by David Icke

June 01, 2021

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extracted from 'Perceptions of A Renegade Mind'

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Life is simply

a vacation from the infinite...

Dean Cavanagh




Renegade Minds weave the web of life and events and see common themes in the apparently random.


They are always there if you look for them and their pursuit is aided by incredible synchronicity that comes when your mind is open rather than mesmerized by what it thinks it can see. Infinite awareness is infinite possibility and the more of infinite possibility that we access the more becomes infinitely possible.


That may be stating the apparently obvious, but it is a devastatingly-powerful fact that can set us free. We are a point of attention within an infinity of consciousness.


The question is,

How much of that infinity do we choose to access?


How much knowledge, insight, awareness, wisdom, do we want to connect with and explore?

If your focus is only in the five senses you will be influenced by a fraction of infinite awareness.


I mean a range so tiny that it gives new meaning to infinitesimal. Limitation of self- identity and a sense of the possible limit accordingly your range of consciousness. We are what we think we are. Life is what we think it is.


The dream is the dreamer and the dreamer is the dream.


Buddhist philosophy puts it this way:

'As a thing is viewed, so it appears.'

Most humans live in the realm of touch, taste, see, hear, and smell and that's the limit of their sense of the possible and sense of self.


Many will follow a religion and speak of a God in his heaven, but their lives are still dominated by the five senses in their perceptions and actions. The five senses become the arbiter of everything.


When that happens all except a smear of infinity is sealed away from influence by the rigid, unyielding, reality bubbles that are the five-sense human or Phantom Self.


Archon Cult methodology is to isolate consciousness within five-sense reality - the simulation - and then program that consciousness with a sense of self and the world through a deluge of life-long information designed to instill the desired perception that allows global control.


Efforts to do this have increased dramatically with identity politics as identity bubbles are squeezed into the minutiae of five-sense detail which disconnect people even more profoundly from the infinite 'I'.


Five-sense focus and self-identity are like a firewall that limits access to the infinite realms. You only perceive one radio or television station and no other. We'll take that literally for a moment. Imagine a vast array of stations giving different information and angles on reality, but you only ever listen to one.


Here we have the human plight in which the population is overwhelmingly confined to CultFM.


This relates only to the frequency range of CultFM and limits perception and insight to that band - limits possibility to that band. It means you are connecting with an almost imperceptibly minuscule range of possibility and creative potential within the infinite Field. It's a world where everything seems apart from everything else and where synchronicity is rare.


Synchronicity is defined in the dictionary as,

'the happening by chance of two or more related or similar events at the same time'.

Use of 'by chance' betrays a complete misunderstanding of reality.


Synchronicity is not 'by chance'. As people open their minds, or 'awaken' to use the term, they notice more and more coincidences in their lives, bits of 'luck', apparently miraculous happenings that put them in the right place at the right time with the right people.


Days become peppered with,

'fancy meeting you here' and 'what are the chances of that?'

My entire life has been lived like this and ever more so since my own colossal awakening in 1990 and 91 which transformed my sense of reality. Synchronicity is not 'by chance'; it is by accessing expanded realms of possibility which allow expanded potential for manifestation.


People broadcasting the same vibe from the same openness of mind tend to be drawn 'by chance' to each other through what I call frequency magnetism and it's not only people. In the last more than 30 years incredible synchronicity has also led me through the Cult maze to information in so many forms and to crucial personal experiences.


These 'coincidences' have allowed me to put the puzzle pieces together across an enormous array of subjects and situations.


Those who have breached the bubble of five-sense reality will know exactly what I mean and this escape from the perceptual prison cell is open to everyone whenever they make that choice. This may appear super-human when compared with the limitations of 'human', but it's really our natural state.


'Human' as currently experienced is consciousness in an unnatural state of induced separation from the infinity of the whole.


I'll come to how this transformation into unity can be made when I have described in more detail the force that holds humanity in servitude by denying this access to infinite self.





The Wetiko factor


I have been talking and writing for decades about the way five- sense mind is systematically barricaded from expanded awareness.


I have used the analogy of a computer (five-sense mind) and someone at the keyboard (expanded awareness). Interaction between the computer and the operator is symbolic of the interaction between five-sense mind and expanded awareness. The computer directly experiences the Internet and the operator experiences the Internet via the computer which is how it's supposed to be - the two working as one.


Archons seek to control that point where the operator connects with the computer to stop that interaction (Fig 20).


Now the operator is banging the keyboard and clicking the mouse, but the computer is not responding and this happens when the computer is taken over - possessed - by an appropriately-named computer 'virus'.


The operator has lost all influence over the computer which goes its own way making decisions under the control of the 'virus'.


I have just described the dynamic through which the force known to Gnostics as Yaldabaoth and Archons disconnects five-sense mind from expanded awareness to imprison humanity in perceptual servitude.



Figure 20:

The mind 'virus' I have been writing about for decades

seeks to isolate five-sense mind (the computer) from the true 'I'.

(Image by Neil Hague).



About a year ago I came across a Native American concept of Wetiko which describes precisely the same phenomenon.


Wetiko is the spelling used by the Cree and there are other versions including wintiko and windigo used by other tribal groups. They spell the name with lower case, but I see Wetiko as a proper noun as with Archons and prefer a capital.


I first saw an article about Wetiko by writer and researcher Paul Levy which so synced with what I had been writing about the computer/operator disconnection and later the Archons.


I then read his book, the fascinating Dispelling Wetiko - Breaking the Curse of Evil.


The parallels between what I had concluded long before and the Native American concept of Wetiko were so clear and obvious that it was almost funny. For Wetiko see the Gnostic Archons for sure and the Jinn, the Predators, and every other name for a force of evil, inversion and chaos.


Wetiko is the Native American name for the force that divides the computer from the operator (Fig 21).


Indigenous author Jack D. Forbes, a founder of the Native American movement in the 1960s, wrote another book about Wetiko entitled Columbus and Other Cannibals - The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism which I also read.


Forbes says that Wetiko refers to an evil person or spirit,

'who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible acts, including cannibalism'.

Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa told me that African accounts tell how cannibalism was brought into the world by the Chitauri 'gods' - another manifestation of Wetiko. The distinction between 'evil person or spirit' relates to Archons/Wetiko possessing a human or acting as pure consciousness.


Wetiko is said to be a sickness of the soul or spirit and a state of being that takes but gives nothing back - the Cult and its operatives perfectly described.


Black Hawk, a Native American war leader defending their lands from confiscation, said European invaders had 'poisoned hearts' - Wetiko hearts - and that this would spread to native societies.


Mention of the heart is very significant as we shall shortly see.


Forbes writes:

'Tragically, the history of the world for the past 2,000 years is, in great part, the story of the epidemiology of the wetiko disease.'

Yes, and much longer...


Forbes is correct when he says:

'The wetikos destroyed Egypt and Babylon and Athens and Rome and Tenochtitlan [capital of the Aztec empire] and perhaps now they will destroy the entire earth.'

Evil, he said, is the number one export of a Wetiko culture - see its globalization with 'Covid'.


Constant war, mass murder, suffering of all kinds, child abuse, Satanism, torture and human sacrifice are all expressions of Wetiko and the Wetiko possessed. The world is Wetiko made manifest, but it doesn't have to be.


There is a way out of this even now.



Figure 21:

The mind 'virus' is known

to Native Americans as 'Wetiko'.

(Image by N eil H ague).





Cult of Wetiko


Wetiko is the Yaldabaoth frequency distortion that seeks to attach to human consciousness and absorb it into its own.


