by Jo McNaught

I would like to make a few comments here, as it’s basically the first time I have seen ’the conspiracy’ as it were laid out like this, all complete as to what is involved, in a big book. I’ve always been meaning to try to find out who is doing what and where, but finding out the whole story, without buying dozens of books, has been daunting. At last, someone has pieced together the whole works on this! What impressed me the most about Vol. 2 is factual details spelled out by former intelligence insiders on what the boys at the top intend for our somewhat unfair communal fate of being subjected to mass genocide, alien implants, and continual surveillance tracking of our activities. We’ve got coming one world govt., one world economy, and one world religion, and according to these Intel. agents aliens are at the back of it all.

Where are these aliens then? They seem to be closing in from all sides, not only physically, but astrally according to writers Cassie and James Bartley who give an insight into nocturnal harassments by reptilian aliens, with their perversions and need to find a host. The type of activity going on illegally by the US govt. must surely be the biggest cover-up the world has ever encountered. But we have been brainwashed by covert mind control using alien technology given in exchange for who knows what? "Suddenly" life is going to be found out there and our space brothers will be our saviors to fix up the mess this planet is in, so their lying plan goes. An open letter to Dr Steven Greer who is in charge of the (alien) Disclosure movement shows us how harmful these predators are, that the govt. has made alliances with. This has been written by Guy Malone.

But are the black flying triangles aliens or a secret govt. project? Another topic, The Men in Black is covered by Major Jack Downing. Are they govt. agents, Ets or both? The line blurs. I think it’s a good idea to find out from people who have had dealings with aliens, to get to the truth of this covert plan to make us all under one world rule controlled by UN. Neal Kruse has excelled himself I think, and shattered a few illusions I had that all these large organizations all did their own thing. The planetary takeover has been implemented via the homogenization of humanity, as Neal aptly describes. Disinfo agents are all over, twisting our perception of who are the good agents and who are the bad. The interview by Teresa de Veto of US army, DIA ret. John Maynard reveals to us exactly what is going on with the aliens from top secret documents. This is backed up by the late Bill Cooper, (shot as he defended his home and freedom). He was in Navy intelligence, and now a martyr for the resistance. He wrote on how those in secret societies, Freemasons, intelligence agencies, US govt. big wigs, big business, and the Bilderbergers (mainly European royalty) and the aliens just plan together to control us all and make their own laws for the whole planet.

For more on the Bilderbergers, Tony Gosling has written on who is who and how the powerful elitists operate in their secret annual meetings to run the planet. Which wars they plan etc. Copies of the agenda always find their way through to the resistance spies, from the convention staff. Probably the best and most convincing expose on the Illuminati or elite world controllers comes from the chapter of Dr John Coleman, who was a former MI6 agent. The whole NWO operation is financed by running the drug trade. If that isn’t sickening enough, all the chapters on covert mind control will wake one up to the fact that we are controlled and deceived every minute of life, from the cradle to the grave. From the lying media, to subliminals pumped over the TV and movies, and from transmitters all over the country. I’d not realized just how deeply rooted this strangulation of mankind has become. Quite frankly it’s a worrying thought that aliens are planning an obvious takeover, (they have already done this behind the scenes) but the mind control activities are beyond belief!

The book details how mind control was developed and how Manchurian Candidates are created. Emmy award writer Tim Swartz covers behavior modification using electromagnetic mind control devices and mid 70’s research. Rayelan Allen compiled information on CIA created sleeper agents from her former husband who was an intelligence agent himself, and was in turn mind controlled so he forgot who his own wife was. What they are doing now is creating trauma based alternate personalities, where parts of a person’s psyche are programmed to snap into action with keywords. This has not only been done to many, to commit murders, unknown to their normal selves, but this is used to split a person’s soul into parts which are put onto different timelines and sent round the universe with the US govt. secret space program, in which portals are opened and wormholes are created to even go into parallel universes. Eve Lorgen’s interview with a "Super Warrior Gone Rogue", a man who claims to have been sent from Area 51 onto different timelines and has timetravelled all over the universe, is awesome. His soul was downloaded into a computer, programmed and put back into him.

Al Bielek has a chapter on the Philadelphia Experiment, where a navy ship disappeared during an experiment during WW2 and reappeared 4 hours later, having got caught in hyperspace. He is a survivor. And there are chapters on Montauk which are rather interesting, because Al Bielek worked at Montauk himself for years doing time travel experiments and did many trips to Mars through timetunnels created by his brother in conjection with Cray super computers, as given by the aliens. Helga Morrow wrote: Project Montauk Revisited. Her father was involved with the project and he himself, was sent into a parallel universe. Christi Verismo details Australia’s Area 51 at Pine Gap, and how they run HAARP together with the large mainframes to track all correspondence on the planet daily, using satellites controlled from there. Plus the fact that there is a large alien base 5 miles below Pine Gap where the same type of gruesome genetic experiments go on, as in Dulce, NM.

Todd Berran wrote on the Montauk Project, implants, triggers and deprogramming. Another interesting chapter, is on Scientology from a former top level member, Ole Gerstrom. He writes on the malevolent management, schisms and harassment. Also ancient mass mind control programs. Bill Ross a former NSA agent wrote a chapter called Catch A Falling Star. This covers his personal experiences with aliens when an agent, and what he terms "electronic-occultism". He also covers ELF mind control. Another intriguing chapter is ’Who was Royal Rife?’ In which diseases can be electronically reproduced and induced, by creating the magnetic frequency signature they operate on. A man called Royal Rife did a lot of research into this.

