Chapter 21

Probing Deeper Into The Dulce 'Enigma'




The following information on subsurface anomalies and the Dulce base was compiled by researcher and explorer John Rhodes:

Legends from different parts of the globe all tell of an underworld inhabited by mystical beings of varied forms. I believe that the reptilian [race] still resides to this day underground. Hidden away in the dark crevices of the Earth and in the depths of the oceans. The evidence supporting this proclamation is also available through recent reports and historical documentation...

I the early 1960's, a subterranean nuclear blast occurred about 30 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico right off U.S. 64. This nuclear blast was conducted under the umbrella of project Plowshare, and was named Gassbuggy.


It has recently been alleged that this particular subsurface nuclear blast was used to create a hollowed out chute or chimney for development of a substation for a super-secret tunnel system attached to an underground black book project base.

According to the infamous Thomas Castello - a former Dulce base security technician - this particular under-world city is a highly secret base operated by humans as well as reptilian aliens and their worker cast, the commonly encountered grays. It is here, apparently, that a multitude of experimentation projects are carried out. Primarily genetic experiments on kidnapped men, women, and children.

There are a myriad of other specialty science projects taking place at the Dulce base including, but not limited to:

  • Atomic manipulation,

  • cloning,

  • studies of the human aura,

  • advanced mind control applications,

  • animal/human crossbreeding,

  • visual and audio wiretapping,

  • the list goes on...

Dulce, New Mexico is a strange place indeed. It's a sleepy little town perched upon the Archuletta Mesa, just south of the Colorado border in northern New Mexico.


Archuletta Mesa


Tourists passing through sometimes see little more life in the town other than that of a scruffy dog lazily spread out along side of the dirt road. Some claim that upon entering the town, black vehicles with heavily tinted windows tailgate them until they are outside the city limits and "heading out of Dodge"!...

In addition, several other sources, who wish to remain nameless, reported oddities in their work with operation 'Plowshare' during the 1960's. The project was created under the guise of the use of atomic bombs during peacetime, and forged ahead under the umbrella of "Natural Gas Exploration". In fact, several of these multi-kiloton blasts were used as a rapid way of developing huge sub-surface chambers for facility development. It is reported that the technology to clean radiation is available and already in use for such projects.

When I lectured on Friday, August 13th of 1993 in Las Vegas, I made public, for the first time ever, the floor plans to levels one and six of the Dulce Base. These floor plans were reproduced from the originals that were handed to Thomas Castello's friend. This friend did not previously release the floor plans because they were being used as a verification device to the claims of abductees that say they were there. To date, the originals have verified and disproved many stories circulating the field of ufology. This friend of Thomas Castello's, however, believes that it is time to begin [to] reveal the missing pieces...

The Dulce base floorplan was illustrated as per the originals by Thomas Castello and I released it... during my lecture in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its layout, when inspected carefully, appears to be extremely strategically planned.

From a vertical viewpoint, it resembles a wheel with a central hub and corridors radiating outwards like spokes. This 'hub' is the focal point of the entire base. It is surrounded by central security and extends through all levels of the base.

I believe this core to be the Achilles heal of the entire facility. It probably contains fiber optic communications and power lines. This would justify its highly guarded and central location as well as explain its vertical continuation through all levels. With all communication lines and power lines focused towards the hub, it is possible that any one level could be completely "locked down" by its own security or the security hubs from either above or below its own level. This would provide maximum control over the entire facility.

The 'spokes' or corridors radiating away from the central hub, lead to numerous other labs in five different directions. Connect the spokes and a pentagon is revealed in its design. From above, this base resembles the layout of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. complete with halls, walls and military insignias! Since we do not have the exact heading on its corridors, magnetic alignments are impossible to determine.

When viewed laterally, its appearance takes on the look of a tree with a trunk at its center and its floors extending outwards like the branches. If this is a facility of science, then one could easily say that its lateral appearance is like that of the tree of knowledge

(Note: The original Hebrew word for the tree of "knowledge" is "Dah'ath", or "cunning". It was the 'tree' where, according to Judeo-Christian accounts, the original 'serpent' convinced Eve to take part in a rebellion against the Almighty by promising her and Adam godhood. By accepting this false gospel of self-deification, so Genesis claims, Eve AND her husband who was WITH HER at the time, joined in the rebellion. Since they saw themselves as potential gods, they no longer 'needed' to depend on the Almighty as their Source, and once the flow from the SOURCE was broken the perfection that the world once knew was destroyed, as humankind - and in fact all of nature - began to turn 'wild'.


