Hereís something I wrote to another person recently explaining more:

By fall 2001 I had finished my study of the ancient material presented by Sitchin, and in November 2001 I personally met Zecharia Sitchin, Neil Freer, Robert Bauval, and other well-known figures in this field at the Cosmic Connections conference in Sedona, AZ. It was then that I shifted gears from studying the ancient stuff to linking it with the present and with how we can free the Earth from the parasites and set it on the right path in peace and friendship with our brothers and sisters on other planets.


The first problem was to fill the gap between where Sitchin ends his story of the Anunnaki (2024 BCE) and the present. This is a gap of 4000 years. I needed to figure out exactly when, how, and why did the Anunnaki leave the Earth, and how did the Earth transition from overt rule by Anunnaki to present covert rule by the shadow government. I pondered about this question for a few months and by May 2002 I had arrived at my present theory.

My present theory (some of it outlined in the paper I pointed you in Part 1) is that at one time our solar system was a melting pot for people from different stars. The Anunnaki who came here from the 10th planet of the solar system were the product of that community, and the legacy was carried on when they created us through genetic engineering.


There was also an ancient civilization on Mars (and possibly on Venus too), although I still know too little about that. The Moon is the oldest body in the solar system: some its rocks were dated at 5.3 billion years, whereas the age of the Earth and the solar system is very strongly believed to be 4.6 billion years, and is in fact really a planet of its own (I can give you more technical astronomical details if you want).

But then this happy community was invaded by a galactic colonial power seeking to complete enslave this circle of bodies, the mulmul, our solar system as it is called in the ancient texts. This colonial power, as Iíve explained in the paper Iíve pointed you to, is the Judeo-Christian god. As Iíve explained there this is how the ancient knowledge and advanced civilization were stomped into the ground and the world was thrust into the dark ages until the Renaissance.

Here I have to acknowledge the contribution of Robert Bauval whom I met at the Nov 2001 Cosmic Connections conference. As this is getting very long Iíll have to explain what it is some other time, but his work helped me figure out one very important secret. As it turns out, all the great medieval figures like Isaac Newton who helped bring us the world where science has largely replaced religion actually had strong connections with the Egyptian esoteric mythology, and it was the latter that inspired them to come up with Science that dares to go against the Church.

As I already explained, contrary to what weíve all been taught no one except the Judeo-Christians has ever had a religion in the sense of opium for the people. The ancient Sumerians, Babylonians,
Egyptians and others had NO dogmatic religions. Their teachings were not ďfaithĒ but knowledge, knowledge in the scientific sense, truth rather than dogma. Their ďgodsĒ were not really gods, they were not some ďspiritsĒ but mundane flesh-and-blood ETs.


And the Egyptian ďgodsĒ were the very same as the Sumerian Anunnaki, and the ancient Egyptian esoteric texts were none other than complex scientific knowledge of the Anunnaki. THAT was the origin of the Renaissance: we owe our scientific knowledge of today mostly to a religious revolution in which some dared to defect from the Catholic dogma and convert to the Egyptian religion instead, which was not really a religion at all but an ancient and difficult to understand system of scientific knowledge.

The reason this revelation is so important is its political implication. Or I should say exopolitical. Just as biology is the study of life and exobiology is the study of extraterrestrial life, in the same way as politics is the study of power relations in and between Earth nations, so is exopolitics the study of power relations in outer space.


Think about it: it seems like at least at that early stage the Yahwistsí goals were to kick the Anunnaki off the Earth and to hold the humankind down face in the toilet. Judeo-Christianity was very successful at that for many many centuries. But why did they suddenly let go of the grip? Why are we not still in Middle Ages? And the real big question is, did they let go of the grip, or did they not?

And I believe, and this is unfortunate, that the answer is no, they never let go of the grip. They are still in power today. I believe so based on what is happening in the world today, what happened throughout the 20th century, and what happened in the centuries just before. And this is where my Marxist background comes into play. The theory of Marx and Engels explains how humanity has evolved from primitive communal societies through slavery and through feudalism to capitalism, and how capitalism is still unstable and must give way first to socialism and then to communism.


