And There Was War In Heaven
Part 7


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In his article "THE ZETA RETICULI INCIDENT" (which appeared in ASTRONOMY Magazine, December 1974 issue), Terence Dickinson suggested that one of the major centers of the alien "Grays" is in the double-star system of Zeta Reticuli I and II, based on the testimony of "abductees" who have been manipulated and implanted by the grays.


Both Zeta I & II are Sol-type suns about 37 light years from earth, right next door, cosmically speaking.


Jeffrey L. Kretch published an article titled "THE AGE OF NEARBY STARS" in ASTRONOMY, written in response to the earlier article by Eickerson (which incidentally raised more interest and brought more response from the readers than any other article the magazine had formerly published). Kretch raised some facts which bring into question the presumption that the "gray" type aliens "evolved" in the Zeta Reticuli system, as the "grays" would probably have us believe.


Quoting from Kretch:

"A final point concerning the METAL DEFICIENCIES is rather disturbing. Even though terrestrial planets might form around either star in the Zeta Reticuli system, there is a specific DEFICIENCY IN CARBON to well within the error range. This is disturbing because CARBON IS THE BUILDING BLOCK OF ORGANIC MOLECULE CHAINS. There is no way of knowing whether life on earth would have emerged...if carbon were not as common here."

Although Zeta Reticuli may nevertheless be a major "convergence" of reptilian activity, it appears as if the "convergences" of human activity are elsewhere. We might suppose that early astronauts from earth decided to travel first to the nearest SOL-type system to earth, rather than a non-Sol-type system. Believe it or not, the NEAREST and most likely candidate for conditions found in our solar system is TAU CETI.


This, as well as the nearby system of Epsilon Eridani may have as a result become a major center or "jumping off" point of human interplanetary exploration. Tau Ceti is only 11.8 light years away. Incidentally, according to ASTRONOMY Magazine, 15 of the 46--or 33 percent--of the SOL-type stars within 55 light- years-radius of earth, are in the Cetus and Eridanus constellations.


This would be the most likely point of initial exploration by an ancient civilization such as the "Hav-musuv's," etc., who developed the art of interplanetary and interstellar travel hundreds or thousands of years before the "Internationals" on the surface of the planet were able to.

Oscar, the "source" of the account given by Forest Crawford earlier, claimed that the "star map" found on board the recovered Tau Ceti craft showed the Tau Ceti - Epsilon Eridani systems as they would be seen from Earth.


Apparently, over the ages the Tau Cetians had developed several interstellar trade or exploration routes. At the same time, the non-human alien-sauroid "empire" no doubt continued to expand as well. The map which was drawn by abductee Betty Hill from memory indicated, once it was lined up with contemporary star maps, that it connected with the Tau Ceti system as well as other systems. Or rather, the "lines" connecting other stars on the gray's map connected Tau Ceti, etc., as well. This suggests that the Grays utilized interstellar routes to prey upon human civilizations, as was confirmed by Oscar's contacts.


As we've said, if an ancient hi- tech civilization such as the Hav-musuv's decided to explore nearby star systems, then Tau Ceti would be THE MOST logical candidate.



(Remember the accounts we've related telling of an alleged connection and cooperation between the Pleiadeans, Tau Cetians, Ummites and Vegans, as well as the statement that they "seem" to utilize a subterranean "space port" beneath Death Valley - Branton).



Just as the Tau Cetians very likely had their genesis on earth thousands of years ago, we can see from the evidence that the grays-reptoids (as confirmed by Thomas C. and others) also originated on this sphere, having left this planet from the subterranean regions they occupied hundreds or thousand of years ago, and colonized Zeta Reticuli as well as other systems.

Recently we received word from researcher Jason Bishop (who is in contact with SEVERAL individuals who have been victims of gray and reptoid abductions and implantation, as well as different people associated or formerly associated with the Dulce base) that certain sources have informed him that: "

The 'Draco' takeover of the Earth surface cultures is becoming OVERT (no longer as 'covert'), 1992-1999.

  • 1993 - money will be worthless (at present rate of change, and implants will be triggered).

  • 1995 - Lots (25 percent) of people on earth (are scheduled to) die or disappear - food of the 'gods'".