In light of all of this, could the DULCE BASE be the modern TREE OF KNOWLEDGE [cunning], where the seed of the SERPENT and the seed of EVE have once again met in an unholy alliance, yet in a much more sophisticated form? In THIS case the "serpent" would be the GREYS, and the "forbidden fruit" would be the OCCULT-TECHNOLOGY that is being offered BY these demon-possessed beings to humans "elite" who are intent on "playing god" over their fellow man! Could it be that the Edenic scenario NEVER ENDED, but instead HAS BEEN and WILL KEEP ON REPEATING ITSELF OVER AND OVER until the "seed of Eve" once-and-for-all say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", and basically tell the serpent exactly where it can go!? - Branton).

Was this purposely designed this way or does it just happen to be a coincidence?

The overall design of this facility reminds one of a multi-stacked subterranean Hopi Indian kiva. Although I believe that it's somewhat of a disservice to the Hopi to even be spoken of in association with a cave of horrors like the Dulce base, its similarity in design should not be forgotten.

As cultures around the world tend to bring their own styles of architecture with them during periods of migration, so perhaps did the advanced civilization that 'originally' built [the] Dulce Base. If the reptilian influence over man is as great as archaic documentation and myth would have one believe, then there have to be other subterranean dwellings similar to this in other locations...

(Note: The following are some additional facts and comments, concerning the late Thomas Edwin Castello, which are not mentioned elsewhere in this work. These have been 'paraphrased' from the research files of John Rhodes. - Branton):

In 1961, Castello was a young sergeant stationed at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. His job was as a military photographer with a top secret clearance. He later transferred to West Virginia where he trained in advanced intelligence photography. He worked inside an undisclosed underground installation, and due to the nature of his new assignment his clearance was upgraded to TS-IV.


He remained with the Air Force as a photographer until 1971 at which time he was offered a job with RAND Corporation as a Security Technician, and so he moved to California where RAND had a major facility and his security clearance was upgraded to ULTRA-3. The following year he met a woman named Cathy, they married and had a son, Eric.

In 1977 Thomas was transferred to Santa Fe, New Mexico where his pay was raised significantly and his security clearance was again upgraded... this time to ULTRA-7. His new job was as a photo security specialist in the Dulce installation, where his job specification was to maintain, align and calibrate video monitoring cameras throughout the underground complex and to escort visitors to their destinations.


Once arriving in Dulce, Thomas and several other new 'recruits' attended a mandatory meeting where they were introduced to the BIG LIE, that:

"...the subjects being used for genetic experiments were hopelessly insane and the research is for medical and humane purposes."

Beyond that, all questions were to be asked on a need to know basis. The briefing ended with severe threats of punishment for being caught talking to any of the 'insane' or engaging in conversations with others not directly involved with ones current task. Venturing outside the boundaries of ones own work area without reason was also forbidden and, most of all, discussing the existence of the joint Alien/U.S. government base to any outsider would generate severe and, if necessary, deadly repercussions.

Thomas did his job as his superiors demanded. At first his encounters with actual gray and reptilian beings in the base were exhilarating, but soon he became acutely aware that all was not what it appeared to be.


Thomas slowly began to sense that there was an underlying current of tension existing between some of the personnel and himself. Once in a while he would walk around the corner, interrupting serious discussions between coworkers and, as Thomas was a security officer, these talks would die off into a short murmur and individuals would part company.

One particular part of his job was to go into various areas of the base and align the security monitoring cameras when it was necessary. This afforded him the opportunity to venture out and witness things that would stagger the imagination.


Later he was to report seeing laboratories that investigated the following:

  • Auraic energy fields of humans;

  • Astral or spirit-body voyaging and manipulation;

  • Psi studies;

  • Advanced mind control analysis and application;

  • Human brain memory recognition, acquisition, and transfer;

  • Matter manipulation;

  • Human/alien embryonic cloning;

  • Rapid human body replicating by use of energy/matter transfer [complete with an individuals memory from the computer memory banks] and other scientific advances.

Once in a while Thomas would see some of the horrifying genetic creations that were housed in separate sections of the base.


These, he knew, couldn't have had anything to do with mental illness or health research. Thomas didn't want to look any further. For every time he discovered more pieces to this underground maze, it became more and more overwhelming to accept. His curious mind, however, implored him to search for the truth regardless of his own desire to turn away in horror.

One day, Thomas was approached by another employee who ushered him into a side hallway. Here he was approached by two other gentlemen that whispered the most horrifying words... the men, woman AND CHILDREN that were said to be mentally retarded were, in fact, heavily sedated victims of ABDUCTION. He warned the men that their words and actions could get them in big trouble if he were to turn them in. At this, one man told Thomas that they were all observing him and noticed that he too was 'uncomfortable' with what he was witnessing. They knew that Thomas had a conscience and they knew they had a friend.

