by Tim Rifat

from PsychotronicGenerators Website

Psychotronic generators are psychic batteries that store life force or the other 34 types of energy that are available to manifest humans. The generators invented by Pavlita from alchemical texts were used by the Soviet Union to power their Psi-warfare projects under Andropov.


These Pavlita generators were fatally flawed in that they store negative energy as well as positive so could be used to place negative energy in the Soviet Union leading to itís breakup. When the Russians used Psi to repair the damage these Pavlita generators caused even more damage under Yeltsin - catastroika.


As the world expert on Psi, Tim Rifat completely understands psychotronic generators the Tim Rifat class of psychotronic generators that use two not one psychotronic generators in tandem the bioparticle psychotronic generator and the biophysical psychotronic generator. Unlike all the conmen who purport to sell any psychically charged product, Tim Rifat is a scientist and understand the mathematics of Psi.


Put in laymanís language this means Tim Rifat can design psychotronic generators that are always positive and never ever can store negative energy as in Pavlita Generators or the occult denied rubbish sold worldwide. The Bioparticle and Biophysical generators, are coupled, all Tim Rifats products come as two generators, the bioparticle psychotronic generator ( BiPGs) absorbs the physical aspects of the 34 types of energy: the Matrix (human reality) and the Biophysical psychotronic generator stores the energetic aspect of the 34 types of energy.


Since both the BPG are couple they share energy. Thus when they are exposed to negative energy the BPG and the BiPG both become negative like a Pavlita generator or talisman, amulet... unlike the Pavlita generator the BPG and BiPG are coupled so they multiply the power absorbed a psychotronic amplifier. This psychotronic generator automatically destroys the negative energy as a product of the mathematical operators embedded in itís creation: negative x negative always equals a positive (-x- = +)


By this method Tim Rifat produced psychotronic generators that always produce positive energy to boost the powers of the Psi-Adept using them and do not go bad or store negative destructive energy because the coupled BPG and BiPG destroy all negative energy to produce positive energy as what effects one effects the other as they incorporate Bellís Theorem quantum connection at a distance. They are in effect a macroscopic entwined quantum entity superluminally entwined in higher dimensional space.


Single psychotronic generators have only one function to place negative energy in the user, owner, as a function of them absorbing negative energy they cannot convert to positive. The Tim Rifat psychotronic generator automatically converts all 34 types of Psi energy to a positive form that boosts the power of the Psi-Adept due to the use of two generators that cancel all negativity as operations of the mathematical space encapsulated by the BPG and BiPG.

The 34 types of positive energy encapsulated in the Tim Rifat bipolar psychotronic generators (BPG/BiPG) are available as limited life batteries. These come as Kline Simulacra bottles with 34 PCs to store any of the 34 Energies in battery form so you can have a limited supply of one of the Power and Energies in a Matrix of all the other 34; just as if you were sitting in a circle of the Total BSRI-E 34 BPC/PC holding one of the PCs in your left hand, the BPC in your left sock.

This allows you to have the use of a Total BSRI-Engine in battery form tuned to one specific Power for example the Left Wand of Horus Grail Stone to inscribe Grail Patterns in energized sand to take Agglutinizing Force out of the Matrix so that the Archon reality becomes unglued for that specific Pattern, e.g. use the power of the Iluminati, wars of conquest to take oil or gas...

By having the 34 BSRI-Engine Psychotronic battery you can have the full power of one specific 34 Energy backed by all the rest. The Wand that comes with the Kline Simulacra PB can be used in left hand to draw in biophysical energy, left sock to draw in physical energy; right hand to give that 34 Power to a target, right sock to give that 34 Power as a physical power to a remote target; all backed by the other 34 Energies and Powers contained in the psychotronic battery.


A useful tool for the cash strapped Psi-Adept.

