2.- ESP and beyond...

There had been massive interest in extra sensory perception (ESP) and spiritualism throughout the western world since the previous century. Dr J.B. Rhine’s work with card reading and manipulating dice at Duke University in the USA gave research into ESP (extra-sensorial perceptions) a formal scientific base. He led the field in telepathy and ESP research in the West in the years before the Second World War. His work was controversial then, and even now is not generally understood.

Soviet scientists, however, took Dr Rhine’s research many steps further. They had little interest in proving ESP existed; that was taken as proven by their research into telepathy and telepathic hypnosis from the 1930s. What interested the Soviets was its development and military potential. They worked on the use of telepathy and ESP for psychic spying on US secret bases, but the main thrust of their initial endeavour was the use of ESP and telepathy to read an enemy’s mind. The aim was the psychic interrogation of NATO commanders by using the technique know as scanning, i.e. using ESP to probe information in another person’s brain. The DIA again:

In summary, what is the strategic threat posed by the current “explosion” in Soviet parapsychological research? Soviet efforts in the field of psi research, sooner or later, might enable them to do some of the following:

a) Know the contents of top secret U.S. documents, the movements of our troops and ships and the location and nature of our military installations.
b) Mold the thoughts of key U.S. military and civilian leaders, at a distance.
c) Cause the instant death of any U.S. official, at a distance.
d) Disable, at a distance, U.S. military equipment of all types including space craft.


[Appendix 1, pages 39-40]

To this end, according to émigrés and intelligence reports, the KGB and GRU scoured the Soviet Union for psychics, searched the length of Siberia for mystics, and forcibly recruited them into the huge number of parapsychological research projects being undertaken. By the mid-seventies, the Soviets had apparently embarked upon a society-wide screening programme for talented psychics, covering senior schools, universities and Red Army soldiers. Children who displayed powerful psychic abilities were especially sought after, as were shamans from Siberia and the eastern central Asian territories.

Research was carried out at the Institute of Control Problems, attached to the USSR Academy of Sciences, headed by a Dr Lev Lupichev. Special Department No. 8 in the science city of Novosibirsk researched into military psi. The Institute for the Problems of Information Transmission, and the Pavlov Institute of Higher Nervous Activity, both well-guarded facilities in Moscow, also researched into psi warfare. The DIA documents in Appendices 1 and 2 listing the names of Soviet scientists involved and the research institutes they worked at in the early seventies, show how extensive the commitment was. Much of this effort focused on developing the ability to control people’s minds with an amalgam of psychic force and electronics. American research at the Stanford Research Institute was tiny in comparison.

As the research continued, it became ultra-clandestine. The laboratories at Odessa State University were hidden underground in the sub-sub-basement beneath the old botanical gardens at the university. Only special couriers knew how to access any of these institutes and KGB and GRU guards made sure there were no unwanted visitors. In utmost secrecy, bizarre new lines of research were followed. Remote viewing and remote influencing were seen as the targeting mechanisms for much more lethal paranormal-weapon systems. Psychotronics had become the catch-all title for a multitude of psi weapons which ranged from microwave mind-control devices to psychic remote killing.

Dr A.V. Kalinets-Bryukhanov, president of the All Union Scientific Research Association, was part of a top-secret KGB project at the Filatov Eye Institute in Odessa that looked into ways of artificially stimulating remote viewing. It was found that natural clairvoyants changed the magnetic field around themselves and that of the Earth in their immediate vicinity. If this frequency of magnetic field could be artificially generated in the brain, the Russians thought they might stimulate clairvoyance in their test subjects.


They experimented on animals, bombarding their brains with these specific magnetic fields with the result that the animals seemingly developed the ability to tell what was going on behind solid walls. Unfortunately, the high-power magnetic fields soon disintegrated the animals brains and they died. Allegedly, condemned prisoners were used for human experiments with the same results. Something about natural clairvoyants on the other hand, seemed to guard them against this disintegration.

The Odessa institute also carried on with research pioneered by parapsychologist Dr A.N. Leontyev in the 1950s, by undertaking psychic-viewing experiments with blind patients. They thought it might be possible to train blind people, to develop psychic ability. The experiments were centered on training the subjects to attain a deeply relaxed state, from which visualization of the body’s energy fields led to what the scientists called eyeless sight, or bio-introscopy. Coloured paper was passed beneath the subjects’ finger tips and it was found that they could distinguish between black and white and red and green paper, even though they were completely blind.


The colour of an object could be determined even after it had been removed; apparently the object left a colour trace of itself in the air. This progressed to picture reading, the ability to run a hand over a photograph and describe what the photo showed. These techniques evolved into teaching blind subjects to travel in their mind’s eye to distant rooms and places they had never been before. Once there, if they could describe the location’s layout, psychic viewing had been achieved.

A. Ivanov’s paper on ‘Soviet Experiments in Eyeless Vision’ published in the 1964 International Journal of Parapsychology, revealed this remarkable work to the western world. Research into eyeless sight led the Soviets to study how energy fields were imprinted on matter and vice versa. Much research was carried out on how to attach harmful energy fields to objects. The idea was that these biophysically poisoned objects would be given to enemies to make them ill, or to infect them with subliminal commands.

Eyeless-sight research also led scientists towards more sophisticated training methods for their sighted psychic spies. The same deeply relaxed state and visualization of biological energy fields (biophysical fields which surround the human body) were found to increase the efficiency of psychic spying.




