by David Icke

June 01, 2021

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extracted from 'Perceptions of A Renegade Mind'

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Awake, arise

or be forever fall'n

John Milton

Paradise Lost




I have exposed this far the level of the Cult conspiracy that operates in the world of the seen and within the global secret society and satanic network which operates in the shadows one step back from the seen.


The story, however, goes much deeper than that.


The 'Covid' hoax is major part of the Cult agenda, but only part, and to grasp the biggest picture we have to expand our attention beyond the realm of human sight and into the infinity of possibility that we cannot see.


It is from here, ultimately, that humanity is being manipulated into a state of total control by the force which dictates the actions of the Cult.

How much of reality can we see...?

Next to damn all is the answer.


We may appear to see all there is to see in the 'space' our eyes survey and observe, but little could be further from the truth. The human 'world' is only a tiny band of frequency that the body's visual and perceptual systems can decode into perception of a 'world'.


According to mainstream science the electromagnetic spectrum is 0.005 percent of what exists in the Universe (Fig 10).


The maximum estimate I have seen is 0.5 percent and either way it's miniscule. I say it is far, far, smaller even than 0.005 percent when you compare reality we see with the totality of reality that we don't. Now get this if you are new to such information: Visible light, the only band of frequency that we can see, is a fraction of the 0.005 percent (Fig 11 overleaf).


Take this further and realize that our universe is one of infinite universes and that universes are only a fragment of overall reality - infinite reality.


Then compare that with the almost infinitesimal frequency band of visible light or human sight. You see that humans are as near blind as it is possible to be without actually being so.


Artist and filmmaker, Sergio Toporek, said:



Figure 10:

Humans can perceive such a tiny band

of visual reality it's laughable.



Figure 11:

We can see a smear of the 0.005 percent electromagnetic spectrum,

but we still know it all. Yep, makes sense.


Consider that you can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum.


90% of the cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA and are not 'you'. The atoms in your body are 99.9999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones you were born with...


Human beings have 46 chromosomes, two less than a potato.


The existence of the rainbow depends on the conical photoreceptors in your eyes; to animals without cones, the rainbow does not exist. So you don't just look at a rainbow, you create it.


This is pretty amazing, especially considering that all the beautiful colors you see represent less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Suddenly the 'world' of humans looks a very different place...


Take into account, too, that Planet Earth when compared with the projected size of this single universe is the equivalent of a billionth of a pinhead. Imagine the ratio that would be when compared to infinite reality.


To think that Christianity once insisted that Earth and humanity were the centre of everything. This background is vital if we are going to appreciate the nature of 'human' and how we can be manipulated by an unseen force.


To human visual reality virtually everything is unseen and yet the prevailing perception within the institutions and so much of the public is that if we can't see it, touch it, hear it, taste it and smell it then it cannot exist.


Such perception is indoctrinated and encouraged by the Cult and its agents because it isolates believers in the strictly limited, village- idiot, realm of the five senses where perceptions can be firewalled and information controlled. Most of those perpetuating the 'this- world-is-all-there-is' insanity are themselves indoctrinated into believing the same delusion.


While major players and influencers know that official reality is laughable most of those in science, academia and medicine really believe the nonsense they peddle and teach succeeding generations.


Those who challenge the orthodoxy are dismissed as nutters and freaks to protect the manufactured illusion from exposure.


Observe the dynamic of the 'Covid' hoax and you will see how that takes the same form.


The inner-circle psychopaths knows it's a gigantic scam, but almost the entirety of those imposing their fascist rules believe that 'Covid' is all that they're told it is.





Stolen identity


Ask people who they are and they will give you their name, place of birth, location, job, family background and life story.


Yet that is not who they are - it is what they are experiencing. The difference is absolutely crucial. The true 'I', the eternal, infinite 'I', is consciousness, a state of being aware.


Forget 'form'. That is a vehicle for a brief experience.


Consciousness does not come from the brain, but through the brain and even that is more symbolic than literal. We are awareness, pure awareness, and this is what withdraws from the body at what we call 'death' to continue our eternal beingness, isness, in other realms of reality within the limitlessness of infinity or the Biblical 'many mansions in my father's house'.


Labels of a human life, man, woman, transgender, black, white, brown, nationality, circumstances and income are not who we are. They are what we are - awareness - is experiencing in a brief connection with a band of frequency we call 'human'.


The labels are not the self; they are, to use the title of one of my books, a Phantom Self. I am not David Icke born in Leicester, England, on April 29th, 1952. I am the consciousness having that experience.


The Cult and its non-human masters seek to convince us through the institutions of 'education', science, medicine, media and government that what we are experiencing is who we are. It's so easy to control and direct perception locked away in the bewildered illusions of the five senses with no expanded radar.


Try, by contrast, doing the same with a humanity aware of its true self and its true power to consciously create its reality and experience.


How is it possible to do this?


We do it all day every day. If you perceive yourself as 'little me' with no power to impact upon your life and the world then your life experience will reflect that. You will hand the power you don't think you have to authority in all its forms which will use it to control your experience. This, in turn, will appear to confirm your perception of 'little me' in a self-fulfilling feedback loop.


But that is what 'little me' really is - a perception.


We are all 'big-me', infinite me, and the Cult has to make us forget that if its will is to prevail. We are therefore manipulated and pressured into self-identifying with human labels and not the consciousness/awareness experiencing those human labels.


The phenomenon of identity politics is a Cult-instigated manipulation technique to sub-divide previous labels into even smaller ones. A United States university employs this list of letters to describe student identity:

LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, gender-fuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism...

I'm sure other lists are even longer by now as people feel the need to self-identity the 'I' with the minutiae of race and sexual preference.


Wokers programmed by the Cult for generations believe this is about 'inclusivity' when it's really the Cult locking them away into smaller and smaller versions of Phantom Self while firewalling them from the influence of their true self, the infinite, eternal 'I'.


You may notice that my philosophy which contends that we are all unique points of attention/awareness within the same infinite whole or Oneness is the ultimate non-racism.


The very sense of Oneness makes the judgment of people by their body-type, color or sexuality utterly ridiculous and confirms that racism has no understanding of reality (including anti-white racism).


Yet despite my perception of life Cult agents and fast-asleep Wokers label me racist to discredit my information while they are themselves phenomenally racist and sexist. All they see is race and sexuality and they judge people as good or bad, demons or untouchables, by their race and sexuality.


All they see is Phantom Self and perceive themselves in terms of Phantom Self.


They are pawns and puppets of the Cult agenda to focus attention and self-identity in the five senses and play those identities against each other to divide and rule. Columbia University has introduced segregated graduations in another version of social distancing designed to drive people apart and teach them that different racial and cultural groups have nothing in common with each other.


The last thing the Cult wants is unity. Again the pump-primers of this will be Cult operatives in the knowledge of what they are doing, but the rest are just the Phantom Self blind leading the Phantom Self blind.


We do have something in common - we are all the same consciousness having different temporary experiences.





What is this 'human'?

Yes, what is 'human'?


That is what we are supposed to be, right?


I mean 'human'?

 True, but 'human' is the experience not the 'I'. Break it down to basics and 'human' is the way that information is processed.


If we are to experience and interact with this band of frequency we call the 'world' we must have a vehicle that operates within that band of frequency. Our consciousness in its prime form cannot do that; it is way beyond the frequency of the human realm.


My consciousness or awareness could not tap these keys and pick up the cup in front of me in the same way that radio station A cannot interact with radio station B when they are on different frequencies.


The human body is the means through which we have that interaction. I have long described the body as a biological computer which processes information in a way that allows consciousness to experience this reality. The body is a receiver, transmitter and processor of information in a particular way that we call human.


We visually perceive only the world of the five senses in a wakened state - that is the limit of the body's visual decoding system. In truth it's not even visual in the way we experience 'visual reality' as I will come to in a moment. We are 'human' because the body processes the information sources of human into a reality and behavior system that we perceive as human.


Why does an elephant act like an elephant and not like a human or a duck?


The elephant's biological computer is a different information field and processes information according to that program into a visual and behavior type we call an elephant. The same applies to everything in our reality.


These body information fields are perpetuated through procreation (like making a copy of a so. ware program). The Cult wants to break that cycle and intervene technologically to transform the human information field into one that will change what we call humanity. If it can change the human information field it will change the way that field processes information and change humanity both 'physically' and psychologically.


Hence the messenger (information) RNA 'vaccines' and so much more that is targeting human genetics by changing the body's information - messaging - construct through food, drink, radiation, toxicity and other means.


Reality that we experience is nothing like reality as it really is in the same way that the reality people experience in virtual reality games is not the reality they are really living in. The game is only a decoded source of information that appears to be a reality.


Our world is also an information construct - a simulation (more later). In its base form our reality is a wavefield of information much the same in theme as Wi-Fi. The five senses decode wavefield information into electrical information which they communicate to the brain to decode into holographic (illusory 'physical') information.


Different parts of the brain specialize in decoding different senses and the information is fused into a reality that appears to be outside of us but is really inside the brain and the genetic structure in general (Fig 12 overleaf). DNA is a receiver- transmitter of information and a vital part of this decoding process and the body's connection to other realities.


Change DNA and you change the way we decode and connect with reality - see 'Covid vaccines'.


Think of computers decoding Wi-Fi. You have information encoded in a radiation field and the computer decodes that information into a very different form on the screen. You can't see the Wi-Fi until its information is made manifest on the screen and the information on the screen is inside the computer and not outside. I have just described how we decode the 'human world'.


