December 2005

from Karmapolis Website

Find here the interview that the American author gave us about his work and his amazing conception of our major religions and belief systems.

Karma One: What is you background and education? Why did you interest yourself with the subject of AB's and UFO's?

Paul Von Ward: I have a multifaceted background in terms of both education and professional experience. Such diversity led me to assume the role of interdisciplinary cosmologist where I attempt to integrate knowledge from all fields of study.


Florida State University awarded me a B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) in social sciences and an M.S. in psychology and education. My MPA degree in politics and psychology came from Harvard University. I also pursued post-graduate study at American University, the University of Southern California, the U.S. Foreign Service Institute, and the Ecole Superieure d'Administration Internationale in Paris.

My professional life started as a Protestant minister and psychologist. I then served as a U.S. naval reserve officer during the Vietnam War. My later 15 years as U.S. diplomat took me to posts in Paris, Martinique, Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic, NATO, and Washington, DC.


As founder and CEO, I led a nonprofit international organization with projects that involved 100 countries. During this long career, I also conducted historical, cross-cultural, and anomalous phenomena research. I have been an independent scholar for the last decade.

The concept of Advanced Beings (AB's) interested me as a minister studying the evidence for their contact with humans in the establishment of various religions. My family had UFO stories, but I became interested in the phenomenon when, as a diplomat, I learned my government collected UFO data in other countries.


Since then I have tried to connect the ancient stories with present day events.

Karma One : What credibility do you give to recent sources who give information about the nature of ABís, recent sources like what we call channels, remote viewers and other ďNew AgersĒ? Do you make a distinction between the abductee and the contactee?

Evidence included in the book indicates that humans have had communications from AB's (gods, angels, spirits, etc.) through dreams and trances throughout history. Some of those communications were attempts to control humans, while others gave Homo sapiens helpful information. In my view, all AB's are simply other species of conscious beings, whether in physical or energetic form.


Each AB, though perhaps more knowledgeable than humans, has only a limited understanding of our complex universe. So, even when well-intentioned, an AB can give the human channel only partial knowledge. Given this and the fact that some may deliberately give us false information, humans must be discerning about such communications and corroborate them through different epistemologies.


Human must test channeled messages before acting on them.

Abductees refers to someone taken by an AB (or a government agent) to another location, on Earth or beyond, against his/her will. A contactee has received, willingly or not, some communication or other contact from an AB.

Karma One : How do you explain that most of the Myths and history of mankind tells the same story about the origin of man?

First, all the stories are not exactly the same. There are many theories, but I believe the evidence (fossil, genetic, archaeological, and anthropological) suggests Homo sapiens arose in Africa due to AB genetic manipulation of Homo erectus. And that this basic account was carried around the world by the migrating aboriginals.


There appears to have been subsequent genetic interventions (as described in the Bible and Sumerian texts), so the stories vary. Western scholars must be careful not to interpret other cultural traditions through their own linguistic and religious biases.

The fact that most traditions do have accounts of AB involvement with either the first humans or their culture does give credence to the AB intervention story.

Karma One : Beside the congruence and the similarities between myths from different civilizations, what kind of credibility can we give to those ancient myth and religions? Is it possible that a manipulation is possible, that those ABís donít tell us the true about our nature, their nature, our origin and their origin?

My sense is that the variety among creation stories reflects more the differences among human languages and cultures. I prefer to review the historical data we have available about our origins and AB interventions and develop up-dated interpretations of that past.


The purpose of the book is to test the hypothesis that natural beings from elsewhere in the universe did influence our development.


I test this hypothesis against historical records, the fossil record, phylogenetic tree estimates, the history of languages and alphabets, and the human institutions of kingship and priesthood. I use ancient documents and artifacts.

From my perspective this gives us a version of history to check AB accounts passed on to different humans. Like all interpreters, human channels also distort to some extent the stories AB's give them. Thus, we must be very careful not to take any one channeled version of AB intervention as complete and valid.


Some of those AB sources may also be manipulating the human audience for their own purposes, or the human channel may manipulate the material for his or her own gain (publicity, financial wealth, or control over a particular group as the early priests did when they formed AB-god cults)

Karma One : Generally speaking, do you think personally that those ABís are benevolent or malevolent ?

