by Jan Erik Sigdell

received by Email on 10 January 2009




The book We are the Nibiruans by Jelaila Starr - allegedly an Anunnaki walk-in - (The Nibiruan Council, Lenexa KS, 4th ed., no year stated) is a remarkable collection of disinformation about the Nîbiruans (Anunnaki), apparently created to polish their image beyond truth.


It claims to contain a message from Anu about the "History of Universe & Earth" which, compared to the texts of the Sumerian clay tablets and modern texts like Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, reveals itself as distorted and manipulative.



The original murders

The Sumerian Creation Story in Enuma Elish clearly states that the prime creators Apsű and Tiâmat were murdered!


They created three generations of gods of which the main entities were:

  • Lahmu and Lahâmu

  • Anshar und Kishar

  • Anu, his son Ea (=Enki, Nudimmud), etc.

Some of the gods complained about the behavior of the "divine brothers" of Ea, which to them was annoying and insulting.


They disturbed the order in the divine world and Aspsű considered reversing their creation so that order would be reestablished. This will not mean killing them, but taking them back into the source, the original energy of creation. Their annoying behavior can be under-stood as improper use of their free will, without respect for others.

Apsű’s vizier and son Mummu advised him to proceed with the reversal of the creation of these "celestial rowdies", but Tiâmat was against it, since she was, after all, their prime mother. Ea discovered the plans and my means of magic put Apsű and Mummu asleep and then killed Apsű.


Obviously these Anunnaki - the people of Anu - didn’t trust Tiâmat after this and wanted to destroy her, too, but she armed herself against such a confrontation with terrible weapons. Therefore, they hesitated to attack her, but Marduk accepted the task to fight and kill her.


A rough cosmic fight followed, at the end of which Tiâmat was also killed.

Tiâmat was associated with a no more existing planet in our solar system. Some want to identify her with that planet, but that doesn’t make sense in the context of the creation story. It will rather be so that the planet was associated with her, in the sense that people loyal to her lived there. In the fight, this planet was split in half.


One half formed the Earth and the other the asteroid belt.



Can the Prime Creators be killed?

But is it possible to kill the Prime Creators? Of course not!


This will, instead, mean that the Anunnaki separated themselves off from them, made themselves independent, cut all relations to them and went into a region of darkness. Effectively, the Prime Creators were then "dead" to them.

Neither Sitchin nor Starr mention this part of the creation story in their books. They strive to keep a positive view of these "celestial rowdies", not mentioning the original murders. The strategy of the Anunnaki was to make believe that the Prime Creators would be evil and they themselves good, even though it was rather the other way around!


This subjective view is adopted by Sitchin and Starr, if at all they mention Apsű and Tiâmat. But how could the Prime Creators be evil? That is utterly unimaginable! The evil can only be the "fall" of the Anunnaki into the darkness!


A relative darkness, in comparison with the primal state.



Marduk and Satan

Of course, the book We are the Nibiruans will not be all wrong, but it is biased according to the above mentioned view of "putting the evil on the other side".


It is interesting to find that Marduk with another name or in another aspect (the 4-dimensional aspect) is also called Satain!  And what does that mean? If you remove the "i", I think you get close to the answer… On several WebPages the names Satain and Satan are treated as meaning the same entity.


Further on in the book it is stated:

"Marduk agreed to play his role as leader of the Dark Forces in order to give mankind the necessary opportunities for spiritual growth."

A nice excuse, by the way …


And there we have it: Marduk is on the dark side and his aspect of "Satain" fits well with that.



The flood

The book gives a highly biased view of the flood. It is stated to have been the result of an attack on the Earth through deviation of the path of a comet.


Since the "Spiritual Hierarchy" couldn’t stop it, they decided to not alert mankind, since they would have to die, anyway. But the version in the Sumerian Creation Story is quite different!


The "gods" were annoyed by the way mankind had developed and wanted to destroy it.


Why were they annoyed?


The answer will be given in the Bible and in the Books of Enoch, where it is mentioned that the "sons of the gods (’Elohim)" came down to Earth and had children with the daughters of man. Out of that arose the "giants", which are depicted as evil in the books mentioned. But they may have been "giants" in another way than physically.


The "sons of the gods" that way had brought genes of the "gods" into the human race, and the offspring most probably were "giants" in the sense that they had capacities and abilities that humans didn’t have. The "gods" had wanted the humans to stay undeveloped and not understand the ways of the "gods", so that they could be more easily controlled and manipulated. With the new genes, a rapid development set in!


That will be what the "gods" wanted to put an end to with the flood! In the Sumerian text, Utnapishtim (Noah) was informed and set out to save life forms through the flood, and the "gods" were furious! No one should be saved! But in the book it is put in another way: the "gods" are said to be satisfied that life forms survived…


But in any case the offspring of the "sons of the gods" was killed and the new genes were eradicated from mankind.



Eve and Lilith

It is strange that the book wants to state that Eve would have been Lilith.


