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If the reader has had some difficulty believing the accounts presented so far about extraterrestrials, this chapter will stretch the imagination beyond limits.


One may be reminded that in physics, notably quantum theory, such extravagances as parallel worlds are considered seriously, also other universes and probable dimensions. Nevertheless, the reality we describe here is one between the imaginary worlds and the substantial realities with which we are familiar.

According to channeling by Zoosh through Robert Shapiro, our evolution was set up so that there was a strong potential for an alternate negative future (ANF) to become interlocked with our time line to guide the race if it went off track. And indeed it did.


This was an allowed and deliberate plan by the Creator level; a test to speed up spiritual growth and break the cycles of war and destruction. And our recent history indicated that our civilization was indeed creating mistakes repeatedly.

The idea was to cause the mass consciousness of the human race to realize it was on the wrong track by making that track so obviously wrong, exaggerating it so that we would correct the deviation.

Secret government groups and aliens seeking control and domination of this planet have increased this potential for the alternative negative future by literally pouring negative energy into it (the future potential). As a result, this future has acquired some solidity.

About 80 years ago beings in this ANF began to gain some substantive continuity of existence due to the negativity of our present, establishing a past (our present) for this ANF. These beings had the potential now to maintain and sustain a viable existence and a fully operating civilization with further manipulations of our present and also our past.

By 1910 transmissions from this ANF came to Earth in the form of visions for those who could attune to them.


Two examples of ideal recipients were Hitler and Himmler. It was not until 1917-18, however, that the visions were taken seriously. Hitler and Himmler received visions of control and greed causing them to believe they could draw power from the world.

This was the beginning of the occult side of the Nazi party, which started as a small club in a basement. It became satanic in its methods and motives and pain was a prerequisite to the privilege of membership. Initially this took the form of animal sacrifices which had to be an animal they loved. They extended this to murdering human loved ones.

From the higher realms, or Creator point of view, this got out of hand. It was intended to stop wars; to wake people up to evil. As a result, the power was withdrawn from Creator and the satanic group then attracted negative forces, a satanic being to give them power.


From this ANF influence, technologies were inspired within the Nazi group. These were advanced negative technologies; all heart removed from them.

About 1915, the ANF was about a 30% chance of its being a future that would live. It was, however, only a probable future of images trying to take form. Now owing to these Nazi technologies during WW2 the ANF beings created a time machine - crude and very expensive to power - to manipulate the past and potential futures.


Many were lost in transit to Earth. This time machine was linked to negative energies created by humans and thus served a purpose of teaching man a hard lesson while the negative energy was present.

The ANF is at the future year 2175 AD. Their dimensional level is 2.5 to 2.8 but they come to Earth at 3.0. They cannot survive, however, at this level for long. When we reach 3.55 they have no effect. We are now probably around 3.5 (it was 3.47 in 1996).

These beings are making a last desperate effort to stop us ascending into the fourth dimension. They have attempted to wipe out the population of Africa. (Note the information in the chapter on Sirius about the African - Sirian - genetics bringing sustenance to Earth.) The more we continue with negative conditions the more they push back their influence.


ANF manifested the Nazis but owing to establishing the link and travelling back into our past, present and future, influencing the Nazis negatively, they have changed our, and their, past and their control goes beyond 1914 now.

They have considerable power in the ANF.


Hitler and Himmler, from this information, are stated to be of the bloodline of negative rulers from this ANF. These beings from the ANF have been tracing everyone on Earth in our present and past to the ANF, enabling them to influence our past - even cause us to remember only bad times and forget the good, as though they didn't exist (which theoretically could be uncreated).

As stated, they arrive at 3.0 first (about 1300 at one time but probably not at all visible to us at this density) then they project energy to a smaller number at our frequency density - around 3.5. They travel to Earth in their bodies but few survive.

It is interesting to note that they dimensionally overlap with the negative Sirians described earlier, but the beings from the ANF are not interested in them.

Now as they rebound from 3.0 to 3.5 they lose energy - that is, lose negative energy, causing them to feel less in control. They can only stay for around 3 years but utilize sound techniques to aid them. They cannot stand light, and exist underground in 6 to 12-feet thick, lead-lined, reinforced concrete bunkers (note that they probably wouldn't be detected by us since they were at 3.0. The negative activities of the secret government helps them to become more physical.


