by Ken Adachi
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The combination of organic material (cured fiberglass resin, or soil, or wood, or cotton, etc.) and metal chips provides a matrix which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy as Wilhelm Reich’s research demonstrated in the 1930’s/40’s and discussed in Reich’s book, The Cancer Biopathy


Adding a crystal intensifies that process and allows you the opportunity to ’program’ the crystal with your mind (and intentions) to direct that energy towards a specific task or goal.


Don Croft found a web site that identified the combination of resin and metal chips as "orgonite".


Don and his wife Carol found that these orgonite/crystal devices can transmute ’DOR’, the negative polarity of orgone energy, into ’OR’, the positive polarity of orgone energy. Initially, Don experimented by adding the fiberglass resin/metal chip matrix to his Terminator boxes to enhance its action, and Carol, who can see the human aura, noticed that the auric field of Don’s body had expanded when he was wearing the Terminator.


She also noticed that placing an orgone generator in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant had the effect of reducing the size of the DOR orgone field that surrounds all nuclear reactors.


After noting the changes to his aura by using the resin-metal matrix in the Terminator, Don started deploying a larger orgone generator called a Holy Handgrenade (HHg) to neutralize the DOR field surrounding ELF (cell phone) towers, Reptilian portals, satanic ritual sites, and nuclear reactors.


Later on, Don realized that he could use much smaller orgone generators called Tower Busters (TBs) and still neutralize the DOR orgone field of a typical ’cell phone’ tower if placed (buried is best) within 1300 feet of a tower.


You can read more about Don’s use of these generators in The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft.


You can make your own Chembuster, Tower Buster or HHg from scratch by clicking these links. You should also read Don Croft’s latest construction update on HHg’s if you plan on making your own.


Chembusters (CB’s) are used to break up chemtrails and can dramatically improve the growth of plants within its immediate area. A Powerwand is a type of enhanced Succor Punch which can be used for both defensive and retributional purposes (but only against the forces of evil).


As is the case with all of the orgone gnerators shown here, you can choose to make your own Powerwand, but if you don’t have the time, you can obtain them ready made (see below).

Many people notice positive emotional effects in the presence of orgone generators.


Mood and emotions tend to elevate. Some people who have trouble falling asleep report that they can sleep better and more soundly with an orgone generator in the bedroom. Many people have noticed that plants grow more vigorously in the vicinity of an orgone generator. I saw a Kirlian (aura photo) photograph of an HHg that revealed a large dome of blue aura energy surrounding the HHg. It’s definitely emitting some form of energy that seems to be positive in nature.


This energy may be identical to Reich’s description of orgone energy or it may be some other form of energy that interacts with orgone. It’s fascinating to observe its effects on people unaware of its capabilities. Some people bring them to work and notice that the office environment becomes friendlier and less competitive.


One guy, who took it to court, was winning his case and swaying the jury until the judge ordered him to remove the HHg (which he foolishly set out in plain view on the Defendant’s table) from the courtroom. You can obtain these orgone generators in either a natural finish or the new weathered copper patina finish (with felt-covered base) for a more attractive display piece.


I originally categorized these TB’s according to the size of the paper cup I had used for the mold, but now I classify them according to their actual weight in ounces. Contact me by E mail if you wish to obtain any of these orgone generators as premium gifts:


When inquiring, always tell me your country if outside the USA or your ZIP code if inside the USA so I can give you an accurate shipping quote.         

Holy Handgrenades (HHg)  with 5 Double Terminated Quartz Crystals

All styles of HHgs contain one large crystal which is embedded near the top and orientated in the vertical plane.


The remaining four large crystals are located closer to the bottom and are laid out in the horizontal plane forming a "+" design.


The bottom of the HHg is covered with felt. If you wish to add the optional coils, the inner cone shaped 3X Lost Cubit spiral coil is placed near the top of the HHg and the 3X SBB coil is placed at the very bottom.


Styles A & B direct the orgone energy both laterally and radially into a generally diffused dome shape while Styles C and D Pyramid HHg focuses the orgone into a much tighter vortex at the tip and shapes the orgone into an inverted pyramid configuration above the HHg.


