by Paul Von Ward

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What Do Metaphysical Sources Say'

In the search for understanding of Advanced Beings (ABs), metaphysical material provides a good place to start. It includes information or knowledge about the universe or history that originates beyond ordinary human consciousness or that cannot be perceived by the so-called objective or physical senses. It comes in many forms, under many names and, because of its nature, must be handled with care.

In considering metaphysical materials, an experienced former editor (Sara Benjamin-Rhodes) had this to say:

"No source of information is without distortion. Even the clearest channels are not, nor have they ever been, 100 percent accurate. Even within information that is 'mostly true' there is some... that is not true. Even within... [the] 'mostly false' there is some truth."

Therefore, knowledge from any source ought to be checked for its correspondence with historical or other evidence before one accepts it as reliable.

In a book like this, one cannot begin to cover the range of contemporary and historical metaphysical material humans have received from and/or about ABs. Humankind has communicated with gods, angels, departed humans, ethereal beings, light bodies, and the collective consciousness throughout recorded history.


People have taken advantage of a non-electromagnetic 'Morse code' of energetic transmissions that somehow conveys information from one level of consciousness in the universe to another. Without understanding how the decipherment process works in their brain, humans have reacted to it. (See the website for accounts of sane people experiencing inner voices.)

Such communications have resulted in dreams and prophecies that launched new religions, scientific inventions that shaped industrial society, inspirations that led to new heights in human creativity, and answers to problems mundane and cosmic. There can be no doubt about the awe-inspiring power of both the sources and material, even when a recipient feels the underlying intention may be questionable.


After all, the source has a power the human does not: the capacity to access the human and initiate the communication.

William Blake (1757-1827, English artist, poet, and visionary seer) said many of his poems were dictated by the 'Immortals' the gods and goddesses of other worlds he saw through his inner vision. The past-life memories of noted twentieth-century author Taylor Caldwell contained authenticated details of ancient and modern medicine, foreign languages, historical personalities, and (seemingly realistic) material on lost civilizations.


They provided the basis for numerous best-selling novels. Many people believe prophecies of Nostradamus (sixteenth-century French physician and clairvoyant) have come true. They claim his one thousand published inner visions have already accurately predicted four centuries of major events and still extend almost two millennia into the future.

Edgar Cayce, considered by many to be America's greatest psychic, lived from 1877 until 1945 and produced more than 14,000 documents of telepathic-clairvoyant 'readings' given for more than 6,000 different people over 43 years. They covered everything from medical diagnoses to past lives, from prehistory to a cosmology of the universe. While in a trance, oracles at Delphi in ancient Greece received information and insights that guided the politics of a Golden Age. In 1921, noted artist and sculptor Walter Russell received a body of scientific knowledge ahead of its time through 39 days of 'inner illumination'.


One can cite numerous examples, but these show the range.

In writing this book, metaphysical information has provided important pieces of the puzzle. The following random selection of material does not attempt to demonstrate either the authenticity of the various sources or the reliability of the channels.


Like historical and scientific material, no single source alone can claim the label 'ultimate truth' regarding ABs or human history.


The Pleiadians

With no particular attribution of relative importance, this survey starts with selected channeled material purporting to describe Pleiadian interest in humans and their perspective on Earth history.


The Pleiades are a star system in the constellation Taurus estimated to be 500 light years from Earth. Many know it in the night sky as the 'Seven Sisters' centered on Alcyone. Numerous books, websites, and individual psychic channels offer Pleiadian views on everything from the nature of the universe to desirable personal habits.


Noted writers include, among others, Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Hand Clow, Lia Shapiro, Billy Meier, and Amorah Quan Yin.

The Pleiadians have been important to humans for at least 60,000 years. That's how long the Dogon of Mali in Africa claim Pleiadian connections in human history. Similar myths can be found among those of ancient Greece and China. Writers Jose Arguelles and Aluna Joy Yaxk'in link Mayan and Pleiadian cosmologies.