They can be touched when at 3.47 but if one shook hands one could squeeze through their hands. They have attempted to corrupt the mystical intentions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


They want to run their roots into the past as far as possible to change the outcome of events that have come and gone; such as WW2, so that instead of defeating the Axis powers, a pact was formed enabling the Axis to complete their weapons development program and subsequently dominate the world.


Part of this would be keeping the U.S. out of the war.


The early Nazi group obtained their weapons by inspiration:

Beings from ANF are not of military order (which has some good principles of courage and self-sacrifice); the system is more political. They identify with control.


On their world their children are not praised for doing something worthwhile; they are praised for something degrading that follows the party line, such as being cruel to an animal or exerting will over others.

They are humanoid in appearance. In marriage they exert their will; take what they want, or maybe negotiate. There is no love. It is a manipulated, mechanized society. To our senses their world would appear as if in a haze. This is the energy of fear. They would not be clearly defined. When perceived, their features would be more coarse than ours. They don't see in color.

The percentage negativity is around 75 and they die at more than 80%, though they try to get as close to this as possible, they are so driven by negativity. Their planet is in our solar system (obviously not physically or in our dimensions). They live underground. Sunlight would kill them instantly, and also electric light in about 20 seconds. They can see in the dark using sound techniques. They are not actually soulless, though nearly - it is an alternate potential soul.

Our history is based on alternate possibilities. The competitive element on Earth, the source of internal conflict, originally came from alternate futures on Orion, and this established the warrior class.


The drive behind the ANF beings is of this nature:

a negative version of competition - do whatever it takes to win and maintain one's position at the top of the heap.

Even though competition was once positive it plays out as negative in that alternate negative future. Any high cause will take its opposite polarization in the ANF.

The effectiveness of the beings from the ANF has been reducing as our frequency density rises, in particular, according to Zoosh when we reach 3.55 we shall be free of this ANF influence.

The information in this chapter came from Zoosh's material channeled through Robert Shapiro.





We have covered just a few of the extraterrestrials interacting with or observing Earth.


In fact, the principal races with which we are most familiar, either intimately connected to our evolution or playing a major role in assisting our ascension are the,

  • Zetas

  • Pleiadians

  • Orions

  • Sirians

  • Arcturians

  • Andromedans

  • Lyrans

  • Alpha Centaurians

There are millions of extraterrestrials in, on, and around this planet, mostly in energy spectrums different from ours.

According to William Cooper's research, the secret government is aware of some 70 different ET races contacting Earth; though there are in fact thousands aiding or observing Earth.

We mentioned the praying mantis ET in the chapter on Mars. This race is known as the Aethiens - also has been written Ataien. They long since evolved into higher realms and would be well invisible to us.

In appearance they are usually whitish, or golden as they age, and can attain a height of 12 feet. They originally lived off plant juices but now obtain sustenance from light energy. They have wings and can fly but don't need to use them for distant travel.

They work with other beings throughout the time portal system, soul travelling through the dimensions, and come from a parallel galaxy. They are emissaries of peace and growth to all brotherhood species. They may be seen working with the Zetas during abductions but only in the capacity of aiding the human experience and teaching the Zetas greater benevolence.


When they appear with the Zetas they merely accompany them and only when the Zetas work in brotherhood with all life.

As a race, they veer more towards the collective state, though are still individuals. Nevertheless, extreme individual creativity and inventiveness, which humans exhibit, interests them and consequently we can learn from one another.

Another group of ETs which is working with Earth are the Rhanthunkeana, or more simply, the Ranthia.


They are from a distant star in higher spectrums. Great distance or dimensional difference is no problem to them as they have mastery over the time-portal system. They are responsible for most of our crop circles. These beings as well as the Aethiens mentioned above are referred to in Voyagers, volume 1.

They have followed Earth's development and have been our guardians since its beginnings, as have the Zetas, but the Ranthia are more advanced technologically and spiritually.

They may manifest in our dimension and appear as spherical forms of light as they have an ability to hold a position between dimensions. Note that there are eye-witness accounts of spheres of light associated with or creating crop circles.


