And There Was War In Heaven
Part 5

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During one interview with Oscar, Crawford became concerned about the "logistics" of a tunnel system stretching from California to North Dakota to Washington D.C., etc., attempting to correlate this with their background in science.


According to what Oscar revealed to Crawford and his research companion: became evident that this was not feasible. With careful questioning it was discovered, according to Oscar, that the tunnels went only a short distance and did not actually connect to the North Dakota base. The capsule shuttle was accelerated and then a time/space window was opened. The 'exit door' of the time/space window simultaneously opened at the prescribed destination where the capsule would appear in a tunnel and decelerate


(Note: One must wonder why an entire half hour was necessary for such an instantaneous transit, unless a tremendous speed was necessary to attain the subspace jump. There are accounts as given by researcher William Hamilton and others that some of the subterranean societies beneath America, the Telosians for instance, possess a tube-shuttle system. From his description it appears however that the Telosians utilized actual vacu-tube shuttle tunnels which stretch for hundreds if not thousands of miles.


Perhaps the early shuttle systems constructed by ancient technically-advanced societies were of this variety, and were replaced or upgraded with time/space windows later? Is it possible that the government's eventual alleged discovery of ancient tunnels leading to this particular subsurface colony of "Telosians," which has been confirmed by "Thomas C." and others, has led to a JOINT Telosian-American use of the ancient sub-shuttle systems? Or are the tunnels referred to by Oscar entirely U.S. government constructions?


Also, a similar network of shuttle vacu-tunnels is also said to converge below Dulce, New Mexico, according to many sources. These are allegedly used mostly by the Grays, and possibly by mind-controlled "M.I.B." groups who are working for them. - Branton).


The technology (for the teleport-tunnels described by Oscar Branton) was supposedly a combination of our own knowledge, rooted in the Philadelphia Experiment, and acquired alien technology. Oscar also talked about the geological location of time/space/dimension doors. These places allow an easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our atmosphere. Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just northeast of Seattle, Washington and south of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior...


An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural time/space windows can be found in studying patterns on special energy maps. One such map is the Bouguer gravity anomaly map. Oddly enough A FAIRLY LOCAL low gravity area can be found at... the locations mentioned by Oscar (Not only near Seattle and the Apostle Islands, but also in Missouri where Oscar claimed to have had most of his subsequent contacts-meetings with the Tau Cetians - Branton)... My research is finding some interesting patterns emerging by comparing the location of gravity anomalies, Indian reservations, military bases and cavern entrances.


These specialty maps can be purchased at great prices from GEOSCIENCE RESOURCES., 2990 Anthony Rd., Burlington, NC 27215...

One last note on this account.


William Cooper describes another incident involving a reptilian "gray" which was allegedly recovered from a crash-retrieval in the southwest. Enormous efforts were taken to try to save the "life" of this ugly little beast, yet when it came to an actual HUMAN alien like "Hank" certain people could apparently have cared less for his/their personal welfare.


Cooper also alleged that the "secret government" for a large part refused to ally themselves with the "Nordics" or human-aliens who warned them about the malevolence of the Grays, and chose instead to go ahead and form an alliance with the reptilian "grays" since a U.S. - Gray alliance would seemingly help the cause of the power groups (serpent cults?) who were making a "killing" off of exploiting the masses. Or did serpent cultists working in the government already have an age-old pact with these draconian powers, and because of THIS refused the advances of the Nordics?


Apparently these did not desire to accept the "conditions" required by the "Nordics" which included the discontinuation of nuclear weapons proliferation and the cessation of multi-billion dollar war efforts which, according to many sources, have filled the pockets of the secret government, which covertly operates in nearly every country. Such wars-conflicts-revolutions-etc., many believe, have been directly influenced and orchestrated by the serpent-cult-secret-society groups. The pathetic individuals responsible for formulating the alliance-pact with the saurian grays instead of with the "Nordics" literally sold-out our nations out to "the Beast". Let's pray that the situation is not irredeemable.

