by Amitakh Stanford
27 April 2008

from XeeATwelve Website


The concept of Good and Evil is not one of balance. These are two distinct opposing Forces. Good does not need Evil in order to survive. Evil is parasitic and depends upon Good to maintain Itself.

The war between Good and Evil will be resolved with the eradication of Evil and Its pseudo-creation, the Virtual Reality. The True Light will liberate all of Its viable True-Light beings before the total collapse of Darkness’ Prison, Its Virtual Reality. All of Darkness’ prisoners will be liberated in one way or another, with the viable beings eventually returning to their True-Light Creation and the False-Light beings returning to primordial energy. This is but a very simplistic description of the resolution of the war between the True Light and the False Light, Good and Evil.

Darkness has re-started all of the civilizations in Its own Virtual Reality more than once; It does this when parts of Its creation get out of control. Sometimes It re-starts a galaxy, a planet or just regions within the planet. These re-starts are different from re-starts of time, the latter of which dramatically re-starts the entire Virtual Reality – when everything re-starts and little survives. The biblical account of the flood is about one of the regional re-starts that was limited to only a portion of the planet, and even that portion had some survivors.

Darkness has many agents in the Virtual Reality. Among the most powerful of these agents are the Anunnaki, who have much to do with the creation story contained in the Bible. Of the many Anunnaki races, the two most powerful groups today are the Reptilians and the Per-sires (Vulturites). These two groups are vying for absolute control of the Earth.

This time the re-start of time was going to be very different from previous ones; it was going to be a total re-start. The Anunnaki have learned too much about the Virtual Reality, and Darkness was so threatened by the possibility of usurpation of power that It was going to eliminate them on the re-start. The Rescue by the True Light started a long time ago in Earth time.


The Attas had to learn about Darkness’ programming in order to come up with ways to overcome it. The True Light is aware that Darkness planned on radically re-creating Its Virtual Reality with the next re-start of time. This is why the True-Light caused the separation of the Anunnaki Elite from the Atu-waa. The Anunnaki Elite were programmed by Darkness into believing that the next re-start of time would be like all the preceding ones.


The Anunnaki Remnants do not have the knowledge to re-start time.


The Attas had to wait until the final stages of the Rescue Mission before it was safe to free the trapped True-Light being in the Atu-waa and separate it from the False Light parasites before dismantling it. Had the Atu-waa not been disassembled by the Light, time would have been re-started, and, the Reptilians and all of the other Anunnaki races would have been obliterated by Darkness. Darkness was then going to create Its next version of administrators and slaves to serve It and police the Virtual Reality.


This would have delayed the Rescue Mission, and the suffering by the trapped True-Light beings would have been prolonged and more of them would have been spiritually assassinated by Darkness.

As I have written before, the Earth is critical to the Virtual Reality because it houses the Atu-waa. The Anunnaki have been falsely promised by Darkness that they will have full control of the physical and astral realms of the Virtual Reality after time is re-started. This is why the Anunnaki have been working so devotedly towards securing the Atu-waa and trying to re-start time. Little do the Anunnaki suspect the treachery of Darkness that lies beneath Its empty promise and secret programming.

Darkness is not inept and will not allow Its slaves to get into such a powerful position. Unbeknown to the Reptilians, Darkness has already determined that they have outlived their usefulness. In the eyes of Darkness, they are disposable beings, and would have been discarded like out-of-date products on the re-start of time.


Darkness intends to re-design and re-populate Its Virtual Reality. Nearly all of the old design was going to be eradicated. Darkness wanted to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants. It tricked the Anunnaki into thinking that they would survive the re-start of time and become supreme masters of the Virtual Reality. As indicated earlier, this was never to be the case. The Anunnaki, among many other life forms, including humans, were scheduled to perish.


But, when the Attas dismantled the Atu-waa, Darkness could not proceed with Its plan to totally re-start time or continue to hold the True-Light beings prisoners.

The decommissioning of the Atu-waa has sent Darkness into a desperate frenzy. It is trying to delay Its demise by pleading for compassion whilst simultaneously threatening, tempting, bribing, blackmailing, lying and using other deceptive and murderous means to try to trick True-Light beings into letting down their guard. Darkness is attempting to further corrupt more True-Light beings and gather them as Its prisoners to be used as ransom or fodder.

Darkness influences and controls Its pseudo-creation with programming of all sorts. It has instructed Its agents, the Anunnaki and their predecessors, in the partial use of programming in the Virtual Reality. For all intents and purposes, those to whom Darkness has given this power are operating like minor creators. They can manipulate genetics at many levels and enhance, diminish or mutate biological entities. Darkness has given these administrators some knowledge of the application of programming in the Virtual Reality to control the population.

Indeed, programming of all types has been going on since the Virtual Reality began. In effect, everything in the Virtual Reality works on programming. Some of the programming appears more natural and other types seem more artificial. Natural programming includes: the four seasons, tidal movements, day and night, sunlight, growth patterns, births, deaths, illnesses, genetic predispositions and celestial cycles. Obvious artificial programming includes: product and service advertising, rules and regulations, political affiliation, religious commitment, education, culture, and mind-control techniques.


