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The battles between ourselves and the Matrix take place internally and externally. Internally, we fight for our freewill, emotions, and perceptions; the internal struggle is detailed in "Emotional Management."


Externally, we face sabotage and manipulation by people through whom the Matrix and its controllers carry out their mission. These "agents" may or may not be aware of their roles, but all pose a threat to truth-seekers wrestling free from the Matrix. Many truth-seekers, including myself, speak from personal experience on this matter, for we have encountered agents of all types in the course of our lives. You have as well.

To protect ourselves externally against Matrix manipulation and sabotage, we must learn to identify the warning signs, behavior characteristics, and spiritual profiles of those who easily become agents. We must also understand who these agents are, how they became this way, and what course of action we may take in dealing with them. This is especially important when a member of your own family becomes an unwitting agent. This article will focus upon two types of agents, those with "zero energy" and those with "negative energy."


These terms will be defined shortly.




But before we enter a full discussion of this subject, be aware that this article will be borrowing other useful terms (density, STS, and STO - see Apendix A at the end of this article) which may be new to some and familiar to others. The Matrix subject is simultaneously being heavily researched and experienced firsthand by friends at - they have a wealth of information pertaining to this subject and much else, and their terminology is both accurate and practical.


I will combine and make the discussion of data I've gathered from personal observation, analysis, and sources compatible with the terminology at so that readers of both sites will not be confused by redundant vocabulary.

Most concepts in this article were discovered independently of, and similarities between this article and material on that site merely show the objectivity of the phenomenon that we are dealing with. Objective phenomena can generate similar observations from independent sources - that is what defines objectivity. While I have communicated with them and am a member of their moderated discussion list, I still claim impartiality because concepts here were either discovered or verified independently.

Although similar terminology will be used, this article may not necessarily reflect the views of since the purpose of is to provide original information not found elsewhere on the net, meaning all articles here must include more new ideas than restatements of info already published. Also, such ideas are valid as the data supporting them, and any outmoded or incorrect ideas are due to corrupted or incomplete data. If there are conceptual errors in this article, they will be corrected as I come across new information. For the time being, this article is as accurate as can be with the data I have.


If you suspect any inaccurate information, potential disinformation (of which I am unaware), or have questions or concerns, please email me.



The "Matrix" is a general term that encompasses in definition the entire hidden system of control to which humans on this planet are subjected.


Part of this system resides in 3rd density (physical reality in which humans reside) in the form of religious, political, economic, and cultural control. The other component of the Matrix is a 4th density (intermediate semi-physical reality) phenomenon, the combination of an omnipresent, artificially intelligent, etheric machine and the STS (service to self, or negative) beings who run it.

The 3rd density Matrix is easy for people to see once they begin waking up; this control system, though hidden, is still tangible and obvious as the discrepancies in religious doctrine, political propaganda, or cultural indoctrination. A 4th density Matrix, however, is more difficult to notice because its actions manifest in our 3rd density reality acausally. In other words, this Matrix is the hidden influence behind many negative "coincidences" or synchronicities in our lives.

Essentially, the function of the 4th density Matrix is twofold: to manipulate humans by creating custom synchronicities for them, and to provide an etheric collection system to harvest human spiritual energy (loosh). While not all synchronicities are negative, those created through the 4th density Matrix (here on termed merely the "Matrix") are used to create emotional melodramas for people, keep them under control, or sabotage those who are breaking free.

Emotional melodramas are the most common manifestation of the Matrix in a person's life. From one perspective, these melodramas are designed to push one's emotional buttons, creating emotional torment. Emotions are a type of metaphysical energy, and a human under emotional distress is producing this energy which the Matrix then collects.


It taps this energy either via etheric feeding tubes connected to the lower human chakras, or by collecting it directly from the ether when a person channels his emotions into that realm. Emotions are channeled into the ether when the accompanying mental focus is on anything except truth, fact, physicality, and the present moment. When a person fantasizes, for example, his emotional energy goes directly into the ether and usually becomes a thought-form. The Matrix feeds on emotions flavored with illusion, such as those generated by lack of awareness.


Fear and suffering are the most valuable emotions for the matrix's operators. This is because these operators are nonphysical beings who are in vibrational resonance with those emotions; it is food for them.

Keeping people under control is another function of the Matrix. Just one method of doing so is through "synchronistic linguistics" as has been termed elsewhere on the net. It is a form of subliminal messaging not necessarily embedded in movies, TV, or music, but in your physical environment. By inserting subtle calculated synchronicities all around you, the Matrix is constantly bombarding your subconscious with specific commands, each of which becomes a brick in the wall of a virtual prison for your mind.


Your freewill is disassembled piece by piece and diminished with every encountered attempt by the Matrix to take control of your life.


For most people, this battle over freewill is happening without them consciously knowing it. Inserting such subliminal synchronicities is easy for the Matrix to do since it is a 4th density phenomenon - it operates upon the archetypal substratum of 3rd density reality (the artificial electromagnetic earth grid), operations which manifest themselves as synchronicities to our eyes. It is analogous to changing a couple lines in the computer code for a game, which in turn makes seemingly "magical" changes in the virtual eyes of the game characters.


While synchronistic control is certainly one method of keeping people in line, another method is through the use of "zero energy" agents (topic of discussion in a few paragraphs).

Sabotage of threats (truth-seekers attempting to break free) happens both synchronistically and through the use of both "zero energy" and "negative energy" agents, though the latter are specialized for this task. Synchronistic sabotage, like synchronistic control, occurs when the Matrix (or its operators) change the "machine code" of reality.


For sabotage purposes, this may manifest as malfunctioning research equipment, destroyed data, medical accidents... basically anything allowed within Murphy's Law (what can go wrong, will go wrong if the Matrix so desires).


Sabotage through agents is more insidious and the main subject of this article.


Components of a Human Being

To even begin to understand what is going on, it is necessary to lay down the foundation of what comprises a human being. The human is just a combination of biological shell with etheric and astral layers, all acted upon by several simultaneous conscious forces of independent origin, much like a remote controlled robot receiving several different signals at once.


One force is always dominant, but all forces wax and wane with time, often interchanging in position of dominance depending on external and internal factors.


These factors can range from nutrition, electromagnetic pollution, and education to astrological variables, emotional trauma, and even weather - basically everything in our environment and thoughts impact the particular composition of our being at any particular time.


The Scale of Six Behavioral Forces

There are six major variables, conscious forces, or currents of behavior influencing the human shell (for identification purposes, I will invent necessary terms for each one):

  1. Mechanical Force:

    that which is purely of physical matter itself, 1st density consciousness. The Mechanical force manifests as entropy, rigidity, materiality, cold logic, stasis, restriction, non-creativity, and intelligence lacking reason. It is artificial intelligence, pseudo-consciousness, and a poor simulation of real consciousness. This force belongs to our physical environment, the molecules that make up our bodies, laws of classical physics and the etheric planes, and manifests within us as subconscious programs and internal thought-forms.

  2. Primal Force:

    that which is based on avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure, lower emotions, 2nd density consciousness, arising from our corrupted DNA, and linked most tightly to "sex." This is the force of our hormones, biological functions, and the animalistic aspects of our behavior. It is responsible for much of our false emotions, which lead to false perceptions.


    The primal force is what dominates every animal in existence, necessary for physical reproduction and survival. It is void of higher cognition, metaphysical aspirations, creativity, or true sentience. According to the Cassiopaeans, our corrupted DNA and the lure of sex is what keeps us ignorant and imprisoned within 3rd density. The primal force is endorsed by our media, for under it we become irresponsible consumers, ignorant voters, and excuses for the elite to justify their predation upon the masses as being mere social Darwinism.

  3. Predatory Force:

    that which is responsible for one's predatory behavior toward others, encompassing the wide phenomena of lies, deception, dishonesty, manipulation, etheric vampirism, and similar violations of another's freewill for one's own gain. This force signifies alignment with STS-orientation and one's conscious pursuit of that path. Through this force, one plays part in the STS hierarchy, meaning one preys upon those less powerful but is also preyed upon by more powerful STS entities. Concerning God (7th density) and matter (1st density), opposite ends of the density or octave classification system, negative force is the microcosmic equivalent of matter.

  4. External Force:

    that which is responsible for other's predatory behavior against us, all other 3rd and 4th density STS. It is what makes you feel like a victim. It is a force defined as the collection of all attempts by all sources to control us from the outside, for whatever reason. This "force" manifests as externally-induced emotional, psychological, and physical shocks to our system, attempting to sabotage us, use us for food, or keep us under its control.

  5. Compassionate Force:

    that which describes our drive to give to others in a way beneficial for their spiritual evolution. Unlike the Predatory force, this "force" does not require a hierarchy or external manipulation... it is something generated deep within us, by us. On this deep level, we are connected with the Creator at 7th density, and STO force on densities 3-6 is its microcosmic reflection. This is a force associated with our display of responsibility, truth, knowledge, and compassion.

  6. Gnostic Force:

    that which we receive from higher sources and is beneficial for our spiritual evolution. This force shows the easiest way to learn spiritual lessons, where we are encouraged to learn things on our own through personal effort before reality has to teach it to us the hard way (via the Matrix, many times). This force is associated with our reception of intuition, internal guidance, love, wisdom, and knowledge.

Human behavior is the result of a combination of any of these six major forces. Different people have different combinations, each in varying proportions, producing different modes of behavior.


Your central consciousness (the one who is consciously reading this article right now) chooses among the six forces a primary one to align with. This choice is not arbitrary, it is the result of your soul quality, past experiences, and strength of character, among many things. This choice happens slowly but daily, and new choices can be made under certain circumstances (to be discussed).


Rarely is one ever aligned with just a single behavioral force, and so the others are present as well to varying degrees, fluctuating and interchanging with time.

If classified according to which force is their primary one, most beings can be put into one of six categories. In other words, each of the six major behavioral forces has an associated class of beings.

For example,

  • The Gnostic force is associated with STO beings from all higher densities (4th, 5th, and 6th) including our Higher Selves, which seems to reside in 6th density. Humans aligned primarily with the Gnostic force may be genuine channelers, avatars, and visionaries.