Now Engels followed in the steps of Darwin and rested his theory in the hypothesis that we emerged from savagery. I donít blame him for this because at that time they could not know any better, but now we do. Knowledge that DNA is a computer program resolutely disproves macroevolution, and we have overwhelming evidence for advanced knowledge and technology in antiquity, proving Sitchinís theory of extraterrestrial origin of human civilization which started out advanced.


So the primitive communal societies that Marx and Engels wrote about were not so primitive after all. The slaveholding world order that followed is in full agreement with my theory that we were enslaved by a colonial galactic power, and the medieval feudalism of course had the Catholic church at its vertex.

But what about Marxí prediction that capitalism has to give way to socialism and communism? Marx and Engelsí reasoning was of course based on the presumption of the humanity evolving on its own free of external controls. Thus the agreement or disagreement of their predictions with reality can be used to test for the presence or absence of such external controls. In particular, it can help answer the question of whether the Yahwist reptiles let go of their grip on the Earth or not at the time when feudalism gave way to capitalism, right after Renaissance.


And here is my theory of what happened


When the European thinkers of the Renaissance rediscovered the ancient Egyptian teachings, they associated themselves first and foremost with with the Egyptian goddess Isis. Sitchin has shown (and I agree with his analysis) that Isis was the great-great-granddaughter of Anunnaki leader Enki. Enki led a separate faction of the Anunnaki that I believe was partially Sirian, as Enkiís mother was apparently from Sirius (the brightest star as seen from Earth).


In the division of the Earth between different factions of the Anunnaki ancient Egypt always belonged to the Enkiites. It was the latter who built the 3 great pyramids on the Giza plateau (the pharaohs tried to copy them, giving us all the other pyramids, but none of them could ever come even close to the three built by the ďgodsĒ themselves). And star Sirius was always very prominent in the Egyptian esoteric tradition, which I believe is no accident.

How is this relevant? It seems like Isis was brave enough to make several attempts at recovering the Earth long after it was taken over by the Yahwists and all other Anunnaki fled in their spaceships. As it turns out there is a very well-known city on Earth that still bears her name. That city is Paris. Paris was founded around 300-200 BCE and its original Latin name is Par-Isis, the city of Isis. (This was one of the critical clues that Robert Bauvalís lecture gave me.)

In light of this knowledge and of the fact that France was a major centre of the Enlightenment, coupled with some other curious facts (e.g. that Josephine, Napoleonís wife, considered herself almost a reincarnation of Isis, or that the French have copied many Egyptian elements and seriously contemplated building their own stone pyramids), a case can be made for the hypothesis that the Enlightenment/Renaissance which significantly weakened the Catholic church was none other than another attempt by Enkiite/Sirian Anunnaki to take this planet back from the Yahwists (the colonial power responsible for the Judeo-Christian opium for the people).

It looks like that attempt was a partial success and partial failure. It wasnít entirely successful as the French Revolution was not carried all the way to a permanent regime change to bring back ancient Egypt under the Anunnaki. But it was a partial success in that feudalism gave way to capitalism. Sure, capitalism is horrible, but it is a state that does not need external control, and furthermore wild capitalism is an unstable transition state that has to give way to something else (Marx predicted communism, but unfortunately that is not the only possibility as Iíll show in a moment).

The internal contradictions of wild capitalism led to revolutionary situations forming in Russia and Germany, but the two countries took drastically different paths. Why? This is where we are getting closer to Roswell, as the hidden war between the Anunnaki and the Yahwists took a new turn. I believe that the Cold War was actually that very same cosmic war, with the Soviets being on the side of the Anunnaki and the U.S. being on the side of Yahwists. Furthermore, the post-WW2 (and post-Roswell!) American superpower is actually nothing but a continuation of the Third Reich. And Hitler was a Jew.

This theory is based on ufology. There is plenty of evidence that the U.S. government is working with bad ETs. If you find this difficult to swallow, read Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs, or Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-up by Timothy Good. And I believe these bad ETs are the very same Yahwists. Aside from this being the simplest possibility, there are two connections that point to it. These are the penile connection and the MJ12-Christ connection.

The penile connection: it was Yahweh who first instituted penile mutilation starting with Abraham. It is surely barbaric and causes great harm, but it is generally considered a mark. Once when I was explaining this to someone, I heard this objection: whatís the point of a mark in a place that nobody sees? This was a valid objection and I thought about it for a while, and then the answer hit me: when you get abducted by aliens and probed, what is the very first place where they go?


