by TGM

January 2005

from TheMilleniumGroup Website


Did you see the report?

"Brownsville Texas gets first snow in 109 years!"

In California the rains are breaking records almost every day. Says weatherman Fritz Coleman,

"In two weeks, California has gotten a year's worth of rain."

"The worst snow storm in 18 years"

- CHP speaking of the Cajon Pass.

Funnel clouds over the Pacific and tornadoes in the Los Angeles area. Sounds like a recent movie. The Midwest and East are experiencing snowstorms that are halting traffic and transportation in its tracks. Nearly the entire United States over the past few weeks has had some of the worst weather ever seen.


And like Rush Limbaugh says, "It isn't Global warming!".

The Media has been focusing on the results of the 9.0+ earthquake and subsequent tsunami in South Asia. The destruction was quite severe. The estimates of deaths are really only beginning at 150,000. There have been plenty of other disasters over the past few years that have taken more lives. Typhoons, Malaria and other examples, consistently take equally or greater numbers of lives.

But before I go there, let's get this out of the way at the top of the story. This quote from one of our favorite detractors:

"It seems every time we have a modestly bright comet, someone or group or tabloid will claim that the comet is a threat to the Earth, has a spaceship traveling next to it or some other nonsense. They get on the radio and call themselves "scientists." To them, those of us that provide legitimate information on comets are obviously part of some grand conspiracy.


If you are one that believes the nonsense that these people promote, that is certainly your right. However, remember their predictions. When they do not come true... and none of them came true with Comet Hale-Bopp... perhaps next time you will not be so willing to believe the pseudo-scientific predictions they make."
Charles S. Morris

Mr. Morris wrote this a couple years ago after we made claims concerning Comet Lee and previously - Hale Bopp. I'm sorry to bring up the issue, however the statements that we made were 100% true and they stand true today. It is typical for people such as Mr. Morris to call people names and to avoid arguing the points, so they can avoid any conflict with their own paradigm. Insults are not really very becoming of an employee of honest tax payers.


I am very willing to meet, talk to, or publicly discuss these issues with Mr. Morris or any other person from a similar situation at their convenience. Just drop me an email. The above quote can be found HERE, along with his other statements concerning our reports of Lee and Hale Bopp.

Now that's out of the way, let's talk about some recent events that appear to be strongly connected.

The day before the 9.0+ earth quake that resulted in the now infamous tsunami in South Asia, an earthquake measuring in excess of 8.3 struck 500 miles south of Tasmania. There was no media coverage even though the quake did not result in a tsunami. Actually, there was a whole string of earthquakes during the same period. First I want to present what the sun was doing during these few days before and during these quakes.

The first graph below is from December 23 through December 26.


On December 24th there was a noticeable spike, a "C" flare and then quickly dropped off to low levels.


The next graph shows this drop off - a distinct event.


The 8.3 south of Tasmania and 9.0+ that resulted in the devastating tsunami occurred during this very LOW period of Solar Flux.


Then the record shows a dramatic increase:


There then occurred four "M" flares.


And then this monster:


This was an "X" flare, on January first.


The following image is of the Comet Machholz Q2 in early December:

In this image Comet Machholz 2 clearly has two tails. The traditional or the status quo theory is that comets begin to sublimate or "melt" if you will at four, maybe five AU's (93 million miles) close to the sun. They say this because they believe that comets are "dirty snowballs." For the following reason, pretty much the following reason alone, we are called "quacks" among other fond names.

We prescribe and cling to the theories of Velikovsky, in that the universe is full of plasma and electromagnetic flux is more of a force than gravity. We also support the writings of James McCanney (blackballed Cornell University Professor) which theorizes that comets are charged and are affected by the charges of the solar system. You can read his theory HERE.

If these two tails of Machholz 2 are the trailing gas of a dirty snowball, then why is it that there is one tail behind the comet and one that stretches out in another direction? Many times comets have what are commonly referred to as "antitails". In McCanney's theory the comets are connected to the sun by the dielectric field of the sun which extends out through the ecliptic of the solar system. We also recommend the writings of Wal Thornhill at Holoscience - The Electric Universe, which support the same ideas.


We postulate that as Comet Machholz 2 has come closer and closer to the earth and its position relative to the earth and the sun has changed, the flux that has been theorized in the above works disconnected from the sun on or about the 24th of December and then "re"connected strongly over a few days following the excited discharge into the earth which caused the earthquakes of the 26th and is causing the severe weather currently and in recent weeks.


Comets are highly charged, fastly moving bodies (planetoids/planets) that travel through the flux/plasma of our solar system, wreaking havoc and truly earning their reputation as harbingers of disaster. No wonder historians have compelled us to view comets with mystery and fear; even in the face of criticism, name calling and even anger from the uniformitarians of our day.

The proximity of the comet to the earth in the Starry Night simulation above is only mildly misleading. The comet is traveling from above the plane of the ecliptic to below the ecliptic. This actually increases the power of the connection and disruption as the comet is breaking the plane. The greatest amount of flux from the sun out to the planets is on the ecliptic plane. It has been well documented that comets can break up when they cross this highly charged area of space. More on this can be read HERE. Also actual images of this type of event occurring can be seen HERE.

Over the period of time mentioned above the comet has been coming closer to the earth.


The following distances are in A.U.'s:

  • December/24/2004         = .392AU's

  • December/26/2004         = .379AU's

  • January/01/2005             = .354AU's

  • January/05 and 06/2005  = .347AU's

  • The 5th & 6th being the closest point to the earth in its orbit.

Before I close, there was one more contributing variable in all of this. During the week of the earthquake and tsunami there was a full moon. Now before the critics go off on me, let me say this: It is a common thing for there to be earthquake increases during a full moon. Because the moon is full to the eye doesn't mean that it's bigger or especially closer to the earth. However these occurrences are reportedly relative to tidal forces.


However the reason that the moon is "full", is because it is opposite the sun. This is an alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. Moreover it is an alignment of the field. This is an oversimplification of the event, however adequately expressed. Adding the influence of the comet to the alignment of the field between the sun, earth and moon, we have the recipe for a strong electrical discharge.


Will we have another "event" the next full moon? Or will we have another event before then? We're watching.

Machholz 2 is currently a naked eye comet in the night sky of North America. It can be seen between Taurus and the Pleiades from dark areas, better with small binoculars.


But the question is, will there be more earth connections and disconnections in the next few weeks?