Some programming takes on the appearance of goodness, whilst other types are more obviously evil.

The more natural-appearing programming is affected by astrology, numerology, logistics, timing and other factors. Genetic characteristics such as race, gender, height, health and so on are all part of programming. The timing of one’s birth can impact the person’s character via astrological and numerological influences, which are forms of programming. Although astrology and numerology are subtle, unseen and not perceived by the majority of the people, the impact on lives by these two influences is real. Regardless of whether one believes in these influences, they still apply to daily life.

Clearly, the four seasons affect many aspects of life. Most people are aware of the impact of changing seasons regarding temperature, weather, length of daylight hours, biological growth cycles, planting and harvesting times etc. Some of the subtle effects from the seasons include mood swings, growth development and other things impacted by the amount of sunlight in a day.


Even more subtle are the moon cycles, which can affect productivity, growth, creativity, mood and other behaviors. Geese and other birds migrate at various times, salmon spawn according to seasonal occurrences, and many other similar behaviors can be observed in nature. Daily cycles are more obvious, such as whether a species of animal is diurnal or nocturnal. Whether an animal is an herbivore or a carnivore is programmed into them. In the case of trees, whether they are deciduous or evergreen is programmed into them too.

Today, humans are being bombarded with various forms of programming day and night. Programming is very widespread and it has become an integral part of life in the Virtual Reality. Programming in the Virtual Reality has the appearance of maintaining order. Apart from controlling humans, it also affects animals and other life forms. The programming can be obvious, as in the case of advertisements, or very subtle, as in dream invasions and subliminal programming.

With programming, humans are coaxed to buy certain brands, do certain things, and even to think in certain ways. Few would believe the extent of the programming that is occurring on the planet.

Impulsive actions are often precipitated by effective on-the-spot programming. Generally, the senses of sight and smell are first stimulated to entice an impulsive action, such as purchasing an item that is displayed at a check-out stand in a grocery store, or purchasing a fast-food item as memories are triggered by smell or another sense. Impulsive decisions are often one-off actions.

Habitual actions may have started off as impulsive ones that continued to occur repeatedly. Smoking, drinking and using drugs are examples of activities that can become habitual. Certain activities have addictive qualities that can lead unsuspecting experimenters or users into developing a reliance upon them to the point of addiction. Once the programming is sufficiently embedded into the victims, they will continue in their addictive behavior until the program is broken, either by deprogramming or using overriding programming of another sort, whether chemical, magnetic, emotional or otherwise.

Many types of programming co-exist. When programming conflicts, the stronger program will eventually surface and take over. Most people are almost completely unaware of external manipulation of their behavior. However, most people are aware of their thoughts and actions. They can use this awareness to combat negative programming that is being directed at them and allow more “positive” types of programming to override the negative ones.

Unseen programming is all around us. Our basic structure is programmed internally, about which not very much can be done. However, there is external programming bombarding us daily that we have some chance of resisting. If a person feels the programming of anger, rage or jealousy working on them, they need to nip them quickly in the bud instead of fuelling them by focusing on them. If a person resists the external programming enough, they can deflect it away.


The programming then aborts its mission. Unfortunately, the external programming then seeks another target. This is the way Darkness operates.

Compulsive activities require differing types of programming to bring them about. Excessive behaviors are indicators of susceptibility to compulsive programming. These are not one-off events, they are recurring. Compulsive gambling, drinking, eating, working, sex, phone and physical stalking, fighting, swearing are all actions that can be programmed into the victim.

Obsessive activities are indicators of extreme susceptibility to programming. Eating disorders, binge drinking and fanatical behavior surrounding spectator events are examples of programming that can manifest in obsessive behavior. However, the victims of this programming are often diagnosed as having psychological or stress-related disorders.

Sex is an activity to which both aliens and humans are extraordinarily prone. Its abuse is programmed into many people and aliens. In some cases, chemical reactions are responsible for the programming of certain deviant sexual behaviors in humans and animals. Pedophilia is widespread because it is being deliberately programmed throughout the world. Whether the offenders are pre-disposed to it, or are attracted to it for other reasons, the foundation underlying this perversion is malicious programming.

Places can be programmed to affect people. The vibrations of people and events associated with a location can impact people who come into contact with the place. In this sense, the energies embedded in the place act as agents of programming. The energies in programming virtually affect all facets of life. Even things that appear to have medical explanations such as phobias, psychological and emotional disorders and even physical diseases can be induced by programming. Aliens are prone to program humans with sleep disorders, sudden sleepiness, insomnia and virtual paralysis.

Humans can be programmed via specific things that affect their energy. Food, water, alcohol, drugs, occupation, wealth/poverty, light, sounds, colors, surroundings and environmental factors can impact behavior, health, well-being, and emotional and mental stability.

