Sylphs Battle Chemtrail Spew Planes Over
Orange County, California, May 13, 2005

From Ken Adachi
May 13, 2005


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A daily battle rages overhead in most locations across America (indeed, around the world), but few people are aware of it because it’s a silent battle fought in a quiet war. The combatants are the chemtrail aerosol spew boys who continuously spray humanity with their big tanker planes to poison our skies, and their adversaries, the giant Sylphs, elemental atmospheric caretakers who labor mightily on our behalf to neutralize and transmute those noxious chemtrail Clouds of Death into ordinary, ’natural’ clouds leaving behind a residue of non toxic elements and water vapor. I realize that it’s difficult for the average reader to accept such a hypothesis as reality, but ZS Livingstone wrote an excellent article in June of 2004 explaining exactly how that transmutation takes place. Of course, it’s hard enough to convince some people that Sylphs even exist, let alone have the ability to transform chemtrails into ordinary clouds. But exist they do.


They’ve been with us from the very beginning, right along with the other elemental beings who act as caretakers to the plant world, the mineral kingdom, and the undersea world. The ancient Greeks assigned separate names to each category of elementals such as the sea sprite (or sea fairy) who attend to emergencies above the sea (well known to sailors of old-and even to Don Croft!) or the undines, elementals who attend to care taking duties below the waves. Of course, many people are aware of the book about the Findhorn Garden in Scotland where earth elementals assisted a family to grow a lush and bountiful garden in the unforgiving and sandy soil of a windswept, rundown trailer park. And who hasn’t heard of the ’little people’ of Ireland? Leprechauns are the well known forest elementals of that green isle who have interacted with locals for centuries, especially the late-night tippler or predawn rural traveler.


Traditionally, Sylphs would remain unseen to the casual observer, but American Indians had no trouble recognizing them and called them Thunderbirds. A Sylph was pointed out to me in the sky for the first time by Carol Croft in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant in Irvine California in March of 2004. I had an unusual opportunity to photograph a magnificent, solitary Sylph on June 12, 2004 and titled it The Flying Crane Sylph after ZS Livingstone clarified for me the beautiful and poignant form that Sylph had assumed. Serendipitously, Trevor James Constable successfully photographed Sylphs in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s using infrared film and published a number of those photos in his masterful 1975 book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life. At the time, he labeled them "critters". Trevor could not see the Sylphs with the naked eye, but he and his friend, Dr. James Wood, were able to capture them on infrared film in the early predawn hours of the California desert near the vicinity of 29 Palms.


Today, though, Sylphs can be seen by the casual observer. You just have to look up in the sky wherever you see chemtrails being sprayed! They assume the appearance of very unique cloud shapes that will not be found within the pages of any cloud atlas found at any university offering diplomas in meteorology. If you study the photos of Sylphs posted at this and other web sites, you will soon be able to quickly distinguish between a Sylph, ’real’ clouds, and chemtrails. In time, you should be able to even recognize the slight difference in appearance between transmuted cloud banks and ordinary clouds.



May 23, 2005

I’ve posted a commentary below from ZS Livingstone concerning the contents of the photos posted in this story. It’s stupefying to realize that those U. S. Air Force personnel involved in chemtrail spraying operations actually view the Sylphs as an ’enemy’ to be destroyed. Not unlike the death camp Nazis of World War II, military people can become so brainwashed and focused on the military ’mission’, that they lose sight of their role in the larger picture of inhumanity and destruction they bring about. I would be very curious to know what sort of justification goes on in the minds of these American servicemen. Perhaps our psychic friends or remote viewers out there can get inside the minds of these men and get some idea of how they view themselves and their actions.


Friday, May 13, 2005
Today was a humdinger of an attempt by the treasonous spew boys to create a total chemtrail ’whiteout’ here in southern California. Happily, they couldn’t pull it off - thanks to the Sylphs. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen so many chemtrails being laid down in this area-one right after another. There were so many chemtrails being laid down so rapidly in the morning that I thought they were going to succeed, but eventually the Sylphs arrived in sufficient numbers to turn the tide and transmute that noxious chemtrail soup into normal clouds of water vapor. Finally, in the fading light of dusk, it was obvious that the Sylphs had won the day. It was amazing to see. All told, I took 92 digital pictures, every one of them a testimonial to the ongoing chemtrail genocide agenda and the betrayal of its own citizens by a treacherous government under the lock down control of global corporate Satanists.