Once they confirmed that the potential for psi warfare actually existed, they searched for further ways to boost the relatively weak naturally occurring psi faculty so it could be developed into weapons for causing harm. The deeply relaxed state used for eyeless-sight research was the theta state of consciousness found in dreaming sleep. The theta state is a level of consciousness where the brain is deeply relaxed and the static and negative effects of other people’s minds are blacked out, so that the subconscious and unconscious mind with its heightened paranormal abilities can come to the fore. Normal consciousness, the beta state, is measured at above 14 cycles per second of oscillations in electrical activity of the brain, by an electroencephalograph (EEG); alpha, the relaxed, daydreaming state, at above 7 cycles per second; and theta, the dreaming state, at above 3 cycles per second.

Hypnosis, drugs and meditation were tried to inculcate the theta state of consciousness. Auto-visualization of the brain was very effective in inducing the states needed for remote viewing. Tesla coils (see below) tuned to radiate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves at 7.8 cycles per second (hertz), the Earth’s natural frequency (known as the Schumann resonance), were found to amplify psychic spying tremendously by inducing a theta state in the remote viewer. The Schumann resonance is a naturally occurring standing wave, an ELF signal that circles the globe. It was discovered by Dr. Schumann, who found that this ELF signal resonates in the cavity between the ground and the edge of the atmosphere. A naturally occurring signal that all life is in resonance with.


According to off-the-record interviews with US remote viewers and psi-warfare adepts, psychotronic-augmented spying enabled Soviet remote viewers to achieve almost perfect images. Brain implants to switch off the brain stress system, the body’s anxiety generator, were found to be very effective, as were drug regimens and hypnotic suggestion. Magnetic fields at 7.8Hz were later found to be almost as good as the Tesla coils. Aided by this vast array of high-tech brain-state modifying systems, the Russians began to uncover the secrets of the energy field surrounding the body.


They mapped out the neural currents in the brain. They found that in the normal waking state, a negative to positive current runs from the front of the brain to the back, along the centre. By passing a low-voltage current from the front of the brain to the back, they could vary the person’s waking state. By artificially lowering the negative potential at the back of the brain, the remote viewer could be dropped into a theta state.

Dr Robert Becker of the Syracuse VA Hospital found that a person under anesthesia, or in a deep hypnotic trance has an altered brain potential. The normal brain potentials, which are negative potential at the front of the brain to a positive potential at the rear of the brain, drops to zero in these people. The Soviets found that by applying a low voltage to the front of the brain, they could knock people out. They went on to develop the sleep gun.*

* This is documented in Dr Robert Becker’s book, Cross Currents.

More importantly, the Soviet scientists found they could also lower their remote viewers into the delta state found in deep dreamless sleep. In the delta state all manner of psi marvels such as telekinesis - moving things by the power of the mind - become possible. It is even rumored that it could lead on to remote killing and also can be used to change the consciousness of large numbers of people by use of remote influencing.


The Russians were aware that the US was attempting to monitor their progress and had remote-viewing programmes of their own. They therefore devoted time and money to developing electronic devices to block out remote viewing of their own bases. They found that Tesla coils interfered with psychic spying.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a genius who invented many new forms of electrical equipment towards the end of the last century. Tesla developed a new branch of electrical technology using very high voltages running through special coils and transformers. Some of his inventions were so far ahead of their time that they were not fully understood until the Russians began to explore his work in the 1960s. Tesla found that power could be beamed through the air at high voltages, as air’s resistance breaks down.


Tesla coils could be used to transmit ELF signals which could cause earthquakes or be used for mind control. It was found that Tesla coils could be used to transmit ELF oscillations that could cause a fault line to spasm and produce an earthquake, these ELF signals could also be tuned to influence peoples’ minds. Tesla also invented what amounted to a death ray, which transmitted plasma at the target using huge coils to heat up the air.

Soviet scientists were taught Tesla technology at university, which may have encouraged a number of them to experiment with the effectiveness of Tesla coils in causing a whirlpool effect that prevented remote viewing.

These anti-remote-viewing devices are now widely deployed in the top-secret bases of not only Russian but US underground military and research facilities. In an off-the-record interview, a retired US Special Forces, CIA trained, psi-warfare expert involved in the remote-viewing programme discussed this anti-remote-viewing technology. He attested to the fact that by the end of the century the US will have totally effective anti-remote-viewing devices in all their top-secret installations, so concerned are they about the effectiveness of remote viewing and remote influencing.


According to US intelligence:

The apport technique is a form of astral projection in which the psychic subject transports his ‘energy body’ to a remote site, dematerializes an object, then transports it back and materializes it... Lack of information on Soviet interest in the technique represents a major intelligence gap.

[Appendix 2, page 55.]

It appears then that Soviet remote viewing was developing in a very different way to US remote viewing. Rather than picking up psychic images from the waking or deeply relaxed state, Soviet research involved actually projecting the energy body to the location to be viewed. According to the DIA (Appendix 2, page 54) in 1970

Ostrander and Schroeder reported that the Soviets were studying out-of-the-body phenomena in Yogis’.

Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder were the top American/Canadian psychic investigators.

The DIA paid great attention to Soviet research into psychokinesis (PK), the American term for telekinesis, and cited the work of G.A. Welk to explain the Soviet version of remote viewing and what was known as the apport technique:

Welk claims, based on many Soviet sources, that the so-called “apport” technique is likely to meet valuable intelligence needs. When fully developed, this technique would make possible the abduction of actual objects (including documents) in enemy territory and their transfer to friendly territory. Objects so abducted are known as “apports.”