In women they seem mostly interested in getting to the ovaries by poking through the belly button, although the vaginal area also gets some attention, but in men they go straight to the penis usually. Thus there is a possibility that this is indeed whom the mark was intended to be seen by. If this is so, it obviously points to a connection between the ancient institution of mutilation and the present day abductions performed by aliens working together with the U.S. government.


The MJ12-Christ connection


First if you donít know what MJ12 is, youíll first need to read the books I have indicated to understand this. But basically MJ12 is a very high-ranking group controlling US-ET relations. The smoking gun here is that one leaked government document refers to the aliens having planted a figure on Earth about 2000 years ago which obviously implies Christ. But which aliens? That document is certainly talking about the ones that the government is working with. And Iíve already told you what I think about Christ: an agent-provocateur of the colonial Yahwist power on a mission to stomp the humanity into darkness, which is what Christianity did.

There are many other clues indicating that Yahweh, Christ, Judeo-Christianity, the Medieval Catholic church, the present US government, and the aliens they are working with at Area 51 are all the same stuff. Connections have been exposed between Vatican, the Italian Mafia, and U.S. CIA. The Judeo-Christian dogma is more prevalent in this country than anywhere else in the world. And finally, as I just learned fairly recently, most men of my age or older in this country are mutilated! I am really fortunate to be Russian and thank the Communist Soviet government for my intact penis.

But letís look on the other side of the Berlin wall. What evidence do we have that the Soviets were indeed on the side of the Anunnaki?  Before we go to the Soviet Union, letís look at ancient Russia. Tracing pagan religions (i.e. Anunnaki-run societies) and their clash with Judeo-Christianity throughout the world reveals that not only were the ancient Russian pagan gods the very same Anunnaki, but ancient Russia was their very last place on Earth after the Yahwists had kicked them out of everywhere else.

I have long suspected that the USSR was in fact a continuation of ancient Russia. (By ancient Russia I mean pre-czar, as the czar was clearly subservient to the Christian god and hence an enemy.) My suspicions were confirmed when my dad told me the theory that Stalinís father was a knyaz. Knyazi were the olden Russian nobility stemming from pre-czarist ancient Russia. Other clues that the USSR was a bone in the throat for our extraterrestrial enemies and most probably allied with the Anunnaki have to do with the way it collapsed. This is something that happened when I still lived there and can tell you the story firsthand.

Shortly after USSR was publicly declared history in 1991 a small group of old leaders tried to restore it with the famous coup (putch) in which Gorbachev was held under house arrest at his dacha in Faros. I was there as that story unfolded and saw it all happen. And the thing that turned me on end was how when it was all over they asked Gorbachev on TV what happened there and among his reply there was this phrase ďwell, I will never tell you everythingĒ (exact words, my translation).


This phrase made a lasting impression on me. I couldnít make out exactly what it was, but I had this definite feeling that whatever he was not talking about was something of paramount importance to humanity, on par with the Great Pyramids. While at that time I thought too little about ufology, as I learned more about the latter and started thinking more, the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that whatever Gorbachev was not telling us was something ufological and something going to the core of the matter, why the Soviet Union collapsed, what was the coup really about, etc.

The other smoking gun is Chernobyl. Recently one of my comrades who lives in ex-USSR and who is a good engineer pointed me to an article (I can give you the link, but itís in Russian) explaining in great detail what happened there. The article was written shortly after the disaster by one of the leading Soviet nuclear engineers who was one of the original designers of that power plant, and it was very impressive.


It was not atoms, and it was not bad Soviet technology that caused that disaster. It was the people, the powers that were. It was as if reactor unit #4 was meant to blow up. All actions of the personnel were, it seems like, purposely intended to cause the disaster. Had the personnel done anything differently there would have been no disaster. Itís a VERY long article and lists tons of hair-raising things that happened there, but here is just one for you to ponder over.

