by Amitakh Stanford
June 11, 2006
from XeeaTwelve Website


The affairs of the world are very confusing. It has been designed that way so that it is extremely difficult to uncover the truth behind the scheme of things. An enormous amount of information about matters of the world has been hidden from humans.

Most people are oblivious to the important issues that affect their lives. The few who sincerely seek answers to important questions (such as "Why is there death and suffering?") are obstructed from nearly every direction and are fed with untruth. The people of this world have been duped into believing and accepting that they are the ones in control of their planet. The maze is so complex that few suspect that the affairs of the world are manipulated and controlled by evil aliens.

Aliens have been responsible for the scorn and ridicule that arises when people discuss UFOs, alien experiences or conspiracy theories about world domination. This is by alien design. Many know that something is very wrong and believe that there is a conspiracy to enslave the population, but few suspect or dare to discuss that the conspiracy is an Anunnaki one.

Aliens are behind the wars on the planet. When United States President John F. Kennedy commissioned a report asking what would happen if there were worldwide peace, the ruling elite had to remove him quickly and replace him with his war-mongering Vice-President, Lyndon B. Johnson.

The Light will occasionally involve themselves with earthly wars, but, when It does, it is for the purpose of delaying or blocking Darkness' plans and to temporarily alleviate the sufferings on the Earth. Conventional wars were created by Darkness for Its own gratification and evil purposes. Wars cause undue suffering, which benefits Darkness.

In the late nineteenth century a document was released that is known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. In fact, The Protocols is not a new document. The original version of The Protocols came out of a meeting in Rome in 1492. The original document certainly involved the precursors of the Elders of Zion, most of whom were NOT of Hebrew blood, nor were they actually followers of the Jewish faith. In fact, most of the 1492 Elders were affiliated with the Catholic Church.


The updated version of the document claimed in the 15th Protocol that the Russian aristocracy and the Papacy were the only real rivals to the inevitable rule by the Elders of Zion. This was not the case at all since the Catholic Church was deeply involved with the original and the revised versions of the document.

The original and the revised version of The Protocols have many parts. Some parts contain genuine goals that are sought by the Elders. Other parts are intended to mislead people about the real intentions of the Elders. Still other parts are designed to incite emotional responses to The Protocols in order to achieve their agenda.

Aliens have planned world domination for a long, long time. For example, the Anunnaki planned to have the British and Catholics united under a single banner in their drive to achieve world domination. The British-Catholic plan for world domination was a long time in the making. It underwent trial-and-error testing during the reign of the Roman Empire. The British-Catholic conquest of the world was designed to keep the technology stagnant at the level achieved in the eighteenth century.

The Reptilian plan was dangerously close to consummation and final establishment of the New World Order when the Light intervened and assisted in the American Revolution. Had the Light not intervened, the Reptilians would have succeeded in implementing their NWO in the nineteenth century. The Light could not allow that to happen because the Rescue Mission by the Light had not been completed.

Had the British-Catholic conquest succeeded, it would have given the Reptilians control of the world under the framework of the Reptilian Anunnaki Protocols of 1492. However, the American Revolution broke the relentless British colonization of the world and ultimately forced the British to give many of its other colonies some form of independence.

Due to the victory by the American colonists, the Anunnaki were forced into delaying their One World Government and adopt two basic alternative plans for world domination.

  • As a part of alternative plan number 1, the Reptilians initiated a united alien front to enslave humans. The united alien plan involved the emergence of the industrial revolution.

  • The alternative plan number 2 was to revive the Reptilian NWO through a British-Catholic conquest according to the original version of The Protocols. This was initiated simultaneously with alternative plan number 1 and involved attempting to re-assimilate America into the British Empire.

There are many alien races on the Earth, but, up to the time of the American Revolution, the Reptilians had been able to dominate nearly all of the other alien groups. Had the Reptilians succeeded in their planned eighteenth-century conquest, the whole world would have been subjected to Reptilian rule.

The American Revolution broke the long-standing Reptilian powerbase. Prior to this event, all the other alien races were smothered by the Reptilians. The failed Reptilian conquest so weakened the Reptilian forces that other alien groups were able to take over pockets of the Reptilian bases. The most prominent opponents to seize the opportunity were the Reptilians' long-standing enemies - the Vulturites (Pers-sires).

The failed war made it very difficult for the Reptilians to regain their confidence and resources. They attempted to re-capture America with an elaborate plan using Reptilian agents whom they placed in strategic positions in the colonists' new government. These included George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, John Marshall and others. Some of these names may surprise people because they were actively participating in the Revolution on the side of the colonists.

However, one needs to realize that physical actions do not always match the motives on the energy level. Remember, not all crooks act like thugs. This does not necessarily mean that these individuals were physically aware of their Reptilian influence. In fact, it is highly unlikely that any of them were consciously aware that they were being "directed" by Reptilian controllers. This is one of the reasons that everything is so confusing.

It was hoped that through these human agents America could be re-assimilated into the British Empire. The Reptilian agents prepared a constitution in a Freemason lodge for the new nation that specifically authorized slavery. The Reptilians planned on using the American Constitution as the model for their revised world domination plan by forcing it upon other nations. The only representative from the Rescue Mission of the Light at the American constitutional convention was Benjamin Franklin, who was over eighty-years old at the time and was primarily witnessing the event.

The American Constitution is a very effective model for the NWO except for one thing - the Bill of Rights that was amended to it after it was adopted. James Madison is usually given credit for the attachment of the bill of individual rights, but it was Jefferson who basically forced Madison to support the amendments.


The Bill of Rights ultimately protected the American nation from being the mainspring of the Reptilian NWO.


The United States Bill of Rights consists of the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. These amendments limit the powers of the federal government, protecting the rights of all citizens, residents and visitors on United States territory.


Among the enumerated rights these amendments guarantee are: the freedoms of speech, press, and religion; the people's right to keep and bear arms; the freedom of assembly; the freedom to petition; and the rights to be free of unreasonable search and seizure; cruel and unusual punishment; and compelled self-incrimination.


The Bill of Rights also restricts Congress' power by prohibiting it from making any law respecting establishment of religion and by prohibiting the federal government from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. In criminal cases, it requires indictment by grand jury for any capital or "infamous crime," guarantees a speedy public trial with an impartial and local jury, and prohibits double jeopardy.


In addition, the Bill of Rights states that "the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people," and reserves all powers not granted to the Federal government to the citizenry or States.


George Washington and John Adams were the first and second presidents of the United States. They were programmed by the Reptilians to plunge the young country into severe debt and to initiate onerous internal taxes on the colonists in the hope of financially breaking the new nation. Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury, whose advice to Washington and even to Adams sent the new country headlong into nearly insurmountable debt.

The Reptilian plan was nearly accomplished when Thomas Jefferson was elected as the third president. As the defeated John Adams was leaving office, he flooded the judiciary with cronies and appointed John Marshall Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Marshall then used many sly tactics to make the American Supreme Court a very powerful institution that suited the Reptilian plans to undermine the American government.

Aaron Burr had been Thomas Jefferson's running mate and was supposed to become the vice-president in 1800. Burr used many underhanded tricks that forced the election to be determined by the House of Representatives. The House voted many times before Jefferson was made president and Burr was made vice president. Had the Reptilian agent Burr been made president instead of Jefferson, the Reptilians would have soon re-taken control of America.

As vice-president, with British support, Burr tried to start a civil war and divide America in twain, half for Burr to be the leader of, and half to return to the British. When Burr was arrested and charged for his conspiracy, his fellow Reptilian agent, John Marshall, presided over the trial and rigged it for Burr to be acquitted.

Jefferson remained president for eight years, and while in that office he sacked all the internal revenue agents, abolished internal taxes and set the nation onto a debt-free path. Another Reptilian agent became the fourth president when James Madison was elected. He promptly sent the new nation into a hopeless war with Britain and re-established national banks to send the country into huge debt.

The Reptilians held enough influence in America that they kept slavery legal until another Attas of the Light, Abraham Lincoln, was elected the sixteenth president. During his presidency, the American Civil War was waged, and, with the North's victory, slavery was finally abolished in America.

The Reptilians made another strong move on America in 1913 when they influenced the nation to adopt the Federal Reserve Act, which eventually converted the country from a creditor to a debtor nation. Also, in 1913, the United States authorized internal taxes on incomes and changed the method of election of senators so that state legislatures no longer voted for the federal senators. Instead, senators were elected by majority vote of the people, which made it much easier for the Reptilians to manipulate the elections of the senators.

