by Ted Twietmeyer


from Data4Science Website



Now appears to be the right time to reveal some facts about a nightmarish portion of the ET situation - at least that’s what people think it is. This is factual material, and probably not good bedtime reading material for some people.

With that said, recent data has provided strong evidence that some of these ruthless creatures may not even be alien at all.

For countless centuries mankind have looked down on insects almost as though they were invisible. Few people notice more than ants, houseflies and mosquitoes. Perhaps this is mainly because we are many times larger than even the largest living insect species? But we look down on them with a certain casual disdain. In grade school children are taught that giant insects with six foot wing spans died eons ago.

Children burn ants with a magnifying glass. Everyone swats flies and uses bug spray without a second thought to kill termites, ants, flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes. Planes buzz over our heads to destroy the worst of all the countless pest species, such as the Boll Weevil, Corn Borer, leaf mites and others. Even the smallest child is more than 100 times the size of the biggest insect.


Since we’re far bigger than the largest bug, what’s the worst they can do to us? Sting or bite?

There’s a certain, almost unspoken mysticism about insects in general. We consider them inferior and almost prehistoric with their primitive thinking. Giant insects have been extinct for millions of years.


Or so we all thought.


Let’s take a quick look at three interesting insects:




A determined Dung Beetle “bringing home the bacon” (a ball of dung) walking backwards and rotating the ball while pushing only with the two front feet. Exactly what compels these beetles to perform this behavior is unknown.


It could be a form of genetic programming.





A Tarantula known as the Goliath bird-eating spider is almost as big as a dinner plate.


People usually do not die from a bite but can become quite sick. (





A Praying Mantis is among the largest known flying insects.


This fearless triangular-head insect will not back down to anything that threatens it.



On a hot summer day a few years ago I drove to my office. On that day the parking lot was empty. Standing on the very edge of the sidewalk/curb along the parking lot of the building, out in the open and all alone, was a single Praying Mantis insect. It was almost the size of the insect shown above.

It stood upright and motionless facing my direction. It was almost as though it was waiting for me to arrive. There was nothing in front of it except an acre of asphalt parking lot. I knew that when threatened these insects will react. I pulled a pen from my pocket and very slowly approached it. As the distance closed between my pen and insect to about 10 inches, its wings began to unfold outward. This insect’s wings are solid surfaces which fold open like bat wings. Oddly enough, when I stopped moving the pen closer it held its wings frozen in position. As I slowly came closer, its wings spread out even further.

When I was within about 2 inches of the Mantis it gave out an audible hissing sound while keeping the wings fixed and fully spread out. It was incredible that something that small could be heard so loudly. As I slowly withdrew the pen, the wings lowered proportionately to the distance I moved. If I stopped moving away, the insect froze the wings at that particular position.


It was an invisible thread connected my pen to the insect’s wings with an overhead pulley. That’s how mechanical the response actually was.

This was a fascinating response. Here we have an insect, perhaps three inches tall being approached by a human being approximately 23 TIMES ITS SIZE, yet it did not fly away or back down. I repeated the impromptu experiment several times before leaving it alone. Each time, the very same response was observed.

Imagine if you can, that some creature approaches you 23 times taller than you are! Even if you’re 6 feet tall – this equates to a being with a staggering height of 138 feet! At almost 14 stories tall, it would be the size of an office building.


That would be how a Praying Mantis would see you through its compound eyes.



Unfortunately, far taller and heavier insect life DOES EXIST.


These species don’t knock on your door and ask to come in, or stand on a curb waiting for you. They simply materialize near you. These insects can appear indoors or outdoors with little or no warning and they don’t smell good. Both the seven to nine foot tall praying mantis beings AND the Grays are actually insects. Both are ruthless and without emotion.

I have a good friend who has had numerous negative encounters with Gray beings. (Many people often call them aliens, which is questionable.) Since he has already gone public with some of this information, I will provide an excerpt from a discussion with him of his encounters. He has given me permission to use the following material.

Since this man is a professional and does not want his career to be negatively affected by his weekly horror experience, we will just call him Jim. In the account below I will quote him as accurately as possible.


Jim lives in the southwest and is a former special ops warrior:

Ted: How have you been lately?
Jim: I’m sick of this place and have to move.