They could be returned to the point of origin without the enemy becoming aware of this temporary abduction... It is a known fact that the Soviet Union takes the appearance of luminous bodies very seriously as evidenced by the Kirlian photography of the human body’s aura [see page 00]. It appears that the Soviets may be considering that a hand which appears out of nowhere and can grasp, “with the firm pressure of an old friend,” another person may have first-rate military possibilities.


There has been some discussion recently about the prospects of being able to control the apport technique to a point of sophistication where individuals could control these “luminous clouds.” The individuals who have studied these effects (real or otherwise) have suggested that since these bodies can travel unlimited distances and are able to pass through solid material (walls), they might well be used to produce instant death in military and civilian officials. It is further conjectured that these bodies could disable military equipment or communications...

Two things are certain:

(1) that parapsychological phenomena are due to little-known faculties of the subconscious mind

(2) that the powers of the subconscious mind are vastly superior to those of the normal consciousness

The fantastic memory of the subconscious mind (sometimes referred to as “photographic memory”) is a well-established fact. So is its extraordinary mathematical ability, which has baffled trained mathematicians no end. It seems probable that some of these little-understood faculties of the subconscious mind have something to do with its ability to put together again an object which it had previously disintegrated, and to manipulate the forces involved in this process. The only way one can learn more about these little-understood processes is through intensive study and experimentation. The stakes seem high enough.

[Appendix 1, pages 27-29.]


While the process by which matter is converted into “force-matter" (and vice versa) may not be understood, nevertheless, one is faced with the possibility that the human mind can disintegrate and reintegrate organic matter - a feat which seems far more complex than the disintegration and reintegration of, say, a stone, a piece of wood, paper, etc. Experiments show that a human body which has lost about half its weight can be reintegrated without loss of normal functions. Since this is possible, it does not seem safe to exclude - without further investigation - the possibility that inorganic matter might undergo a similar disintegration and reintegration.


After all, apport phenomena in which physical objects have passed through solid walls have been observed and attested to by some of the world’s most eminent scientists as well as by a host of other responsible witnesses. In view of what the human mind has demonstrated it can do with organic matter, and in view of the very real Soviet threat in this sector, the science of parapsychology should be investigated to its fullest potential, perhaps to benefit the national defense.

According to Pullman, Director of the Southeast Hypnosis Research Center in Dallas, Texas, before the end of the 1970s, Soviet diplomats will be able to sit in their foreign embassies and use ESP (in this case a form of apport technique) to steal the secrets of their enemies. Pullman states that a spy would be hypnotized, then his invisible "spirit" would be ordered to leave his body, travel across barriers of space and time to a foreign government’s security facility, and there read top-secret documents and relay back their information. Such "astral projection" already has been accomplished in laboratory settings, Pullman said, adding that the Russians are probably now trying to perfect it. Pullman further states that the Soviets are at least 25 years ahead of the US in psychic research.


According to Pullman, the Soviets have realized the immense military advantage of the psychic ability known as astral projection (out-of-the-body-travel). In this reference, details are given for some of Pullman’s work in the US with astral projection. Other scientists... interested in this work are professor H.A. Cahn of Northern Arizona University, Doctor Charles Tart of the University of Southern California and Doctor V. Inyushin of Alma-ata.

[Appendix1, page 30.]

[Doctor Genady] Sergeyev has conducted several years of intensive lab research on the outstanding PK psychic in Leningrad, Nina Kulagina... Sergeyev postulates that the "bio-plasma" of the human body must interact with the environment to produce PK. Sergeyev emphasizes when target objects are placed in a vacuum, Kulagina is unable to move them... Reportedly, Kulagina has caused the movement of a wide range of non-magnetic objects: (under strict scientific control) large crystal bowls, clock pendulums, bread, matches, etc. In one test, a raw egg was placed in a salt solution inside a sealed aquarium six feet away from her.


Researchers report she was able to use PK to separate the yoke from the white of the egg. Observations by Western scientists of Mrs Kulagina’s PK ability has been reported with verification of her authentic ability. These same Western scientists have reported that as of February 1971, they have not been able to visit or observe Mrs Kulagina. A veil of secrecy has been placed on Sergeyev and Mrs Kulagina for some unknown reasons.

Rather than simply observing PK, the Soviets typically turned to instrumentation. Mrs Kulagina was subjected to a number of physiological electronic measuring devices and tested for important body functions during her PK demonstrations. The Soviets found that at the moment an object begins to move, all of Mrs Kulagina’s body processes speed up drastically - heart, breathing, brain activity - and the electromagnetic fields around her body all begin to pulse in rhythm. Soviet researchers postulate that it was these rhythmic "vibrations" that cause objects to be attracted to or repelled by her...

Scientists report that Kulagina has been able to stop the beating of a frog’s heart in solution and to re-activate it! This is perhaps the most significant PK test done and its military implications in controlled offensive behavior, if true, are extremely important.

[Appendix 1, pages 35-36.]


The aim of tuning into the thought processes of the West’s military commanders spurred the Soviets on to develop telepathic scanning techniques. The possibility of tracking enemy agents in the field by psychic means encouraged them

Soviet researchers went further and found ways to tap into the telepathic conversations of other remote viewers. By introducing a third telepath who knew when information in the form of a telepathic conversation flowed between two other telepaths, the Russians found the ESP data stream could not only be broken into but could be changed. The third telepath could substitute new ideas and words, in effect corrupting the telepathic message. The Russians thus learnt how to hack into telepathic conversations and substitute fallacious messages and images.