Once this connection is made Wetiko can drive the perceptions of the target which they believe to be coming from their own mind. All the horrors of history and today from mass killers to Satanists, pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and other psychopaths, are the embodiment of Wetiko and express its state of being in all its grotesqueness.


The Cult is Wetiko incarnate, Yaldabaoth incarnate, and it seeks to facilitate Wetiko assimilation of humanity in totality into its distortion by manipulating the population into low frequency states that match its own.


Paul Levy writes:

'Holographically enforced within the psyche of every human being the wetiko virus pervades and underlies the entire field of consciousness, and can therefore potentially manifest through any one of us at any moment if we are not mindful.'

The 'Covid' hoax has achieved this with many people, but others have not fallen into Wetiko's frequency lair.


Players in the 'Covid' human catastrophe including,

Gates, Schwab, Tedros, Fauci, Whitty, Vallance, Johnson, Hancock, Ferguson, Drosten,

...and all the rest, including the psychopath psychologists, are expressions of Wetiko.


This is why they have no compassion or empathy and no emotional consequence for what they do that would make them stop doing it.


Observe all the people who support the psychopaths in authority against the Pushbackers despite the damaging impact the psychopaths have on their own lives and their family's lives.


You are again looking at Wetiko possession which prevents them seeing through the lies to the obvious scam going on.


Why can't they see it?

Wetiko won't let them see it.


The perceptual divide that has now become a chasm is between the Wetikoed and the non-Wetikoed.

Paul Levy describes Wetiko in the same way that I have long described the Archontic force.


They are the same distorted consciousness operating across dimensions of reality:

'… the subtle body of wetiko is not located in the third dimension of space and time, literally existing in another dimension... it is able to affect ordinary lives by mysteriously interpenetrating into our three- dimensional world.'

Wetiko does this through its incarnate representatives in the Cult and by weaving itself into The Field (everything in our reality is a frequency field of information operating within the overall 'Wi-Fi' field that I call 'The Field') which on our level of reality is the electromagnetic information field of the simulation or Matrix.


More than that, the simulation is Wetiko / Yaldabaoth.


Caleb Scharf, Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University, has speculated that 'alien life' could be so advanced that it has transcribed itself into the quantum realm to become what we call physics.


He said intelligence indistinguishable from the fabric of the Universe would solve many of its greatest mysteries:

Perhaps hyper-advanced life isn't just external.


Perhaps it's already all around. It is embedded in what we perceive to be physics itself, from the root behavior of particles and fields to the phenomena of complexity and emergence... In other words, life might not just be in the equations.


It might BE the equations.

Scharf said it is possible that,

'we don't recognize advanced life because it forms an integral and unsuspicious part of what we've considered to be the natural world'.

I agree.

Wetiko/Yaldabaoth is the simulation.


We are literally in the body of the beast.


But that doesn't mean it has to control us.


We all have the power to overcome Wetiko influence and the Cult knows that.

I doubt it sleeps too well because it knows that.





Which Field?


This, I suggest, is how it all works.


There are two Fields.

One is the fierce electromagnetic light of the Matrix within the speed of light; the other is the 'watery light' of The Field beyond the walls of the Matrix that connects with the Great Infinity.

Five-sense mind and the decoding systems of the body attach us to the Field of Matrix light. They have to or we could not experience this reality.


Five-sense mind sees only the Matrix Field of information while our expanded consciousness is part of the Infinity Field. When we open our minds, and most importantly our hearts, to the Infinity Field we have a mission control which gives us an expanded perspective, a road map, to understand the nature of the five-sense world.


If we are isolated only in five-sense mind there is no mission control. We're on our own trying to understand a world that's constantly feeding us information to ensure we do not understand. People in this state can feel 'lost' and bewildered with no direction or radar.


You can see ever more clearly those who are influenced by the Fields of Big Infinity or little five-sense mind simply by their views and behavior with regard to the 'Covid' hoax. We have had this division throughout known human history with the mass of the people on one side and individuals who could see and intuit beyond the walls of the simulation - Plato's prisoner who broke out of the cave and saw reality for what it is.


Such people have always been targeted by Wetiko/Archon-possessed authority, burned at the stake or demonized as mad, bad and dangerous.


The Cult today and its global network of 'anti-hate', 'anti-fascist' Woke groups are all expressions of Wetiko attacking those exposing the conspiracy, 'Covid' lies and the 'vaccine' agenda.


Woke as a whole is Wetiko which explains its black and white mentality and how at one it is with the Wetiko-possessed Cult. Paul Levy said:

'To be in this paradigm is to still be under the thrall of a two-valued logic - where things are either true or false - of a wetikoized mind.'

Wetiko consciousness is in a permanent rage, therefore so is Woke, and then there is Woke inversion and contradiction. 'Anti-fascists' act like fascists because fascists and 'anti-fascists' are both Wetiko at work.


Political parties act the same while claiming to be different for the same reason. Secret society and satanic rituals are attaching initiates to Wetiko and the cold, ruthless, psychopathic mentality that secures the positions of power all over the world is Wetiko.


Reframing 'training programs' have the same cumulative effect of attaching Wetiko and we have their graduates described as automatons and robots with a cold, psychopathic, uncaring demeanor.


They are all traits of Wetiko possession and look how many times they have been described in this book and elsewhere with regard to personnel behind 'Covid' including the police and medical profession. Climbing the greasy pole in any profession in a Wetiko society requires traits of Wetiko to get there and that is particularly true of politics which is not about fair competition and pre-eminence of ideas.


It is founded on how many backs you can stab and arses you can lick. This culminated in the global 'Covid' coordination between the Wetiko possessed who pulled it off in all the different countries without a trace of empathy and compassion for their impact on humans. Our sight sense can see only holographic form and not the Field which connects holographic form.


Therefore we perceive 'physical' objects with 'space' in between. In fact that 'space' is energy/consciousness operating on multiple frequencies.


One of them is Wetiko and that connects the Cult psychopaths, those who submit to the psychopaths, and those who serve the psychopaths in the media operations of the world. Wetiko is Gates.


Wetiko is the mask-wearing submissive. Wetiko is the fake journalist and 'fact-checker'. The Wetiko Field is coordinating the whole thing.


Psychopaths, gofers, media operatives, 'anti-hate' hate groups, 'fact-checkers' and submissive people work as one unit even without human coordination because they are attached to the same Field which is organizing it all (Fig 22).


Paul Levy is here describing how Wetiko-possessed people are drawn together and refuse to let any information breach their rigid perceptions.


He was writing long before 'Covid', but I think you will recognise followers of the 'Covid' religion oh just a little bit:

People who are channeling the vibratory frequency of wetiko align with each other through psychic resonance to reinforce their unspoken shared agreement so as to uphold their deranged view of reality.

Once an unconscious content takes possession of certain individuals, it irresistibly draws them together by mutual attraction and knits them into groups tied together by their shared madness that can easily swell into an avalanche of insanity.


A psychic epidemic is a closed system, which is to say that it is insular and not open to any new information or informing influences from the outside world which contradict its fixed, limited, and limiting perspective.


There we have the Woke mind and the 'Covid' mind. Compatible resonance draws the awakening together, too, which is clearly happening today.



Figure 22:

The Wetiko Field from which the Cult pyramid

and its personnel are made manifest.

(Image by Neil Hague).





Spiritual servitude


Wetiko doesn't care about humans. It's not human; it just possesses humans for its own ends and the effect (depending on the scale of possession) can be anything from extreme psychopathy to unquestioning obedience.


Wetiko's worst nightmare is for human consciousness to expand beyond the simulation. Everything is focused on stopping that happening through control of information, thus perception, thus frequency.