I believe, like humans and probably all species, that there are benevolent and malevolent AB's. Sometimes, what seems malevolent to humans may be a perfectly natural behavior on the part of an AB. (What do animals think of our experiments on them that we do in the name of science to benefit humans?)


Whether we consider an AB malevolent or benevolent, we must assess whether the intention is more to help humans than to benefit the AB, just as we evaluate human intentions.


Then we can decide whether to accept their help or not.

Karma One : People like David Jacobs or David Icke believe that a race of ABís is responsible of a huge manipulation of the human race. Do you believe in that?

I believe the first manipulation (a genetic up-grading of Earth primates) was the most intrusive. It dramatically speeded up hominoid development on this planet. That appears to have been AB's doing to Homo erectus what humans now do genetically to lesser species to enhance our diets and use animals for service or sports.


Any manipulations since then appear to me to reflect struggles among AB's for access to and control of Earth resources, which include humans from their point of view. Some of these connections may be in the form of secret links to covert human groups. I suspect these humans are more responsible for disinformation and terrorizing the public than the AB's directly. Reports of AB abductions and contacts seem to suggest basically neutral or benign intentions.

In any event, the only recourse the public has is to collectively pool information from all sources and engage in open debate about human options. This proposed process is treated fully in the last chapter of the book. Modern UFO and ET interest groups have been much too cult-like and not willing enough to share their information and cooperate with other groups.


This is an obstacle to overcoming the AB legacy of fragmented consciousness and societal conflicts.

Karma One : Can we make a connection between the story of the creation of man according to the Sumerian text and the story of the creation of man according the Gnostic. Both talks about superior beings. The Gnostic with the Archons are more specific when they say that the Archons, coming from the Stars are bad creature responsible of our falling fate. Do you think that the Archons and the Anunnaki are the same creatures?

Remember that the Gnostic texts are much more recent than the Sumerian texts.


The Gnostic writers were the products of the Era of God-Cults (from 3,500 BP to 500 CE) with its distortions of the early history of AB's in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Eastern Mediterranean. In the last several centuries of AB-god cults, humans had begun to imagine that the Anunnaki and their junior AB's were supernatural powers (not just natural beings who were more advanced than humans).


So the Gnostic stories of creation have this supernatural orientation. The Hebrew Torah and the Dead Sea Scrolls (all about 2,000 years old) still treated the AB's as natural beings until they were later reinterpreted by the priesthood as supernatural. (The development of magical thinking prevalent in AB-god cults and the invention of supernaturalism in the modern era are described in Chapters 20 and 22 respectively.)

In my view the Archons of the Gnostics were analogous to the Gi-Gi and Neter of the Sumerian and Egyptian texts and the Greys of today. In other words they were the "enlisted" men following the commands of the "officer" corps.


Since they carried out the nasty orders of the ruling AB's (like forcing humans to obey and even killing some of them), they are seen as the evil, bad guys by humans.

Karma One : According to your search, what is your personal opinion about the purpose of the AB by creating mankind? Just for the fun and the beauty of creating intelligent life or, as some authors postulates, ABís created man because they need some kind of slaves?

See the answer to question 5 above. It seems to me that most groups or species act toward others in their own self-interest (however that is defined). Thus, the Sumerian story of Anunnaki "creation" of humans sounds reasonable.


They wanted some assistants who were strong and dependent on them (like slave-owning humans), so they genetically domesticated some hominoids for that role (as humans bred the dumb mule). With the help of some AB's, particularly after the global cataclysm of 11,500 BP, much human progress has been made.


We can only blame humans for the distortions of the role of AB's in history and the creation of supernaturally oriented religious and political institutions that have stifled natural human development and expansion of consciousness.

Karma One : In your book, with the ABís thesis, you propose another way to look at the main religions (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jew). Religions are not the result of the contact between the creator of all things and us but the contact between manipulated men and advanced beings from more advanced civilizations. Do you mean that those beings are more advanced technologically but not really spiritually and in a metaphysical point of view? Is it possible that we are the victims of a huge cultural manipulation from those beings and that we are caught in a kind of Cargo Cult Syndrome?