All five senses decode the waveform 'Wi-Fi' field into electrical signals and the brain (computer) constructs reality inside the brain and not outside,

'You don't just look at a rainbow, you create it'.

Sound is a simple example.


We don't hear sound until the brain decodes it. Waveform sound waves are picked up by the hearing sense and communicated to the brain in an electrical form to be decoded into the sounds that we hear.


Everything we hear is inside the brain along with everything we see, feel, smell and taste. Words and language are waveform fields generated by our vocal chords which pass through this process until they are decoded by the brain into words that we hear.


Different languages are different frequency fields or sound waves generated by vocal chords. Late British philosopher Alan Watts said:



Figure 12:

The brain receives information from the five senses

and constructs from that our perceived reality.

[Without the brain] the world is devoid of light, heat,

weight, solidity, motion, space, time

or any other imaginable feature.



All these phenomena are interactions, or transactions, of vibrations with a certain arrangement of neurons.


That's exactly what they are and scientist Robert Lanza describes in his book, Biocentrism, how we decode electromagnetic waves and energy into visual and 'physical' experience.


He uses the example of a flame emitting photons, electromagnetic energy, each pulsing electrically and magnetically:.. these... invisible electromagnetic waves strike a human retina, and if (and only if) the waves happen to measure between 400 and 700 nano meters in length from crest to crest, then their energy is just right to deliver a stimulus to the 8 million cone-shaped cells in the retina.


Each in turn send an electrical pulse to a neighbor neuron, and on up the line this goes, at 250 mph, until it reaches the... occipital lobe of the brain, in the back of the head.


There, a cascading complex of neurons fire from the incoming stimuli, and we subjectively perceive this experience as a yellow brightness occurring in a place we have been conditioned to call the 'external world'.





You hear what you decode


If a tree falls or a building collapses they make no noise unless someone is there to decode the energetic waves generated by the disturbance into what we call sound.


Does a falling tree make a noise?


Only if you hear it - decode it. Everything in our reality is a frequency field of information operating within the overall 'Wi-Fi' field that I call The Field. A vibrational disturbance is generated in The Field by the fields of the falling tree or building. These disturbance waves are what we decode into the sound of them falling. If no one is there to do that then neither will make any noise.


Reality is created by the observer - decoder - and the perceptions of the observer affect the decoding process.


For this reason different people - different perceptions - will perceive the same reality or situation in a different way. What one may perceive as a nightmare another will see as an opportunity.


The question of why the Cult is so focused on controlling human perception now answers itself.


All experienced reality is the act of decoding and we don't experience Wi-Fi until it is decoded on the computer screen. The sight and sound of an Internet video is encoded in the Wi-Fi all around us, but we don't see or hear it until the computer decodes that information. Taste, smell and touch are all phenomena of the brain as a result of the same process.


We don't taste, smell or feel anything except in the brain and there are pain relief techniques that seek to block the signal from the site of discomfort to the brain because if the brain doesn't decode that signal we don't feel pain.


Pain is in the brain and only appears to be at the point of impact thanks to the feedback loop between them. We don't see anything until electrical information from the sight senses is decoded in an area at the back of the brain. If that area is damaged we can go blind when our eyes are perfectly okay.


So why do we go blind if we damage an eye?


We damage the information processing between the waveform visual information and the visual decoding area of the brain. If information doesn't reach the brain in a form it can decode then we can't see the visual reality that it represents.


What's more the brain is decoding only a fraction of the information it receives and the rest is absorbed by the sub-conscious mind.


This explanation is from the science magazine, Wonderpedia:

Every second, 11 million sensations crackle along these [brain] pathways...

The brain is confronted with an alarming array of images, sounds and smells which it rigorously filters down until it is left with a manageable list of around 40.


Thus 40 sensations per second make up what we perceive as reality.


The 'world' is not what people are told to believe that is it and the inner circles of the Cult know that.





Illusory 'physical' reality


We can only see a smear of 0.005 percent of the Universe which is only one of a vast array of universes - 'mansions' - within infinite reality.


Even then the brain decodes only 40 pieces of information ('sensations') from a potential 11 million that we receive every second.


Two points strike you from this immediately:

The sheer breathtaking stupidity of believing we know anything so rigidly that there's nothing more to know; and the potential for these processes to be manipulated by a malevolent force to control the reality of the population.

One thing I can say for sure with no risk of contradiction is that when you can perceive an almost indescribable fraction of infinite reality there is always more to know as in tidal waves of it.


Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was so right when he said that,

wisdom is to know how little we know.

How obviously true that is when you think that we are experiencing a physical world of solidity that is neither physical nor solid and a world of apartness when everything is connected.


Cult- controlled 'science' dismisses the so-called 'paranormal' and all phenomena related to that when the 'para'-normal is perfectly normal and explains the alleged 'great mysteries' which dumbfound scientific minds.


There is a reason for this. A 'scientific mind' in terms of the mainstream is a material mind, a five-sense mind imprisoned in see it, touch it, hear it, smell it and taste it. Phenomena and happenings that can't be explained that way leave the 'scientific mind' bewildered and the rule is that if they can't account for why something is happening then it can't, by definition, be happening. I beg to differ.


Telepathy is thought waves passing through The Field (think wave disturbance again) to be decoded by someone able to connect with that wavelength (information).


For example:

You can pick up the thought waves of a friend at any distance and at the very least that will bring them to mind.


A few minutes later the friend calls you.

'My god', you say, 'that's incredible - I was just thinking of you.'

Ah, but they were thinking of you before they made the call and that's what you decoded. Native peoples not entrapped in five-sense reality do this so well it became known as the 'bush telegraph'.


Those known as psychics and mediums (genuine ones) are doing the same only across dimensions of reality. 'Mind over matter' comes from the fact that matter and mind are the same.


The state of one influences the state of the other. Indeed one and the other are illusions. They are aspects of the same field. Paranormal phenomena are all explainable so why are they still considered 'mysteries' or not happening?


Once you go down this road of understanding you begin to expand awareness beyond the five senses and that's the nightmare for the Cult.



Figure 13:

Holograms are not solid,

but the best ones appear to be.



Figure 14

How holograms are created

by capturing a waveform version

of the subject image.





Holographic 'solidity'


Our reality is not solid, it is holographic.

We are now well aware of holograms which are widely used today.

Two-dimensional information is decoded into a three-dimensional reality that is not solid although can very much appear to be (Fig 13). Holograms are created with a laser divided into two parts.


One goes directly onto a holographic photographic print ('reference beam') and the other takes a waveform image of the subject ('working beam') before being directed onto the print where it 'collides' with the other half of the laser (Fig 14). This creates a waveform interference pattern which contains the wavefield information of whatever is being photographed (Fig 15 overleaf).


The process can be likened to dropping pebbles in a pond. Waves generated by each one spread out across the water to collide with the others and create a wave representation of where the stones fell and at what speed, weight and distance.


A waveform interference pattern of a hologram is akin to the waveform information in The Field which the five senses decode into electrical signals to be decoded by the brain into a holographic illusory 'physical' reality. In the same way when a laser (think human attention) is directed at the waveform interference pattern a three-dimensional version of the subject is projected into apparently 'solid' reality (Fig 16).


An amazing trait of holograms reveals more 'paranormal mysteries'. Information of the whole hologram is encoded in waveform in every part of the interference pattern by the way they are created. This means that every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole. Cut the interference wave-pattern into four and you won't get four parts of the image.


You get quarter-sized versions of the whole image.


The body is a hologram and the same applies. Here we have the basis of acupuncture, reflexology and other forms of healing which identify representations of the whole body in all of the parts, hands, feet, ears, everywhere. Skilled palm readers can do what they do because the information of whole body is encoded in the hand.


The concept of as above, so below, comes from this.



Figure 15:

A waveform interference pattern

that holds the information

that transforms into a hologram.



Figure 16:

Holographic people including 'Elvis' holographically

inserted to sing a duet with Celine Dion.



The question will be asked of why, if solidity is illusory, we can't just walk through walls and each other.


The resistance is not solid against solid; it is electromagnetic field against electromagnetic field and we decode this into the experience of solid against solid. We should also not underestimate the power of belief to dictate reality.

What you believe is impossible will be. Your belief impacts on your decoding processes and they won't decode what you think is impossible.


What we believe we perceive and what we perceive we experience.

'Can't dos' and 'impossibles' are like a firewall in a computer system that won't put on the screen what the firewall blocks.


How vital that is to understanding how human experience has been hijacked.


I explain in The Answer, Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told and other books a long list of 'mysteries' and 'paranormal' phenomena that are not mysterious and perfectly normal once you realize what reality is and how it works.


'Ghosts' can be seen to pass through 'solid' walls because the walls are not solid and the ghost is a discarnate entity operating on a frequency so different to that of the wall that it's like two radio stations sharing the same space while never interfering with each other. I have seen ghosts do this myself.


The apartness of people and objects is also an illusion.


Everything is connected by the Field like all sea life is connected by the sea. It's just that within the limits of our visual reality we only 'see' holographic information and not the field of information that connects everything and from which the holographic world is made manifest.


If you can only see holographic 'objects' and not the field that connects them they will appear to you as unconnected to each other in the same way that we see the computer while not seeing the Wi-Fi.