  • The Compassionate force is associated with a class of beings working to end the reign of darkness here on earth. Though few in number compared to the rest of the population, they are presently or potentially influential human or alien souls in human shells with a mission to set things right.

  • The Predatory force is associated with 3rd and 4th density STS beings, demonic entities, and the Matrix. Humans aligned with this force are "negative energy" agents, soon to be discussed.

  • The External force acts upon all who perceive themselves to be victims, who have given up and given in, and become nothing more than etheric batteries for the Matrix. Humans of this category do not really align with this force so much as submit to it.

  •  Primal force is associated with all animals of the wild. Humans aligned with the primary force are animalistic, over emotional, crude, and easily herded like cattle.

  • Lastly, Mechanical Force is associated with artificial intelligence in an etheric, material, and electronic sense. Humans aligned with this force are "zero energy" agents.


Behavioral Force Dynamics

The order of the six listed forces has significance. It begins with Mechanical Force, the least conscious of all forces, and ends with the Gnostic force, the highest and most conscious. Consciousness, as defined here, is not identical to intelligence. Consciousness is directly related to the Creator; those with more consciousness are more like the Creator in that they have greater awareness (breadth of perception), knowledge (depth of understanding), and creativity (ability to think and act outside the box). Intelligence is related to physicality and its rigid laws.


Those with greater intelligence are simply better at producing a computed output given a set of input data and calculation parameters. Unlike consciousness, intelligence is far from aware, has stores information instead of knowledge, and lacks creativity. It does not distinguish between absolute truths and relative truths, and concerns itself more with form than substance.


Beings of Mechanical Force have great intelligence, but are void of any real consciousness. Like a computer, a being solely of intelligence is simply the sum of its external inputs.

Just as it is easier to turn a light-switch off than on, so is it easier for a human primarily aligned with the higher forces to stumble and realign with lower ones than the reverse. Some humans have never even seen the light-switch or else have forgotten where it is, so they face an even greater challenge in finding it. The rapidity and severity of falling from higher to lower forces depends upon the strength of one's soul and the magnitude of factors which are pulling one down.


The weaker the soul and the greater the "shock" it receives, the farther and more easily it will fall. These shocks range in magnitude from minor to traumatic, from psychological shocks to physical ones, from instant to gradual.

Ascending the scale from ignorance to awareness also involves shocks. In fact, shocks themselves are neutral; only one's interpretation of their significance determines whether they are helpful or detrimental to one's well being. Ultimately, all our experiences are learning lessons. Lessons can be learned the easy way or the hard way.


The easy way means seeking to align with higher forces to increase one's awareness. The hard way means aligning with lower forces, choosing denial and ignorance, and having to face the harsh and painful consequences before learning it. Every shock you experience is like a fork in the road, and you choose to either move up or down in the scale of forces. Which choice you make your primary one depends on both your freewill and your soul composition - so although your past actions may have weakened your soul, biasing your choice, you are still responsible for which direction you go.


Naturally, if you follow the STS-oriented path, you will start blaming everyone and everything else except yourself and sink into a pitiful state of negativity and illusion. If you follow the right hand path toward STO, you will only become stronger from the shock, more aware, better able to handle what else may come along.

Ego attachment, soul inversion, and auric death are the three main stages through which a human being descends the scale from Gnostic alignment to Mechanical Force. Remember that no matter what your primary alignment is, you probably have a secondary one which is a lower force. This lower force will be the back door that allows shocks to enter your life, shocks which give you a choice biased toward descent on the scale.

As long as we exist in 3rd density, we have already fallen for the first step of descent: ego attachment. In our ideal form, we are invincible, nonphysical, highly aware beings to whom no permanent harm may come. Like Neo near the end of the movie, we would not have to dodge bullets in our true form. But once we became oblivious to this fact and began to place our conscious existence within the identity of a mortal ego, we now believe the deception of pain and soul-mortality and have become vulnerable to illusory harm.


As long as Neo believed that he was his virtual body, any damage to his virtual body in the Matrix resulted in trauma to his actual body. In relation to what we are discussing here, the "ego" is simply a virtual body that we think is our real self, whose integrity we must defend with heavy costs of spiritual energy. When attached to the ego, one takes things too seriously, too personally, too depressingly.

So, once ego attachment has occurred, the next phase in descent is soul inversion. A soul inversion happens when one shifts the direction of alignment from STO to STS or vice versa. In the case of negative soul inversions, this means making a conscious choice (after a shock) to pursue the lower paths. And the lower one goes, the more difficult it is to experience a positive soul inversion and work to ascend the scale. The darker it is, the harder it is to find the light-switch.

Shocks may either reinforce one's direction of alignment or change it via soul inversion, depending on one's strength and awareness. Large shocks tend more often to cause soul inversions because it really shakes things up and may force even the blindest of humans to reexamine their situation, or it may kick even the most aware of people into fear and ignorance.


The greater the shock, the greater the awareness one must have to withstand it. If it can be withstood, it will only serve to increase the strength and awareness of an STO-leaning person. Moving on the scale of force alignments is always in either an ascending or descending spiral, each becomes its own self-propagating mechanism and accelerates toward either end of the scale.


This is why every shock is important; when already moving down the scale, each shock is an opportunity either to hasten your descent, or to turn things around and straighten yourself up. When moving up the scale, every shock is an opportunity to test yourself and learn something invaluable if you pass.


Descending the scale places you into the grips of the STS hierarchy (the External force) and you will be externally pressured into making a negative choice when facing a shock. Ascending the scale becomes easier not because you receive less severe shocks (the opposite is true), but because you receive guidance from the Gnostic force. So wherever you may be on the scale, it is never impossible to move either way... the choice is yours.

To illustrate, the next few paragraphs will be a force by force description of one's "fall from grace." Depending on the shocks and strength of soul, one may skip stages in the progression, interchange stages, and so on. For example, one may start with the Compassionate stage, be shocked into the Primal stage, then enter the Predatory alignment and stay there. Whatever primary alignment one has, remember that several others often remain as secondary influences. For purposes of this illustration, a person's sequential descent (compassionate, hostile, predatory, primal, mechanical) will be considered.

"Freddie" is a naive teen, a little shy, but with a good heart. Starting with Compassionate alignment, "Freddie" soon receives a severe shock directly aimed at a weak spot in his perceptions due to his ego attachment, however slight that attachment may be. Because of this, he feels hurt and chooses to indulge in negative thinking. This negative thinking compounds and allows the External force to influence him even more.


He soon feels like the world is coming down around him, that no one loves him anymore, and that he is a complete failure. He still has hope and may be trying to get back on his feet, but soon a considerable shock occurs and he is emotionally traumatized.


This may manifest as a nervous breakdown, as seen by his friends and family. During this breakdown, he experiences a soul inversion... all hope is lost, he is devastated, angry, depressed, and vows that the bitter world does not deserve his futile kindness - he assumes a cynical outlook and makes the world his enemy.

After making this conversion, STS forces reinforce their connection to him (sometimes in the form of entity attachments and demonic possessions), and he gets back onto his feet, though now as a different person than he was before due to the soul inversion. Parts of his soul have fragmented, to be replaced by attachments from 4th density STS beings for purposes of manipulation, and he now becomes primarily aligned with the Predatory force.


He has turned into a subtle jerk to others, abuses women who deserve to suffer for "what they did to him," and enjoys toying with other people's emotions by alternating between falsely praising then insulting them (a form of torture, which extracts emotional energy from the victim). Pretty soon, further shocks only reinforce his negativity, and any attempts by others to shock him into change are ignored.


He begins the process of self-destruction and enters the Primal stage. Here, he finds that seeking pleasure and avoiding pain are more important than any previous agenda he's had in which he sought to take revenge against the world. In the primal stage, he becomes apathetic, hedonistic, irrational, little more than an animal.

What's left of his original consciousness is small by this point, and it is not long before he descends to the last stage, the Mechanical alignment. But getting there involves the most devastating of all shocks, that of auric death. It is devastating in its significance because in the case of complete auric death, all remains of Freddie's original consciousness leave the body.


The body then becomes an empty shell solely ruled by Mechanical force, a walking zombie with intelligence but not consciousness. Freddie has technically died, or rather evaporated, and yet his body still continues to operate as a simulacrum of the real Freddie, undetected by those who still associate with him. From this point onward, he is nothing more than the sum of his former memories and experiences, like a robot programmed with real personal history but void of consciousness.


The difference between this "Freddie" and a dead body in the morgue is that the zombie still has an etheric field to power biological functions, though now the driver of this "carriage" is missing.

The Mechanical force manifests itself in the average human being as an artificial intelligence in and of the brain, and is subordinate to the residing superior consciousness. This artificial intelligence is a neurological phenomenon arising strictly from the biological complexity of the brain, and it takes over whenever you go into "autopilot" mode and do something without really thinking about it. When Freddie's original consciousness evaporated and left, as happened during auric death, the artificial intelligence (Mechanical force) of his brain took over.


It runs on permanent autopilot via left over subconscious programs, but any exterior force can easily influence "Freddie" because he is now nothing more than an organic automaton. External forces can include the Matrix, 4th density STS, and even (according to the Cassiopaeans) shadow government factions with remote electromagnetic body-control capabilities.


The following summarizes Freddie's descent:

  • Gnostic [ego attachment] Compassionate

  • External [soul inversion] Predatory

  • Primal [auric death] Mechanical

Of course, Freddie is a unique example meant to illustrate all the stages of progression from high to the lowest behavioral forces. Certain shocks can cause skips in the progression, either way.


When ascending, for instance, if one were at the Primal stage, one need not go through the Predatory alignment to get to the Compassionate level. Also, primary and secondary alignments may be almost equal in strength, so certain combinations may co-exist with equal influence.