It must now be obvious to the reader that there were plans within plans in the Reptilian agenda for world control. Eventually, the Reptilians concluded that the American Bill of Rights made it an unworkable nation from which to launch their NWO. This is why the Reptilian consciousness has now moved to China.


Australia has followed the American Constitution as the model, but denied the citizens of a bill of rights, making this now an ideal Reptilian launching pad for the NWO. This is yet another Reptilian initiative under the revised version of The Protocols.

To recapitulate:

When the Reptilian 1492 Protocols failed, the Reptilians used an alternative plan to try to destroy America from within and re-assimilate it into the British Empire. This was the revival plan of the 1492 Protocols.

At the same time that the Reptilians tried to resuscitate the 1492 Protocols, they commenced a desperate alternative plan in which they solicited the aid of other alien groups, which included Vulturites, Greys, Masa-karas, Wagools etc. However, this is only a show alliance. The Reptilians have no intention of sharing and being in alliance with other alien races.

Hence, superficially, other alien races are allowed to be involved in the Reptilian-initiated alternative plan. That is why there has been total silence thrown on the alien issues, including alien abduction, alien experimentation on humans and animals and other matters. That is why all the aliens are in a conspiracy not to let themselves be known. The alien issue is tightly controlled by the alien conspirators.


They make sure that reports about alien events are mocked, discredited and obscured. They even influence people to make bogus sightings and then expose them as hoaxes. Among the alien creations are the Galactic Confederation and the so-called channelings from alien beings, which are aimed at deceiving and sidetracking certain audiences. Another example is the staged Mexican UFO incident of 5th March 2004.

Returning to the discussion of The Protocols, we are now in the throes of the united-alien technological "advancements" that were planned in the eighteenth century. In this alternative plan for world domination, the Reptilians included other major alien groups, even though their intention was only superficial.

The Reptilians had become the dominant alien race on Earth and held a stranglehold over all the other alien races. Ironically, it was the American Revolution, which was mainly fought by humans, that ultimately weakened the Reptilians to the point that other alien races dared to contest them again. This opened the door for the Vulturites to make inroads into world affairs.

The Reptilians reluctantly allowed all the other aliens to assist them in the conquest of the humans on Earth. Their weakened state forced them into an alien alliance against the humans. However, the Reptilians are not in a sincere alliance. It is a lot like when management of a firm asks its workers to pitch in to get the firm through a tough patch and makes promises to extract extra effort from the workers, then, when the difficulty is over, the management conveniently "forgets" about all the promises made.

It was approximately a century after the industrial revolution was set into motion that the united aliens marched headlong towards their NWO. As noted in the nineteenth-century Protocol 15, the Anunnaki would not come into their kingdom until after some time, perhaps "even a whole century" after the1492 Protocols was revised.

The Anunnaki have been forced to wait beyond their longest expectations for full implementation of their planned One World Government. These delays were again due to the intervention by the Light. The Light's plan is to rescue all of the viable True-Light beings on the Earth; it is not meant to stop the Anunnaki conquest of the planet. After the Rescue Mission by the Light is completed, there will be no further need for intervention as there will not be any viable True-Light beings left on the planet. At that point, it will be evil fighting evil.

Many have read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, especially of late. They are available on line, in conventional department stores, and were the theme of a 2004 HBO documentary that was aired internationally. This is a very serious document because so much of what is discussed in it has already happened or is currently occurring. Ostensibly, the document appears to be a recording of the minutes of some Learned Elders who arrogantly discussed world domination by the Jewish people.

Any document that is so inflammatory and receives such wide distribution is highly suspect. The ruling elite controls the distribution of "underground" materials, and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is certainly "underground" material.

Any critical reader should question why the document has surfaced at all. A thorough reading of The Protocols exposes inconsistencies within it, which will alert the reader to something being amiss.


For example,

  • Why would inflammatory language be used, unless it was intended to inflame people who were not supposed to have access to the document?

  • Why would they boldly proclaim that they will end liberty?

  • Why would the authors claim despotism to be the ideal form of government, yet fear the Russian aristocracy, which was despotic, and, likewise, the Catholic Church?

This being said, one faces the question of whether the document is legitimate or bogus. Specifically, was it written at a meeting of the Learned Elders of Zion? If these Elders are supposed to be the highest-ranking Jews who speak on behalf of all the Jews in the world, then, clearly, the document is a fraud. However, if the Learned Elders are supposed to be the highest-ranking Anunnaki Remnants (which body contains many Jews) and it does not speak for the Jewish population, but instead it speaks for the ruling elite (regardless of race, creed or nationality), then it is an authentic document.

According to the 3rd Protocol, many of the Anunnaki Remnants are awaiting the return of the head of the snake. The snake represents the Anunnaki Reptilians and the head represents the Anunnaki Elite who are quarantined from the Earth.

The original 1492 Protocols called for a feigned division of the Catholic Church, which was put into motion in the early sixteenth century. However this portion of the 1492 document was redacted from The Protocols that were revised in the late nineteenth century.

The Catholic Church usurped the name and role of Jesus Christ and installed him as the figure-head of the Church he never started, nor instructed anyone to start, as the corrupted extant Bible claims. Corruption had so infected the Church that it was declining and there was a lot of dissention within and without. Anunnaki Reptilians influenced Martin Luther to fight zealously against the Church, which Luther did. Superficially, Luther was adamantly opposed to the Church to the point of calling the Pope and papacy the Anti-Christ, as shown in the following quotes of Martin Luther:

On 3 March, 1519, he wrote to Leo X:

"Before God and all his creatures, I bear testimony that I neither did desire, nor do desire to touch or by intrigue to undermine the authority of the Roman Church and that of your holiness"

(De Wette, op. cit., I, 234).

Two days later (5 March) he wrote to Spalatin:

"It was never my intention to revolt from the Roman Apostolic chair"

(De Wette, op. cit., I, 236).

Ten days later (13 March) he wrote to the same:

"I am at a loss to know whether the pope be antichrist or his apostle."

(De Wette, op. cit., I, 239).

"We are convinced that the papacy is the seat of the real and actual Antichrist, and believe that against its deceit and iniquity everything is permitted for the salvation of souls"

(De Wette, op. cit., I, 478). Quote of Martin Luther (1540).

Even though on the physical level Martin Luther appeared sincere and passionately against some of the ugly things that were going on in the Church (such as plenary indulgences whereby "sinners" can supposedly reduce their time of suffering in purgatory by making contributions to the Church), on the energy level, unbeknownst to Luther on the physical level, he was actually used by the Reptilians to fight the Church for important reasons. This is one instance where Darkness appeared to expose the Church, but It did so out of desperation in order to resurrect the failing Church. This is also another example of how things are not always what they appear to be.

As the Reformation swept over Europe, the Protestant movement had the effect of reviving Christianity under other names and denominations. The Roman Catholic Church established its Inquisition Tribunal in 1233 to suppress dissenting views, which the Church called heresy. The name of the Church was tarnished by the brutality and inequity of the Inquisitions.


Martin Luther appeared to have inadvertently helped to strengthen the power of the Inquisitions. However, on an energy level, it was done by the design of the usurping Reptilians. In fact, the Jesuits were founded in 1534 to combat the Reformation and to spread the Catholic message around the world, which strengthened the Church. Further, in 1542, the Roman Inquisition was established to combat the growth of Protestantism. So, it can be seen that Martin Luther's actions and the Church's response to them helped to heal the failing Church, and the world wondered at the healing.

The above is an example of how and why the Reptilians would sponsor apparent opponents to its own group and then instigate conflicts between two seemingly opposed groups. The reason is that both groups have the same ultimate controller. They give with one hand and take with the other.

To elaborate on the opening paragraphs, aliens have influenced and controlled the minds of people on Earth for a long, long time. Those who are passionate about various issues are often programmed by alien agents to behave that way. For example, Martin Luther was severely programmed by aliens of Darkness to appear to rebel against the Catholic Church. As I indicated earlier, it was all part of the alien plan to re-build the Church. Ironically, Jesus' name was used to build the Church of Darkness to imprison the very beings he came to Rescue from Darkness.

The division sparked by Martin Luther was very important to the Anunnaki plans for world conquest under the Anunnaki Protocols of 1492. The Anunnaki influenced the division of the Church so that the Anunnaki Catholic arm of Judaism could take control of the Americas from Texas to the south under the banner of the Catholic Church. The Anunnaki then planned for the Anunnaki Protestant arm of Judaism to take control of the Americas north of Texas under the British flag. It was a devious plan where control of the world would come under the two branches of Christianity, which would then be merged into one, and nobody would suspect the plot until it was too late to resist.