What you don't know can hurt you


Okay, we return to those 'two worlds' of human society and the Cult with its global network of interconnecting secret societies and satanic groups which manipulate through governments, corporations, media, religions, etc.


The fundamental difference between them is knowledge.


The idea has been to keep humanity ignorant of the plan for its total enslavement underpinned by a crucial ignorance of reality - who we are and where we are - and how we interact with it. 'Human' should be the interaction between our expanded eternal consciousness and the five-sense body experience.


We are meant to be in this world in terms of the five senses but not of this world in relation to our greater consciousness and perspective. In that state we experience the small picture of the five senses within the wider context of the big picture of awareness beyond the five senses.


Put another way the five senses see the dots and expanded awareness connects them into pictures and patterns that give context to the apparently random and unconnected.


Without the context of expanded awareness the five senses see only apartness and randomness with apparently no meaning. The Cult and its other-dimensional controllers seek to intervene in the frequency realm where five-sense reality is supposed to connect with expanded reality and to keep the two apart (more on this in the final chapter).


When that happens five-sense mental and emotional processes are no longer influenced by expanded awareness, or the True 'I', and instead are driven by the isolated perceptions of the body's decoding systems. They are in the world and of it. Here we have the human plight and why humanity with its potential for infinite awareness can be so easily manipulatable and descend into such extremes of stupidity.


Once the Cult isolates five-sense mind from expanded awareness it can then program the mind with perceptions and beliefs by controlling information that the mind receives through the 'education' system of the formative years and the media perceptual bombardment and censorship of an entire lifetime.


Limit perception and a sense of the possible through limiting knowledge by limiting and skewing information while censoring and discrediting that which could set people free. As the title of another of my books says... And The Truth Shall Set You Free. For this reason the last thing the Cult wants in circulation is the truth about anything - especially the reality of the eternal 'I' - and that's why it is desperate to control information.


The Cult knows that information becomes perception which becomes behavior which, collectively, becomes human society. Cult-controlled and funded mainstream 'science' denies the existence of an eternal 'I' and seeks to dismiss and trash all evidence to the contrary.


Cult-controlled mainstream religion has a version of 'God' that is little more than a system of control and dictatorship that employs threats of damnation in an afterlife to control perceptions and behavior in the here and now through fear and guilt.


Neither is true and it's the 'neither' that the Cult wishes to suppress.


This 'neither' is that everything is an expression, a point of attention, within an infinite state of consciousness which is the real meaning of the term 'God'. Perceptual obsession with the 'physical body' and five-senses means that 'God' becomes personified as a bearded bloke sitting among the clouds or a raging bully who loves us if we do what 'he' wants and condemns us to the fires of hell if we don't.


These are no more than a 'spiritual' fairy tales to control and dictate events and behavior through fear of this 'God' which has bizarrely made 'God-fearing' in religious circles a state to be desired. I would suggest that fearing anything is not to be encouraged and celebrated, but rather deleted.


You can see why 'God fearing' is so beneficial to the Cult and its religions when they decide what 'God' wants and what 'God' demands (the Cult demands) that everyone do.


As the great American comedian Bill Hicks said satirizing a Christian zealot:

'I think what God meant to say.'

How much of this infinite awareness ('God') that we access is decided by how far we choose to expand our perceptions, self-identity and sense of the possible.


The scale of self-identity reflects itself in the scale of awareness that we can connect with and are influenced by - how much knowing and insight we have instead of programmed perception.


You cannot expand your awareness into the infinity of possibility when you believe that you are litle me Peter the postman or Mary in marketing and nothing more.


I'll deal with this in the concluding chapter because it's crucial to how we turnaround current events.





Where the Cult came from


When I realized in the early 1990s there was a Cult network behind global events I asked the obvious question:

When did it start?

I took it back to ancient Rome and Egypt and on to Babylon and Sumer in Mesopotamia, the 'Land Between Two Rivers', in what we now call Iraq.


The two rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates and this region is of immense historical and other importance to the Cult, as is the land called Israel only 550 miles away by air. There is much more going with deep esoteric meaning across this whole region. It's not only about 'wars for oil'.


Priceless artifacts from Mesopotamia were stolen or destroyed after the American and British invasion of Iraq in 2003 justified by the lies of Boy Bush and Tony Blair (their Cult masters) about non-existent 'weapons of mass destruction'. Mesopotamia was the location of Sumer (about 5,400BC to 1,750BC), and Babylon (about 2,350BC to 539BC).


Sabbatians may have become immensely influential in the Cult in modern times but they are part of a network that goes back into the mists of history. Sumer is said by historians to be the 'cradle of civilization'.


I disagree...


I say it was the re-start of what we call human civilization after cataclysmic events symbolized in part as the 'Great Flood' destroyed the world that existed before. These fantastic upheavals that I have been describing in detail in the books since the early1990s appear in accounts and legends of ancient cultures across the world and they are supported by geological and biological evidence.


Stone tablets found in Iraq detailing the Sumer period say the cataclysms were caused by non-human 'gods' they call the Anunnaki.


These are described in terms of extraterrestrial visitations in which knowledge supplied by the Anunnaki is said to have been the source of at least one of the world's oldest writing systems and developments in astronomy, mathematics and architecture that were way ahead of their time.


I have covered this subject at length in The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix and the same basic 'Anunnaki' story can be found in Zulu accounts in South Africa where the late and very great Zulu high shaman Credo Mutwa told me that the Sumerian Anunnaki were known by Zulus as the Chitauri or 'children of the serpent'.


See my six-hour video interview with Credo on this subject entitled The Reptilian Agenda recorded at his then home near Johannesburg in 1999 which you can watch on the Ickonic media platform.


The Cult emerged out of Sumer, Babylon and Egypt (and elsewhere) and established the Roman Empire before expanding with the Romans into northern Europe from where many empires were savagely imposed in the form of Cult-controlled societies all over the world. Mass death and destruction was their calling card.


The Cult established its centre of operations in Europe and European Empires were Cult empires which allowed it to expand into a global force. Spanish and Portuguese colonialists headed for Central and South America while the British and French targeted North America. Africa was colonized by Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Germany.


Some like Britain and France moved in on the Middle East. The British Empire was by far the biggest for a simple reason. By now Britain was the headquarters of the Cult from which it expanded to form Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.


The Sun never set on the British Empire such was the scale of its occupation.


London remains a global centre for the Cult along with Rome and the Vatican although others have emerged in Israel and China. It is no accident that the 'virus' is alleged to have come out of China while Italy was chosen as the means to terrify the Western population into compliance with 'Covid' fascism.


Nor that Israel has led the world in 'Covid' fascism and mass 'vaccination'.


You would think that I would mention the United States here, but while it has been an important means of imposing the Cult's will it is less significant than would appear and is currently in the process of having what power it does have deleted. The Cult in Europe has mostly loaded the guns for the US to fire.


America has been controlled from Europe from the start through Cult operatives in Britain and Europe.


The American Revolution was an illusion to make it appear that America was governing itself while very different forces were pulling the strings in the form of Cult families such as the Rothschilds through the Rockefellers and other subordinates.


The Rockefellers are extremely close to Bill Gates and established both scalpel and drug 'medicine' and the World Health Organization.


They play a major role in the development and circulation of vaccines through the Rockefeller Foundation on which Bill Gates said his Foundation is based. Why wouldn't this be the case when the Rockefellers and Gates are on the same team?


Cult infiltration of human society goes way back into what we call history and has been constantly expanding and centralizing power with the goal of establishing a global structure to dictate everything.


Look how this has been advanced in great leaps with the 'Covid' hoax.





The non-human dimension


I researched and observed the comings and goings of Cult operatives through the centuries and even thousands of years as they were born, worked to promote the agenda within the secret society and satanic networks, and then died for others to replace them.


Clearly there had to be a coordinating force that spanned this entire period while operatives who would not have seen the end goal in their lifetimes came and went advancing the plan over millennia. I went in search of that coordinating force with the usual support from the extraordinary synchronicity of my life which has been an almost daily experience since 1990.


I saw common themes in religious texts and ancient cultures about a non-human force manipulating human society from the hidden.

  • Christianity calls this force Satan, the Devil and demons

  • Islam refers to the Jinn or Djinn

  • Zulus have their Chitauri (spelt in other ways in different parts of Africa)

  • The Gnostic people in Egypt in the period around and before 400AD referred to this phenomena as the 'Archons', a word meaning rulers in Greek

  • Central American cultures speak of the 'Predators' among other names and the same theme is everywhere.

I will use 'Archons' as a collective name for all of them. When you see how their nature and behavior is described all these different sources are clearly talking about the same force.


Gnostics described the Archons in terms of 'luminous fire' while Islam relates the Jinn to 'smokeless fire'. Some refer to beings in form that could occasionally be seen, but the most common of common theme is that they operate from unseen realms which means almost all existence to the visual processes of humans.


I had concluded that this was indeed the foundation of human control and that the Cult was operating within the human frequency band on behalf of this hidden force when I came across the writings of Gnostics which supported my conclusions in the most extraordinary way. A sealed earthen jar was found in 1945 near the town of Nag Hammadi about 75-80 miles north of Luxor on the banks of the River Nile in Egypt.


Inside was a treasure trove of manuscripts and texts left by the Gnostic people some 1,600 years earlier. They included 13 leather-bound papyrus codices (manuscripts) and more than 50 texts written in Coptic Egyptian estimated to have been hidden in the jar in the period of 400AD although the source of the information goes back much further.