They were right, Thomas didn't turn them into his commanders. Instead, he made the dangerous decision to quietly speak with one of the caged humans in an area nicknamed "Nightmare Hall". Through their drug induced state, he asked their name and their home town. Thomas discreetly investigated the claim of this 'insane' human during his weekends out of the facility. He discovered through his search that the person had been declared missing in their home-town after vanishing suddenly, leaving behind their traumatized families, who followed dead ends and trailed flyers.


Soon he discovered that MANY of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of men, women and children [from ALL AREAS OF THE WORLD] were actually listed as missing or unexplained disappearances. Thomas knew he was IN OVER HIS HEAD and so were several of his co-workers. All he could do, until somehow the situation changed, was to be alert and extremely guarded with his thoughts. The gray aliens' telepathic capabilities allowed them to 'read' the minds of those around them and if he revealed his intense anger, it would be all over for him and his new friends.

In 1978, tensions within the Dulce base were extremely heightened. Several security and lab technicians began to sabotage the genetic experiments. Increasingly frail nerves and paranoia finally erupted into what is commonly referred to as the Dulce Wars.


It was a literal battle between the reptilians and the humans for the CONTROL of the Dulce base. It was the reptilians more than the humans that were pushing the "Big Lie", and insisted on using humans in their experiments, AND those who did not survive the experiments [were used] as 'sources' for the liquid protein tanks which 'fed' both embryonic gray fetuses as well as full grown grays, as a source of nourishment.


The initial "Dulce War" conflict began on Level Three.



Dulce Levels and Symbols



No one is exactly sure how it started, but we do know through Thomas' account that it involved the [base] SECURITY FORCES armed with beam weapons known as "Flash Guns", machine-gun toting [U.S. Military] personnel, and the Gray alien species (who had apparently tried to turn the base security forces and U.S. Military forces against each other. - Branton).


When the smoke cleared, sixty-eight humans had been killed, twenty-two were completely vaporized and nineteen escaped via the tunnels. Seven were recaptured and twelve remain in hiding to this day. Thomas Returned to his post awaiting the planning of his own escape.

(Note: It is not known just exactly how many grays were killed in the conflict, but it is obvious that the human security personnel were far outnumbered by the aliens since literally thousands of grays worked in the lower levels of the Dulce base, according to Castello. There are indications that the 'spark' may have occurred when many of the scientists within the lower levels - who had learned about the "Grand Deception" of the aliens and their LIES concerning the abductees - were captured by the Reptilians and apparently confined deep within peripheral bases underneath the Ute Mountains of SE Colorado and SW Utah.


A few others apparently escaped and told those in the upper levels what was happening below. The Grays/Reptiloids could not afford to let escape the fact that they had VIOLATED the treaty with MJ-12, and in fact had been violating it ALL ALONG with NO INTENTION whatsoever to keep it. They had hoped that the humans would not become wise to their "Trojan Horse" operation until they were able to infiltrate the planet more completely.


At least 100 special forces were sent in by superiors who were ignorant of the whole picture in an effort to rescue the scientists and maintain order and control of the base, however the aliens - who far outnumbered and out-teched the human forces - managed to kill 66-68 of them. - Branton)

In 1979 the intense pressure that was brought upon Thomas in his job finally made him break the code of silence. He told his best friend, by a hand passed note, that he was working in a sub-surface, huge installation outside of Dulce, New Mexico.

He told his friend that he was working side by side with Gray aliens that consider themselves native Terrans and that the upside-down black triangle with the inverted gold colored T inside it was the insignia of the project.

Thomas knew that he had to leave the job for his own peace of mind, however now that he knew the truth about the abductees being held below, it would be almost impossible to live a 'normal' life. He would always be under observation and threat until the day he died. He also was aware of the fact that old age may not be his downfall. His demise could easily be expedited by certain individuals.

After one of his weekends away from the facility, he decided to Return to work. This time through one of the less guarded air shafts, unannounced and into the base by way of secret passages. Once inside, he preceded to appear as if he was working his normal duties while taking charge of every thought as he passed by Grays.


During this time inside the base, he removed still photographs of the facility and treaties signed, with authentic signatures, between California Governor Ronald Reagan, several other individuals and the Grays. Thomas also managed to retrieve a 7 minute black and white surveillance video of genetic experiments, caged humans, Grays, as well as schematics of Alien devices and complex genetic formulas.


These items, he felt, were not only his chance to a seat at the bargaining table when the need arose, but also they were things that the public needed to know about.