(In recent weeks, I noticed that spew planes would only show up around sunset to lay down a few chemtrail lines, but nothing even close to an all-out bombardment. Today, however, things were different. Who knows? Maybe, Friday the 13th had something to do with it. I can’t say for sure, but those satanic buggers are simply married to date, time, and location for running their evil death rituals. But I digress.)


They started laying chemtrails in the morning from a cloud free, perfectly blue sky and kept it up all day long, right into sunset. By early afternoon, it was obvious that they were going for a full bore chemtrail ’whiteout’ overcast, something I haven’t seen around here for a long time. Try though they might, however, they couldn’t keep pace with the giant Sylphs who were overlaying and transmuting those expanding, poison-laden chemtrail plumes into non toxic elements and water vapor faster than the spew boys could lay them down. After transmutation, the Sylphs would leave in their wake, gathering banks of REAL clouds, albeit of the transmuted variety.


By sunset, the battle was over and the Sylphs had emerged victorious-though weary I’m sure. As the final remnants of daylight faded into nighttime, all but a faint trace of a chemtrail line could be seen here and there while the bulk of the sky was filled with transmuted, ’normalized’ clouds. If you see the chemtrails in your local area, but see no evidence of Sylphs transmuting them, then you need to ’gift’ orgone generators around your neighborhood. Deposit tower busters (TB) within 1300 feet of every cell phone tower and any body of water in your immediate local (lake, pool, stream, river, etc). Of course, a chembuster is the Cadillac of orgone generators and will usually transmute enough DOR energy to allow the Sylphs to come into your area. ’Natural’ orgone generators such as mountains, lakes, or forest regions will also allow Sylphs to appear in greater numbers.


If you are a new reader to the subject of chemtrails and Sylphs, you may find these statements difficult to believe, but the photos tell the story. A casual observer may dismiss the entire sky scape as ’just clouds’, but those of us who have been paying attention for the past few years, can recognize the difference between chemtrails, real clouds, Sylphs, and HAARP ’clouds’. You can too, if you are willing to take the time to study the thousands of chemtrail and Sylph photos posted on the internet and approach the subject with an open mind.


The following is a pictorial essay on what occurred on Friday, May 13, 2005 in the skies over Costa Mesa and Irvine California. I divided the photos into groups of ten per page to allow faster loading.


Take from it what you will. As already noted, though, it was an amazing drama to witness.


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Chemtrail Carpet Bombing over Orange County, California on May 13, 2005



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ZS Livingstone comments on the ’Battle over Costa Mesa, May 13, 2005’

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From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 11:51 AM
Subject: Battle of May 13 2005

Sylphs Do Battle Against Chemtrails over Costa Mesa May 13 2005

USAF officers and Navy brass believe they are doing battle against "Principalities and Powers Of The Air" cited in the New Testament. The neo-con politicians over them foster this belief. I heard a colonel in the army national guard quote chapter and verse on the subject without going into details on the actual battle plan. Such men and women think that they are doing "God’s Work". Of course they are bright enough to hide the battle in the heavens behind a wall of secrecy lest the public think they are stark raving bonkers.

Manyin the Pentagon actually believe sylphs are the minions of the devil and they have God’s permission to strike them from the sky by whatever means. Even if the removal of the deva of the air would mean the destruction of all life on earth.

When I decided to back Don Croft’s cloud-busting efforts June 2002 it was with the intent of revealing air elementals to those who were working with them... the orgonite makers. They were and are working towards healing the planet, the same goal as the sylphs.

Ages ago sylphs were used by black magicians as familiars and agents. Those days are over. The only powers of the air and principalities of the sky posing a threat to earth are in the lower aetheric, the first four levels of the astral realms. This region of space is now limited to the zone above the ionosphere and below the Van Allen Belts and this redoubt is shrinking. That is where great battles are now raging. The battle in the air is but a facsimile of what is happening in the unseen in low earth orbit. Every spew trail transmuted is another battle in heaven won.

The astral entities controlling the NWO are fighting on two fronts, on the ground and towards the Van Allen Belts and the higher astral realms. They are losing, losing badly. Their channelled lies are getting more strident as they lose battle after battle. Their lines of communication are dropping one by one as the oracles can no longer maintain contact. The human ouija boards are finding it difficult to operate at the frequencies now permeating the solar system.