The Anunnaki had already tested their British-Catholic model with the Roman Empire and determined that the new empire would need more ports, better ships and firepower, all of which the Romans lacked. To accomplish this, a new Church was started in the Mediterranean and a new empire was started in the British Isles. In time, new trade routes were opened and the technology for explosives was introduced.


Sailing ships were eventually improved to make oceanic voyages relatively safe. The Church spread its field of influence as did the British Empire. As can be seen, this was a long-range plan in which nobody was to suspect that the Church and Britain were acting in concert. To keep the plan secret, only the controllers knew what was occurring. Most British kings and Catholic Popes were ignorant of the plan.

The Light was aware of the Anunnaki plans for the British-Catholic conquest and ultimately thwarted them. The Light intervened by sending a team of Attas (The Rescuers of the Light, The Amoebas) to the Earth. Everyone on the team was an abolitionist (opposed to slavery), and the group was headed by Thomas Paine. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were a part of that team. It was assembled to delay the Anunnaki plan for world domination. As a result of the Attas' work, the American colonies, which were under British rule at the time, broke away from their mother country and formed a new nation. This was a tremendous blow to the Anunnaki plot for world domination.

The British were forced to grant certain forms of independence to other colonies such as Canada and Australia as a direct result of the American Revolution. In other words, the Protestant branch of Christianity was unable to achieve its goal. Therefore, the Reptilian plans for a NWO that had been in place for centuries had to be modified. Before the American Revolution, the Anunnaki realized that there was a possibility of the British Empire fracturing. So they began taking precautions by formulating and beginning to implement an alternate plan in case the British Empire began to deteriorate.

The alternate plan forced the Reptilians to take drastic steps in order to achieve world dominion before the early part of the twenty-first century. The alternate time-table made things more difficult for the Anunnaki. The Reptilians wanted as much control of Earth as possible before they would re-start time with the Atu-waa, which would have to be done on or before 2008. The Reptilians did not have the many centuries it would take to disassemble the British Empire and re-establish another world power using eighteenth-century technology. In order to bring into being another empire capable of world conquest before early in the twenty-first century, the Anunnaki were forced to begin flooding humans with alien technology.

When the American Revolution succeeded and the colonists broke away from England, the united-alien alternate plan was put into full swing. In anticipation of the possible victory by the American colonists, the Reptilians commenced the industrial revolution in England. Had the colonists lost the war, the industrial revolution would have been terminated because there would not have been a need for advanced technology.

Since the colonists defeated the British, the industrial revolution was fully launched and implemented, resulting in the availability of alien technology all around the world - the days of horse-and-buggy technology were numbered.

The Anunnaki led a desperate technological drive to achieve world conquest before the latest date in which time could be re-started. Many think this date is 2012 based upon the Mayan records, but those records are corrupted and the Anunnaki actually only have until 2008. However, those dates were made irrelevant in early 2006 when the Light rescued the True-Light consciousness who had been enslaved in the Atu-waa. This rendered the time-re-starting device permanently inoperable.

Thomas Paine is back on Earth. This time he will inspire humans to resist the evil aliens - no matter how difficult the task - because, these are the times that try men's souls. Just like before, he will give comfort and energy to many whom the Anunnaki would otherwise trample. He will inspire them to fight on against all odds for as long as they are imprisoned in this bleak, putrid Virtual Reality.

The Anunnaki being who initiated the original version of The Protocols has a name that sounds like "Maiso" in the alien communities. In the fifteenth century Maiso occupied a human body and was known by a different name. Maiso occupies another human body today. On 21st June 2005, Maiso gave the order to quicken the implementation of the genuine goals of the revised version of The Protocols.

The original version of The Protocols is the blueprint of significant plans of the Protocol Board. Standing on one side of the Board are the Reptilian guardians of the ancient Mis-so-tols. On the other side is the full arm of the Ron-ta-goo. The Ron-ta-goo are akin to the ancestors of the Vulturites. Deep in their history lies the old wound created by the deep-seated conflict between Mis-so-tols and the Ron-ta-goo. Over time, the Ron-ta-goo were forcibly absorbed into the Reptilian society due to political changes, making a larger "family" of Reptilians.

However, underneath there was always a simmering dissatisfaction and distrust by the Ron-ta-goo towards the Reptilians. This feeling gave rise to a serious problem, and eventually some of the Ron-ta-goo broke away from the Reptilian "family" and became known as the Pers-sires amongst themselves in their new territory. In my earlier writings, I have identified the Pers-sires, and, for specific reasons, I coined the word "Vulturite" to refer to them. Since the breakaway, the descendents of the Pers-sires have never trusted the Reptilians and there has been a rift between the Reptilians and the Vulturites to this day.

Both Reptilians and Vulturites have colonized the Earth and have used the planet and all of its occupants as a battlefield. The humans are being used as pawns by both sides. For example, the Reptilians have focused on certain religions such as Judaism and Christianity whilst the Vulturites focused upon Islam and others. Both parties use humans and human religions as pawns in their battles. They will not hesitate to sacrifice their "chosen" ones or inflict pain and suffering upon them when it suits their plans. These two groups will reward and punish even those whom they have chosen when it suits them. For example, Saddam Hussein was once favored by the Reptilians, but he was later abandoned and sacrificed to the Vulturites for various reasons.

The Protocols aims at pitting humans against humans by creating divisions between races, religions, political parties, nations etc. The Protocols was intended to incite people and to pit Jews and Muslims against one another. Even though the Reptilians are overseeing Judaism and Christianity, they have no qualms in casting Jews and Christians into a dangerous and bitter conflict with Muslims. Likewise, the Vulturites have no qualms about betraying the very people they oversee and causing them to be targeted as terrorists by many non-Muslims. On the other hand, Jews are copping it too from others. And so, both Jews and Muslims are pawns in the Reptilian-Vulturite battles. In the end, all humans suffer greatly.

Many "people" are now acting as the eyes and ears of the ruling elite. These are from all races and creeds. However, most of these people think that they are acting as loyal citizens of their respective nations and have not the slightest suspicion that their actions have been programmed by agents of the ruling elite.

Cell phones have become very effective tools for individual and mass programming. Even though people have been warned of the possible risks of cancer and other problems arising from using cell phones, most people do not take the warnings seriously. Besides, the "necessity" and convenience of cell phones - including mass programming to get people to use them - often override the concerns about the adverse effects of using them.

Even though the Catholic Church has a hand in The Protocols, this does not mean that the Jews are merely playing scapegoats for the Church. Their involvement is far more serious and interrelated for them to be arbitrarily thrown to the wolves, so to speak. Judaism is the foundational religion for The Protocols and is the NWO religion. This does not mean that everyone on the Earth will become Jewish, or even that they will have to attend synagogues. Catholicism is an offshoot of Judaism, but it wears different clothing.

The Elders have no qualms about sacrificing their own kind. This has happened throughout history. For example, the Nazi Holocaust was sponsored by the ruling elite, which included many biological Jews at the time. The Church was well aware of what was going on despite its recent distancing from the inhumane culling that occurred.

The updated version of The Protocols has been expanded and contains information that the original document lacked. Likewise, much of what appeared in the 1492 version has been eliminated. More biological Jews were involved in the revised version than participated in preparing the fifteenth-century version.

It is easy to dismiss the hypothesis that the Learned Elders are comprised entirely of Jews who are working for Jewish control of the world. There is nothing in The Protocols for the ordinary Jews except possibly bragging rights that their religion is on "top of the world" as are some Jews. Those bragging rights carry with them the scorn and ultimate persecution by those who gullibly read the document.

However, the document was certainly written by "people" who planned to dominate the world and have implemented most of their plans as of this date. As I have said in my earlier writings, the plan for a One World Order started a long, long time ago. The beings planning the One World Order are what I will refer to as "esoteric Jews". Esoteric Jews do not have to be Jewish. They are the so-called "chosen people" of the main demiurge. I have pointed out in previous writings that there are eight demiurges who collectively form a loose knit group known as "Darkness". The "chosen people" can be of any race, however, for purposes of this discussion, I shall refer to them as the esoteric Jews.

The Protocols is filled with a sickening, revolting, inhumane energy. Anyone who reads them should exercise caution. The energy incorporated into the document has a tendency to drain mind energy from the reader. More importantly, the authors of the document are very high-ranking representatives of the main demiurge, so there is the real danger of being sucked into the trap laid in the document to take it for face value.