Gnostics oversaw the Great or Royal Library of Alexandria, the fantastic depository of ancient texts detailing advanced knowledge and accounts of human history. The Library was dismantled and destroyed in stages over a long period with the death-blow delivered by the Cult-established Roman Church in the period around 415AD.


The Church of Rome was the Church of Babylon relocated as I said earlier. Gnostics were not a race. They were a way of perceiving reality. Whenever they established themselves and their information circulated the terrorists of the Church of Rome would target them for destruction.


This happened with the Great Library and with the Gnostic Cathars who were burned to death by the psychopaths after a long period of oppression at the siege of the Castle of Monségur in southern France in 1244. The Church has always been terrified of Gnostic information which demolishes the official Christian narrative although there is much in the Bible that supports the Gnostic view if you read it in another way.


To anyone studying the texts of what became known as the Nag Hammadi Library it is clear that great swathes of Christian and Biblical belief has its origin with Gnostics sources going back to Sumer.


Gnostic themes have been twisted to manipulate the perceived reality of Bible believers. Biblical texts have been in the open for centuries where they could be changed while Gnostic documents found at Nag Hammadi were sealed away and untouched for 1,600 years.


What you see is what they wrote.





Use your pneuma not your nous


Gnosticism and Gnostic come from 'gnosis' which means knowledge, or rather secret knowledge, in the sense of spiritual awareness - knowledge about reality and life itself.


The desperation of the Cult's Church of Rome to destroy the Gnostics can be understood when the knowledge they were circulating was the last thing the Cult wanted the population to know. Sixteen hundred years later the same Cult is working hard to undermine and silence me for the same reason. The dynamic between knowledge and ignorance is a constant.


'Time' appears to move on, but essential themes remain the same. We are told to 'use your nous', a Gnostic word for head/brain/intelligence.


They said, however, that spiritual awakening or 'salvation' could only be secured by expanding awareness beyond what they called nous and into pneuma or Infinite Self.


Obviously as I read these texts the parallels with what I have been saying since 1990 were fascinating to me.


There is a universal truth that spans human history and in that case why wouldn't we be talking the same language 16 centuries apart?


When you free yourself from the perception program of the five senses and explore expanded realms of consciousness you are going to connect with the same information no matter what the perceived 'era' within a manufactured timeline of a single and tiny range of manipulated frequency.


Humans working with 'smart' technology or knocking rocks together in caves is only a timeline appearing to operate within the human frequency band. Expanded awareness and the knowledge it holds have always been there whether the era be Stone Age or computer age.


We can only access that knowledge by opening ourselves to its frequency which the five-sense prison cell is designed to stop us doing.

Gates, Fauci, Whitty, Vallance, Zuckerberg, Brin, Page, Wojcicki, Bezos, and all the others behind the 'Covid' hoax,

...clearly have a long wait before their range of frequency can make that connection given that an open heart is crucial to that as we shall see.


Instead of accessing knowledge directly through expanded awareness it is given to Cult operatives by the secret society networks of the Cult where it has been passed on over thousands of years outside the public arena.


Expanded realms of consciousness is where great artists, composers and writers find their inspiration and where truth awaits anyone open enough to connect with it.


We need to go there fast.





Archon hijack


A fifth of the Nag Hammadi texts describe the existence and manipulation of the Archons led by a 'Chief Archon' they call 'Yaldabaoth', or the 'Demiurge', and this is the Christian 'Devil', 'Satan', 'Lucifer', and his demons.


Archons in Biblical symbolism are the 'fallen ones' which are also referred to as fallen angels after the angels expelled from heaven according to the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


These angels are claimed to tempt humans to 'sin' ongoing and you will see how accurate that symbolism is during the rest of the book.


The theme of 'original sin' is related to the 'Fall' when Adam and Eve were 'tempted by the serpent' and fell from a state of innocence and 'obedience' (connection) with God into a state of disobedience (disconnection). The Fall is said to have brought sin into the world and corrupted everything including human nature.


Yaldabaoth, the 'Lord Archon', is described by Gnostics as a 'counterfeit spirit', 'The Blind One', 'The Blind God', and 'The Foolish One'. The Jewish name for Yaldabaoth in Talmudic writings is Samael which translates as 'Poison of God', or 'Blindness of God'. You see the parallels.


Yaldabaoth in Islamic belief is the Muslim Jinn devil known as Shaytan - Shaytan is Satan as the same themes are found all over the world in every religion and culture. The 'Lord God' of the Old Testament is the 'Lord Archon' of Gnostic manuscripts and that's why he's such a bloodthirsty bastard. Satan is known by Christians as 'the Demon of Demons' and Gnostics called Yaldabaoth the 'Archon of Archons'.


Both are known as 'The Deceiver'. We are talking about the same 'bloke' for sure and these common themes using different names, storylines and symbolism tell a common tale of the human plight.


Archons are referred to in Nag Hammadi documents as mind parasites, inverters, guards, gatekeepers, detainers, judges, pitiless ones and deceivers.


The 'Covid' hoax alone is a glaring example of all these things.

The Biblical 'God' is so different in the Old and New Testaments because they are not describing the same phenomenon.

The vindictive, angry, hate-filled, 'God' of the Old Testament, known as Yahweh, is Yaldabaoth who is depicted in Cult-dictated popular culture as the 'Dark Lord', 'Lord of Time', Lord (Darth) Vader and Dormammu, the evil ruler of the 'Dark Dimension' trying to take over the 'Earth Dimension' in the Marvel comic movie, Dr Strange.


Yaldabaoth is both the Old Testament 'god' and the Biblical 'Satan'. Gnostics referred to Yaldabaoth as the 'Great Architect of the Universe' and the Cult-controlled Freemason network calls their god 'the 'Great Architect of the Universe' (also Grand Architect). The 'Great Architect' Yaldabaoth is symbolized by the Cult as the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States and the dollar bill.


Archon is encoded in arch-itect as it is in arch-angels and arch- bishops. All religions have the theme of a force for good and force for evil in some sort of spiritual war and there is a reason for that - the theme is true.


The Cult and its non-human masters are quite happy for this to circulate. They present themselves as the force for good fighting evil when they are really the force of evil (absence of love). The whole foundation of Cult modus operandi is inversion.


They promote themselves as a force for good and anyone challenging them in pursuit of peace, love, fairness, truth and justice is condemned as a satanic force for evil.


This has been the game plan throughout history whether the Church of Rome inquisitions of non-believers or 'conspiracy theorists' and 'anti- vaxxers' of today.


The technique is the same whatever the timeline era.





Yaldabaoth is revolting (true)


Yaldabaoth and the Archons are said to have revolted against God with Yaldabaoth claiming to be God - the All That Is.


The Old Testament 'God' (Yaldabaoth) demanded to be worshipped as such:

'I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me' (Isaiah 45:5).

I have quoted in other books a man who said he was the unofficial son of the late Baron Philippe de Rothschild of the Mouton-Rothschild wine producing estates in France who died in 1988 and he told me about the Rothschild 'revolt from God'.


The man said he was given the name Phillip Eugene de Rothschild and we shared long correspondence many years ago while he was living under another identity.


He said that he was conceived through 'occult incest' which (within the Cult) was 'normal and to be admired'. 'Phillip' told me about his experience attending satanic rituals with rich and famous people whom he names and you can see them and the wider background to Cult Satanism in my other books starting with The Biggest Secret.


Cult rituals are interactions with Archontic 'gods'.


'Phillip' described Baron Philippe de Rothschild as 'a master Satanist and hater of God' and he used the same term 'revolt from God' associated with Yaldabaoth/Satan/Lucifer/the Devil in describing the Sabbatian Rothschild dynasty. 'I played a key role in my family's revolt from God', he said.


That role was to infiltrate in classic Sabbatian style the Christian Church, but eventually he escaped the mind-prison to live another life. The Cult has been targeting religion in a plan to make worship of the Archons the global one-world religion. Infiltration of Satanism into modern 'culture', especially among the young, through music videos, stage shows and other means, is all part of this.


Nag Hammadi texts describe Yaldabaoth and the Archons in their prime form as energy - consciousness - and say they can take form if they choose in the same way that consciousness takes form as a human. Yaldabaoth is called 'formless' and represents a deeply inverted, distorted and chaotic state of consciousness which seeks to attached to humans and turn them into a likeness of itself in an attempt at assimilation.


For that to happen it has to manipulate humans into low frequency mental and emotional states that match its own. Archons can certainly appear in human form and this is the origin of the psychopathic personality.


The energetic distortion Gnostics called Yaldabaoth is psychopathy.


When psychopathic Archons take human form that human will be a psychopath as an expression of Yaldabaoth consciousness. Cult psychopaths are Archons in human form. The principle is the same as that portrayed in the 2009 Avatar movie when the American military travelled to a fictional Earth-like moon called Pandora in the Alpha Centauri star system to infiltrate a society of blue people, or Na'vi, by hiding within bodies that looked like the Na'vi.


Archons posing as humans have a particular hybrid information field, part human, part Archon, (the ancient 'demigods') which processes information in a way that manifests behaviour to match their psychopathic evil, lack of empathy and compassion, and stops them being influenced by the empathy, compassion and love that a fully-human information field is capable of expressing.