(The latter "disappearance" is not to be confused with the "rapture", which will be a Divine "rescue" of the followers of "The Lamb". According to Jason Bishop, "the plan" which the Sauroid infiltrators-invaders have established is in the process of becoming a reality, unless of course some miraculous event takes place which hinders "the plan" from being carried out as scheduled - Branton).

A recent update from the Dulce Base "defector" Thomas C. reveals that the early American leaders, possibly after discovering various subterranean facilities like those beneath Washington D.C., learned shortly after the founding of the nation of the existence of the subterranean city of "Telos":

"Beginning with Grover Cleveland," Thomas C. alleged, "every president in the U.S. history have visited Telos City, except for Taft."

Taft, incidentally was an excessively large man, which might explain the reason why he didn't make the trip. In Jim Brandon's book, WEIRD AMERICA (E. P. Dutton & Co., N. Y., 1978., p. 58), we read that a "Dr. John Thornton" investigated ancient glazed tunnels under Washington D.C., which the founding fathers were allegedly aware of, and over which several important government buildings in the Capitol City were constructed. These tunnels allegedly led to deeper underground systems beyond. Could these have been instrumental in bringing the American and Telosian governments together, or did these presidents utilize another "entrance"?


We could probably say that a "lodge" or hidden "government" exists consisting of both American and Telosian delegates. Whether such a delegation is strongly or loosely tied, it would nevertheless be necessary to orchestrate such visits to the Telosian capitol.


Apparently it may have been THIS American-Telosian delegation which made the original encounters- treaties with some of the "grays" whom they at the time assumed were benevolent


(Note: Could this delegation also include MJ-12 and the "Benevolent" groups who are jointly working together against the Grays within the Nevada military complex, according to "Yellow Fruit"?).


As we've seen earlier this same group after having been "burned" by these creatures, had apparently become aware of their untrustworthy, deceitful and infernal nature - as well as the fact that the reptilians from all indications intend to take over human society.

The following areas are sites where conflicts between the human and serpent races have reportedly taken place, as a continuation of the ancient Da'ath or Da-yath wars ("Da'ath" is the Hebrew name for the ancient tree near which, according to tradition, the human and serpent races first came into conflict):



- Site of the "Dulce Wars" which broke out within the subterranean mega-complex itself after the insidious nature of the aliens became apparent. Human government scientists, possibly working with "other" societies (Blonds, etc.) allegedly discovered the remains of thousands of human mutilation victims in cold storage in extremely deep and remote levels of the complex. Draco's, Reptoids, Chameleons, Iguanas, and Grays are some of the reptilian-saurian mutations encountered in this underground facility.


- (Covering S-4, Dreamland, Mercury, Blue Diamond, Nevada Test Site, etc.). MJ-12 and the "Benevolents" allegedly work here together against the saurian- grays which are concentrated largely near Deep Springs and in deep cavern levels miles beneath southern Nevada. The subterranean mega-complexes are varied and highly compartmentalized.


Upper levels of this mega-complex are in human control while, as at the Dulce subsystem, lower levels (some of which allegedly descend OVER 30 LEVELS underground and intersect with extensive cavern systems below) are controlled by the Reptilians-Reptoids, Chameleons, Iguanas, Grays and OTHER 'grotesque' reptilian beings.


"Controlled" humans also work in the lower levels. According to sources everything here is "way out of control" and the situation is such that when a "Test Site" worker learns "too much" about the alien activity and the infiltration of the lower levels by saurian beings from below, they often end up dead or missing. The "security clearances" and extreme secrecy involved in the reptilian-human interaction as well as the compartmentalization works in the favor of the Reptilians, making it easier for them to neutralize any human who discovers their TRUE motives for establishing joint interaction with government officials - namely, the ultimate subjection of the human race.


- Originally an antediluvian outpost and later re-established by early post-deluvian explorers. The inhabitants are usually 6-7 ft. tall blond humans, possibly a combination of ancient Grecian, neo-Mayan and/or Eastindian and other heritages. Their society apparently came in contact with the ever-expanding reptilian empire and like many other societies - our own American society for instance - they at first were led to believe the "benevolence" facade utilized by the reptilians.


A similar parallel or reverse scenario can be found in the Reptilian-controlled "Dulce" - Archuleta underground complexes which "allowed" human ambassadors-workers limited access after the base was "discovered" by government agencies. Most of these workers were later implanted and came under the control of the Saurians.