He made copies of the films, photo's and paperwork, packed several 'packages' and instructed several different people who he trusted explicitly to bury or hide them until the right time.

He was then made aware through certain sources that his wife, Cathy, and son, Eric, had been forcibly taken from their home to an undisclosed underground facility for 'safe holding' until he decided to Return with the items. At this point, he knew that even IF he did Return everything to the Dulce commanders, that his wife and son were probably NEVER going to be the same again [if Returned at all] after being manipulated by aggressive mind control.


He also knew that he AND his family would most DEFINITELY become permanently missing due to some tragic accident. Thomas was at zero option. He quickly dissolved into a lonely life on the run. From state to state, border to border, motels to sofa's.


Always looking behind him and trying his best to look ahead...



Further notes from John Rhodes:

During this initial period of evasion, Thomas was able to relay quite a bit of information about what was happening behind-the-scenes and what plans were being made by the government (that is, the fascist-corporate elements within the 'Executive-Intelligence-Industrial' government such as the NSA's, MAJI and AQUARIUS agencies, which had re-established the collaboration two years following the cessation of official human interaction following the Dulce wars. - Branton) and the Grays.


Some of it has been withheld by his closest friends as a control device in order to authenticate or invalidate some abductees' stories and researcher's findings. Believe me, there are some very well-known people who make a living from selling this type of information and they have been lying through their teeth about their 'experiences'.

(Note: Are some of these false accounts given within THIS volume? I do not know, and as I stated at the beginning of this work I am not excluding ANY information source - although I may have my own 'opinions' on certain information such as with the Phoenix Project 'research'. However, I have decided to THROW IT ALL out on the table for all to see, and will allow the future to make its own judgments. Even if one or a few of the accounts are misleading, the odds that ALL of the combined accounts within this volume are false would defy the laws of probability.


Perhaps the only way to tell for certain would be to do as the unsung hero Paul Bennewitz suggested - that is to make a full-scale military assault on the base, conquer the aliens whether they be genetic creations or true aliens or both, and bring all activities there under full Congressional oversight. I'm sure that there will be no lack of potential military recruits for this type of assault, after all tens of thousands of young American men have in the past been sent off to die to protect CIA drug-running operations in the Golden Triangle, to give their lives for the United Nations' "New World Order", or in wars that were never meant to be won.


I should however in all fairness state that in the Korean and Vietnamese wars there was a very real threat in the form of Communism, and many young men bravely fought and died in the defense of freedom. However their patriotism and hopes of victory were often sabotaged by Communist sympathizing Socialist U.N. officials or by covert drug operations or other hidden agendas. In other words if we have fought wars in the past against the 'tentacles' of the beast, so-to-speak, then I see no reason why potential recruits would shy away from a battle against the 'head' of the Beast itself, especially when we consider that such a battle or war might ultimately have galactic ramifications.


One of the problems with the "Dulce Wars" was that only 100 special forces with high-level security clearances were unknowingly sent-in to a base inhabited by over 18,000 Greys. 44 of these reportedly survived the firefight - which considering the opposition was a very good survival rate. However with the latest developments in military technology, with the current 'civilian intelligence' on the base which exists now thanks to Paul Bennewitz and others, and with the millions of American Christian Patriots who would no doubt be willing and ready to wage a HOLY WAR against the entrenched Draconian COLLECTIVIST forces on earth... the next military assault on the DULCE BASE will not be so one-sided. - Branton)

He [Thomas Castello] hopes that you find this information interesting and noteworthy. We feel that it is imperative to release more information because of the stepped-up abduction activities. If you should ever be inquisitive enough to try and do a field investigation of Dulce yourself, then you had better prepare and prepare well!... Do not treat [this] information lightly.


Thomas Castello, the former Dulce Base security technical [officer] and a personal friend of two OZ team members, may have given his life in order that some day the world may see the truth about the existence of the Dulce facility in which he worked [Thomas has not made regular visits to any of his known 'contacts' for quite some time. Some are fearing the worst...]

Elsewhere within the manuscript released by John Rhodes - from which we have just quoted. - we read the following:

"Obviously, if these snake-people or reptilians really did once live amongst the Homo Sapiens population, they have gone to extreme measures not to be revealed since they went into hiding... [however] OUR progression has been carefully monitored by the elusive reptilian race that lives within the cavernous Earth itself...

"Legends from different parts of the globe all tell of an underworld inhabited by mystical beings of varied forms. I believe that the reptilian race...still resides to this day underground, hidden away in the dark crevices of the Earth and in the depths of the oceans. The evidence supporting this proclamation is also available through recent reports and historical documentation...


If you really want to see the big show, don't look above your head, look below your feet!"