by Cliff High

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Terra - Boats (not) afloat, Mechanism Theory


The beginning of the [global coastal phenomena] is either pending for about mid May, or started recently with the near-to Tonga volcano sub seas eruption (and land building), or began this week with the rupture of the ice bridge in Antarctica, or the ‘freak’ waves that struck around the planet over 2008, or some other ‘event’ in the future, or not.


While there is ample room for debate on something as wide a forecast as a [global coastal phenomena], and a 5/five months wide ‘initiation’ period, nonetheless, the separation of the Antarctica ice bridge is clearly a very large HMMMMM! within the total context of a [global coastal phenomena].


The issue is that this ‘ice bridge’ needs to really be considered in the context of a [cork], or [bouchon] as we had forecast some number of years back.


At the time the data seemed to be suggesting that the [cork] was to be moved by [underseas volcanoes] that would be causing [current shifts] that in turn would [erode] the [cork’s position]. Perhaps the shift of the Antarctic ‘ice bridge’ is this cork being moved. The details may not be knowable.


Within a day of the shift or cracking of the ice bridge, various sources within Antarctica report that the governmental presence there started to crack down on all outgoing information streams.

The forecast for the [global coastal phenomena] from the immediacy values set suggests yet another round of [grounding (of) vessels] occurring, though in this instance the data sets are suggesting clear [Antarctic] associations, and further that the [grounding] will be a result, as well as a temporal marker, for the next phase of the [global coastal phenomena].


The shorter term values indicate that the [visible] component of the [global coastal phenomena] increases for the [5/five months period] starting slightly before the Summer solstice, and now, given the actual manifestations of this year so far, it would appear that the [visible] rise of the context within the global media-stream will be the result of actual emerging circumstances, rather than mere fear talk about the potential for such.


As a temporal marker for the next set of emerging manifestations within the [global coastal phenomena], the [vessel grounding] is indicated to be very high in [visibility]. Further the data sets indicate that the [grounding] will be a problem for the [mission/activity] involved, which is indicated to be [forced ahead] in spite of [dangers], and [difficulties].


The data shows that there will be a [wash/overlay] of [obstructions/obstacles] around the [boat/vessel grounding]. Also, and quite curiously, there are several supporting sets within both the general [Antarctica] sub set, as well as the [vessel aground/useless] sub sets, there are aspects/attributes of [grasses], and [trees], and these are filled with a number of [botanical species] references.


Again, probably wrong, or else a real big HMMMM!

The data sets are now able, due to the far side of the longer term values now extending into 2013, to offer some indications as to the [2012 problem(s)]. It would seem as though the [squeeze] aspect/attribute set is a very key element here. The data sets are indicating that the [galactic core magnetic field] is [squeezing] our [solar system] and everything in it.


As we progress further toward the [hunab ku (alignment with galactic center on Dec. 21. 2012), the [squeeze] will become even more severe, which is indicated to cause all manner of problems from [increased magma activity], to [dampened/ crushed sun] to a wide range of other [magnetic pressure vessel effects] including [headaches], and [sudden death], and [mass deaths (animals, specifically birds and sea life)].


This last is indicated to include [humans], but unlike the [dead flocks], the [humans] will be [dying] in [disparate] areas, so it will take a while to reconcile the [death rate increase] to the same cause as the [devastation (of) bird life].


The data sets indicate that 2012 will have a very early, perhaps as early as March, but likely after the [equinox], period of [solar crises]. These are indicated to be very severe from the human perspective, but nothing compared to the problems to be encountered in 2013. The data sets would seem to argue that once the [alignment] has been passed, it is the [relaxation] of the [magnetic grip] on the [solar system] that will really cause problems.


Sort of to be expected really, as the naturally energetic activities within the [solar system] have been [clamped down] by the [alignment], they will necessarily be [more vigorous] as the [magnetic clamps] are released. looks as though huge [solar disturbances] occur in early 2012, and then the first of the [quickening/release_of_pressure] ‘events’ will take place around the [vernal equinox] in 2013.

More, unfortunately, in Part Six.



GlobalPop - Yawn??!?, Assassins’ Black Robes


Sleep disturbances. .on a mass populace scale. At first the [sleep problems] will be only [individually] felt, but then the [collective] nature of the phenomena will become [visible] over late Summer and through Fall.


The [phenomena] will increase over the next 3/three years, but its initial [flush] of [discovery] will occur mostly in 2009.


There will be any number of [proffered theories], including a [complete story line] that will emerge from the TPTB (see The Global Elite) and their [propaganda press minions], but due to circumstances at the time, by the roll out of the [disinformation/distraction memes] around the [sleep disorder] situation, their work will not find acceptance. The data sets have the [sleep disturbances] lexical structure cross linked over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity, and a temporal link is established that has this phenomena as a ‘trailing’ wave behind the [increase in gov’t whistleblowers] by about a month or so.


However, please note that the data sets are indicating via the immediacy and shorter term value sets that this phenomena is on-going at this moment. The data sets show that the [sleep pattern disturbances] will [creep] through the [populace] as [strength (of unknown energies from space)] increases.


At the moment, the GlobalPop entity is indicating that it is the [extremely refined/sensitive] humans and animals that are experiencing it now, and the lesser aware segments of planetary life will gradually be overtaken by these same [symptoms].


This area is heavily involved in the [disease] sub set that appears with a burst in Fall 2009, and while it will be conceptually [disease] linked for some time, the cause of the [mass sleep pattern disturbance] is entirely extra solar system in origin.

Further the increase in [sleep medications] will not cure the [sleep disturbances], and will instead aggravate the already tense emotional turmoil in humans here on terra.

The emotional turmoil has already been discussed as producing [drooling standing stasis], and [muckers/amok behavior], and [aberrant sexual behavior], and now the symptoms extend to include the [sleep pattern disruptions]. These will be so severe as to greatly, perhaps as much as increase by half, the number of
[accidents] in all manner of endeavors.


The data sets indicate that not only [transportation] will be affected, but also [accidents in work places/factories], and several incidents globally of [accidents in workplaces] that are described as [spilling over] with [lethal/deadly] consequences for the local populace. Newly accreting sets for both the [British] and [French] sub sets of the GlobalPop entity are providing increased support for the [social order disturbances] as well as [internal military actions] for both countries.


This last is indicated to include [death squads] which are going to be seen as [operating outside political control]. Though the data sets indicate mass amounts of [confusion] around these [death squads], the situation will later be revealed to be directly tied to [titled nobility] and the [high priests/popes (of the illuminati)].


There are large numbers of supporting sets for these [death squads] which are either associated with [Israel] or [Jesuits]. A curious combination indeed.




SpaceGoatFarts - Scars wearing woman, Bursty Contact, Frozen Peas

The SpaceGoatFarts entity is always interesting to examine due to the plentitude of options between diverse linguistic sets. Unlike the Markets entity, which is very focused, though quite large within each category as the linguistic shifts indicate that much of the planets’ populace is still emotionally hooked to the [markets] abstraction, the SpaceGoatFarts entity is both widely ranging in subject/contexts, and deeply supported in most.


In our past experience with this entity, even those sub sets that are not deeply supported with their own diversity of aspect/attributes are usually newly arrived contexts, and they will be growing. After the inception of the SpaceGoatFarts entity a number of years ago as a container to hold the [officially denied], and truly [unknown], and the [evidence exists but humans have not a clue] contexts. the entity has grown both consistently and infrequently by large accretions of new contexts and supporting sets.


These sudden bursts of new linguistics have been a good temporal marker for the arrival of a new level of awareness of the subjects within the contexts across the populace.

The [contact] meme within the entity has recently experienced just such a flush of new aspect/attribute sets. The primary supporting aspect/attribute set of [fractured/breaking] now has [disaster] as its primary supporting aspect/attribute. This sub set grows off a distinctly small branching level of supporting aspect/attributes that is 1/one of several new focal points of rapid accretion of values under the [contact] meme.


The details of this small, but emotionally charged sub set include aspect/attributes for [localized occurrence] which then is supported by [international exposure]. This is in its turn supported by an internally cross linked set of [fractured/breaking] which is supported by [architecture]. The data sets are further supported at the broad detail level of [building ruptures], and [blown out walls], and [crumbled stones/bricks], and [disjointed roads], and other aspect/attributes of a simi liar nature.