Your questions are almost as I would state the conclusions from my research. While the AB's were actively involved with humans on Earth, humans saw them as more powerful beings, but only parts of the natural universe. After the AB-gods withdrew from physical positions of power over humans, and humans became kings, the human interpreters for the AB's began to serve as an independent priesthood.


They took advantage of subjects of the various ruling AB's (like Ishtar, Marduk, YHVH, Thoth, etc.) to turn them into wishful-thinking cults. The cults were taught to believe that if they did the rituals set out by the priests, gave offerings to them, and prayed to the departed ABs' that they would come back and rule on Earth again (the second-coming myth).


As described in the response to question 6 above, these cults became the basis for religion. They were like the Cargo Cult syndrome among Pacific Islanders who saw the advanced technology of U.S. armed forces dropping goodies to them and concluded the planes were gods.

We must remember that Christianity was a misrepresentation of the earlier cult of YHVH and a distortion of the life of the human teacher Jesus, but it was the product of the concept of supernaturalism solidified in the Roman Church. Islam came from the channeled message from an AB called Gabriel to Mohammed.


Once again it was a distortion of a view of an indirect communication for the purposes of one human and his followers. Modern religions like that of the Mormons came from a similar experience. Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion, but many supernaturally thinking Westerners treat it as a region with a supernatural basis.

When I use the term AB for Advanced Beings, I mean only that they are more advanced in terms of technology or communications between dimensions and can take the initiative to contact us; we can't force them to meet or talk with us. I suspect that throughout the universe advanced species have varying degrees of intellectual, moral, and ethical development.

In my view, only the natural philosophies of a few traditional cultures reflect the appropriate view of the ultimate creative source of the universe.


Cults or religions that worship human-defined AB's simply worship their own projections.

Karma One : Do you believe that those ABís pretending to be God are impostor or it is man who use those ABís phenomenon as a tool to impose hierarchy and ultimate power who is the impostor ?

I do not know of any AB's who declare they are the creators of our universe or the cosmos. Some AB's have claimed to be the rulers over Earth and humans, but that reflects their own desire for power over us (as in human kings and queens who dominate and rule over colonies of more primitive humans).


Only humans who think in very simplistic terms would even consider pretending that AB's like YHVH, or variations of his personality as in Allah or the Christian God, are the ultimate source of all things. Such believers confuse representatives of more advanced species from other planets with the energy and consciousness that lies at the center of creation.


This is what Freud called an anthropomorphic projection of human ideas on the unknown.

When the Anunnaki ruled what is now the Middle East after the Flood, humans became very dependent on them for technical assistance and knowledge (Chapters 11-13 in the book). Humans developed a sense of not being self-sufficient, looking to higher beings for direction and a confirmation of value. After the AB's ceased direct rule over 4,000 years ago, humans felt deserted and lost.


They became psychologically susceptible to manipulation by the people who had been given authority as kings and priests. Most humans in that area were easily swept into AB-god cults of one kind or the other. These cults led directly to modern institutions of religion and royalty (providing the base for most European governments).


The revolutionary US government has now also moved in this theocratic direction, supporting secrecy and covert programs.

Karma One : In your book, you clearly show that in ancient times, wars between men were the result of wars between Gods and their followers and that Gods taught men to ďhate each other for superficial reasonsĒ. Today, despite the fact that those Gods or ABís donít appear materially in front of us and our ďmodernĒ society, do you think that it is still the case: wars between men could be the result of silent wars between ABís?

Chapter 19 does explain how the AB's between 4,000 and 10,000 years ago conscripted or psychologically enlisted humans in their conflicts. However, I do not know whether AB's still covertly use current wars as instruments for their own battles. I see no direct purpose that would serve for them. I do believe that most all wars in modern history have been wholly or partially due to the historical conflicts among AB-god cults and their derivative supernatural religions.


Starting with the wars among the states of Sumer, Akkadia, Babylon, Israel, Egypt, Phoenicia, etc., we see they were led by the AB-surrogate kings in a manner that duplicated the previous wars led by the "gods of old". During this era of AB-cults, the kings believed they enjoyed the protection of their AB-gods.

