Quinotaur, who sounds very much like the reptilian Anunnaki known as Enki, Ea, or Oannes, the "fish god".


Merovee, who was brought up by Chodio, the first king of the Franks, was known as the "son of the sea" and this is the symbolic foundation of the Merovingian bloodline so crucial to the Illuminati.

The Merovingians founded the city of Paris in the sixth century, which they named after Prince Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. Prince Paris was one of the figures in the Trojan War story, which the Merovingians knew their bloodline had been involved in. The Merovingians were committed to the worship of Diana, one of the great goddess figures of the ancient world who was also known as Artemis. This was the same goddess worshipped in Atlantis.


The city of Troy, in Asia Minor, now Turkey, is in the same region as Ephesus, a place I have visited, which was the centre of Artemis (Diana) worship. The Merovingians founded Paris on major vortex points on the Earth's energy grid and built underground chambers outside the original settlement to harness that energy in their rituals and sacrifices to the goddess Diana. That very site is still an underground chamber. It is called the Pont de L'Alma tunnel where Princess Diana, named after the goddess, was murdered on Sunday, August 31st, 1997.


The goddess Diana was symbolically a "Moon goddess" and the name Pont de L'Alma means "bridge or passage of the Moon goddess". I tell the story of Diana's assassination in great detail in The Biggest Secret,27 where you will also see the staggering obsession that the bloodlines and their Illuminati network have with symbolism and ritual. Everything they do is symbolism and ritual, and when you study this subject it is a very good way to identify their signature on global events.


By the way, Paris and London are two of the most important global centers for the Illuminati and both were founded by bloodlines from Troy.


The connection between Britain and Troy goes way back, long before this bloodline became known as the Merovingians. It was a "royal" Trojan called Brutus, a relative of Helen of Troy, who sailed west to Britain after the fall of Troy and founded a city called "Caer Troia" or New Troy in around 1103BC. This later became known as Lugdunnum and today it is called London.


This story was told by the 12th century chronicler, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and confirmed by the research of L.A. Waddell, as outlined in his books.

Offshoots of the Merovingian line left northern France and Belgium for Scotland in the 12th century to become famous "Scottish" aristocratic families, some of whom were Princess Diana's ancestors. This is one reason why Scotland is so important to the Illuminati and why we have the biggest secret society in the world called the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


The House of Windsor, who were most certainly involved in the ritual murder of Diana, descend from the Merovingians. The three-pointed fleur-de-lis (formerly the Trident of Atlantis and Lemuria) became the symbol of the Merovingian bloodline and so you see it used profusely by British royalty, on official buildings (like a gate at the White House), and in churches (Figure 15).


The bee is also a Merovingian symbol and this was associated with Artemis (see picture section) and many other goddesses, including Queen Semiramis in Babylon who is symbolized by the Illuminati as a dove.

Thus the dove is another theme of British royalty's ritual ironmongery, sorry, sacred sceptres. The reptilian bloodline is supposed to carry secret esoteric and magical powers (what the Nazis called the "vril" or "serpent" power) and the Merovingians were known as "sorcerer kings" because of these abilities. Some of the more amazing of these powers we shall discuss later. Keep the seat belt on for that one. These guys and gals don't interbreed because they fancy each other -there is a greater purpose and one on which their whole plan depends.


The Windsors wanted Diana's genes for their own purposes because she carried a strong DNA connection to the Nordics, and the reptilian hybrids need to infuse their bloodlines with that from time to time and therefore you have their obsession with blond-haired, blue-eyed, people. Once the offspring were born of Diana's union with Prince Charles she was surplus to requirements and ritually removed. Christine Fitzgerald, her closest confidante on esoteric matters for nine years, told me that Diana called herself the "Windsors' brood mare" because she had realized the game.


Now with Diana gone, and having fulfilled his bloodline duty, Prince Charles can be seen openly with the woman he was secretly with throughout his "marriage", Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The Rothschild bloodline

The Merovingians were supposed to have died out, but in reality only the name disappeared, until recently, and not the bloodline. The genetics continued with the King of the Franks called Charles, more famously known as Charlemagne, to whom 34 of the 43 US presidents and so many other key figures are related. He vastly extended the Frankish domains and ruled as Emperor of the West in the papal empire created and controlled by the bloodlines descending from the Roman Empire.


