by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
August 5, 2011

from Exopolitics Website



Graphic of First Contact

first Friendship case meeting between

eight & three foot tall extraterrestrials with thee Italian witnesses.

Ask any UFOlogist about the reality of extraterrestrial life, and you’ll most likely get one of three versions of what is happening.

  • The first is that we have been witnessing UFOs since the mid-1940s that offer abundant physical evidence of other worldly technologies sighted in our skies. This leads to the conclusion that some UFOs are extraterrestrial space vehicles observing our world, especially locations where nuclear weapons were being developed or stored.

  • The second most popular version is that since the early 1960s, short "gray aliens have been abducting people for genetic experimentation.

  • The third is that some UFOs have crashed, and that strange looking “gray aliens” have been recovered along with advanced technologies for study in classified reverse engineering programs.

Ufology’s three main versions of what is happening with extraterrestrial life is grounded in abundant empirical data.


There are tens of thousands of cases from around the world involving physical sightings, radar trackings, photographs, film and testimony of UFO sightings. Similarly, there are thousands of first hand testimonies revealing the existence of alien abductions, and a genetic program conducted by strange looking extraterrestrials with human subjects.


Finally, many hundreds of witnesses have come forward to confirm that some UFOs have crashed, and that the technology and occupants have been removed for highly classified study.

All three versions make up what is today known as scientific UFOlogy, and claims that this is as close as one gets to real science when it comes to the question of extraterrestrial visitation. The problem with all three versions of scientific UFOlogy is that they mask something that has long been officially kept hidden from the public.


A secret that many leading UFOlogists have actively conspired to keep, along with government agencies encouraging such a process. Human looking extraterrestrials have been visiting our world and making contact with the general public since the beginning of the modern UFO era.

Stories of human looking extraterrestrials making contact with members of the general public first became known in the early 1950s.


Famed contactees such as,

...and many other “contactees” from around the world thrilled the public with their accounts of meetings with extraterrestrial humans that in some cases where stunningly attractive.


In many cases, the early contactees backed up their stories with supporting witness testimonies, photographs, film and other forms of physical evidence. The response from the world’s leading UFOlogists, let alone government authorities, was ridicule, derision, and outright dismissal.

Basically, the world’s leading UFOlogists - concluding that extraterrestrial life was visiting the earth and that select government/military agencies were keeping this secret from the public - were not interested in stories that extraterrestrials had made physical contact.


Logically, one would assume that if extraterrestrials made the long journey to Earth from wherever they came from in the galaxy, that they would make contact with members of the public, let alone government authorities - that’s another story.


Genuine stories of physical contact would be logical to assume, but UFOlogists employed another form of logic to dismiss such accounts. Yes, extraterrestrials were visiting and there was great public interest, but this unfortunately would lead to many charlatans and frauds deceiving the public with contrived contact stories.


UFOlogists had to be on constant guard to filter out the many bogus contact stories if there was any chance that the conventional scientific community would take UFOlogy seriously. UFOlogists used the possibility of fraud to justify an impractically high evidentiary barrier for any claiming to have had physical contact with the occupants of flying saucers.

Consequently, the leading UFOlogists of the 1950s, experts such as Major Donald Keyhoe were quick to dismiss and ridicule the contactee stories. When the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) was created in 1956, it quickly become the preeminent UFOlogy organization for almost two decades, its leading officers and investigators were in agreement.


Not one of the many contactee stories deserved serious scientific interest. None met the arbitrarily high evidentiary barrier created by UFOlogists such as Keyhoe and NICAP. Unfortunately, whether out of bias, shortsightedness or active collusion with government/military authorities, NICAP and leading UFOlogists led the charge to dismiss from public debate claims that human looking extraterrestrials have made contact.

More importantly, any aspiring UFOlogist quickly learned that if s/he was to be taken seriously by their peers, they should not study contactee accounts, and needed to reaffirm the prevailing orthodoxy that contactee accounts were the realm of outright fraud and deception.


Many of Keyhoe’s peers and successors, UFOlogists such as,

...and many others dismissed contactee accounts as fanciful fabrications.


Even UFOlogists such as Budd Hopkins and Dr David Jacobs, sympathetic to accounts of abductions by grey aliens that first emerged in the 1960s, dismissed stories of contact with human looking extraterrestrials as outright hoaxes.


Examination of Richard Dolan’s two volume UFOs and the National Security State - the preeminent history of modern day UFOlogy - reveals a similar shortsighted dismissal of contactee accounts with human looking extraterrestrials.


Adamski gets barely a mention in his unofficial history of UFOlogy, and other contactee testimonies are ignored altogether.


Dolan’s book, aspiring to set the record straight about how the U.S. National Security System has historically dealt with the UFO phenomenon, fails dismally when it comes to examining claims of contact with human looking extraterrestrials and their significance.

Dismissal by the world’s leading UFOlogists of the many contactee accounts with human looking extraterrestrials has not been universal.


British researchers such as Timothy Good (author of Alien Base) and the recently deceased Wendelle Stevens did investigate contactee stories and concluded that some, if not many, of the claims were accurate descriptions of real events.


More recently, testimony has emerged from Italy concerning a case of contact with human looking extraterrestrials from the 1950s to 1970s that involved hundreds of witnesses, photographs and film. Apparently, a large base of human looking extraterrestrials existed for a twenty two year period from 1956 around the north-eastern coast of Italy, and the aliens worked with humans to supply their base with food and other physical materials.


Meanwhile the Italian military, along with other European military authorities and NATO, closely monitored the aliens but did little to interfere with their operations. A book, Mass Contact, was written about the Friendship case by a retired Professor in civil engineering, Stefano Breccia, and published in English in 2009.


A documentary featuring Breccia and other witnesses was made about the case (below video):


Anyone drawn to the modern UFO phenomenon will find an abundance of experts and authorities claiming that serious UFOlogy is focused either on sightings of unusual aerial phenomena (UFOs); human abductions by strange grey looking aliens; or secret UFO crash retrieval operations.


To this day, many UFOlogists will act as “gate-keepers” dismissing, if not vigorously attacking, any claims of physical contact with human looking extraterrestrials - regardless of any supporting evidence.


In this regard, UFOlogy and its leading proponents are perpetrating a grand deception orchestrated, to some degree, by the same military-intelligence-corporate authorities that are keeping the truth about extraterrestrial life from the public. The truth about human looking extraterrestrials directly contacting private individuals, and government/military authorities for that matter, has been UFOlogy’s best kept secret.


Thanks to cases like Friendship now emerging that secret is slowly unraveling, and a more comprehensive exopolitical understanding of extraterrestrial life and its real impact on Earth will be reached.