These are in reference to [natural occupancies] including [earthquakes] and [mudslides]. It is this last which is most heavily supported, and which has the higher emotional summations. This set seems to indicate that the Italian earthquakes of this past week are merely part of a [pattern] of [earth activities] indicated to move [north] through [Europe].


These [earth shifts/movements] are being forecast to create a situation in which a [land shift/mud slide] induces a [hole] that in turn [sinks] a [building] that will be [visible] on the global media-stream as it [ruptures] while being [bitten through] by the [earth shift]. This specific [architecture], while crumbling is indicated to [spill out] a [tongue] of material from the [building] upon which will be 1/one of several [large impetus occurrences] to [new exposure] of the [contact] meme.

There are specific references for a [woman] which is supported by [embodiment (of) female] who will be coming to [visibility] over the course of Summer and Fall, with many associations with [whistleblowers]. This [woman] has supporting aspects for [spirituality] and [reaching (for) enlightenment]. She is described in the data sets with a primary supporting aspect/attribute of [scars], which are [painted broadly/covering] some portion of her body.


These [scars] are a very central descriptor for the [woman] at least in terms of how she is viewed by herself and her [family/extended family]. This personality is described as [bringing] or [carrying forward] a [sacrifice] that is described as [activity] (and which is cross linked to her [scars]), or perhaps a [performance] designed to [foment/excite] the [tribe] toward [exposure].


This [woman] further has supporting sets for [past/old] associations with [attacks (by) TPTB], and [evil spirits/beings].


She is further described as gaining a [visibility] that will be quite [shocking] to both the [woman] involved, and her very large [tribal collective/extended family]. Further the [exposure] that the [woman/female personality] will bring to the [contact] meme will involve direct [participation] by some persons in the [Russian state government], as well as [NASA].


This area might be describing 1/one of our forecast [whistleblowers], or a person involved in their [promotion].


The [visibility] of the [female personality] over summer will come about due to her [Russian heritage/roots/lineage] and seeming a [past/previous incarceration]. Her [scars] are not associated with the [incarceration] sub set. These are apparently from her [youth], and include some [trauma] associated with [strawberries].




The [incarceration] sub set includes such institutions as [local jails], and [national state prisons], as well as [mental institutions]. This last may be the actual focus of her [incarceration] as there are some extensive cross links to the [Canadian (mental) health care system], as well as [nursing] as an [occupation]. This [female personality] has many cross links over to the GlobalPop entity, where many of these also end in areas which are geographically linked to either [Canada] or [Russia].


The [Russia] sub set contains some small sub set for [urals (mountains)].

There are many cross links from the [(scarred) woman of exposure] over to [NASA] and many of these are curiously linked to [markets] and the [banking cessation/holiday]. This [woman] is temporally linked, at least her [visibility], to a major incident of [social unrest] and [social disaster] in both [china] and the [USofA - United States of America]. She is indicated to appear in very close proximate to the [whistleblowers] from [deep black/under shadows].


Unfortunately, this [female person] will also be appearing just weeks before the next step down in the [global economic crumble]. The reason that the temporality of her appearance is important is that she will be just gaining her [voice] at the [global level] {ed note: many associations with the forecast planetary populace movement} when [all hell] breaks loose at the [planetary financial level].

The [contact] meme gets its next big ‘burst’ {ed note: pun intended} from the [sun illness] over early to mid Fall 2009, and in the mixture of the [rampaging economic/financial (and international social order) chaos], both the [contact] meme and the [woman (of scars)] will gain a significant measure of [visibility]. Her [visibility] is directly supported by [videos], and [private] release rather than [corporate]... sooooo, we don’t think that she will be coming from the main stream media.


The appearance of the [scars (wearing) woman] will also be conjunct (within a few weeks) of a large increase in the [information seepage] from the [shadow world]. This increase is different from previous situations of [whistleblowers] in that the data sets are indicating that the [frozen masses (of) humans] will start to [thaw] toward this information, and are indicated to find [receptivity] for what will be [leaking out].


The data sets are also indicating that this [acceptance] of the [contact] meme will be directly related to the [south America] sub set and the [promises fulfilled] sub set around the [appearance].





At least not quite yet. Rather this [south America] sub set is indicated to be mostly [contained] to the [south American] sub set of the global populace.


There are indicated [pressures] on the [global press] to [contain] the [visibility]. So while this ongoing, the [incident] will be [suppressed], however, as may be expected, [visibility] is likely to appear via [popular channels].

As the model-space is progressed through the end of Summer, the [woman of scars] and the [contact] meme are indicated to step up in [visibility] and to [radiate] outward from the [European Space Agency]. This is tangentially connect to an [official testimony/document] which will be coming out of a [magnetic research institute] that will be part of the [chain of events] leading to the [rising visibility] of the [scars wearing woman]. The data sets also connect this [visibility] to the [Antarctica] and to [communications] as a sub set of [contact].

As a sub set of the [Antarctica] and [contact] meme, there is a central core of linguistic structures that are cross linked back over to the Terra entity where the terminations are within the [planetary changes/climate anomalies], and further that there are cross links from both the Terra entity and the [Antarctica] sub set over to the [un-deny-ability] sub set within the GlobalPop entity.


Supporting sets for the [contact] meme grow over the movement through Fall and Winter.


The relative calm of Summer quickly fades in Fall into aspects of [bad], and that is followed by [dying] in Winter. These aspects are within the supporting sets for the [contact] meme. The internal cross links seem to indicate that a [death of a prominent (person) man] will [propel] the [scar wearing woman] into [visibility], while simultaneously bringing out a [shock (of) awareness] from the [populace] as a whole.


The [dying person] just may be the source for the discussed in previous reports in this series. If so, the list will not be part of the [documents] which are [uncorked/released] by the [death of the prominent person]. Key to this whole sub set are supporting sets which go to the idea that [past (winter) catastrophes] will be [exposed].


Some of these sets indicate that the [secret societies (including the society of death/skulls& bones)] will be involved. And not in a good way.

There are some level of details describing the [initial breaking (through)] to [visibility] of the [scar wearing woman] that include a [cadre] of [public personages] who will be tangentially in the background of her appearance.


Further she is indicated to be [visible] about the time of other [strange stories] gaining [visibility] which will include some large discussion about [migrating water fowl], and their [disaster], as well as stories about the [sweating rice/grains] {ed note: UV radiation storm affecting crops}, as well as the [economic/fiscal collapse acceleration] of late Summer through Fall.

The [contact] meme has also gained significant support from aspect/attribute sets going to the idea that [difficulty (of the undertaking/endeavor) is beyond understanding] until the [passing of the process]. All of these sub sets are supported by [great], as in [great passing], and [great understanding], and [great process]. There are some further supporting sets for a [gossip] outbreak within the [contact] meme that will [break/fracture] the [rule- set/laws-structure].


This in turn is cross linked to the [whistleblowers] sub set within the Populace/USofA, and internally within the SpaceGoatFarts entity over to the [regulations] sub set.


These areas accrue in late Fall as model-space is progressed.




Populace/USofA - War!


War! And more [war] with aspects/attributes of [army], and [bad luck], and the [army carrying (its dead)] in long trains of [carts] that [stretch back] over the [horizon].


Hmmm. Well... that sure starts the day off with a rush of blood to the brain!


As we progress model-space past the October 26th shift point, and through the 10/ten days of [nebulous surroundings/environment] to [gathering worry] and [concern], the Populace/USofA entity gains large amounts of support under [war] as a sub set, and under that, the [army] sub set. Further, the primary rising aspect/attribute set for the Populace/USofA entity is also [war], and in its turn its primary support comes from the [army].


These sub sets begin growing rapidly from November 5 onward through all the rest of the month and most of December. There are indications for [serious/significant threats] being made which are described as [international] in scope, and focused on [economic fraud]. This last is further supported by [derivatives], and [accusations] of [looting *(by officialdom)] of the [treasure(y) of the people].

Now no [war] is good [war], so this by nature is a [bad war] and it is so described by the data. The [war] aspect is supported by [army] which is supported at its primary level by [long caravans of dead being hauled].