Cult bloodlines interbreed, be they royalty or dark suits, for this reason and you have their obsession with incest. Interbreeding with full-blown humans would dilute the Archontic energy field that guarantees psychopathy in its representatives in the human realm.


Gnostic writings say the main non-human forms that Archons take are serpentine (what I have called for decades 'reptilian' amid unbounded ridicule from the Archontically-programmed) and what Gnostics describe as,

'an unborn baby or foetus with grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes'.

This is an excellent representation of the ET 'Greys' of UFO folklore which large numbers of people claim to have seen and been abducted by - Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa among them.


I agree with those that believe in extraterrestrial or interdimensional visitations today and for thousands of years past. No wonder with their advanced knowledge and technological capability they were perceived and worshipped as gods for technological and other 'miracles' they appeared to perform. Imagine someone arriving in a culture disconnected from the modern world with a smartphone and computer.


They would be seen as a 'god' capable of 'miracles'.


The Renegade Mind, however, wants to know the source of everything and not only the way that source manifests as human or non-human. In the same way that a Renegade Mind seeks the original source material for the 'Covid virus' to see if what is claimed is true.


The original source of Archons in form is consciousness - the distorted state of consciousness known to Gnostics as Yaldabaoth.





'Revolt from God' is energetic disconnection


Where I am going next will make a lot of sense of religious texts and ancient legends relating to 'Satan', Lucifer' and the 'gods'.


Gnostic descriptions sync perfectly with the themes of my own research over the years in how they describe a consciousness distortion seeking to impose itself on human consciousness. I've referred to the core of infinite awareness in previous books as Infinite Awareness in Awareness of Itself.


By that I mean a level of awareness that knows that it is all awareness and is aware of all awareness. From here comes the frequency of love in its true sense and balance which is what love is on one level - the balance of all forces into a single whole called Oneness and Isness.


The more we disconnect from this state of love that many call 'God' the constituent parts of that Oneness start to unravel and express themselves as a part and not a whole.


They become individualized as intellect, mind, selfishness, hatred, envy, desire for power over others, and such like. This is not a problem in the greater scheme in that 'God', the All That Is, can experience all these possibilities through different expressions of itself including humans.


What we as expressions of the whole experience the All That Is experiences.


We are the All That Is experiencing itself. As we withdraw from that state of Oneness we disconnect from its influence and things can get very unpleasant and very stupid.


Archontic consciousness is at the extreme end of that. It has so disconnected from the influence of Oneness that it has become an inversion of unity and love, an inversion of everything, an inversion of life itself. Evil is appropriately live writen backwards.


Archontic consciousness is obsessed with death, an inversion of life, and so its manifestations in Satanism are obsessed with death. They use inverted symbols in their rituals such as the inverted pentagram and cross. Sabbatians as Archontic consciousness incarnate invert Judaism and every other religion and culture they infiltrate.


They seek disunity and chaos and they fear unity and harmony as they fear love like garlic to a vampire. As a result the Cult, Archons incarnate, act with such evil, psychopathy and lack of empathy and compassion disconnected as they are from the source of love.

How could Bill Gates and the rest of the Archontic psychopaths do what they have to human society in the 'Covid' era with all the death, suffering and destruction involved and have no emotional consequence for the impact on others?

Now you know...

Why have Zuckerberg, Brin, Page, Wojcicki and company callously censored information warning about the dangers of the 'vaccine' while thousands have been dying and having severe, sometimes life-changing reactions?

Now you know...

Why have Tedros, Fauci, Whitty, Vallance and their like around the world been using case and death figures they're aware are fraudulent to justify lockdowns and all the deaths and destroyed lives that have come from that?

Now you know...

Why did Christian Drosten produce and promote a 'testing' protocol that he knew couldn't test for infectious disease which led to a global human catastrophe?

Now you know...


The Archontic mind doesn't give a shit (Fig 17).


I personally think that Gates and major Cult insiders are a form of AI cyborg that the Archons want humans to become.



Figure 17:

Artist Neil Hague's version

of the 'Covid' hierarchy.





Human batteries


A state of such inversion does have its consequences, however.


The level of disconnection from the Source of All means that you withdraw from that source of energetic sustenance and creativity. This means that you have to find your own supply of energetic power and it has - us.


When the Morpheus character in the first Matrix movie held up a battery he spoke a profound truth when he said:

'The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change the human being into one of these.'

The statement was true in all respects.


We do live in a technologically-generated virtual reality simulation (more very shortly) and we have been manipulated to be an energy source for Archontic consciousness.


The Disney-Pixar animated movie Monsters, Inc. in 2001 symbolized the dynamic when monsters in their world had no energy source and they would enter the human world to terrify children in their beds, catch the child's scream, terror (low-vibrational frequencies), and take that energy back to power the monster world.


The lead character you might remember was a single giant eye and the symbolism of the Cult's all-seeing eye was obvious.


Every thought and emotion is broadcast as a frequency unique to that thought and emotion. Feelings of love and joy, empathy and compassion, are high, quick, frequencies while fear, depression, anxiety, suffering and hate are low, slow, dense frequencies.


Which kind do you think Archontic consciousness can connect with and absorb?


In such a low and dense frequency state there's no way it can connect with the energy of love and joy.


Archons can only feed off energy compatible with their own frequency and they and their Cult agents want to delete the human world of love and joy and manipulate the transmission of low vibrational frequencies through low-vibrational human mental and emotional states.

We are their energy source.

Wars are energetic banquets to the Archons - a world war even more so - and think how much low-frequency mental and emotional energy has been generated from the consequences for humanity of the 'Covid' hoax orchestrated by Archons incarnate like Gates.


The ancient practice of human sacrifice 'to the gods', continued in secret today by the Cult, is based on the same principle. 'The gods' are Archontic consciousness in different forms and the sacrifice is induced into a state of intense terror to generate the energy the Archontic frequency can absorb.


Incarnate Archons in the ritual drink the blood which contains an adrenaline they crave which floods into the bloodstream when people are terrorized. Most of the sacrifices, ancient and modern, are children and the theme of 'sacrificing young virgins to the gods' is just code for children.


They have a particular pre-puberty energy that Archons want more than anything and the energy of the young in general is their target.


The California Department of Education wants students to chant the names of Aztec gods (Archontic gods) once worshipped in human sacrifice rituals in a curriculum designed to encourage them to,

'challenge racist, bigoted, discriminatory, imperialist/colonial beliefs', join 'social movements that struggle for social justice', and 'build new possibilities for a post-racist, post-systemic racism society'.

It's the usual Woke crap that inverts racism and calls it anti-racism. In this case solidarity with 'indigenous tribes' is being used as an excuse to chant the names of 'gods' to which people were sacrificed (and still are in secret).


What an example of Woke's inability to see beyond black and white, us and them.


They condemn the colonization of these tribal cultures by Europeans (quite right), but those cultures sacrificing people including children to their 'gods', and mass murdering untold numbers as the Aztecs did, is just fine.


One chant is to the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca who had a man sacrificed to him in the 5th month of the Aztec calendar. His heart was cut out and he was eaten.


Oh, that's okay then. Come on children... after three...


Other sacrificial 'gods' for the young to chant their allegiance include Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli and Xipe Totec.


The curriculum says that 'chants, affirmations, and energizers can be used to bring the class together, build unity around ethnic studies principles and values, and to reinvigorate the class following a lesson that may be emotionally taxing or even when student engagement may appear to be low'. Well, that's the cover story, anyway.


Chanting and mantras are the repetition of a particular frequency generated from the vocal cords and chanting the names of these Archontic 'gods' tunes you into their frequency.


That is the last thing you want when it allows for energetic synchronization, attachment and perceptual influence. Initiates chant the names of their 'Gods' in their rituals for this very reason.





Vampires of the Woke


Pedophilia is another way that Archons absorb the energy of children.


Pedophiles possessed by Archontic consciousness are used as the conduit during sexual abuse for discarnate Archons to vampire the energy of the young they desire so much.


Stupendous numbers of children disappear every year never to be seen again although you would never know from the media. Imagine how much low-vibrational energy has been generated by children during the 'Covid' hoax when so many have become depressed and psychologically destroyed to the point of killing themselves.


Shocking numbers of children are now taken by the state from loving parents to be handed to others.


I can tell you from long experience of researching this since 1996 that many end up with pedophiles and assets of the Cult through corrupt and Cult-owned social services which in the reframing era has hired many psychopaths and emotionless automatons to do the job.


Children are even stolen to order using spurious reasons to take them by the corrupt and secret (because they're corrupt) 'family courts'. I have written in detail in other books, starting with The Biggest Secret in 1997, about the ubiquitous connections between the political, corporate, government, intelligence and military elites (Cult operatives) and Satanism and pedophilia.


If you go deep enough both networks have an interlocking leadership. The Woke mentality has been developed by the Cult for many reasons: To promote almost every aspect of its agenda; to hijack the traditional political left and turn it fascist; to divide and rule; and to target agenda pushbackers. But there are other reasons which relate to what I am describing here.


How many happy and joyful Wokers do you ever see especially at the extreme end?


They are a mental and psychological mess consumed by emotional stress and constantly emotionally cocked for the next explosion of indignation at someone referring to a female as a female. They are walking, talking, batteries as Morpheus might say emitting frequencies which both enslave them in low-vibrational bubbles of perceptual limitation and feed the Archons.