The list of programming causes and effects could go on and on. What is important to realize is that there are many beings performing programming upon people at any given time. Some of these beings are physical, and can easily be observed, and others are subtle.

Even the energies surrounding or incorporated into a building, house, vehicle, machine, game, or apparatus can affect those who come into contact with them. These things will also absorb energies from those who come into contact with them. If a house is charged with sadness, sorrow, despair, anger, hate, depression and other negativity, it will negatively affect those who live in the house.


Even if the house is empty, those who visit it will be affected by it. A negatively-charged house will act like a vampire, sucking the energies of those who visit or live there. It will also cause disharmony and often lead to ill health. Likewise, a positively charged house can affect those in the house positively. There are times when a horrible place can be programmed to appear positive to someone in order to trick the person.

The above examples touch upon the extent of the subtle and obvious influences that can affect one’s life. The ruling elite use artificial programming to influence people’s behavior. They have studied and observed human behavior over millennia. They use humans as guinea pigs in their various biological, behavioral and other types of experiments. Their ultimate goal is to create the ideal slaves, soldiers and administrators to benefit Darkness.

The ruling elite have learned how to apply different, highly-sophisticated and frightfully-dangerous techniques to manipulate human behavior. They can send people into panic or calm them down.


They direct them to patiently wait through long queues or stir them into a rage without any obvious provocation. They can make lies appear truthful and vice versa. They can make bad people look good and kind whilst making good people appear mean and ugly. They can make white things look black and black things look white. They can manipulate peace-loving people into warmongers. They have learned how to extract extreme behavior from certain ones through programming.


The extreme zealots are among the most highly-programmed people in the world, and serve many useful purposes for the ruling elite. Ironically, many people unknowingly apply programming in their daily interaction with others.

Before the alien wars escalated, most of the programming on humans was done via radiation, food, sounds, sex, intoxicants and through other physical agents. But, in this modern era, programming has become more sophisticated and complex. Minds, memories and experiences are affected by various means, including inaudible sounds, invisible beams, electro-magnetics, radio frequency bombardment, electronic pulses, legal and illegal drugs and so on. Brain waves are altered via sounds, beams and other sophisticated alien technology.

Modern programming has a hypnotic effect. Very few victims are aware of this. In order to effectively minimize the programming, one must first become aware of it. From that point on, many of the “spells” woven around them dissipate or are considerably diluted. Humans can fight off the programming, but it is not an easy battle. The alien technology is advanced, sophisticated, surreptitious and deceptive.

The main thrust of the current programming affects the magnetic fields surrounding all living things – plants, animals and humans. However, humans are the main targets of the programming. Once a magnetic field is tampered with to a certain extent, it weakens the victim’s subtle bodies, which makes them more susceptible to diseases, mind control and even possession of the body.

As the alien wars heat up, there is a lot of conflicting programming circulating about, and it is causing alarming confusion. Those who follow all programming instructions are often sent into crisis as one set of programming influences them to do or think one thing whilst another set of instructions bombards them with conflicting advice. This can put them in a quandary. Those who know them may suspect that they are going crazy or having a nervous breakdown as their behavior becomes erratic, unpredictable and bizarre.

The conflicting programming can come from many sources, but when it conflicts, it can cause tremendous difficulty for the victims. They can go into depression or mania, become aggressive, fearful, confused, withdrawn, paranoid, emotionally disturbed or suffer other problems.

People can be programmed to support a political rally to the extent of the group succumbing to mob rule. In these situations, they no longer think as individuals, but as a group. That is, they behave with the hive mentality. When this happens, the group is capable of abnormally destructive behavior and horrible things, such as gang rapes and lynching, arson and other disturbingly destructive actions.

The journey of the Olympic torch has been turned into an alien conflict, with one party programming people to protest, whilst another group of aliens programmed people to resist the protest. Those who are not touched by the programming can be swayed either way back and forth at times. The whole of this pseudo-creation, the Virtual Reality, works on programming from the micro-biological levels up or down to all other levels. If programming were to come to an abrupt halt, all living things would suddenly feel lost and struggle to cope for lack of direction. Fortunately, once this Virtual Reality is dismantled, there will be no programming. Beings can then truly be free.

Programming is sometimes less obvious than others. For instance, the ruling elite have deliberately programmed an insoluble conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians based on conflicting claims regarding Jerusalem, among other things. Several decades ago, U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, was the primary mover to forge peace between Egypt and Israel.


His popularity with Israelis was at its height. Recently, a high-ranking Israeli official called Carter a “bigot”, a term that better describes the critic than him. Presently, whilst the three main candidates for the U.S. presidency are pragmatically restricted from speaking out against Israel because they might lose financial backing, Carter does not need to raise money for political campaigns. Carter is concerned that the decidedly weaker and disadvantaged Palestinians be heard.


When one considers the programming, it is more understandable why both sides fight so hard for Jerusalem.

The ruling elite have so programmed humans – criminals/cops, soldiers/civilians, warmongers/peace activists etc. – that human activities have counter-parts programmed into them. This contradiction has become an accepted way of life due to even more programming.