Another note. If Einstein's theories concerning the possibility of time/space anomalies are correct, then this might explain how a civilization could possibly travel from one star to another in a relatively short period of time. There is no evidence that time could ever be reversed, but there is a theoretical possibility that time/space might be SUSPENDED via some type of 'hyperspace'.


There is allegedly much technical information contained in the elusive "GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13" describing this aspect of physics. Some 'contactees' even state that the FORWARD flow of time is different in other parts of the galaxy, and that a day on earth could constitute a week on another planet. In other words a spacefaring race 10,000 'years' old might have left earth only a couple thousand years ago!

In relation to the apparent "tug-of-war" between the "Grey's" and the "Nordics"/Tau Cetians, etc. over individuals, as in the case of "Jill" which we've just related, we have an apparently similar situation which was described in an "Intelligence Report" released by "Leading Edge Research" (Formerly Nevada Aerial Research). This report stated: "One contactee that has been contacted by the blond/Nordic race was captured and examined (by the greys) after it was discovered by them that the blue beam used to paralyze people failed to have an effect on him.


The implant device that the Nordics put in evidently neutralized the paralysis beam. It was said that the Greys came in a football-shaped craft." This is one more confirmation, among others, that actual conflict if not warfare exists between certain segments of the "Nordic" and "Gray" aliens.


A possible confirmation of this comes from a correspondent of ours from Pasadena, California by the name of Penny Harper. Penny is the Pasadena director for a group called UFORUM. She claims to have had contacts with beings "claiming" to be from Tau Ceti and a separate contact from "Pleiadeans". However, the "Tau Cetians" she encountered were, as she described them, "praying mantis" or bug-like beings. She was told that THIS IS NOT THEIR ORIGINAL FORM, but for various reasons these aliens chose to show themselves in this form to her.


IF these beings ARE from Tau Ceti as they claim, then there seems to be some conflict here between her account and the Forest Crawford account as related by "Oscar". These beings "claim" to be humans who do not wish to show themselves in their "true form" during Penny's contacts, so that she does not, they explained, become "too attached" to them.

(Note: This mantis-like description is the same one given by the early "contactee-psychic" Ted Owens, who alleged that these creatures had the power to influence the aerial environment, change weather patters, initiate destructive hurricanes, etc.).


In Miss Harper's case this EXPLANATION for appearing in this mantis-form would be a first, as we have not encountered any other incidents where the "aliens" have bothered to appear in another form for this specific reason.


If they are human, then one must wonder why they would appear in "mantis-like" form when the human Tau Cetians according to Crawford and others are at war with such a race. If the beings described by Penny Harper ARE from Tau Ceti and they utilize that "form" while there, perhaps they operate in underground bases where they will not be observed.


That is, if they ARE in fact from Tau Ceti as they claim. Quoting from Ms. Harper's account:


That is, the humans mentioned by "Oscar" who we informed Penny of in a previous correspondence.

"Mine are 7 to 7 and a half ft. high, green grasshopper (or praying mantis) looking beings with huge black shiny wraparound eyes and two antennae on their heads."

Whether these "bug" or "grasshopper" like beings are Human, Reptilian or PARAPHYSICAL entities that utilize such a "form", is not certain. It is unlikely that they are human Tau Cetians since according to Oscar's account such beings would obviously be considered one of the so-called "bug people".


The only other alternatives would be that they are reptilian or paraphysical. Although some "grays" might appear somewhat mantis-like, the addition of the antennae and "huge" opaque black eyes rather than reptilian slit-pupiled eyes would suggest that they probably are not sauroids unless the reptilians for some reason decided to appear in such a form by transmuting the molecular structure of their bodies.


There is the possibility that "they" are paraphysical entities which, as they themselves allege, are far different in their ORIGINAL forms than the mantis-like forms which they appeared to Penny in. Whether the creatures encountered by Penny were reptilian OR paraphysical, this does not detract from the fact that there are basically only two entity "groupings" in the universe that are at odds with each other.