Add to this the hatred claimed to be love; fascism claimed to 'anti-fascism', racism claimed to be 'anti-racism'; exclusion claimed to inclusion; and the abuse-filled Internet trolling. You have a purpose-built Archontic energy system with not a wind turbine in sight and all founded on Archontic inversion.


We have whole generations now manipulated to serve the Archons with their actions and energy.


They will be doing so their entire adult lives unless they snap out of their Archon-induced trance.

Is it really a surprise that Cult billionaires and corporations put so much money their way?


Where is the energy of joy and laughter, including laughing at yourself which is confirmation of your own emotional security?

Mark Twain said:

'The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.'

We must use it all the time. Woke has destroyed comedy because it has no humor, no joy, sense of irony, or self-deprecation. Its energy is dense and intense.


Mmmmm, lunch says the Archontic frequency.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was the Austrian philosopher and famous esoteric thinker who established Waldorf education or Steiner schools to treat children like unique expressions of consciousness and not minds to be programmed with the perceptions determined by authority. I'd been writing about this energy vampiring for decades when I was sent in 2016 a quote by Steiner.


He was spot on:

There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food.

When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve.


If fear and anxiety radiates from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful.


These beings are hostile towards humanity. Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in super-sensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed...


These are exactly the feelings that belong to contemporary culture and materialism; because it estranges people from the spiritual world, it is especially suited to evoke hopelessness and fear of the unknown in people, thereby calling up the above mentioned hostile forces against them. Pause for a moment from this perspective and reflect on what has happened in the world since the start of 2020.


Not only will pennies drop, but billion dollar bills. We see the same theme from Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian shaman in Mexico and the information source for Peruvian-born writer, Carlos Castañeda, who wrote a series of books from the 1960s to 1990s.


Don Juan described the force manipulating human society and his name for the Archons was the predator: We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless.


If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so... indeed we are held prisoner! They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros.


Therefore, their food is always available to them. Different cultures, different eras, same recurring theme.





The 'ennoia' dilemma


Nag Hammadi Gnostic manuscripts say that Archon consciousness has no 'ennoia'.


This is directly translated as 'intentionality', but I'll use the term 'creative imagination'. The All That Is in awareness of itself is the source of all creativity - all possibility - and the more disconnected you are from that source the more you are subsequently denied 'creative imagination'.


Given that Archon consciousness is almost entirely disconnected it severely lacks creativity and has to rely on far more mechanical processes of thought and exploit the creative potential of those that do have 'ennoia'. You can see cases of this throughout human society. Archon consciousness almost entirely dominates the global banking system and if we study how that system works you will appreciate what I mean.


Banks manifest 'money' out of nothing by issuing lines of 'credit' which is 'money' that has never, does not, and will never exist except in theory. It's a confidence trick. If you think 'credit' figures-on-a-screen 'money' is worth anything you accept it as payment. If you don't then the whole system collapses through lack of confidence in the value of that 'money'.


Archontic bankers with no 'ennoia' are 'lending' 'money' that doesn't exist to humans that do have creativity - those that have the inspired ideas and create businesses and products.


Archon banking feeds off human creativity which it controls through 'money' creation and debt. Humans have the creativity and Archons exploit that for their own benefit and control while having none themselves.


Archon Internet platforms like Facebook claim joint copyright of everything that creative users post and while Archontic minds like Zuckerberg may officially head that company it will be human creative's on the staff that provide the creative inspiration. When you have limitless 'money' you can then buy other companies established by creative humans.


Witness the acquisition record of Facebook, Google and their like. Survey the Archon-controlled music industry and you see non-creative dark suit executives making their fortune from the human creativity of their artists. The cases are endless.


Research the history of people like Gates and Zuckerberg and how their empires were built on exploiting the creativity of others. Archon minds cannot create out of nothing, but they are skilled (because they have to be) in what Gnostic texts call 'counter-mimicry'.


They can imitate, but not innovate. Sabbatians trawl the creativity of others through backdoors they install in computer systems through their cybersecurity systems.


Archon- controlled China is globally infamous for stealing intellectual property and I remember how Hong Kong, now part of China, became notorious for making counterfeit copies of the creativity of others - 'countermimicry'. With the now pervasive and all-seeing surveillance systems able to infiltrate any computer you can appreciate the potential for Archons to vampire the creativity of humans.


Author John Lamb Lash wrote in his book about the Nag Hammadi texts, Not In His Image:

Although they cannot originate anything, because they lack the divine factor of ennoia (intentionality), Archons can imitate with a vengeance.


Their expertise is simulation (HAL, virtual reality).


The Demiurge [Yaldabaoth] fashions a heaven world copied from the fractal patterns [of the original]... His construction is celestial kitsch, like the fake Italianate villa of a Mafia don complete with militant angels to guard every portal.

This brings us to something that I have been speaking about since the turn of the millennium.


Our reality is a simulation; a virtual reality that we think is real...


No, I'm not kidding...





Human reality? Well, virtually


I had pondered for years about whether our reality is 'real' or some kind of construct.


I remembered being immensely affected on a visit as a small child in the late 1950s to the then newly-opened Planetarium on the Marylebone Road in London which is now closed and part of the adjacent Madame Tussauds wax museum.


It was in the middle of the day, but when the lights went out there was the night sky projected in the Planetarium's domed ceiling and it appeared to be so real. The experience never left me and I didn't know why until around the turn of the millennium when I became certain that our 'night sky' and entire reality is a projection, a virtual reality, akin to the illusory world portrayed in the Matrix movies.


I looked at the sky one day in this period and it appeared to me like the domed roof of the Planetarium. The release of the first Matrix movie in 1999 also provided a synchronistic and perfect visual representation of where my mind had been going for a long time. I hadn't come across the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts then.


When I did years later the correlation was once again astounding.


As I read Gnostic accounts from 1,600 years and more earlier it was clear that they were describing the same simulation phenomenon. They tell how the Yaldabaoth 'Demiurge' and Archons created a 'bad copy' of original reality to rule over all that were captured by its illusions and the body was a prison to trap consciousness in the 'bad copy' fake reality.


Read how Gnostics describe the 'bad copy' and update that to current times and they are referring to what we would call today a virtual reality simulation. Author John Lamb Lash said 'the Demiurge fashions a heaven world copied from the fractal patterns' of the original through expertise in 'HAL' or virtual reality simulation.


Fractal patterns are part of the energetic information construct of our reality, a sort of blueprint. If these patterns were copied in computer terms it would indeed give you a copy of a 'natural' reality in a non-natural frequency and digital form.


The principle is the same as making a copy of a website. The original website still exists, but now you can change the copy version to make it whatever you like and it can become very different to the original website. Archons have done this with our reality, a synthetic copy of prime reality that still exists beyond the frequency walls of the simulation.


Trapped within the illusions of this synthetic Matrix, however, were and are human consciousness and other expressions of prime reality and this is why the Archons via the Cult are seeking to make the human body synthetic and give us synthetic AI minds to complete the job of turning the entire reality synthetic including what we perceive to be the natural world.


To quote Kurzweil:

'Nanobots will infuse all the matter around us with information. Rocks, trees, everything will become these intelligent creatures.'

Yes, synthetic 'creatures' just as 'Covid' and other genetically-manipulating 'vaccines' are designed to make the human body synthetic.


From this perspective it is obvious why Archons and their Cult are so desperate to infuse synthetic material into every human with their 'Covid' scam.





Let there be (electromagnetic) light


Yaldabaoth, the force that created the simulation, or Matrix, makes sense of the Gnostic reference to 'The Great Architect' and its use by Cult Freemasonry as the name of its deity.


The designer of the Matrix in the movies is called 'The Architect' and that trilogy is jam-packed with symbolism relating to these subjects. I have contended for years that the angry Old Testament God (Yaldabaoth) is the 'God' being symbolically 'quoted' in the opening of Genesis as 'creating the world'.


This is not the creation of prime reality - it's the creation of the simulation. The Genesis 'God' says: 'Let there be Light: and there was light.' But what is this 'Light'? I have said for decades that the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) is not the fastest speed possible as claimed by mainstream science and is in fact the frequency walls or outer limits of the Matrix.


You can't have a fastest or slowest anything within all possibility when everything is possible.


The human body is encoded to operate within the speed of light or within the simulation and thus we see only the tiny frequency band of visible light. Near-death experiencers who perceive reality outside the body during temporary 'death' describe a very different form of light and this is supported by the Nag Hammadi texts.


Prime reality beyond the simulation ('Upper Aeons' to the Gnostics) is described as a realm of incredible beauty, bliss, love and harmony - a realm of 'watery light' that is so powerful 'there are no shadows'.


Our false reality of Archon control, which Gnostics call the 'Lower Aeons', is depicted as a realm with a different kind of 'light' and described in terms of chaos, 'Hell', 'the Abyss' and 'Outer Darkness', where trapped souls are tormented and manipulated by demons (relate that to the 'Covid' hoax alone).


The watery light theme can be found in near- death accounts and it is not the same as simulation 'light' which is electromagnetic or radiation light within the speed of light - the 'Lower Aeons'. Simulation 'light' is the 'luminous fire' associated by Gnostics with the Archons.


The Bible refers to Yaldabaoth as,

'that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world'.

(Revelation 12:9)

I think that making a simulated copy of prime reality ('countermimicry') and changing it dramatically while all the time manipulating humanity to believe it to be real could probably meet the criteria of deceiving the whole world.