These humans mistakenly assumed that instead of declaring war against the aliens within this and other bases they could instead formulate a mutually beneficial "treaty", in essence throwing "their pearls before swine" and through blind faith entrusting the reptilians with certain accesses to human society.


They "entrusted" these creatures with the supposed benevolent "abduction and study" of human beings when in fact, as the government later discovered, the saurians continued to permanently steal thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of human beings, as well as engage in other hidden atrocities. In time it became apparent that the humans-Telosians, El-Anakim, Sasquatch, diminutives, etc. (converging at Shasta, etc.) and reptilians (converging at Archuleta, etc.) could never co-exist without the humans losing all self-will of their own, due to the reptilian desire and in fact instinctive "drive" to completely conquer and subdue the human race.


Thus the "Dulce Wars" and the resulting "stand-offs". According to Thomas C. the "original" owners of the planet which the Sauroids-Greys claim to be (and so they would have us believe), and their Infernal paraphysical allies who operate in the physical realm via bio-genetically engineered physical "forms", are going "to wage war" on Terra, with "The El Race and the Owners."


The "owners" would be us, one would assume. The "El's" or human giants are just like us physically, but anywhere from 9 to 11 and in some cases even 12 ft. tall. They have allegedly been encountered within large cavern systems deep below Alaska, Oregon, California, Texas, Mexico, etc., and are allegedly capable of interstellar travel. There are indications that the "Agharti" civilization and the "Moon Eyes", both referred to earlier in this file, are involved with the activities at Mt. Shasta as well.


- According to various accounts, an ancient system of tunnels and caverns exist below this area. As in the case of much of Nevada, a large percentage of the water in this "Great Basin" area cannot escape to the Pacific Ocean, but instead seeps down underground into huge subterranean systems. According to various sources, these underground systems may have at one time been largely under human occupation. These caverns were apparently and eventually infiltrated to a large degree though not entirely by reptilian influences. Certain "controlled" Dero-MIB type human groups who are being manipulated by the Saurians seem to exist there as well. Also, certain "human resistance" groups that are opposed to the reptilians seem to occupy some of the underground systems also.


- Sometime during the 1940's, 15 miners turned up dead or missing underground after breaking into an ancient tunnel of unknown origin. Claw-like marks were seen on some of the dead miners, while others were never found. One eye-witness (according to an article by Stoney Brakefield which appeared in the July 14, 1974 issue of the Pennsylvania newspaper NEWS EXTRA) reported seeing a grotesque hominoid creature which was totally "alien" and "not of this world".

To put it simply, the battle between the human and serpent races, as prophesied in Genesis chapter 3 (vs. 14-15) and in Revelation chapter 12, is becoming more intense as time goes on.


As the close of the century comes upon us what lies ahead of us in the future? Is it possible that if enough people are warned that "they" may be forced to set back or postpone their "move" until a later date? Whatever the case, we should not just sit by and wait to be conquered.


As one man once said,

"The best offense is a good defense!"

Our creator originally ordained humanity to be overseers of his creation, but man has allowed to a large extent the Serpent or "the Beast" to steal this divinely decreed authority from under him through deception and occult and technological manipulation and in some cases, even overt invasion.

The Reptilians have proven that they seek only to control and to devour. They are like the AIDS virus and have infiltrated our society in "trojan horse" like facades which may to some appear outwardly benevolent. They have no morals, conscience or discretion whatsoever.


They have preyed upon men, women AND EVEN CHILDREN in the populated segment of this galaxy for hundreds of years if not millennia. They seem to conquer for powers sake alone and they will corrupt and "rape" this entire universe if given the chance. They are as unnatural as cancer and they must be stopped.

For ages, the evil one and the conspiracy he controls has been identified by the symbol of a reptilian Serpent or Dragon.


On the other hand, those who have resisted "the Beast" (often being oblivious as to it's actual nature) have been identified with that great and powerful personage who is symbolized by the lamb, or the crimson ram, the true messiah or Christ, the man-god who above all else possesses the power to defeat the ancient Dragon.

Of Him it was written almost 2000 years ago, in the fifth chapter of the book of Revelation:

"And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

"And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

"And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.

"And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed..."

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