According to Arguelles, the Mayans may have tracked and communicated with the Pleiades.


Other Central and South American peoples, particularly the Toltecs and the Incas, included the Pleiades in their rituals. In more recent times, Swiss UFO researcher Billy Meier reported contacts with Pleiadians in the 1970s, and Barbara Marciniak began to channel them in 1988.

Marciniak's book Bringers of The Dawn set the stage for an outpouring of Pleiadian material in the 1990s. The AB collective she channeled claims to have common ancestors with humans. Marciniak says they are concerned that we come to understand our true legacy and take responsibility for ourselves rather than remaining subject to ABs who have their own interests at heart.

These Pleiadians say some of their ancestors came to Earth in the distant past, seeded the planet with love and creativity, and gave some of their DNA to the human species. This shared DNA is why they consider us their distant cousins. They want to help us remember who we are, develop our telepathic skills, learn how we are connected to all facets of the universe, and understand our earlier incarnations on Earth.


They tell us that another group of ABs '(creator gods) raided the Earth about 300,000 B.P. and rearranged human DNA. This point began a new phase in human history where we were disadvantaged by the DNA manipulation. They say the ABs spoken of in the Babylonia/Sumerian tablets were those who enslaved humans at that time. They also say these ABs engaged in nuclear warfare among themselves and left a legacy of radiation.

A favorite source for information on Pleiadians is the well-known writer and consciousness researcher Barbara Hand Clow. In her 1995 book, The Pleiadian Agenda, the voice of a being who called itself Satya of Alcyone (the brightest of the 'Seven Sisters' stars) described AB involvement in human history.


Satya says Pleiadians have mingled with humans as our teachers for 26,000 years.


Satya says Pleiadians tried to help humans avoid an atmospheric-based cataclysm, including a pole shift, around 11,000 B.P. (allegedly caused by Earth entering their star's photon belt). The Pleiadians allegedly tried to help the survivors afterwards by leading them to better locations. (Remember this later during my discussion of Noah.)

The channeled voices claim that in addition to Pleiadians there have been several interventions by other groups of ABs, including:

  • The Anunnaki who ruled Earth for thousands of years, whom we learned to worship as gods, including Anu who said he was our Lord. Satya said the Anunnaki were from planet Nibiru, which long ago shifted from an orbit around star Sirius A to become the Planet X of our solar system.

  • The Maya (Timekeepers) from a star near Alcyone in the Pleiades, from whose name came the Maya of Central America, and who visit Earth when their planet cycles nearby. They allegedly left the last time in the ninth century C.E., a date that coincides with archaeologists' estimated fall of the Mayan civilization.

  • The Sirians who have long had our best interests at heart.

Amorah Quan Yin's Pleiadian voices describe a planetary system (ours) embedded in a larger star system with the Pleiades at the center (also see Arguelles on this point).


This celestial organism operates in several dimensions, where human souls have experienced many different stages of development.


Before Earth, some of those stages involved incarnations on Venus, Mars, and Maldek, the name for the planet subsequently smashed into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. (Note Rudolf Steiner's perspective on this, following shortly.)



Theosophy, a philosophy grounded in metaphysical materials transmitted by ABs through H. P. Blavatsky in the late nineteenth century, holds that humans have gone through several physical forms on Earth. According to Blavatsky, humanity in its second (Lemurian) and third (Atlantean) stages of civilization benefited from recurrent visits by the 'gods.'


Theosophists believe that in the middle of the Lemurian era (14 to 16 million years ago) external forces (ABs) helped our evolving ancestors come into full physical form. (It is interesting to note that the earliest date attributed to fossils of proto-Ramapithecus by some paleoanthropologists is 14 million years ago.)


Regarding the Atlantean era, theosophy implies humans received outside help in 'the use of fire, the building of cities, and the development of metallurgy.'



Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the Austrian founder of anthroposophy, or what might be called modern spiritual science, wrote that 'the spirit world was open to him from birth.'