Darkness evolves and refines Its programming through Its agents. The modern mind-control technology is an extension of Darkness’ foundation of programming.

Many memories are tied to magnetism. All types of beams can affect magnetic and other subtle fields of living things and impact their respective memories. As the Earth’s icosahedron falters, the planet’s magnetic field will deteriorate and de-magnetization will commence. The weakened Earth’s magnetic field will destabilize the programming and result in chaos.


When this occurs, both human and alien ruling elite will lose control of their systems, and they, too, will be affected by the mental chaos.

When people become aware of the conspiracy behind the programming, they can begin the process of de-programming themselves. True-Light beings are attracted to Good. Darkness created illusional goodness, which is really only the appearance of goodness. This façade of goodness is in the Virtual Reality to keep the True-Light beings trapped in it.


Had Darkness not mixed the trapped True-Light particles with Its False-Light particles, there would probably not be the necessity for Darkness to create the appearance of goodness in this Virtual Reality. When the True-Light particles are removed by the True Light, only Darkness will remain in the entire False-Light creation. At that time, pure Evil will express throughout the entire Virtual Reality. The façade of pseudo-goodness will disappear completely.

Certain companies try to influence potential customers with programming. Some governments try to indoctrinate their citizens by it, some religious leaders use it, and physical aliens employ it to manipulate humans in various ways. Some programming also comes from the subtle realms. Darkness programs Its agents to program others. The programming goes through level after level after level.

People would be amazed and incensed if only they knew the extent of the programming that they are subjected to every day. Most of the humans are now more like robots than thinking beings, following the dictates of the programming. They do very few things of their own accord.

Aliens are not so much like humans as many would want you to believe. They are very different, and much of the programming directed at humans has little or no effect on them. Aliens have learned how to manipulate the energy centers in the subtle bodies of humans. It is through this manipulation that much of the programming, tracking and selection of humans occurs.

Aliens have genetically engineered shrunken auras for alien beings. This has many advantages, especially in the alien wars. For instance, humans are much more susceptible to programming and interference of their physical and subtle bodies. This gives the aliens an immense advantage over humans, who have little or no understanding of the external effects on subtle bodies. Those who have some knowledge of protecting their subtle energy centers and contracting their auras at will have better chances of minimizing or avoiding severe attacks on their subtle bodies, whether caused by humans or aliens.

Many have reported seeing light around aliens. Often they appear with illuminating displays of blue lights about them that can fill entire rooms. This is not auric light.

Whilst alien bodies are genetically developed to be able to more easily fend off programming than human bodies, when alien centers are opened, they can let in massive programming very rapidly. Their shrunken auras bring the energy centers even closer to their physical bodies, such that, once opened, the downed floodgates can allow the programming to swamp the aliens quickly.

In extreme cases, subtle bodies can be captured and placed into astral prisons. Some humans and aliens also have problems because their astral bodies are imprisoned in astral prisons. There are human and alien prisoners in these prisons that have been constructed by physical aliens.

One such prison exists several kilometers northeast of Warwick, Queensland. Whilst passing through it on the physical property where this astral prison sporadically interfaces with the physical dimension, there was a break due to energy interactions. A particularly nasty alien prisoner escaped through a temporary opening and latched onto a human who was with us. It “hitched” a ride until I noticed it and disconnected it from the human. In the process, it was flung back to the astral prison.


There are many such prisons, large and small, that touch on the Earth.

Aliens sometimes abduct humans to program them. Although alien abductions are real, there are many charlatans presenting false accounts for various reasons. These lies discredit the genuine cases. They can be done by individuals for financial or other reasons. However, many of the false accounts come directly from governmental sources. Ultimately, aliens are behind the discrediting of alien accounts because they do not want to be suspected by humans.

Aliens also use channelers and psychics and give them information that appears rational and informative about aliens and their plight. Many egos are inflated in the presentation of these alien accounts. But, these accounts are not totally true as the aliens are hiding their nefarious intentions.

UFO abductions are widespread, even though they are hard to prove. They began a long time ago, although there has been a flurry of reports of them in the last half century. Like the subject of life after death, even the existence of UFOs is hotly debated. Thus, many are reticent to accept the possibility of UFO abductions. Denial of UFO abductions does not stop them from happening. However, those in denial of the phenomenon still have a strong voice in human societies.

Aliens who abduct people generally tamper with or block the memories of their victims. They use frequencies that distort the time/space continuum and mask memories of certain events. Those who have remembered abduction experiences have related very traumatic events. Most people think of an abduction as being a physical taking of a body into a spacecraft, but this is rarely the case. Usually it is only the subtle body that is taken on the craft.

Some of the supposed alien abductions are really conducted by earthly governments. This confuses matters even more. These activities are very dirty and more complicated than people think. Abductions conducted by governments are usually physical ones. The aliens do not want to provide governments with the technology for subtle-body abductions.