Doctor Milan Ryzl reports that secret psi research associated with state security and defense is going on in the USSR. Communist state authorities, the military and the KGB display an unusual, disproportionate interest in parapsychology. The Soviets are attempting to apply ESP to both police and military use... According to Ryzl, some years ago a project was begun in the USSR to apply telepathy to indoctrinate and re-educate antisocial elements.


It was hoped that suggestion at a distance could induce individuals, without their being aware of it, to adopt the officially desired political and social attitudes... Reports of psi research in Soviet submarines help confirm military involvement in parapsychology. According to Stone, there is clandestine psi research going on at the Pavlov Institute of Higher Nervous Activity in Moscow, the Durov Institute, and certain areas in Siberia.


Energy fields that surround humans were first discovered by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian in 1939 in Krasnodar, capital city of the Kuban region in the South of Russia. Kirlian found that photography of biophysical fields around the body could be achieved with high-frequency electrical fields and a spark generator which oscillates at 75 to 200KHz. The generator causes a high-frequency field to emanate between two clamps which hold the sample and photographic paper. The high-frequency electrostatic field causes the biophysical field to resonate and become excited.


Once excited, the biophysical field around the living object (hand or leaf) gives off photons. The 75 to 200KHz electric field causes photons of light to be radiated by the living tissue, which fall on the photographic paper and produce images of the biophysical excitation. They are not actual pictures of the biophysical field, but secondary effects, rather like the wake of a boat through the water. Kirlian’s photographs of leaves which had sections cut out revealed entire biophysical fields that showed the entire leaf as if it was uncut. It was as if the biophysical field was the energetic blueprint for the leaf.


Later research has found that the human body has a biophysical field around it composed of morphogenic fields, defined by cell biologists as the fields which switch genes on and off and control cell development. They determine whether a cell will become a skin cell or an eye cell, for instance.


US military intelligence evaluated the Kirlian effect:

‘...the Soviets seem preoccupied with the search for the energy that carries or facilitates telepathy transmission. Is it electromagnetic or not? The search for this unknown energy has led the Soviets to Kirlian photography; named after its inventors Semyon and Valentina Kirlian. The Kirlians developed a technique of photographing with a high-frequency electrical field involving a specially constructed high-frequency spark generator, tuned up and down between 75,000 and 200,000 electrical oscillations per second. Their first photographs showed turquoise and reddish-yellow patterns of flares coming out of specific channels within leaves. A magnified picture of a finger showed craters of light and flares’

By the 1960s research on bioluminescence revealed by Kirlian photography was going on in many Soviet universities. Perfected techniques of photographing the play of high-frequency currents on humans, plants and animals, as well as on inanimate matter have set the Soviets on some striking discoveries about the energetical nature of man. "Bio-plasma” is a term coined by the Soviets for bioluminescent phenomena or energy. Scientists at the Kazakh State University at Alma-ata have found illnesses tend to show up in advance as a disordered play of flares from the "bio-plasma" long before they manifest in the physical body.


Doctor A. Podshibyakin, an electrophysiologist at the Institute of Clinical Physiology in Kiev, has found that by charting acupuncture points a correlation exists between the "bio-plasma" and changes on the surface of the sun. At the exact moment solar flares (sun spots) occur, there are changes in the electrical potential of the skin’s acupuncture points. These electrical charges are measured by a tobiscope (probably a simple wheatstone bridge device). In some way the "bio-plasma" of the body is sensitive to these solar explosions the instant they occur even though it takes about two days for the cosmic particles to reach the earth.

The most significant use of Kirlian photography is in the area of psychokinesis or mind over matter (PK). Doctor Genady Sergeyev of the A.A. Uktomskii Military Institute in Leningrad believes Kirlian photography may uncover the mechanism of PK. Sergeyev is a prominent mathematician for the Soviet military who works closely with an electrophysiologist from the University of Leningrad, Doctor L. Pavlova. Sergeyev has devised important mathematical and statistical methods for analyzing the EEG which allowed parapsychologists to follow the actions of telepathy in the brain.


The type of work reported by Sergeyev in 1967 and 1968 is just now beginning to appear in the US efforts to understand the transmission of telepathy. Sergeyev has conducted several years of intensive lab research on the outstanding PK psychic in Leningrad, Nina Kulagina. Sergeyev registered heightened biological luminescence radiating from Kulagina’s eyes during the apparent movement of objects by PK. [Appendix 1, pages 33-35.]


It seems scarcely credible that the Soviets trained their telepaths to be able to knock out a person simply by projecting a psychic punch at the victim. In fact, the Soviets poured a vast amount of time and money into exactly this.

The Soviets found that the biophysical field of the remote viewer flared out when he or she was lowered into the theta state. At the Schumann resonance point of 7.8Hz, the Earth’s natural frequency, the human biophysical field seemed to merge with its surroundings and vanish for a split second. When it came back into being, it was many times larger than normal. While remote viewing, this biophysical field seemed to grow smaller, as if part of it was at the place being remotely viewed.

In Dr Vasilev’s ‘Experiments in Mental Suggestion’, published in 1962 (English translation published in 1963), voluminous data is recorded by the Russian scientist on Soviet experiments in sleep-wake hypnosis. Discovered by the Russians in the 1930s, this allowed a hypnotist to transfer commands telepathically to a subject, whether they were a few feet or a thousand miles away. Soviet scientists took this further and discovered that hypnosis could be examined by its effect on the biophysical energy body, which could be detected using Kirlian photography and other means such as using the powers of the human biophysical field to enable people to actually see energy field - auras.