Akin to the theosophical movement in a number of ways, his work introduced a multidimensional perspective of reality to many fields of endeavor, from farming to science, education, and philosophy. He saw humans as incarnations of souls involved in a long process of evolution that had taken them to various planets for different stages. On each planet humans experienced several body types and stages, repeating epicycles within cycles.

On Earth, he said, there have been five 'root races' (Polarean, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, and Aryan), each containing subraces that progressively developed different aspects of the modern human.


ABs, or 'divine messengers,' led by a being called Manu, assisted throughout this long process. Humans descended to this world from an astral world and have remained connected to the advanced knowledge contained in the Akashic Records.


(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's concept of noosphere and Carl Jung's collective unconscious reflect this notion of a memory pool [the Akashic Records] encircling the Earth.)


Remote Viewing

Of the many routes to metaphysical information, an interesting one came out of research done with support of the U.S. government's intelligence community. Called scientific remote viewing (SRV), the process involves sending a part of one's consciousness to 'see' a remote location and 'bring back' useful information about the site.


This psychic method of reconnaissance has been used with success by military and civilian intelligence officers and by private individuals. Sometimes the SRVers reported encounters with non-corporeal beings and experienced new aspects of ethereal reality, including unintended impacts of our own projections on the process.

One college professor who was trained by a former U.S. government SRVer has reported on one form of ABs. Courtney Brown, in his book Cosmic Voyage, identified a group of nonphysical beings who are based in the Earth's atmosphere who were labeled 'Midwayers' by the military.


According to SRVers, the Midwayers' purpose throughout history has been to help humans develop their potential by subconsciously providing useful information to us.

The famed psychic Edgar Cayce provided an interesting twist on the notion of information coming to humans through the subconscious from ABs. Believing in reincarnation, Cayce also believed that numerous souls (the super- and subconsciousness of physical beings) awaiting a rebirth can communicate their wisdom through the subconscious to living humans.


Since Cayce's time, literally thousands of individuals, including the SRVers mentioned, have reported communications with ABs in realms that appear similar to what he described.


A Sirian Channel

Devin, an AB of particular interest, given the extensive Sumerian documentation of the Anunnaki race from Nibiru, speaks through a human named Jelaila. Devin claims to be a member of the '9-D Nibiruan Council' serving aboard the spaceship Pelegai from the Sirius star system. It describes Nibiru and its ruling families in terms consistent with Zecharia Sitchin's synthesis of the Anunnaki story (more details later on).


Anu is named as the patriarch of Nibiru who has recently passed on his authority to his sons Enlil and Enki.

This ruling family is described as a hybrid of several races, including human and reptilian (remember the myths about the princess and the dragon), that reflects the tensions among the belief systems of various races. Devin says Nibiru's leadership (popularly known as Planet X and a member of the 'Galactic Federation') has played a role in settling disputes among the Anunnaki warring factions.

In a vein compatible with Earth's cataclysmic history documented by widely respected authors D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair (see chapter 10), Devin describes Nibiru/Planet X's periodic passing near Earth in its elliptic around the Sun, and how its passages affect our Earth and current events on Nibiru. Devin says our collective unconscious (like the Akashic Records) carries memories of the great cataclysms that occurred with the passing of Nibiru through our solar system.

Devin claims the effects of the passage are dependent on the level of consciousness and social development of humans. (The explosion of AB-god cults discussed in chapter 20 may be associated with the last passage of Nibiru.)


The next passage will be different, according to Devin, who says,

'our world is experiencing unprecedented elevations in consciousness... evolving at a pace that is beyond any expectation.'

He further states,

'Since free will is a major component... [humans] are the ones who determine the[ir] future.'

What Regression Hypnosis Reveals

Use of hypnotic regression to explore past-life memories has uncovered information relevant to earlier AB lifetimes alleged by a great number of people. Hypnotherapist and prolific author Dolores Cannon has discovered many cases where humans have memories of being inhabitants of other planets. These memories support the hypothesis that humans are hybrid beings whose genetic memories combine extraterrestrial and Earth events.