Ted: Why?
Jim: I’m just sick of the Grays. They have been mutilating and decapitating my horses. I’ve shot them outside but they keep coming. You don’t want to discharge any firearm indoors, so I use a machete and simply hack them to pieces.

Ted: So what happens to the bodies after that?
Jim: It makes a mess that I have to clean up.

Ted: What about the bodies and body parts? What do you do with them?
Jim: They just disappear. You can count to about 20 and they vanish.

Ted: What about the blood?
Jim: Any blood that leaves their bodies stays behind.

Ted: What does your wife think of all this?
Jim: She’s no longer shocked by it. Often when she comes home from work I’m mopping blood off the floor.

Ted: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Jim: I would add that I have always experienced a sudden awareness of their presence even if I can't see them. The energy in the area where they appear seems different just before I can see them. It is the same feeling that I get just the same second as a large bolt of lighting gives me when there is a really bright flash near by.

It seems to energize the surrounding vicinity.


I use it as my cue to get ready to attack when ever I feel it. It is so strong that it wakes me from sleep when I feel it. The Rotts [Rottweiler dogs] also feel it because they immediately tense and begin to growl a deep menacing growl just before they appear.

At that point it is mere seconds before the first blows are delivered and the blood begins to flow. I can deliver five to six killing blows in less then five seconds if I am ready. The entire exchange is over in less then twenty seconds this way. If I can pin one against the wall or floor they come apart like cutting modeling clay and disappear with this funky expression on their face like Uh Oh I am F..ked.

Only the name of the dogs was added for clarity and the final expletive modified. No other changes were made to Jim's account.

Note the comment,

“They come apart like cutting modeling clay.”

Does this sound like the purported demons that some believe they are? I don’t think anyone else on Earth to date has come forward with the factual experiences, data and testimony that Jim has.

I salute Jim for allowing me to post his comments.



With that said about at least one known species of Gray, imagine a lizard which can materialize suddenly right behind you. In another state, a friend of mine was attacked from behind while he was armed with a high quality surgical stainless steel knife. He was armed and prepared because he had previously fought these lizards.

Clearly some of these exo-reptiles have highly acidic blood. In one case, the blood was so acidic it ate through the surgical stainless steel blade of a knife.


Ruthless and selfish, many of these beings treat people as nothing more than livestock and as a resource from which to take whatever materials they want – including human waste, urine, reproductive material, possibly blood and extract the negative energy generated by fear. People often mistake these painful procedures as “experiments.”

Now think of the height of a lizard creature at between 7 and 9 feet tall. Look up at the wall behind your computer. If you live in a typical home in North America built in the last 50 years, your interior walls are probably eight feet high. Get the idea of how large these creatures are?

A discussion about various exo-life-forms wouldn’t be complete without discussing giant Praying Mantis type insects. These insects have been seen in bedrooms with their necks bent over, when the 8 ft. ceiling wasn’t high enough for them to stand upright.

There are eye-witness accounts in my research from an abducted couple who have seen these huge Mantis insects giving orders to Grays, and on more than one occasion. On one occasion, a Mantis-type being entered the room aboard a space vehicle and told a semi-human wearing a military uniform to immediately stop the interrogation of a female human seated naked in a chair. The abductee could see the Earth below through a window, apparently in orbit.

Apparently in the exo-bug world, Mantises are at the top of the flying insect pecking order. Even on Earth, small Mantis insects you can hold in the palm of your hand (like that shown in the photo above) are at the top of the insect pecking order.

To many Christians, all these insects and beings are simply a part of the satanic underworld and are demonic in origin. This is believed as fact, yet without Biblical scripture to support it. One must question that as a blanket theory. Rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ actually accomplishes nothing. The beings just look at the abductee or victim saying this and continue what they are doing. I have had many an argument with people on this subject, but facts are facts.

For some it provides some comfort to think God will stop them. But I have yet to run across any accounts in my own non-internet research where God stepped in and stopped them. It did not matter how much faith someone exercised. But there are plenty of second hand, third hand, etc, accounts on the web where this supposedly happened. Seeing physical signs of abuse and human body material extractions that occurred after the beings were rebuked in the name of Christ, seems to tell the real story.