The Draconians (Paraphysicals or "Infernals" and the Reptilians), and the Evadamics (Unfallen Angelic beings and degenerate or regenerated humans). These are nevertheless the two "basic" groupings of intellectual beings who utilize aerial craft, whether these craft are of a physical or etheric nature, or a combination of the two (ie. para-physical).

Miss Harper continues:

"...I still talk to my main (alleged) Pleiadean contact. I asked him about the Tau Cetians and why they had giant bug bodies. He said... THEY CAN APPEAR IN ANY FORM. They chose the grasshopper form... The bug form makes me keep a distance from them. THEY USED TO SCARE ME simply from the way they look."

This description seems to indicate that these beings are paraphysical entities, and the possibility that they are fallen paraphysical entities trying to pass themselves off as "super evolved" beings (as Penny said they claimed to be) should not be ruled out either.


Researcher John A. Keel has written much about this third "paraphysical" group of aliens, and has offered much documentation that "they" are capable of taking physical matter and re-assembling it into various different paraphysical shapes and forms, including aerial vehicles of various types. Since all evidence point to the fact that the "paraphysicals" work as one with the Saurians then the entities described by Oscar might have been a description of BOTH interworking groups, or in other words the "bug people" could represent both the sauroid group as well as their paraphysical "transmutating" masters!

There are, as we have seen, three 'realms' in which Draconian-Evadamic conflicts have for unknown generations taken place. However there is a possibility that another "realm" which permeates all of these exists where such conflicts have taken place as well. This is of course the etheric or spirit realm.


Both Reptoid and "Gray" aliens have on occasion been seen "phasing" in or out of the physical "dimension" and into this "hyperspace" realm, possibly through the electromagnetic occult-technological manipulation of the molecular densities of their physical forms, and thus have seemed to appear, disappear, walk through walls, etc.


Many humans have allegedly been caught up PHYSICALLY into this "invisible" dimension where supernatural entities roam about in more tangible forms.


This was evidenced by the "Philadelphia Experiment" (made popular by the Charles Berlitz book of the same name) and similar incidents, including the Bermuda Triangle events which have included time-displacement, UFO's, disappearances, etc.


There is a possibility that yet another group of living, breathing human beings may have the ability to travel between the visible and invisible dimensions by altering their molecular structures as well, or had entered this state by accidentally falling through electromagnetic vortexes resulting in a molecular phase-shift of the individual. To them our world would probably still be visible to some extent yet theirs would not be visible to the majority of us.

These "Etheric dimension" human beings (in addition to saurian, paraphysical and angelic beings who apparently inhabit this realm temporarily or permanently as well) might explain some accounts of "ghost" sightings or human like beings which seem to appear or disappear into or out of thin air.

Fallen angels may also account for some "phantasm" sightings, as various accounts indicate that these "infernals" have the ability to manifest in various different, even HUMAN like forms. There may also be indications that ONE "parallel world" similar to ours might exist on the opposite polarity of the electromagnetic spectrum from us in an "anti-matter" type of existence.


If this is the case then it would likely consist of only one OTHER "dimension", and any human life which might exist there must have originally come from our own "world". We would NOT have "duplicates" of ourselves in that world as some science fiction depictions of this possibility have suggested, but supposing it exists it might be very much different than our world. This "other" reality, if it exists would nevertheless be somehow tied-in with our own world, as there is only one "electromagnetic reality" yet very possibly many "facets" of that one reality.


This might explain events such as that of Joseph Vorin, who suddenly appeared "out-of-nowhere" near Frankfurt-am-Oder, Germany in 1850, dazed as if disoriented by his new surroundings, who spoke a strange and broken para-Germanic dialect and claimed to be from a place called Laxaria in the country of Sakria! (see: Brad Steiger's book 'STRANGE DISAPPEARANCES').