1   Female sexual energy both physical and biophysical to nurture, mature being
2   Male sexual energy both physical and biophysical to vivify, envigour being
3   Left side awareness both physical and biophysical to open up awareness to all aspects of Psi-reality
4   Right side awareness both physical and biophysical to open up awareness to all aspects of Psi-reality
5   Left hand of Horus Grail stone to access energy absorbing aspect of Agglutinising Force
6   Right hand of Horus Grail stone to access energy giving aspect of Agglutinising Force
7   North Grail Stone to access energy of ley lines used to destroy reality/create evil
8   South Grail Stone to access energy of ley lines used to control dominate reality (RI)
9   West Grail Stone to access energy of ley lines used to access dark matter energy realms
10 East Grail Stone to access energy of ley lines used to access other physical realities
11 Love BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of love in dark energy matter realms/reality
12 Luck BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of luck in dark energy matter realms/reality
13 Money BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of wealth in dark energy matter realms/reality
14 Health BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of health in dark energy matter realms/reality
15 Anti-Ageing BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of rejuvenation in dark energy matter realms/reality
16 Psychic Power BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of RV/RS/RI in dark energy matter realms/reality
17 Psychic Protection BPC/PC to access physical and biophysical power of protection in dark energy matter realms/reality
18 Animal Power BPC/PC to control human reality and use psychokinesis in our mileau
19 Plant Power BPC/PC to control natural reality and use psychokinesis in our nature
20 Insect Power BPC/PC to control evil reality and use psychokinesis in our anglo demonic reality
21 Animal biophysical power BPC/PC to control human Psi reality and use psychokinesis in our dreams
22 Plant biophysical power BPC/PC to control plant nature spirits and use psychokinesis in our spirit world
23 Insect biophysical power BPC/PC to control evil Psi reality and use psychokinesis in our nightmares
24 Animal dark matter Power BPC/PC to control animal dark matter reality and use psychokinesis in dark matter realms
25 Plant dark matter Power BPC/PC to control plant dark matter reality and use psychokinesis in dark matter realms
26 Insectile dark matter Power BPC/PC to control insectile dark matter reality and use psychokinesis in hell realm
27 Body SuperPower BPC/PC to create a devic physical body to live for ever as deva
28 Mind SuperPower BPC/PC to create a devic awareness to extend awareness eternally
29 Soul SuperPower BPC/PC to create a devic soul to enable lucid dreaming forever
30 Spirit SuperPower BPC/PC to create a devic spirit to enable access to bodiless being
31 Rolling Force Gold Meme Ring to enable you to fill your domain with wealth and possessions (with BPC)
32 Rolling Force Silver Meme Ring to enable you to fill your domain with protection against occult evil (with BPC)
33 Rolling Force Platinum Meme Ring to enable you to control your dream with Psi (RV/RS/RI) (with BPC)
34 Rolling Force Double Ring BPC/PC to enable you to turn dreams into reality Lucid Waking

Get a specific Power or Energy backed by the Power of all other 34 Energies.


Total BSRI-Engine technology for specific tasks all in a Psychotronic Battery which should last one year even in constant use.


i) The 34 energies described above enable you to control and master physical reality, the Matrix by gaining mastery over the 34 powers used to run the World. All 34 in combination give you full spectrum dominance over your role in the Matrix: it is as if you are an actor and you can swap for a better role e.g. wage-slave for wealthy business person or love torn becomes lover; scorned becomes adored, powerless become powerful... the list is endless.


A psychotronic generator gives you the power to change roles.


As a Psi-Lord I decided to turn the Illuminati: the super-rich bankers that own the West into powerless pawns in a game run by Divine Power; which enabled me to change my role from wage-slave to Psi-Lord using the Illuminatiís damnation as the psychotronic fuel for this giant leap of role from a bit part actor to director (Psi-Master)... Psi-Lord (Producer) to Author/Writer of the plot - the aim of all Psi-Lords: Total Intent.

Psychotronic generators in essence store the fundamental energies of reality. If human reality is a Matrix then there is a fundamental energy field in which the matrix is operated. Castenedaís model of this fundamental energy field is correct and the mudshadows he talks about are the dark matter energy parasites that keep manís awareness in a Matrix.


This has been developed by these entities living:

their Matrix as Illuminati: the bankers who own the West anglo through occultism, freemasonic adept beyond the 33rd order... to produce the anglo demonic reality; a Matrix within a Matrix.