The reactor has a system called SAOR. It stands for sistema avarijnogo ohlazhdeniya reaktora, reactor emergency cooling system. It is a system precisely designed for preventing meltdowns, and a meltdown is what quickly led to the explosion at Chernobyl. Nuclear reactions always release heat. Lots of it. Itís just physics and there is no way to stop it. In normally operation this heat produces steam that rotates the turbines of generators, giving us electricity. But in case of an emergency situation there must still always be something else to cool the reactor, and this is what SAOR is for. SAOR consists of reservoirs of cold water and independent pumps for pouring that water into the reactor.

Reactor unit #4 at the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant blew up when the personnel performed a very risky experiment on it. In fact the experiment was so suicidally risky that it is an enigma how someone could have designed such an experiment and why none of the several mandatory approval agencies screamed on and instead silently approved it.


The experiment was kind of like jumping out of a plane without a parachute just to test whether one can survive such a fall or not. Basically they deliberately put the reactor into an unfavorable mode of operation to test the safety of the powerplant. Kind of like testing your safety against electrocution by touching a live 10 kV wire and seeing if you get killed or not. But Iím digressing...

So get this: prior to the experiment they shut off the valve of the SAOR system and to prevent the possibility of anyone turning it back on, they chained it up and padlocked it. Iím not making this up: itís a well-documented fact. They all later openly confessed to it, and I think the recovery teams after the disaster even saw the valve in that state. Now what do you make of this?

Actually the reactor design was not that bad after all and there were many other safety mechanisms. But they were all deliberately defeated in a similar manner. So had they done JUST ONE THING differently, anything, there would have been no disaster.

After I was done reading that I could only think that those who basically deliberately blew up the reactor acted under some sort of hypnosis. (While that is a whole different subject, I do know quite a bit about parapsychology, and I can personally testify that it works. Iíve seen people do it and Iíve ever done it myself.) And then a few months ago I read that someone saw a UFO hovering over the powerplant that fateful night...

The Chernobyl disaster certainly played a major role in the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the way it happened definitely indicates that some extremely powerful entity wanted the USSR brought down. But what made my hair stand on end was one thing that the author of the article mentioned. As Iíve said he was one of the original designers of that powerplant. When he first came to the site where the powerplant was being built, he rode a taxi, and as they drove, they talked about the area and its beauty, etc. And the driver reminded him that it was the most ancient land, the place where knyaz Svyatoslav was choosing his bride.

That was almost unbelievable. The heart of ancient Russia, the Anunnakiís last place on Earth, was none other than Chernobyl!  Now the RBMK reactor used at that powerplant was not the best reactor design in the world and some of its flaws played a role in the disaster, but there were many, many RBMK reactors in the Soviet Union, and none of the others blew up.


Why did they blow up that one specifically? Was it just a coincidence that they chose to blow up the reactor located precisely at the site of the Anunnakiís last place on Earth, to poison the place with radiation and prevent them from coming back there? I donít believe in coincidence any more. Nothing is planned more carefully than an accident.

So this is my theory of who were the good guys and the bad guys, in human history and in outer space around us. The bad guys are still in control, but there have been several attempts by the good guys to defeat them and to bring back the free peaceful Earth and solar system, the USSR being the last such attempt.

And I want to fight for our planet and our human race. I wonít be led to the slaughter house without a fight. I am an engineer and I believe we can create technology to defeat the dark empire. And we most certainly have friends and allies on other planets whom we just fight together with. The reason I have spent so much effort to recreate a clear picture of history and to determine who is who is to know whom to contact with alliance proposals and whom to shoot.


To know where the enemies have their bases which we must attack and where are the good guys located and hence where we can fly for help. And I am working on means of communication. (With the Anunnaki and other potential allies.)

Here is some more stuff I wrote in other old E-mails a few months ago:

Check out David Ickeís section. The most shocking piece of truth is The Reptilian Connection.

But just like Zecharia Sitchin, Neil Freer, Al Alford, Jim Marrs, and others, David in his search for the Truth has missed one vitally important secret, what I would call the greatest Secret of Secrets, one that goes beyond all the great secrets those diligent researchers have uncovered, one without which one will never know the real Truth.

There was not one but TWO different extraterrestrial forces that have controlled this planet and our existence on it. The first was the Anunnaki, Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came in Sumerian. They came here about 450.000 years ago at which time the evolution on Earth was at the stage of the hominid ape. The inexplicable jump from the hominid ape to Homo Sapiensthe missing linkĒ) was the result of a genetic engineering effort by Anunnaki leaders Enki and Ninmah/Ninti (later called Ninharsag).