Then we come to the Cult god Lucifer - the Light Bringer...


Lucifer is symbolic of Yaldabaoth, the bringer of radiation light that forms the bad copy simulation within the speed of light. 'He' is symbolized by the lighted torch held by the Statue of Liberty and in the name 'Illuminati'. Sabbatian-Frankism declares that Lucifer is the true god and Lucifer is the real god of Freemasonry honored as their 'Great or Grand Architect of the Universe' (simulation).


I would emphasize, too, the way Archontic technologically- generated luminous fire of radiation has deluged our environment since I was a kid in the 1950s and changed the nature of The Field with which we constantly interact.


Through that interaction technological radiation is changing us.


The Smart Grid is designed to operate with immense levels of communication power with 5G expanding across the world and 6G, 7G, in the process of development. Radiation is the simulation and the Archontic manipulation system. Why wouldn't the Archon Cult wish to unleash radiation upon us to an ever-greater extreme to form Kurzweil's 'cloud'?


The plan for a synthetic human is related to the need to cope with levels of radiation beyond even anything we've seen so far. Biological humans would not survive the scale of radiation they have in their script.


The Smart Grid is a technological sub-reality within the technological simulation to further disconnect five-sense perception from expanded consciousness.


It's a technological prison of the mind.





Infusing the 'spirit of darkness'


A recurring theme in religion and native cultures is the manipulation of human genetics by a non-human force and most famously recorded as the biblical 'sons of god' (the gods plural in the original) who interbred with the daughters of men.


The Nag Hammadi Apocryphon of John tells the same story this way:

He [Yaldabaoth] sent his angels [Archons/demons] to the daughters of men, that they might take some of them for themselves and raise offspring for their enjoyment. And at first they did not succeed. When they had no success, they gathered together again and they made a plan together...


And the angels changed themselves in their likeness into the likeness of their mates, filling them with the spirit of darkness, which they had mixed for them, and with evil... And they took women and begot children out of the darkness according to the likeness of their spirit.

Possession when a discarnate entity takes over a human body is an age-old theme and continues today.


It's very real and I've seen it. Satanic and secret society rituals can create an energetic environment in which entities can attach to initiates and I've heard many stories of how people have changed their personality after being initiated even into lower levels of the Freemasons. I have been inside three Freemasonic temples, one at a public open day and two by just walking in when there was no one around to stop me.


They were in Ryde, the town where I live, Birmingham, England, when I was with a group, and Boston, Massachusetts. They all felt the same energetically - dark, dense, low-vibrational and sinister. Demonic attachment can happen while the initiate has no idea what is going on. To them it's just a ritual to get in the Masons and do a bit of good business.


In the far more extreme rituals of Satanism human possession is even more powerful and they are designed to make possession possible. The hierarchy of the Cult is dictated by the power and perceived status of the possessing Archon. In this way the Archon hierarchy becomes the Cult hierarchy.


Once the entity has attached it can influence perception and behavior and if it attaches to the extreme then so much of its energy (information) infuses into the body information field that the hologram starts to reflect the nature of the possessing entity. This is the Exorcist movie type of possession when facial features change and it's known as shapeshifting.


Islam's Jinn are said to be invisible tricksters who change shape, 'whisper', confuse and take human form. These are all traits of the Archons and other versions of the same phenomenon. Extreme possession could certainty infuse the 'spirit of darkness' into a partner during sex as the Nag Hammadi texts appear to describe.


Such an infusion can change genetics which is also energetic information. Human genetics is information and the 'spirit of darkness' is information. Mix one with the other and change must happen. Islam has the concept of a 'Jinn baby' through possession of the mother and by Jinn taking human form.


There are many ways that human genetics can be changed and remember that Archons have been aware all along of advanced techniques to do this. What is being done in human society today - and far more - was known about by Archons at the time of the 'fallen ones' and their other versions described in religions and cultures. Archons and their human-world Cult are obsessed with genetics as we see today and they know this dictates how information is processed into perceived reality during a human life.


They needed to produce a human form that would decode the simulation and this is symbolically known as 'Adam and Eve' who left the 'garden' (prime reality) and 'fell' into Matrix reality.


The simulation is not a 'physical' construct (there is no 'physical'); it is a source of information. Think Wi-Fi again. The simulation is an energetic field encoded with information and body-brain systems are designed to decode that information encoded in wave or frequency form which is transmitted to the brain as electrical signals.


These are decoded by the brain to construct our sense of reality - an illusory 'physical' world that only exists in the brain or the mind.


Virtual reality games mimic this process using the same sensory decoding system. Information is fed to the senses to decode a virtual reality that can appear so real, but isn't (Figs 18 and 19).


Some scientists believe - and I agree with them - that what we perceive as 'physical' reality only exists when we are looking or observing. The act of perception or focus triggers the decoding systems which turn waveform information into holographic reality. When we are not observing something our reality reverts from a holographic state to a waveform state.


This relates to the same principle as a falling tree not making a noise unless someone is there to hear it or decode it. The concept makes sense from the simulation perspective.


A computer is not decoding all the information in a Wi-Fi field all the time and only decodes or brings into reality on the screen that part of Wi-Fi that it's decoding - focusing upon - at that moment.



Figure 18:

Virtual reality technology

'hacks' into the body's five-sense

decoding system.



Figure 19:

The result can be experienced as very 'real'.



Interestingly, Professor Donald Hoffman at the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, says that our experienced reality is like a computer interface that shows us only the level with which we interact while hiding all that exists beyond it:

'Evolution shaped us with a user interface that hides the truth. Nothing that we see is the truth - the very language of space and time and objects is the wrong language to describe reality.'

He is correct in what he says on so many levels. Space and time are not a universal reality.


They are a phenomenon of decoded simulation reality as part of the process of enslaving our sense of reality. Near- death experiencers report again and again how space and time did not exist as we perceive them once they were free of the body - body decoding systems.


You can appreciate from this why Archons and their Cult are so desperate to entrap human attention in the five senses where we are in the Matrix and of the Matrix.


Opening your mind to expanded states of awareness takes you beyond the information confines of the simulation and you become aware of knowledge and insights denied to you before.


This is what we call 'awakening' - awakening from the Matrix - and in the final chapter I will relate this to current events.





Where are the 'aliens'?


A simulation would explain the so-called 'Fermi Paradox' named after Italian physicist Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) who created the first nuclear reactor.

He considered the question of why there is such a lack of extraterrestrial activity when there are so many stars and planets in an apparently vast universe; but what if the night sky that we see, or think we do, is a simulated projection as I say?

If you control the simulation and your aim is to hold humanity fast in essential ignorance would you want other forms of life including advanced life coming and going sharing information with humanity? Or would you want them to believe they were isolated and apparently alone?


Themes of human isolation and apartness are common whether they be the perception of a lifeless universe or the fascist isolation laws of the 'Covid' era.


Paradoxically the very existence of a simulation means that we are not alone when some force had to construct it. My view is that experiences that people have reported all over the world for centuries with Reptilians and Grey entities are Archon phenomena as Nag Hammadi texts describe; and that benevolent 'alien' interactions are non-human groups that come in and out of the simulation by overcoming Archon attempts to keep them out.


It should be highlighted, too, that Reptilians and Greys are obsessed with genetics and technology as related by cultural accounts and those who say they have been abducted by them. Technology is their way of overcoming some of the limitations in their creative potential and our technology-driven and controlled human society of today is archetypical Archon-Reptilian-Grey modus operandi.


Technocracy is really Archontocracy.


The Universe does not have to be as big as it appears with a simulation. There is no space or distance only information decoded into holographic reality. What we call 'space' is only the absence of holographic 'objects' and that 'space' is The Field of energetic information which connects everything into a single whole. The same applies with the artificially-generated information field of the simulation.


The Universe is not big or small as a physical reality. It is decoded information, that's all, and its perceived size is decided by the way the simulation is encoded to make it appear. The entire night sky as we perceive it only exists in our brain and so where are those 'millions of light years'? The 'stars' on the ceiling of the Planetarium looked a vast distance away.


There's another point to mention about 'aliens'. I have been highlighting since the 1990s the plan to stage a fake 'alien invasion' to justify the centralization of global power and a world military.


Nazi scientist Werner von Braun, who was taken to America by Operation Paperclip after World War Two to help found NASA, told his American assistant Dr Carol Rosin about the Cult agenda when he knew he was dying in 1977.


Rosin said that he told her about a sequence that would lead to total human control by a one-world government. This included threats from terrorism, rogue nations, meteors and asteroids before finally an 'alien invasion'.


All of these things, von Braun said, would be bogus and what I would refer to as a No-Problem-Reaction-Solution. Keep this in mind when 'the aliens are coming' is the new mantra.


The aliens are not coming - they are already here and they have infiltrated human society while looking human. French-Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast said in 1994 that he had uncovered a NASA/military operation called Project Blue Beam which fits with what Werner von Braun predicted.


Monast died of a 'heart attack' in 1996 the day after he was arrested and spent a night in prison. He was 51.


He said Blue Beam was a plan to stage an alien invasion that would include religious figures beamed holographically into the sky as part of a global manipulation to usher in a 'new age' of worshipping what I would say is the Cult 'god' Yaldabaoth in a one-world religion.


Fake holographic asteroids are also said to be part of the plan which again syncs with von Braun.

How could you stage an illusory threat from asteroids unless they were holographic inserts?