The 'education system', media, science, medicine, academia, are all geared to maintaining humanity in five-sense servitude as is the constant stimulation of low-vibrational mental and emotional states (see 'Covid').

Wetiko seeks to dominate those subconscious spaces between five-sense perception and expanded consciousness where the computer meets the operator.


From these subconscious hiding places Wetiko speaks to us to trigger urges and desires that we take to be our own and manipulate us into anything from low-vibrational to psychopathic states. Remember how Islam describes the Jinn as invisible tricksters that 'whisper' and confuse. Wetiko is the origin of the 'trickster god' theme that you find in cultures all over the world.


Jinn, like the Archons, are Wetiko which is terrified of humans awakening and reconnecting with our true self for then its energy source has gone.


With that the feedback loop breaks between Wetiko and human perception that provides the energetic momentum on which its very existence depends as a force of evil. Humans are both its target and its source of survival, but only if we are operating in low-vibrational states of fear, hate, depression and the background anxiety that most people suffer.


We are Wetiko's target because we are its key to survival. It needs us, not the other way round.


Paul Levy writes:

A vampire has no intrinsic, independent, substantial existence in its own right; it only exists in relation to us.


The pathogenic, vampiric mind-parasite called wetiko is nothing in itself - not being able to exist from its own side - yet it has a 'virtual reality' such that it can potentially destroy our species...


The fact that a vampire is not reflected by a mirror can also mean that what we need to see is that there's nothing, no-thing to see, other than ourselves.


The fact that wetiko is the expression of something inside of us means that the cure for wetiko is with us as well.


The critical issue is finding this cure within us and then putting it into effect.

Evil begets evil because if evil does not constantly expand and find new sources of energetic sustenance its evil, its distortion, dies with the assimilation into balance and harmony. Love is the garlic to Wetiko's vampire.


Evil, the absence of love, cannot exist in the presence of love. I think I see a way out of here. I have emphasized so many times over the decades that the Archons/Wetiko and their Cult are not all powerful. They are not. I don't care how it looks even now they are not. I have not called them little boys in short trousers for effect. I have said it because it is true.


Wetiko's insatiable desire for power over others is not a sign of its omnipotence, but its insecurity.


Paul Levy writes:

'Due to the primal fear which ultimately drives it and which it is driven to cultivate, wetiko's body politic has an intrinsic and insistent need for centralizing power and control so as to create imagined safety for itself.'

Yeeeeeees! Exactly!


Why does Wetiko want humans in an ongoing state of fear? Wetiko itself is fear and it is petrified of love. As evil is an absence of love, so love is an absence of fear. Love conquers all and especially Wetiko which is fear.


Wetiko brought fear into the world when it wasn't here before. Fear was the 'fall',  ... and illusion - fear is False Emotion Appearing Real.


The simulation is driven and energized by fear because Wetiko/Yaldabaoth (fear) are the simulation.

Fear is the absence of love and Wetiko is the absence of love.




Wetiko today


We can now view current events from this level of perspective.


The 'Covid' hoax has generated momentous amounts of ongoing fear, anxiety, depression and despair which have empowered Wetiko.

No wonder people like Gates have been the instigators when they are Wetiko incarnate and exhibit every trait of Wetiko in the extreme.


See how cold and unemotional these people are like Gates and his cronies, how dead of eye they are.


That's Wetiko.

Sabbatians are Wetiko and everything they control including,

All are controlled and possessed by the Wetiko distortion into distorting human society in its image.


We are with this knowledge at the gateway to understanding the world. Divisions of race, culture, creed and sexuality are diversions to hide the real division between those possessed and influenced by Wetiko and those that are not.


The 'Covid' hoax has brought both clearly into view. Human behavior is not about race. Tyrants and dictatorships come in all colors and creeds.

What unites the US president bombing the innocent and an African tribe committing genocide against another as in Rwanda?


What unites them?

Wetiko. All wars are Wetiko, all genocide is Wetiko, all hunger over centuries in a world of plenty is Wetiko.


Children going to bed hungry, including in the West, is Wetiko. Cult-generated Woke racial divisions that focus on the body are designed to obscure the reality that divisions in behavior are manifestations of mind, not body.


Obsession with body identity and group judgment is a means to divert attention from the real source of behavior - mind and perception. Conflict sown by the Woke both within themselves and with their target groups are Wetiko providing lunch for itself through still more agents of the division, chaos, and fear on which it feeds.


The Cult is seeking to assimilate the entirety of humanity and all children and young people into the Wetiko frequency by manipulating them into states of fear and despair. Witness all the suicide and psychological unraveling since the spring of 2020.


Wetiko psychopaths want to impose a state of unquestioning obedience to authority which is no more than a conduit for Wetiko to enforce its will and assimilate humanity into itself. It needs us to believe that resistance is futile when it fears resistance and even more so the game-changing non-cooperation with its impositions.


It can use violent resistance for its benefit. Violent impositions and violent resistance are both Wetiko. The Power of Love with its Power of No will sweep Wetiko from our world.


Wetiko and its Cult know that.


They just don't want us to know.





AI Wetiko


This brings me to AI or artificial intelligence and something else Wetikos don't want us to know.


What is AI really?


I know about computer code algorithms and AI that learns from data input. These, however, are more diversions, the expeditionary force, for the real AI that they want to connect to the human brain as promoted by Silicon Valley Wetikos like Kurzweil. What is this AI? It is the frequency of Wetiko, the frequency of the Archons.


The connection of AI to the human brain is the connection of the Wetiko frequency to create a Wetiko hive mind and complete the job of assimilation. The hive mind is planned to be controlled from Israel and China which are both 100 percent owned by Wetiko Sabbatians. The assimilation process has been going on minute by minute in the 'smart' era which fused with the 'Covid' era.


We are told that social media is scrambling the minds of the young and changing their personality.


This is true, but what is social media? Look more deeply at how it works, how it creates divisions and conflict, the hostility and cruelty, the targeting of people until they are destroyed. That's Wetiko.


Social media is manipulated to tune people to the Wetiko frequency with all the emotional exploitation tricks employed by platforms like Facebook and its Wetiko front man, Zuckerberg.

Facebook's Instagram announced a new platform for children to overcome a legal bar on them using the main site.


This is more Wetiko exploitation and manipulation of kids.

 Amnesty International likened the plan to foxes offering to guard the henhouse and said it was incompatible with human rights.

Since when did Wetiko or Zuckerberg (I repeat myself) care about that?


Would Brin and Page at Google, Wojcicki at YouTube, Bezos at Amazon and whoever the hell runs Twitter act as they do if they were not channeling Wetiko?


Would those who are developing technologies for no other reason than human control?


How about those designing and selling technologies to kill people and Big Pharma drug and 'vaccine' producers who know they will end or devastate lives?

Quite a thought for these people to consider is that if you are Wetiko in a human life you are Wetiko on the 'other side' unless your frequency changes and that can only change by a change of perception which becomes a change of behavior.


Where Gates is going does not bear thinking about although perhaps that's exactly where he wants to go.


Either way, that's where he's going. His frequency will make it so.





The frequency lair


I have been saying for a long time that a big part of the addiction to smartphones and devices is that a frequency is coming off them that entraps the mind.


People spend ages on their phones and sometimes even a minute or so after they put them down they pick them up again and it all repeats. 'Covid' lockdowns will have increased this addiction a million times for obvious reasons. Addictions to alcohol overindulgence and drugs are another way that Wetiko entraps consciousness to attach to its own. Both are symptoms of low-vibrational psychological distress which alcoholism and drug addiction further compound.