Sherman Skolnick’s chapter on the 9-11 scenario is written by a real professional and if anyone knows what really happened this man does. He has covered CIA prior knowledge, right down to who benefits.

Tim Swartz wrote a chapter on cloning activities, which are going on behind the scenes and how it all began. The ET connections and how they are involved in cloning. Andrew Hennessey has written an interesting report on the high UFO activity in Scotland, plus the UK govt. interference with people who are contactees. Lee Finkle also writes on her own alien visitations, right from childhood.

On the whole, I am satisfied with this book as a good report by reliable intelligence witnesses and other researchers, on covert activities which we need to know about and are being done with the utmost treachery, and treason by elected govt. officials, who have sold out the human race to aliens, and prob think that they will have some sort of role in a new earth political system (minus billions) once the world has been depopulated artificially to leave the genetically desired races. This book will make you mad, and armed with this knowledge, you will be in a position to fight for truth with the necessary facts to make an end to the type of false reality portrayed by the media.

Certainly one will be come more intelligent and mature, once it has all been read and digested and I can only say that we are very lucky to be able to read this, before all writers on these topics are hauled away to the FEMA concentration camps all over USA, (which this book covers) never to be seen again.

by Byron Lebeau
Researcher, Author, Poet

The below essay is a selective critique of THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION, Piercing the Veils of Deception by Angelico Tapestra, Volume One. Although there are at least six major sections to this volume containing a myriad of sometimes very insightful essays about the OUTER LIMITS of today’s troubled world, I have chosen to focus on only two aspects thereof that seem to be the pole opposites that desperately need integration as we are fast approaching the end to this age.

What keeps Man from reuniting with his/her God or Great Spirit or Universal Mind whatever word you find endearing to express the ultimate force? The short answer is ’The desire for the things of lower vibrations.’ Although, in essence, we are our own worst enemy in this regard, once we ’desire’ the things of lower vibration, we unwittingly open the ’Pandora’s Box’ of even lesser vibrational forces to invade and hold us back even more from our Reunion with the father.

MIND CONTROL is an ancient phenomenon and method that thus becomes a sworn enemy" to our eventual liberation, fostered by those who remain in ignorance and darkness. Once ensnared, it is very difficult to sever its clutches. This phenomenon has been taken to new "lows" - alive and well - and functioning beneath the collective noses of Americans throughout the land. One essay in Tapestra’s book particularly outlines this insidious phenomenon which may very well be the ’modus operandi’ to enslave mankind as this present age winds down - THE BEAST WITHIN!  It would do one well to know this enemy (both within and without) and prepare against its coming onslaught on the full mass of humanity.

WILLIAM DEAN ROSS wrote a very good overlay as an essay appearing on pages 343-346 of this present volume. The title: ’BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL: Black Arts and Black Sciences.’ These ’BLACK OPERATIONS’ were developed in the United States after WW I, becoming a sub-culture that was completely cut-off from the mainstream Americans. Without Congressional oversight, it became a law unto itself, spawning what we now know of as ’Black Operations’ (BLACK OPS) Since these programs that were developed were outside the Constitution (the only political instrument that keeps the wolves at bay,) unscrupulous and overzealous lustful spiritually-ignorant technocrats - could and did - use part of these programs to develop sophisticated MIND CONTROL applications, such as extremely low frequency mind control (ELF) and weather control (via the H.A.A.R.P. program.)

Think tanks like Standard Research Institute and Tavistock (in England) were the product of these same "power hungry few" who could put such ’spin’ on the things being developed, without any real critical scrutiny [thanks to the controlled MEDIA] that, as Ross states, kept "...the masses fooled about virtually everything." [Except perhaps for the Internet, things have not changed much since then!] The deception was described "like a cancer" and eventually infected everything from Hollywood to International Banking. The Media was controlled, so that the people could not make proper evaluations.

MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS were hidden under the guise of ’national security’ but one wonders - WHOSE SECURITY? There has not been any serious investigation of the highly illegal activity of both the CIA and FBI since 1977, according to this author. Congress simply lives in fear of what now has been called "The Invisible Government." Ross calls this ’The Brotherhood of the Bell’ which is a description the author uses from a 1960s movie of the same name. (BELLCORP. made the first flying saucer called "The Bell" because it was shaped like a bell). The author simply calls it B.O.B. for short.

Ross states that the International Bankers [first organized effectively by the Rothschilds of Europe] and the ancient esoteric secret societies, with its,

"octopus of international agencies" controlled the entire earth, even through WW I and WW II. In fact, as a "few cliques decided to go into business for themselves and break away from the monopoly system, we would have a world war."(p.344)

As Ross emphasizes, if you mess with the super bankers, you (any clique) are going to have a real problem on your hands.


With advanced technology, including computers, robots and artificial intelligence, bio-electronics and cloning, they all contributed to the elimination of ’useless eaters’, [that is - YOU and ME!!!] The author cites "The Report from Iron Mountain," where these secret meetings in these matters began as early as 1960

[the New World Order general official preparations began in and around 1773 with Adam Weishaupt and company, making his latest event merely another STAGE.]