As supernaturalism began to prevail in human consciousness, it became very easy for rulers to invoke the names of their "gods" to whip credulous followers into the frenzy necessary for battle.


We still see that motivation in the soldiers and terrorists of modern wars who die believing a "god" is on their side.

Karma One : Some authors like David Ash says that the ďbenevolentĒ ABís toward men are not the ones we believe in. Lucifer, the light bearer, or Satan could be falsely described as the bad guy and YHVH and his angels, the good guys. Ash believe that because Satan wanted to set the mankind free, he was described as an evil being by the Judeo-Christian cults and religions. What do you think about this kind of conception?

I agree with that conception. In Chapter 4 I describe that history (contained in the Book of Enoch) and show that the AB's, led by one named Sin (of the family of Enki), who wanted to provide more technical assistance to humans were overruled by the senior AB's, led by Ninurta (who may also have been known as YHVH).


The AB's who won that vote punished those who had given some science to humans, by casting them out of certain positions (like a modern government cabinet shuffle) and labeling them as "sinners". The winners wanted to limit human access to science and the truth about the goals of the Anunnaki. They "demonized" the AB's favoring human development, such as Enki whose symbol was the caduceus (two intertwined serpents). That's why the AB desiring to give knowledge to Eve in the Bible is associated with a serpent, leading to your next question.

To complicate the story, it seems that the ďgoodĒ guys, those who bring knowledge to mankind are related to the snake (the role of the good snake against the Archons in the Gnostic texts), a reptilian symbolism (very important in shamanism also).


On the other hand, some authors believes that the reptilian (short Greys are described sometimes as reptilian entities) are the ďbad guysĒ, the extraterrestrial entities who manipulate this world, wage the wars, abduct men, women and children and are behind secrets societies like the Illuminati.

  • What do you think about this apparent contradiction?

  • Two kind of reptilian ABís coexist or it is just speculation?

The confusion relating to symbols by human writers, including myself, is understandable. We have so many contradictory sources alleging to represent the facts that one has to be very careful about making final conclusions.


The Gnostic texts were close enough historically to common knowledge about the story I describe under question 11, that it is logical they would associate helpful AB's with Enki and his followers with his serpent symbol. To now label all reptilian-type AB's as the "bad guys" and to associate them with the serpent symbol of Enki (a hominoid type) makes two mistakes.

First, the Enki symbol refers to the DNA double helix, not the reptile kingdom of animals. Second, the AB's we label reptilian do not correspond to Earthly reptilian species. Using the word reptile for an AB group only a signify a particular AB body-type. Like the selection of animal forms as totems in older societies, we use the word reptile to characterize an aspect of a group of AB's. In most traditions, the reptile totem has had very positive meanings (as in the Chinese and Celtic cultures).


In fact, the Christian culture is the most prominent to use the reptile image in a negative manner. It should be obvious that this was done by the priesthood to scare believers away from the true story of Ninurta/YHVH's desire to control us.

Karma One : Do we possess material to prove that churches and religious authorities obscured the real nature of those ABís when the main religions and churches created the notion of ďethericĒ being (angels and demons) instead talking about the fact that those ABís are in fact real flesh entities. What is the purpose of this manipulation?

Yes, I believe historical documents do suggest when the real nature of AB's began to change. Chapters 20-22 explain this progression from natural to magical to supernatural descriptions of the existence of AB's and their relationship to humans. Chapter 7 describes the natural perspective earlier humans had on the presence of their interactions with other dimensions and AB's.


The reason most researchers do not see this evidence before our eyes is that they interpret older texts through assumptions of today's supernaturalism. For instance, when they read of AB's walking, talking, eating and having sex with humans, they just assume the account is allegorical according to their modern interpretation of reality. However, if one reads ancient accounts in context, it is very easy to find concrete descriptions of the lives of the AB-gods.

The Vedic, Sumerian, Persian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek and other texts from the era of AB domination over Earth are filled with historical stories that deserve to be read as the authors intended, telling the stories of beings that they knew.


Only within the last 2,000 years we do see the shift to discussions about the possibility that specific AB's or humans might be etheric or spiritual and the unique representatives of a divine realm beyond human comprehension.