Do we think it's really a coincidence that access to them is made so easy while potions that can take people into realms beyond the simulation are banned and illegal?


I have explored smartphone addiction in other books, the scale is mind-blowing, and that level of addiction does not come without help. Tech companies that make these phones are Wetiko and they will have no qualms about destroying the minds of children. We are seeing again with these companies the Wetiko perceptual combination of psychopathic enforcers and weak and meek unquestioning compliance by the rank and file.


The global Smart Grid is the Wetiko Grid and it is crucial to complete the Cult endgame. The simulation is radiation and we are being deluged with technological radiation on a devastating scale.


Wetiko frauds like Elon Musk serve Cult interests while occasionally criticizing them to maintain his street-cred.


5G and other forms of Wi-Fi are being directed at the earth from space on a volume and scale that goes on increasing by the day.


Elon Musk's (officially) SpaceX Starlink project is in the process of putting tens of thousands of satellites in low orbit to cover every inch of the planet with 5G and other Wi-Fi to create Kurzweil's global 'cloud' to which the human mind is planned to be attached very soon.


SpaceX has approval to operate 12,000 satellites with more than 1,300 launched at the time of writing and applications filed for 30,000 more.


Other operators in the Wi-Fi, 5G, low-orbit satellite market include OneWeb (UK), Telesat (Canada), and AST  Science (US).


Musk tells us that AI could be the end of humanity and then launches a company called Neuralink to connect the human brain to computers. Musk's (in theory) Tesla company is building electric cars and the driverless vehicles of the smart control grid.


As frauds and bullshitters go Elon Musk in my opinion is Major League.


5G and technological radiation in general are destructive to human health, genetics and psychology and increasing the strength of artificial radiation underpins the five-sense perceptual bubbles which are themselves expressions of radiation or electromagnetism.


Freedom activist John Whitehead was so right with his,

'databit by databit, we are building our own electronic concentration camps'...

The Smart Grid and 5G is a means to control the human mind and infuse perceptual information into The Field to influence anyone in sync with its frequency.


You can change perception and behavior en masse if you can manipulate the population into those levels of frequency and this is happening all around us today. The arrogance of Musk and his fellow Cult operatives knows no bounds in the way that we see with Gates.


Musk's satellites are so many in number already they are changing the night sky when viewed from Earth. The astronomy community has complained about this and they have seen nothing yet.


Some consequences of Musk's Wetiko hubris include:

Radiation; visible pollution of the night sky; interference with astronomy and meteorology; ground and water pollution from intensive use of increasingly many spaceports; accumulating space debris; continual deorbiting and burning up of aging satellites, polluting the atmosphere with toxic dust and smoke; and ever- increasing likelihood of collisions.

A collective public open letter of complaint to Musk said:

We are writing to you... because SpaceX is in process of surrounding the Earth with a network of thousands of satellites whose very purpose is to irradiate every square inch of the Earth.


SpaceX, like everyone else, is treating the radiation as if it were not there. As if the mitochondria in our cells do not depend on electrons moving undisturbed from the food we digest to the oxygen we breathe.


As if our nervous systems and our hearts are not subject to radio frequency interference like any piece of electronic equipment.


As if the cancer, diabetes, and heart disease that now afflict a majority of the Earth's population are not metabolic diseases that result from interference with our cellular machinery.


As if insects everywhere, and the birds and animals that eat them, are not starving to death as a result.

People like Musk and Gates believe in their limitless Wetiko arrogance that they can do whatever they like to the world because they own it.

Consequences for humanity are irrelevant...

It's absolutely time that we stopped taking this shit from these self- styled masters of the Earth when you consider where this is going.





Why is the Cult so anti-human?


I hear this question open:

Why would they do this when it will affect them, too?


Ah, but will it?


Who is this them?

Forget their bodies. They are just vehicles for Wetiko consciousness.


When you break it all down to the foundations we are looking at a state of severely distorted consciousness targeting another state of consciousness for assimilation. The rest is detail. The simulation is the fly-trap in which unique sensations of the five senses create a cycle of addiction called reincarnation.


Renegade Minds see that everything which happens in our reality is a smaller version of the whole picture in line with the holographic principle. Addiction to the radiation of smart technology is a smaller version of addiction to the whole simulation.


Connecting the body/brain to AI is taking that addiction on a giant step further to total ongoing control by assimilating human incarnate consciousness into Wetiko.


I have watched during the 'Covid' hoax how many are becoming ever more profoundly attached to Wetiko's perceptual calling cards of aggressive response to any other point of view ('There is no other god but me'), psychopathic lack of compassion and empathy, and servile submission to the narrative and will of authority.


Wetiko is the psychopaths and subservience to psychopaths. The Cult of Wetiko is so anti-human because it is not human. It embarked on a mission to destroy human by targeting everything that it means to be human and to survive as human. 'Covid' is not the end, just a means to an end.


The Cult with its Wetiko consciousness is seeking to change Earth systems, including the atmosphere, to suit them, not humans. The gathering bombardment of 5G alone from ground and space is dramatically changing The Field with which the five senses interact. There is so much more to come if we sit on our hands and hope it will all go away. It is not meant to go away.


It is meant to get ever more extreme and we need to face that while we still can - just. Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Without that human is over. Kaput, gone, history. No natural world, no human.


The Cult has created a cock and bull story about carbon dioxide and climate change to justify its reduction to the point where Gates and the ignoramus Biden 'climate chief' John Kerry want to suck it out of the atmosphere.


Kerry wants to do this because his master Gates does.


Wetikos have made the gas of life a demon with the usual support from the Wokers of Extinction Rebellion and similar organizations and the bewildered puppet-child that is Greta Thunberg who was put on the world stage by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.


The name Extinction Rebellion is both ironic and as always Wetiko inversion. The gas that we need to survive must be reduced to save us from extinction. The most basic need of human is oxygen and we now have billions walking around in face nappies depriving body and brain of this essential requirement of human existence.


More than that 5G at 60 gigahertz interacts with the oxygen molecule to reduce the amount of oxygen the body can absorb into the bloodstream. The obvious knock-on consequences of that for respiratory and cognitive problems and life itself need no further explanation. Psychopaths like Musk are assembling a global system of satellites to deluge the human atmosphere with this insanity.


The man should be in jail. Here we have two most basic of human needs, oxygen and carbon dioxide, being dismantled. Two others, water and food, are getting similar treatment with the United Nations Agendas 21 and 2030 - the Great Reset - planning to centrally control all water and food supplies.


People will not even own rain water that falls on their land. Food is affected at the most basic level by reducing carbon dioxide.


We have genetic modification or GMO infiltrating the food chain on a mass scale, pesticides and herbicides polluting the air and destroying the soil. Freshwater fish that provide livelihoods for 60 million people and feed hundreds of millions worldwide are being 'pushed to the brink' according the conservationists while climate change is the only focus.


Now we have Gates and Schwab wanting to dispense with current food sources all together and replace them with a synthetic version which the Wetiko Cult would control in terms of production and who eats and who doesn't.


We have been on the Totalitarian Tiptoe to this for more than 60 years as food has become ever more processed and full of chemical shite to the point today when it's not natural food at all.


As Dr Tom Cowan says:

'If it has a label don't eat it.'

Bill Gates is now the biggest owner of farmland in the United States and he does nothing without an ulterior motive involving the Cult.


Klaus Schwab wrote:

'To feed the world in the next 50 years we will need to produce as much food as was produced in the last 10,000 years... food security will only be achieved, however, if regulations on genetically modified foods are adapted to reflect the reality that gene editing offers a precise, efficient and safe method of improving crops.'