This sub set has [international] among the secondary supporting layers, as well as [rapid], and [doomed (to defeat)]. The [army] sub set has [cocksure/over-confident] as its leading secondary supporting aspect set, and further contains modifiers of [shocking], [sudden], [complete], [calamity], [defeat], and [destroyed].


And this is only the half of it.


While the [army] sub set is supporting [war], it is also the primary supporting set for [control] within the sub set for the [political elite] within the larger [populace/USofA] sub set. The aspect/attributes which grow under [army] in this context are entirely given over to [control], and focus on the [populace/USofA].


The data sets accruing in support of this part of the Populace/USofA entity are directly participating within the [duality] meta data layer, and additionally are extensively cross linked back over to the [whistleblowers] sub set of the SpaceGoatFarts entity.

As the model-space is progressed through November and December, the [disaster] sub set in support of [war] and its affect on the Populace/USofA entity increases with supporting sets from [dark days (and) omens], through to [space (based) disasters], and includes [northern (fleet?) loss]. Other supporting layers include very emotionally charged lexical sets for [kneeling] and [praying].


These are further supported by large sets for [grief] at a [national level].

And now for the ‘reasonably good news’... the data sets do contain explicit references for [half the worry (goes) away]. These are in direct support of the [war] sub set, and are themselves robustly supported. The imagery coming across is consistently pointing to [tensions], and [chaos], and [disruption], and all the emotional elements leading up to [war]... but there is yet some support for [easing], and [resolution].


While we note that the data sets are replete with support for [death] at a [national level] that creates [grief] expressed by [wailing and moaning], this is a supporting set that appears over the Winter, after model-space is progressed into very late December. The state of the Populace/USofA entity prior to [winter (2009/2010)] will apparently be determining the outcome of the [war] worries.


This is said as the [war] set is also directly under, influenced by, and participates in the [duality] meta data layer. There is ambiguity. The language contains, and supports the [war] set, but we have to acknowledge that nearly a century of rule by [political elites/Bilderbergers (beginning with the 1913 Federal Reserve coup), the Populace/USOfA entity is constantly reflecting [war] as a subject.


It should not be surprising then that [war] appears, and we frequently discount the lexical structures around the whole [war] context as being emotionally hot and therefore difficult to parse, but in this instance, the data sets are quite explicitly focusing on the [army/USofA] as an archetype for [military].


Further as each thread of the [war] sub set is followed out, as they all cross the December 21st move into Winter, all shift to [disaster] and imagery of [miles of dead] being [transported].

The data sets accrue in support of the [war] sub set with a surprising amount of the support either directly [space] linked inside the Populace/USofA entity, or via cross links over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity, to other [space] sub sets. Further, there are large areas of cross links binding the [war] sub sets, specifically those appearing in November/December and the [whistleblower(s) (from) government], as well as to the Markets entity, sub set [dollar death], and specifically its sub set of [last usage], and [final passing].

The [war] sub set provides the imagery of [Israel] attacking [Iran] in the Fall and given the emotional tension shift on October 26th that propels the values through November and December, it would not be surprising to find that the [attacks against (the) victims (Iran)] would arise close to that point as model-space is progressed.


The imagery from the detail aspect/attributes would have it play out as an [aerial bombardment] against Iran that is particularly [brutal] and that causes a very high level of [populace deaths] immediately in Iran. Further in the weeks after the [murders (in) Iran] by the [zionistas], the [horrible nature] of the [disaster] caused by [Israel] becomes apparent as [death] spreads through [south east Asia].


This time lag is what makes the interpretation of the progress of the [war] difficult. It would seem that the [initial attack] is [successful] from [Israeli viewpoint], even with the [civilian casualties] so high as to make most of the [planetary populace] very uneasy, and [sick to stomach].


Much [zionista denial] is attempted, but that quickly fails and the [Israeli state organization] is described as becoming almost [belligerently bellicosely bragging] about their [kill power]. The data sets indicate that much of the [zionista] war machine will be [trapped] and [destroyed] in the subsequent [back lash attacks]. These are not indicated to be [immediate], and that is what makes the [zionistas sweat], the lack of [instant retaliation].

Then a loosely [combined] series of [attacks] on [global Israeli interests], as well as the [Israeli state], brings out [cries for help] and [demands of assistance] from [Israeli state officialdom]. It is at this point that things begin to escalate and to [go very bad] as the military jargon will put it.

The commitment to [save Israel] by the [USofA Bilderberger government] causes several [paths of destruction] to open up.


The first is the [embroilment/envelopment] of the [USofA army] in the [middle east] and [Europe] to become [instantly isolated] and under [severe attack]. The [European contingent] of the [USofA military] is involved by way of [supporting services], and is also under [direct attack] in their [European bases] by [anti Zionist forces]. In both [arenas of combat] the [USofA military] is indicated to take [very heavy casualties].

Then there is the [war at home]. This [path of destruction] opens up as the [citizens/populace/usfoa] begins to [act out] against the [Israeli support]. As the [save Zionists] effort starts out, the [protests] are described as [loud], and [chaotic], and even [large], but not very effective. There will be a large effort mounted
[internally (to American zionistas)] to have [counter demonstrations] in [support of poor suffering Israel].


These are indicated to have a single [day] of [success], then the [death tolls] to the [USofA military] start to become [known], and the whole situation changes overnight.


It is at this point that the [officialdom/political elite] of the [USofA] start to [panic]. The [attacks by Israel] have [caused] a nearly [complete cessation of trading (of anything)] at a global level, and the [food supply pressures] as well as the [escalation of death levels], and most importantly the attempt by the [political elite] to initiate [sudden, rapid] and [forced] drafting of the populace (both sexes) into the [military] starts the [active] stage of [rebellion] in the [USofA].


The [rebellion] sub set gradually is overtaken into [revolution] as the [bad disasters] grow across November and December. The data sets indicate that the [political elite (aka fascist Bilderbergers/Illuminati)] will instigate [lethal/deadly attacks] against the [populace/usfoa].

The [disasters] for the [USofA Bilderberger political elite class] is indicated to include [failures] in [confrontations] with [china] over the [south east Asia international social order destruction]. This last is a significant sub set of the [war] aspect/attribute set, and it indicates that the [USofA Bilderberger military machines] become sooo overwhelmed, that an instant, and global [power vacuum] occurs.


The data sets are quite clear here. The [Bilderberger officialdom] so badly [abuses] the [usfoa military] that it is indicated to be [defeated] pretty much [globally]. The data sets do not (with very small exceptions) indicate either [nuclear war], nor [invasions] of the [north American continent].


However, that aside, the [defeat] language is extreme even for our work, and indicates that a very [short war], perhaps as short as [2/two to 3/three months] in total length will see [American military in defeat and shambles], and most of [Israel burning]. Most of the [populace/USofA], which is to say, perhaps as much as 55/fifty-five percent is now (by early 2010) unemployed.


There is planetary [starvation] on all continents, but specifically worse in the ‘developed’ countries whose [foods supplies] were [trade dependent]. The [global health care system] including the [USofA health care system] has collapsed. As has [pharmaceutical manufacture].


There are active [revolutions] in a number of countries, including [Mexico], and several of the [elite controlled] central, and south American countries.


Then things get really bad from there. More, unfortunately, in Part Six far below.





Part Five



Conclusion - ALTA 1309

The questions around the concepts of [intervention], and [ascension], and [alteration (of the reality templates)] are rising in frequency as the days before 2012 wane.


Will aliens intervene to ‘save us’? Will we be transported (ascended) to another, higher density? Can we alter the future by collective will power?


Taking these in reverse order we first examine the idea that collective human will power can affect manifest reality. Well, this turns out to be true, and we have demonstrable evidence on September 11, 2001 when the first minutes of the broadcast of the attacks on the Masonic Twin Towers actually altered the magnetic’s of the planet as a whole, and these magnetic changes were picked up from satellites.


So the answer to that is a ‘possible yes’. It would seem that collective human emotions can alter magnetic fields, and thus are actually affecting the planet as a whole, however, to exercise deliberate will globally to affect as an example, a crustal shift of the planet requires mental training that the vast majority of humans do not possess.


Further while we could do just that sort of thing if all humans on the planet were practicing zen monks or jain renunciants, that would seem to not be probable within the next few years.

