The Verdants


26. - Averting an Over-reaction to Aliens

In his latest book, Hidden Truth, Steven Greer talks about how humankind will soon be like other cosmic societies. Rather hide the basic evidence for aliens,

“in the future, we will not cling to ignorance to feel safe. We will not hide in our ignorance.” (p. 318)

When governments and media are more honest about aliens, a weight will be lifted and our standard of comparison will elevate dramatically.

For the time being, however, we’re highly vulnerable. We’re on the verge of a number of early assimilation crises that stem from our interaction with aliens. Alien-related technologies are now in human hands, and as human history has shown, when advanced technologies fall into the hands of greedy, self-serving regimes, conflicts tend to follow.


The first and greatest risk is that New World Order elitists will try to use such technologies to oppress the disadvantaged then manipulate a series of cascading crises in order to perpetuate a failed regime and make grandiose claims to deep space Terra. Ironically, some of the IFSP’s (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets) reported “direct operatives” lead in such efforts.

It’s also ironic that men of the sort premise their scheme on the monetarization of all that can be enumerated, while we have yet to hear of a single alien society that uses currency for daily exchanges. Aliens have said that they allot energy credits or other apportionment to their citizens, rather than allow the chaos of unlimited wealth because uncontrolled resource use is both ruinous and prone to conflict. In their communications, to date, individual aliens have shown little interest in material “things” and seem to prefer a life of larger involvements, a more equal kind of citizenship (the irony being that they can be collectively acquisitive).


All of the alien populations that humans have encountered appear to be social commonalities, beings who share their resources more equally than do humans. All aliens who interact with humans emphasize this fact at length. It’s a most important theme—which we’ll revisit shortly.

For now, humans with a long history of crimes against humanity have acquired alien technologies that will affect us drastically in the near future: psychotronics (mind-controlled technology), genetics, abduction technology, and more. Even if we choose to delay their introduction, aliens will force such issues upon us.

For example, should we or should we not increase our brain capacity, and if so, through what agency?


In the United States, Bible belt Republicans say they oppose human embryo research, while Republican cabal insiders have cut deals with aliens that abductees say do forced impregnation of young human girls.


Worse yet, narcotics are trafficked to fund alien-related programs and keep them out of public view.


It’s a ghastly contradiction, an open wound that threatens to fester, spawning further extremes of secrecy - which may be the abductors’ plan, of course. If non-IFSP alien sources are correct, some US and European right-wingers who claim to hate “big government” are actually involved in an Orwellian scheme to misguide human affairs and eventually cede control to the IFSP.


Some non-western operatives are reportedly complicit (the name Saud has been mentioned by one or more hyperversals - hyper-advanced aliens originating much earlier than most would assume).


In other words, a critical situation has developed, yet most humans remain unaware. Is it as government-trained remote viewers told Jim Marrs: one alien faction is scheming to “directly own and control” this planet? (see Alien Agenda)


A variety of alien sources have corroborated the allegation. If true, it would help to explain why the IFSP’s reported “direct operative” humans refute reports about global warming and endangered ecology while, at the same time, they use economic leverage to deplete Earth’s resources, which could make us dependent on the IFSP for trade. They seem to want to sabotage our self-sufficiency.

There’s further irony in such doings. Although the IFSP can be cold and harsh in its control, it isn’t an aristocratic dictatorship. Were the IFSP to gain control here, its human operatives who now live richly would have to be removed or forced to live in austerity in order for the IFSP’s propaganda about equality to gain traction.


So we see the ghastly spectre of a reported 3000-4000 often wealthy “direct operativeswho may want to delay formal announcement of the IFSP’s presence (and intervention) so that they can continue to indulge in earthly pleasures here.


According to non-IFSP aliens, the IFSP’s operatives are both aided by, and report to, an alien colonizer yet may not want to compromise their lush lifestyles anytime soon. Instead, they do epic sabotage and delay all effective solutions. It’s a rapidly deteriorating situation.

Of course, I’ve raised the issue many times for comment by IFSP aliens and the three ellipticals” hyperversals.


Their numerous replies are as follows:

  • They concede that the IFSP has numerous direct operatives in the human line-up, as outlined above, but they say that it’s all according to plan.


  • By gaining effective control of globalist money supplies, i.e. through Rothschild and his confrere, they say they can steer humankind into a precipitating crisis.


  • In other words, they say it’s better for them to have actual control over the wealthy economies (and key military-industrial hard-liners) so that they can be prevented from veering off into dangerously weaponized, offensive stabs into deep space.

Meanwhile, the IFSP tries to clean up on available planets in our vicinity and its direct operatives deliberately exacerbate US militarization of outer space.


IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens have said that IFSP operatives are strategically planted here so that they can directly influence monetary policies, industry, media, and more. They say that only through such control can humans be engineered toward a relatively benign, non-sexual status, hence they can more easily integrate us into a larger, collective entity.