Vladimir L. Raikov MD, a psychiatrist, monitored the mental state of a hypnotized person:

Raikov has worked closely with V. Adamenko, a physicist who reportedly has invented the CCAP (conductivity of the channels of acupuncture points) device. This machine, it is claimed, registers energy flow in the body using as check points for its electrodes the acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine. Adamenko reportedly detects changes in body energy caused by alterations of consciousness and varying emotional states. With subjects attached to the CCAP, Raikov put them through various forms of hypnosis. At the end of many sessions the graphs from the CCAP were checked by Raikov and Adamenko. They claim to have found a pronounced difference between the different forms of hypnosis... They report that these states are very hard to measure by any other method.

[Appendix 1, page 46.]

A US expert in remote viewing told me that their research showed that when a paranormal-warfare expert remotely viewed another person, there was a change in the biophysical energy field of the remote viewer and the person being psychically spied upon. Pulsed ELF fields had been found to put people into a trance (see Appendix 3 for the far-reaching effects of ELF). Russian scientists found that if the remote viewer could mimic this ELF oscillation in his or her biophysical body, then place this field over another person, the person would become unconscious. The Russians trained their remote viewers to mimic pulsed ELF waves by use of Kirlian photography - the trainee watched the picture of his or her biophysical body whilst it was exposed to pulsed ELF waves, then tried to copy the effect.


Would it be possible to store psychic energy like electricity, was a question Soviet scientists asked themselves. With hard evidence from Kirlian photography and a wide variety of other electronic scanners designed to study the body’s biophysical field, which comprised biomagnetic, bioelectric and bioplasmic components, the Soviet physicists had access to experimental data needed for a new physics of the paranormal. Journalist Emil Bachurin’s 1990 article in Young Guard magazine disclosed information on a number of top-secret psi-warfare projects that had been undertaken in the Soviet Union.


Dr A. Akimov, former director of the Soviets’ Centre for Non-traditional Technologies, is quoted as claiming Russian research had discovered a new class of physical fields and particles and the effect they exerted on living and non-living organisms and inanimate objects. New terms such as ‘spinor’, ‘torsionic’ and ‘microleptonnic’ were being used to define these new classes of physical field. Scientists in the West, who have little appreciation of the remarkable advances made by the Soviets, called them ‘scalar’ fields. Russian psychotronic generators which stored ‘torsionic radiation’ were apparently found to cause destruction of the brain’s neural network and the biophysical field around the brain that constitutes our mind and psyche - mind zappers.

Moreover if psychotronic generators could to store biophysical energy Russian psychic viewers might be able to link themselves to psychic amplifiers that boosted their paranormal powers. The DIA reports that psychotronic generators, devices which store psi energy, were developed by a Czech called Robert Pavlita. Czech researchers, like their Russian counterparts, had also come to the conclusion that biophysical energy is the field effect behind psychokinesis and remote viewing. Reference to the equivalent of the psychotronic generator was uncovered in ancient alchemical texts, and Pavlita used modern technology to improve on this psychic battery effect. Psychotronic generators draw biophysical fields from a person and store them for later use.

The Czechs found two types of psychotronic generator - cosmic generators, of which the Egyptian pyramids are an example, and biological generators, the type to which Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone generator belong. Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Sigmund Freud, found that boxes with alternate layers of wool and steel wool could store biophysical energy. His seminal work in the 1950s led the Soviet researchers into bettering these early biological psychotronic generators. In their report ‘Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research’, the DIA gives a detailed appraisal of psychotronic-generator research:

Psychotronic generators (also called Pavlita generators after the inventor) are small devices said to be capable of drawing biological energy from humans; the energy is accumulated and stored for future use. Once charged with human energy, the generators can do some of the things a psychic subject can do, but, according to the inventor, Robert Pavlita, can be charged by individuals possessing no psychic ability.

The concept of man as a source of unusual energy dates back at least as far as ancient Chinese and Hindu teachings, in which it was called "vital energy" or "prana." Between the 18th and 20th centuries it was called various things (animal magnetism, odic force, motor force, n-rays, etheric force, etc.) by rediscoverers of its existence. In contemporary Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychology this energy is called bio-plasmic or psychotronic energy. The Czechoslovakian rediscovery of biological energy is credited to Robert Pavlita, who began work on his device over thirty years ago.

...It has been reported...that the devices are fabricated from various metals (steel, bronze, copper, iron, gold) and that their effects are as a result of their form.

Pavlita’s generators can be charged by direct contact (e.g. rubbing or touching to the temporal region of the head) or by visually directing mental concentration upon them from a distance. The nature of the energy stored is still not understood, but over the years a number of observations about its effects have been reported. It can be reflected, refracted, polarized, and combined with other forms of energy. It creates effects similar to magnetism, heat, electricity, and luminous radiation, but is itself none of these. The energy apparently can be conducted by paper, wood, wool, silk, and other substances normally considered to be good insulators.

The devices have been tested by commissions of experts from the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences and the University of Hzadec Kralove in Prague. Static electricity, air currents, temperature changes, and magnetism, were eliminated as possible explanations for the observed effects. In addition, the energy exerted its effect through glass, water, wood, cardboard, or any type of metal and was not diminished.

According to both Soviet and Czech researchers, one major advantage of studying psychotronic generators is the reproducibility of their effects; in addition they can be activated by nearly anyone, with or without any special psychic abilities. The devices may have other practical applications not related to parapsychology. The Czechs claim that irradiation of seeds with the energy enhances plant growth, and that industrial pollutants have been precipitated out of water by its action.