People and the world are being targeted with aluminum through,

vaccines, chemtrails, food, drink cans,

...and endless other sources when aluminum has been linked to many health issues including dementia which is increasing year after year. Insects, bees and wildlife essential to the food chain are being deleted by pesticides, herbicides and radiation which 5G is dramatically increasing with 6G and 7G to come.


The pollinating bee population is being devastated while wildlife including birds, dolphins and whales are having their natural radar blocked by the effects of ever-increasing radiation.


In the summer windscreens used to be splattered with insects so numerous were they. It doesn't happen now.


Where have they gone?





Synthetic everything


The Cult is introducing genetically-modified versions of trees, plants and insects including a Gates-funded project to unleash hundreds of millions of genetically-modified, lab-altered and patented male mosquitoes to mate with wild mosquitoes and induce genetic flaws that cause them to die out.


Clinically-insane Gates-funded Japanese researchers have developed mosquitoes that spread vaccine and are dubbed 'flying vaccinators'. Gates is funding the modification of weather patterns in part to sell the myth that this is caused by carbon dioxide and he's funding geoengineering of the skies to change the atmosphere.


Some of this came to light with the Gates-backed plan to release tonnes of chalk into the atmosphere to,

'deflect the Sun and cool the planet'.

Funny how they do this while the heating effect of the Sun is not factored into climate projections focused on carbon dioxide.


The reason is that they want to reduce carbon dioxide (so don't mention the Sun), but at the same time they do want to reduce the impact of the Sun which is so essential to human life and health. I have mentioned the sun-cholesterol-vitamin D connection as they demonize the Sun with warnings about skin cancer (caused by the chemicals in sun cream they tell you to splash on).


They come from the other end of the process with statin drugs to reduce cholesterol that turns sunlight into vitamin D.


A lack of vitamin D leads to a long list of health effects and how vitamin D levels must have fallen with people confined to their homes over 'Covid'. Gates is funding other forms of geoengineering and most importantly chemtrails which are dropping heavy metals, aluminium and self-replicating nanotechnology onto the Earth which is killing the natural world.


See Everything You Need To Know, But Have Never Been Told for the detailed background to this.


Every human system is being targeted for deletion by a force that's not human. The Wetiko Cult has embarked on the process of transforming the human body from biological to synthetic biological as I have explained. Biological is being replaced by the artificial and synthetic - Archontic 'countermimicry' - right across human society.


The plan eventually is to dispense with the human body altogether and absorb human consciousness - which it wouldn't really be by then - into cyberspace (the simulation which is Wetiko/Yaldabaoth). Preparations for that are already happening if people would care to look. The alternative media rightly warns about globalism and 'the globalists', but this is far bigger than that and represents the end of the human race as we know it.


The 'bad copy' of prime reality that Gnostics describe was a bad copy of harmony, wonder and beauty to start with before Wetiko/Yaldabaoth set out to change the simulated 'copy' into something very different.


The process was slow to start with. Entrapped humans in the simulation timeline were not technologically aware and they had to be brought up to intellectual speed while being suppressed spiritually to the point where they could build their own prison while having no idea they were doing so.


We have now reached that stage where technological intellect has the potential to destroy us and that's why events are moving so fast. Central American shaman Don Juan Matus said:

Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradictions between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of belief, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior.

Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil; our social mores.


They are the ones who set up our dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predator who makes us complacent, routinely, and egomaniacal.


In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver - stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist; a horrendous maneuver from the point of those who suffer it.


They gave us their mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.


For 'predators' see Wetiko, Archons, Yaldabaoth, Jinn, and all the other versions of the same phenomenon in cultures and religions all over the world. The theme is always the same because it's true and it's real. We have reached the point where we have to deal with it.


The question is - how...?





Don't fight - walk away


I thought I'd use a controversial subheading to get things moving in terms of our response to global fascism.

What do you mean 'don't fight'?


What do you mean 'walk away'?


We've got to fight. We can't walk away...

Well, it depends what we mean by fight and walk away.


If fighting means physical combat we are playing Wetiko's game and falling for its trap. It wants us to get angry, aggressive, and direct hate and hostility at the enemy we think we must fight. Every war, every battle, every conflict, has been fought with Wetiko leading both sides.


It's what it does. Wetiko wants a fight, anywhere, any place. Just hit me, son, so I can hit you back. Wetiko hits Wetiko and Wetiko hits Wetiko in return. I am very forthright as you can see in exposing Wetikos of the Cult, but I don't hate them.

I refuse to hate them. It's what they want.


What you hate you become.


What you fight you become.

Wokers, 'anti-haters' and 'anti-fascists' prove this every time they reach for their keyboards or don their balaclavas.

By walk away I mean to disengage from Wetiko which includes ceasing to cooperate with its tyranny.

Paul Levy says of Wetiko:

The way to 'defeat' evil is not to try to destroy it (for then, in playing evil's game, we have already lost), but rather, to find the invulnerable place within ourselves where evil is unable to vanquish us - this is to truly 'win' our battle with evil.

Wetiko is everywhere in human society and it's been on steroids since the 'Covid' hoax.


Every shouting match over wearing masks has Wetiko wearing a mask and Wetiko not wearing one. It's an electrical circuit of push and resist, push and resist, with Wetiko pushing and resisting. Each polarity is Wetiko empowering itself.


Dictionary definitions of 'resist' include 'opposing, refusing to accept or comply with' and the word to focus on is 'opposing'. What form does this take - setting police cars alight or 'refusing to accept or comply with'?


The former is Wetiko opposing Wetiko while the other points the way forward.


This is the difference between those aggressively demanding that government fascism must be obeyed who stand in stark contrast to the great majority of Pushbackers. We saw this clearly with a march by thousands of Pushbackers against lockdown in London followed days later by a Woker-hijacked protest in Bristol in which police cars were set on fire.


Masks were virtually absent in London and widespread in Bristol. Wetiko wants lockdown on every level of society and infuses its aggression to police it through its unknowing stooges.


Lockdown protesters are the ones with the smiling faces and the hugs. The two blatantly obvious states of being - getting more obvious by the day - are the result of Wokers and their like becoming ever more influenced by the simulation Field of Wetiko and Pushbackers ever more influenced by The Field of a far higher vibration beyond the simulation.


Wetiko can't invade the heart which is where most lockdown opponents are coming from. It's the heart that allows them to see through the lies to the truth in ways I will be highlighting. Renegade Minds know that calmness is the place from which wisdom comes. You won't find wisdom in a hissing fit and wisdom is what we need in abundance right now.


Calmness is not weakness - you don't have to scream at the top of your voice to be strong.


Calmness is indeed a sign of strength.

'No' means I'm not doing it.


NOOOO!!! doesn't mean you're not doing it even more.


Volume does not advance 'No - I'm not doing it'.


You are just not doing it.

Wetiko possessed and influenced don't know how to deal with that.


Wetiko wants a fight and we should not give it one. What it needs more than anything is our cooperation and we should not give that either. Mass rallies and marches are great in that they are a visual representation of feeling, but if it ends there they are irrelevant.

You demand that Wetikos act differently?


Well, they're not going to, are they?


They are Wetikos...


We don't need to waste our time demanding that something doesn't happen when that will make no difference.


We need to delete the means that allows it to happen.

This, invariably, is our cooperation. You can demand a child stop firing a peashooter at the dog or you can refuse to buy the peashooter.


If you provide the means you are cooperating with the dog being smacked on the nose with a pea. How can the authorities enforce mask-wearing if millions in a country refuse? What if the 74 million Pushbackers that voted for Trump in 2020 refused to wear masks, close their businesses or stay in their homes. It would be unenforceable.