In the anglo demonic reality all freedoms of awareness are lost and the human becomes a wage-slave possessed by the obsession with paper money, printed by the Illuminati making money for moneyís sake the core competency of the Matrix within a Matrix -the anglo demonic reality (for a full discussion of this see psychotronic By use of psychotronic generators the human is exposed to energies outside the Matrixes of his Psi-prison and this and this lone raises her/his awareness outside the Matrix.


Knowledge of RV (Remote Viewing), RS (Remote Sensing), RI (Remote Influence) is useless on itís own because the dark energy matter entities can make any remote viewer see what they want them to and block all their RI so it is blocked or worse backfires. With psychotronic generators - psychic batteries - the Psi-Adept can have the energy to break free of this Psi-damping field (PDF) so they can correctly remotely:

  • view

  • sense

  • influence

  • psychokinetic

  • telekinetic precognitive...

You will find many people selling RV on the net, all of it is useless without psychotronic generators to power Lucid Viewing - real sensing of what is there - not a Matrix projection.

Psychotronic generators can store three classes of energy:

1) Biotronic - those that affect physical reality.

2) Bioplasmic - those that affect lifeforms such as humans.

3) Bioinformational - those that affect the soul, spirit, aura.

There are three classes because the anglo demonic reality has three levels of PDF to block Psi (parapsychology) - something discovered by Tim Rifat. Outside of the anglo demonic reality these classifications become simply the psychic energy and the biophysical. As the only human living outside the anglo demonic reality, this latter classification is only applicable to Psi-Masters and Psi-Lords.


Once you have the Total BSRI-Engine all 34 psychotronic crystals ini a power circle this automatically lifts the user out of the anglo demonic reality and the Matrix beyond (Matrix within a Matrix) so the user becomes a Psi-Master not because they know a lot but have the energy of the fundamental operating system so automatically their awareness is lifted out of the Matrix within a Matrix so they can lucidly: view, dream, wake...


Psychotronic generators have various functions they can be:

  • Psychic batteries that store the matrix or anglo demonic realities energies as in occult crystals, talismans, amulets... that pull the user deeper and deeper into perdition, damnation, drain their body, mind, spirit and soul and produce the wraith - the evil awareness bound to the anglo demonic reality for eternity an awareness that is tortured after death and can infect living humans with itís evil habits - since there are evil degenerates Tim Rifat (unlike all the other sellers on the net - funded by the Illuminati) only sells the anti-version.

  • The Anti-Demon psychotronic generators that destroy occult entities to supply psychotronic fuel for the user. See the Anti-Demon, Anti-Occult PC/BPCs range for a list of all the psychotronic generators that shred the occult entities for psychotronic fuel

  • This class of Anti-Occult generator is very useful in the anglo demonic reality as we are surrounded by aspects of occult evil the basis of the anglo demonic reality. Look at any government building and you will see it is built in occult lines, in fact the whole of Washington, Central London, Paris is built on freemasonic, occult demonic lines.

  • Since the anglo demonic reality is the basis core of the West, the Anti-Occult PCs are massively effective in producing levels of psychotronic fuel -> energy that our shamanic predecessors never dreamed of. Using Anti-Occult, demon psychotronic fuel a person can jump from Psi-negative to Psi-Master in short order because to be a psi-Master needs massive amounts of energy that takes a lifetime of work (see The Fire From Within - Castaneda) or a massive source of energy for instant uplift.

  • As a Psi--Lord I come into the anglo demonic reality to use it as fuel as never in history has the Earth and itís inhabitants been so corrupted, conversely such a pure source of psychotronic fuel. This is because all occultists, anglo demonic reality, the West, Freemasons, Illuminati by creating the anglo demonic reality have built up a massive debt of energy which means any Psi-Master can simply gain energy by upholding Cosmic Law - that evil should be punished and so by enabling Divine Will to unleash evil upon the Illuminati... the Psi-Master instantly gets their debit converted to positive energy for Uplift.