1) Many people [ranges up to 80% depending on who is doing the figuring]
2) Democracy [which was only a delusional dream to begin with, used as a ploy]
3) Culture

A One World Government-New World Order, [or words used by the older Bush in 1990 at the United Nations on September 11th - to punctuate the point!!!]

B.O.B.’s old mantra was National Security. (They use public euphemisms like "To save the children" or "To save Nature!" The supreme irony is that ’The Brotherhood of the Bell’ is destroying more nature "with its top secret projects like the nuclear bomb, chemical and biological warfare and H.A.A.R.P.” than we, the ’useless eaters’ could ever imagine doing. (p.345)

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, The Black Operations of the East merged with the Black Operations of the West. The ’think tanks’ now include the Soviets and Red Chinese. This new ’family’ will all collaborate in scheming collusion "in order to execute their ’cleansing or killing field’ immoral programs.

[One thinks immediately of an extension of the killing fields of Cambodia, but this envisions the whole world as its theatre; NICE! The target- you guessed it: USELESS EATERS!]

Who is orchestrating the above geo-political bases? This author strongly suggests that it is the "Super Power Elite". This is a cabal of inter-dimensional society who are honored with blood and sacrifice as they always have been, and whose lord is LUCIFER, or the Dark Forces, and he "must be appeased." (p.345)

[If this does not set up a spiritual warfare dynamic, I do not know what would.]

The Black Sciences (via ’Black Budget’) produced the Manhattan Project (US Army), the Stealth equipment and invisibility (US Navy), while the NSA (Army-Navy-Nazi scientists and NASA).

[This is one big happy family, but not everybody within these organizations knows it because of the phenomenon of "COMPARTMENTALIZATION" which means, in effect, good men and women are allowing evil to perpetrate itself upon other good men and women due to a lack of knowledge; in the Old Testament, one of the prophets said that MY PEOPLE PERISH DUE TO A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.]

PART OF THIS "FRUIT" was the blossoming of the Montauk Project where Nazi occultists and scientists were used to communicate with and materialize inter-dimensional beings. Other fruit involved inter-dimensional time travel [as hard as this may be to perceive, keep an open mind] as well as eugenics and cloning. (p.346) These projects are guarded by specially screened soldiers, who themselves were born out of the BLACK OPERATIONS.

[If you see the movie, “SOLDIER" with Kurt Russell, you may get an inkling of this phenomenon.]

THE GOAL: A ’oneness of mind’ (THE HIVE CONCEPT OF BEES, FOR INSTANCE)...where the old ways and "old people" MUST BE ELIMINATED to make way for the new [WORLD ORDER.] (p.346) The "old people" include Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and...

[I guess anyone who thinks it is important to be a loving and warm and kind and generous human being; what a horrible world many of us are unwittingly buying into...due to IGNORANCE!!!]





A subject essay by Nicholas Jones


Jones suggests that the execution of this mind control domination will be effected by and through the H.A.A.R.P. program (i.e. The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, of which Nick Begich and Jerry Smith have written extensively about.) This system sends, in effect, focused radiation power to heat up sections of the ionosphere, which bounce power down again. ELF waves (mentioned before) from HAARP, when targeted on certain areas [people] - can engineer weather and create mood changes, effecting millions of these same unsuspecting people.

Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) transmitters, placed 200 miles apart, across the United States, allow specific frequencies to be tailored to geo-magnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered. So what?

Well, to make a long story short, the USA is being bathed in the magnetic field which rises up to 500 feet, and descending down to basements, so everyone is [potentially] subject to mind control. According to this author, it "is easier to mind control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic wave. (p.388)

The system works in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker transmitter, a system similar to HAARP. [If you remember from the previous essay, the Russians conjoined fully with the U.S. after the fall of the Berlin Wall - which I phrase as - THE TURNING OF THE SCREW!]

The ’fun’ started when GWEN towers positioned along the area north of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and were turned on for 40 days and 40 nights, probably mocking the Flood of Genesis. (p.389) This was done in conjunction with HAARP.


These insidious towers (GWEN and HAARP) can also "do a number" on your emotional state. Thanks to people like Dr. Andrija Puharich [who incidentally promoted the fame of Uri Geller,] who had studied brain waves in the 50s and 60s, observed that our brains are extremely vulnerable to any technology that sends out ELF waves.


Puharich found that we "feel good" at 7.83 Hz (Earth’s pulse rate) - but at 10.80 Hz, it causes riotous behavior, whereas 6.6 Hz causes depression. The Russians got wind of these things (since at first they were rejected by the US GOVT.,) AND BY JULY 4, 1976, the Russians began zapping the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with electromagnetic waves, focusing on [YOU GUESSED IT!] 10 Hz.


use this magic formula to extract confessions; since it is a form of hypnotism, according to Nicholas Jones, some American churches use it to make the congregation believe. (p.390)

[Interestingly enough, I remember Jordan Maxwell once giving a lecture where he discussed the origin of the word ’church’ as a Scottish word, ’kirk’ which means to hypnotize. For those who go to church, it may be advisable to bring your ELF detector with you, just to make sure YOUR church is on the level -with both you and God.]

In Mexico, Puharich was "induced" to work for the CIA, subsequently performing painful experiments on animals (such as deliberately destroying the eardrums of monkeys) for the purpose of picking up sounds without the eardrums intact.