The few control the many through the compliance of the many and that's always been the dynamic be it 'Covid' regulations or the Roman Empire. I know people can find it intimidating to say no to authority or stand out in a crowd for being the only one with a face on display; but it has to be done or it's over.


I hope I've made clear in this book that where this is going will be far more intimidating than standing up now and saying 'No' - I will not cooperate with my own enslavement and that of my children. There might be consequences for some initially, although not so if enough do the same.


The question that must be addressed is what is going to happen if we don't? It is time to be strong and unyieldingly so. No means no. Not here and there, but everywhere and always.


I have refused to wear a mask and obey all the other nonsense. I will not comply with tyranny. I repeat: Fascism is not imposed by fascists - there are never enough of them. Fascism is imposed by the population acquiescing to fascism. I will not do it. I will die first, or my body will.


Living meekly under fascism is a form of death anyway, the death of the spirit that Martin Luther King described.





Making things happen


We must not despair. This is not over till it's over and it's far from that.


The 'fat lady' must refuse to sing. The longer the 'Covid' hoax has dragged on and impacted on more lives we have seen an awakening of phenomenal numbers of people worldwide to the realization that what they have believed all their lives is not how the world really is.


Research published by the system-serving University of Bristol and King's College London in February, 2021, concluded:

'One in every 11 people in Britain say they trust David Icke's take on the coronavirus pandemic.'

It will be more by now and we have gathering numbers to build on. We must urgently progress from seeing the scam to ceasing to cooperate with it.


Prominent German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, also licensed to practice law in America, is doing a magnificent job taking the legal route to bring the psychopaths to justice through a second Nuremberg tribunal for crimes against humanity.


Fuellmich has an impressive record of beating the elite in court and he formed the German Corona Investigative Committee to pursue civil charges against the main perpetrators with a view to triggering criminal charges.


Most importantly he has grasped the foundation of the hoax - the PCR test not testing for the 'virus' - and Christian Drosten is therefore on his charge sheet along with Gates frontman Tedros at the World Health Organization.


Major players must be not be allowed to inflict their horrors on the human race without being brought to book.


A life sentence must follow for Bill Gates and the rest of them. A group of researchers has also indicted the government of Norway for crimes against humanity with copies sent to the police and the International Criminal Court. The lawsuit cites participation in an internationally-planned false pandemic and violation of international law and human rights, the European Commission's definition of human rights by coercive rules, Nuremberg and Hague rules on fundamental human rights, and the Norwegian constitution.


We must take the initiative from hereon and not just complain, protest and react. There are practical ways to support vital mass non-cooperation.


Organizing in numbers is one. Lockdown marches in London in the spring in 2021 were mass non-cooperation that the authorities could not stop.


There were too many people. Hundreds of thousands walked the London streets in the centre of the road for mile after mile while the Face-Nappies could only look on. They were determined, but calm, and just did it with no histrionics and lots of smiles. The police were impotent.


Others are organizing group shopping without masks for mutual support and imagine if that was happening all over. Policing it would be impossible. If the store refuses to serve people in these circumstances they would be faced with a long line of trolleys full of goods standing on their own and everything would have to be returned to the shelves.


How would they cope with that if it kept happening? I am talking here about moving on from complaining to being pro-active; from watching things happen to making things happen. I include in this our relationship with the police. The behavior of many Face- Nappies has been disgraceful and anyone who thinks they would never find concentration camp guards in the 'enlightened' modern era have had that myth busted big-time.


The period and setting may change - Wetikos never do. I watched film footage from a London march in which a police thug viciously kicked a protestor on the floor who had done nothing. His fellow Face-Nappies stood in a ring protecting him.


What he did was a criminal assault and with a crowd far outnumbering the police this can no longer be allowed to happen unchallenged.


I get it when people chant 'shame on you' in these circumstances, but that is no longer enough. They have no shame those who do this. Crowds needs to start making a citizen's arrest of the police who commit criminal offences and brutally attack innocent people and defenseless women.


A citizen's arrest can be made under section 24A of the UK Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act of 1984 and you will find something similar in other countries. I prefer to call it a Common Law arrest rather than citizen's for reasons I will come to shortly.


Anyone can arrest a person committing an indictable offence or if they have reasonable grounds to suspect they are committing an indictable offence.


On both counts the attack by the police thug would have fallen into this category.


A citizen's arrest can be made to stop someone:

  • Causing physical injury to himself or any other person

  • Suffering physical injury

  • Causing loss of or damage to property

  • Making off before a constable can assume responsibility for him

A citizen's arrest may also be made to prevent a breach of the peace under Common Law and if they believe a breach of the peace will happen or anything related to harm likely to be done or already done in their presence.


This is the way to go I think - the Common Law version.


If police know that the crowd and members of the public will no longer be standing and watching while they commit their thuggery and crimes they will think twice about acting like Brownshirts and Blackshirts.





Common Law - common sense


Mention of Common Law is very important.


Most people think the law is the law as in one law. This is not the case. There are two bodies of law, Common Law and Statute Law, and they are not the same. Common Law is founded on the simple premise of do no harm. It does not recognize victimless crimes in which no harm is done while Statute Law does.


There is a Statute Law against almost everything. So what is Statute Law? Amazingly it's the law of the sea that was brought ashore by the Cult to override the law of the land which is Common Law.


They had no right to do this and as always they did it anyway. They had to. They could not impose their will on the people through Common Law which only applies to do no harm. How could you stitch up the fine detail of people's lives with that?


Instead they took the law of the sea, or Admiralty Law, and applied it to the population. Statute Law refers to all the laws spewing out of governments and their agencies including all the fascist laws and regulations relating to 'Covid'. The key point to make is that Statute Law is contract law. It only applies between contracting corporations.


Most police officers don't even know this. They have to be kept in the dark, too. Long ago when merchants and their sailing ships began to trade with different countries a contractual law was developed called Admiralty Law and other names.


Again it only applied to contracts agreed between corporate entities. If there is no agreed contract the law of the sea had no jurisdiction and that still applies to its new alias of Statute Law. The problem for the Cult when the law of the sea was brought ashore was an obvious one. People were not corporations and neither were government entities.


To overcome the latter they made governments and all associated organizations corporations. All the institutions are private corporations and I mean governments and their agencies, local councils, police, courts, military, US states, the whole lot.


Go to the Dun and Bradstreet corporate listings website for confirmation that they are all corporations. You are arrested by a private corporation called the police by someone who is really a private security guard and they take you to court which is another private corporation.


Neither have jurisdiction over you unless you consent and contract with them. This is why you hear the mantra about law enforcement policing by consent of the people. In truth the people 'consent' only in theory through monumental trickery.


Okay, the Cult overcame the corporate law problem by making governments and institutions corporate entities; but what about people?


They are not corporations are they? Ah... well in a sense, and only a sense, they are. Not people exactly - the illusion of people. The Cult creates a corporation in the name of everyone at the time that their birth certificate is issued. Note birth/ berth certificate and when you go to court under the law of the sea on land you stand in a dock.


These are throwbacks to the origin. My Common Law name is David Vaughan Icke.


The name of the corporation created by the government when I was born is called Mr David Vaughan Icke usually written in capitals as MR DAVID VAUGHAN ICKE.

That is not me, the living, breathing man.


It is a fictitious corporate entity.

The trick is to make you think that David Vaughan Icke and MR DAVID VAUGHAN ICKE are the same thing.