  • By this means the Psi-Master can reach levels of awareness which those billions of years in the future covet because our time is a time of psychotronic fuel abundance never again to be.

ii) The next class of psychotronic generator was uses the anglo demonic reality structure as fuel in that the 34 powers are corrupted by the anglo demonic reality so 12 are last and the other 22 corrupted and reversed/crossed to produce the 9 corrupt energies, archetypes, archdemons... mentalities, awareness of the the anglo demonic reality. This process produces a massive energy debt so when the anglo demonic reality is uncorrupted the pure spirit, Parcifal, Grail Knight, Psi-Master gets the debt converted into psychotronic energy, as the creators of the anglo demonic reality the Illuminati... dark energy matter entities, wraiths suffer the effects of their actions - they are now on the receiving end of their evil.


This burning of the anglo demonic reality produces a whiplash effect that accelerates the uncorrupted 22 fundamental energies to such a high frequency energy, power level, the 12 missing powers reach their fundamental state known as The Big Bang in the anglo demonic reality; in fact such a high energy that the 34 energies combine to the God energy where dreams, intents can be made real as once the human reality was created by manifesting intent.


For a Psi-Lord the power to create and destroy realities is a core competency; in far future - extreme lengths have to be gone to to produce this God power. In our primitive present of a Matrix within a Matrix, just burning the anglo demonic reality for psychotronic fuel produces this God power.


The anglo demonic shredding PCs/BPCs: The Anti-AngloDemonic psychotronic generators described in Psychotronic


These being:

  • demonic crossing

  • atbash

  • corrupted Eve

These 3 demonic operators therefore have their 3 angelic operators to balance them out. The 3 angelic operators are the 3 classes of psychotronic powers listed above. Outside of a Matrix the 3 demonic operators do not exist - but there is no abundant supply of psychotronic fuel as there is in this totally corrupt mideau. Hence mining for psychotronic fuel and using 3 types of psychotronic batteries, generators to store and process this energy is mandatory for the Psi-Lord who intends to wield the God Force to create new realities.


As this is done the anglo demonic reality is rapidly consumed so the 21st Century is the most energy rich era in history dominated as it is by Illuminati and their anglo demonic reality.

Pavlita generators are invariably of low power as they depend upon shape and internal structure to modify the torsionic soliton field that manifests reality. This has two prime aspects spiral fields and pulsing fields. Modern Russian military psychotronic generators use high voltage spinning shaped metal to modify the torsionic soliton so a potential is set up that can be used for Psi


The Russian psychotronic generators always become infected with negative energy and backfire like Pavlita Generators on the user. Tim Rifat psychotronic generators use two metal or crystal physical and biophysical energy fields that are capsule shaped, having hollow inner cores (see Castenedaís: The Fire From Within) The two crystals/metals are quantum entwined so they are linked by Bellís Theorum (super local action at distance). Then filled with energy by making them a Kline Bottle (higher dimensional openings in 3d enclosed capsules).


This produces a psychotronic battery that linked with one specific user centre a super energy source for Psi. The BSRI=-Engine psychotronic generators are made into engines that convert dark energy matter and itís Matrices into fuel to provide the 34 energies for Psi-Masters. This technology was found using Lucid Viewing of the far future. The Anti-Occult/Demon BPC/PCs are made by hunting these entities and converting them via a Total BSRI-Engine into their complex conjugate so they generate energy as they are processed.


Similarly the Anti-anglo demonic reality BPCs/PCs are forged by hunting down Gap - the anglo demonic reality creator described by Crowley and his cohorts and the trinity of anglo demonic vermin, anglo demonic reality archons that control the anglo demonic reality. This latter class of anglo demonic reality psychotronic fuel allows movements of the assemblage point to anywhere in the Megaverse or creation and destruction of any Matrix.


Shifts of the assemblage point to any reality in the energy body only need psychotronic generators in their battery mode (see Castanedaís: The Art of Dreaming; first chapter of The Eagleís Gift)

For a normal person psychotronic batteries gives you:

  • Power over your fellow men so you can win in any business, love battle

  • The power to retard/stop the ageing process as the Old Seers mentioned in Castaneda's books

  • Psychotronic energy to manifest your dream sot it becomes a reality

  • Use of Psi so your intuition becomes boosted so you know liars, traps, wrong paths and all the other time wasting endeavours around you so you can avoid them

  • It gives you the psychotronic energy to remotely influence partners you like or people of importance, customers, relations, bosses to follow your will

  • Changes reality so things always go your way

  • Allows you to make lots of money - the dream of all normal people