For general area coverage, Styles A or B is probably the better choice, while the greater focused energy from the Pyramid style will be more advantageous for healing or radionics work or any situation where a concentrated orgone vortex is desired (such as placing the pyramid under the bed for an ailing individual).


The 45 oz. Style C Pyramid HHg contains 33% more resin, metal, and larger crystals and is the most powerful HHg.


  1. Style A: 30 oz. Natural Finish HHg with 5 large DT crystals, $70 each, ($85 w/coils). Quantity discount: 3 or more, $63 each ($78 w/coils).

  2. Style A: 30 oz. Patina Finish, $80. ($95 w/coils) Quantity discount: 3 or more, $73 each ($88 w/coils)

  3. Style B: 31 oz. Patina Finish only, $80 ($95 w/coils); Quantiy discount: 3 or more, $73 each ($88 w/coils)

  4. Style C: 45 oz. Natural finish Pyramid with coils $105, Quantity discount: 3 or more, $95 each.

  5. Style D: Mini Pyramid $35



              Style A 30 oz. Natural ($70)                           Style A with Copper Patina ($80)



Style B 31 oz. Copper Patina Finish $80



Style C 45oz. Pyramid Natural w/ coils ($105)     




Style D Mini Pyramid HHg ($35)









When you cut a piece of wire to a specific length known as the "cubit" length, that wire will resonate or act as a transformer to special cosmic energies and draw that energy into the wire.


I’m aware of five different lengths that are all referred to as "cubit’ lengths. I generally use the base cubit length of 523mm identified by Slim Spurling as the "lost cubit" based on a discovery made by Hans Becker.


Any multiple length of 523mm will produce the desired results. Depending on the gauge of the wire used, I can usually fit a double or triple multiple of 523mm into the TB or HHg.


When you coil the wire, you force the orgone energy into a spiral movement.


If the coil is laid out in a flat plane, the energy will spread both laterally and vertically. If you stretch the coil into the vertical plane, you have a vertical spiral which drives the energy towards the tip of the spiral.


For the HHg’s with the coil option, I add both a wide spiral coil that encloses the 5 crystals as well as a flat plane coil placed at the bottom of the HHg. For TB’s, I add a single flat coil at the bottom.


The two coils shown on the right are wrapped in a configuration known as a SBB coil, or St Buster’s Button coil , a name coined by Don Croft


1. Add $8 for a single coil for TB’s and $15 for the two coils used in the HHg Reader Comments:




Tower Busters (TB)


1. Natural Finish with Large Crystals (NFLC)

The Tower Busters shown here are made with fiberglass resin and aluminum/brass/copper metal chips.


There is one large Double Terminated (DT) quartz crystal (of the size shown) embedded in the center of the Single Crystal Buster and two in the Double Crystal Buster orientated in the vertical plane. The flatter muffin size TB has an half inch to three quarter inch DT quartz crystal embedded in the center.


Five sizes available:

A. 11 oz. 1 for $20 (Quantity discounts = 3 for $50, 7 for $110)
B. 7 oz. 1 for $16 (Quantity = 3 for $40, 7 for $87)
C. 4.5 oz. 1 for $12 (Quantity = 3 for $30, 7 for $65)
D. 22.5 oz. Double Crystal 1 for $35 (Quantity = 3 for $87, 7 for $190)
E. 4 oz. Muffin 1 for $5 (Quantity = 7 for $30, 12 for $48, 20 for $75)



Single Large Crystal, Natural Finish (NFLC)                                 Double Crystal  
(From left to right)                                                                             

11 oz $20, 7oz. $16, & 4.5oz. $12                                              22.5 oz. $35  




Muffin size TB

4 oz. $5





2. Copper Patina Finish with Felt-Covered Base Option


While many people are fascinated by the natural look of orgone generators, other people might prefer a more finished, art-like appearance with less need to answers questions like: "What’s it’s for?"


The Weathered Copper Patina finish gives these orgone generators the look of an esoteric art object either dug up from a ancient Minoan archeological site or something Mr. Spock brought aboard The Enterprise. Either way, it looks nice sitting on a shelf, on top of the TV, or on a desk- without raising suspicions about its true function.


The patina finish requires a two step process. I affix the felt base using a strong rubber-like glue.