[I wish to make a KARMIC observation at this point: Puharich may have set the seeds for his future lifetime personal abduction by a different species for purposes that may appear very painful to the recipient.]

Through these ’scientific’ experiments, he discovered a nerve from the tongue that could be used to facilitate hearing. He also created the tooth implant that mind control victims are,

"now claiming was put in by their dentist, unbeknownst to them, and causing them to hear ’voices in their head.’ These were placed under caps or lodged in the jar. (p.390)


[This is a serious allegation, yet I recall reading in the New World Order literature about actual dental schools where these procedures were being implemented; those who did not acquiesce to these hideous procedures - were ’OUT!’]

According to Jones, implants are now smaller than a hair’s width and are injected with VACCINE and FLU SHOTS. [[This is very scary, if true. Not only is there evidence that vaccines are not safe to begin with, i.e. containing cancer-causing poisons,

[cf. website: and go to the web page, "ARE VACCINES SAFE?" - as well as the mounting evidence that smallpox vaccines were used to give AIDS to the unsuspecting recipients in Africa during the late 1970s, as per the DR. ROBERT STREKER REPORT.],

but now we have to collectively worry about being slipped a ’mind control micky!’ [Apparently, some part of our shadow govt. is ’anti-freedom’ which translates into being PURE EVIL!!!]

These ’bio-chips’ circulate in the bloodstream and lodge in the brain, enabling the victims to hear ’voices’ via the implant. The author even suggests that it is estimated that one in forty people are recipients of these tiny implants due to alien abductions; however, a good portion of these may be "the fake alien abductions" - these revealed by many victims, and are actually engineered by the U. S. military, using advanced technology to create holograms (4th dimensional pictures) or holographic spaceships outside. In fact, an abductee subjected to this may have been subjected to a "masquerade" where they (the aliens) are actually military personnel outfitted in full costumes and masks. (p.391)

[An excellent website that explores this concept of MILAB (military abductions) can be found on Eve Lorgen’s site, (THE LOVE BITE)... and she will be featured in PART TWO of this critical analysis under SPIRITUAL LIBERATION; another authority on the subject of MILAB is Dr. Helmut Lammer, who can be easily found by doing a google engine search. His information dovetails with the information being presented by Nicholas Jones.]

Jones is quick to add that real (alien) abductions DO OCCUR, but are used as a "cover" to hide the sinister agenda of the New World Order boys.

[Certain key UFO books like LOST WAS THE KEY by Leah Haley put its finger on this military deception. Obviously, for those who can discern these things, we have a real problem on our hands, and the combating of these evil things may - if necessity - bring us to a higher level of resistance against the enemies that are arrayed against us. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.]

What’s really frightening is the realization that the diseases spawned by ELF waves carry a ’disease signature’ that can be copied and relayed by harmonics and sub-harmonics, which in turn makes them even more lethal and infectious - as in "induced death." (p.391)

The author cites,




All of these insidious agents help to bring about an apathetic state in its intended victim - [perhaps for the very purpose of NOT RESISTING the ’New Order’ being thrust in our collective faces, not to free us or make our lives more convenient, but to enslave us, bringing MISERY - UNTOLD!]

The author cites the Russian experiments that can remotely track someone in public and he considers this a "horrifically frightening thought." (p.394). Because our brains are like liquid crystals in response to the magnetic components of the earth, we are indeed a type of bio-cosmic transducer. [The true evil-doers of this planet wish to harvest this phenomenon for their own selfish purposes. The only question now is: WILL WE COLLECTIVELY ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN?!?]




A review of Neal Kruse’s "A LETTER TO MY FRIENDS" by Byron Lebeau


I found another rare being who is able to perceive TOTAL REALITY - the FALSE REALITY that we face constantly, and the much higher true spiritual reality that has been veiled by people posing to be either religious or pious men - but, in reality, are working for the dark forces. The name of this true man is Neal Owen Kruse. I do not know him. I would like to!

When someone like this comes along, giving us a glimpse of both sides of the coin, (the side we see, and the side we do not always see too clearly,) we should listen carefully to what he this case, weigh his words in viewing them. As you will see in this critique, Neal Owen Kruse can perceive the forest amongst the many very shady trees, with shady characters lurking behind their myriad branches.


1)   "Unhappy cows don’t produce as much milk as happy cows." (p.52)
2)   "Evil always functions behind a screen of good." (p.71)
3)   "To understand evil is to understand seduction and deception. In fact, they are the actual definitions of evil (which is the word ’live’ backwards). Deception employed for the purpose of capturing the whole human entity; body, mind and will, is nothing less than a process of seduction."

These three quotes are the tip of the iceberg of "THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION" which Mr. Kruse introduces so well in Volume Two of this series by the same title.


"...beliefs and assumptions do not exist in a vacuum. They must be part of a coordinated whole. If you are going to tell a population they have to use gas in their cars, then you can’t tell them about aliens because that would lead to the admission that there are other forms of travel, such as anti-gravity. If you want a population to continue paying for pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy, then you can’t let them find out about people who are able to cure AIDS and CANCER." (p.55)

The author uses the metaphor of the ’GLOBAL TRUMAN SHOW’ (based on the movie, THE TRUMAN SHOW) which will be discussed in detail later in this essay. Similar to another movie the author quotes from (THE MATRIX), it illustrates how THE BIG LIE is necessary for the seduction of evil to work - since to work, it calls for "HAPPY COWS" so it (evil) can extract or harvest as much milk as possible.