Karma One : You seem to use mathematical probabilities and genetics as a tool to help science to corroborate the existence of ABís. Can you explain this?

The ancient texts and metaphysical sources both suggest certain time-lines for the interventions of AB's in human history. If those time-lines are correct, we should be able to corroborate them through various scientific disciplines. For instance, we now can be quite certain that the events described as the Flood in the Hebrew Torah and other stories around the world actually happened about 11,500 years ago.


Some dates associated with various break-ups of Atlantis can now be confirmed by geophysical research. (See chapter 10.)

Consequently, if such time-lines refer to genetic interventions in human development, we should be able to corroborate them with the technology of phylogenetic trees. This is a technique used by geneticists (counting alleles in a group's genome) to estimate the age and geographic location of significant genetic variations from a standard evolutionary model. These points of variation appear as the branches on our evolutionary tree. Chapter 9 describes this area.

Several studies suggest that the oldest human groups (Africans) appeared from a small pool of male and female genes about the time historical sources point to the first genetic intervention that resulted in Homo sapiens (circa 300,000 BP). Similar genetic studies and the fossil record discussed in Chapter 8 also tend to confirm ancient texts' accounts of the divergence of Caucasians and Orientals. This studies do not directly prove the AB-intervention hypothesis, but they are surprisingly corroborative.


We need more scientific research in this area.

Karma One : Because of the great cataclysm, the great flood that most of the religious texts reports, you postulate that we have a legacy, a post traumatic stress disorder deeply implanted in us still today. What are the consequences of this legacy in our behavior today? Do you think that this disorder was willingly implanted in us and controlled by some of the ABís to control us by fear ?

I infer a traumatic stress disorder among the survivors of the Cataclysm from descriptions we have of their reactions to AB technical assistance. Humans did not understand the physical calamity that had befallen them and needed immediate aid. Sumerian and Hebrew texts report how grateful the humans were for the gods' help.


Because the AB's had superior technology and access to seeds and possibly domesticated animals, humans saw them as saviors. (DNA studies show our modern livestock were genetically bred thousands of years before the Cataclysm.) They bowed before the AB's and offered them the choice meats and fruits. Humans felt themselves undeserving and dependent on the AB's. Of course many AB's took advantage of this "dependency syndrome" to obtain psychological loyalty in their internecine AB struggles.

This era reinforced the human view that our species was well below that of the gods from the skies. Some saw humans as fallen beings, unworthy to touch the hem of an AB garment and in need of AB blessings. In many human groups people turned to worship any species from another part of the universe. (This is as true today in UFO/ET and religious groups as it was in the era of god-cults.)


Humans desperately wanted to be more like AB's, to be taken into the skies in their craft. Humans envied the longer life-time of the AB's whose planets had different orbits from their suns. Humans began to covet a home in the heavens.

All these psychological conditions has made it possible for humans pretending to have a special connection to the gods to create cults and religions, promising a return of the AB's and, perhaps, the possibility of a life in the heavens with the AB's. These promises are made by humans for their own benefit. This is the myth told by kings, popes, imams, rabbis, and others to keep control over men. The sad thing is that most people in these positions today do not know the truth either.


They are just as gullible as any of their followers in perpetuating the lie.

Karma One : Do you think that the ABís are at the origin of those cataclysms that wipe out most of humanity (as Sitchin seems to postulate with weather control and atomic warfare)?

No, I do not believe that the history of Earth cataclysms originates in AB's. Our turbulent solar system and its interactions with the rest of our galaxy and the universe make life on any planet over time rather tenuous.


It is likely that AB's have been able to predict cataclysmic events better that humans, and in some instances may have taken advantage of this knowledge to manipulate them. Conversely, AB's have obviously provided assistance to human survivors on one or more occasions.


Some human predictions (like the Mayan calendar) seem to indicate we learned about cosmic influences from AB astronomers.

Karma One : Why did some of the ABís help mankind to restore civilization?

As indicated in some of the earlier answers, certain AB's have always appeared to have a positive interest in humans and provided them with knowledge and assistance. The Bible and Sumerian texts suggest that some AB's (from among the Elohim and Anunnaki) actually warned humans in Mesopotamia that a cataclysm was due and provided specifications for the construction of a submersible craft that would surface after being deluged by flood waters.