Pavlita has stated that some forms of his devices can exert both favorable and unfavorable effects on living organisms, including man. In experiments with snails exposed to the energy from a generator, a state similar to hibernation resulted. When flies were placed in the gap of a circular generator they died instantly. In another test, Pavlita aimed a generator at his daughter’s head from a distance of several yards. Her electroencephalogram (EEG) changed, she became dizzy, and her equilibrium was disrupted.

[Appendix 2, pages 33-34.]

Researchers at the Metronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow studied Pavlita and his psychotronic generators. The DIA document continues:

In their present form and size, Pavlita’s devices could probably exert an effect on humans at only relatively short range. It is possible that their size could be enlarged or their energy amplified, thereby extending their range. If the Czech claims for these devices are valid, biological energy might be an effective antipersonnel weapon. It would be difficult to defend against, since it apparently penetrates most common forms of insulation and its reported effects (changes in brain-wave characteristics, disturbance of equilibrium, dizziness) could result in personality changes or physical discomfort which might alter combat effectiveness.

Soviet or Czech perfection of psychotronic weapons would pose a severe threat to enemy military, embassy, or security functions. The emitted energy would be silent and difficult to detect electronically (although the Soviets claim to have developed effective biological energy sensors) and the only power source would be a human operator. [Appendix 2, page 34.]

Psychotronically boosted Russian remote viewers were capable of enhanced remote influencing. A Ukrainian, Albert Ignatenko, publicly demonstrated that he could raise or lower the pulse rate of people who were remote from him. Vladimir Zironovsky, the Russian MP and ultra-nationalist, boasted on BBC television that Russia has psychics who could remotely kill anyone up to a thousand kilometers away. These boasts may indeed be based on fact!


Edward Naumov, a leading Russian parapsychologist, is on record as stating, ‘A psychotronic generator can influence an individual, or a whole crowd of people. It can affect a person’s psyche mentally or emotionally. It can effect memory and attention span. A psychotronic device can cause physical fatigue, disorientation, and alter a person’s behaviour.’ The Soviets built the world’s largest transmitter, code-named Woodpecker by the US, to beam mind-control waves at the West (see Appendix 3). It was powered by the Chernobyl nuclear power complex in the Ukraine.

A strange signal which disrupted short-wave transmissions around the world was detected in the early eighties. It was nicknamed Woodpecker due to its pulse modulation of 10Hz, which when listened to on radio equipment, sounded like a woodpecker due to loud modulations in the signal. It emitted a peak estimated power of 14 million watts per pulse at frequencies of between 3.26 and 17.54MHz, making it the most powerful man-made, non-nuclear, non-ionizing, i.e. non-radioactive, radiation source on the planet. Seven awesome transmitters near Kiev, also powered by the Chernobyl nuclear power complex, beamed Woodpecker’s emissions in the direction of western Europe, Australia, North America and the Middle East. These emissions permeated all obstacles and were conducted into homes via the power lines of each nation’s national grid. They were capable of penetrating underwater and even into shielded bunkers.

So had the Soviets had discovered a method of affecting the neurological functioning of entire populations? Woodpecker had been designed to alter the brain functions of Nato populations by using ELF modulated signals. It was found that these extremely low frequency waves could penetrate the skull and change brain patterns when broadcast at test victims - 6.66Hz makes the victim depressed, 11Hz can make a person manic and prone to riotous behaviour (see Appendices 3). Of particular interest to the KGB scientists were the brain-wave maps of pathological criminals, hopelessly depressed mental patients and socio-psychopaths who had no regard for anyone but themselves. The Soviets hoped to remap the neural networks in the brains of the entire western population.

Prolonged exposure to ELF signals changes the brain’s neural wiring because the barrage of ELF waves stimulates the network used for the signal the brain is receiving, depression for example, while the normal-state neural network is unused. Top neuro-scientist Dr Gerald Edelman has shown that neurones compete with each other and that unused neural connections and brain cells die. If you can keep a person in one brain state, such as depression, by use of ELF transmitted by pulse-modulated microwaves, then the brain connections and cells for normal consciousness will be destroyed and the person will become a chronic depressive. Under a barrage of ELF signals from the Woodpecker transmitters, that was powerful enough the sane mental connections in the brain would gradually die out. Woodpecker’s 10Hz ELF signal went on until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Dr Robert Becker of the Syracuse VA Hospital, a Los Angeles physicist and former member of a top-secret US mind-control programme which looked into the effects of ELF, claimed, ‘It’s highly likely that the Woodpecker signal is causing neurological changes in thirty per cent of the population...’


In the Russian form of ERV, the whole thrust of the training is based on Soviet research into psi phenomena. The biophysical field is seen as the transmitter of information from the target site. Soviet research became fixated on the idea that ELF electromagnetic radiation was used by the biophysical field to transmit this information back to the brain of the remote viewer. The Soviets knew that ELF radiation would pass through the skull into the brain while higher frequencies of electromagnetic radiation would not.


The concept of mental radio lay deep in their psyche due to the enormous amount of research they had undertaken into telepathy and ESP. The natural vibration of the Earth, 7.82Hz, is in the ELF range, which is from 20Hz downwards. The Russians postulated that the biophysical field of the remote viewer, or telepath, could send ripples of ELF radiation around the Earth using the planet’s electromagnetic aura as the matrix for this signal. Russian ESP and their version of remote viewing concentrated on getting the operator into the theta state so that the telepath could naturally send and receive signals on the Earth’s natural frequency.