1. For TB’s in the 4oz -11oz range, add $5 each.
2. For 22 oz. Double Crystal TB, add $7 each.
3. For either style of the five crystal HHgs, add $10 each


11 oz. Copper Patina      7 oz.  /  4 oz.                                                                          4 oz. Copper  Patina



Muffin TB Copper Patina  







The first Chembuster (CB) I ever saw was the one Don Croft sent me back in 2002.


The very first day I set it up on the patio, we had a black helicopter visit us at 2 AM, hovering loudly about 150 feet overhead, and shining the brightest search light imaginable - going around and around our place - in an obvious attempt to both intimidate and video tape us inside our home using special infrared technology (which is standard equipment today, even on local police helicopters).


A chembuster will produce an intensely blue orgone field that is easily seen on any infrared radar weather map.


You probably won’t get a visit from a black helicopter when you set up your CB because there are too many CB’s out there now and they generally don’t bother with the helicopter routine anymore, but you can still see the blue orgone field centered over your house if you go to a weather web site and click on the infrared maps for your area.


You will be surprised to see that the orgone field extends outward for many miles.


It usually takes a couple of weeks for a new CB to acclimate to the local environment, so you may not see dramatic results with chemtrails right away, but just hang in there for 2 or 3 weeks and you will begin to notice things.


The more heavily laid the chemtrails in your area, the longer it takes for the CB to gear up to the task of dispersing them.


The larger the CB resin/metal chip matrix base, the larger the diameter of the pipes used, the longer the length of pipes used, the more and larger crystals used, the more coils used, etc. means a more powerful punch of orgone transmutation delivered by the CB.


The bare bones basic chembuster is made with a 2 gallon plastic bucket and six, 1 inch copper pipes.


The six upper pipe extensions are five feet long and plug into a one inch copper pipe coupler connected to the short pipes embedded within the resin/metal chip matrix base. The upper extension pipe assembly is held in place and parallel using a wooden template.


The six pipes are evenly spaced out in the bucket in a perfect circle which, when viewed overhead, will give you two sets of 3 pipe triangles that intersect each other as in the Star of David configuration.


Setting crystals (inside the pipes) in the Star of David configuration can have some very powerful effects both on the etheric and physical planes.


For crystals, I use the longest and widest Lemurian Seed Crystals that I can fit inside the pipe. I always include a 3X Lost Cubit 14 gauge coil at the bottom of every 2 gallon Chembuster and a 4X Lost Cubit coil at the bottom of the 5 gallon Chembuster. If you wish to add the option of more coils or more crystals, you can make your selection from the CB Options list below.


You can obtain a ready made CB with or without the upper pipe extensions.


The boxed 2 gallon CB base unit weighs about 30 pounds and is usually shipped by UPS Ground Track service here in the USA. Contact me by e-mail for exact shipping cost to your area





Chembusters Models



1. Two Gallon Chembuster Base (without upper pipes) - $250 plus shipping

The two gallon CB is made in a two gallon plastic bucket and uses six, 1 inch copper pipe extensions (shown above).


You can leave the CB in the plastic bucket for easy portability or remove it and bury the CB directly into the ground. Plants will always grow more vigorously in the presence of a CB and burying a unit directly into the ground will improve plant growth even more dramatically.


Some people put them in the center of their garden and are amazed to see the improvement in plant vigor. Many people have reported that spraying a mist of water on the CB on a daily basis will tend to bring rain (if your area needs it). It’s not a guaranteed thing, but many have reported this phenomena. The base unit deal includes six 1 inch copper couplers and a painted wooden alignment template that goes near the top.


You can either pick up your own 1 inch copper pipes at a local building supply center such as Home Depot or Loew’s, or you can order the whole enchilada from me. If you get your own pipes, ask the salesman to cut a ten foot length of pipe in half to give you two 5 foot lengths (buy a total of six, 5 foot pipes).


You also have the options of adding one more pipe to a center location (total of seven pipes), adding more crystals, adding SP Pulser crystals, adding more coils, and adding other ingredients to the 2 gallon base unit by choosing from the CB Options list below.