These same AB's reportedly heard the pleas of the humans upon opening the "ark" and took pity on them. After all, the AB's had helped genetically create this species of humans in "their own image". Given the reports of earlier mating between some AB's and humans, even producing hybrid offspring ("the biblical giants of old"), family ties may have motivated some of the AB assistance. It is also reasonable to believe that the AB's would have been disappointed to see their experiment just perish due to a natural disaster.


Humans are similarly motivated to help much lesser species caught in disasters (and the blood ties between the AB's and the human survivors were very powerful.)

Karma One : Some authors postulate that we are caught in an endless cycle of evolution and devolution: Our current civilization has existed only 7000 years. That is nothing in a cycle of millions of years. Do you think that it is possible that a widespread civilization, well advanced technologically, that looks like us existed a long time ago (a very long time before the Sumerian era) and left no traces?

I, too, believe that all species experience cycles of progress and decline. A species can decline into extinction or achieve a renaissance. Given the age of Earth and the metaphysical information we have about the existence of earlier forms of humans (and traditional memories of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other lost civilizations), I think it is likely that advanced races have lived prior to ours.


Their existence would help explain some of the presently unexplainable discoveries of very ancient tooled and scientifically sophisticated artifacts found around the globe and described in books like Forbidden Archaeology.

Karma One : Many researchers and scholars corroborate and continue the work of Zecharia Sitchin on the Sumerian Texts. Those texts give many incredible and important details about the origin of our civilization, about our links and our relations with the ABís, those we call Gods in the sacred books. This kind of information could change dramatically the perspective we have about religion and history. Why do academic authorities, the mainstream media, and other researchers in universities not give more importance to the study of the Sumerian Texts?

As my book Gods, Genes, & Consciousness explains in more detail, the very essence of the authority that these institutions base their existence on is their claim to represent the "natural" or "God-given" truth. They have been a part of the cover-up from the time of the Roman Empire to discredit the story of AB involvement in human history.


To admit that what they call the true origins of science and religion (and hence, Western Civilization) may not be true would totally undermine their credibility and authority. All the power structures they have been paid to reinforce would withdraw that financial support. The entire edifice of modern societies would collapse.


Individuals in these institutions do not have such a "death wish", to destroy all that makes them who they are.

Karma One : Do you believe that today, ABís like YHVH and the Anunnaki bloodlines still want to influence and shape the history of our civilization and that they are still present but invisible? Do you believe in the Illuminati hypothesis, in the fact that the Illuminati represent the Anunnaki interests on earth or do you think that it is a too weird speculation from lunatic fringe?

First, let's clarify the concept of "bloodlines". If the AB genetic manipulations I describe in the book are correct, then all Homo sapiens sapiens are part of the general Anunnaki bloodline. What some writers refer to as "blue bloods" or "royal or holy bloodlines" are the direct descendants of mating between individual AB's and individual humans (mainly females, though not exclusively). These were known as "demigods" in several Middle Eastern societies and were likely the first humans to be "anointed" kings over city states by the AB's.

(Your reference to whether AB's are still present but invisible is covered elsewhere.)

Not all children of such AB-human mating ended up in royal palaces as kings or pharaohs. Some of them apparently became teachers among the humans, trying to help them understand their reality as children of the AB-gods as well as Earthlings. They were founders of what I call the non-theist natural traditions (the traditions suppressed by the priests of AB-god cults and supernatural religions).

On your last question above, I do believe there are a number of groups who covertly manipulate the course of humans affairs whenever possible for their own gain. This may include organizations like the Illuminati, but for the most part their names are not known.


I usually refer to them as Oligarchs or Synarchs.


I believe their interest is more in preserving the power they originally derived from having close connections to the ruling Anunnaki (and are hidden behind the royals and priests who more clearly inherited power from the AB's)

Karma One : You consider YHVH as an AB who wanted to impose during Moses reign an utopian centralized society. Why you use the word ďutopiaĒ? What kind of utopia and society did this God want to impose and why? Is it really an Anunnaki ABís vision or his behavior show that he comes from another civilization?