Although they are not based in physicality they have the ability to appear in matter forms. They are experts in holographic creations. Their physical form from our point of view would be fluidic, like water. Thus they can take on many shapes. Besides the Ranthia, many visiting ETs can modulate the dimensional frequencies and time portals to accomplish the science of shape-shifting.

The Zetas also have this transmutation ability but not as well as the Ranthia owing to the Zetas missing emotional body. They can appear invisible, 'ghost-like' or in disguise. At this time, the Ranthia are playing a significant role as guardians for planet Earth.

Amongst our numerous ancestors with whom we have a genetic link are the Felines or the Lion People.


They also evolved in the Lyra constellation; more specifically on a planet named Avyon of the Vega star system. According to the book We are the Nibiruans, by Jelaila Starr, which we are indebted to for this material, the Felines came to this universe to set up this game, having completed theirs in another universe.

The Felines arrived etherically but took physical form with the subsequent 'veil of forgetfulness' and after millions of years evolved into bipeds with awareness of their souls. They stood 12 to 16 feet tall and their skin, which changes from gold to white in maturity, is covered in a soft down, not fur, but both males and females have long hair. Eye coloring changes from blue to gold as they mature.

Their temperament is warm and intellectual. Elders are respected for their wisdom, compassion and insight. They have a gentle nature and a great sense of fair play - they are very curious and inquisitive, typical of the feline nature. The females have equal status to the males.

Now their planet was not unlike Earth, with its considerable variety of plant and animal forms; a beautiful blue planet with mountains, lakes, streams and oceans. A portion of the Felines remained at the etheric level to provide guidance to those incarnating (much as do the angels for humans).

After millions of years and countless incarnations, with the addition of DNA from the biped, the ape, they walked upright and retained the consciousness of their etheric counterparts (didn't devolve into the lower 3D spectrum). Thus apart from retaining the facial features of the feline they possessed a human-like body.

In spite of the similarities to the evolution of the human species the feline ascended without the many temporary extinctions of the human race and new beginnings.

Technology on Avyon developed to an advanced degree, bringing space travel. Furthermore they became expert geneticists and began helping to develop life forms on other planets. At this point they made a contribution towards the genetic development of the human race.

By further cross-breeding and genetically upgrading types, apparently two strains of the human body were created:

  • the redheaded strain

  • the platinum-blonde strain

Although the genetic relation between felines and humans has been forgotten by modern man the Felines remain the loving and supportive guardians throughout time.

Another consciousness aiding planet Earth is the Andazi, referred to as fully realized, which presumably means operating at their full, natural potential - the condition they were meant to be. This is a consciousness residing on Earth, from our point of view, but also existent in other dimensions and not limited to any dimensions.


Their energy is so basic that they are, or link with, the essence or consciousness of all things in nature but can take on any form.

They are described by Zoosh in the Explorer books as taking on a preferential form on the surface of Earth, which is tall, honey-gold in color, and covered in a downy fur. They appear in this humanoid form and choose to have the fur for warmth since they like the seasons. Facially they are cat-like.


They are immune to all negativity, toxins, etc. and can take on any natural form such as a stream. When we interact with nature we will interact with them and they are naturally closely associated with Mother Nature.

They are thus very difficult to detect. Fortunately for us they are completely benign and have the purpose of assisting us. They existed before our beginnings and are not oriented towards any specific race.

The Andazi have no limits, they can be detached as an observer and simultaneously be within and fully integrated with any form. Our consciousness partly contains them. They can interact with everything harmoniously. This energy has the ability to synthesize everything of the best, bring it together and create something wonderful - this is within our own human consciousness.

They operate in many frequency densities and would find one dimension boring and limiting. The Andazi are said to be the first inhabitants of Earth and at the present time are living within inner Earth.

Another very early species of consciousness to planet Earth, long before man appeared, was of reptilian origin. These beings today exist ninth-dimensionally on a small planet (the 10th planet) within our system with an orbit more like a figure eight. This planet has not of course been detected by humans, though scientists have picked up magnetic resonance, and radio and ultrasonic anomalies from this planet.

This race, fixed at about 38,000, were asked by the Guardian Alliance, who was like God to them, if they would participate in the human experiment. Their reaction apparently was, How could we refuse? In other words, it was not a pleasant duty.