Ascension to a higher density?


Well, perhaps, but remember that you won't be taking the baggage of your body with you, and by definition any permanent change of address from the body by consciousness is death. At least on this material world plane of existence.


The idea of a bodily ascension also makes no sense at all.


Already the body is merely the grosser expression of the many toroid intersections of harmonically asymmetrical energies... leading to ancient cultures to note the existence of the [auric body] as an example. So, once again, if there is ascension, the material world body will remain, and if consciousness goes walk about with no intent of coming back, we call that death.


And as a last note on the issue, the idea of a ‘rapture’ in which the body is transported by divine province to higher planes is in essence a ‘prison sentence’. Imagine being bound to the limitations of a physical body, even if it did not age more or degrade more. Still it would be polluting the whole idea of being in the ‘higher dimensions’ in that one would be fenced into the corporeal expression of reality. This is a ‘does not compute’ moment.


So that is likely out, or in, but either way, not a particularly desirable solution to the whole idea of galactic level changes from now through 2021.

And lastly the aliens ‘save us’ meme. Without regard to whether the aliens are christ returning, or kindly Pejorians, or rude boys from the Bootees’, the whole meme resolves down to a movie script like belief system in the ‘external savior’. In this particular flavor of the meme as we approach 2012, the ‘space aliens’ will ‘save us’ at the last minute by stabilizing earth, or ‘changing the timeline’, or other instance of universe bending.


Hmmmmm... you see the problem here, eh? EVEN IF this did happen, what then? Kindly aliens just bug out? Leaving us to sort it all out ourselves? Or do the do it in secret so the ‘natives’ will never know? {ed note: even that presents problems as such alterations of physical phenomena leaves imprints on the social evolution of the species, and thus violates the whole idea of secrecy.}


And then there is the other side of the ‘relationship’ between external savior and the saved... which by the way is NEVER a pleasant exchange of equals. Nope, in the end, sorry to say, any form of external savior, and if you are the saved, you are also their ‘pregnant dog’. Eh?


In all cases, the data sets would argue that it isn't going to happen. So now is the time for all good humans to become super good humans, just to steady everyone else by examples of courage, and right thinking.

Meditations, pies and naps are probably going to be a whole lot better than medications, though apparently lots of these are being stored by TPTB in their ‘dark holes in the ground’ for their ‘presumed safe transit’ of the ‘times of difficulties’ ahead.


Well, given the miserable state of projected future, what ever gets you through the night, is all right.


Note: On where we go from here

The various stakeholders here at HPH (HalfPastHuman) have been in discussion around a blueberry pie. The discussion is about the future, collectively and personally.


Candidly, both Igor and I have enough monies to make it through to Fall, and the [disintegration days].


At that point the data would seem to indicate money is less than useful. So basically that is 6/six months we have remaining before TSHTF. Neither of us has the emotional strength to pursue another run under the current format. And there is the huge question of “given 6/six months left, what really needs doing?”.


We are tentatively planning to do a detail run and then to write all the reports up as a single e-Book, and then to release this at a reduced price intended to just cover costs and to produce widespread purchase (and reading. Never know if foreknowledge en masse can change the future, though not likely). These plans are tentative. It will depend on how universe shoves us around over these next weeks following Part Six.

So please do NOT send any funds for any future ALTA reports. Let us sort things out and then firm up our collective plans.

Thanks for your understanding on this.





Meta Data - Merde, et merde encore!

However [strange] and [bizarre] the [climate] will express over [spring], the message that we are getting, and repeatedly, from the accretion patterns of the supporting sets across all of model-space is that Spring, in spite of [merde/#] being all over, will be peaceful and calming compared to the [collectively bad summer], and [miserable fall].


Sooo the idea is that [spring], such as it is, should be considered as the [time to absorb] those [energies] on a personal level that will sustain you through [summer and fall]. As we examine the data accretion patterns across all of model-space, watching the whole of the movements through the rest of 2009, it becomes clear that each of the seasons will bring its own flavor to the [transformation] meta data layer.


A meta data layer is a linguistic structure composed of a descriptor/label for a context and the supporting sets which is found in all the entities across the entire system, thus the [meta] appellation to these particular data elements. Being [above/meta] the model-space, these [meta data layers] can be considered almost as [universe dipping sauces] in which the events of the times are dunked, thus providing a generally dominating ‘flavor’ over all the diverse activities of omnihumanity.


As model-space is progressed over [spring], and through the [bad summer], the dominant level of support for the [bad/emotionally negative] sub sets is split into various small sub themes from diverse entities.


In other words the [bad] component of [summer] within the data sets derives support from a range that includes:

  • the Terra entity, sub sets [oceans and waters (of all kinds)]

  • the Populace/USofA entity, sub sets [social breakdown], [food crises], [economic crises], et al

  • GlobalPop, sub set [economic crises], [political crises], et al

  • Press entity, sub set [whistleblowers], [breakdown of controlling forces]

  • TPTB entity, sub set [fear (based) control (dissolution)], [intercine strife], [unknown (energies) from space]

  • SpaceGoatFarts entity, [unknown energies from space], [2/two loose cannons (problems) (our 2/two ‘liberators’ of space alien technology)], [solar disease], [solunious (impact on humans)]

  • and other minor entities and sub sets

However, by the time that model-space reaches into Fall/2009, and specifically after crossing yet another emotional event horizon on October 26th, the problems sets rapidly coalesce around [loss of currencies], and the resulting [war/(threats of war)].


Yes, the rest of it all is still boiling up in universe stew, but these are the primary chunks that will gain the focus of interest from the planetary (and off-world?) populace.



GlobalPop - Tactics, Strategic Withdrawal, PAC

As the Summer of [mad crowds/uprising] shifts into a more [active] phase, the accretion patterns suggest that [duality] will dominate the TPTB and their approach to the [reporting] of the [many gatherings].


The data would seem to suggest that a stream of [protest = terrorist] will be tried, but also that sometime in early July, beginning in [France], and then going to [Britain], and the [USofA], a [turning point] will be crossed in which the [populace] will [turn against/disbelieve] the [press reports].


This will emerge as a sub set of the breakdown of [cognitive dissonance] as the [people] will start to [participate] in [local activities/events] which then get [twisted] by the [national/international press] and thus slowly the [breakdown spreads]. From the TPTB perspective, the [challenge to authoritarian press] begins in earnest in mid July as the first in a series of [attacks] and [beatings] of [press persons] especially focusing on [teevee personalities] and their [crews].


The imagery includes [tumbled over satellite trucks] and [assaults] which leave the [face people of teevee] in a state of [dishevelment] and [cut and bleeding] in a very [visible] manner.


At this point the accretion patterns suggest that TPTB will [recognize] the situation, and alter their [tactics], though the [strategy] of [disenfranchisement], and [separation (from) support], and the move for [discrediting] will continue.

So, for a while, the [officialdom running dog press lackeys] will be instructed to [go silent] on the developing [active stage of rebellion].


But, of course, the state of things these days merely shifts the volume of [reporting] over to the [internet] and the [various free news sources]. This will be an interesting time, as the data suggests that several [courageous individuals] will emerge, from late July onward through early 2010, as [trusted] and [global] sources for [news (in their) region].


These new [trusted sources] will themselves be [under attack], at various different levels by TPTB and [officialdom minions], however the data sets accrue in patterns around [self protection social groups] who will employ [massed video] and [hidden video] to such good effect as to [cause/trip up] a number of [officialdom minions]. We note that the forecast for these individuals is NOT good.


The data sets indicate that the label of [courageous] is justified as many will [die] in their attempts to [speak truth (to the) masses].

The TPTB will present their [press minions] with a rather difficult group of choices in that the [ability to not see] the [turmoil] will rapidly diminish, and this is indicated to increase the [cartoon/contrived perception] of the [manufactured news].


As this [summer] merges into [fall] the [new sources] data sets start to [grow] with support rising from [desperation] and [frustration] at the primary level, and [repression] and [oppression] at the secondary level.


Hmmmm... probably not a good combination, at least for [local officialdom], and [minions of TPTB]. Kind of like a [pepperoni pizza pig out with pints when past forty]... a whole lot of [burping] of the [indigestible] will be occurring, and as the data suggests, it will hit the TPTB, very [late at night].