Many abductees have reported lost time. Time is not constant. It moves at differing intervals depending on circumstances. Most humans perceive time on Earth as having 60 seconds in a minute and so on. When time is stretched or contracted, the clocks continue to tick off the seconds, but things are different. One can get many things done in a short interval when time is stretched, and fewer things done when time is contracted.


This is not solely a perception of the participants, but can affect whole areas simultaneously.

Whilst some movies are boring and appear very long, this is caused by the viewer’s disinterest in the activity. Likewise, other shows are interesting and seem to go by quickly. These examples have nothing to do with time stretching or contracting. All things being equal, in stretched time situations, people can accomplish many different activities within a time frame that would not physically accommodate the activities.

A week ago we went through a time-stretching episode. We were travelling in our car up a gradient and approaching the summit of a mountain pass. A semi-trailer appeared from nowhere and was driving in our lane at approximately 40 km/h. We moved into the fast lane and began to pass it at about 70 km/h. Even though the gradient was steep, the truck began rapidly accelerating as we were passing it. We have travelled this road many times and have never seen heavy trucks able to accelerate at this steep point of the road.

When we were alongside the truck, it veered into our lane and forced us into the oncoming traffic lane. As we approached a corner, an oncoming semi-trailer honked and veered towards us. We were sandwiched in the middle with only a few meters to get through a “window” before being crushed between the two vehicles.

Time was shifted to allow our car to shoot through a space between the two trucks that would not be physically possible if time were constant. The two trucks appeared to move in slow motion for a couple of seconds whilst we drove through the “window” created by the time shift.

The truck driving up the mountain travelled in such a way as to defy earthly physics by being able to instantly accelerate up the slope. This is because the truck was an alien vehicle. While we normally remain under cover, we had to employ alien technology to diffuse the alien attack.

This event caused us little alarm and we forgot about it until the next morning. The nature of a near-miss, traumatic occurrence such as this involving a time shift can often cause a temporary loss of memory. That is why there are often temporary or permanent memory losses regarding sightings and other types of encounters with aliens.

The recent protests against China regarding the Tibetans’ plight are examples of organized events masterminded by the agents of the ruling elite. Mass programming is extremely effective under the circumstance. As expected, the rallies were well supported by some powerful figures behind the scenes in countries strongly aligned with the Vulturites.


Also, as expected, the protests were weak in Buenos Aires where the people were programmed to show no interest in the protests due to the stronger programming by a different alien group. People of any nation can be programmed to react or not to react strongly to events such as natural disasters, certain crimes or Olympic torch processions.

As previously mentioned, all living things in this Virtual Reality have magnetic fields surrounding their bodies. There is a loosely defined region or envelope of subtle energies that is commonly called an “aura” emanating from everything in nature, including human beings and animals. The human body is composed of the physical body and subtle bodies. The part of the aura that is closest to the human body is often known as the etheric body. The etheric body has a matrix of energy vortexes that are often called “chakras”.

The aura is relatively fragile in that it can be easily invaded and imposed upon by outside forces. A person’s physical, emotional and mental state can affect his or her auric defense systems. For instance, drinking alcohol, consuming legal and illegal drugs, pornography, highly charged negative emotions such as intense jealousy, hate, fear, frustration and so on can pollute, cause blockages, weaken the energy centers and “loosen” the etheric cover to the extent that it allows unwanted intruders into the person’s aura, or, worse still, to take possession of one of the chakras.


When this happens, it can cause an astral being to manipulate, influence or control the victim. For example, an astral entity who loves alcohol can influence an abstainer to drink heavily. Likewise, a non-gambler could become a compulsive punter. In some cases, the entity could encourage someone to kill another. These are some of the negative effects of possession.


With the dimension breaking down, people are becoming more vulnerable to astral attacks and body snatching.

The next nearest body to the etheric is called the “astral body”. The astral body is a non-solid duplicate of the physical body, which is the subtle vehicle used by humans and animals in out-of-body experiences and during astral travels when the physical body is in a state of sleep or repose. The human subtle bodies, be they etheric, astral or beyond, make humans vulnerable to external attacks, manipulations and invasions, which all ultimately affect the physical body. Although humans can derive healing and other benefits via these subtle bodies, the negative effects outweigh the positives.

If a living person’s astral body is completely or partially trapped during a non-waking state from trauma or otherwise, it can affect the physical well-being of the person. This can manifest in the physical as some form of medical, emotional, mental or other type of malady. The person can feel panicky, withdrawn, not with it, depressed, anxious etc. for no apparent reason. This is why people are sometimes so driven to visit a site of an accident or crime scene to be re-connected with their entrapped parts of their astral bodies in order to be put back together, so to speak. Often, their so-called problems dissipate after the visit.

Darkness and Its agents have also established astral prisons to trap many people during their sleep hours or when they are out-of-body voluntarily or involuntarily. Sometimes, a person falls into a coma because so much of their astral body has been imprisoned that they cannot get back into their physical body.