They provided the crocodile format for Earth and brought energies, which seemed impossible to put into words, that introduced the temptation factor in our civilization. Thus they made an appearance on Earth long before man arrived and contributed towards the needed conditions for the evolution of the human race.


Originally they came as sea creatures, then as land mammals, more in keeping with their form as crocodiles. On their planet they apparently resemble humans more than crocodiles; no scales - skin similar to the belly of the crocodile. Thus the crocodile that we know would be an offshoot, and extension of this race.

The Iargans are another ET race which has made contact with Earth. They are an advanced civilization from planet Iarga about 10 light years from us.


UFO contactee Stefan Denaerde describes his interaction with these beings who agreed to let him spend two days on their ship and inform him of life on their planet.

They are advanced technologically and spiritually and explained that higher knowledge cannot be given to a less evolved civilization with limited spiritual and ethical development. They average around 5 feet tall and were originally amphibians, still possessing webs between their fingers and toes.

He was shown a kind of holographic film of their planet and civilization. Iarga is a green planet with green oceans and a thick atmosphere, subduing the brightness of their sun. Their tolerance of temperatures is in a narrower range but rain and snow is greater than on Earth.

Denaerde saw rail systems and amazing buildings. Their economic and political system is completely different and is based on equality for all. Their highest goals are selfless service, immortality and cosmic integration. They explained to him that Earth's isolation will end when the masses of humanity acknowledge God and their true purpose for being on Earth.

The Iargan information was taken from Dr. Stone's Hidden Mysteries based on the book UFO Contact from Planet Ianga.

Ruth Montgomery's book Aliens Among Us recounts a contact from an ET stated to be from a planet named Cessna. The planet is described as slightly larger than Earth and as having two moons. Its climate is temperate with abundant flora and fauna and the population is about 500 million. The atmosphere consists of nitrogen and oxygen and traces of other gases.

The civilization had strict population control. No pollution or disease. Inhabitants had life expectancy of 160 years and there was no crime or famine. Their principal area of research was scientific and the study of alien cultures with a view to bringing peace to all races. They have been exploring space for thousands of years and their spacecrafts are powered by drawing energy directly from the sun.

The Ra civilization are beyond physical form but can materialize bodies as needed. They do not operate in linear time and refer to themselves as humble messengers of the Law of One. They state they are a sixth-density social memory complex but can function as individuals.

They travel through space in bell-shaped spacecrafts and came to earth about 10,000 years ago to aid our planet and civilization. Their technologies, however, were distorted on Earth.

They have healing technologies utilizing crystals, which to some degree was brought to Earth, and they also helped with the building of the Great Pyramid. Their physical body manifestation on Earth emanated a golden lustre, indicative of higher vibrations.

The Ra no longer have physical contact with Earth and are on their spiritual path towards becoming seventh-density beings. They contact us spiritually, through dreams and meditation, etc.

Further references are made in Ruth Montgomery's writings to a civilization called Alabram from a planet beyond Andromeda. These beings are similar to humans except for larger lungs, since oxygen is low in concentration in their atmosphere.

They have very large brains and are telepathic. Their sun is so hot, plants and vegetation have to be grown underground. They drink a liquid similar to water and are capable of absorbing information by osmosis.

Extraterrestrials named the Ummites have bases on Earth in many countries. According to Antonio Ribera over 6000 pages of written material from the Ummites have been received in several languages. There have been scores of witnesses of their spacecraft sightings and numerous photographs taken.

The Ummites from Planet Ummo stated that their planet orbits a star astronomers refer to as Wolf 424, 14 light years from Earth. The planet is similar to Earth and in appearance they are similar to humans; but their fingers are very sensitive to many radiations, including light. They have rapid spacecraft travel across the galaxy utilizing the principle of space 'folds'.

Another ET civilization referred to in Lyssa Royal's material which has been visiting Earth is from a planet named Hydra.


They excel in creating artifacts of great beauty from Earth's energies and they are highly skilled in agriculture and archaeology. They are the sensitives and artists of this Galaxy, with a profound attunement to the land. It is a race bringing another different vibration to Earth to benefit man's experience and ascension.