Also, variations of these three realms (subterran, ulterran - as in John Keel's "ul-traterrestrials", and exterran) might exist like in the case, for instance, of humans who have entered or PHYSICALLY "phased-in" to the "Etheric" frequency of another planet. A good candidate for such a race would be the so-called "Men In Black." The "MIB" are according to many sources, to some extent a race of unfortunate souls who have fallen under the occult control of the Serpent Races and their "infernal" allies. According to various accounts other "beings" have been seen to accompany the human "MIB".


These are often described as android-like or "humanoid" forms apparently "possessed" my malevolent non-physical entities. According to other sources, biological matter is often taken from mutilation victims by the Reptilians or another entities and used to construct bio-synthetic "cybernetic" units which can be inhabited-possessed-controlled by the paraphysical "infernals", allowing them to operate in the physical realm.

The "Men In Black" are said to be tied-in with a group called the "Nation of the Third Eye" who are in turn tied-in with a Reptilian-influenced or controlled other-stellar society which was established in the past on a planet orbiting the star Sirius! Some of the "Sirius Star People" are apparently humans who were descended from ancient astronauts native to earth who had apparently "sold out" themselves in ancient times to the "Infernals" and the Serpent Race in exchange for technology and power, just as the U.S. "Secret" Government had done in more recent times.


Actually, the Illuminati-NSA-CIA connected "NOD" installation which is said to exist deep below Washington D.C. (allegedly one of a series of antediluvian or "Atlantean" city-complexes beneath the Eastern seaboard which were re-discovered and "re-established" in post-deluvian times) is allegedly tied-in with the Imperialist "MIB" civilization near Sirius. This does not mean that we should blame the present-day "MIB"—many of whom have apparently been manipulated by the Draconian ("Infernal" & Reptilian) forces—for the mistakes of their ancestors, nor blame them for being born into such a society.

There are allegations that the Draconians are attempting via manipulation to stage a future conflict between the human MIB in Sirius and the nations of earth, by turning these two human societies against each other. This "staged" conflict, as we've said, is no doubt largely inspired by the Saurian-Greys and may potentially involve other human societies native to this sector of the galaxy as well.


This may all be part of a reptilian "divide and conquer" strategy which if successful will deplete human influence throughout the populated sector of the galaxy. This would open up the way for saurian-reptilian races to continue their expansion, and enable them to spread out and take control of the rest of the galaxy, and possibly and eventually galaxies beyond, without the human element to hinder them. This may also be similar to the Reptilian-Illuminati (serpent cult) thesis-antithesis conflict scenarios which have been orchestrated in the past on earth, although this time it would be on a much grander scale.


Hopefully both sides will see through such draconian strategies before "they" are able to initiate an interplanetary war between human societies in the "Sol" system and their human cousins in the Sirius star system. There seems to be three human societies other than the "MIB" that UFOlogists apparently confuse with each other.


These are,

  • the "NORDICS" (From the Pleiadean, Vegan, Ummon, etc. systems)

  • the "BLONDS" (usually from Telos and allied subterran societies who are described as being 6 and a half to 7 and a half foot tall blonde humans)

  • the "ARYANS" (an alleged underground "pure-bred" Aryan society based in part beneath Antarctica, which was allegedly established by Nazi-German scientists utilizing "saucer" technology largely based on an alien disk recovered by the Germans before World War II. Some of the 2nd-generation Aryan "aliens" are allegedly now fighting against the saurian grays, which they "may" have had dealings with in the past)

As we mentioned above there is evidence that the Reptilians have used their influence to set human societies against each other in a type of "divide and conquer" strategy in the past. Whether the following incident involves the "chameleon" type of sauroids or saurian-controlled "MIB" groups is uncertain, but it seems to contain certain aspects suggesting that the sauroids were somehow involved.


The incident which took place in the 1970's was mentioned, among other places, in an article titled "UFO'S OVER MAINLAND CHINA", which appeared in Tim Beckley's UFO REVIEW (issue No. 11., 1981), published by UFO News Service., 303 Fifth Ave., Suite 1306., New York, N.Y. 10016.