These in turn descended from the royal lines of the Sumer Empire, who descended from Atlanteans, Lemurians and the interbreeding of the Nordics with the reptilian Anunnaki. Another of the key names in Illuminati genealogy is Alexander the Great, an ancestor of Charlemagne and all the major Illuminati families today (see Appendix I). Alexander carried the strongly Nordic DNA and descended from the Viking peoples who settled the Mediterranean and the Aegean after the Atlantean cataclysms.


Alexander ruled Troy at one stage and, before he died in Babylon in 323BC at the age of 33, his army had seized control of a vast region once ruled from Sumer. This included Egypt, Mesopotamia, and into India. He founded the city of Alexandria in Egypt. He was known as the "Serpent's Son" and Alexandria was the "City of the Serpent's Son".28 Once again we see the recurring theme. The legend goes that Alexander's real father was the serpent god, Ammon, and this mirrors the story of Merovee, founder of the Merovingian dynasty.


Throughout history, the reptilians have perpetuated their "purest" bloodlines by marrying as closely as possible to their own genetics. It is vital to remember that these bloodlines do not just breed through their official partners. They have stunning numbers of children out of wedlock. These offspring are then brought up with names that are different to the major Illuminati families like Rockefeller and Rothschild.


So when one of these children, called Clinton, Roosevelt, or whoever, enters a position of power, the people do not relate them to the Illuminati families because they have a different name. But, and I can't emphasize this enough, they are the same bloodline. This is how they hide the tribe, the Anunnaki genetic network.

Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, who now lives in America, claims to be an unofficial offspring of Philippe de Rothschild of the French Rothschilds, and worked within the Illuminati Satanic network for most of his life. I give more detail about his background later. Phillip told me that the key "Nefilim" bloodline is connected to a figure called Aeneas, the alleged head of the Roman Empire through his descendants, Romulus and Remus.


The latter are code names for the bloodline and not real people and that may be the same with Aeneas. The names "Noah" and "King David" are also used as codes for the bloodline, but they did not exist in the way they are depicted and portrayed. The legends of Aeneas fit with the codes and themes of the Illuminati bloodlines, including his association with Troy.


Aeneas is said to have been born in Troy, the city so sacred to the Merovingians and the Knights Templar. In the Hymn to Aphrodite, the Goddess proclaims that Aeneas, the son she has conceived by the mortal Anchises, will come to rule the Trojans, as will the generations upon generations that succeed him.29 The works of the Greek poet, Homer, who lived around the 9th or 8th century BC, is the main source of information about ancient Troy and the conflicts that led to its demise. The two epics the Iliad and the Odyssey are ascribed to him.


Modern archaeological discoveries have confirmed the accuracy of Homer's work. In the Iliad, Aeneas recounts his birth and ancestry to his opponent Achilles on the battlefield at Troy. Aeneas says that he descends from "divine and immortal stock" through both his mother and his father. This connection between divine immortality and the Anunnaki under their various names constantly recurs in ancient accounts.


Aeneas says that his mother is the goddess, Aphrodite, and his father is Anchises, and he can trace his lineage back to Dardanus, the son of Zeus and legendary founder of the Trojan race (Trojan race = reptilian-Nordic hybrids, the Aryans or "master race"). Other accounts say that Dardanus is the offspring of the union of Zeus and Electra and his origins are in Samothrace, the sacred Aegean island dedicated to goddess worship, from where he migrates to Troad (Troy) in the period of the Great Flood.


One of the outstanding characteristics with which Aeneas is endowed in the Iliad is a close relationship with the gods. The legends of Aeneas are peppered with references and codes about his genealogical relationship to the "gods" and so it is no surprise that he plays such an important part in the codes and symbolism of the Illuminati bloodlines today.

Phillip Eugene de Rothschild told me that this "Aeneas" bloodline became what he called the "Rothsburg dynasty" - the union of the Bauer-Rothschilds (same family, different name) and the Battenbergs. This is the Merovingian bloodline and also the line of the Habsburgs, the leading family in the Holy Roman Empire for hundreds of years. This was the medieval state that embraced most of central Europe and Italy from 962 to 1806.