We have referred to the Nordic type of ET - a title given to the ones which have that appearance of the Swedish Nordic races. They are friendly, about 6 feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes. They have offered warnings and given messages and were responsible for about 24 percent of contacts before the '60s.

The Procyonians have this Swedish appearance and come from Procyon, a binary star in the Sirius sector and Canis Minoris constellation. It is about 11.4 light-years from Earth.

Though they have interacted directly to some degree with man on this planet our government would not cooperate with them since they would not provide weapons, etc. The Procyons have apparently crossbred with humans in our past, but with the purpose of benefiting us. They serve the Law of One and have aided in protecting humanity from hostile aliens such as the Zetas and Dracos. They have interdimensional spacecraft travel.

Another race of ETs originally from Venus have the Nordic appearance and in fact call themselves the Nors. They are in etheric form but have the ability to materialize physically and in any type of body. They have bases on Mars, Venus and the Moon. The Nors once were the largest group of ETs operating in our solar system and regard themselves as brothers and sisters of humankind.

The so-called DAL are related to the Pleiadians, Lyrans, Vegans and humans, having a similar origin.


Wendelle Stevens' material refers to the DAL, who work closely with the Lyrans and Vegans and are said to be more advanced than the Pleiadians but not as advanced as the Lyrans; they have assisted both the Pleiadians and the Vegans.

The DAL are also Nordic-looking and could pass as human and they can breath our atmosphere. Their disc-type spacecrafts are said to land flat on the ground. Billy Meier apparently succeeded in photographing a DAL spaceship in India and he was allowed to inspect the cabin. The ship was about 35 feet in diameter and had seats for a crew of three.

The Antares race is one of the most advanced in the universe and resides in the constellation of Scorpius. Their star is a binary, of fiery red and emerald green.
There are many lesser known ETs contacting Earth at this time, for example, channelings from the Cassiopeans, and human-looking ETs from the Altair Aguila system visiting Earth, known as the Alliance, etc.

In the book, Aliens, by Jenny Randles a few alien types are described based on eye-witness observations. There is the robot type; a kind of retrieval device, sometimes seen near UFOs seeking samples. They varied in size from small to gigantic and sometimes accompanied both the greys and Nordics.

To a lesser extent the 'dwarf' hairy type has been witnessed aiding medical examinations and appears to be a biological robot usually accompanying the Nordics. The 'goblin' has been described as grotesque, similar to goblins and trolls of our legends, rarely connected with abductions and of mischievous or aggressive nature, considered possibly from another parallel plane.

There are also apparitions, 'phantoms' that go through walls, appear and disappear like holographs, and which constitute about four percent of sightings but do not involve UFOs.

In addition, it has been channeled that, in fact, holographic inserts giving UFO-like appearances are projected into our dimension by presumably the Dark forces and no doubt the Dracos-Zetas.

A whole host of well-organized eye-witness accounts are given in the book The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials. These are mainly an odd assortment ranging from what the author, Patrick Huyghe, classifies into four categories, based on descriptions from eyewitnesses.


They are:

  • Humanoid

  • Animalian

  • Robotic

  • Exotic

Each type is artistically rendered.

In the humanoid class the following experiences are reported.

A witness describes encountering the Scandinavian type (the Nordic): tall, about six and a half feet, slim and beautiful. Their hair was described as long and blonde, with blonde eye-lashes. Their skin was almost white and seemingly translucent. Attire was a jumpsuit with silver belt. The witness was left with a benevolent impression and a desire to pass on a message of peace.

Under hypnosis another witness revealed that he was invited by a smaller male humanoid into his craft. The humanoid is described as of stern appearance, about 5 feet tall, long thin head with wrinkled forehead, he had grey-white skin and was wearing a uniform with tight-fitting hood.


Over one ear was a device with a short antenna. Facial proportions were quite human. They claimed to be from another galaxy and were preparing Earth for ET contact and preventing them from destroying Earth.

Another account appears to be of the now famous Roswell crash.


A team of archeologists witnessed the sight and roar of a bright object in the night sky and watched it fall to the ground. The next morning they found the craft embedded in the side of a mountain. They found three dead bodies; they were about four to five feet tall.