The article stated:

" has been reported by the Hungarian Embassy that border skirmishes between Chinese and Russian soldiers was caused when both governments thought the other country was sending spy planes at low altitude over strategic areas. Several battles reportedly took place and later it was determined that UFO's and not 'spy planes' were involved in what could have easily turned into an international incident."

This is only a small part of the entire story, as other sources which we have come across have stated that these UFO's had landed on many occasions.


The occupants, in what seemed to be a strategic attempt at stirring up international tension, reportedly looked like "Russian Cosmonauts" to the Chinese witnesses who saw them; while the Russians peasants insisted that they looked like Chinese "Orientals". It appears as if the occupants were intent on turning the Russians and Chinese against each other, and this they succeeded in doing to some extent. Several people turned up missing during the UFO flap, but the "last straw" seemed to occur when a Russian supersonic jet vanished without a trace in proximity to the UFO activity.


This incident resulted in a massive reconnaissance effort on the part of the Russian Air Force. They had apparently traced the UFO flight paths to a convergence in a particularly remote region in the eastern part of Asia, within the Soviet borders.


Every square inch of territory in this region was allegedly photographed. Shortly after this, reports emerging from Russia insisted that waves upon waves of military aircraft were seen flying from all areas of the continent, only to converge over an isolated area outside of Olekminsk. Native Russians reported that for a space of three days a continuous distant thunder could be heard as the area was literally blasted from the face of the earth. Other reports claim that a large hidden "base" consisting of numerous "pyramidal" like structures was obliterated.


It was also alleged that HUNDREDS of miles of underground tunnels were later found beneath the devastated ruins of this 'UFO Base'. Who or what were these "Chameleons" that apparently used various disguises to turn these two nations against each other and, in fact, almost succeeded in igniting World War III?

Although there is much evidence that the "Serpent Cult" has for centuries used the strategy of turning nations, races and even human families against each other in order to establish a "climate" for further controls over humanity, it is evident that the serpent race itself is deeply involved in fomenting conflicts between human societies upon, below and beyond the earth in order to subdue humanity as a whole.

It is uncertain what role certain events such as the Los Angeles "race" riots of 1992 (apparently incited by the Los Angeles police as well as L. A. gangs using cellular phones according to some sources) may have had in such a "control" scenario. Some believe that these riots were in part inspired, or at least "allowed" to happen, to initiate anarchy AS AN EXCUSE to establish one more step towards totalitarian martial law, or a "Police" State, by opening the way for Federal and National Guard troops to take control of the city to some extent.


Certainly the L. A. police knew the riots were coming and did little to prevent them, and the apparently "fixed" police trial which sparked the whole thing did little to prevent them either. Even though one cannot blame the majority of police officers who are no doubt in those positions to serve the public good, there are relatively small groups working in the police departments throughout the nation who nevertheless hold great power and who, according to various sources, are members of a fraternal organization or organizations which have an entirely different agenda than that of public servant.


Some small groups working within different police departments seem more cultic than civic in nature. There have been many "rumors" for instance to the effect that the reasons why satanic cults or even sacrificial cults thrive with apparent impunity from the law, is simply because many of the major police departments have been infiltrated by persons loyal to such cults. We must stress however that although many similar rumors to this effect exist, there is relatively little solid evidence supporting them.


Then again, there is a possibility that such persons could use their influence and positions to suppress such evidence. We must again stress that the "alleged" cults working in the police departments consist of relatively few police officers in comparison to the majority of the force.

There are however allegations, for instance, that the Ku Klux Klan wields a good deal of power in police departments across the southeastern states, and that a white-supremist police cult known as the "Vikings" exists within the Los Angeles Police Dept., and also that recorded racial comments made by various police officers as well that the police chief Gates himself seem to support such an allegation.

The following information was released by 'Leading Edge Research' in June of 1992.