They are myriad - but all interconnected, just like FALSE REALITY is interwoven into the fabric of TRUE REALITY, making up TOTAL REALITY, themes I touch upon in my own writings. Kruse mentions "aliens" because, in his world view, they are the top key part of the organization for the universal seduction. The author feels strongly that very specific types of aliens (Orion big-nosed Grays, for instance,) are responsible for "NEW WORLD ORDER conspiracy and its companion spiritual movements and organizations." (p.51)

Kruse seems to agree on one level with alien abduction author David Jacobs (THE THREAT), that there seems to be a definite integrated system of planetary takeover, where they want our bodies for sex and hard labor, as well as food, which includes our genes, DNA, emotional and sexual energy, and worse - our souls and higher form of spiritual energy. (p.51) [Where Jacobs leaves off with this negative story, Mr. Kruse, to his credit, continues on, and shows the other side of the coin, and what spirit is NECESSARY to resist this pervasive evil.]

The author indicates that both Reptilian and Insectoid races as being involved, and cites a Dr. Joseph Chiappalone that two separate alien contingents, one backing the US and the other supporting China, are competing with their versions of planetary takeover. (p.52)

To succeed, as noted before, they need "HAPPY COWS". But, as the author points out, it’s not just our bodies - they want our minds too. By controlling the mind, they control the body, and all the fruits thereof, like going to battle with other races, for instance. (p.53)

Part of the plan involves having our institutions of higher learning weed out people and ideas that are not "in tune" with the overall plan. For instance, libraries ban or downplay insightful books about true reality. Governments eliminate people who upset the status quo. Truths are hidden under the classification of "NATIONAL SECURITY". (p.65) [In my own research, I have found a great UFO-related book that gives ’chapter and verse’ about the above ingredients of control: Richard Dolan’s UFOs and the NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.]

Mr. Kruse
uses the above-named movie (starring Jim Carey) as a metaphor for the themes just presented--calling it the ’GLOBAL TRUMAN SHOW’. TRUMAN is code for "true man" which you and the author are (or at least, were.) If you start to suspect "something funny going on" (like Truman did in the movie,) it may lead you to the unmasking of FALSE REALITY, [which, in turn, may lead to the door to freedom, as in "Good morning-good afternoon- and good night!" which were the parting lines of Truman when he escaped at the end.] (p.29)

BUT THE QUESTION REMAINS: Where do all the actors and actresses that fooled Truman [and by extension-all of us] come from? AND THE ANSWER IS..."trauma based mind control". (p.30) [This will be fully discussed later in this critique.]

The key to running the GLOBAL TRUMAN SHOW is beautifully described by the author in the following words:

"They understand [the people running the show] if they are successful in constructing these belief systems to block out the truth [your preconceptions as illustrated in the movie - i.e. THE TRUMAN SHOW] that they will not have to worry about someone walking around with a bunch [of] documents proving them wrong. [Such as the two volumes of THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION, for instance.] They know that facts will not change your mind if you are heavily invested in a belief system supported by all your friends. They are now... very sure you will not wake up, even when conflicting facts are staring you in the face." (p.33)


[AS A SIDENOTE, even though I have proved to myself and to anyone who takes the time and effort to look at the IRS SCAM (as now two fine fellows did at my direction,) a scam which is being perpetrated on the citizens of the united States of America, it is almost impossible to get the majority of people to ACT ON THIS SCAM! I guess that they (the asleep ones) wish to remain "HAPPY COWS!"]

Lastly, the GLOBAL TRUMAN SHOW is nothing less than the gradual hypnotizing of an entire planetary population into the acceptance of its own enslavement. [Review quote #3 at the beginning of this critique.] To maintain this SHOW, two essential functions must take place continuously: the suppression of truth and the injection of falsehood, which again gets us back to part of the theme of the author [about the cars and the gas and ’hush-hush’ about the alien beings.] (p.55)

Ingredients to "pull-off" TRUMAN SHOW now that we have a bit of idea what the parameters are, the author starts citing (not movie items) but what is being used right now in the [BIG HOLLYWOOD-EARTH] - SUCH AS --putting fluoride in the water supply --building mind-altering electronic systems like cell phones, GWEN [Ground Wave Energy Network] and HAARP [High Active Auroral Research Project] -- making the air alkaline by spraying chemtrails in our skies


[All pyramids have bases. The aliens - in this case - would be the CAPSTONE. Who would be the other parts of the edifice to keep the facade of FALSE REALITY functioning properly?]

The author suggests that in an area like "ENERGY" it is people like J.P. MORGAN [ROTHSCHILD-NWO AGENT-AND MEMBER OF ELITE COMMITTEE OF 300 which John Coleman has documented as those being above governments.] J.P. Morgan single-handedly vetoed free-energy possibilities from the [HAPPY COWS] by sabotaging the work of Nicola Tesla, who was ready-willing and able to unlock free energy in the early part of last century.

In other areas like "MEDICINE," Kruse cites Hilda Clark and Basil Earle Wainwright, who both had success in assisting people with AIDS and/OR CANCER. They were both hounded by the authorities since success in these areas would not be tolerated (cf. text, pages 58-59 for the ugly details).