The Soviets discovered how to remotely kill decades ago. Dr Nikolai Khokhlov, a former KGB agent who defected to the West, was hired by the CIA in 1976 to uncover paranormal-warfare research in the USSR. He found evidence of it at 20 top-secret, state-of-the-art, underground laboratories, staffed with hundreds of the Soviet Union’ s leading scientists. Khokhlov described a government laboratory in Moscow that mass-produced psychotronic generators, which were tested on prisoners. Telekinesis was also used on prisoners to paralyse sections of their spinal cord, by damaging the nerve cells with a telekinetic blast. (See Appendix 2, pages 41-47, for a detailed DIA evaluation of Soviet telekinesis.)

Research included the technique being used by Russian paranormal-warfare experts to stop the hearts of laboratory animals. Russian paranormal adepts trained in this remote-killing technique by raising or lowering the heart rate of a test subject in a separate room, just by the use of remote influencing.

The Russian research institutes investigated telepathy in a rigorous way. In one experiment, new-born rabbits were separated from their mothers. The mother rabbits were hooked up to ECG and EEG monitors. Then the new-born rabbits were killed. It was found that the stress levels of the mother rabbits were raised dramatically, even though the new-born rabbits were killed in another location. Telepathic biological links between mother and offspring were therefore shown to exist. To test whether water blocked out the telepathic signal, the mother rabbits were transferred to nuclear submarines. These rabbits were found to ’know’ when their offspring were killed, even when they were deep underwater. This experiment showed that hundreds of feet of sea water could not block out the psi effect.

Psychotronic devices were designed to kill or disable humans, then tested out on enemies of the state. Telekinetic experiments were carried out to see how much damage a paranormal adept could cause to an untrained victim by use of mind over matter. Condemned prisoners had brain capillaries ruptured by telekinesis causing massive embolisms in their brains. Telekinesis was also used to stop their hearts so they had a heart attack. ‘Kulagina’s highly publicized ability to effect living tissues might be applied against human targets_’ said the DIA (Appendix 2, page 51).

Eileen Garret has supplied many of the statistics on how much the Soviets were spending, via her links with Congresswoman Frances Bolton, who served as Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Another source of such statistics was Congressman Charlie Rose of North Carolina, who in 1976 set up the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future to inform government leaders and aides about Soviet psi warfare. Congressman Al Gore later became chair of this committee.


A standard remote-viewing operation for a Russian paranormal-warfare expert would mean hooking him or herself up to a psychotronic device called a theta-delta gun which, by reversing polarity in the brain, placed the psi-adept in the deep hypnotic-like state needed for psychotronic warfare. An ELF signal was then broadcast into the brain of the psi-adept that reproduced the perfect brain state for remote viewing. A room-sized psychotronic generator would then pump energy into the psi-adept, boosting his or her biophysical field so it could overpower any normal person’s biophysical field.

The target to be remotely viewed was shown on a screen. Once the target had been located by psychic spying, the ELF induced brain-wave entrainment was modified to the frequency that had been mapped as optimum for remote influencing. A list of hypnotic commands was shown to the psi-adept, so that he or she could re-programme the brain of the person being remotely viewed and influenced. If the person was to be remotely killed, the ELF signal for this was entrained in the psi-adept, enabling his or her power of telekinesis to be locked on to the body of the victim.


With a psychotronic generator to power the psi-adept’s biophysical body, telekinesis to cause a brain embolism in the victim, or to knock them out telepathically, remote influencing was made possible, even over distances of thousands of miles. If the person was to be made ill, the specific frequencies that enabled the psi-adept to broadcast negative illness-inducing psionic energy was fed into his or her brain. Boosted by the psychotronic amplifier they were hooked up to, the Russian paranormal-warfare expert acted as a transmitter for negative energy; remote viewing was the target locator and remote influencing the way to focus this negative energy on the victim.

We all know that curses are supposed to bring us bad luck. Russian researchers took this idea to its logical conclusion and used curses for a new generation of psi weapons. KGB scientists, having proved that psi energy acted as the medium for remote viewing, began to experiment with remotely imprinting energy fields on matter. Dr Abraham Shifrin worked at the psi-research institute in Kazakhstan run by the Moscow Institute for Information Transmission, under the directorship of Dr Solomon Gellerstein. He managed to emigrate to Israel in the mid 1980s and disclosed that the Kazakhstan institute had been making psychotronic generators like Robert Pavlita’s in Czechoslovakia.


They had investigated designing different types of psychotronic generators and found how to store psi energy in psychic accumulators. They studied how Siberian and Altai shamans, yogis, ascetics, psychics and witch doctors cursed or blessed talismen and amulets, and they learnt how to charge souvenirs, such as Russian dolls, which were then given to unsuspecting victims. Depression and mental problems were easily passed on by these negatively charged objects and in some cases health was adversely affected.

Dr Boris Ivanov worked on charging water with psi energy at the Laboratory of Bioinformation at the Popov institute in the USSR. It was found that a paranormal-warfare expert hooked up to psychotronic amplification could charge water with negative psi energy that could shrivel plants or cause cancer. US subjects were allegedly given this negatively charged water in their drinks at state functions.*

* Psychic Warfare: Threat or Illusion? Martin Ebon (McGraw - Hill, 1983)

In Leningrad, Dr Pavel Gulyaiev found a way to scan another person’s electromagnetic field at a distance, then to impose another field on to that person to control behaviour or make them ill. The Neurology Institute of Kharkov University experimented on rats, removing their brains which they placed in solutions that kept them partially alive. Remote viewers and sensors transmitted emotions, thoughts, mental calculations and commands. The rats’ brains responded to this telepathic link until they died, about three minutes. Dr August Stern, who had worked in the multi-million rouble psi labs in Novosibirsk, emigrated to France and revealed a wealth of secrets about other psi complexes such as the one at Kharkov.