B. Two Gallon Chembuster Base with six, 1 inch diameter upper copper pipes (each 5 feet long)- $335 plus shipping (add $15 for a seventh pipe)

This is the ’whole enchilada’ if you wish to order the complete chembuster assembly from me.

C. Six, 1 inch copper pipes (5 feet long) as a separate package bundled with six 1 inch copper couplings and one painted wooden template for alignment-$115 plus shipping (add $15 for a seventh pipe) This package is offered for those who want a second set of pipe extensions to go on top of the first set, leaving you with a total of 10 feet of pipe extending above the CB (longer pipes allow for greater Chembuster effect).



2. Five Gallon Chembuster Base (without upper pipes)- $475 plus shipping

The five gallon CB base unit offers 2½ times the amount of resin/metal chip matrix along with larger 1¼ inch copper pipes and larger crystals.


The bare bones 5 gallon base unit deal includes six 1¼ inch copper pipes imbedded in the base unit, six 1¼ inch copper couplers, the wooden template, six coil wrapped Lemurian Seed Crystals, and the 4X Lost Cubit flat coil.

B. Five Gallon Chembuster Base with six, 1¼ inch diameter upper copper pipes (each 5 feet long) - $585 plus shipping (add $20 for a seventh pipe)


C. Six, 1¼ inch diameter copper pipes (5 feet long) as a separate package bundled with six 1¼ inch copper couplings and one painted wooden template for alignment-$150 plus shipping (add $20 for a seventh pipe)



CB Options Described (see List below)

If you really want to go for the Big Bang in sky repair, you’ll want to consider adding some of the extra CB options listed below which could include a (A) seventh pipe/Lemurian crystal in the center and the (B) 2X Lost Cubit ¼ inch spiral tubing.


You can get the ¼ inch spiral tubing with or without the seventh pipe. I prefer to fill the ¼ inch spiral tubing with Raymon Grace water, but other substances are possible. Other options to consider are the (C) Lateral coil-wrapped DT crystals to connect the two Star of David triangle pipe configurations. You can see the first set of Lateral Crystals installed here and the second set installed here, and a side view here.


Another choice is to embed one, two, or three (D) Succor Punch (SP) crystals with Mobius coil and 4X Lost Cubit coils directly into the resin/metal matrix of the CB before the final pour for the purpose of pulsing the entire CB at 15 Hz with a (E) SP Pulser attached to the base of a pipe and rubber hooded for rain protection.


You could also (F) Silver Wrap the SP crystal (1) before installing the mobius coil (2) and wind a (G) 4X Lost Cubit coil (3) around the outside of the SP crystal for most of its length, but leave the tip of the crystal exposed in order to protrude above the resin/metal matrix after the final pour.


Three SP crystals are seen installed here, but one or two SP crystals will still pulse the entire CB.


Multiple SP crystals could be wired in either parallel or series. When wired in parallel, the leading edge of the square-wave pulse from the SP Pulser would enter each SP crystal at the same moment in time and would cause each crystal to pulse in symmetrical unison.


However, if wired in series, the pulse would have to travel from crystal A to B to C and due to the inductive reactance (resistance) of the mobius coils, there would be a slight time lag in the leading edge of the pulse that enters each crystal. The sum effect would cause a rotation of the magnetic fields rising and falling in each crystal.


In theory, at least, this would cause a vortex-like rotation of the orgone field and would act to "stir" the ether and encourage movement as achieved by Trevor James Constable with his rotating ’Spider’ units used to break up DOR etheric stagnation.





CB Options List

A. Seventh pipe:

1. 1" pipe and coil wrapped crystal embedded in center of 2 gallon CB base unit with 1" coupler..$30.
2. 1¼ " pipe and coil wrapped (larger) crystal embedded in center of 5 gallon CB base unit with 1¼ " coupler...$40.

B. 2X Lost Cubit ¼" Spiral Tubing sealed with Raymond Grace water..$35

C. Lateral, coil wrapped (1X Lost Cubit) Double Terminated Quartz crystals. You can choose to install either 3 or 6 crystals from the following list of 8 crystal sizes.