[One should not be too surprised at this since if you had listened to an interview with Eutace Mullins regarding his book, DEATH BY INJECTION, you would be aware of just how sinister the Rockefellers were in propagating a false medical agenda with the emphasis on pharmaceutical drugs, at the expense of homeopathic medicine; other brilliant voices echoing the same sad story about our false medical standards were those of Dr. Lorraine Day, Howard Lyman (THE MAD COWBOY), and Ed McCabe (oxygen therapy expert)- all of whom gave great attestations that the medical field is rife with corruption and greed, caring more about the almighty dollar than the people [COWS] they were sworn to serve; I challenge anyone to do an internet google search on any one of the above, all of whom echo the sentiments of Neal Kruse in this area.]

Other enemies in the POLITIcal arena, for example, belong to the same CLUB OF 300, doing the same dastardly things as in MEDICNE and ENERGY. The author cites, for example, the Kennedy assassination, where he personally found out from an “ear" witness to the event (cf. page 63 to understand how the author has to posture himself to get this kind of information), that THE DRIVER OF THE CAR was one of the assassins - inferring what we all should know by now - that Kennedy’s death was due to a well-orchestrated conspiracy... Later on page 69, Kruse boils all these events down to a very simple goal: A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, but not run by free-thinking individuals (i.e. group consciousness), but rather by "hive" consciousness, which is being planned right now using the United Nations. This will lead inevitably to people like Henry Kissinger [a major player in the NWO] to get the UN into Jerusalem to co-opt the Temple Mount for use in the new global religion. All of these things that have transpired are ultimately being orchestrated from "above".

This enemy, as mentioned before, concerns beings from elsewhere... as per the author’s opinion. "THEY" have been planning and working this immediate operation for several thousand years. [Although Kruse does not mention them, authors like Zecharia Sitchin and Richard Thompson have made a good case for this time frame in books like "THE 12TH PLANET" and "ALIEN IDENTITIES" respectively.] Most of our upper level politicians, celebrities and CEO’s. are employed in the execution of this scheme, and, more importantly, are "selling out" the human race which entails [among other things mentioned in the letter] the creation of a HYBRID RACE and the establishment of a global control system. (p.26) [Which high officer of our fair land would wish to get on TV and admit to this? Look at what happened to JFK for thinking of doing much less.]

Kruse specifically states that within the,

"current reality matrix generally [there is] the idea that aliens do not exist because neither the people in the know, NOR the aliens want you to know about them - at least not until they are ready for the next scene in their little stage play. They do not want you to know because they are taking advantage of you and they don’t want you to find out in what way or by what methods and what purpose." (p.35).

[So maybe the themes in the movie THE MATRIX and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (the scary original) are based on a subliminal real false reality bleeding through our collective consciousness and that’s what makes them scary or gives us the sense... IT’S MORE THAN JUST A MOVIE!!!]


[Anyone with half a brain and the dimmest spiritual discernment (which ostensibly precludes SOME OF the nuts and bolts ufologists,) would deduce this if for no other reason, the modus operandi catalogued in the UFO and ALIEN ABDUCTION literature: MISDIRECTION! Spiritual beings of a high order do NOT have this characteristic; therefore, if one is not emphatically a truly spiritual person, this little notation gets LOST IN TRANSLATION as it did with our left-brained military midgets. PERIOD!]

Kruse, being an intuitive author in these matters, cites the example of the Orion grays (a semi-reptilian race) who in the late 40s or early 50s offered [THE TROJAN HORSE] of alien technology in exchange for experimenting on our citizens, and the above-mentioned left brained military midgets bought into it HOOK-LINE and SINKER! This apparently occurred despite the warnings of another alien group who refused to give us this technology. They said, "Watch out for the bad guys" while we [the military left-brained LUSTFUL midgets] told the good aliens to take a hike. (p.36)

[Is it any wonder we are in the sad and desperate situation that we are in with the cattle mutilations and the reported horrors outlined, ad nauseum, even in Volume One of this very series, a la AREA 51 underground activities?!?]

NEAL OWEN KRUSE stated his simple yet elegant philosophy on page 37 of this LETTER:

"The true purpose of life is the opportunity to fully realize the God spark within each of us. Life as we live it on this planet is a perfect environment for just such an experience. Anyone offering to short circuit the process is not a friend." (p.37)


[HOW TRUE THIS IS! In my own writings as Byron Lebeau, I had used the expression, ’NECESSARY FERTILIZER’ as the environmental journey’s ingredient so as not to short circuit this important process of "overcoming"; if you read the book, THE ROBE OF GLORY by John Davidson, you will clearly see that you - TRUE MAN - are on the same metaphorical journey as the mighty Ulysses [Odysseus] of Homer’s epic tale, in your journey back to your God - as Ulysses


 wished to be reunited to his Penelope. This echoes the Gnostic tale as enumerated in many tractates of THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY and ’PISTIS SOPHIA’ spiritual mythology.]

As the author wisely points out: BEWARE OF STRANGERS [GREEKS] BEARING GIFTS (which echoes THE TROJAN HORSE example in Homer’s tale,) like the Pleiadians, for instance, [our possible modern-day TROJAN HORSE.] (p.37) I have reflected on this same concern which is on a web page called, ’THE PLEIADIAN CONNECTION’ found on url:  which is my first website: byron lebeau ESQ.- poetry and prose.]