The imagery is pointing toward a [night filming] by a major {ed note: likely native English speaker} [video presenter] who will be [accidentally] presenting the [strife] {ed note: in the background?} of [local political/economic unrest].


The data suggests that the ‘victim’ of this [response to oppression] will provide a whole new meaning (here in the USofA) to the phrase [political action committee].



Populace/USofA - Turvy World

The projections or forecasts that the data provide are based on the arrival of the individual aspect/attribute sets, and then their (if any) subsequent growth over time.


The timing issues are many, diverse and mind numbing, but basically are all taken from the point (in time) at which the data elements emerge from processing. Necessarily therefore, if we were to delay processing, we would be adding to the time projections of any given forecasts. Thus the need for continuous processing of the data sets which feed model-space.


HOWEVER, please note that from the time of ‘capture’ of a data archetype from the net, it can take up to 18/eighteen days to reach through processing, or longer, given the ratio of immediacy to shorter term to longer term values. Thus there is an in-built error in our timing of at least 18/eighteen days.


The interpretation software is aware of this and takes this into account when placing the arriving data elements, and hopefully this compensates in our forecasting. So far, it would seem, mostly this is the case.


There is another side of this inherent delay problem, and that is that very large sets of interlinked data may not be processed together, and thus any supporting sets not yet processed, due to time and computer limitations, may arrive later, and then have to be factored in and fitted into model-space. This is the situation at hand.


In Part Five (above) the Populace/USofA entity presents [war] as the dominating theme from early November through to... about end of February. Well, with this most recent processing, these data sets have grown consistently, and now the [war/war impacts] theme within the Populace/USofA entity stretches out through to the end of October, 2010.


The ‘peak’ of activity within model-space is still from early November through late January, but it is quite clear the [ramifications/impacts/effects] of the [war] will [pressure] the [populace] through to the end of [october/2010]. That’s when things start to get really strange.

Again we note that twin [disasters] (of dollar collapse and war) will be [quoted/said] by the [running dog press lackeys (of the fascistic capitalists/illuminatists)] to ‘befall’ the [populace/USofA] in that the [cracking of the American dollar hegemony globally] will also be accompanied by [extreme (social/economic) stress] in [allies].


This will [strain] the already [tense line of support] for [USofA Bilderberger government policies] and is indicated to [involve] the [empire of anglo/american corporations] in a [war]. That the actual nature of the [war] is anything but a happenstance and is directly tied to the [dollar death] will not be mentioned by the [press], but nonetheless, the [populace] is also indicated to [crack] over the [war] issues as [tens of millions] decide they don’t [believe the bull# (from officialdom)] and just [wont participate].


The first of the [general strikes] and [mass protests] within the [USofA] are indicated to coincide with similar [demonstrations] through out [Europe] and [Asia].

As the [war] sub set increases rapidly from very early November (approximately the 5th) onward, large supporting set of [restrictions], and [defeats (in battles)], as well as [bombings], and [crushing defeats] begin to accumulate such that as model-space is progressed past the end of December, and into 2010, the [war] theme is dominated by [grief] at the [national/empire] level.


Thereafter as the [war] sub set progresses through 2010 it becomes dominated by the aspect/attribute set of [ineffectual] with it having supporting sets of [weak], and [constrained], and [incapable]. These are supporting sets describing the [participation] of the [American gov’t] in the [war] process.

The data sets describing the [populace] and its [participation] in the [war] are much more diverse, and the spread is quite deep at all the levels investigated. There are several larger themes present within the diversity of expressions arising about the [war] theme and [personal] as well as [national] emotional response. These include [loss], in large levels, and producing both a [national] emotional response, as well as [individual] emotional response.


Other supporting aspect/attributes include [grief], [anger], [rage], [despair], [hopelessness], and [confusion].

At the [national] level, the [propaganda machine] is indicated to be out in full force, with a [spewing of #] that will begin in late October with intensity, and continue through to nearly March before waning as the [masters] of the [voices] realize that it is becoming [counter productive] as each new [spew episode] starts to [incite mob response].


Within the [propaganda] in the early phases, we can expect the [running dog press lackeys] to be [soured] by the [very visible/very apparent] turn of events as the [dollar death] causes a [cautious] approach from the [officialdom] instead of the [’patriot fever’] and [wholehearted/complete commitment] of [resources] (desired by [Israel]).


The [tepid] nature of the [official response] is indicated to [cause fits] in [visible] ways within the [stooges] of the [masters/Bilderbergers] who are [public faces]. Note that at least [1/one heart attack/fatal episode] will be [attributed/blamed] on this [’weak sister’] movement by the [USofA officialdom ('non' Bilderberger level/civil service?)] in response to [Israeli demands].

Of course the [impetus] for the [war] meme is the [resources crash] and the [dollar death] which pressures nearly 2/3rds of the [planetary populace] with [starvation]. The ‘seeds’ for the problem having already been sown over the last decades, are indicated to [germinate] over this [spring], and [mature] into [summer].


The [germination] process is already underway, and will include an excursion into [duality] when it comes to the [dying dollar] and the [systems], [social] and [financial] which it supports. The [dollar death] brings out a [push at resurrection/resuscitation] over [spring] {ed note: witnessing this now}, which does not [reinvigorate] or [give new life] to the [dollar], but merely [postpones] the [next crisis].


The [pressures] of the [dollar death] globally will continue to manifest in [strange fashions] as the various [financial systems] come under increasing [escalation of coagulation].


The [coagulation] sub set has been showing up for a number of years around the [dollar death] meme, and as we are seeing play out in emerging circumstances, the [dollar/financial systems] are indeed in a process not of explosion, nor any hard crash, but rather are slowly, agonizingly [falling back in upon themselves] or [being drained from within] such that the [visible] problems are [coagulating] around a smaller, though more dense mass as the [banking (and other financial systems based on paper dollar debt)] grind themselves (and us) into ruin.

It was always ‘in the cards’. NO paper money system has ever existed on this planet longer than 72/seventy two years (without major corruption and re capitalization through war/pillage - and even then that only extends things about 2/two decades - depending on the amount of gold looted) except for the [USofA federal reserve cabal dollar].


And this only due to its being put into the position of the [global reserve currency] by [military] pressures and then maintained there past its useful lifespan by intense, once-a-generation bombing campaigns as a ‘demonstration’ by the [anglo-american Bilderberger empire]. Left to its own natural cycle, the argument can be made that the [dollar/usfoa] should have died in Nixon’s time when we went totally off the gold standard.


Usually it takes 10/ten years past the point of initial debasement of an empiric currency before it collapses. That would have placed the natural life space of the dollar into the 80’s, and as it began in 1913, it would likely have reached its allotted 72/seventy two year life.

However, the superior, though at great cost to the populace, military machine of the USofA/Bilderberger Empire has been able to force life extension into the [dollar], maintaining a decreasing viability so that the [death] is coming slowly by millimeters, as opposed a sudden stroke resulting in global loss of confidence.


As emotional attachment by humans is the only real thing about paper currency/debt abstractions, the loss of [confidence] is what kills a currency.


The process of this loss of confidence in the [USofA empire] and its [currency] has been manifesting over these last decades of forced life, and now is manifesting by the [rejection by all] that will result in the [repudiation] of [debt relationships]. The data sets are accruing in patterns suggesting that the [last gasp of confidence] in the [American empire], which is what the [paper dollar/debt abstraction] is really based upon, will [erode] rapidly in late [summer] and early [fall].


This [erosion] will come as a result of [failures] by the [empire] at many [different] levels, including the [inability to audit/discover (fiscal) reality], and the [inability (to) restore (confidence/debt taking ability)], and the [inability (to) affect resource allocation]. This last is supported by aspect/attribute sets including [drought], and [floods], and [storms], and in each of these a large amount of the emotional values derive from [disappointment], and [unfulfilled expectations], and these are centered on the [government/USofA].


This aspect/attribute set in its turn is cross linked extensively, both internally to the Populace/USofA entity, and to the GlobalPop entity, where many of the termination points are within the [death of a paradigm/end (of the) American dream] sub sets.

The Populace/USofA entity indicates that the [spring] will bring the [final/last] of the [ability] of the TPTB to [prop up/sustain] the [illusion] of [paper debt viability], and that likely just past mid July yet another [crisis] will develop.