In fact, The Protocols was written with a good deal of factual information about the plans of the esoteric Jews to impose a ruthless, worldwide dictatorship. As with many things written by representatives of Darkness, deceit is woven throughout the document. One would wonder why a group of people would have sat around and plotted world domination while at the same time deceiving one another at the table. Naturally, the Reptilians were deceiving some others at the table. However, there are certain sections understood by all at the table to contain deceptions that were inserted intentionally to trick the members of the public who would later read the document.

The Learned Elders intended to release this document to the world at large. One of their first large-scale releases of it was through Henry Ford, who distributed it to those who purchased Ford automobiles in the 1920s. Today, it is being sent out en masse for public consumption, as demonstrated by the HBO documentary about The Protocols that aired recently in Australia. The main purpose of that documentary was to introduce The Protocols to a new audience. That is, the ruling elite intend for the document to be presented to as many as possible now.

When The Protocols was revised in the nineteenth century, it was circulated for different purposes than it is now. The revised Protocols is primarily intended to incite people against certain groups in order to achieve the ruling elites' agendas. Ultimately, The Protocols is nothing short of a plot against humans by Anunnaki aliens. It is really a war launched by the Anunnaki against the true humans who have been somewhat protected from the Anunnaki attacks by the Light while the Rescue Mission is in progress.

The Anunnaki group responsible for The Protocols is the Reptilians, even though other aliens participated in the revised version. The Protocols was not released until after the Reptilians were satisfied that their programming trials and experiments were successful against the humans. Thus, many aspects of The Protocols seem to have come to pass as planned because of the success in the implementation of massive programming via various means. One of the aspects of the Reptilian plan is to try to fit their activities with the corrupted version of John the Divine's Revelation that appears in the extant Bible.

Many important matters were intentionally omitted from The Protocols to try to misdirect humans towards the issues that are specifically mentioned in the document. Hence, the Anunnaki hope that humans will mainly focus their attention on the disciplines of law, politics, education, literature and banking.

Of course, the Reptilians have invested vast amounts of resources in pharmaceutical and medical fraud. For instance, the Anunnaki have successfully convinced humans to put toxins such as mercury and fluoride in their mouths for supposed dental health. Likewise, the Anunnaki have promoted poisoning of the body for so-called cures of cancer with massive radiation and chemical treatments that bring the patients closer to death than the disease would do in its normal course.

Through all sorts of programming and the introduction of many foreign things into the food chain, the Anunnaki have caused many types of cancer and other diseases to spread. Further, through introduction of luxurious things that pollute the air and water, the Anunnaki tricked humans into fouling the environment to the point of no return.

Cancer now runs rampant throughout the entire human race, striking all age groups. Other diseases, such as AIDS, mad cow disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, gulf war illnesses and others were Anunnaki brainstorms. Heart disease and diabetes were triggered by many of the Anunnaki schemes to poison humans. The culling of certain races has seen their countries suffering from famine, disease, drought, poverty, war and civil unrest.

In The Protocols, the Anunnaki intention was to turn the Jewish people into the scapegoats of humans' anger; the evil aliens do not want to draw attention to themselves. To keep suspicion away from alien involvement, the Anunnaki have programmed people to ridicule, scorn and mock anyone who reports unidentified flying objects or experiences with aliens, as mentioned earlier.


Military and civil authorities publicly denounce all alien activities. Scientists play skeptics for the Anunnaki to dissuade humans from considering that aliens are living on the Earth. Finally, the medical profession "treats" many of those who report UFO incidents by severely drugging them or even incarcerating them in mental institutions to make them see the world from the perspective from which the Anunnaki want it observed.

Depression, despair, anxiety and other emotional disturbances are often caused by Anunnaki programming through prescription and street drugs, alcohol, food, air, water, radio waves, broadcasts, sporting events, subliminal messages, invisible beams and other means. Many of the programming events seem harmless and to be natural activities. However, much destructive behavior results from exposure to the programming. Riots, unrest, murders, rapes, road rage, deviant behavior and even wars are the result of much of the programming.

When the Anunnaki arrived on the Earth, humans had greater mental capacities than they do today. This made them more difficult to enslave. Over time, the Anunnaki altered human DNA and depleted their mental abilities to make them better slaves. At this time, humans think that they reason for themselves, but any human reasoning is but a fraction of what they were capable of before the alien invasion of the Earth.


Humans are at the mercy of the aliens for technological advancements. This is why humans went into the Dark Ages. The aliens wanted humans to slide backwards intellectually and technologically. The aliens kept humans confined to horse-and-buggy technology for millennia before they were forced to spring the industrial revolution upon the human race. The industrial revolution signaled the Anunnaki move to implement its united-alien alternative plan for a One World Government, which needed certain technology to be introduced.

The Reptilians have everything in order now, yet they have had difficulty in implementing their intricate plans. It has been a delicate balancing act for the Reptilians because they have so many races of Anunnaki to deal with, and their plans are for none but the Reptilians to have power on the Earth. More importantly, the Rescuers of the Light and their Assistants are closely watching the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki are represented on Earth by aliens in alien bodies, aliens in human bodies, astral beings and humans who work for the aliens. The Anunnaki are chief agents of the demiurges who constructed the Virtual Reality. Many of them are now in human bodies and occupy prominent positions in science, medicine, entertainment, politics, law, media, education, finance, commerce etc.

Although The Protocols indicates that the aristocracy and the Catholic Church are enemies of the ruling elite, this is a lie. The Reptilians hijacked the message of Jesus and created a religion with him as its figurehead. In short, Christianity is a Reptilian-sponsored religion. Likewise, the aristocracy was devised by the Anunnaki. Thomas Paine denounced the "divine right of kings" in his time and exposed Christianity as another form of sun worship. The Protocols is taking aim at Paine's work and trying to bring back the concept of divinity of rulers.

The AIDS epidemic and the drought in Africa are evidence of the inhuman hands behind the culling in Africa. This is how unconscionable the Anunnaki mind is. It is inhuman. This is a slow, painful, dreadful holocaust. Aliens in human bodies created AIDS and spread it in Africa and to other specific areas with specific demographics. Aliens in alien bodies caused the African drought. Make no mistake about the demonic nature of the Anunnaki mind, especially the Reptilian and Vulturite minds.

Demiurge number one is the main demiurge on and around the Earth. As I have mentioned before, the Earth was not a significant location in the Virtual Reality until the Anunnaki secretly moved the Atu-waa from their home planet of Nibiru to the Earth. Once the Anunnaki fully committed themselves and the Atu-waa to the Earth, it became a very significant location in the Virtual Reality. Now that the Atu-waa is inoperable, the Anunnaki are so infuriated and desperate that they will behave even more brutally and openly than in the past.

Demiurge number one intended the Reptilians to become the main force in the Virtual Reality by allowing them to repeatedly re-start time from the Earth. All the Reptilian activity on the Earth attracted a lot of attention from many aliens, who began exploring and colonizing the Earth. The Reptilians kept the location of the Atu-waa secret from the other alien races, and moved it frequently to prevent it being discovered.

The Reptilians developed an extremely complex plan for control of the entire planet that would take millennia to accomplish. Unbeknownst to most of the Anunnaki, the Reptilians still maintain this agenda. Secrecy was of the utmost importance in the Reptilian plan.

Before the American Revolution, it was not easy for the Reptilians to accomplish the total takeover of the planet because many other Anunnaki races were watching them, so much was done covertly. Let us not forget that religions were sponsored by the Anunnaki to control the populations.

The modifications to the human body and the restrictions put upon it to accomplish the demiurge's plan for Anunnaki world domination have become a vulnerable part of Its plan. By keeping beings in human bodies ignorant and limiting their mental capacities so much, humans are virtually unable to remember their past lives, who they are, or how to communicate with their higher selves. This works for the Anunnaki plans because it makes it easier to deceive and manipulate people.

However, it also works against the Anunnaki because they cannot effectively contact their own kind who are in human bodies and give them messages and instructions. At this time, there are many Anunnaki aliens in human bodies who are being commanded to do certain things by their Anunnaki masters, but they also have physical needs and desires in their respective bodies that can conflict with the dictates from the Anunnaki command centers.

In this way, all aliens in human bodies are disadvantaged by the circumstances in which they have been placed. Thus, they must be programmed to act. In fact, the human body and mind that Darkness modified and restricted has become Its own enemy. While humans are ignorant of what is going on around them, so are most of the aliens in human bodies.