Kruse makes a very specific and cogent notation on page 66:

"It is the aliens we refer to as the big-nosed Grays from the Orion constellation that are experts in setting up these systems. On this planet it is called the NEW WORLD ORDER..." as in Tony Blair, George H. Bush, Sr., in league with a host of other ’actors and actresses’ a la THE TRUMAN SHOW.


[I think this just about sums up the current state of affairs in REAL false reality.]


In Kruse’s opinion, the small Grays are controlled by the Draconian Reptilians and Orion Grays, who in turn seem controlled by the "ASARU ENTITIES" located at a higher energetic level, who in turn seem to be run by still higher negative influences...where EVIL PREFERS SEDUCTION TO THE APPLICATION OF DIRECT FORCE [since] if you want to capture the will (of man- ’true-man’) you have to use something other than force. [Some ufologists who are not aware of this principle, or lacking spiritual discernment, would naturally misconstrue what may be really going on in ufology; NON-SENSICAL PROPOSITIONS ENSUE!  I say this as an observer of this checkered field for over 30 years.] The author then ends this short section on page 75 with the #3 quote I chose to put at the beginning of this critical essay that begins, "to understand evil..."


I was absolutely delighted to see how Mr. Kruse went about separating out false religions and beliefs (usually tied into THE NEW AGE material) without disparaging holy and sacred concepts such as REINCARNATION and certain Christian Gnostic texts (which he does not mention by name;) I will be giving some web page support to possibly supplement what the author MAY HAVE BEEN referring to.


Kruse makes no bones about how both Moses and Joseph Smith may have been fooled by reptilian management and that Sai Baba is a good modern example of someone using the same bag of tricks and it seems to work almost every time. (p.37)

[Although I would have liked to have seen more details in this regard, I will make one observation: Moses was specifically referred to as a "LAUGHINGSTOCK" in what I consider a holy and sacred writing called, ’The Second Treatise of the Great Seth,’ found within THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY; if the viewer of this essay wishes to get a concept of the vast scope of these writings, please go to my comprehensive website: THE GNOSTIC ELEPHANT, located at:  This is part of the supporting information which I think necessary for a complete appraisal of what may be going on in what I frame as TOTAL REALITY.]

He cites THEOSOPHY, in particular, as being the root of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, especially in the form of the THREE B’s - Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Alice Bailey, introducing us to Ascended Masters like Koot Hoomi (Kuthumi) and Djwahl Khul (aka the Tibetan Master) [as in BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS]; Alice Bailey helped form the Lucis Trust, formerly LUCIFER PUBLISHING COMPANY, founded in 1922, [at the same time, I might add, that TAVISTOCK, the NWO FINISHING SCHOOL was being established in merry old England] where the Lucis Press is a publishing arm for the United Nations; incidentally, TAVISTOCK was, indeed, the place where George Orwell learned all the things he put in his two classic books, ANIMAL FARM and "1984". (p.46)

[Is it all JUST COINCIDENCE, or is there something dark going on under the auspices of FALSE LIGHT as the author strongly suggests?!?]

Although Kruse does not admit to being a fundamentalist, and does not label all Gnostic groups as anti-Christian (thank God), nor disparages the sacred concept of REINCARNATION, he is very blunt about "the trinity of the Theosophists" as consisting of Lucifer, Maitreya (a biggy with the NEW AGE crowd) and Sanat Kumara (SATAN) whereas the trinity of true Christians consists of Adonai, Jesus and Archangel Mikeal (Michael) - in the author’s [humble] opinion. (pgs.41-43)

[AT THIS POINT IT IS TIME TO REALLY CALL A SPADE A SPADE: Way too often I have read and heard how FUNDAMENTALISTS blast the NEW AGE (as above) but on the other hand, fail miserably to discern the truth about the law of REINCARNATION. (DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN BIBLE?!?) Mr. Kruse, as if bringing a breath of fresh air and common sense, demonstrates - what I feel – is the proper balance between these two camps of seduction. (How clever Satan is!) If you take the trouble to go to my website, BULLdog lebeau TAKE tooooo, located at  and click onto the web page, ’REINCARNATION: A CHRISTIAN REFLECTION UPON’ - you may be shocked and amazed at the (at least) 22 Biblical references and/or inferences to this very concept of REINCARNATION. LET’S STOP THE FUNDAMENTALIST NON-SENSE, PLEASE! This is an important distinction which Neal Owen Kruse seems to understand - NOT TO THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER!]

Kruse (as well as myself) has major problems with the likes of Maitreya and Sai Baba, the details of which he cites of pages 43-44; [what did Jesus say: BEWARE OF FALSE CHRISTS!]  Interestingly enough (as in BIRDS OF A FEATHER...) he points out that H.P. Blavatsky (of the THREE B’s) utters in her own words - which betrays her true allegiance:

"It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god," and according to Kruse, she states this without any allusive metaphor to its wickedness and depravity. (p.42 while quoting THE SECRET DOCTRINE {page 234} He goes onto state that Blavatsky’s Satan is Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days. Bailey’s Sanat Kumara is the Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days. Kruse sarcastically adds -- PRINCE OF THE WORLD in the New Testament - YOU GUESSED IT -- SATAN! (pgs.42-42)


[Does this come as a shock to some people? Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry, also declared that their god was Lucifer (SATAN) in a book distributed to higher ranking freemasons, called MORALS and DOGMA. DOUBT IT NOT! As this author indicates throughout his 60 page LETTER, they are ALL BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER. Doubt it not!]