1. 2.75" -3.0" long and 0.75 -1.0" in diameter ( 3 crystals for $45, 6 crystals for $85)

Length 3.0 " - 3.25" long
2. 1.0" -1.25" diameter (3 for $60, 6 for $115)
3. 1.25"-1.50" diameter ( 3 for $75, 6 for $145)
4. 1.50"-1.75" diameter ( 3 for $90, 6 for $175)

Length 3.25"-3.75 long
5. 1.0"-1.25" diameter ( 3 for $105, 6 for $200)
6. 1.25"-1.50" diameter ( 3 for $120, 6 for $230)
7. 1.50"-1.75" diameter ( 3 for $135, 6 for $260)
8. 1.75"-2.0" diameter ( 3 for $150, 6 for $290)

D. SP Crystals with Mobius Coil and 4X Lost Cubit Coil (installed in uppermost resin/metal layer of the CB).

There are fourteen different sizes of Double Terminated Quartz crystals to choose from for the SP crystal. Listed are the donations for a single SP crystal with Mobius coil and 4X Lost Cubit coil set in a fiberglass resin base.

1. Succor Punch crystals start at 2.75" -3.0" long and 0.75 -1.0" in diameter for a $55

Length 3.0 " - 3.25"
2. 1.0" -1.25" diameter for $70
3. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $85
4. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $100

Length 3.25"- 3.75
5. 1.0"-1.25" diameter for $80
6. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $95
7. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $110
8. 1.75"-2.0" diameter for $125
Length 3.75"- 4.25"
9.   1.0"-1.25" diameter for $90
10. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $105
11. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $125
12. 1.75"-2.0" diameter for $150

Length 4.25"- 4.75"
13. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $140
14. 1.75"-2.25" diameter for $165

E. SP Pulser to pulse the SP crystal (works with battery alone or from wall outlet)..$80 (includes connecting cable with 2.1mm gold plugs and 9 VDC wall transformer)

1. 9 volt DC wall transformer for the SP Pulser can be customized with an extra long output cable/plug to run from patio wall outlet to the SP Pulser mounted on CB located in garden or patio areas. Contact me with your specifications if interested.

F. Two, 11 Turn Pure Silver Wire Wraps. Tell me which size SP crystal you wish to use, and I can quote.

G. 4X Lost Cubit coil wrapped around SP Crystal. Tell me which size SP crystal, and I can quote.

Contact me at and write in the subject line "need chembuster option quote"






A Powerwand (PW) is an enlarged version of a Succor Punch embedded in a resin/metal matrix. Don Croft’s original version of the Powerwand used a crystal that was 6-8 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter.


He embedded the mobius-wrapped crystal within the resin/metal matrix using a 3" copper pipe that was 9" long with copper end caps installed at both ends. The copper pipe made a strong casing for the PW, but it also made it a little too heavy if you wanted to carry it around with you. The copper pipe isn't absolutely necessary for the PW to function, as you can substitute copper shavings in the matrix and get the same energy signature or avoid the use of copper all together if desired.


I like to use both copper and silver in my Powerwands because alchemically, they are a perfect match for each other, contributing complimentary male and female energy. To reduce weight, I prefer to make the normal sized Powerwand in a cylindrical shape without the copper pipe and add the cooper as shavings.


I always install a 2.1mm jack on the upper facet of the crystal so I can plug a gold plug audio cable into the SP Pulser and pulse the Powerwand externally using a cable, rather than having the SP Pulser enclosed within the lower copper cap and hard wired to the crystal.


There’s nothing wrong with that design, but I wanted to avoid the weight involved with a copper pipe and end caps. I found that maintenance and access to the SP Pulser (E.g. changing the battery or plugging in the DC wall supply) are more convenient when the SP Pulser is not enclosed.





The Mega Powerwand

I made a much larger version of the conventional Powerwand using a bigger crystal, more coils, sacred geometry and a greater variety of gemstones for a person who needed special help.


She was on the receiving end of very advanced psychic and psychotronic torture technologies that was slowing killing her for many years and she had no way to fight back.


I was soon contacted by another person who also wanted the biggest Powerwand I could offer and after telling him about the big one I made for the lady being tortured, he said he wanted the same thing, so I decided to call this enhanced version of the Powerwand, a Mega Powerwand.


Additional descriptive notes and photos can be viewed HERE.