In short, they say yes, crimes against humanity have been committed through such operatives, and human conflicts have been manipulated to assure that the IFSP’s direct operatives can wrangle effective control over human assets, but they argue that conflicts would have occurred anyway (i.e. racist attitudes and imperialism were bound to result in war, hence IFSP operatives’ reported tipping of events toward WW II was a matter of course, not preference - the name Thyssen, an old Bush family client, has been mentioned by hyperversals).


IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens say that the IFSP’s operatives have merely steered such crises toward a manageable, controlled outcome.


They’ve even said that HIV was engineered and deliberately inserted into human populations “for a reason” (to dissuade humans of sexual abandon, to precipitate a crisis that also feeds into their larger strategy). I’ve inquired and have objected about the case repeatedly, with specific reference to Bush Sr. and former CIA chief William Casey, as outlined by Cathy O’Brien.


The IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens’ responses were as noted above: explicit admissions coupled with corroborating comments by non-IFSP aliens and hyperversals. I’ve made sure that others in the human community have witnessed such remarks.


Along with other humans I’ve remotely probed the HIV case over and over again and from different perspectives, repeatedly coming up with a positive reading of what has been stated, sadly enough (this was necessary because repeated probing of the same initial context can eventually seem stale, causing some humans to miss the actual significance of what they’re witnessing). So, we’ve expanded the scrutiny to allow for a variety of larger configurations and inputs. In cases of the sort, there is no room for error.

To humans, the IFSP’s manipulations may seem cold, but IFSP aliens say their design must be effective. IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens say that their efforts look further, on a larger scale, and that all populations go through ugly phases over time. They say that crime and crude impulses must be contained and that humans aren’t up to the task, at the moment.


They argue a kind of realpolitik and note that human greed isn’t under control yet. They say it would all have been ugly and brutal had they intervened, or not, hence they argue that the real problem lies in human impulses that can only be changed within a more advanced context. The given aliens note that on any given day, they turn around and hear about events on billions of planets, if not more.


It’s a cool, hard-nosed fact of life, they say, not a bed of soft-petaled flowers.


* The debate is ongoing.

As humankind stumbles into various crises involving new technologies, it helps to remember that alien worlds have already experienced and have often resolved such paroxyms long ago, hence the IFSP is poised to take maximum advantage of any mis-steps we make.


They’ll offer technical aid and advice in order to deepen their involvement here. Given the prep work they’ve done (abductions/breeding, placement of operatives, plus some exchanges with black budget factions), they may try to precipitate and steer future crises to their advantage.


Although competing aliens have given humans a good heads-up on exopolitical basics, the internal processes of human government can be compromised, given the politics of greed and secrecy here. When we ponder alternatives to the IFSP scheme of fast-burn resource depletion (*alternatives like population control and conservation, or, failing that, trade with aliens and terra-farming of other planets), the IFSP will offer further inducements in exchange for a deeper role in our vicinity.

In other words, we must be more self-sufficient, better integrated and more humble. We must avert an over-reaction to aliens, despite any harm done to us by alien intervention, to date. It’s easy to harden and toughen people during an emergency, but if we regularly brutalize young people and abuse their sensitivities through fear, it’s nearly impossible to rekindle those same sensitivities. They’re the best part of our lives.


They form extra dimensions of intelligence. The most advanced aliens always advise that we refrain from violence and fear-mongering. Otherwise, we’re unapproachable and will lose out for a long time to come.

In short, the best option is to expose the basic facts of human-alien interactions, allow for more transparency, and then move on—for the better. Honesty is always the best policy.

Aliens are often faced with similar dilemmas among their own societies. Individual aliens must step back and assess whether their community is correct, or whether they need to change it. Alien individuals who live among overgrown, predatory populations may feel as though their lives are meaningless and inconsistent. Should they speak out against wrongdoing or simply ignore the underside of off-world policy? How can one individual change a coldly impersonal intergalactic empire?

For example, a Verdant may feel that her society is late for necessary reckonings, yet she may still want to enjoy the benefits of the IFSP, which continues to take resources from disadvantaged populations. How can she object without risking deprivation?

The more advanced and capable a society becomes, the more obvious it is that specious pretensions are barriers to greater involvement. Communication with hyperversals and advanced community of mind requires humility, an ability to step outside of one’s skin and re-assess old assumptions.


Hyperversal societies have learned to fade themselves down in order to attend to other populations who lag in various ways. In a finite, physical universe, advanced societies must decide whether ecology is merely a stasis, or whether it is an increasingly capable, yet receding out-of-body existence---a greater community of mind/mindedness.

If we look ahead, we see that technology and inter-stellar travel isn’t an end, in itself. We’ve already witnessed the dilemma of reluctant, steady-state alien populations who wax defensive about their resource “strategies.” Meanwhile, the larger, more advanced community must lead such reluctants into a more mature kind of humility.


They must be readied for deeper involvement in mixed-alien community, which essentially fades within a higher, finer aesthetic and ecology.