To show how the six forces can result in many types of people, here are three combinations and their resultant behavioral influences:


Mechanical and Predatory:

a "person" void of consciousness, though with great calculative intelligence, good memory of trivial of facts and data, quick to manipulate or sabotage others when programmed or commanded to do so, capable of quick 180 degree personality changes, comes off as cold, without emotion, feigned sincerity. Possesses zero energy.

Mechanical and External:

a "person" void of consciousness, programmed to appear as a helpless victim, repeating victimized behavioral patterns despite efforts by those of Compassionate alignment to help them change, luring in people with Compassionate alignment to keep their hands tied, contradictory personality, serving as a fake voter base to justify "democratic" government steps toward totalitarian control because the poor "people" demand it. Possesses zero energy.

Predatory and External:

a person who uses the appearance of victimhood to manipulate and suck energy/time from unaware people of the Compassionate alignment, paradoxical personality demanding much short-circuiting analysis by those wishing to help him/her. Possesses negative energy.

These are the extreme cases of each combination. The "zero energy" and "negative energy" people are still to be written about in detail below, because they are the number one source of Matrix-related shocks in our lives. To learn how to identify and deal with them is extremely important in handling the shocks with ascension of the scale in mind.

Not all Mechanically aligned people are completely aurically dead.


Usually, someone with a dominant Mechanical component still has some of their original consciousness left, except they have become rigid and mechanical in their thinking and personality.


Depending on the demands of a particular field of study, graduate students are some of the most mechanized of conscious humans, most of their consciousness having been suppressed or evaporated by the rigorous emphasis on intelligence over consciousness in their studies.


Cultural Trends

Public school and state universities have a hidden agenda to force their "students" into a dominant Mechanical, Primal, or External mode. Each mode alternates with the times... early 1900s up to the 1950s saw an emphasis upon the Mechanical mode of following orders, strict rule and discipline, and rigidity.


The 60s through 80s were decades where the Primal force was dominant in the indoctrination campaign of the youth.


The 90s was a decade of the External alignment, where political correctness made everyone a victim. The 00's are now presenting a Mechanical phase again, except it has arrived in combination with the worst of the last two phases. The crudity and hedonism of the Primal force along with the left over political correctness and whining liberalism of the last decade has been merged with the apathy, shallowness, emptiness, and simulational qualities of the Mechanical force. This is evident now in popular music, movies, TV shows, politics, and news.


The last decade and this one experienced mass murder in every neighborhood, and yet the graves remain empty - auric death has a tendency to keep them that way.


But for how long?


Types of Shocks and their Effects

Psychological, emotional, and physical shocks have different effects upon the balances of forces within a human being.

  • Psychological shocks involve assaults upon one's paradigms, or belief systems, through exposure to perceived facts which contradict one's expectations. When this occurs, a person chooses either awareness and analyzes the information and then reevaluates his belief system or he may choose ignorance and go into denial.


    When true facts are presented, rarely will a person ever descend in the scale because of it; even after choosing ignorance, the info is still lodged somewhere in his mind. When disinformation or propaganda is the source of this shock, however, there is a greater tendency toward descent. A naive person, even if he is more aware than most his friends, can still be shocked into descent. This is why bigger lies are more often accepted than smaller ones. A wise person, however, will be grateful for this shock because he will learn from it - disinformation contains some truth, and good disinformation contains a lot of new truth in order to smuggle the single lie into the mind of its audience.


    A wise analyst of such disinformation will recognize the lie and benefit from the truth that remains. Good psychological shocks target one's Mechanical component of the mind.


  • Emotional shocks are similar to psychological ones, except they are always targeted toward the ego. As stated, the ego is everything about you that is illusionarily vulnerable, mortal, and sacred. To be emotionally shocked, one must be stuck in the ego. If you were detached from your ego and operating from your actual center of consciousness, you would simply laugh at any attempt by anything to emotionally shock you. Most of us still have some ego attachment, and we must have some of it to function in this world of illusion.


    But because we are far from the maximum detachment, we must try to manage our emotions (read Emotional Management) as best as we can. For those who do have attachments of any type, emotional shocks can be mild and utilized by Predatory forces and the Matrix to tap us of spiritual energy, or they can be major shocks intended to damage us. Intermediate and major emotional shocks are the primary way we ascend or descend the scale of forces (levels of consciousness).


    As the story of Freddie shows, emotional pain can lead to negative soul inversion.

    Major emotional shocks amount to trauma, the kind experienced by abuse victims and combatants of war, for example. Through trauma, one may undergo soul fragmentation which drives a person closer to Mechanical domination. A quick path to that stage is through a suicidal mindset. When Freddie was suicidal, he wished to exit his body, essentially asking for External forces to take control. In some cases, this does happen...a person commits auric suicide by the sheer severity of his depression and becomes completely aligned with the Mechanical force.


    Nervous breakdowns, clinical depression, and suicidal phases often mark the turning point of people's lives either because soul inversion or auric death occurred during those times. While some of them do show positive change after these experiences, the majority become Predatory, Primal, or succumb to Mechanical force. In the case where they suffer auric death, their new non-conscious bodies can go on to behave just like any of the other alignments but you must understand - and this is a very important point - people who are aurically dead, no matter how they behave, are not consciously behaving that way, they are merely simulating.


    And simulations are all form without substance.


  • Physical shocks are the fastest way for anyone in a body to go from a high alignment to complete auric death and anything in between. These shocks involve everything medical or physiological. Whether it is physical injury, torture, sickness, anesthesia, or death, wherever the soul is temporarily and harshly disconnected from the body, serious "technical problems" can happen.


    For non-mortal injuries, emotional and psychological shock can accompany them to produce unique consequences in terms of one's balance of forces. General anesthesia is known to make one vulnerable to entity attachments as a person's aura drifts and dims due to one's artificially unconscious state. Physical death can occur, and after the consciousness leaves for good, the body can be brought back to "life" in the hospital, though now with a Mechanical alignment.


    From then on, any number of different sources can guide the zombie's actions. Under general metaphysical law, "walk-ins" are not allowed because it would violate a soul's freewill to have another soul kick it out and take over the body. However, when the resident soul is suicidal or has just left the body during death, it is much easier.


    A body under Mechanical alignment is an empty vessel ready to be controlled or inhabited by just about anything.


    These "people" are the "zero energy agents."


Matrix Agents

Finally, we arrive at the topic of Matrix agents. These are among the people you interact with every day, by phone, email, or in person. In the movie, there were two types of Matrix agents: those who were undoubtedly agents (Agent Smith) and those who could become agents at any moment (the rest of the people). This is very close to what happens in reality.


There are those who are undoubtedly agents: ones primarily aligned with the Predatory and Mechanical forces, and those who can become agents temporarily at any moment: everyone else. Now, depending on a person's level of awareness and alignment, the probability of him or her becoming a temporary agents varies. Those of the Primal alignment are very susceptible.

So how exactly does one temporarily become an agent?


Well, by temporary, it is meant that someone becomes an agent or performs the actions of an agent without consciously intending to do so. Thus, they must do it unconsciously or subconsciously. Throughout the day the strength of your awareness fluctuates, and there are times when you are spacing out or perhaps doing something without awareness of the ramifications of what you're doing - basically, you're acting on Mechanical principles.


When you go into autopilot and space out, you have temporarily made the Mechanical force your primary alignment. At that moment, the Matrix can most easily and directly manipulate that part of you into performing a specified action. When you come to your senses, the action has been done and you do not even know it.


Time passes by and pretty soon you encounter a synchronistic shock that could not have taken place had you not performed that manipulated action earlier.

When you factor in the sheer number of people you encounter during the day and how unaware they are, you soon realize that the Matrix can manipulate almost anyone around you to target you at any time.


Targeting may be incredibly subtle and on a subliminal level using synchronistic linguistics through the conversations/music/text in your environment to program your mind into submission and control, or it may be an obvious attack when someone you know starts acting irrational for no real reason other than a Matrix-manipulated attack against you (like getting upset about something trivial, picking on you for no reason, or misunderstanding the situation and blaming you for something you did not do).


These are all minor examples of how normal people with usually real consciousness and positive alignment can still become temporary agents. The Matrix force (External force) manifests through them and attacks you if the 4th density STS beings and the AI of the Matrix sense you are in need of some "correction."


If not control, then the manipulation of your own and other's actions toward you are simply to get you into emotional flares so as to tap the emotional energies you produce, for their consumption as food, and power.

But what about those who are undoubtedly agents most of the time?


These are humans with primary alignments of the Mechanical and Predatory forces. To review, the Predatory alignment is one in which a person becomes part of the STS hierarchy, manipulates others to gain power, energy, and control, and is forced consciously or unconsciously by STS beings more powerful than him into doing his part in their agenda.


The Mechanical alignment is one in which a person's original consciousness is very weak or nonexistent and under the control of external forces such as the Matrix, 4th density STS, second order beings, and alien or government factions.

The purpose of these agents is to spread disinformation, keep the masses under control, and sabotage anyone attempting to break free of the control system.


Zero Energy Agents (ZEAs)

To begin with, let's discuss "zero energy agents," or ZEAs. These are people with almost zero conscious energy.


They still have normal life functions like body temperature, heartbeat, even brainwaves, but the true underlying initiator of these vital signs is merely artificial, mechanical, intelligence without consciousness. "The car's in the driveway but nobody's home."


Normal people become ZEA's when they go through an auric death, either by physical trauma and consequent soul replacement, emotional trauma such as suicide and depression, or gradual consciousness evaporation when put under rigorous mechanical routines which atrophy the soul.


Most often, this is a gradual process where the media, electromagnetic waves, education, and dangerous additives to our food and water supply encourage the replacement of one's consciousness with the Mechanical force, that of the automatic substructure of the mind and the sum of one's memories and programs.

However, it might also be possible, according to a few personal sources, that people can be born as ZEAs. The thought of squirming, crying, suckling stillbirths is not comforting, to say the least. Babies born without true consciousness may be a reality, and if so, appear to be a recent phenomenon. But the subject of zero energy babies is still speculative and requires more research.

Regardless, there appears to be a definite presence of ZEAs among the general population. The types of ZEAs vary according to how severely they lack original consciousness and how strongly they are aligned with the Predatory force.