Again, the [suddenness] is indicated to [shock] the unaware, especially those who rely on [broadcast media] for their However, the [emergent crisis] of that time will be quite predictable, and will be bringing the [derivatives nightmare] to the fore front of everyone’s attention over late [summer] and into [fall].


The data sets indicate that the [weather/climate] problems manifesting from [mid summer (about July 5th or so actually)] through October will exacerbate an already [pressured system] into [crumbling failure] over September.


The [climate/weather] problems and their impact on the [shifting (of the) planetary paradigm] will further [erode confidence].


These aspect/attribute sets are cross linked over to the GlobalPop entity where termination is in sets indicating a [failure (of confidence) in institutions], as well as [failure (of belief/trust) in patriarchal view (of reality)]. It is this last that has the greatest emotional impact, as well as the longest duration value sets.

As the Populace/USofA entity is progressed through the [rising paper debt] problems of Summer, 2009, the accretion patterns continue to grow under the [success] of the [bogslife - Beyond Ordinary/Old Government Systems/#] and
SOC’s communities.


This [success], as has been discussed in ALTA series of the past year, will be [seized upon] by the [mass/broadcast media], and even though they are [propaganda agents] for TPTB, they will nonetheless, [seemingly unknowingly] promote the [opting out] of the [system(s)] as a way of [personal success/growth] simply because their current orders are being [whip enforced], and these are “to produce GOOD news”... primarily to allay the increase in bespoke [fear] among the sheeple.


So the [ingenuity] and [progress] being made by those who are [outside the systems] will slowly, but with increasing mass, spread across the teevee (TV) world. Examples will include groups that [form/create themselves] amidst the [caravan/RV refugees], as well as [groups] who will be [featured] in the [propaganda/press] for their [reliance].


Noting with irony that several of the [group reliance] stories to be featured later in the year will include [bogslife/SOC’s] who organize themselves to [acquire discarded/disused property]. The idea coming across is that [villages spring up] in the unlikeliest places as [bogslife/SOCS] end up obtaining [commercial real estate] which is then re-purposed to create [villages].

Much of the [success] stories sub set, especially later in July and onward will include [food success] as an underlying theme which will also go to [undermine] the [authorities] as the [national] and [international] control over [food distribution systems] comes under increasing [stressors] that begin to [break down] various components of the [international shipping of food supplies].



SpaceGoatFarts - Murfing

A rising aspect/attribute set within the primary support chain for the SpaceGoatFarts entity as a whole appears in late May.


 This aspect/attribute set is [increase] and is very broadly supported by much of the SpaceGoatFarts entity descriptor set. In other words, the data sets are implying that most of the descriptors within SpaceGoatFarts entity will be [increasing] both in [manifestation] and in [visibility] as the solar system moves through these next 6/six months. Much of the [increase] aspect/attribute set firms up over early June, and then rapidly grows from the June solstice onward.


Taking the theme of the days, as the [increase] aspect grows in late June, it, like the [sun] seemingly stops movement. In the case of the [increase] aspect/attribute set, while it is nearly stationary as model-space moves forward in time, the aspect/attribute set swells up due to very rapid grow and an very complex interweaving of cross links.


The impression taken from the movements of the SpaceGoatFarts entity, and the newly rising [increase] aspect/attribute set is that the whole core descriptor set for SpaceGoatFarts will be very [visibly] increased over Summer. The idea is that from [UFO] sightings to [released (once denied officially)] materials, to [whistleblowers], the [waning days of summer] will see an [increase] in [visible] activity within the SpaceGoatFarts entity.

As has been discussed for over a year in the ALTA reports, there is an expectation from the data sets that a [whistleblowers/disgruntled former employee] will [emerge] from the [coagulation] of [officialdom] {ed note: [inability to pay gov’t employees]} over [summer] with a very large [presence], and [much success] both in [money], and [publicity] at a global/planetary level.


As this [personality] will emerge {ed note: universe directs all} at the [perfect time] in the [economic collapse] to provide a [seeming distraction] such that the TPTB are indicated to [allow], and even [promote] the [personality].


What they fail to realize is that while it serves their interests in the short term, the [crushing economic pressures] on [local (and) state] governments, as well as [lay-offs] within the [contractor corps] for the [military] will produce a [swollen lake] behind a very thin dam as the [legions] of [former (and soon to be former) government workers] who think they [know something] will take the [success] of the [Stellar/Star ‘Witness’] personality/whistleblower as an example to be emulated.


Then the damn dam breaks, and, from the point of view of TPTB, the damn [flood] begins.

A part of the [flood] indicated to be of some concern to TPTB {ed note: extensive cross links ending in bespoke [fear] sub set}, will be the [rising/growing] number of reports of [people], usually described as [ordinary], and [unenlightened/dense/obtuse (to) psychic/extra-sensory phenomena], who will [suddenly] and [shockingly] be [feeling/experiencing] new, and never before [felt/appreciated] [energy waves].


These [energy waves] are described by the data sets as being [hyper dimensional/ethereal], and yet as [producing physical responses] including many that will be taken as [symptoms] of [disease]. These might include [sudden], and [intense] sessions of [ringing/high pitched tones], or the [impression of gravity waves]. Some of the supporting sets for this last are painting pictures of [people] being [reduced/knocked down] by the [perception of the gravity wave].


A few of the more dramatic supporting sets indicate that [airplane travel] will be affected by [gravity wave sensations] over late 2009 and through 2010.


The [perception] of the [waves of (gravity)] are a sub set of the [unknown energies from space] aspect/attribute set and are, within that set, cross linked over to symptoms descriptions including [reeling (in place)/unable to stand], and [collapsing knees].


The range of humans experiencing such problems is indicated to be of all ages, races, and both genders.


The linguistics suggest that the perception of the [wave] will result in the [sensitives] learning to [mentally surf (murf)] as the [waves] roll over them. The importance of this within the SpaceGoatFarts entity appears to be as a precursor to a larger, expanding population of [people perceiving gravity/energy waves] to manifest over 2010, and 2011.


These linguistic structures around the [murf] phenomenon are participatory within the very much larger structure of [surreal] that grows to dominance within the populace entities over the next 2/two years.


Terra - Blankets, Floats, Chemies

As the [surreal] label descends like a blanket across the planet, first in a gossamer/light fashion in the [Sirius days] of [summer], and then with increasing weight as [fall chills] into [harsh winter], the Terra entity is forecasting its own level of participation and support within [surreal].


At first the [duality] will express as [’almost’ normal days] with bespoke [almost] and [nearly] becoming very very common when applied to [weather]. The [almost normal days] will be [felt/experienced] as [relief] from the [strain] of the [shifting patterns] induced by [shifting winds], and [rivers (of) moisture] coming up from the [constantly warming oceans].


The complexity of the [new expression of weather] here on Terra will be very [difficult] to [experience] and then to [reintegrate] into the [past perception] of the [planet].

This is a strange context, and concept to occur within the Terra entity, but the idea of a [persons’ place (in the) stable universe] will pass this [summer] and [fall] {ed note: in the main... it will take over a year for everyone to get it, after all billions of us out and about}, as the [undeniability] factor sets it. All of the influence from [terra/local space/solar system] will be participating in the [break down] of the [normal paradigm] shared in the past by humans here on earth.


The [weather] forecast from the accretion patterns is that [oscillation] will [drive/propel] into [crazy behavior] {ed note: along with animals and insects, et al}, over the course of late Spring and Summer. By the time that [fall] is reached, the data sets predict that [undeniability] will be firmly rooted into about [1/3 (one third)] of the [planetary populace] as they will have [personally experienced] at least [1/one] bout of [daily disruption] due to [abnormal weather conditions].


Along with the [disease] component both in the [sun/solar system/planetary manifestations], and the [rampaging disease (in winter)] through the [populace], and in conjunction with the [currency loss], and [resource reallocation (globally)] over the latter half of 2009, the Terra entity will provide [shifting jet streams], [popping volcanoes], [shaking cities (and islands)], as well as [crumbling ices], and [disturbed oceans] as universe shoves [transformation], especially of [attitude] down [humanity’s collective throat].