Most of the mind manipulations carried out on humans are performed when the victims are asleep or in a twilight state. Many of the alien abductions of humans are astral abductions. Most of the physical abductees and astral abductees have very little or no recollection of the abductions.

In a physical abduction by aliens, the victim’s physical body is removed from its physical environment and physically taken to a spaceship. However, when physical abductions are carried out by human agents of governments or other organizations, the victims are taken to a physical location that might simulate an alien spaceship. In an astral abduction by aliens, which is far more common than a physical abduction, the victim’s astral body is abducted whist the victim is asleep or otherwise in repose.


When the astral body is invaded by any intruders, there will be trauma suffered that will eventually translate into the physical body and surface as physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

The places where the invasive activities occur are often remembered by the victims as hospital-like settings. Sometimes the victims can remember being in a hospital. Sometimes it can be a seaside resort setting or a floating tank. Others appear in a beautiful garden. Some others can remember being in a spacecraft. Some theatres can be remembered as nightmarish whilst others can be recalled as pleasant or familiar.


Often, the memories come in a childhood setting. Because of this, most people think it is a dream. Most people do not remember anything for many weeks, months or even years. Then, they think that they are recalling a vivid dream. Sometimes, something in the physical sparks off a memory and they get a sense of familiarity or déjà vu because they do not recall being abducted. Besides, the perpetrators often place false memories into the victims to replace the actual abduction.

However, there are those whose minds were able to override the inhibitions that temporarily block the memories, so that it is possible for the victims to eventually remember parts of their abduction. Even if the victims do not recall the abductions, it does not prevent them from having the symptoms of the trauma manifesting in their lives. In one sense, this is worse than those who can recall their abductions because they do not know what has happened to them.

Victims of abductions are often treated by medical doctors who are unaware of the possibility of alien abductions. They, in turn treat the alien assault as being an internal problem that is affecting their patient’s thought process, mental state, emotional well-being etc. They attribute these symptoms to stress, genetic pre-dispositions, mental illness etc. In prescribing medicines to treat the symptoms from the abductions, the doctors are inadvertently masking the victim’s memories and recall by dulling and weakening their etheric, astral and other subtle bodies.


The doctors mistakenly believe they have successfully treated a patient when the patient no longer complains about their nightmares.

Ironically, the medications make the victims even more vulnerable to external invasions, attacks and possession of their physical bodies. The side effects of the drugs can include hallucinations, compulsive behavior, violent episodes and severe mood swings.


Treatment with certain drugs, especially on long-term basis, can weaken and pollute the chakras temporarily or permanently which makes the person vulnerable to possession or leaching of astral beings on their subtle bodies to manipulate their actions. Some patients describe having someone in their mind telling them to do something against their will. This is usually the sign of invasion, manipulation by physical or astral beings or by the leaching of thought patterns that are floating around in the ether.

When a person loses control, it can be due to possession. When the possession is only partial, the victim can fight off the invasion by exerting his or her own will. But, when there is a full possession, it is harder to “evict” the invaders.

Aliens have the technology to manipulate the human auric system to bring about their desired results. They can manipulate brainwaves by stimulating various parts of the brain. This amounts to very serious, sophisticated mind alteration and/or control. Many current political, military and civilian figures are in such a state from alien manipulations of them. This leaves human beings in a precarious state indeed.

The first thing that people can do at this stage of the alien wars is to realize that alien beings are at war with humans.


Once the alien programming that causes people to deny alien existence is broken, the victims and other humans can begin to see through the alien agenda. After it is seen through, resistance can occur. This resistance has to come from the individuals, who steadfastly refuse to conform to alien commands.

People need to rely upon their intuition to guide them away from alien-programmed behavior towards human affairs. This is not an easy task at first because what you think is intuition could be programming by the opposition. Thus, one has to make an effort to refine ones spiritual energies sufficiently to allow guidance from the True Divine Source.

When thoughts, impulses, suggestions and other things pop into one’s mind, people should sort through whether they are internal things or come from external bombardment. The external things are the things to be resisted. In the past, constant bombardment by news, information, advertisements, educational, religious and political materials were the main means of brainwashing and persuasive influence over others. Today, the brainwashing is much more subtle and sophisticated so that very few even suspect it is occurring.

Sounds and beams are used to weaken people to make them susceptible to suggestions. The brainwashing is so prevalent now that crowds can be quickly gathered and turned to promote or resist whatever the programmer desires. Often the physical message is opposite to the programming. That is, people are told one thing in the physical and given an overriding, powerful opposite command.


For example, a politician could espouse racial and religious equality and peace whilst sending the subliminal message of bigotry and war. An earlier example of this being applied in the physical was shown by Shakespeare in Marc Anthony’s oratory over Julius Caesar’s body. Anthony kept repeating supposed praise of Brutus whilst all the while stirring the crowd against him. Anthony’s speech was a very crude form of what the aliens are doing to humans today.

