by Marlo Lewis, Jr.
March 16, 2007

from CEI Website



An Inconvenient Truth (AIT), Al Gore’s film and book on “The planetary emergency of global warming and what can be done about it,” purports to be a non-ideological exposition of climate science and moral common-sense.


In reality, AIT is a lawyer’s brief for global warming alarmism and energy rationing. The only facts and studies Gore considers are those convenient to his scare-them-green agenda.


And in numerous instances, he distorts the evidence he cites.

The three papers
below, which provide running commentaries on AIT with different degrees of detail, find that most of Gore’s claims regarding climate science and climate policy are either one sided, misleading, exaggerated, speculative, or wrong.

  1. The Congressional Working Paper, “Al Gore’s Science Fiction - A Skeptic’s Guide to An Inconvenient Truth” provides a thorough and comprehensive examination of Gore’s claims.

  2. The OnPoint “A Skeptic’s Primer on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth” provides a brief, yet concise and thorough look at Gore’s most deficient claims.

  3. The OnPoint “Some Convenient Distortions” provides a brief overview of the major flaws in Gore’s analysis.






Videos of Marlo Lewis's presentation on the report "Al Gore's Science Fiction - A Skeptic's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth," which aired live on C-Span 2 on March 16, 2007:



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