On page 46, Mr. Kruse links Blavatsky to Bulwar Lytton, Grandmaster of the Scottish Rites Masonic Order, an Illuminatus, Head of British Intelligence and Viceroy of India. One of the tasks assigned to Blavatsky - aside from initiating the NEW AGE movement - was to destroy the underpinnings of Christianity.

"The plans for our new global government, otherwise known as the Bush (George Sr.)/Bailey/Besant/Blavatsky/Blair (Tony) NEW WORLD ORDER, are employing the very blueprints provided us by the [now FIVE] busy Bs to set up a global religion based on New Age ideals." (p.46)

Again, Mr. Kruse notes very bluntly:

"Religions don’t cause wars nearly as much as the Illuminati members do - so they can blame it on religion.’ (p.47)


[If you were to read Eustace MullinsTHE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, these same Illuminati devils have been deceptively involved in divesting unsuspecting American citizens of a good portion of their money since the institution of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. They have bankrolled ALL WARS, religiously based or not since wars are what continues to enhance the wealth of ROTHSCHILD, INC. Doubt it not!]

LASTLY, I was also delighted to see the author focus on the likes of David Icke. On page 50 of his LETTER, he states that although Icke may be an authority on the Reptilian Race agenda, [cf. THE BIGGENST SECRET], it is in this same book that he did not seem to perceive "that a real entity equal to the Jesus legend did in fact exist. Icke’s blanket denial of any such figure serves well Theosophy’s goal of destroying the faiths in this world that will hold back their dark agenda.

[AMEN! I personally took Icke to task on this very point; cf. Eve Lorgen’s website, THE LOVE BITE, at and click onto byron lebeau’s essay: THE MARRING OF THE NAG HAMMADI.]

Neal Kruse
states that he would NOT agree that people such as Edgar Cayce should be lumped in with the SATANIC NEW AGE. [He did not say why, as far as I could surmise, but I wonder if he would say the same of Levi Dowling, who was able to perceive the Akashic Records EVEN MORE CLEARLY than Mr. Cayce had. If you go to my website: AQUARIAN DIALOGUES and SAYINGS located at:, you may get an inkling of how holy people (such as Levi) perceived truth and gave excellent supplementary material to the New Testament, in my humble opinion.]

Although Neal Owen Kruse never quotes THE NAG HAMMADI in his open letter, per se, nevertheless, I think he would nod in agreement with regards to - at least some - of its contents, pertinent to the themes of his same open letter. I had to laugh when I saw this below statement from page 76:

"It’s as though God said, if you want to come home to me, just play this little game for awhile, and when you finally figure it out, we’ll all be together again."

[I personally called this little game ’NECESSARY FERTILIZER’ which I noted when I first read, ’The Tripartite Tractate’ many years ago. To my mind, it is the same necessary fertilizer that NEO in THE MATRIX had to overcome (metaphorically speaking,) or the dream we have to pierce through, as stated by Paramahansa Yogananda, in a brilliant spiritual lecture called, "AWAKE IN THE COSMIC DREAM," where this saint of the East identified our struggle with MAYA which equals the term ILLUSION. When you really think about it, illusion = seduction because this is the art of the magician, and the reason why the inner core of the NWO are called THE MAGI, the largest liars and seducers mankind has ever had the sorry occasion to witness. When we overcome this maya, we will be "all together again" and truly happy cows.]

The author admits that after initially being angry with the UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION and its "unapologetic harmful effect" he later realized that ALL in the universe is ultimately as it should be and serves the divine plan of allowing sentience to return to its highest expression. (pgs.76-77) [AGAIN, this is a PERFECT DESCRIPTION of the organization of the Saviour - Jesus the Christ - in the same Gnostic (necessary fertilizer) tractate: ’The Tripartite Tractate.

When Kruse states that... "many of these lessons can only be learned over great spans of time and many lifetimes" (p.77), he is echoing the wisdom - not only from THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY material, but also the ’PISTIS SOPHIA’-THE AQUARIAN GOSPEL OF JESUS the CHRIST, and as well as the inferences and seeds in both the Old and New Testament, as indicated before.

LASTLY, when the author states:

"The plain point of fact is: If the human collective belief system were to rise above its current low water mark, we would create new dimensions and frequencies that would hold a different structure of reality entirely." (p.79)

I THINK THAT THE AUTHOR IS looking to the same type of person that the author of ’The Gospel of Philip’ envisioned: When we become perfect (cleansed completely) we will get the resurrection - while STILL ALIVE; this same author said that the gods should bow down to MAN...


I believe that the author understands that it is very possible to "build a reality outside the confines of the Universal Seduction" (p.81) and this is our destiny, so that a ’NEW WORLD FREEDOM’ will eventually be achieved - with all of its splendid possibilities [which as St. Paul says, EYE HAS NOT SEEN NOR EAR HEARD...] which will be continuously bathed in the sweet musical harmony of love and compassion for every creature. At that blessed time, you will have reason to be a happy cow or spirit since you will be once again linked to the divine, and every tear will be wiped dry!