Protocol number 1 explains that there are two points of view, "that of ourselves and that of the goyim." To understand this statement one needs to know who "ourselves" covers and who the "goyim" are. "Ourselves" in the original draft of 1492 would have included the higher ranking of the Anunnaki Remnants in human bodies. This would include many representatives from the Catholic Church Empire, which included some Jewish members who necessarily hid their faith under the guise that they were Roman Catholics. "Ourselves" in the late nineteenth-century revision would mean the ruling elite of the world - the esoteric Jews - who are composed of all races and creeds, however, many Jewish people are in that category.

Next, the term "goyim" needs to be understood. On the surface, "goyim" means gentile or non-Jew. The writers of The Protocols have deviously selected a Hebrew term that is used by Jews, often derogatorily, to describe gentiles. The readers are deceived by this term into thinking that the Jewish denotation and connotation of the word "goyim" applies throughout the document. There are portions of The Protocols in which the simplistic term of "gentile" would apply. However, it should be noted while reading the document that it is the product of alien minds.


The document discusses the subjugation of the human race under the Anunnaki. Therefore, the "goyim" applies to all non-aliens. In short, "goyim" applies to all humans, including Jews. And, more specifically and strictly speaking, "goyim" applies to all non-Reptilians. It is the intention of the Reptilians to subjugate all races - human and other alien races - on the planet.

Honesty and frankness are deemed as weaknesses by the authors of The Protocols - the Reptilians - and they will not be guided by goyim kingdoms relying upon them. The Reptilians reveal that they will "remain invisible" until their power is invincible. To accomplish this they will not concern themselves with what is good and moral, but rather what is necessary and useful as they continue towards their goal that they have striven for over many centuries.

The 1st Protocol also states that,

"Violence must be the principle, and cunning and make-believe the rule for governments . . . This evil is the one and only means to attain the end, the good."

The same Protocol criticizes the goyim because they,

". . . did not see that in nature there is no equality, cannot be freedom: that Nature herself has established inequality of minds, of characters, and capacities, just as immutably as she has established subordination to her laws."

This demonstrates that the Anunnaki will use violence, cunning and make-believe as they surreptitiously manipulate the goyim kingdoms. It further shows that Anunnaki have more respect for the physical than the spiritual in the reference to "Nature herself" rather than giving reference to their deity. Of course, who would want to admit that they were servants of demiurge number one? For this and other reasons, demiurge number one keeps Itself and Its identity obscured even from Its chief agents, the Anunnaki.

Protocol number 2 shows it was appended to the original document by the nature of its discussion about wars without territorial gains. It further shows this by referring to Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche. It also demonstrates its deceptive purpose by stating: "To us Jews, at any rate . . ."


This is a clear intention to point the accusing finger at Jews when the document would be intentionally leaked to the public. Clearly, it was intended to be published from the onset. And now is the time for it to be very widespread in circulation, as evidenced by, amongst other things, The Protocols being the main theme of a 2004 HBO documentary that was aired internationally.

The Protocols is available in conventional stores, and the Muslim world is spreading it widely. Further, Protocol number 2 addresses the press, which would not have been a concern to the authors of the original document in 1492.


Protocol number 2 closes with the following:

"Each victim on our side is worth in the sight of God a thousand goyim."

This is a true reflection of the authors, but, their side means aliens, specifically Reptilian Anunnaki. Everyone else is goyim. Those who do not understand what is meant by the term "goyim" will be incited by the statement. This is the exact intention of the Protocol.

Protocol number 3 starts off with an ingenious deception by claiming the goal is close at hand and that:

"There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people."

A cursory reading would lead one to believe that the Symbolic Snake was referring to the Jewish people. However, it is actually referring to the serpent race of Anunnaki, the Reptilians. So, the 3rd Protocol alerts their own kind who are aware, whilst at the same time making the mainstream Jews their scapegoats yet again.

The 3rd Protocol goes on to demonstrate that the authors pit one party against another, stirring them by appealing to ambitious tendencies of those in power. It uses another creative deception by stating:

The people, under our guidance, have annihilated the aristocracy, who were their one and only defense and foster-mother for the sake of their own advantage which is inseparably bound up with the well-being of the people. Nowadays, with the destruction of the aristocracy, the people have fallen into the grips of merciless money-grinding scoundrels who have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the workers.

Occasionally a True-Light being can slip through the Anunnaki-controlled re-incarnation process in the astral world and be born into nobility. However, this is the exception, and basically, the aristocracy is no friend of the humans on Earth. The aristocracy was created by the Anunnaki even though it appears to be of human design. The Anunnaki have used the aristocracy to create the concept of the "divine right of kings" to rule over the goyim.

The Anunnaki then attacked their very own aristocracy to draw attention away from themselves. In the case of the Russian aristocracy, they nearly annihilated the entire family. This bothers them little, as their goal of world domination is far more important than losing a few of their own along the way.


Besides, the Anunnaki view,

"Each victim on [their] side is worth in the sight of God a thousand goyim."

Therefore, it is not surprising that many goyim will die in the process.

Further, since many people think of the Jews as holding the money strings throughout the world, they envision the Jews to be the,

"money-grinding scoundrels who have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the workers."

If The Protocols was Jewish authored, why would they point at themselves in such a demeaning way. Of course, any Jews involved in the authorship are those so highly placed that they do not care what will happen to the Jews whom they view as inferior to them. The esoteric Jews had no qualms sending a host of Jews whom they viewed as being beneath them to workhouses and death camps last century.

Thomas Paine exposed the fallacy of the concept of "divine right of kings" in his inspirational pamphlet called Common Sense. The Anunnaki are afraid of Paine's energy, and fear that another such pamphleteer could foil their plans for world domination. It was Paine's call to action that incited and fuelled the American Revolution. The evil aliens' fear of Paine is again seen in The Protocols when they discuss how they will tax and discourage small printers, especially those who publish pamphlets. The Anunnaki are worried; they have finally realized that Thomas Paine is back on Earth again. Moreover, they realize that the author of the American Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, is also back.

The 3rd Protocol states:

"The goyim have lost the habit of thinking unless prompted by suggestions of our specialists."

This indicates that Anunnaki programming is now so effective that humans, and in some cases aliens in human bodies, are almost incapable of independent thoughts. In fact, when the programming breaks down entirely, there will be chaos because so few people can think for themselves.

A literal reading of the 3rd Protocol would indicate that the Great Depression of the 1930s was planned by the ruling elite, which it was. However, the same Protocol indicates that:

"'Ours' they will not touch, because the moment of attack will be known to us and we shall take measures to protect our own."

Clearly, this was not done if "ours" means Jewish people. The end result of the Great Depression was World War II and many Jewish people suffered at the hands of Nazi persecutors. Thus, "ours" does not mean Jewish people, but the ruling elite, and, more specifically, esoteric Jews. They are not touched unless the Anunnaki plans necessitate the sacrifice of some that they call "ours".

Another significant deception in the 3rd Protocol is that there will come a,

"king-despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world."

There is an implication here that the ruler will be a Hebrew. As I have stated, the bloodline is absolutely irrelevant to the authors of The Protocols. It is only the consciousness of the ruler that is important, and for the authors, that consciousness must be an important Reptilian Anunnaki, regardless of what race that consciousness is put into. However, it suits the Anunnaki purposes for casual readers to think Zionists/esoteric Jews and mainstream Jews are synonymous.

Protocol number 4 gives a real clue when it says:

"Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force?"

The force to which the authors refer to not only implies the unseen alien force behind world's affairs, it also implies the Anunnaki programming that is used to manipulate collective and individual affairs on the planet. The Protocol goes on to deceive by stating: "Gentile masonry . . ."


This is an indirect reference to Freemasons, who are unwitting members of an arm of Judaism. The most basic tenant of Freemasonry is to rebuild Solomon's Temple. Only followers of the Jewish faith would so strive for this goal. Of course, as I have indicated, Catholics and Protestants are also unwitting members of arms of Judaism, even though they appear to be unconnected and in opposition at times. Indeed, the Freemasons play a similar role for Judaism as the Jesuits play for the Catholic Church.

The 4th Protocol also claims that "God" will be destroyed. This is an extremely devious section of the document. The Reptilians are the driving force behind Judaism and all of its arms, including Christianity. Why then would Reptilian authors claim that they desire to destroy the faith of the goyim? The answer is quite simple. The Reptilians want to anger everyone that reads the document and work them into a fury so they will enter into an all-out war - that is - they will fight for God!