Yes, as described in Chapter 12, I do believe YHVH was one of the second-level Earth-based Anunnaki (possibly the one known in Sumerian as Ninurta). Like Ishtar, Baal, and others he wanted to develop a distinct group of humans as his own fiefdom too give him higher status among his AB peers. He came from the group of AB's who were more authoritarian and controlling of humans, without giving them a lot of advanced knowledge and assistance.


I used the word "utopia" in the sense of it being an AB-idealized concept, not the perfect one for humans.


From YHVH's perspective, he wanted a society that was disciplined, controlled by his chosen priests and dedicated to honoring him above all other AB's. He required strict rules of behavior, diet, dress, and warfare for him. He was an absolute ruler, threatening harsh punishment, including death for disobedience. (All the attributes of his ideal society are found in Books of Numbers and Leviticus in the Jewish Pentateuch.)


Its purpose was more to keep humans in line than to facilitate their creativity and potential.

Karma One : One could postulate that language and the art of writing is a ďgiftĒ from ABís to mankind. But in your book, you are ambiguous about this gift. On one hand, you seem to say that ABís gave us a very sophisticated language and writing capable of full and perfect communication, also including an esoteric level, with each sound having magical properties. On the other hand, you talk about devolution of language. You say from the Sanskrit to today, the language lost its ďpowerĒ for full and magic communication. You talked also about the story of the Tower of Babel where the human looses this connection with ABís language. So, whoís responsible of this situation? Does the ABís has a agenda with language to weaken, to lose us in a strict 3D reality with a language disconnected from the ABís reality?

Yes, I do believe, as several human traditions suggest, that some forms of language and writing were the gifts of AB's to at least some groups. (As you know from Chapter 16, I think there were also some totally natural and some partially natural human languages.)


There may have been languages older than 100,000 years now unknown of both human and AB origin, but I believe today's major world languages are likely derivatives of early AB input, because they have lived through writing (another AB gift, according to both Western and Eastern accounts). Of modern languages, I believe Sanskrit represents the most well-developed AB-based language.

The word Sanskrit itself means "perfected" and the name of its script "devanagari" means "from the gods". Its 50 letters and 15 vowels are the most technically well developed of the other, more recent, alphabets, in terms of reflecting the human voice apparatus for speech. When I speak of devolution of the alphabet and associated languages, I refer to the more simplistic Western alphabets of Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Arabic.


Another way these languages have devolved is through loss of understanding of the original energetic power of the sound of each letter. They were initially intended to be used in words that corresponded to the energy frequencies of the object or action they symbolized. Although some esoterics attempt to understand it, that aspect was essentially lost from our collective memory. (Numerology today shows this devolution.)

The gifts of languages and alphabets came from the group of AB's interested in promoting human development. The Tower of Babel story reflects what may have been several occasions when one AB or another wanted to keep closer control over a group of humans. As in modern colonial history when conquerors have forced new languages on subjugated peoples, apparently some AB's divided humans among themselves through a similar technique.


As in most other areas of human history since 3,500 BP, I believe it has been humans who have manipulated the evolution and use of language for their own agendas.

Karma One : In the ritual abuse phenomenon, the victims, and also the psychiatrists and the psychologists who examine them, indicate most of them suffer from a Multiple Personality Disorder. They also note sometimes in the victim accounts the presence of alien entities, demon, devil entities, reptilian (read the late Karla Turner) etc. Some even speak about Anunnaki. More and more specialists of ritual abuse and MPD take that situation (alien presence in military abduction and ritual abuse) seriously. Do you think that some ABís plays a role in that peculiar case and for what purpose? In the same way, Monarch programming and ritual abuse are a very peculiar phenomenon that some psychologist and specialist of the mental health community relate to the abduction phenomenon. According to some authors, Monarch programming, Mind Control, and satanic and ritual abuse are part of plan set up to abduct children and use them for Mind control and the coming of the so called antichrist and to impose a one-world, one-religion government. Do you think that some ABís are involved in that?

First of all, I do not know the facts about this subject. I can only conjecture. MPD is a naturally occurring psychological phenomenon when an incarnated consciousness is subjected to untenable stress. For whatever reason, when the personality cannot cope with the reality of a particular experience, it dissociates into self-protective fragments (or multiple personalities). (This exists to varying degrees in all humans.) Having said that, let me speculate on your question.

