Dramatic Improvement in Skies Over

Orange County, California

since Early May, 2004



By Ken Adachi


Skies over Irvine, California May-June 2004


I havenít noticed chemtrails in the skies over Costa Mesa and Irvine California since early May, 2004. Even when they were spraying in the previous months, I noticed that the chemtrails couldnít stick for very long before they disappeared.


The sickening overcast, whiteout, and smog-laden air produced by chemtrail aerosol bombardment that aware observers around the nation have become accustomed to seeing for the past six years no longer survive in Orange County or Los Angeles County, California. Iím also confident that this improvement is occurring in other parts of America and likely the world as well.


The chemtrails are literally being neutralized, íeatení, and destroyed by huge, living and intelligent airborne creatures that the ancient Greeks identified as Sylphs and photographed by Trevor James Constable in the 1950ís and 60ís. Trevor called these large plasmoidal (unseen by the naked eye) creatures "critters" in his 1976 book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life. He was able to capture them on film by using infrared film or he used ordinary color film with an 18A filter over his cameraís lens. This filter blocks all normal wavelengths of light except the infrared range.


I believe that the introduction of Don Croftís Chembusters and other orgone generators set the stage for this tremendous influx of Sylphs into earthís atmosphere to clean up and abort the hideous and satanically-inspired chemtrail aerosol death and disease operation. The return of dark blue skies and "real" clouds which are sharped edged, puffy, and pure white are due to the tremendous increase in the positive polarity of atmospheric orgone energy called "OR" orgone and a concurrent decrease in the atmospheric concentration of the negative polarity of orgone energy called "DOR" , terms coined by Wilhem Reich. Orgone generators transmute DOR orgone into OR orgone energy and create the atmospheric conditions that allow Sylphs to destroy chemtrails.