This is pretty straightforward given the advanced technology outside the public arena and the fact that our 'physical' reality is holographic anyway. Information fields would be projected and we would decode them into the illusion of a 'physical' asteroid.


If they can sell a global 'pandemic' with a 'virus' that doesn't exist,

what will humans not believe if government and media tell them?

All this is particularly relevant as I write with the Pentagon planning to release in June, 2021, information about 'UFO sightings'.


I have been following the UFO story since the early 1990s and the common theme throughout has been government and military denials and cover up. More recently, however, the Pentagon has suddenly become more talkative and apparently open with Air Force pilot radar images released of unexplained craft moving and changing direction at speeds well beyond anything believed possible with human technology.


Then, in March, 2021, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said a Pentagon report months later in June would reveal a great deal of information about UFO sightings unknown to the public.


He said the report would have 'massive implications'.


The order to do this was included bizarrely in a $2.3 trillion 'coronavirus' relief and government funding bill passed by the Trump administration at the end of 2020. I would add some serious notes of caution here. I have been pointing out since the 1990s that the US military and intelligence networks have long had craft - 'flying saucers' or anti- gravity craft - which any observer would take to be extraterrestrial in origin.


Keeping this knowledge from the public allows craft flown by humans to be perceived as alien visitations. I am not saying that 'aliens' do not exist. I would be the last one to say that, but we have to be streetwise here.


President Ronald Reagan told the UN General Assembly in 1987:

'I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.'

That's the idea.


Unite against a common 'enemy' with a common purpose behind your 'savior force' (the Cult) as this age-old technique of mass manipulation goes global.





Science moves this way...


I could find only one other person who was discussing the simulation hypothesis publicly when I concluded it was real.


This was Nick Bostrom, a Swedish-born philosopher at the University of Oxford, who has explored for many years the possibility that human reality is a computer simulation although his version and mine are not the same.


Today the simulation and holographic reality hypothesis have increasingly entered the scientific mainstream. Well, the more open-minded mainstream, that is. Here are a few of the ever-gathering examples.


American nuclear physicist Silas Beane led a team of physicists at the University of Bonn in Germany pursuing the question of whether we live in a simulation. They concluded that we probably do and it was likely based on a lattice of cubes.


They found that cosmic rays align with that specific pattern.


The team highlighted the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin (GZK) limit which refers to cosmic ray particle interaction with cosmic background radiation that creates an apparent boundary for cosmic ray particles. They say in a paper entitled 'Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation' that this 'pattern of constraint' is exactly what you would find with a computer simulation.


They also made the point that a simulation would create its own 'laws of physics' that would limit possibility. I've been making the same point for decades that the perceived laws of physics relate only to this reality, or what I would later call the simulation.


When designers write codes to create computer and virtual reality games they are the equivalent of the laws of physics for that game.


Players interact within the limitations laid out by the coding. In the same way those who wrote the codes for the simulation decided the laws of physics that would apply. These can be overridden by expanded states of consciousness, but not by those enslaved in only five-sense awareness where simulation codes rule.


Overriding the codes is what people call 'miracles'. They are not. They are bypassing the encoded limits of the simulation. A population caught in simulation perception would have no idea that this was their plight. As the Bonn paper said: 'Like a prisoner in a pitch-black cell we would not be able to see the “walls” of our prison,' That's true if people remain mesmerized by the five senses.


Open to expanded awareness and those walls become very clear. The main one is the speed of light. American theoretical physicist James Gates is another who has explored the simulation question and found considerable evidence to support the idea.


Gates was Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland, Director of The Center for String and Particle Theory, and on Barack Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. He and his team found computer codes of digital data embedded in the fabric of our reality.


They relate to on-off electrical charges of 1 and 0 in the binary system used by computers.

'We have no idea what they are doing there', Gates said.

They found within the energetic fabric mathematical sequences known as error- correcting codes or block codes that 'reboot' data to its original state or 'default settings' when something knocks it out of sync.


Gates was asked if he had found a set of equations embedded in our reality indistinguishable from those that drive search engines and browsers and he said:

'That is correct.'

Rich Terrile, director of the Centre for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has said publicly that he believes the Universe is a digital hologram that must have been created by a form of intelligence. I agree with that in every way. Waveform information is delivered electrically by the senses to the brain which constructs a digital holographic reality that we call the 'world'.


This digital level of reality can be read by the esoteric art of numerology. Digital holograms are at the cutting edge of holographics today. We have digital technology everywhere designed to access and manipulate our digital level of perceived reality.


Synthetic mRNA in 'Covid vaccines' has a digital component to manipulate the body's digital 'operating system'.





Reality is numbers


How many know that our reality can be broken down to numbers and codes that are the same as computer games?


Max Tegmark, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is the author of Our Mathematical Universe in which he lays out how reality can be entirely described by numbers and maths in the way that a video game is encoded with the 'physics' of computer games. Our world and computer virtual reality are essentially the same.


Tegmark imagines the perceptions of characters in an advanced computer game when the graphics are so good they don't know they are in a game. They think they can bump into real objects (electromagnetic resistance in our reality), fall in love and feel emotions like excitement. When they began to study the apparently 'physical world' of the video game they would realize that everything was made of pixels (which have been found in our energetic reality as must be the case when on one level our world is digital).


What computer game characters thought was physical 'stuff', Tegmark said, could actually be broken down into numbers:

And we're exactly in this situation in our world. We look around and it doesn't seem that mathematical at all, but everything we see is made out of elementary particles like quarks and electrons.


And what properties does an electron have?


Does it have a smell or a color or a texture?


No!... We physicists have come up with geeky names for [Electron] properties, like electric charge, or spin, or lepton number, but the electron doesn't care what we call it, the properties are just numbers.

This is the illusory reality Gnostics were describing.


This is the simulation.


The A, C, G, and T codes of DNA have a binary value - A and C = 0 while G and T = 1. This has to be when the simulation is digital and the body must be digital to interact with it. Recurring mathematical sequences are encoded throughout reality and the body. They include the Fibonacci sequence in which the two previous numbers are added to get the next one, as in... 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc.


The sequence is encoded in the human face and body, proportions of animals, DNA, seed heads, pine cones, trees, shells, spiral galaxies, hurricanes and the number of petals in a flower. The list goes on and on. There are fractal patterns - a 'never- ending pattern that is infinitely complex and self-similar across all scales in the as above, so below, principle of holograms.


These and other famous recurring geometrical and mathematical sequences such as Phi, Pi, Golden Mean, Golden Ratio and Golden Section are computer codes of the simulation.


I had to laugh and give my head a shake the day I finished this book and it went into the production stage. I was sent an article in Scientific American published in April, 2021, with the headline 'Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation'.


Two decades after I first said our reality is a simulation and the speed of light is it's outer limit the article suggested that we do live in a simulation and that the speed of light is its outer limit. I left school at 15 and never passed a major exam in my life while the writer was up to his eyes in qualifications.


As I will explain in the final chapter "Escaping Wetiko", knowing is far better than thinking and they come from very different sources.


The article rightly connected the speed of light to the processing speed of the 'Matrix' and said what has been in my books all this time...

'If we are in a simulation, as it appears, then space is an abstract property written in code. It is not real'.

No it's not and if we live in a simulation something created it and it wasn't us.

'That David Icke says we are manipulated by aliens' - he's crackers...'






The reality that humanity thinks is so real is an illusion.

Politicians, governments, scientists, doctors, academics, law enforcement, media, school and university curriculums, on and on, are all founded on a world that does not exist except as a simulated prison cell.

Is it such a stretch to accept that 'Covid' doesn't exist when our entire 'physical' reality doesn't exist?


Revealed here is the knowledge kept under raps in the Cult networks of compartmentalized secrecy to control humanity's sense of reality by inducing the population to believe in a reality that's not real. If it wasn't so tragic in its experiential consequences the whole thing would be hysterically funny.


None of this is new to Renegade Minds.


Ancient Greek philosopher Plato (about 428 to about 347BC) was a major influence on Gnostic belief and he described the human plight thousands of years ago with his Allegory of the Cave.


He told the symbolic story of prisoners living in a cave who had never been outside.


They were chained and could only see one wall of the cave while behind them was a fire that they could not see. Figures walked past the fire casting shadows on the prisoners' wall and those moving shadows became their sense of reality. Some prisoners began to study the shadows and were considered experts on them (today's academics and scientists), but what they studied was only an illusion (today's academics and scientists).


A prisoner escaped from the cave and saw reality as it really is. When he returned to report this revelation they didn't believe him, called him mad and threatened to kill him if he tried to set them free.


Plato's tale is not only a brilliant analogy of the human plight and our illusory reality. It describes, too, the dynamics of the 'Covid' hoax. I have only skimmed the surface of these subjects here. The aim of this book is to crisply connect all essential dots to put what is happening today into its true context.


All subject areas and their connections in this chapter are covered in great evidential detail in Everything You Need To Know, But Have Never Been Told and The Answer.


They say that bewildered people 'can't see the forest for the trees'.


Humanity, however, can't see the forest for the twigs. The five senses see only twigs while Renegade Minds can see the forest and it's the forest where the answers lie with the connections that reveals. Breaking free of perceptual programming so the forest can be seen is the way we turn all this around.


Not breaking free is how humanity got into this mess. The situation may seem hopeless, but I promise you it's not.


We are a perceptual heartbeat from paradise if only we knew...