Cannon believes that humans have a soul or consciousness that transcends many lifetimes, and that none of us originated on the young planet Earth. One of her subjects reported a lifetime in an unnamed community near Qumran (home of the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls).


He described flying 'watchers' who exuded a special energy or light and never set foot on the ground, but taught the human community and praised its members for holding on to the teachings handed down from Atlantis. The hypnotized subject suggested that the Star of Bethlehem was something like a spacecraft. Its crew ('messengers') described in advance the selection of Jesus' parents and birth date.

In another case, Cannon heard a woman's description of having lived in Africa in ancient times as a man who saw a 'UFO.' The man received telepathic messages about the place of the craft's origin and life there and why it was important to humans. He did everything he could do to make it return, but the craft never contacted him again. Another subject reported a lifetime when he was coerced to become the pilot of a craft engaged in extraterrestrial warfare. He believed himself to be an integral part of the craft, as if it responded to his thoughts.


He reported involvement in a conflict that destroyed life on a planet.

Another subject reported a life to Cannon as a space traveler who arrived on Earth in a reconnaissance mission and became involved in teaching very primitive humans new construction and cultural skills. At the end of her hypnosis session, this woman had the sense she had somehow, back then, inappropriately interfered with the 'locals.' She apparently chose to be reborn several times on Earth to compensate for her interference.

Another subject reported having been part of a research/technology transfer team responsible for helping primitive humans solve a mystery behind their dying crops. She and her colleagues traveled in a bubble to protect themselves from toxins attacking local plants and animals. They took some of the humans away to ensure their survival, but she felt called to return and help the victims. In another case, the subject thought of himself as a hybrid from alien and Earth parents.


He served as a teacher (with knowledge received aboard some sort of spacecraft) to help primitive humans improve their lives.


Further Hypnotic Regression

Taylor Caldwell, mentioned earlier, subjected herself to hypnosis from which came,

'remarkable passages that revealed a baffling knowledge of medicine, the Bible, Atlantis, and Lemuria.'

Her detailed descriptions of Atlantis provide geographical data that has aided in later searches for this fabled land. She also described in this 1913 manuscript (as a 13-year-old girl) the process of nuclear fission before Einstein thought about it and the atom bomb that did not materialize until World War II.

In her 1967 novel, Dialogue with the Devil, a product of automatic writing, Caldwell reported conversations between the archangelic AB siblings Lucifer and Michael and described unknown planets and other ABs. The view that emerges in this novel is that beings from another planet would come and wreak havoc on Earth (as predicted in the Old Testament book of Joel) as they had done on an unknown planet called Melina.


This would permit the intervention by more Advanced Beings to bring an end to an era of irresponsible behavior and establish a new age.


Channeled 'Ascension' Material

Scores of books were written in the late twentieth-century's Ascension movement. This movement has the premise that humans are approaching a new phase in evolution that involves a transformation in human consciousness, one that will reconnect us with ABs and dimensions of existence higher than our 3-D world. Many of these books comprise messages from various 'ascended masters,' beings no longer incarnate who have in different ways already ascended to that next level.

This cosmology starts with the assumption of ABs as being 'way showers' for humans; they provide humans with advice and moral support on their journey. The book Crystal Star: A Guide to Ascension exemplifies this genre of metaphysical information. It purports to represent ABs such as Sananda (the etheric Jesus), Ashtar (who represents a group of human and angelic beings from several galaxies), the Archangel Michael, and St. Germain.


These sources speak of the intervention of flesh-and-blood beings on Earth in times past and present, but they stress that nonmaterial beings now surround humans and seek to help us learn to be our true selves.


St. Germain speaks of a hierarchy of ABs, including the Elohim referred to in the Bible, who have various creative powers.


Modern Prophets

Many individuals have gained a reputation as modern prophets, people who receive messages from one source or another about future events.