A strong human can voluntarily permit another entity to speak through its conscious field (we call these volunteers channels). A weak human's conscious field can be invaded by another consciousness, either human or AB. I am certain the latter has occurred in many and different circumstances. It is just one of the ways powerful beings can take greater control over temporarily fragile humans, adults and children alike.

So, the answer to your question is, if the programming and other mind-control projects you suggest are happening, one of the tactics used certainly involves subjecting people to the necessary stress (through drugs, physical and psychological abuse, and ritual pressures) to break their normal personality borders and insert "alien" consciousness. (Alien can be either AB or human.)

Karma One : Do you think that ďmodern dictatorshipsĒ like the Nazi regime, the North Korean government, or Stalinism with its cult of personality have their roots in human consciousness in the relation human being has in old civilization with their ABís leaders? Without their influence, do you think that we could develop another kind of government, self development, relation with nature and consciousness?

I believe all modern top-down governments (including democracies who have permitted the taking of control from self-governing local groups by authoritarian means, individuals, or organizations) have their roots in the AB heritage of kingship and priesthood.


In this situation the leaders believe, and their followers accept, the notion that the officials in power are there by the god(AB)-given or Darwin-given right to rule.

Yes, without the AB-legacy model, I am convinced the governments of the world would be very different than most of them are today. If we look at the models of the few traditional societies who escaped the direct or indirect-colonized influence of the AB hegemony after 11,500 BP, we see a more egalitarian, gender-balanced, and participatory form of government.


There is usually much more respect for individual rights and differences. Leaders are usually volunteers who do public service for a time and then return to their own work. They may be chosen by lot to randomly rotate the authority and responsibility around the community.


Such societies reflect a respect for nature and its importance in the survival of humans. Unfortunately, all significant societies today have been taken over by one of the old ruling bloodlines or economic elites who gained power through the old "royal" systems.


(This includes most of Europe, the U.S., most Arab nations, China and Japan, and many others.)

Karma One : Some authors like Clive Prince and Lynn Pincket (the Stargate conspiracy) believe that a conspiracy exist to build a one world religion, a new way to worship ABís with a mixing, a syncretism of old Egyptian religion, rituals from the Schoolís Mystery and other Judeo Christian elements, the creation of what you call a new supernaturalism to worship a anthropocentric God. Do you believe in that speculation? Do ABís pose another kind of threat ?

No, I do not believe a conspiracy exists to create a new supernatural, anthropocentric god-based world religion. The existing supernatural religions are easy enough to use by covert forces who wish to manipulate them.


We see this in the current theocratic movement in the United States, the use of supernatural conflicts in India, a secular state, and of course between Jewish, Islamic, and Christian societies wherever financial interests want to divide and conquer nations or regions. The very unverifiable nature of the validity of supernaturalism makes its believers, in whatever "god", susceptible to easy manipulation by coded words and symbols. Another psychosis is not required.

The magical thinking of New Age movements and the defensive posture of materialist science offers no solutions to the current fragmentation of society.

I do believe there is a small degree of hope for a resurgence of the natural tradition of science and philosophy (exemplified in classical Greece, the European Renaissance and the Enlightenment). It could provide the human species to a more accurate understanding of its past and its actual relationship ABs.


My book's final chapter offers a way with its concept of a Public Discussion.

Karma One : Do you encounter some problems with your concept of AB's with religious authority or with readers? How has your book been received by the press and by the ufologist and conspiracy theorist?

I have not been directly attacked by religious authorities or readers for this book.


They have learned that the best way to suppress such heretical views is to ignore them. A religious university bookstore simply refuses to have a book-signing. Their periodicals do not carry reviews. The mainstream press and public academic institutions also ignore such challenges to their well-established assumptions.


However, there are fairly large groups of people who believe the "official" world views of government, religion, and science have serious deficiencies in their coverage of what humans really know. These people enthusiastically engage in discussions with me on the merits of my research. Smaller periodicals and newspapers and some radio/TV hosts really like the book.


My hero Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake on February 19, 1600 and his natural cosmology is still suppressed in the same manner.