They are not. When police charge you and take you to court they are prosecuting the corporate entity and not the living, breathing, man or woman. They have to trick you into identifying as the corporate entity and contracting with them. Otherwise they have no jurisdiction. They do this through a language known as legalese.


Lawful and legal are not the same either. Lawful relates to Common Law and legal relates to Statute Law. Legalese is the language of Statue Law which uses terms that mean one thing to the public and another in legalese.


Notice that when a police officer tells someone why they are being charged he or she will say at the end:

'Do you understand?'

To the public that means,

'Do you comprehend?'

In legalese it means,

'Do you stand under me?'

Do you stand under my authority? If you say yes to the question you are unknowingly agreeing to give them jurisdiction over you in a contract between two corporate entities.


This is a confidence trick in every way. Contracts have to be agreed between informed parties and if you don't know that David Vaughan Icke is agreeing to be the corporation MR DAVID VAUGHAN ICKE you cannot knowingly agree to contract. They are deceiving you and another way they do this is to ask for proof of identity.


You usually show them a driving license or other document on which your corporate name is written. In doing so you are accepting that you are that corporate entity when you are not. Referring to yourself as a 'person' or 'citizen' is also identifying with your corporate fiction which is why I made the Common Law point about the citizen's arrest.


If you are approached by a police officer you identify yourself immediately as a living, breathing, man or woman and say 'I do not consent, I do not contract with you and I do not understand' or stand under their authority.


I have a Common Law birth certificate as a living man and these are available at no charge from


Businesses registered under the Statute Law system means that its laws apply. There are, however, ways to run a business under Common Law. Remember all 'Covid' laws and regulations are Statute Law - the law of contracts and you do not have to contract.


This doesn't mean that you can kill someone and get away with it.


Common Law says do no harm and that applies to physical harm, financial harm etc. Police are employees of private corporations and there needs to be a new system of non-corporate Common Law constables operating outside the Statute Law system.


If you go to and put Common Law into the search engine you will find videos that explain Common Law in much greater detail. It is definitely a road we should walk.





With all my heart


I have heard people say that we are in a spiritual war.


I don't like the term 'war' with its Wetiko dynamic, but I know what they mean. Sweep aside all the bodily forms and we are in a situation in which two states of consciousness are seeking very different realities. Wetiko wants upheaval, chaos, fear, suffering, conflict and control. The other wants love, peace, harmony, fairness and freedom.


That's where we are. We should not fall for the idea that Wetiko is all-powerful and there's nothing we can do.


Wetiko is not all-powerful. It's a joke, pathetic. It doesn't have to be, but it has made that choice for now. A handful of times over the years when I have felt the presence of its frequency I have allowed it to attach briefly so I could consciously observe its nature. The experience is not pleasant, the energy is heavy and dark, but the ease with which you can kick it back out the door shows that its real power is in persuading us that it has power.


It's all a con. Wetiko is a con. It's a trickster and not a power that can control us if we unleash our own.


The con is founded on manipulating humanity to give its power to Wetiko which recycles it back to present the illusion that it has power when its power is ours that we gave away.


This happens on an energetic level and plays out in the world of the seen as humanity giving its power to Wetiko authority which uses that power to control the population when the power is only the power the population has handed over.


How could it be any other way for billions to be controlled by a relative few?


I have had experiences with people possessed by Wetiko and again you can kick its arse if you do it with an open heart. Oh yes - the heart which can transform the world of perceived 'matter'. We are receiver-transmitters and processors of information, but what information and where from? Information is processed into perception in three main areas - the brain, the heart and the belly. These relate to thinking, knowing, and emotion.


Wetiko wants us to be head and belly people which means we think within the confines of the Matrix simulation and low-vibrational emotional reaction scrambles balance and perception. A few minutes on social media and you see how emotion is the dominant force. Woke is all emotion and is therefore thought-free and fact-free.


Our heart is something different. It knows while the head thinks and has to try to work it out because it doesn't know. The human energy field has seven prime vortexes which connect us with wider reality (Fig 23).


Chakra means 'wheels of light' in the Sanskrit language of ancient India.


The main ones are:

  • crown chakra on top of the head

  • brow (or 'third eye') chakra in the centre of the forehead

  • throat chakra

  • heart chakra in the centre of the chest

  • solar plexus chakra below the sternum

  • sacral chakra beneath the navel

  • base chakra at the bottom of the spine

Each one has a particular function or functions.


We feel anxiety and nervousness in the belly where the sacral chakra is located and this processes emotion that can affect the colon to give people 'the shits' or make them 'shit scared' when they are nervous.


Chakras all play an important role, but the Mr and Mrs Big is the heart chakra which sits at the centre of the seven, above the chakras that connect us to the 'physical' and below those that connect with higher realms (or at least should). Here in the heart chakra we feel love, empathy and compassion - 'My heart goes out to you'.


Those with closed hearts become literally 'heart-less' in their attitudes and behavior (see Bill Gates). Native Americans portrayed Wetiko with what Paul Levy calls a 'frigid, icy heart, devoid of mercy' (see Bill Gates).



Figure 23:

The chakra system

which interpenetrates the human energy field.

The heart chakra is the governor - or should be.



Wetiko trembles at the thought of heart energy which it cannot infiltrate.


The frequency is too high. What it seeks to do instead is close the heart chakra vortex to block its perceptual and energetic influence. Psychopaths have 'hearts of stone' and emotionally-damaged people have 'heartache' and 'broken hearts'.


The astonishing amount of heart disease is related to heart chakra disruption with its fundamental connection to the 'physical' heart. Dr Tom Cowan has written an outstanding book challenging the belief that the heart is a pump and making the connection between the 'physical' and spiritual heart. Rudolph Steiner who was way ahead of his time said the same about the fallacy that the heart is a pump.


What? The heart is not a pump? That's crazy, right?


Everybody knows that. Read Cowan's Human Heart, Cosmic Heart and you will realise that the very idea of the heart as a pump is ridiculous when you see the evidence.


How does blood in the feet so far from the heart get pumped horizontally up the body by the heart?? Cowan explains in the book the real reason why blood moves as it does. Our 'physical' heart is used to symbolise love when the source is really the heart vortex or spiritual heart which is our most powerful energetic connection to 'out there' expanded consciousness.


That's why we feel knowing - intuitive knowing - in the centre of the chest.


Knowing doesn't come from a process of thoughts leading to a conclusion. It is there in an instant all in one go. Our heart knows because of its connection to levels of awareness that do know. This is the meaning and source of intuition - intuitive knowing. For the last more than 30 years of uncovering the global game and the nature of reality my heart has been my constant antenna for truth and accuracy.


An American intelligence insider once said that I had quoted a disinformer in one of my books and yet I had only quoted the part that was true.


He asked:

'How do you do that?'

By using my heart antenna was the answer and anyone can do it. Heart-centered is how we are meant to be.


With a closed heart chakra we withdraw into a closed mind and the bubble of five-sense reality. If you take a moment to focus your attention on the centre of your chest, picture a spinning wheel of light and see it opening and expanding. You will feel it happening, too, and perceptions of the heart like joy and love as the heart impacts on the mind as they interact.


The more the chakra opens the more you will feel expressions of heart consciousness and as the process continues, and becomes part of you, insights and knowings will follow.


An open heart is connected to that level of awareness that knows all is One. You will see from its perspective that the fault-lines that divide us are only illusions to control us. An open heart does not process the illusions of race, creed and sexuality except as brief experiences for a consciousness that is all.


Our heart does not see division, only unity (Figs 24 and 25).