Gordon-Michael Scallion, best known for his 'future maps' of North America, channels material he receives from what he calls 'a group of intelligences... within.' Scallion's sources say Earth-human contact with ABs has been going on for millions of years, from the first projection of souls (early human forms of consciousness) 18 million years ago, through Atlantean times (ending 11,600 years ago), into the historical period of Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, and Jesus.

The 'intelligences' say two forms of human-AB contacts continue today, Scallion reports. One is the 'messengers' predominantly from the Pleiades and Sirius who communicate telepathically, offering humans assistance for the coming Earth changes. These messengers sometimes present themselves in physical form but generally appear as light or inner voices. They are not to be confused with another category of ABs, those beings involved with UFO sightings and human abductions. The messengers use the human inner senses to communicate directly with human minds when our 'brain vibrations' are congruent with theirs.

Scallion's messengers confirm former civilizations on Mars and on a tenth planet involving beings not unlike life-forms on Earth. These beings no longer exist in our solar system, but other dimensions of conscious beings do, including some on our moon.


A group of educators and scientists from Mars, at the termination of civilization there, moved to Earth and 'melded' with some 'mixed creatures' who were already evolving on Earth, Scallion reports. They began a 'colonization' on a continent in the area of the Pacific known as 'Lumania.'


The people of this civilization grew to a great stature and later moved into a part of Africa.


Jesus from the Other Side

Quite a number of books have been published purporting to be messages from Jesus, adding to or modifying the biblical material about him. Some purportedly represent his efforts to clear up any historical misunderstanding of who and what he was, to set the record straight.


One has Jesus saying,

'The purpose of this writing is to free up the many misconceptions which people have held about me through the ages... to clarify the entire human drama of the crucifixion and everything I stood for at that time.'

Another, which has a profound ring of historical authenticity, has Jesus reviewing the book:

'The foregoing is an astonishingly accurate account of my life and thoughts... consider this my second coming.'

Such books portray a different Jesus from that of the New Testament and one more compatible with various first-century accounts later rejected by the Nicean Council in 325 C.E.


Some Implications

Some interesting aspects of the above sources become immediately evident. First, despite the wide variety of nonhuman sources and human channels, a remarkable amount of consistency exists among the substantive themes, if not the terminology or detail. In the social sciences an analyst would say, 'The degree of internal congruency is significant.' Second, the degree of similarity with other fields of knowledge (scientific and historical) also surprises me.


I had not expected so much congruence between metaphysical materials and more conventional areas of knowledge.

The internally consistent information may be briefly summarized as follows.

  • Human origins lie in the stars, whether from DNA from ABs being mixed with human or humans inhabiting other planets in earlier stages of development.

  • Physical and nonphysical ABs have intervened in human development in both positive and negative ways.

  • While some have sought to encourage human self-determination, others have pursued control of humans for their own purposes.

  • Intervention has taken various forms: teaching, technical assistance, and advice.

  • Humans have multidimensional natures and can access other levels of consciousness.

  • The ABs have fought among themselves on Earth to the detriment of human progress.

  • The presence of ABs was used to create the idea of God for control purposes.

  • Most AB sources urge humans to control their own destiny.

  • ABs have been called many names in both metaphysical and historical documents.

  • This has led to confusion that has hindered the development of a human consensus about the true nature of gods.

According to the sources cited so far, from the beginning of human consciousness, individuals have had visions of nonphysical beings, heard voices, received channeled material, and come face-to-face with ethereal and flesh-and-blood ABs.


Since the label applied to each experience depends on the perceiver's culture, strangers to that culture don't realize that they perceive the same reality.

Before we get too carried away with this material, we must do a reality check. Could humans just be making it up and then, through our subconsciousness, feeding our own fantasies back to ourselves. We can guard against this possibility by using a variety of materials, from different ways of knowing and periods of history.


Using all epistemologies 'the approach taken in this book' makes it less likely that we project phantasms into the noosphere and then merely tune in to them when in altered states.