They are our creators, as documented in the Sumerian Atra-Hasis text. There is even a depiction of Ninmah holding baby Adam as she exclaims ďI have created! My hands have made it!Ē while Enki stands nearby working with flasks and test tubes. The ancient texts say this happened around 250.000 years ago, just as the modern anthropologists have concluded.




Thoth, Enki and Ninmah with the first hybrid Anunnaki/Homo Erectus
Sumerian cylinder seal (from Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 13)



Around 3800 BC the Anunnaki gave humans civilization (ďKingship was lowered from HeavenĒ) and the first human civilization, Sumer in Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers, today Iraq, appeared. It was then that all this was written down for posterity on clay tablets that have been undug there over the past 150 years. The Anunnaki were the ďgodsĒ of that civilization and all ancient world.

The Anunnaki divided into two clans led by half-brothers and political rivals Enki and Enlil, sons of Anu, the king of their home planet, which is the
tenth planet of our solar system (Ninmah/Ninti/Ninharsag was a half-sister to both of them). Early on in their Earth mission (before the creation of man) they divided the Earth between them.


Enlil took over the E.DIN (the Biblical Eden), their original base in the ancient Near East, while Enki went down to Africa to hold dominion over that entire continent. In time Enki established Egypt as his primary domain. Enkiís clan was often referred to as serpentine (thatís what David Icke is talking about when he mentions ancient references to a ďserpent raceĒ).

Despite the serpentine references (which were specific to Enkiís clan), the Anunnaki (all of them) certainly did not look reptilian. They looked like us, and that is simply because when they created us they made us look like them. (Thatís where the Biblical Elohim (plural) say ďlet us create Adam in our image, after our likeness.Ē) They were so much like humans that they were sexually compatible with humans and very lovely.


This certainly does not suggest dragon-like reptilian beings: Anunnaki ladies (ďgoddessesĒ) were very beautiful and having sex with a goddess was the greatest honor an ancient man (king or noble) could get, and I for one definitely would not want to mate with a reptile. The main physical difference between us and the Anunnaki seems to be their height. They were referred to as the ďlofty onesĒ (ilu in Akkadian, which when mistranslated as ďgodsĒ gave rise to the notion of religion, previously non-existent), and there are many ancient depictions of groups of people led by a leader much taller than his followers. Some sources suggest that they were as tall as 4.5 m (14-15 ft).

The Sumerian texts leave no doubt as to the genealogy of the Anunnaki leaders. Enlil was king Anuís legal heir because he was born to him by his official wife queen Antu, who was also his half-sister. However, he was not the firstborn. The firstborn was Ea/Enki, born to Anu by a concubine.


Ninmah was born to him by another concubine, thus becoming a half-sister to both Enki and Enlil. While Ea was Anuís only son, he was growing up thinking that he would be the heir as the firstborn, and then suddenly out of Antuís womb comes Enlil to challenge him and become the new legal heir due to his mother being Anuís official wife and half-sister. It is no wonder then why they were political rivals for the rest of their lives.

This sheds some light on why Enkiís clan may have been referred to as serpentine. The ancient texts undug so far provide no information about Enkiís mother. It is entirely possible that she was from a different starsystem than Anu. (Those people were certainly capable of interstellar travel.) There is evidence that this is indeed the case. One self-proclaimed channeler claims (I normally donít consider information from such dubious sources, but in this case it corroborates other evidence) that her name was Isis and she came from Sirius with some Orion connections. This warrants further examination.

Isis is the name of a well-known Egyptian goddess. But few people know that this is not how the Egyptians called her. They called her Ast or Asta, which was most likely her real name, and Isis was the Greek version. Yet the rest of the world knows her as Isis. The Egyptian Isis was the great-granddaughter of Ra and the sister-wife of Osiris. Ra was the firstborn son of Enki, which makes the Egyptian Isis Enkiís great-great-granddaughter, rather than his mother.