Those with considerable residues of consciousness and weak Predatory alignment are the most common types - these simply go about their programmed business during the day, "live" routine lives, have shallow personalities, and function in society much like hired clappers function in an audience.


Their status as having some Mechanical alignment makes them easily controlled by External sources for a variety purposes, including making them act in a certain way en masse to force an engineered status quo of behavior upon the rest of population. People who are primarily not ZEAs but do not know the difference are pressured into acting just like everyone else, though "everyone else" in this case might comprise of a large segment of programmed ZEAs.

Another function of ZEAs with weak Predatory alignment is to function as part of the Matrix network of subtle synchronistic control. While it is true that non-ZEAs (people with a relatively complete cores of consciousness) can take dips of awareness through the day and temporarily become vulnerable to playing part in a Matrix-induced synchronicity, these ZEAs play that part continuously.


For some ZEAs with residual consciousness, they are unaware of their roles as agents, and those without consciousness are simply automatons with externally guided artificial intelligence.

ZEAs with strong Predatory alignments are ones programmed and directed by various sources into psychologically, emotionally, or physically attacking and sabotaging a conscious individual or group. The major advantage of a ZEA is lack of conscious inertia. Conscious inertia is what makes you require a shock to significantly change your behavior, it is what requires you to expend spiritual energy when doing something according to your will, and it is what gives you the possibility of Gnostic alignment. Without consciousness, a ZEA has no conscious inertia and is easily programmed or commanded into instantly changing its behavior.


Thus, they make excellent agents of attack.

Fortunately, their lack of conscious inertia also gives them away sometimes. All ZEAs are distinguishable by their association with form over substance. No matter what they say or how they behave, it is all form without substance, intelligence without consciousness, simulation without originality, and information without knowledge (knowledge is information with meaning). ZEAs are capable of seemingly impossible personality changes, logistical moves, and self-contradictions. But these are only impossible from a conscious human point of view...for a "being" without conscious inertia, such feats are easy.

ZEA-type behavior also arises from humans who are not exactly "human." These include clones, robotoids, men in black, and synthetics. These beings are purposely engineered and created by some government and alien factions for various purposes.


The subject of fake humans is beyond the scope of this article and reserved for a future one, and you are encouraged to do your own research on the matter.


Negative Energy Agents (NEAs)

NEAs are humans with a strong Predatory alignment who play a frequent role in your encounters with the External force. Unlike ZEAs, these people do have a conscious core but have chosen the STS path. Although their actions, beliefs, and emotions are heavily manipulated by dark forces such as 4th density STS, the Matrix, and demonic astral beings, most NEAs are nevertheless conscious of their actions and have the freewill to turn away at any time.


Many NEAs are secondarily aligned with the Primal force and are therefore too emotional to stand back and see what is happening to them. There are also NEAs who have significant Mechanical alignment, meaning they possess such little consciousness that they no longer have the power or freewill to escape their situation.


One's descent on the scale of forces accelerates the closer one gets to the bottom, and eventually an event horizon is reached beyond which one's residual consciousness is inadequate to reach escape velocity.

Another difference between NEAs and ZEAs is that negative energy agents have a vested interest in their actions. When they perform an action that presents itself as an External force to you, hurting you emotionally and feeding off your energies, NEAs get a share of the profit. ZEAs do not need to profit because they have no use for spiritual energy... they are just Mechanical automatons.


NEAs, following their soul inversion from positive energy to negative energy, require the energy of other beings to continue their mode of existence. They become agents when higher STS forces utilize NEAs to carry out specific agendas. This agenda can include sabotage, control, and energy vampirism.

One advantage of NEAs over ZEAs is that the former possess conscious inertia (though it is of negative quality). This gives them added flexibility over ZEAs because they still have some capability of being surprising and original. Another advantage of NEAs over ZEAs is that their conscious inertia allows them to get away with violently interfering with the freewill of targets. ZEAs, if they are being controlled by the Matrix, etheric beings of the Mechanical alignment, or demonic entities, have much difficulty violating the freewill of conscious humans.


This is attributed to certain metaphysical laws concerning the functional inferiority of "second order beings" in comparison to the superior "first order" or truly conscious beings. Because NEAs are first order conscious beings, they can violate freewill. So NEAs are more effective in the depth of their sabotage against targets than ZEAs.

Their disadvantage, in comparison, is a lack of agility...they cannot intrinsically perform sharp mental U-turns as quickly as ZEAs. To do internal U turns, their perceptions must be externally manipulated through negative shocks by External forces, which does take time. But to compensate for their lack of agility, NEAs can project a false personality which itself has no conscious inertia, simply by being a good actor and not really believing what they are projecting. While this may produce guilt in someone of positive orientation, NEAs feel justified in their deceptive acts.


False guises are illusions, and masks can be worn interchangeably with ease by NEAs. They may even project a benevolent attitude mimicking alignment with higher forces, but underneath they remain their negative selves, which can give them away. Similar to ZEAs being form without substance, NEAs use illusory form to cloak rotten substance.

Detecting NEAs is as simple as observing how they react to you and how you react to them.


There are two types of NEAs:

  1. aggressive ones aligned with the Predatory force

  2. passive ones associated also with the victim aspect of the External force

The first tend to be male, and the other tend to be female. Both may be extremely charming but in the back of your mind you find them suspicious.


They may have a very bold "aura" (which is both a lure like that of the angler fish or a warning sign like a snake's rattle) and when you are around them your energy levels drop. It may drop by proxy when you just feel fatigued, or it may drop because they are actively milking you of emotional energy. Aggressive NEAs do so via subtle insults, controlling attitude, feigned superiority, or formidableness. They can throw around their conscious inertia to appear absolutely menacing at times.


Passive NEAs tap your energies by playing upon your sympathies, demanding and wasting your time, and taking you for granted. Occasionally, NEAs drop their masks and their ugly natures are revealed momentarily, giving you a clue that something is not right. At that point, you would be wise to perk up and start watching for more clues.

NEA-type behavior can also originate from classes of people not discussed yet. These include undercover agents of various government agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA, and agents from foreign/extraterrestrial factions.


They are conscious humans professionally trained to gather intelligence and/or sabotage you. Some people are born as NEAs because of pre-incarnational soul inversions. These include hostile alien soul origins and humans with past-life demonic possessions. It may be difficult to tell the exact cause of a person's particular NEA behavior, whether it is Matrix manipulation, demonic possession, or association with government groups.


But whatever the case, awareness of which ones are possible NEAs and their methods of attack are things you must know to protect yourself. Protection in this case comes through knowledge, being able to choose the STO-oriented approach to a shock. Remember, such an approach will allow you to responsibly handle the shock to result in your increased awareness and strength.


If you choose the path of ignorance or weakness, you will learn the hard way and be heavily damaged.


How to Identify Agents

In the following sections, I will list and explain many observable characteristics of NEAs and ZEAs. All of these observations are ones I have either observed myself or verified from info shared by fellow researchers. While not all Matrix agents share all of the following characteristics due to the various types and degrees of force alignment within each agent, you can be assured that those who possess a great number of these features are very likely Matrix agents.


You will also see that people like you or me occasionally display some of these features as well. This is due to our natural temporary energy dips during which other forces may manifest more strongly.


Those who tend to display these behavioral characteristics much more often are the ones who qualify as NEAs or ZEAs.

Characteristics of Zero Energy Agents

Vacant eyes, static face:
Their eyes do not express emotion, depth of awareness, or personality. Unlike normal faces whose expression changes depending on one's daily mood, ZEA faces are always in a single configuration such as total blank expression or a permanent feigned grin, for example.


These static facial configurations are only interrupted by quick exaggerated simulations of surprise, laughter, or anger to fit a contextual stimuli within a particular conversation, though such ingenuine expressions appear to be unbacked by other body language.


Their combined facial features (eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth) coordinate artificially, and you can sense that there is nothing sentient or genuine behind them.


It is not so much a lack of emotive expression as a lack of smooth dynamic transitions between their expressions.


Shallow conversations and scripted personalities:
They can only parrot information already in their memory banks. Since they are incapable of generating new information with meaning, insight, or originality, conversations with them are extremely dry. While even normal people engage in dry small-talk, ZEAs function poorly when the conversation moves beyond shallow subjects.


They prefer to engage in trivial rants about things they remember seeing or doing, or about a subject they are programmed to converse with you about. If they are programmed to change your way of thinking, for example, they will talk to you about only that thing...the conversation might digress onto a different topic, but they always come back to their script. Their personalities are one dimensional, repetitive, and static. Their talk is all form without substance, and although they are very good at reciting facts, figures, and stories, there is no insight and creativity in what they are saying.


They can talk for hours without actually saying anything of meaning.


Lack originality and creativity:
This comes from their inability to generate new knowledge. Because they have no Gnostic connection, they cannot be more than the sum of their parts. Their output can never exceed their input. Whatever paradigm box they operate within, all their actions must remain within that box. They may read, hear, or watch something and gain new information to be repeated at a later time, but never do they take time to synthesize information and come up with genuinely new ideas because they cannot make leaps of logic.


ZEAs may rearrange ideas that already exist and call it something new, but that is merely re-ordering, not creativity. They are passive beings through which information merely flows and is redirected. Hence, their creativity is absent as well.


ZEAs may generate music, art, or literature, but it is simply a mechanical remixing of what has already been done. Their attempts at music, for example, are either simulacra of what already exists, or if they make something novel, it is void of emotion, dynamism, coherence, meaning, and most of all, beauty.


Such music is built upon calculated music theory, not inspiration.


ZEAs are the ultimate plagiarists, like ventriloquist dummies or parrots.


Easily manipulated into playing part in your synchronicities:
Since they have no conscious inertia, external forces can easily direct their actions. The Matrix, which may require a particular synchronicity to manifest in your conscious or subconscious awareness at some time, will often use a ZEA to be part of that synchronicity. It may be as simple as including your name on a SPAM email recipient list with a synchronistic message in the subject line, calling you on the phone by "accident" to irritate you when you are trying to go to sleep, or messing up a product order whose delay greatly interferes with your plans.