This article is based on the testimony of Jim, and that of another friend who lives in another state who also fights these things, as well as other testimony from my own research. It appears that almost everyone on the Internet who writes or talks about these creatures has missed the point about their origin. Their possible point of origin is important in order to understand something about why and how they get here, and how they can leave just as quickly.

Two of my friends located in two different states separated by more than 1200 miles, have a unique ability to fight them and prevent telepathic takeover. This gives them open season on killing these creatures. There is no known law against killing these life-forms, since these beings cannot even be remotely considered human.

Various types of these advanced insects and reptiles quickly appear and disappear.


Grays, Mantises and reptilians are teleporting to Earth may have the ability to walk between dimensions or walk in time. It may be possible that in another dimension(s) above or below ours these creatures number in the billions. Perhaps only some of them have an ability to enter our dimension, or they would be everywhere.

  • Does all this fit the Biblical description of a demon?

  • Can a demon be killed, or only sent back to where it came from?

If a demon lives in hell, that would seem to imply some form of immortality.

If Big-foot is discovered to have the ability to walk between dimensions or walk through time, does that make it a demon too? We need to be careful about slapping a demon label on something we don’t understand. The name “demon” often imparts a certain sense of helplessness along with immortality. This would also apply to other crypto-zoological life-forms such as the elusive creature in Loch Ness.

It would be better for anyone trying to get a handle on this bizarre exo-topic of reptiles and insects to simply consider these beings for what they are – a big pain in the ass. Forget about labels as none of that will help anyone to fight them. Good old barbaric warfare employing machetes and swords is apparently what works. A sword or knife never jams or runs out of ammunition, and you don’t need a firearm license.

One friend who fights them provided me with the following advice:

“Sharpen the blade sharp enough to shave with and paint the entire blade black.”

Apparently he found that they don’t see it coming when the blade is painted black.

Also worth considering is what effect the “power of attraction” may have on encouraging the continued appearance of these beings. I suspect it also plays a role if your mind is preoccupied with the problem from fighting weekly battles. This may unconsciously send out a telepathic invitation for them to harass you and your family. Of course, weekly barbaric battles with strange life-forms would preoccupy the mind of any sane person.

It is known that alien abductions (or whomever is doing these, human or not) can result from someone focusing on meeting alien life.



Some of the oldest fossils on Earth are very large insects from our prehistoric history. Gnats and mosquitoes with wing spans of several feet have been found. Perhaps instead of dying out, some or all of these giant insects left our dimension for another adjacent dimension.

An alien race may have provided some assistance, education and technology to ancient insects, possibly as part of an experiment. It would be prudent to assume that any end result from countless eons of development and evolution would be possible with most any life-form.


Why should ancient insects we know so little about be an exception?

We know that insects seen everywhere on Earth today are simply the descendants of ancient life forms dating back millions of years ago, to the first life on Earth. Communication may exist between certain everyday insects we see all around us and giant, highly developed insects we don’t want to see. Perhaps even that Mantis I teased standing on the edge of the curb was in communication with a Giant Mantis somewhere else that day. Could the small Mantis have flitted in from another dimension? Some of the strangest things on Earth are those which are invisible and remain unknown.

Existing mainly in another dimension safe from human extermination, these giant insects would have progressed over eons of time and would have become highly intelligent. These insects may have developed highly advanced technology (or stolen it?) and developed a very sophisticated means of communication, even a form of language.

Abductees have witnessed very tall Mantises communicate with clicking sounds. Sometimes they have overheard telepathic communication. Whether an abductee was intentionally allowed to hear it or not is not clear. A good guess would be that it was intentional, as it would seem statistically highly unlikely that English would be the very same language these creatures would develop or adopt.

Grays are fairly agile and have several fingers. They may have been the real builders whose function was to implement the designs of more advanced races, including the Mantises or perhaps the reptilians.

To those that laugh at the concepts and facts postulated in this report, consider the diverse life-forms at the bottom of the ocean. Yet these creatures exist at crushing pressures which readily miniaturize a Styrofoam coffee cup to almost the size of a thimble. These creatures of the deep generate their own pulsating light patterns with light shows as though they are digitally controlled.

Therefore, why can’t insects and reptiles develop into a higher life-form in another dimension, and visit us for their own designs?


It would be a challenge for anyone to prove this cannot be possible.