Although the alien vanguard that is allegedly behind the 'New World Order' conspiracy is not specifically mentioned in the article, a secret government group, the Trilateral Commission (TLC), which is in turn allegedly motivated by a reptilian agenda according to many sources, is mentioned:

During the UFO EXPO West 92 in Los Angeles, which took place a week after the riots in Los Angeles, I chanced to run into some fellow investigators who had observed several ships loaded with electronic antennae off the coast of Los Angeles two days before the riots took place.


There are groups in Southern California that regularly conduct frequency analysis of various metropolitan areas, and they reported that the Los Angeles area was HEAVILY DOSED WITH BETA FREQUENCIES shortly before the riots occurred. Beta frequencies can produce anxiety states, and this most certainly exacerbated another scenario, which was a controlled exercise in population manipulation.

The enormous media-centered campaign around the Rodney King case would not have been possible without the approval from the highest levels of the TLC and intelligence agencies, and it points to a long-standing campaign to encourage race riots campaign that has apparently existed for the one-year period between the original incident involving Rodney King and the trial that ended on April 29, 1992.

There is sufficient evidence that what occurred in Los Angeles was in fact not a riot, per se. It was in fact the result of the deployment of somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 urban guerrillas in order to start what would have the appearance of a race riot...

On April 30th, the Compton Police Dept. revealed that it has arrested six people for arson, and that when questioned about their activities, the youths said they 'were on a mission to burn down 10 buildings an hour'


(Note: are some of the L.A. 'gangs' tied-in to secret societies at the higher levels? - Branton).


Their car contained 10 gallons of gasoline for use in these fire-bombing operations. Law enforcement sources also report that many of those arrested during the disturbance had identical cover stories, indicating that there were many such groups under the coordination and control of someone.

The Los Angeles riots were in fact intelligence agency operations that were used to invoke the application of military troops; they were an attempt to start nationwide riots that would require the invocation of martial law and FEMA plans.

Another indicator that the 'riots' were probably an intelligence operation is that the day before the Rodney King verdicts were released, a mass leaflet was distributed in South Central Los Angeles by a group calling itself the 'Revolutionary Communist Party'. If you are at all familiar with US intelligence agency practices, it can immediately be seen that RCP is a front for CIA activities. Most 'revolutionary' and 'terrorist' activities are in fact performed by the very intelligence agencies which claim to exist for the prevention of such activities.


The leaflet said, 'There's No Justice in the Courtroom - It's Right to Rebel.'


Remember that these were distributed THE DAY BEFORE the trial was complete, so whoever passed them out or caused them to be passed out already knew the verdict, which also implies that the whole trial, in fact the whole Rodney King affair, was a setup from the very beginning that was intended to inflame the public to induce greater totalitarian control measures...

Within days of the incident, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (who is also a member of the Trilateral Commission, folks) used the press-orchestrated clamor for 'police reform' to put TLC counter-insurgency apparatus in place which launched a virtual war on local law enforcement, effectively paralyzing, if not destroying, those functions (could Bradley and Gates have been two lower-level 'Hegelian' pawns? - Branton).


TLC member Tom Bradley, as it turns out, appointed fellow TLC member Warren Christopher to form the 'Independent Commission to Investigate the LAPD.' Christopher, whose 'specialty' is riots and urban insurgency, is a partner in the law firm of O'Melveny and Myers.


In the early 1960's, he and fellow TLC member Cyrus Vance, then at the Pentagon, drafted 'Operation Garden Plot', a plan for military martial law in American cities in the event of 'domestic civil disorder'. Of course, there is no distinction made of the 'cause' of domestic disorder, if you get my point.

Warren Christopher, in fact, was one of the creators of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), during the Johnson administration, when he was Deputy Attorney General.


LEAA was one of the early attempts to implement a top-down federal takeover of local police departments in the U.S.,

"...Christopher, years ago, sat on the McCone Commission (chaired by former CIA director John McCone), which 'investigated' the Watts riots in 1965 for the intelligence community. Is it all adding up now? "

It is apparently a long-standing policy of the Trilateral Commission to foment civil disturbance and unrest, not just in the U.S. but worldwide, in order to foster the imposition of world dictatorship.

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