When you are doing something the Matrix finds threatening, ZEAs are assigned to you, often appearing synchronistically in your life.


Their presence can be to gather information, persuade you into a dangerous course of action or belief, or sabotage your efforts to become more aware. These things are also characteristic of undercover government agents, so be aware of both possibilities.


Quick 180 degree changes in behavior:
They can change their approach toward you instantly, without apparent reason. For instance, they may have played out their program as friendly individuals with interest in your work or hobbies and even made verbal promises to pursue you more in the days or weeks to come, but suddenly they become hostile, entirely disinterested, or just disappear forever without you having done anything to make them become that way.


If they were conscious individuals, there is absolutely nothing that could explain how rapidly they changed their approach (unless it was all a conscious setup to begin with). But because they are not that conscious, if at all, switching behavior is as easy as switching to a new program.


Most ZEAs who are hired clappers in this audience we call society stick to one program for long periods of time in order to control the status quo, and their program changes only if they have been reprogrammed into performing a particular act of sabotage against a targeted individual or group.


Do not show gradual improvement in personality:
Their programs can only switch from one to another, but a given program rarely evolves or improves. Thus, their personality changes are always discreet rather than continuous. When they are operating under a given program, ZEAs stay in that program without change until another program is inserted. You can try to change, enlighten, or argue them into expanding their awareness, but you are almost literally arguing to a wall.


Organized religion is a good example of how people are reduced to ZEAs by having their consciousness replaced by a rigid program. If you have ever tried arguing with a religious fanatic, you know how futile it is.


ZEAs need not be religious, but whether they are scientists, sports fanatics, musicians, or just your neighbor, all share the same characteristic of programmed behavior and static personalities. Someone you have known for several years who simply has not grown as a person is very likely a ZEA. And if they have changed their personality, it was an unnaturally quick change.


Their minds are a lot like elastic can pull it out of shape paradigmatically and they may even repeat to you the lessons you have talked into them as though they really learned it, but they never follow with actions and before long they shrink back to their usual programmed state as though your educational conversation with them never happened.


Have experienced a past traumatic episode:
Such trauma involves psychological shocks such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and nervous breakdowns or physical shocks like being put under general anesthesia, physical death, or near death experiences. These are periods during which a conscious being is susceptible to partial or complete auric death.


Unless a person is born as a ZEA, they must become one, and the transitionary episode is usually a trauma of some type.


Development stops at point of auric death:
This feature, observed by a friend, concerns ZEAs becoming mere caricatures of their former selves following partial or complete auric death. Limited key aspects of their former personality become the exaggerated core around which their new programmed state revolves. These key aspects serve to keep an artificial uniqueness for the newly formed ZEA, but once again it is all form without substance.


For example, while someone may have been a complex person with many features before auric death, following his transformation into a ZEA only a few of those features remain while the rest are discarded. Those features are then amplified to make up for the rest, leading to caricaturized behavior which for most ZEAs never change unless a new program is inserted.


Obsession with a specific subject of useless trivia (like sports, celebrities, religion, TV shows, movies, music bands) is common. Features that survived auric death are ones having belonged to the Mechanical component of a ZEAs being to begin with. These are trivial personality quirks, programmed likes and dislikes, habits, and areas of intellectual expertise.


Additionally, some ZEAs are fixated on the past, often recounting vivid stories of their former selves during conversation. Unlike normal humans, these dramatic stories are limited to life before auric death. ZEAs cannot create new meaningful information, so the memories that survive auric death are the ones they must tap into. For a ZEA, nothing new and meaningful ever happens either.


They may share anecdotes about what they did or saw earlier in the day, but those are just empty recollections of experiences, void of meaning or significance, small-talk for small minds, and incomparable to the memories they have of life before auric death.


Do not grow from experience:
As stated, ZEAs run on inflexible programs. Their experience serves only to give them more information to stuff into their memory banks but not alter their behavior in any way unless the program is replaced by another.


Thus, they show repeating behavioral patterns and are impervious to your attempts to change them.


Do not need vital foods for sustenance:
Because they lack a real soul, ZEAs do not have to eat fresh foods or require variety in their diet. Their diet is limited to key items selected from their former diets, and ZEAs are often seen to eat only the same three or four junk foods without suffering energetically or becoming sick of the monotony.


A human without conscious inertia is merely a biological automaton with residual etheric fields necessary to run the body. Unlike a conscious human who requires a lot of vital energies in their diet to help with their conscious inertia, ZEAs require only vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.


They may eat nothing but junk food, canned food, and TV dinners without affecting their behavior in the long run. And even if they receive the onset of malnutrition, and cancer, neither the Matrix nor anyone else controlling them cares...ZEAs are expendable.


For conscious people, a poor diet, void of vital energies, can also cause conscious inertia to dip or even evaporate over time.


Do not act in accordance with how much sleep they get:
Sleep serves several functions in conscious human beings, but in a ZEA its only purpose is to process fragmented data and allow repair of tissues. ZEAs do not need much sleep at all, and how much sleep they do get does not correlate with their behavior. They are programmed, however, to say that they are tired if they have not gotten much sleep, but they never look or act tired, even if they have gone with very little sleep on consecutive days.


After such a period of little sleep, they appear as functional and alert as any other time, even up to the very moment that they lie down for a nap. Naps and long periods of sleep for ZEAs are all programmed behaviors, not necessary ones. A normal person will have a tired day if he gets less than six hours of sleep (8-10 is optimal), and his tiredness will show in his heavy eyes and somber attitude.


He also becomes more Mechanical during periods of tiredness.


ZEAs are stuck in a permanent mode of appearance and behavior interrupted only by inserted scripts, and notably there is no continuity or gradual connection between the normal mode and inserted scripts.


Appear older than their age:
This is true for some ZEAs. First, they lack auric luster because they have no conscious warmth, so they will naturally appear more dull and not as youthful. Second, once consciousness evaporates, aging accelerates as the body begins to slowly disintegrate.


The body has lost a source of its conscious cohesion and so cells essentially just give up.


Do not argue:
Arguing means reasoning out differences of opinion.


ZEAs cannot reason, and thus they cannot argue. What they can do is either avoid a response or use circular reasoning. When you catch them on a conceptual error in what they say, even if you shove it in their faces and make it plain as day, they will not even acknowledge the contradiction because it is beyond the abilities of their programs to handle.


They will either stop speaking and remain silent, leave, change the subject, or continue rambling. Because they are closer to artificial intelligence than real consciousness, their range of information is limited.


They cannot go outside the bounds of their programmed domain of information and resort to illogical reactions when that domain is breached.


Have physical features and personality traits you might envy or be "attracted" to:
This is simply a synchronistic phenomenon, whereby the ZEA with the correct features to complement your profile is chosen among the population to interact with you. Your envy or attraction is purely based on ego and Primal factors... perhaps that ZEA is of the same sex and extremely attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex who flock to him or her (they may be ZEAs as well).


In reality, you should you not envy such petty displays of worthless traits, but the Matrix induced synchronicity in this case is designed to play upon your lower emotions this way. It is a subtle shock for you, and you have the choice of either submitting to this and descending the scale, or seeing how ridiculous it is and choosing to never become that way.


No matter how attractive, courageous, rich, or intelligent a ZEA of the opposite sex is, or how envious you are pressured into being of a ZEA of same sex, their physical and personality characteristics are all form without substance, fantasies, caricatures, and cartoons customized to shock you.


Characteristics of Negative Energy Agents

Extremely passive or aggressive:
Depending on physical size and personal strength, NEAs can be either abnormally passive or aggressive. Passive ones are etheric vampires who suck time, energy, and resources from their targets through the guise of helplessness. Aggressive ones bleed their targets of energy by insult, intimidation, and teasing.


The exaggeration in their passivity or aggressiveness is simply a means to maximizes their manipulation. To lure in their target, both types put on the guise of normality until relations are established, then they slowly phase in their correspondingly passive or aggressive behavior to inflict maximum damage.


Rather than being intrinsically passive or aggressive, their condition is specifically geared toward, and dependent upon, the presence of other people...they are passive in order to feed off others who come to their aid, or they are aggressive so that they can intimidate others.


Show no guilt or remorse:
NEAs are incapable of observing themselves from an external point of view to see the bigger picture. Their perspective is always locked into a "me against the world" mode, and all their actions are carried out with a strong sense of self-righteousness. This self-righteousness is based on blind emotion instead of reason, and so anyone trying to reason with them will usually fail to persuade them.


And if they do appear to change, it is just an illusion to get the other to put his or her guard down, then the manipulation continues. NEAs have a poor sense of morality, and judge everything not on whether it is right or wrong, but by how it can benefit them personally.


Those secondarily aligned with the Primal force will carry out their acts due to a negative emotional impetus, while those secondarily aligned with the Mechanical force will perform their manipulations because they are heavily programmed. Because NEAs cannot split their consciousness to see things from another's point of view, they treat other people like objects to be manipulated.


Thus, they feel no guilt or remorse.


Cannot be changed:
NEAs are either so programmed or animalistic that their one-track mind never alters course. They are driven into being Predatory, and anything that tries to change this is seen only as a nuisance or temporary block. They deal with this block in whatever means necessary, even if it includes pretending that they have changed their course.


This change is form without substance, words unbacked by action, and without permanence. Pretending to change is a common way NEAs maintain their grip upon targets once they have inflicted a wound. They request a first chance, then a second, then a third - whatever it takes to keep targets within their sphere of influence. These targets' biggest mistake is in thinking that NEAs are just like them, but in truth they are aligned with an entirely different force.


Methods that help a person of Compassionate alignment, for example, would be useless against an NEA.


Employ sarcasm:
Sarcasm is many times more effective at inflicting pain than direct insult. For instance, the sarcastic statement "yeah, you're pretty" is more effective than an honest "you are ugly." Why sarcasm works so well is simple. With a direct insult, the target can easily think "No, I'm not, I'm actually the opposite," and easily counter the attack.