The heavens will be rolled up like a scroll. The lower astral realms are being rolled now.

The ones who try to hide under the mountains will be revealed and removed. There is no place on the earth or below the earth for the sons/daughters of denial to hide. The earth will be cleared.

John D. Rockefeller will soon leave this plane of existence. He will not be able to transfer to another body. Nor will he be able to set up shop in the lower astral. All his efforts were in vain.

The Battle over Costa Mesa and the Los Angeles Basin has been an attempt to re-establish a beach-head back into the important communications nexus of southern California. An aetheric "Battle of the Bulge".

As Don Croft has pointed out so many times the poisoning of the air is part of a mind control program. As there is poisoning of the air and the poisoning of the mind control electro-magnetic spectrum, there is also poisoning of the orgone. Orgonite helps clear the Deadly Orgone. The "Crows" need Hollywood but their grip is loosening. Have you noticed the high number of horror movies. Have you noticed people do not go to them as they did in the past. Have you noticed there has not been suitable replacements of the "action heroes" who populated our screens for decades. Their fascist ideology is wearing thin. Episode III of Star Wars is anti-fascist.

Will Hollywood continue to make pictures following the advice of astrologers who sacrifice children to idols of Moloch? Their days are ending.

Friday May 13 2005 was a battle for the control of all levels of media through the Hollywood nexus. The sylphs won. There will be future battles but the war is going badly for the slayers of children.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


Reader Feedback

1. Someone living about 20 minutes away from me also sent me this photos of many of the same Sylphs that I photographed on May 13


2. ----- Original Message -----
From: Donna
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 12:53 PM
Subject: May 13th - Additional Pics Including Rainbow Around Sun



As I was checking out your current news, I noticed the pictures you took on May 13th. I also live in Orange County in the City of Huntington Beach. I’m a member of Warrior Matrix and have been making orgonite about a year now.

On the day of May 13th, which happens to be my birthday, I made an extra special HHG to be placed in the wetlands of Bolsa Chica. I got up early that morning to a very overcast day and grabbed my boots and shovel. After this was done, I went home and made some more orgonite. A few hours later I went outside to see the battle taking place and grabbed my camera. I took three pictures that are similar to yours but I happened to look at the sun and notice a beautiful rainbow around it - never seen anything so beautiful in all my 42 years. It was the best present I could have ever been given.

If you’d like to see my pictures, I’ve listed the URL’s here. Feel free to use them as you wish.


Amaryllis on Warrior Matrix

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From: ferry@yetart
To: Editor
Cc: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 2:24 AM
Subject: sylphs above Costa Mesa



Great pictures you took there! and encouraging for all.

Last week when you took these pictures I was with my family for a short vacation in Tunesia. It was my first time there and I enjoyed it very much.

But what was more striking was that I saw a lot of Sylphs in the Sky even when the sky was blue. It appeared to my wife as if this was a place for them to "reload" For me that was just obvious when she mentioned that and I am wondering what Zuerrnnovahh can tell us about that.

We had a very peaceful feeling there and all the day to day worries we had lately did not affect our mood at all. The Sylphs are winning!

As always,



4. -- Original Message -----
From: Scott Killough
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 8:07 AM
Subject: Orca

Hi from Linda and Scott in Alaska.

Scotti and I were coming home from a trip to Hatcher pass and I saw a gargantuan cloud form that was absolutely like a whale/shark. For some reason, when we got home, I just had to look up Don and Carol’s adventures. as I am sure you have already guessed, I found the last adventure, which was about their visit with dolphins and an Orca. I have had a personal relationship with whales and other sea-beings for some time, and have been waking up from clear psychic visions of riding an Extremely large and fast moving Orca. (I still can’t believe I am allowed to ride it). It also blew my mind a little bit to see how connected we are to Don and Carol, since I haven’t been to their site in a long time.

Last time we wrote to you, I was trying to get in touch with the fellow who had some possible legal help for them, but he seems to have evaporated, and I lost touch a bit.

There are some wild and woolly adventures up this way, as well. Perhaps I will have to write more about them one day. In the mean time, I send my best to you all, with Light and peace to you.

Linda and Scott


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