KGB scientists were prompted to look into the transmission of negative psi energy by research at Novosibirsk:

‘A significant advance toward identification of the EMR [electromagnetic radiation] source of biological energy transfer was gained from recent research conducted at the University of Novosibirsk. Scientists there investigated the release of energy during cell division and during cellular damage and repair resulting from viral infection or toxic chemicals.


In over 5000 experiments with cell cultures and animal organs it was shown that damaged cells radiated some form of energy and that the energy released was capable of causing damage in adjacent control preparations of organs or cells. Further investigation revealed that a uniform pattern, code, or rhythm of radiation was emitted by normal cells. This pattern was disturbed when cellular damage occurred, becoming quite irregular. It was also found that the patterns were transmitted from experimental to control preparations only when the cells or organs were cultured in quartz containers.


Since quartz transmits ultraviolet (UV) radiation and standard laboratory glassware does not, the Soviets concluded that UV radiation mediated cellular information transfer. The researchers subsequently correlated given irregularities of emission with specific diseases and are now attempting to develop techniques for diagnosis and therapy by monitoring and altering cellular radiation codes’


[Dr Jiri] Bradna feels that such stimuli influence the herd behavior of animals and may also be a factor in altering human behavior under conditions of isolation or overcrowding.

[Appendix 2, page 10.]

As a result, remote viewers and psychotronics experts were trained to transmit negative psi energy at the person they were remotely viewing to make them ill. This barrage of negative psi energy also acted as a shock to the target’s system, which made remote influencing much easier. If psychically induced trauma could be caused by projecting negative psi energy at the target, telepathic brainwashing could be made more efficient.


US remote viewing of the present-day Russian leadership shows that President Yeltsin, General Lebed and other leading lights in the Russian Federation are - or were, protected by psychic shields of an exotic and dangerous nature. Any remote viewer trying to influence them is attacked by the biophysical logic bombs in these Russian psychic shields. A biophysical logic bomb is a thought-form which as a mental virus infects the victim, causing death or madness. In 1992, former KGB Major General Oleg Kalugin said in an interview on ABC Television in the US that during the coup that brought down the USSR, he received a telephone call from a contact in a Ukrainian military lab. He was told that paranormal-warfare experts were using psychotronic generators and remote influencing against Boris Yeltsin to undermine his health; they were focusing on his heart in order to kill him. ‘For the first time in my life,’ Kalugin said, ‘I took it [paranormal warfare] seriously.’


After the coup, Yeltsin suffered a heart attack. Since then, he has been treated by top Russian healers such as Djuna Davitashvili. Pro-democracy psi-adepts were asked to create the psychic shield around Yeltsin. Remote influencers and psychic telepaths capable of scanning enemy paranormal-warfare experts, or fellow Russians, keep Yeltsin and his chosen few protected from remote influencers and killers. They also use psychic scanning to protect the President’s offices and home from psi attack and electronic bugs.

Many KGB paranormal-weapons experts went into deep cover in foreign countries to act as special forces psi agents. Located in a hostile country, they could use their skills to spy on and attack the enemy. In the event of a Third World War, they were commanded to re-programme the brains of the hostile country’s leadership to follow the orders of the psi-adept. The Soviet Union could thus ensure the Chinese and NATO leadership lost the war by making the wrong decisions on a consistent, planned basis, as psychically commanded by the psi-adept working under KGB directives. The leadership could also be remotely killed, if need be.

With the end of the Cold War, these psi agents and the paranormal-warfare experts in Russia have been redirected to the corporate theatre and are focusing on economic espionage. They are also being used to remotely view government meetings in foreign countries and to remotely influence politicians and power brokers to manipulate the stock market and improve business opportunities for KGB run organizations. By using advanced Russian methods, it is possible to fool the person being telepathically scanned into thinking they are asking themselves the questions being placed in their minds. In this way, the most secret information can be extracted from the target. This branch of psychic spying is referred to as remote sensing.

In post-communist Russia, paranormal research is one of the main priorities of the security service as it is relatively cheap and very effective. It offers Russia a second strategic weapons system that does not rely on nuclear weapons. The Deputy Chief of President Yeltsin’s security service has become a ‘modern Rasputin’ the 4 May edition of Moscow News reported. General Georgi G. Rogozin approves the horoscopes cast regularly for the country’s top officials, communicates with the cosmos on budgetary and financial matters, rotates tables and saucers in his study and creates a powerful field around the President. He also checks the decisions of the Supreme Personnel Commission by the tables of the Kabala.

Anatoly Kashpirovsky, a psi-adept and ultra-nationalist, allegedly won a seat in the Russian Parliament by use of remote influencing. When he lost his seat in the 1996 election, Kashpirovsky threatened to render impotent by psychic means any government employee who tried to evict him from his apartment (that came with the post of MP).

The thrust of modern Russian psychotronic research is toward remote influence, telekinesis and biological-telekinesis. Dr Edwin May, head of the US government psi-project Stargate (more about this in the next chapter on US remote viewing), and Soviet parapsychologist Dr Larissa Vilenskaya, in their overview ’Influence at a distance, PK and Bio-PK’, state that influencing the human brain telepathically with positive and negative psi energy and emotions, changing DNA in lab cultures by use of remote influencing, the growth of plants using telekinesis, coupled with the healing effect of remote influencing on humans and animals, is part of present-day Russian research.

In the next chapter, we look at US paranormal mobilization, the other half of the inner-space arms race.


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