Sarcasm, however, contains both true and false in a single phrase whose opposite is implied to be both false and true; a verbal phrase is linked to its opposite meaning so that when a target attempts to correct and invert the meaning, the phrase itself is also inverted, making it verbally identical to the original sarcastic phrase.


This vicious circle quickly fizzles out without conclusive objection to the original sarcastic remark and one's mental defenses are thereby breached. Each sarcastic remark produces minor short circuiting of the target's mind and drains it of some energy. Aggressive NEAs like to insult people through vicious sarcastic remarks. Sometimes, sarcasm is subtle but persistent, which builds an equally oppressive atmosphere. NEA parents resort to this method to suck the life force out of their children.


Such children may become so depleted of energy and full of pain and anger that they themselves undergo a soul inversion and become NEAs as adults, repeating the cycle. Torture by sarcasm is a shock, and because shocks involve choice, some children grow from the experience while others succumb and choose the STS path.


Which ones grow and which ones succumb depends largely on pre-incarnational factors.


Alternate reward and punishment:
NEAs like to tease their targets by alternately building up their energies then smashing it down. This rhythmic process is nothing more than a way to milk the target's energies.


Reward and punishment are also methods of behavior modification, whereby the target can be put under the control of an NEA through positive/negative reinforcement and Pavlovian conditioning. Rewards can range from promises of sex, money, and friendship to change, information, hope, and freedom.


Punishment includes severing of trust, broken promises, heavy emotional attacks, threat of self-inflicted harm, blackmail and harassment.


Frequent medical problems, moping:
We all know people who do nothing but complain all the time about their problems, how much their life is a mess, and how things simply never go right for them. They may be frequently sick, experience minor and major accidents, go through cycles of relationship problems, or otherwise exaggerate whatever pain they are in - anything to demand your sympathy. Like most NEAs, they are not doing this consciously to sap your energies... in fact, they are too self-absorbed to care about your reaction.


These passive NEAs may only care about satisfying their own insecurities, filling the void in their soul through perpetual attachments to others. Nevertheless, the Matrix can choose them to come into your life at the appropriate times, and for that reason they are agents. Medical problems may be induced synchronistically, or it may reflect the fact that their soul is weak due to the soul inversion and the now slowly evaporating consciousness.


Naturally, these have detrimental effects upon the body.


As part of their STS alignment, they place self-importance over everything else.


Narcissism does not mean appreciating one's own good qualities, but rather being pre-occupied with oneself at the expense of others and to the point of becoming blind to one's faults.


In mundane cases, I have seen NEAs in class doing nothing but repeatedly scribbling their own names in notebooks with various embellishments, and in other cases I have observed NEA acquaintances act almost invincibly (with false self-confidence) in social situations, or rudely demanding everyone's attention. In more major cases, NEAs become megalomaniacs and subject to delusions of grandeur. They may fabricate personal histories, play up what little ethos they have, and refuse to see how others find them fools.


Unfortunately, there are always fools who follow bigger ones.


Dumb NEAs make poor agents. To be a predator means having the skill necessary to conduct a successful hunt. NEAs require specific intelligence to accomplish their goals. Because they are so devoted to their goals (even if the goal is to be passive), they eventually become very good at manipulation. Children on an NEA track are reinforced in their behavior by irresponsible parents who let them get away with everything and are easily threatened or blackmailed by the child into giving in.


Such families are perfect training environments for NEAs-to-be, a factor that was chosen pre-incarnationally by an already negative soul seeking incarnation for predatory purposes. NEAs with Mechanical alignment are the most intelligent and dangerous of all, for they possess enough information to wow fickle audiences and gain credibility that way. They learn 'the system' very well in some cases to bring down their targets via legal means.


They tend to excel in any institution that values intelligence over consciousness, and so many NEAs rise to the top of the social ladder and assume high positions in politics, military, big business, and religion.


Underwent traumatic episode:
Unlike ZEAs, their traumatic episode involved soul inversion more than auric death. Soul inversion, in this case, means a being of positive radiating energy implodes into a negative contracting energy. They experienced a shock sufficient to either give them the choice of pursuing their STS path, or to awaken their life mission as an STS agent.


For all physical conscious beings, some choices made during shocks may have been decided before birth. So although beings have freewill, this freewill may be limited by the choices they have previously already made. Trauma associated with soul inversion usually involves either prolonged emotional abuse or a few big emotional shocks.


Negative soul inversion is almost always accompanied by suicidal thoughts and depression.


Require less sleep and less healthy food:
Because NEAs get a large portion of their energies from the people around them, they do not need as much sleep or healthy food as most people. Some have been known to get only three to four hours of sleep a night and still be fully functional and active all day for days or weeks.


Their diets can include only starchy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and yet they are energetic despite the obvious lack of vital energy consumption in their food. The only time they feel fatigued is either when their body demands rest or when they are away from people. When isolated, they have no other humans to feed from, and thus get depressed and low on energy.


Such NEAs enjoy crowded places like bars, dance clubs, and schools.


Impossible time management:
NEAs can logistically do things that would burn out any other human (except for ZEAs). As long as they feed off other people, they have the energy needed to power their emotional and mental tasks.


NEAs of secondary Mechanical alignment have both lower conscious inertia and the capability of stealing energy, thus they make super-workers or super-students, capable of seemingly impossible time management and accomplishment of large amounts of work in a day.


Unfortunately, all their work tends to be for negative purposes in the long run.


Leaders of clique:
Aggressive NEAs are known to keep portable power supplies: submissive "friends" upon whom they prey. Due to their proficient social skills, NEAs are often leaders of their own clique. This is also why they tend to become politicians. They surround themselves with people of low self-esteem who are attracted to the NEAs illusory display of power and initiative. In marriage situations, NEAs choose submissive wives for use as playthings and energy sources.


These submissive wives, if they are conscious humans, are often souls seeking spiritual growth who pre-incarnationally chose such an experience for its shock value.


NEAs have bipolar personalities. In actuality, it is their masks that switch bipolarly, not their conscious cores. They interchange these masks to control a wide variety of people and to perform the torture routine of reward/punishment. Their mood swings, however, are genuine and primarily due to influences from the External forces like that of astral demonic beings, alien implants, 4th density STS, or EM manipulation by government factions.


Other reasons for their mood swings involve subconscious programs that are triggered by certain stimuli into initiating a particular emotional reaction, or the fact that NEAs are egocentric and thus have sensitive egos and explosive tempers.


Refuse to look in the mirror:
They may narcissistically stare all day in a physical mirror, but they absolutely shun the metaphysical mirror of truthful self-examination. Being an NEA hinges on one's affinity for illusion. Examining oneself in an honest manner threatens that illusion, and so they refuse to do so.


If you try to show them their faults, they are automatically triggered into an overblown emotional reaction, which can range from pathetic crying to outright rage and yelling, to threats of suicide.


Know how to hit your weak spots:
Either NEAs are chosen by the Matrix or 4th density STS among the general population to match your profile, or else NEAs do data gathering on you before they begin their attacks. Those with some Mechanical alignment can have programs inserted into their subconscious to be played out specifically to match a given target.


They get a feel for your strong points and absolutely stay away from those. Once they have assessed where you are weakest, they slowly pry open that chink in your armor and attempt to poison you or otherwise vacuum out your energy. NEAs are trojan horses, knowing what to say to gain your trust in the beginning, but over time they increase the overtness of their agenda.
Walking paradoxes:

Another technique NEAs use to sap your energy is by having a self-contradictory personality. When you attempt to comprehend them from the wrong perspective, your mind must engage in a vicious circle and ends up just exhausting itself. Unless you know of their status as NEAs whose personalities are false fronts designed that way, you will have to expend infinite amounts of mental energy to understand how a normal person could be so contradictory.


This concept is similar to that of sarcasm, which involve verbal paradoxes that trigger one's mental guard dog into chasing its own tail while the robber sneaks past and does his deed.


Has personality or physical features you are attracted to:
Such personality traits are illusion, masks set up by the NEA as a lure. Sometimes, NEAs are also very physically attractive. Physical attractiveness plays upon the Primal component of intended targets who, if they choose to let their guard down due to the NEAs cuteness, will have to pay the price. They are so attractive for several possible reasons.


First, they have always been cute and had to deal with people fawning over them, and thus they learned early how to enjoy manipulating people and so became NEAs.


If the Matrix finds out that an intended target has a soft spot for girls or guys with dark hair and blue eyes, for example, it will synchronistically guide just such an NEA into their life.


So what can at first seem like a divine blessing might actually be a muppet from hell.



The Bright Side

Good news is that not all humans of Mechanical or Primal alignment are agents. Yes, they are influenced by external forces, but these forces may be as benevolent as your own Higher Self, fate (your pre-incarnational objectives), or 4th density STO.


Such people, although they may be lacking some consciousness or have an overabundance of animalistic influences, function in a helpful way for you. The ones who do become agents temporarily or permanently must be dealt with, of course, but no need to discriminate against all.

You certainly should not take a malevolent attitude toward NEAs or ZEAs. Doing so reinforces your own ego attachment and makes a statement that you are taking them way too seriously. However, having a positive attitude means only that: positive attitude. That says nothing about the actions you take toward them. Your attitude is the combined set of your perceptions and associated emotions.


With proper attitude, your perceptions are accurate and your emotions centered. With truthful perceptions and impermeable emotions, your actions are optimized toward the spiritual evolution of both yourself and others. In dealing with Matrix agents, you must stand up for yourself and be so emotionally centered (and aware of the facts) that you cannot be kicked down or manipulated. Any actions you take should be toward the eventual spiritual evolution of all involved, and should not be based on the ego-attached and Primal criteria of pleasure versus pain.


If you think of such agents as mere characters in an educational video game, then you can keep from getting too wrapped up in their shocks.



There is no conclusion. New elements of this subject unfold every day as we observe, coordinate our research, and individually do our best to break free from the Matrix. This article has done very little to list what one must actually do about Matrix agents.