If this Protocol is taken at face value, then not only will Muslims attack Jews, so too will Christians, Hindus and Buddhists! With hatred directed at the Jews from all corners of the world, there is very little chance that the real authors of The Protocols will even be suspected or sought out. Such is the mind of the Anunnaki. They will sacrifice their "chosen race" for their own gains. Of course, the Reptilians are doing the same thing to the Greys, promising them world prominence but all the while planning on rendering them totally ineffective once the Reptilian NWO is implemented.

Protocol number 5 is perhaps the most important one because it shows some of the ruling elites' manipulations whilst attributing the behavior to the Jews, taking away suspicion of aliens behind the plot. The Jews make an easy target because many of them, acting upon self-interest, accepted the covenant with "God" to become "his" chosen people. Those who would agree to become the "chosen people" of such a "god" are getting exactly what they have asked for.


If the "god" is choosing one people over another and supposedly the "god" created all people, then the "god" is biased towards some and prejudiced against others. This trait alone should alert people that this "god" is not a loving, just and good god, but instead is a biased, sadistic, selfish, hateful one who manipulates in a deluded attempt to try to become supreme. This "god" will attempt to destroy anyone or anything that stands in Its way.


Incidentally, the following commandments un-mistakenly show that this "god" is insecure, demanding, unjust, merciless, vindictive and jealous of other "gods".

  • Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

  • Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

  • Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

  • Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    Exodus 20:1-7.

Make no mistake about the being claiming to be "god" in Exodus:

And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.

Exodus 32:14

This "god" was speaking to Aaron the Anunnaki, not to Moses. This "god" is bloodthirsty and will admittedly do EVIL. The Divine Being of Purity cannot do evil. Only a demiurge is capable of such deeds. The Bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron - the followers of Aaron, including the children of Levi - is the tribe that murdered about 3,000 people on Aaron's command. Yet, the extant Bible maliciously attributes the horrible massacre to Moses. Exodus 32:27-28.

The 5th Protocol shows the workings of the basic plan for world domination. The goyim, which in this case means humans of all kinds including Jews, have been pitted against one another by the Anunnaki aliens under so many guises, including "religious and race hatreds," that they cannot effectively band together to form any kind of resistance against the Anunnaki NWO. The statement in the Protocol asserting: "We are too strong - there is no evading our power" could only be made by the top representatives of the number one demiurge.


This is followed by:

"Per me reges regnant. 'It is through me that Kings reign.' And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God himself to rule over the whole earth."

The preceding is an absolute admission that the authors are following Darkness, the creator of the Virtual Reality. Here something factual is inserted, but with a deceptive twist so that a casual reader would think that the author was referring to Jews as the chosen race.

The Jews are no more the chosen race than are the Reptilians. Darkness uses and deceives everyone, including Its own agents. Nobody and nothing is "chosen" except to further the megalomaniacal delusions of Darkness to attempt to pollute all of the True Creation of the True Creator. When it suits Darkness, all Its agents are forced to suffer and despair. This is the product of the demented mind of Darkness. When it suits Darkness It shows no mercy, not even to Its own chosen ones.

The 5th Protocol admits that the Anunnaki secretly have a hand in even the most insignificant of agreements between nations. This is done either physically or occultly. Evil aliens are able to influence everything that occurs on the Earth via programming, blackmail, bribes, seductions, threats, manipulations, confusion or force.

More admissions are made in the Protocol when it discusses capital and how they will monopolize industry and trade by employing "an unseen hand in all quarters of the world." This is similar to Adam Smith's bizarre confession that everyone's greed leads to everyone's good through an unseen hand. The unseen hand is the evil alien programming that is focused upon complete influence of commerce. It is no wonder that the Anunnaki have attempted to point the finger at the mainstream Jews of the Earth.

Aaron was a high-ranking Reptilian Anunnaki. Many Jews have misguidedly followed Aaron and his bloodthirsty tribe thinking that they would actually control the world one day because their god has chosen them. The Jews are being manipulated by the Reptilians, who are in turn being manipulated by Darkness. Everyone and everything in this Virtual Reality is a victim and prisoner of Darkness. The Rescue Mission of the Light will soon liberate all those who sincerely follow the Light, regardless of form, species, race, creed, gender, color or religion. Those who have given over their Will to Darkness and have chosen Darkness will remain in Darkness until Darkness crumbles into oblivion.

Protocol number 6 again spreads the lie about the aristocracy of the goyim. The aristocracy was created and maintained by the Anunnaki. Again, the theme of the Protocol is that it is the Jews against the world. The Jews have accepted a horrible role by making a covenant with the one that Aaron represented. Unbeknownst to them, a part of that role is to be one of the main targets for world unrest as the Anunnaki implement their plans for world domination.

As followers of Aaron, the Jews have suffered greatly for any secular wealth and power they have gathered. Their power and wealth are used against them by the "unseen hand" to make them out to be feasible targets for the hatred that the release of The Protocols would bring about. Although many of the top Reptilians are in Jewish bodies, they are also in many other races of humans. These comprise the Reptilian ruling elite of the planet, who generally possess wealth, status, power and/or influence. Many have been recently re-called from their human forms to take up positions in alien bodies in preparation for the implementation of the NWO. Some of these high-ranking re-calls are young, healthy people.

Protocol number 7 contains some facts about the strategies and tactics that the Anunnaki will employ in implementing their NWO. As with many of the aspects of The Protocols, I will not be discussing too much about this particular Protocol.

Protocol number 8 demonstrates more strategies and tactics the Anunnaki will employ in the implementation of their NWO. Again it points towards "our brother-Jews" with creative deceptiveness. The Anunnaki have many "brother-Jews," that is, Anunnaki in Jewish bodies. However, the implication here is that all Jews are their brothers, which is totally untrue. Many of the Anunnaki "brothers" are in other races, and many Jews are not Anunnaki. Of course, most of the non-Anunnaki Jews have copped the blame for the "brother-Jews" of the Anunnaki.

Protocol number 9 speaks about the Freemasons to point fingers at them as another group responsible for the Anunnaki implementation of the NWO. The Freemasons are sponsored by the Anunnaki, however, most Freemasons are ignorant of this fact. Like the Jews, the Freemasons have the fingers pointed at them by the very beings who sponsor them. This is another attempt to keep the goyim (humans in this case) from suspecting Anunnaki aliens behind world influence.

Protocol number 10 gives insight into the fact that other races have been chosen by the Anunnaki during the course of the implementation of the NWO. At this time it is the Chinese race in China that is favored by the Reptilian Anunnaki. The Reptilians have planned for a long time to shift from the USA to China. Before they shifted, they used the American military and scientists to develop highly-sophisticated technology that they moved over to China before departing the USA. The Reptilian consciousnesses that once led America are now mostly in prominent and influential Chinese bodies.

Many of the top Anunnaki have already migrated to China and taken over various humans in that country. It is from China that the main thrust of the NWO is being implemented at this time. It is not surprising that Chinese who are deemed dangerous to the ruling elite will be the ones most persecuted in their own country.


However, it should always be borne in mind that those of the ruling elite will also be occasionally thrown to the "wolves" to keep people confused because the ruling elite will persecute and sacrifice its own kind. It is no surprise that the Japanese, who were once the "chosen race" of the Reptilians, have now been abandoned by them. Ironically, the Chinese in China whom the Reptilians urged the Japanese to massacre many years ago are now the "chosen ones". This shows that the Anunnaki do not really care for their "chosen ones" when it suits them. Even though the Chinese are the latest "chosen ones", not all Chinese in China will be treated the same.

It is easy to identify individuals who are "on top of the world" in every endeavor, whether in law, politics, commerce, media, finance, medicine, education, science, military, police, sports, entertainment and so on. These are the ones who can "do no wrong" and can bounce back regardless of any adverse exposure about their heinous behavior. They are the "teflon people" since nothing sticks to them. However, even those on top are sometimes abandoned when it suits the Anunnaki plans, and they lose their teflon coating.

The Protocol shows that it is the Anunnaki plan to have a "one person, one vote" form of government. In this way, the masses can be programmed to demand things that further the Anunnaki plans. A democracy allows 51 percent of the people to "justifiably" murder the other 49 percent in an extreme case.

Wars are fought when a majority of the people of a nation can be programmed to want to battle to the death with other nations. This is another extreme showing of Anunnaki programming. The Anunnaki desire mass murders (wars) when it suits them, but they will not tolerate individual murders. Individual murderers are severely punished under the Anunnaki laws, however, mass killers in wartime are decorated and honored by Anunnaki political systems.