Everyone is subjected to bombardment from thought patterns floating in the ether, from physical things they see and hear everyday. Television, books and conversations affect them with programming on their subtle bodies. The programming on the subtle bodies is constant. Darkness created the subtle bodies to make it easier to control the thoughts and actions of victims with programming. Some people foolishly participate in activities that weaken their resistance to external programming and manipulation.

Sometimes the programming takes the form of depletion of life force energy, or, worse still, vampirism, which can be done deliberately by those who know how to siphon energy from others. There are also ignorant “ energy vampires” who latch onto others without knowing they are stealing huge amounts of energy until the victim is so depleted of energy that they are exhausted to the extent of feeling sick for days. This will occur more frequently as the shortage of energy becomes more critical all over the world.

The human brain can be easily blocked and manipulated.


Anaesthetic drugs and sevoflurane gas are some of the agents that can do just that, but their effects are extremely complex and deleterious to the physical and subtle bodies. For instance, most patients cannot remember a surgical procedure performed with general anaesthetic. Those who can remember usually do so because they were in an out-of-body state and hovering in the operating theatre. Near-death experiences demonstrate this. All of these occurrences have connections with their subtle bodies. The ruling elite are now working on a drug that will wipe out people’s memories of surgery in the name of mercy so people will not remember their traumas or other emotions.


This drug will be used in many places for nefarious reasons, in many crimes committed by individuals, organizations and governments. The memory wiper will have far reaching applications.

Strobe lights and black lights can alter one’s perception of time and space. Other types of extreme lighting conditions can noticeably affect moods and dispositions. Certain types of music and noises can severely affect people’s behavior and actions. All of these are forms of programming used in the physical on physical beings.

Chemical programming can be very intense, whether administered voluntarily or involuntarily. LSD and other psychedelic drugs, peyote cacti, psilocybin mushrooms and other plants can induce dimensional shifts by affecting people’s brainwaves. Under general anaesthetic, people are oblivious to painful and traumatic events occurring to their bodies.

Chemical programming can be so strong that it can push the subtle bodies to other dimensions, numb pain and block memories of events. Under the influence of certain intoxicating drugs at certain levels, people can be awake and actively performing activities without having any memory whatsoever of the events afterwards. The most common of these would be alcoholic blackouts.

The perfect soldier for the ruling elite is one who will function physically and commit atrocious acts with no memory of the activities. This is the most dangerous and horrible type of soldier that is created by Darkness’ agents. This is an extreme form of a psy-op victim.

The actions of certain lone gunmen are robotic, totally programmed, non-conscious events. However, most lone gunmen have some awareness of what they are doing and retain memories of what led up to the shooting. Especially those of the latter category are usually eliminated right after they strike their targets to protect the programmers from being suspected. The elimination of lone gunmen can be accomplished by programming the lone gunmen to take their own lives, or they are terminated by the programmers’ agents who are at the scene.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s case was an early, crude example in the development of the lone-gunman model. There were many footprints and clues left behind in that case that required the cover-up to reach the highest levels of the American government, to the extent that “magic bullets” are officially used to explain away everything to point all of the guilt at Lee Harvey Oswald. From this episode, the authorities learned that lone gunmen had to be eliminated at the scene to avoid messiness and “magic bullets”.

The lone-gunman model has since been refined and is now very sophisticated. The ideal targets of the lone-gunman programming have certain emotional profiles that land them into treatment where their minds are tampered with by various means.


This type of target has a built-in profile to explain their crazed behavior. If the lone gunman has no such pre-existing profile, the programmers will invent one to tie it to the assailant. In most cases, the general public is totally oblivious to the complexities and conspiracies surrounding lone-gunman strikes. Alien technology goes far beyond what human hands can do. Aliens can create lone gunmen by directing beams and inaudible sounds at the victims to carry out alien commands.


Any government that acquires this alien technology will be able to do the same.

In one sense, lone gunmen are not too different from suicide bombers. Although both appear to be willing participants in the events, the former are usually duped by wicked manipulators whilst the latter are ideologically stirred to sacrifice themselves for a cause.

Those who inspire suicide bombers often take the credit; lone gunmen are supposed to be individual “nut” cases. The secret responsible parties hide in the walls like cockroaches. Anyone with mind-control technology can unleash lone gunmen. Ironically, the authorities dare not expose them, even when “renegade” lone gunmen emerge.

Darkness is jealous of the True Light. Simply put, the Virtual Reality began with a single thought by Darkness. Then It formed the first alas to secrete and protect Its thoughts from exposure. Secrecy is an important ingredient in the construction and maintenance of Darkness’ Virtual Reality. Secrecy can be used for selfish or collective material gains. Secrecy and secrets drive the Virtual reality. Darkness thrives on it.

Darkness created all things in this Virtual Reality and tainted them with varying degrees of jealousy. Jealousy can range from apparently harmless envy and seemingly natural sibling rivalry to obviously more serious national jealousies, where one country jealously pursues another that has become powerful and wealthy.