We are all still trying to figure that out.


Because this subject involves a phenomenon that can be as close as the other side of the bed, you are in the midst of it all as well. Ultimately, the Matrix is a spiritual training device for those fortunate enough to be targeted by it.


Agents of all types may shock your system, but as long as you approach such challenges with desire for awareness and a warrior's attitude, your spiritual lessons will advance smoothly.

Appendix A: My definitions of essential terms

  • STS - service to self, a spiritually unbalanced path in which one seeks to exploit and gain control over everything and everyone else

  • STO - service to others, a spiritually balanced path in which one seeks to increase the awareness of oneself and others

  • density - level of classification dependent upon factors such as conscious awareness and level of physicality

  • first density - mineral and plant life

  • second density - animal life

  • third density - physical existence as we know it

  • fourth density - semiphysical existence in which time is malleable

  • fifth density - a temporary contemplation zone for all recently deceased beings

  • sixth density - timeless zone occupied by highly conscious archetypal forces

  • seventh density - Unity, the Creator, God

  • ego - one's imprinted and self-imposed identity whose value is based on illusory principles

  • ego attachment - a trap that makes an otherwise untouchable being susceptible to external manipulation

  • auric death - the departing of most or all of a being's original conscious core, leaving behind the body on autopilot mode

  • soul inversion - when a being on a path toward STO or STS is shocked, and chooses to reverse course

  • ZEA - zero energy agent, humans who have gone through auric death and become tools of the Matrix and other controllers

  • NEA - negative energy agents, humans who have experienced soul inversion and then follow an STS path, whose manipulations also serve the Matrix

Appendix B: Other sources

Appendix "C": Supporting material from

The following sections contain excerpts from the Cassiopaean channeling transcripts. This is not where I got my information, but rather an indication of the correlation between this article's independently discovered concepts and independent statements made by the Cassiopaeans.


My comments and interpretations follow each excerpt.

Q: (L) OK, yes to question 2. OK, now, there are several new people who have contacted me and want me to do various things for them. In many respects it looks like a very positive involvement, but there have been some very strange things that have happened, and I have been handling them the best way I know how. Can we ask some questions about this situation and how I've handled it so far?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) The first thing is, R__C__. R__C__ has basically got some really good ideas, but I think she's got something blocking her from perceiving what is truly going on. She wants so badly to believe in the fairy tales that she ends up mixing things together in an emotional attempt to deal with it all. This is fine, as far as I am concerned, but anybody who can't look at their own "stuff" is extremely hard for me to deal with. What is the story here?
A: All involved are portals, beware!!
Q: (L) Do you mean beware as in maybe I should just walk away from this group?
A: Up to you.
Q: (L) OK, my instincts...
A: Remember where was initial link?
Q: (L) Initial link? At MUFON?
A: Who?
Q: (L) M__ T__'s?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) OK..
A: Aura field is uniform.
Q: (L) Whose aura field is uniform?
A: All in question, do you not see similarities in your personality profiles reading? Examine, review and reflect!
Q: (L) Come on F___, ask some questions here. Help me out! Personality profile? Well, that's of the different people involved...
A: Similarities?
Q: (L) Do you mean similarities between the people involved in that group?
A: Aural field reads as identical.
Q: (L) And are their personality profiles and aura reading different from, say, mine and F___'s?
A: What do you think?
Q: (L) What do you think, F___? (F) I don't know what they are talking about. (L) Well, they're talking about profiles, aural profiles, I guess that's a way of reading a person. OK, so in other words this is a mine field and we really have to tread carefully through it, is that it?
A: You have been warned, how you proceed from here is up to you.

Comment: the Cassiopaeans state that certain people, of whom one should be aware, are "portals" who share identical personality and auric profiles. I see these as either ZEAs or NEAs. In the case of ZEAs, after one goes through auric death, their aura can be reconstructed in a different form by whatever new force guides the automaton.


If this same force guides multiple ZEAs, they will all have identical energy signature or auric profiles. Personality will be similar as well, and because the guiding force has a reason for taking control in the first place, it probably has an agenda. For NEAs, uniform auric profiles can occur if a common manipulative force is attached to those involved.


This attachment serves to manipulate their behavior and act as a conduit through which energy and information gathered by these NEAs is piped back to its 4th density source. Through this same conduit, commands can pass to remotely guide NEAs into performing intelligence gathering or sabotage operations. The fact that they are portals suggests they have an energetic window in them that leads somewhere, and so they are not always acting on their own volition.


That they have similar personality profiles also indicates that their conscious inertia is weak or nonexistent.

Q: (L) There were two complete craft that came down?
A: Bouncing off ionized waves between two craft traveling in tandem.
Q: (L) OK, was one of these craft totally destroyed?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And all the beings in the one that was totally destroyed were incinerated, or blown to bits, is that correct?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Did some of them eject?
A: 4th density.
Q: (L) OK, they knew it was coming and they went into 4th density?
A: No.
Q: (L) They were 4th density beings, and therefore when they blew to bits, they disappeared, is that it?
A: Close.
Q: (L) OK, now of the 21 that were in the craft that was captured, so to speak, there were four outside the craft when it was approached, is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Then that would mean that there were 17 inside... Of these 21 beings, how many were greys, the standard grey lizzie-probe type being?
A: Most.
Q: (L) Were there other kinds of beings in there?
A: Human.
Q: (L) There was one human in there also?
A: 5.
Q: (L) There were 5 humans inside, so we have... (LM) Why? (L) Why were those humans in the craft?
A: Retrieval and study specimens, two big foot types.
Q: (L) Does that mean that the humans that they had in there were retrieval and study specimens, or otherwise known as abductees?
A: Deceased.
Q: (L) Oh, they were dead humans. Wonderful. Did they abduct them dead? Or did they abduct them alive?
A: No.
Q: (L) Did they abduct them alive and then kill them?
A: No.
Q: (L) Were they dead as a result of the crash?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, then, what's the story here, I mean, what other choices do I have?
A: Retrieved.
Q: (L) Ohh, these were beings that had been retrieved at death and remolecularized? Is that what you are referring to, what we discussed before?
A: 3rd density.
Q: (L) Were they remolecularized in third density? Is that what you are saying?
A: Retrieved in 3rd density.
Q: (L) OK, tell me once again what it means for a being, a human to be retrieved.
A: Picked up after expiration.
Q: (L) OK, so they picked up dead bodies, is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (LM) Why? (L) To study them. OK, did they plan to reanimate these corpses?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Do they ever pick up dead bodies, you know, right after, and reanimate them?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When they pick them up and reanimate them, do they reanimate them with the souls that left them? Do they like, catch the soul and put it back in?
A: No.
Q: (L) When they reanimate them, do they reanimate them with an alien soul?
A: Multiple possibilities.
Q: (L) If they reanimate them, is it possible to reanimate them with no soul?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) OK, when they reanimate them with no soul, do they have kind of like a zombie-like situation?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, could you give us a little more information on this particular aspect? If they reanimate them with no soul, what is the animating force or energy?
A: Indistinguishable from other humans.
Q: (L) They're indistinguishable from other humans. (LM) How is that possible?
A: Technology makes all things possible!!!
Q: (L) Of course, you are talking about 4th density technology?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What form of... Now, a reanimated corpse that has been animated by infusion of some form of an energy pattern... (SV) Is it 'chi' energy, maybe? (L) What if the reanimated corpse dies again, I mean, you have got to understand here, that we perceive the soul as being the animating force of the physical body, and when the soul is gone, the body dies. Is that correct?
A: You are making assumptions based on limited data.
Q: (L) OK, well, will you expand my database by telling me how a corpse can be reanimated if not done by a... if not with a soul?
A: Complex technology, using electronic biogeneration frequency matching, combined with extremely high frequency radio beacon transmitters for tracking and control of all functions, including thought pattern mimic and emotional frequency vibrational rate modulation!!!!
Q: (L) If they're doing this, does it make the physical body...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) The blood, the hearbeat and everything...
A: All functions, including cellular, duplicated.
Q: (SV) What about the aura? (L) Would a being such as this still have an aura?
A: Projected.
Q: (L) OK, that would be projected, along with all of the frequencies, and everything else. Now... (SV) Are there a lot of dead people walking around?
A: This is method used for subjects discussed in "Matrix Material" instead of "Robots", as suggested.
Q: (L) Is there any way that a normal person would be able to identify such a being?
A: No.
Q: (L) Approximately how many of this type of being are walking around on our planet, acting like normal people?
A: 2,000,000.
Q: (L) Approximately 2 million?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) OK...
A: You, Laura, have come in contact with 7 of them!
Q: (L) Who are they?
A: Discover.

Comment: From this 1996 excerpt, the C's (Cassiopaeans) state that it is possible, using high level technology, to reanimate dead humans into soulless beings that are indistinguishable from living humans. All their vital signs are duplicated, and their aura is projected. It involves "complex technology, using electronic biogeneration frequency matching, combined with extremely high frequency radio beacon transmitters for tracking and control of all functions, including thought pattern mimic and emotional frequency vibrational rate modulation!"


In other words, almost everything, from vital signs to auric field to projected emotions are all generated electronically in these reanimated humans via electromagnetic waves. What is significant about this is that the control and tracking of these "humans" is done via radio beacon transmitters, indicating that these transmitters are probably third density and therefore somewhere around us. One can speculate about where these transmitters are located, but microwave towers and satellites are possibilities.


If scalar waves are employed, then transmitters can be located anywhere since distance or barriers are irrelevant. A normal person might not be able to identify such a being, but what about an aware person who knows what to look for? The ZEA behavioral characteristics mentioned in this article might give a clue. Furthermore, in 1996 there were supposedly 2 million of these particular reanimated humans. As pointed out by Laura Knight in an email, the six years since could have allowed for an exponential increase in this number.

The big question is, why would anyone want to reanimate humans?


A couple possibilities come to mind. Most obviously, reanimated humans under electronic control are easy tools of those who control the electronics. Such electronics are probably part of an artificial intelligence network, as suggested by a fellow researcher, so that control of these beings requires no direct manipulation by another person conceivably seated at a console (though at any moment such a person could take manual control to direct the reanimated human).