These days, telephone voting for various entertainment broadcasts on television is one of the latest stages of apparent democracy to get people used to the programmed idea that people hold the power in decisions. The truth is quite the opposite. Ultimately, it is not really the people's choice who wins the competitions. The voters are programmed to vote in particular ways and the competitions are in fact fixed. The winners are pre-selected by the agents of the ruling elite, unless there is intervention by another power.

The Anunnaki have constructed model constitutions for the world to follow. I have mentioned before that the American Constitution is the model for the Anunnaki constitutions. It is primarily the American Bill of [individual] Rights that the Anunnaki abhor. It is easy to see this is the case since individual rights are uncommon in the constitutions for other nations and organizations such as NATO, the UN etc. Individual rights are abhorred by the Anunnaki as they can work to circumvent the Anunnaki plans for the NWO. The Anunnaki want to enslave everyone and they will only grant apparent individual rights when it is deemed necessary for their plans.

As indicated earlier, the American Constitution originally gave the individual states certain rights and power in the federal government because United States Senators were appointed by the various state houses. In 1913, the American Constitution was amended to allow a majority of voters of the state to elect the senators. This denuded the states of influence in federal matters and allowed the Anunnaki, via programming, to select all of the senators. Incidentally, in 1913 the American Federal Reserve Bank was created.

Protocol number 11 announces that individual freedoms will disappear under the Anunnaki plans. Specifically, the Protocol discusses the elimination of the "freedom of the Press, right of association, freedom of conscience, the voting principle, and many another that must disappear forever from the memory of man, or undergo a radical alteration the day after the promulgation of the new constitution."

Protocol number 12 discusses how freedom will be interpreted by the ruling despot once the NWO is firmly established. People need to be aware that the internet is sponsored, policed and controlled by the ruling elite and that many of the Anunnaki tactics exposed in The Protocols also occur on the internet. For instance, certain websites that appear to be anti-Semitic are only using that as a cover so they will not be suspected as agents of the ruling elite. These websites are also used to track the visitors to the sites. Beware! Not all the websites that appear to be anti-Semitic or anti-NWO or anti-fluoride etc. are really what they appear to be.

Protocol number 13 shows how the Anunnaki deceive everyone on many issues and cause them to be distracted by programming them to be interested even to the point of obsession with,

"amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people's palaces . . . soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport in all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them."

Certainly, the ruling elite are in the latter stages of the implementation of this strategy. Now, many of the distractions are aimed at the youth of the world who are programmed to think that all the distractions are "cool". The 13th Protocol concludes with an admission that things have been,

"stage-managed by us [the Anunnaki] according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries."

It is no wonder that Paine, Jefferson and Franklin were so determined and emphatic in their fight against slavery and despots. And, all three of them went over to France at various stages in an effort to fight the ruling elite there. Of course - the American Revolution went against the Reptilian Anunnaki ruling elite, whilst the French Revolution went against the Vulturite ruling elite. Both had to be curtailed to some degree to thwart the low-technology move to put the world under a "benevolent" dictator.

Protocol number 14 shows some of the most vile of the Anunnaki plans. It starts out in saying "When we come into our kingdom," which is a code. The same code is embedded into many other things, sometimes with slight variations, as the one that is often repeated,

"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."

The 14th Protocol is designed to totally inflame the casual readers who are not of the Jewish faith. It claims that the religion of Moses will be the only religion and all people will be subjected to it. Most would assume that the religion of Moses is Judaism. Judaism is really the religion of Aaron and his golden calf. Moses is a Rescuer of the True-Light. Aaron was a top Anunnaki agent who served the god of the golden calf.

Freemasonry, Catholicism and Protestantism are the main branches of Judaism, with many branches coming from each of the main ones. All lead to the same root, which is NOT the religion of Moses, but is in fact totally opposed to all that Moses stood for.

The Protocols indicates that the world will operate under the "true" religion, which they state is the religion of Moses. This is a multi-pronged attack on humans. It gives the impression that the Jews have the only "true" religion and that Judaism will be the only religion of the world. However, since the Reptilians have sponsored Christianity, that would also be a "true" religion. Other religions have been sponsored by other Anunnaki races who are under different demiurges.

Judaism is the foundational religion for the Anunnaki NWO. It has never been intended to be widely accepted or to have a huge following. Hidden under the Jewish teachings are the Freemasons, who are the international ambassadors whose ostensive tenants are to elevate King Solomon and the temple he erected and to spread supposed brotherly love.

Christianity is another extension of Judaism. This was the converting/conquering arm of the faith and following of demiurge number one. It would be laughable to think that Judaism would become the One World Order religion. When The Protocols speaks of the religion of Moses, they really mean primarily the Christian arm of Judaism. However, when the Anunnaki NWO is fully implemented, they will destroy Christianity, along with all of the other arms of Judaism, including Judaism, as well as all other religions of the world. The Anunnaki are of the Balsai faith, and ultimately, it will be the only religion allowed on Earth. In my opinion, Balsai is a sophisticated form of "devil-worshipping" - worshipping demiurge number one.

In order to make Christianity the temporary One World Order religion, it would be necessary to merge the major religions of the world i.e. Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism into Christianity or to eliminate those religions that could not be merged into Christianity. It is very unlikely that Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism would merge with Christianity because they are under different demiurges.


For example, Vulturites are under a different demiurge than the Reptilians are. Vulturite Anunnaki sponsor some other religions on the planet. This is the main reason that certain religions are continually in conflict. The so-called "holy wars" waged by various religions are really instigated by various Anunnaki aliens.


Since Judaism and Christianity are under Reptilian influence, it is more probable for the two religions to work together.


Who are the Learned Elders of The Protocols?


They are the ruling elite - Anunnaki Remnants in human bodies which include the Reptilians and Vulturites in human bodies. For now, the united-alien groups work loosely together in certain matters for the common goal of a One World Order. However, the Reptilians and the Vulturites intend to be the dominant group that ultimately rules the world. Thus, there is a major conflict simmering under the surface concerning these two main groups of Anunnaki.

As I indicated earlier, The Protocols is of Reptilian origin. The document is a tool used by the Reptilians to assist them in "coming into their kingdom", which is a code to alert members of the Reptilian ruling elite that the time is near. The Reptilians have been delayed in coming into their kingdom because representatives of the Light are always at hand. Also, other alien groups are watching them closely.

The Arab world is now widely circulating The Protocols, which, when read superficially, will drive the Muslims to hate the Jews for having such an inhumane plan to rule the world by suppressing all the other races. Muslims and non-Muslims are playing right into the Reptilian hands by reading The Protocols literally. There are many layers of deceit in The Protocols. One of the layers is to get the world to hate the Jews. Naturally, the Jews, return the hate in full measure, following their dictate of an "eye for an eye". This conflict will never end, regardless of who was the original offender. Remember always that the Devil plays both sides to deceive people!

The Protocols pretends to worry about the aristocracy and the Catholic Church, yet this is a deception. As stated before, the Catholic Church and its Protestant arm are both representatives of Judaism, so the force behind the esoteric Jews would not have a serious quarrel with the Christian arms of Judaism. Similarly, the aristocracy, specifically the Romanov dynasty of Russia, were an Anunnaki invention, which assisted Reptilian plans for the One World Order. The Anunnaki sacrificed their Russian aristocrats to sidetrack people from suspecting that the source for and against the aristocracy was one and the same. This worked well towards the Anunnaki plans for eventual world domination. Likewise, the Reptilians have persecuted the Jews throughout history while declaring that they are their "chosen ones".

In this regard, the Reptilians also focus hatred and suspicion upon the Freemasons, which are also sponsored by them. This is just one ploy of the cunning Reptilians in confusing people and obscuring the truth.

The Jews have been ostracized and/or persecuted throughout history on the orders of the Reptilians, who have also sponsored the Jewish faith and given certain Jews worldly powers. Not all Jews are favored children of the demiurge because amongst them are True-Light beings in Jewish bodies. These are the ones the Reptilians strive to break the wills of by tempting them with money and worldly powers or by putting them down. Most of the Jews are not part of the ruling elite. Only the esoteric Jews are members of the ruling elite circle. As stated before, esoteric Jews can be in the bodies of any races on Earth. The esoteric Jews have no conscience, and they will persecute and even slaughter their own biological kind for advancement towards their own goals.

In regard to Moses, he was NOT Aaron's brother; they were cousins. At the time of Moses, many Jews lived in Egypt, but the majority of them were NOT enslaved by the Egyptians. Those who were enslaved were prisoners or others who fell foul of pharaoh's laws.