Jewish mythology and what may be read between some lines in the Bible show something else. Lilith was Adams first partner, but she left him in order to emancipate herself, since Adam treated her as less than him.


Then Eve was created, instead.



Is Marduk Yahweh?

Is Yahweh in reality Marduk? In my recent book in German Es begann in Babylon (Holistika, Meckenheim, Germany, 2008) I show that this is quite probable.


This Yahweh was and probably still is utterly cruel to mankind.


Then came Jesus and began to teach a truth which Yahweh didn’t want mankind to know. He therefore intervened and had Jesus killed and later infiltrated Christianity to have a Church established, which is nothing but twisted and falsified Christianity with an artificial dogma that better serves Anunnaki interests.


Cf. my article "The Real History of Christianity"



War-crazy "gods"

The book claims that around 3700 BC mankind had finally proven themselves mature enough for self-rule. Therefore, the Anunnaki are said to have turned the rule over to them - but in reality they, of course, stayed in invisible control "behind the curtain"!


It is obvious that is was the war-crazy Anunnaki who were immature, and it seems that they still may be. It is shocking that these morally retarded "gods" never learn how wrong and futile war always is, and that they seem to enjoy it much like someone who isn’t grown up enjoys a war game at the computer (a mature person cannot enjoy such a thing, either).


It is extremely sad that we humans have inherited genes of such aggressiveness from the Anunnaki.

The war madness is in the book put in a way to make it look like a "game"; a "game" that the Anunnaki obviously enjoys. But there will be more to it. The truth is that they not only enjoy war and killing, but that they do it because they can steal life energy from dying bodies.


When people die violently, their "batteries" are fully charged and there is much life energy to steal, but if they die sick or old, the batteries are quite empty and there is little or nothing to rob from them. Since the "gods" are conscious in more dimensions than we are, it is easy for them to do so, but mankind shouldn’t know it and therefore be kept in a 3-dimensional consciousness.


And that is where they will still want to have us.



True genetic upgrade?

The book talks about upgrading the human genes.


I have the feeling than this is meant in another sense than what the Pleiadians mention in the book Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak! Maybe what is really meant is a certain improvement in some sense, yet maintaining control over the humans - a pseudo-upgrade.


It also mentions love and compassion. I wonder in what sense that is really meant …




Some of the people from "out there" are stated to be reptilians, but it seems that the Anunnaki have a reptilian component themselves. Yet there may also be other reptilians among the extraterrestrials.


When Marciniak mentions "lizzies", it in any case seems quite clear that she refers to Anunnaki (maybe not only, but also). The website of this "Nibiruan Council" is There you will see pictures of the author of that book.


Maybe it is my imagination, but her eyes seem to look a little reptilian to me …



Anu or Ashtar?

In the book - that makes the impression to be a channeling from Anu - he claims that their people originate from the Pleiades.


If that is so, it would have to be before their fall into the darker regions, since it would otherwise hardly fit with Bringers of the Dawn, which is one of the very few channelings which gives me a good feeling and appears to be quite genuine.


He describes Nibiru as not a planet, but a battle starship, of which he was a commander. The way he describes himself as he looks he reminds of certain pictures of Ashtar Sheran.


Is there a connection here?

Ashtar Sheran’s name read backwards becomes Naresh Ratscha, which is pure Sanskrit, better spelled Naresh Raja, which means a "man-god king" (nara = "man" and isha = "god" according to the rule of sandhi in the Sanskrit grammar become naresha when written together, pronounced naresh in to-day’s Hindi; raja = king).


One source claims that he would be a Pleiadian renegade.


He himself claims to come from a planet called Nirbua, which sounds a lot like Nibiru… He channels since decades through various persons. Already the fact that he calls himself "man-god king" and spells it backwards appears suspicious to me, and various sources claim that he would be a fake and a pretender. He has also been described as a kind of "space criminal".


He calls himself a commander of a big fleet of 10 million spaceships, which is just too exaggeratedly unbelievable to buy! His real name is said to be Aruseak.


If Anu of the book by Starr (being the real Anu or not) was such a commander, originating from the Pleiadians (where he is no more) and describes himself as looking quite like Ashtar Sheran is said to look, one may certainly wonder about these parallels …



Ashtar and Sananda

One more strange thing about this Ashtar Sheran is that he often channels together with another one, who calls himself Sananda and claims that he was Jesus, which I find extremely hard to believe!


He will rather be one of the many false Christs we are warned about … He, too, has a Sanskrit name - for whatever reason that may be. Sa means "wind, air" but could also be a serpent. It may, however, in reality be śa with the apostrophe over the "s" left out, which is often done for simplicity, and that word means "destroyer".


Ananda means "bliss". Does he feel "bliss" in destruction?


Each one of these two guys gives me an unpleasant feeling… something is "fishy" here… apparently many are hoodwinked by channeling entities who boost the ego of the channeler, claiming that he or she would be "chosen" for a special task.


I know of one case where Ashtar and Sananda make the channeler believe that she was Maria Magdalena - and there are quite a few more than she who believe that…