The second possibility is that people are beginning to die in large numbers for a reason that cannot be divulged to the living public without causing social collapse. And so they are quickly reanimated without missing a beat, giving the illusion that things are still okay. If this is true, then what is causing people's souls to leave so quickly that replacement is warranted?


Could it be that the Wave (shift into 4th density, associated with the 2012 grand dimensional nexus point) is already happening gradually, and we who are still conscious and alive are ascending while the rest of the population is being left behind in the old reality, meaning in the reality that we are in now their souls have departed and their bodies would have dropped dead unless they were electronically reanimated? It is possible, but only remotely so. Most likely, some of these reanimated humans are similar to Greys in that they are cybernetically controlled.


Because of their human appearance, they can mingle among the population to advance an alien agenda.

Q: (L) Are you going to tell me anything about it at all? If there is any question I could ask to get any information concerning this, consider it asked.
A: Who is nutritionist?
Q: (SV) Is that the one who wrote the book? S___ S____? (L) She's not a nutritionist. (SV) Who do you know that's a nutritionist? Isn't she a nutritionist, the one that wrote that book? (L) Do you mean S___ S___?
A: Yes.
Q: (LM) I find that hard to believe. (F__) Is S___ S___ a robot? (LM) When did she die?
A: Open. All it takes is a "hospital visit." [Laura's note To my knowledge, S___ S___ has been hospitalized for surgery at least twice.]
Q: (LM) Then what happens? (SV) All what takes? (LM) It doesn't make sense. (L) Maybe there's a death certificate for her...
A: Yes it does.
Q: (L) Does this mean if one goes into a hospital for surgery, that it's possible for them to die and be reanimated in this manner? Without anybody being aware of what happened?
A: Yes.
Q: (LM) Why? (L) Well, we know why, because they're creating a force, you know, putting it in place all over the planet so they can take over... We already know that! Is that correct?
A: Open.
Q: (LM) What's open mean? (L) Open means that's not absolutely determined yet, at this time, that's not something that they're just... it could be, yes. (L) So, you're saying that S___ S___ was one of these robotoids, is that what you 're saying?
A: We gave you one for your own knowledge and protection, but cannot give you others at this juncture. [Laura's note Does this mean they can be given at another time, after a particular, destined interaction takes place?]
Q: (L) Is it up to me to figure out what characteristics these individuals have, in order to...
A: Based upon data given, yes.
Q: (L) OK, is one of the, I mean, I'm clicking right now, one of the characteristics I think, that these kind of individuals might have, since they have this projected emotional frequency, would be a repeating emotional pattern, that they just simply, in spite of seeming intelligence, do not seem to learn from anything; that it just repeats over and over again, is that a clue?
A: Yes.
Q: (SV) Wait a minute, was that her idea, that we should eat like the monkeys do? (L) Yes. (SV) And then you've read about... saw the Jane Goodall film that talked about the fact that monkeys like to eat... (L) Other monkeys, yes. (SV) And what did she say when you told her about that? (L) She said, , "Well, I'll just say:" and she changed the entire paragraph to read "That in the wild, primates eat primarily vegetation with some amounts of protein," and no specification as to where the protein came from. (L) That's really stretching it. (SV) She should have just left it out... (LM) That doesn't make any sense... (L) Now, she does... there are some strange things about her, I'll have to admit that. OK, then, this same inability to get a clue about what's going on... OK, that's a clue, right there. Is there any kind of instinctual sensation that one would get about these types of individuals?
A: Bland.
Q: (L) That they're bland in some way? Is that it, that these individuals are bland individuals?
A: Spend inordinate amounts of "time" in solitude.
Q: (SV) Am I one? (L) Of course not! Don't be silly! Now, let's stop a second. Now, we had several questions, and one of the questions was...
A: Bland is not universal in this situation, just a clue for you to identify individual.
Q: (L) OK, one is a nutritionist, one is very bland. Is that what we're getting at?
A: No.
Q: (L) OK, bland is just part of it.
A: Not key component, more likely to be spreading of disinformation. Do these beings know what they are?
A: Not conscious beings!
Q: (L) They're not conscious beings, so, they just react to you as though they are being remote controlled. (SV) So, if you told one of them what they were...
A: Are being remote controlled.

Comment: Well, this puts it very plainly - people can die and have their souls replaced by a remotely controlled interface. What comes out of the hospital in such cases is something that is not conscious. According to this excerpt, the particular 'robot' in question is "bland," likely to spread disinformation, and spends inordinate amounts of time in solitude - the typical ZEA.


This time, it is not a NEA because NEAs are not dead, and do not like to spend time alone. All it takes is a "hospital visit," which would suggest the initiator of their replacement could include a trip to the surgery room or even the mental hospital, meaning either physical or psychological trauma. Prison is another place conducive to replacement.


Other interpretations of "hospital visit" are possible. The fact that such beings are likely to spread disinformation suggests that their replacement in the hospital was done on purpose. Either they were murdered and replaced, or it could be that they died naturally for some reason and became instant candidates for ZEA status.


However, note that influential disinformants are usually ones with some credibility to start with, so if an otherwise honest and well-known researcher makes a hospital visit, they are likely targeted for replacement. Thus, both the death and replacement of these individuals is probably done on purpose.


Whether this happen with the knowledge and consent of any doctors or nurses there is uncertain.

Q: (L) One of the things we talked about the last time T*** was here was about the underground bases and military interference in civilian affairs and civilian interface with military affairs. What further can you tell us about this?
A: Ask specific questions, please.
Q: (L) One of the questions we were dealing with was the use of warfare to create situations in which bodies could be taken...
A: Warfare has many "uses."
Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?
A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool. Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...
Q: (TH) Who or what in the gene pool is being replaced? (TK) Whoever they want replaced. (L) Well, you know how it is in the movies... everybody is indiscriminately making love before they go into battle... (F) Yes... they said 'factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity...' (L) 'Replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...' Okay: do you mean to say that war...
A: Creates "environment" for unnoticed genetic modifications because of greatly heightened exchange of both physical and ethereal factors.
Q: (L) What do you mean by "replacement of key personnel?" Key personnel according to whose definition?
A: 4th density STS.
Q: (L) Are these key personnel human?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When you say replacement, do you mean something as simple as someone dying, such as a head of state, and being replaced by another person who comes to power? That would be the simplest scenario that would fit this explanation.
A: Your scenario is not simple.
Q: (L) I mean simple in terms of the machinations...
A: Both.
Q: (L) Would it also be that key personnel could also be replaced as in duplication?
A: Yes. And removing to secret activity realm. Enough wars have taken place to effectively create entire new "underground race" of humans, both from direct capture followed by "reeducation," and spawning activity using these persons and others.
Q: (L) What do you mean by spawning activity?
A: Those captured have reproduced offspring, these never having seen your world.
Q: (L) Are you saying... (TK) They have given birth and these children have never seen our world... (L) How can an entire race of people, or groups of people, live under the surface of this planet, without the whole 6 billion of the rest of us on top, or at least a large number, realizing that there is anything going on? This is so wild an idea...
A: No. How much space exists underground, as opposed to that on the surface?
Q: (L) A lot, I suppose. You aren't saying that the earth is hollow, are you?
A: No, not exactly.
Q: (L) Well, how deep is the deepest of these underground cities?
A: 3,108 miles.
Q: (L) That's pretty deep! But wouldn't it be too hot at that depth?
A: No. Temperature averages 68 degrees F.
Q: (TK) That's pretty comfortable! (L) How do they have light?
A: Magnetic resonance.
Q: (L) Well, aren't they subject to being crushed by earthquakes?
A: No, earthquakes are not felt deep underground!!
Q: (L) Does any of this underground civilization activity have any relation to this massive underground base the Russians are building?
A: No.
Q: (TK) Is any of this under the ocean?
A: Yes.
Q: (TK) Well, we'll never explore all of what is under the ocean. (L) It just staggers the mind to think about it. What do they want these people for?
A: To replace you.
Q: (TK) And why? Because they can control them better. Right?
A: Completely.
Q: (L) Do these people being bred and raised in these underground cities have souls?
A: Yes, most.
Q: (TK) Are they just like us only raised differently?
A: More complicated than that.
Q: (L) How long have they been doing this?
A: 14,000 years, approximately.
Q: (L) If they have been doing it that long, obviously the ones they have taken at the beginning have croaked and are of no use to replace anybody on the earth unless they have been replacing people from time to time for various reasons...
A: No, their technology makes yours look like Neanderthal by comparison! Hibernation tubes... One heartbeat per hour, for example.
Q: (TH) That means that for every year we live, they would live 4200 years... (L) Does any of this have anything to do with that crazy pit at Oak Island?
A: In an offhand way.
Q: (L) How do we fit into all of this? (TK) We don't!
A: You have been the "preparation committee."
Q: (L) What have we been doing? Is it part of the plan for us to destroy the planet, destroy the ozone layer, pollute the seas and so forth to make it more habitable for them?
A: Those things are inconsequential and easily repaired.
Q: (TK) With their technology, they can fix all of that. (L) This is really horrible, you know! To think of all this... (TK) Apparently, from what I am understanding, they can't just come in and wipe us out and replace us, because the 'rules' won't allow it.
A: Yet the natural cycles within the framework of the natural order of things will allow all these things to fall into place.

Comment: This section talks about an entirely different category of humans, ones with souls who live in underground cities and are being here to replace us.


But one key portion stands out:

Q: (TK) Well, we'll never explore all of what is under the ocean. (L) It just staggers the mind to think about it. What do they want these people for?
A: To replace you.
Q: (TK) And why? Because they can control them better. Right?
A: Completely.

Could it be that some of these humans, who are completely controlled, are presently being infused into society? Could that explain some NEA and ZEA type behavior?




But NEAs and ZEAs have plenty of other valid explanations for existing.


Anyway, this is going off into a whole new subject area beyond the scope of this article.