Moses' supposed rescue from the river by an Egyptian princess is a re-telling of an earlier myth. His supposed supernatural deeds such as parting of the Red Sea are a re-telling of other myths. Moses never called plagues upon the Egyptians. There was no slaughter of male Jews by the Egyptians. (Co-incidentally, a similar false story is attributed to Herod in the time of Jesus). Moses never used serpents for healing or otherwise. Those deeds were done by Aaron the Reptilian.

The Jews who were in Egypt were ultimately ejected from that country by the pharaoh. Moses led the Jews out of Egypt who sought spiritual treasure. Most of the Jews in Egypt were enamored with wealth and gold. Moses intended to lead the spiritual seeking Jews away from the materialistic clutches that had seized them in Egypt.

Aaron was a high-ranking Anunnaki in a Jewish body who was very jealous of Moses because many of the Jews loved Moses. The Jewish people had been tricked into following and worshipping demiurge number one, and in their midst were many True-Light beings. Moses "incarnated" in a Jewish body to give the trapped True-Light beings hope and the Message that a Rescue was underway. Moses taught people not to covet, lie, steal, murder, sacrifice humans or animals and not to make war.

Moses had no speech impediment as claimed in the extant Old Testament. He spoke for himself. The claim that Aaron spoke on behalf of Moses is false. It was added to the book of Exodus to suit the Reptilian purposes.

Aaron followed Moses out of Egypt, bringing with him a throng who were far more concerned about material wealth than the entrapment by Darkness. Moses and Aaron met up near Mount Sinai. Aaron brought with him a golden calf and quickly began trying to convert everyone to follow the golden calf and pursue more wealth.

Aaron and Moses had many disagreements and, ultimately, Aaron climbed the angry mountain to prove he represented the "true" god. The mountain was alight with Anunnaki aliens, who were receptive to their main representative, Aaron. The aliens wrote certain demands in stone, which Aaron carried down from the mountain and presented to the people and to Moses.

Moses read the demands of the Anunnaki "god", many of which demanded worship of demiurge number one. In a fury, Moses smashed the stone tablets to bits. Moses then climbed Mount Sinai and confronted the aliens and told them to let his people go. His people, of course, are the True-Light beings.

Moses returned to the encampment and began to assemble people to leave the wretchedness that Aaron had brought upon them. As the group prepared to depart, Aaron angrily ordered his followers to massacre any who dared to leave. As the carnage went on, Moses and a small group slipped away from the encampment and into the desert. Moses did not wander about the desert in search of the land of milk and honey; he stayed there to evade Aaron's wrath. Aaron and his bloodthirsty tribe began an obsessive pursuit of Moses, a pursuit that consumed many years.

Moses taught that a loving god would not expect sacrifices of humans or animals to appease it. If all creation were under a single god, why would that god favor one people over another or slaughter one race to benefit another? Moses knew there were many demiurges trying to take the true spirits from True-Light beings. He knew that no loving god would punish its own creation so ruthlessly and encourage bloodthirsty behavior from its children.

The persecution of Moses by Aaron is similar to the Church's Inquisition. This is because the force behind Aaron was the same force that was behind the Inquisitions.

Ultimately, Moses was tracked down and murdered on Aaron's order. After Moses was murdered, some of his followers were also murdered by Joshua's army. Joshua was not Moses' general, he was Aaron's. Other followers of Moses surrendered and joined Aaron. A few of them escaped into the desert and later assimilated into the desert tribes. The book of Exodus was primarily written by Aaron, not Moses. Aaron established many of the laws and dictates found in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. However, the first five books of the extant Old Testament have more than one author.

In a sense, the Virtual Reality is built upon esoteric magic. It was esoteric magic that set thoughts of Darkness into motion to have them gather together into Matter. It was esoteric magic that allowed the Matter to create alats around them to protect the Matter. It was also esoteric magic that allowed the Matter to further shield itself and make itself into individual sakooses - the building blocks of the entire Virtual Reality. For a more detailed discussion see: The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons.

The Star of David is a very powerful esoteric symbol. It contains the "magic" to protect Matter (Darkness' thought forms). The alats surrounding Matter are composed of two rapidly spinning equilateral triangles. When these triangles are in opposition, they form a kitos, which is the design of the Star of David. Thus, the Star of David is a kitos. Esoterically, this is a very powerful placement. It is no wonder that the Star of David is often employed in certain forms of magic and is also used as a talisman.

Protocol number 15 recites the mantra of coming into their kingdom twice in the first paragraph. If The Protocols were written solely for insiders, it would not be necessary to insert the mantra repeatedly. This shows that the authors desired to have The Protocols circulated, whilst appearing to want them to be kept secret.

The 15th Protocol goes on to explain that secret societies, including the Freemasons, will be abolished when the Anunnaki NWO is fully established. This again reveals how the Anunnaki will discard their own chosen ones when it suits them.

Some Anunnaki agents are tyrants who rule by fear and power, whilst others pretend to play the parts of gentle and good people.


Whichever guise the Anunnaki agents employ, they are after the same goal, which is total enslavement of the entire planet.

  • Protocol number 16 discusses how the ruling elite plan on indoctrinating those who enter the official educational institutions. One of the more notable indoctrinations currently in vogue in universities is to unquestionably adhere to the long-discarded theory of evolution that Charles Darwin revived, and to treat Darwin's revived theory of evolution as an unassailable fact. It is amazing that so many people have accepted the brainwashing version with the premise that out of the lesser intelligence comes the greater intelligence.

  • Protocol number 17 claims that the ruling elite is about to commence "the complete wrecking of that Christian religion: as to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them, but it would be premature to speak of this now." The Anunnaki are again using double-speak. They created the Christian faith, and will use it as long as it suits their agenda, and then discard it. The Anunnaki propaganda was responsible for the Inquisitions and the massacre of many of the earlier Gnostics, which were seen as threats to the Anunnaki agenda.

  • Protocol number 18 shows that a foundational premise of the new legal system will be to focus on catching "criminals," no matter how many innocent people are persecuted or killed in the wake.

  • Protocol number 19 states: "In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime." This aspect of The Protocols is undeniably in operation!

  • Protocol number 20 is a very physical-oriented description of money, which is designed to distract a reader from alien issues and to focus them on the Jews, who do in fact control a great amount of wealth in the world at this time.

  • Protocol number 21 is another physical-oriented explanation of money and the models for federal-reserve systems with debt-ridden currency. It is again designed to point fingers at the Jews and to obscure alien connections.

  • Protocol number 22 is again a physical-oriented account of how wonderful physical gold is. It is a common theme in Anunnaki writings to have gold take on a prominent role.

  • Protocol number 23 not only points more fingers at the Jews, but also shows that the authors intend to force people to worship their "god." Their "god" will be the force of Darkness even if it is represented by a flesh-and-blood Anunnaki representative who claims to be the Messiah.

  • Protocol number 24, which is the final Protocol in the nineteenth-century version, like most of the later numbered Protocols, has been added to point fingers at the Jews in order to distract people from the suspicion that an unseen alien force is behind it all.

To wrap up this discussion about the Anunnaki Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, I would like to add the following information.


The Jews worldly power comes from Massounic magic, which is only available to the ruling elite. It is through the use of this magic that money was given "life" and was accepted as a means of exchange by the people of the world. Money entities were created by Darkness to obey Its rules.


The money entities have been horribly abused and forced to fit into the plan of Darkness. The money entities have been forced to favor certain people and to disadvantage others. They do not only favor some individuals and ignore others. Whole families, communities, cities, shires, states, nations, regions and entire continents are affected by the unfair distribution of money.

The writing and publication of The Protocols have put certain things into action, but things do not have to go the way the document is written. Even though the NWO will be implemented, the Light has taken certain measures that will ensure the total demise of the evil plans that the Anunnaki have set into motion. The forces of evil will self-destruct when their own evilness is returned to them by their own actions.

The Will of the viable True-Light beings will sustain them against Darkness as long as they do not trade it for temporary relief, worldly gratifications, or anything offered by Darkness. In other words, do not be tempted, seduced, blackmailed, bribed, threatened or coerced by Darkness into giving in to Evil.

The NWO is designed to physically enslave people. But, the goal behind the enslavement is to chip away at the Will of the True-Light beings so they will give it over to Darkness.

People need to resist spiritually and to hold onto their Will for as long as the Rescue Mission of the Light takes to complete. It is the Will that Darkness craves. The Will is the True Spirit of a True-Light being. If Darkness can trick the True-Light beings into surrendering their Wills, the beings will become totally polarized towards Darkness and will no longer be viable because they will have been lost to Darkness.


This is why it is absolutely critical to resist Evil and not to give one's Will over to Darkness.