A description from a nurse who attended the bodies was that two of them were badly mutilated. Their heads were large and bald; eyes were small and sunken, and nose concave with two small holes. There were no ears; just two holes. Mouths were lipless and thin, and instead of teeth they had what looked like 'raw-hide' strips in their mouths. Their forearms were longer than the upper arms and only four fingers were observed.


This example is referred to as probably the most important case of all time.

A further humanoid example was the case of a woman who, while walking through woodlands, encountered a strange object about six-feet high and three-feet wide attended by two midgets around three-feet high. Apart from their diminished height they appeared completely human; faces were those of elderly men with protruding teeth. They spoke to her but she could not understand them.


Then suddenly one grabbed the flowers she was carrying and pointed something at her; although she considered they were probably taking her photograph, she turned and ran. Other witnesses corroborated her experience.

One of the first abduction cases to receive wide publicity is recounted in this list of strange aliens. A couple stopped their car to observe a UFO. Figures could be seen in the interior. The couple were frightened and sped away down the highway. But they were intercepted and arrived at their destination about two hours late (missing time).


After traumatic repercussions of this incident they eventually sought hypnosis. The aliens fitted the description of what we now recognize as a type of Zeta. They recalled being 'floated' up into the craft and given medical examinations.

A bizarre example of an encounter with an animal form was related by a farmer while driving his car. He came across an object shaped like a 'chemistry lab bell jar' and while his car head lights shone on it he saw within a creature with arms over its head and eyes dilated as though in fear. It was slender and about six feet tall covered in reddish-brown fur. Its face was flat but with human-like eyes and calf-like ears extending out about three inches. The vehicle immediately took off.

Another sighting recounts a sudden attack by a man at night near his house from an alien life-form about 10-feet tall. Its appearance was described as dark green; eyes were large and triangular, luminous and yellow, set in a huge head. Its body contained a mass of grey, horizontal folds of flesh. The human was merely pushed to the ground. Shortly after he saw a large triangular craft take off.

A further example is given of a couple who witnessed the levitation of a black cow. The UFO was nearby with several aliens. One was described as tall, green and lizard-like, vertical pupils, and hands and feet were webbed. The farmer verified the missing cow.

In another case a law student witnessed a spaceship overhead then felt an electric current. Later under hypnosis he recalled the creatures as encased in a kind of black armor with helmet and who looked like grass hoppers. They had long arms and bowed legs and were about human size. The subject was taken into the craft for medical examination.

Other types of creatures claimed to have been seen, were two hairy ape-like figures, 7 to 8 feet tall, near a dome-shaped object about 100-feet in diameter.
Another example of a hairy creature about three feet in height is recounted that came from a luminous sphere about 10-feet in diameter. The witness claims to have been attacked by the little man, eyes aglow and claws extended.


He defended himself with a knife but states that it merely glanced off the ape-like creature's body, as though it was made of metal.

The extraordinary list goes on:

Beings about 5-feet tall, skin grey and rough, looking like mummies, no clothes, eyes not apparent in the head, nose pointed and about two-inches long, ears similar but retractable, mouth just a slit, arms were very long and legs appeared to be immobile.


Medical examinations from 4-foot creatures with neckless, animal heads covered in hair, wearing loose white gowns, and posture was hunched. Eyes were large and triangular and ears large and pointed. Hands had four-clawed fingers. The creatures occasionally made chirping sounds.

Several robotic devices are related.

'Sea mines' witnessed rolling from a UFO issuing a gas that made the subject unconscious. Small tin-can sized robots exiting a rocket-type craft about 30-feet high.


Robots four feet tall with large helmets and diving-type suits; no arms apparent, leaving a craft about 10-feet high and 20-feet long.


Further, floating 4-foot robotic entities with antennas and football-shaped heads, stocky scaled body with elephant trunk-like arms and a belt of 'syringes'; single pedestal-type leg.

The alien account closes with four exotic manifestations:

  • beings resembling disembodied brains

  • bluish-grey blobs

  • a large floating figure consisting of tiny points of light

  • four-legged, hovering creatures with doubling of arms at the elbow and diamond shapes on their faces, with red mouths and red eyes

This latest assortment of bizarre ET phenomena will probably arouse outright incredulity in the reader.


Perhaps, however, we should consider that it is really informing us of the rich and endless variety of probabilities that await our awakening and exploration.