The Terra entity is presenting a pattern for accretion to concentrate on the [oceanic] parts of the planet over these next 15/fifteen or so months.


Yes, there are still indications that awareness of [solar disease] will become a necessary part of life here on earth, but also that some level of general attention will now be focused on the long suffering [oceans].


Not only as a result of the [global coastal phenomena (set includes rising waters, abnormally large tidal surges, sudden coast changes, disappearing islands, new islands/lands, coastal current alterations, new wind patterns, excessive heat (in oceanic layer), oceanic populace die off, excessive water uptake into atmosphere, and other elements)], but also as a result of some [deep ocean] manifestations.


The Terra entity gains a considerable, even ‘eye catching’ amount of support for the [deep ocean manifestation] over late 2009. This may be further examples of [new lands forming], though the data sets are not yet specific enough to suggest that such would be the only interpretation.

As had been forecast within this and previous ALTA series, the [chemtrails] issue has begun percolating up to the [visible] status, with [officialdom] permission over this [spring] with the Obama administration ‘discussing’ the ‘possibility’ of using ‘atmospheric shielding’ as a ‘tool’ against ‘global warming’.


As a reminder, the [chemtrails] forecast includes a period in late Summer where the [visibility] of the subject will be a whole lot higher, and where the [officialdom] will be [face to face] with a [climate crisis] that will bring up, at first probably only behind [closed doors], then much later out-and-about in the [press].


Again, the basic idea is that some [climate crisis] conjunct the [rapidly, and upwardly scaling economic global crisis] will produce the idea of [duality] about [continuing] the [chemtrails].


The idea is that the [chemtrails] as a subject will be [floated] as being [made manifest/announced] or [abandoned (as too expensive)].


The idea within the detail sets is that an idea proposed is that the [secrecy] is [excessively costly] and that the [program] might be able to be [continued] if the [expense of hiding it] were to be removed. The data sets are providing continued support under the larger, primary aspect/attribute set for [chemtrails] which is [sun (hidden) from sight *(by earthly forces)].


In spite of the [officialdom] being [of the opinion/consensus] that [chemtrails] will/can ‘work’ for their [goals/ends], the accretion patterns suggest that the [program/chemtrails] will be [wounded (in the ability to) transport], and the [wounding (likely economic, though the war may intrude as well)] is indicated to [force] TPTB to [consider IF the chemtrails (can be used) further (in this situation)].


The accretion patterns are focusing this on mid to late August and beyond. There are several other sets growing under the [volcanoes] sub set that are sliding into conjunction with the [chemtrails] set within the Terra entity.


IF we assume that the rate of accretion spread continues as it has these last 2/two runs, then the probability exists that sometime near the vernal equinox of 2010, the [volcano activity] will have put enough [dust/ash] into the [atmosphere] as to affect both [jet planes] in general and perhaps even the [need/reason-for-existance] of the [chemtrails] themselves Model-space continues to throw supporting sets within the conjunction between the Terra entity, sub set [sun/solar system], and the similar set within the SpaceGoatFarts entity.


Within the conjunction, the [magnetics] aspect/attribute set is the fastest growing of the ‘elemental forces’ sub group.


The [magnetics] sub set has a sibling relationship to [unknown energies from space]. Within the [magentics] sub set, the primary supporting aspect/attribute set is [restrained/confined/suppressed], and this in its turn is supported by [sun/solar activities]. The idea coming across is that the [solar system] as a whole is still accelerating into what we are calling here at HPH the BIG SQUEEZE.


This effect is showing within model-space as many differing sets, related by common intersections, are converging on the idea of [unknown energies from space] and [magnetics of unimaginable consequence].



TPTB - Twitchy, Tied Up, Wounded

One (1/one) [handle (of) control] of the [vehicle (of ) power] is indicated to [come off the control linkage] over 2009... at least from the perspective of ThePowersThatBe (TPTB) entity.


This is a primary supporting layer to the [revolution] meta data layer within the TPTB entity. Remembering that meta data layers are the appearance of the same linguistic structure in most entities (over 80/eighty percent ) in more or less the same set size and shape with more or less the same groups of supporting aspect/attribute sets, we note that the [revolution] meta data layer is ‘active’ across most of the entities later in 2009 and the TPTB entity is no exception.


The data sets are suggesting that the [power control handle] will be [unplugged] later in 2009, and while the [control mechanism] is being [broken (off)], the accretion patterns forecast that [psychosis (among the upper level) minions] will be [visible]. Then other [mechanisms (for) control] will be [implemented] and a small bit of the [psychosis] is indicated to [dampen down]... not to disappear, but merely [back off a bit].


The TPTB entity is showing that as the [bad weather] episodes of [summer] will begin the [breakdown of the control handle] in a [visible] way. As the [tiger] ‘face’ of the TPTB is [exposed in a visible manner within global media-stream] by the [sudden/rapid, and shocking loss of large control mechanism], the accretion patterns also are providing details for several ‘rabbits’ who will also become [visible].


These ‘rabbits’ from the TPTB point of view may or probably represent [whistleblowers] in the main, though there is to be at least a single instance of an [escaped person]. This last descriptor set does not include [active incarceration], but rather something more akin to being [kidnapped] or [held hostage] by TPTB. This [personality] was/is involved directly in [covert] process, though it would seem more in the [analysis] rather than active side of things.


In any event, the ‘rabbits’ are indicated to [cause fits] for the TPTB by [running chaotically] through [summer], and this really exacerbates the exposure of the [tiger/harsh/deadly] side of the TPTB. The [running (of the annoying/dangerous) personalities - See Fulford's information] is indicated to involve the [visible] instance of the [breakdown] of an [officialdom vehicle] and the following of the [story] of the [vehicle pushers/rescuers] as they [prepare] to [go jump start (the broken down transport/vehicle)].


In a strange twist of universe displaying its version of ‘meta data layers’, the TPTB entity is indicating that they too are bound to [transformation] through these next few years, and that in their case, they will [apply] their [transformation] energies not to themselves, but rather to replacing their [failing control systems] to try to maintain their hold on power into the future.


So TPTB (see The Global Elite) are indicated to be very [visible] in their [transformation] of the [old systems (of control)] into [new methods].

While TPTB entity indicates that they are [understanding] of the [dangers] and [risks] of the various [systemic breakdowns] of the moment, they also seemingly must make some [adjustments] given the [visible] in global media-stream [loss of control]. As a result of the [immediacy pressures], once the [crisis of control] occurs, the TPTB entity is forecasting that the [powers that be] will be [leaving routine behind], and [working (without a) long term plan].


This new [reactive] form of TPTB out-and-about monkeying around will be [visible] to the [populace], but likely only the [aware observer] will be viewing the evidence of [power control loss] appropriately.

Of course, the TPTB has this [control procedures/handle loss] within the [revolution] meta data layer. The other major supporting sets for the [revolution] meta data layer within TPTB entity include aspect/attribute sets for [starting/beginning], and [no (universe) sanction], and [reformation (propaganda) efforts fail], and [no blame (for) starting revolution].


These are all tied back over to the GlobalPop and Populace/USfoA entity where the termination areas are mostly within the [revolution] linguistics in those entities.


The [revolution], from the perspective of the TPTB, becomes a [function] of the [management] of the various [crises] in play at this time. While trying to [react] to the [revolution] becoming [active] as though it was just a management issue, the data accretion patterns suggest that a [gap] will emerge from which will arise a new [self adapting, self organizing social order].


An out growth of the SOC’s, this is, from the [populace] point of view, the [emergence of the planetary populace movement], and, mostly a [natural process].


However, the TPTB will view this as the [eruption] that they have [feared] becoming [manifest] in front of their [slightly disbelieving eyes]. Please note that the inclusion of any human body parts or processes within the archetypes has always been meaningful. Again, there are repeated references to [eyes], and, rather cryptically, pointers to ‘tactics’ which will be coming from the [insurrectionists/revolutionaries].

As model-space is progressed through 2009 the [revolution] meta data layer within TPTB entity has its primary emotional sum of [active] that progresses, over the rest of the year and into 2010, into [boiling].


The [international political caldron] is described as going from the current level of [agitated] over Summer into [active revolution] that then emotionally heats up to a [roiling/boiling caldron of turmoil] to flavor 2010.