A person who is burning with jealousy of another’s beauty, happiness, success, wealth, popularity, career can invent and spread lies and inflict bodily harm or use other means to discredit or destroy the object of his or her burning jealousy.

Professors who are envious and threatened by their gifted students and their wonderful research work can be programmed to go about destroying students’ credibility and work. Likewise, jealous students have corrupted and destroyed the credibility of their teachers. This was especially seen in the case of Aristotle trying to usurp Plato’s work.

So-called best friends are betrayed because of jealousy. A jealous partner can commit murder because of jealousy. Parents, children, siblings, business partners and members of all types of organizations can fall victims of jealousy or can become infested by it. Jealousy can distort and blind one’s perception of truth and justice.

A person who is jealous of a friend’s success can perceive the friend’s success as undeserved, their wealth as being due to greed, and their popularity as being the result of deception and fraud. In other words, the jealous person cannot bring himself to be happy for a friend or relative in any facet of life that the jealous person lacks.


To hide their failures and inadequacies, the jealous people attack those who are happy and fulfilled. They want to drag everyone into their miserable, pathetic state in order to quench their jealousy. Happiness, success and comfort are things that are despised by jealous people. Jealousy is a programmed trait that was created by Darkness.

Jealousy has serious by-products that impact everyone in the jealous person’s life. For example, a pretty girl can be so affected by jealousy and attacks from a jealous person that she will try to make herself less attractive in order to appease her jealous friends; a high achiever will deliberately make mistakes in order to score lower marks so as to be accepted by jealous peers.


This, in turn, causes undue stress, anxieties, inner-conflict, insecurity and other types of negative emotions for the victims of the jealous assailant. Jealous men have been known to bulldoze neighboring gardens to allow them to sleep better knowing that they have blighted their neighbor's beautiful gardens. Jealousy has spawned many murders, feuds and wars.

Ultimately, the entire Virtual Reality was established on programming, with the primary emphasis on jealousy. From jealousy sprouted racism, class distinctions, crimes, delusions of grandeur, “improper” pride, hate, greed, arrogance, ego, selfishness, superiority, destruction of all forms, and secrecy of all types (individual, co-operative, corporate, national etc.). Lust, hate, fear, emotional love, death, doubts, supposed spiritual advancement, lies, fraud, deception and many other dark seeds of jealousy infect the entire Virtual Reality. Darkness feeds on the powerful emotions of jealousy, hate, fear and so on to empower Itself and maintain Its Virtual Reality.

Instead of allowing negative emotions to fester, one should channel them into positive actions that diffuse the negativity. Darkness thrives on negativity. Instead of harboring jealousy concerning someone’s achievements and allowing the negativity to fester, cut it off as early as possible. By severing the negative energy through focusing on something positive, many of the effects of the negativity can be overcome.

A jealous god will destroy anyone or anything that stands in its way. It will cause separation and distrust of others to keep its empire secure. The myth of the tower of Babel demonstrates how far Darkness will go to separate others to maintain Its mysteries, secrets and power. In the last days of this Virtual Reality, unprecedented displays of jealousy, in form and degrees never before encountered, will exacerbate misery and suffering on the planet.

In the True-Light Creation, there is no jealousy. There is no fear, suffering, poverty, lies, secrets, conflict or death.

The Virtual Reality thrives upon conflict and war. Without wars, the entire Evil system would eventually collapse. Darkness’ agents wear masks of war and masks of peace, but, both types spread conflict, killing and wars.

There is a saying amongst the Chinese that the Chinese people are like sand and cannot unite for the common good. But, the new generation of Chinese are very different. They have seen how easily a country can be bullied and swallowed by another powerful agent using the divide-and-conquer strategy, such as that presently being attempted in Tibet. The Tibetan crisis will only strengthen Chinese resolve. It will help to unite the people into a stronger nation.

Another saying amongst the Chinese is that no matter how much disharmony there is in a family, differences are set aside when there is an outside attack on a family member. In other words, they put on a united front to defend the family. Moreover, there is a distinct, and powerful force supporting the Chinese nation at this time. This force is holding together the entire nation and working to unify previously separated parts that had fallen victim to the divide-and-conquer scheme.

The chosen earthly leader of the Reptilians is a royal figure residing in Great Britain. The chosen earthly leader of the Vulturites wears the mask of a religious figure. These two beings are in serious conflict, even though it is not obvious in the physical to most people.

The Reptilians will maintain their critical positions well. But, the Vulturites are mobilized and have seized opportunities and strengthened their position. If the Reptilians remain complacent and continue with their façade of appeasement, they could be in for a rude awakening. In the end, the real losers are the humans, who are caught up in the midst of alien wars. Humans are pawns, fodder, prisoners and slaves of the evil aliens.

The Great Hawk, under the Vulturite push, is rapidly absorbing European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern countries. The Eagle is directing the Great Hawk in its march to the Ural Mountains.

It is possible to avoid some of the programming by exerting one’s Will.


In these unsettling times, one can strive for inner calmness and patiently await liberation and final unification in the True Light.