There's something else, too. Our hearts love to laugh. Mark Twain's quote that says 'The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter' is really a reference to the heart which loves to laugh with the joy of knowing the true nature of infinite reality and that all the madness of human society is an illusion of the mind.


Twain also said:

'Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.'

This is so true of Wetiko and the Cult.


Their insecurity demands that they be taken seriously and their power and authority acknowledged and feared. We should do nothing of the sort. We should not get aggressive or fearful which their insecurity so desires. We should laugh in their face. Even in their no-face as police come over in their face-nappies and expect to be taken seriously.


They don't take themselves seriously looking like that so why should we? Laugh in the face of intimidation. Laugh in the face of tyranny. You will see by its reaction that you have pressed all of its buttons. Wetiko does not know what to do in the face of laughter or when its targets refuse to concede their joy to fear.


We have seen many examples during the 'Covid' hoax when people have expressed their energetic power and the string puppets of Wetiko retreat with their tail limp between their knees. Laugh - the world is bloody mad after all and if it's a choice between laughter and tears I know which way I'm going.



Figure 24:

Head consciousness without the heart

sees division and everything apart

from everything else.



Figure 25:

Heart consciousness sees everything as One.





'Vaccines' and the soul


The foundation of Wetiko/Archon control of humans is the separation of incarnate five-sense mind from the infinite 'I' and closing the heart chakra where the True 'I' lives during a human life.


The goal has been to achieve complete separation in both cases. I was interested therefore to read an account by a French energetic healer of what she said she experienced with a patient who had been given the 'Covid' vaccine.


Genuine energy healers can sense information and consciousness fields at different levels of being which are referred to as 'subtle bodies'. She described treating the patient who later returned after having, without the healer's knowledge, two doses of the 'Covid vaccine'. The healer said: I noticed immediately the change, very heavy energy emanating from [the] subtle bodies.


The scariest thing was when I was working on the heart chakra, I connected with her soul: it was detached from the physical body, it had no contact and it was, as if it was floating in a state of total confusion: a damage to the consciousness that loses contact with the physical body, i.e. with our biological machine, there is no longer any communication between them.


I continued the treatment by sending light to the heart chakra, the soul of the person, but it seemed that the soul could no longer receive any light, frequency or energy. It was a very powerful experience for me.


Then I understood that this substance is indeed used to detach consciousness so that this consciousness can no longer interact through this body that it possesses in life, where there is no longer any contact, no frequency, no light, no more energetic balance or mind. This would create a human that is rudderless and at the extreme almost zombie-like operating with a fractional state of consciousness at the mercy of Wetiko.


I was especially intrigued by what the healer said in the light of the prediction by the highly- informed Rudolf Steiner more than a hundred years ago.


He said:

In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine.


Under the pretext of a 'healthy point of view', there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.


To materialistic doctors will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity.

As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the 'madness' of spiritual life.


He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.


Steiner said the vaccine would detach the physical body from the etheric body (subtle bodies) and,

'once the etheric body is detached the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton'.

He said,

'the physical body of man must be polished on this Earth by spiritual will - so the vaccine becomes a kind of arymanique (Wetiko) force' and 'man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling'.

Humans would then, he said, become,

'materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual'.

I have been writing for years about DNA being a receiver- transmitter of information that connects us to other levels of reality and these 'vaccines' changing DNA can be likened to changing an antenna and what it can transmit and receive.


Such a disconnection would clearly lead to changes in personality and perception. Steiner further predicted the arrival of AI. Big Pharma 'Covid vaccine' makers, expressions of Wetiko, are testing their DNA-manipulating evil on children as I write with a view to giving the 'vaccine' to babies.


If it's a soul-body disconnector - and I say that it is or can be - every child would be disconnected from 'soul' at birth and the 'vaccine' would create a closed system in which spiritual guidance from the greater self would play no part. This has been the ambition of Wetiko all along.


A Pentagon video from 2005 was leaked of a presentation explaining the development of vaccines to change behavior by their effect on the brain.


Those that believe this is not happening with the 'Covid' genetically-modifying procedure masquerading as a 'vaccine' should make an urgent appointment with Naivety Anonymous.


Klaus Schwab wrote in 2018:

Neurotechnologies enable us to better influence consciousness and thought and to understand many activities of the brain.


They include decoding what we are thinking in fine levels of detail through new chemicals and interventions that can influence our brains to correct for errors or enhance functionality.

The plan is clear and only the heart can stop it. With every heart that opens, every mind that awakens, Wetiko is weakened.


Heart and love are far more powerful than head and hate and so nothing like a majority is needed to turn this around.





Beyond the Phantom


Our heart is the prime target of Wetiko and so it must be the answer to Wetiko.


We are our heart which is part of one heart, the infinite heart. Our heart is where the true self lives in a human life behind firewalls of five-sense illusion when an imposter takes its place:

Phantom Self...

But our heart waits patiently to be set free any time we choose to see beyond the Phantom, beyond Wetiko.


A Wetikoed Phantom Self can wreak mass death and destruction while the love of forever is locked away in its heart. The time is here to unleash its power and let it sweep away the fear and despair that is Wetiko. Heart consciousness does not seek manipulated, censored, advantage for its belief or religion, its activism and desires.


As an expression of the One it treats all as One with the same rights to freedom and opinion.


Our heart demands fairness for itself no more than for others. From this unity of heart we can come together in mutual support and transform this Wetikoed world into what reality is meant to be - a place of love, joy, happiness, fairness, justice and freedom.


Wetiko has another agenda and that's why the world is as it is, but enough of this nonsense. Wetiko can't stay where hearts are open and it works so hard to keep them closed. Fear is its currency and its food source and love in its true sense has no fear.


Why would love have fear when it knows it is All That Is, Has Been, And Ever Can Be on an eternal exploration of all possibility?


Love in this true sense is not the physical attraction that passes for love. This can be an expression of it, yes, but Infinite Love, a love without condition, goes far deeper to the core of all being. It is the core of all being. Infinite realty was born from love beyond the illusions of the simulation.


Love infinitely expressed is the knowing that all is One and the swiftly-passing experience of separation is a temporary hallucination. You cannot disconnect from Oneness; you can only perceive that you have and withdraw from its influence. This is the most important of all perception trickery by the mind parasite that is Wetiko and the foundation of all its potential for manipulation.


If we open our hearts, open the sluice gates of the mind, and redefine self-identity amazing things start to happen. Consciousness expands or contracts in accordance with self- identity. When true self is recognized as infinite awareness and label self - Phantom Self - is seen as only a series of brief experiences life is transformed.


Consciousness expands to the extent that self-identity expands and everything changes.


You see unity, not division, the picture, not the pixels. From this we can play the long game. No more is an experience something in and of itself, but a fleeting moment in the eternity of forever.


Suddenly people in uniform and dark suits are no longer intimidating. Doing what your heart knows to be right is no longer intimidating and consequences for those actions take on the same nature of a brief experience that passes in the blink of an infinite eye. Intimidation is all in the mind.


Beyond the mind there is no intimidation.


An open heart does not consider consequences for what it knows to be right. To do so would be to consider not doing what it knows to be right and for a heart in its power that is never an option.


The Renegade Mind is really the Renegade Heart. Consideration of consequences will always provide a getaway car for the mind and the heart doesn't want one.


What is right in the light of what we face today is to stop cooperating with Wetiko in all its forms and to do it without fear or compromise.


You cannot compromise with tyranny when tyranny always demands more until it has everything.

Life is your perception and you are your destiny.


Change your perception and you change your life.


Change collective perception and we change the world.


Come on people... One human family, One heart, One goal... FREEEEEEDOM!

We must settle for nothing less...