Markets - Schism, Blindness

Now that the commercial real estate collapse has begun (as forecast in ALTA series in 2007), some of the more [visible] effects over the Summer will include [people] who will first [shelter] in [empty/bankrupt/abandoned] commercial buildings including [strip malls], and [malls], and [storage facilities].


As these [alternative living situations] gain more [visibility], especially within the USofA, they will be able to be used collectively as a long temporal marker for the next very big [downward] step in the [dollar].


This next step will begin in very late Summer, and proceed to grow over October such that the [devaluation], and [repudiation] of the [dollar] as a [means of international trading] will set off a ripple effect through the [derivatives markets], as well as the [commodities markets].


The first will bring a [crushing wave of deflation of ‘assets’], while the latter will bring [hyperinflation (of) commodities prices].



This latter section about [hyper inflation] is very complex and covers from October 2009 all the way through to March of 2011 before being linguistically completely done in its growth patterns. AND as that is pretty much as far as what we laughingly call ‘trustworthy’ linguistics extends out into time-manifesting... so we may still yet be missing years more of [deflationary/hyperinflation].

The data sets continue to build in a number of entities for the [deflation] of the [dollar] but specifically a [massive deflation] as it is [withdrawn] from its status as [reserve global currency] over the course of late Summer and early Fall. The [great deflation] may still leave the [dollar] as the [currency] (more or less) of ‘choice’ within the [USofA borders], but it will significantly [deflate] what remains of the [global paper debt trading markets].


As model-space is moved through into the November/December period, the [market trends] of mid Summer are [repeated] in an [echo fashion]. The real impact is shown as being [currency related] to [vital commodities] such as [foods] and [medicines].


There are indications that [gold/silver] especially in [coin] forms will have already created a [gray market] away from [prying officialdom], though this appears to be mostly because [officialdom] is just too damn busy with [general systemic failures] to be able to [pursue] their interests in [precious metals accumulations].


The data sets are indicating that the [schism] of [summer] in which the [massive paper debts] become [unhinged] from any form of [reality], and the [metals] are [set loose] from their [paper debt] attachments will [grow over Fall] with very [visible] consequences in [international trade].

At this point, that is to say, November/December, the data sets are indicating that the [duality] of [separated] and [competing] systems will become apparent to more of the [populace], and the [transformative shift] will begin as [tens of millions] are indicated to [follow the trail blazers (socs/bogslife folks)].


As [winter (2009/2010)] sets in, the data indicates that [new industries], and [new connections] begin to form as a [new global economy (ideas/creativity based)] firms up and becomes ‘slightly’ more [visible]. Again, most of the [populace] will NOT be aware enough to either catch the trends as they emerge, nor to grasp the profundity/gravitas of what is emerging.


This will also apply to some of TPTB and to most of the [officialdom/minion classes].


They will just fail to grasp the obvious.







Privilege, Saddle Up!

A unique privilege is knowing several years in advance of what is likely to happen, and (close to) when. It sharpens the thinking remarkably, and sooooo much crapola accumulated in life just falls off the shoulders.

This is the last report in the ALTA 1309 series, and this series is the last in our work in this form. We have come to the conclusion that the pressures of production relate to racing against time in processing the immediacy value sets. This pressure and our delivery formats have produced the maintenance both of code and hardware situation that we have faced these last couple of years.


Soooo...our approach, given the number of subscribers who are beating us about the head to keep going, is to pretty much dump the immediacy value processing, and instead to produce a longer range report with a 3/three to 6/six month floor for the forecast and to extend that forecast out over the length of the longer term value sets, or about 19/nineteen months out. With this approach, the format for delivery can be after the complete processing of the complete data sweep.


Further, as that is the case, we eliminate much of the issues of circuitous references back to our own words.

Last, we will then be able to deliver the total interpretation in an eBook form, thus eliminating all the subscription maintenance and cracking issues. Sooo... sounds like a plan to us...especially Igor as he waves good bye on his way out the door and down to sunny California to tend to extended family business.


The lexicon and the server garden (too small to be called a ‘server farm’), both need maintenance, and Igor needs his time off, so the first ALTA report in the new format will likely not be available for some months, but we will keep you informed as the schedule progresses. It has been a unique privilege to have been able to continue this work for these last 12/twelve years, and now we anticipate a much deserved vacation (working, of course), before resuming later with the new, much less pressured format.


A large motivator for this is the nature of the times.


Please consider that tempus be fugit(ing) really damn fast, and conditions are clearly accelerating into a set of situations that most of us will label as ‘not good’. Therefore it makes a whole lot of sense to take precious time for ourselves, to re-create ourselves, and to re-emerge, re-invigorated for the challenges that will be emerging later this Summer and over these remaining few years.


And we also need to remember that our stars are in alignments now, and through to later in 2010 in positions which support efforts to escape past patterns and to [transform] or [refine] our true natures. We part for a while with the traditional Mongolian greeting of Zaaaa... which as a sound is more meaningful to describe the feeling of earth when living on the wind swept plains of central Asia, but also as a sound it captures the heart of the ‘communicative sigh’ that humans employ to provide emotions to contexts when words do not really fit.


Feeling the cold winds blowing down from the mountain heights of universe as we each stand on our particular patch of planet earth, we all can know the truth that the Mongolian horsemen have known as long as the hooves have struck out across the cold dirt,

“one either rides out to meet their destiny, or they are consumed by the stampede of fate”.




Dire Web Bot Predictions

from 2012Supplies Website

Here are some of their Web Bot predictions for the remainder of 2008, 2009, 2012 (and beyond):

  • 2008 - In late March, look for massive unemployment to take hold.

  • 2008 - During the summer, a backlash against the US government could involve a call to hold the elections early.

  • 2008 - As the housing industry continues its collapse, there could be a seizure or lock-up of the ability to transfer property. A “fuzzy revolution” could involve squatters or collectives moving into empty or foreclosed homes.

  • 2008 - In October, there’ll be a major stock market crash or a climate event that has a disastrous effect on the economy.

  • 2008 - There could be a major bank failure, possibly involving a foreign bailout that is reneged upon.

  • 2008 - 2 Earthquakes or Tsunami possible in December. The governments are quietly preparing for untold future calamity while focusing media attention way from earth’s real problems to trivial aspects such as politics and popular culture.

  • 2009 - Well known people will start suddenly disappearing without explanation.

  • 2009 - Earthquakes may damage dams and/or much unprecedented flooding may occur.

  • 2009 - People in rural areas will begin arming themselves heavily and hoarding weapons and ammunition.

  • 2009 - Spring or Summer - A “global coastal event” or process (possibly a tidal change) will involve a rise in sea levels that will knock out oil refineries and severely hamper sea ports.

  • 2009/10/25: A big crisis is kicked off. It could be that Israel bombs Iran, or that Swine Flu goes into a level of extreme lethality. 10 days later, in relation to this crisis, the Obama administration will be thrown into chaos. When Israel bombs Iran, they’ll use a nuclear-tipped bunker buster that will hit something unforeseen underground. As a result, a radioactive cloud will form that will pollute and sicken Southeast Asia. This will cause much of the world to turn against Israel.

  • 2010/??/??: The “Death of the Dollar” will be a continuing trend, with a hyper inflationary period and banking crises/confidence losses that will begin in August 2009.

  • 2010/08/??: In South America, they’ll be large or mass sightings of UFO-related phenomena. A video crew will interview an escapee from an internment facility. The young bald man will later be revealed to be a “non-Terran” human. Sustainable living will be the only way to survive the upcoming economic change and food shortages.

  • 2011/04/??: “Global Coastal Phenomena” will be gradual, the situation could be disturbing for many people. Unusual movements of the Moon brought on by anomalies in the magnetosphere could cause coastal disruptions.

  • 2011/05/??: The magnetosphere problems could lead to ultraviolet scorching of food crops. Grain crops will fail, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, leading to food riots in the winter/spring. Specifically, they’ll be riots in Rome that will spill over into the Vatican.

  • 2011 - Extra-terrestrial aliens presence and/or warfare possible. There will be an untimely demise for millions by 2012, brought upon by some combination of pandemics, economic collapse, breakdown of health care and unknown energies from space.






End of The Web Bot?!

by sp4cec00kie
July 18, 2009