The Dutch researcher Frans Kamp suggests that the Habsburgs were Nordics who interbred with the reptilians in the ancient past. They were also connected to the reptilian House of Lorraine. Phillip Eugene says that this "Rothsburg" bloodline is known within the Illuminati as the "Gens". This is a Latin word meaning "race", "tribe" or "male line of descent" and comes from the term gignere -"to beget".30


The late Lord Louis Mountbatten, a famous member of the British royal family, and his nephew, Prince Philip, are Battenbergs and Illuminati Satanists. This is why Lord Mountbatten became Governor of the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, an extremely important centre for the Illuminati and its Satanists because of its position on the Earth energy grid.


More about that in due course.


It was Lord Mountbatten who arranged the marriage between Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, after which the royal line of the UK became known as Windsor-Mountbatten. Both the Windsors and the Mountbattens are German bloodlines formerly known as the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the Battenbergs. They anglicized their names during the First World War against Germany for public relations reasons, but both of these "families" supported the Nazis, and Prince Philip was sent to a school in Germany run by the Nazi youth programme (see ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret).


Phillip Eugene, the Rothschild offspring, says of this "Aeneas" bloodline:

"Apparently Aeneas embodies all the various bloodlines that must trace their lineage back through Charlemagne because in him is embodied the confluence of the lineage of both David (Jewish) and Alexander the Great (Aryan). It is the modern day representatives of these Roman 'Gens' or European monarchs that make up the ruling 'aristocracy' of the revived Roman Empire.


These 'royal' families maintain their pedigree through endogamy (inter-familial marriages). The first prototype of the Antichrist [the purest bloodline] was Nimrod, founder of Babylon. The historical and seminal nexus of this last Roman Empire is Charlemagne and his descendants, people like [Prince] Philip Mountbatten (Rex Julius Alexander Battenberg) who is one of the ruling heads of the Julian Gens."31

The keepers of the secrets

The Priory of Sion, an elite secret society created in the 12th century to serve the Merovingian bloodline or "Le Serpent Rouge" (the serpent blood), was very closely connected to the Knights Templar who were, incidentally, officially formed at the French city of Troyes, named by the Sicambrian Franks (Merovingians) after their former home in Troy.


The Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar have had their feuds and break-ups over the centuries, but, as with similar conflicts from time to time with the Knights of Malta, these were battles for supremacy within the bloodlines, not between the bloodlines and an outside force. Missing this point, I feel, has led so many researchers off the trail. They all have the same basic agenda of global control by the Anunnaki, but they each want to be top dog. The same is true with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, two major expressions of the bloodline today.


At the top level, the Priory of Sion, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Teutonic Knights, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and a long, long, list of others, are the same organization, the all-encompassing network I call the Illuminati. This is not to be confused with a group called the Bavarian Illuminati, officially formed on May 1st (a major ritual day) 1776. The Bavarian Illuminati is a strand in the web, not the web itself.

One other point to emphasize as we close this chapter is the constantly recurring theme in this story of the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia. From the early days of my research this region has appeared again and again in relation to the bloodlines, particularly the Aryan Race. Of course, the white race is known in North America as "Caucasian".


A Swedish contact had a long relationship with Russia's leading "UFO expert", whom she later discovered had secret service connections. She said that he had spoken of the Caucasus Mountains as an inter-dimensional portal or gateway through which other-dimensional beings could enter this frequency range we call the physical world.


This region was also a place where bloodlines from the Middle and Near East intermingled and no doubt interbred with those from the Far East and northern Russia. Robert Temple highlights in The Sirius Mystery the importance of the Colchis people at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains and relates them, with persuasive evidence, to the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, a story which, as he points out, contains many symbolic codes for Sirius.32


In the myth, Jason steals the Golden Fleece from the King of Colchis. It is in this region that the Georgian people live their extraordinarily long lives by today's standards and not far to the south is Mount Ararat, the place where the biblical Noah's Ark was supposed to have come symbolically to rest.


The Greek historian, Herodotus, said that the people of Colchis, a dark race, were of Egyptian descent and he was told that they were men from the army of the pharaoh, Sesostris, whom, scholars believe, was another name for Ramses II. This guy appears in the Illuminati bloodline that includes the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, and the British royal family, etc., etc.

The themes summarized here are supported by stories, legends, and accounts across the world, not only in the Sumerian tablets.


Renegade insiders and former insiders of the Illuminati have also confirmed to me that humanity is indeed controlled by a tribe of interbreeding bloodlines that go back to the time of the Sumer Empire, Atlantis and Lemuria, where they were seeded by a non-human source.


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