Yet people often name their children after their ancestors. What if there was Isis Sr., Enkiís mother, and Isis Jr., his great-great-granddaughter, the Egyptian Isis?  If this is so, in the case of Isis Sr. Isis is probably also a nickname, rather than the real name. What was her real original name? I believe it was AS-T. There is one source that indicates that Anuís real name was AN (which agrees with the Sumerian data), that Anu was derived from AN-U, that his wife queen Antu was actually AN-T, and that the lady known as Ninmah, Ninti, or Ninharsag was named at birth SEN-T.

(The name SEN-T doesnít appear in any Sumerian texts to my knowledge, but it is more likely to be her original name than any of her Sumerian names. Her earliest name on Earth was NIN.MAH, ďGreat LadyĒ or ďExalted LadyĒ, and this sounds like a complimentary title. She was indeed very attractive when she was young, and highly desired by both Enki and Enlil.)

The apparent grammatical structure of their male and female names suggests AS-T as the most likely original name from which Ast or Asta was derived in Egypt.

The Egyptians associated their Isis with the star Sirius. The evidence thus comes full circle: it appears that one of ANís concubines who was Enkiís mother was named AS-T and that she came from Sirius. It seems that AS-T is also how the star itself is called by the star people. (From my limited knowledge of how the star people call their stars, the name AS-T sounds plausible.)

But what about the reptilian connection? How does this make Enkiís clan serpentine? I may have the answer to this question. The same source that talks about AN fathering EA/EN-KI, AN-EN/EN-LIL, and SEN-T also talks about an elder star race called ARI-AN. They are reportedly tall and referred to as reptile men. They are mentioned in passing as having had some involvement in Earth affairs, although it was apparently limited.


I have long been wondering who were the ARI-AN until one day the etymology struck me that ARI-AN sounds awfully like Orion. Now remember that the same channeler who claimed that Enkiís mother was from Sirius also claimed that she had some Orion connections. Could it be that she had some ARI-AN genes?

If this is so and if ARI-AN is indeed Orion, the evidence again comes full circle. Enkiís clan then got its serpentine genes from ARI-AN through Sirius and AS-T. This would also explain why the Egyptians considered constellation Orion so important. (The three great pyramids on the Giza plateau are located exactly in the same arrangement as the three stars of Orionís belt, Zeta Orionis, Epsilon Orionis, and Delta Orionis, appear in the sky.)

This is where one should ask: how could they have reptilian genes and yet look the same as, be fully sexually compatible with, and be just as attractive as the other Anunnaki who presumably did not have such reptilian genes, and us humans?


Biology and evolution come as our answer


The same source that talks about the ARI-AN says that those reptilian beings who are highly evolved no longer look like reptiles but look more like us. This was apparently the case with the ARI-AN. Such evolution is not without precedent on Earth. I believe the dinosaurs were warm-blooded, and thus were closer to birds than reptiles.


I believe so because the dinosaurs were very strong and some could even fly, and such strength requires the metabolism of a warm-blooded organism. (Flight requires immense strength. If a man had wings, he would have to be 70 times stronger than he is in order to fly.)

Thus it appears that the ďserpentineĒ Anunnaki of Enkiís clan were not physically reptilian as David Icke seems to think, instead they looked just like us as Iíve already said, but had some reptilian elements inside, which we all probably do.

But aside from biology and genetics, what kind of people were they? Were they good or bad? All evidence points that Enki and his children were the humanityís greatest benefactors ever. (This is getting very long, so Iíll save the details for another time.) And Enkiís great-great-granddaughter Isis Jr. appears to have been the humanityís Lightgiver, and one brave enough to have continued to play this role long after the rest of the Anunnaki have been kicked off the Earth (see below).


She founded the city of Paris, often called the City of Light, and gave it her name: its original Latin name is Par-Isis. I believe she led Joan díArc, the French enlighteners, the other carriers of light and knowledge of the Renaissance, and the Russian revolutionaries-liberators (more about this later). There are even some hints that she was the prototype of Jesus Christ, and the name Jesus was a pun on Isis.

The story of the Anunnaki from about 450.000 years ago to 2024 BC is related very well with overwhelming supporting evidence in the works of Zecharia Sitchin, a lifelong researcher of ancient history and one of about 200 people in the world who can read the Sumerian language, the oldest language on Earth.


Sitchin did not invent this story as a tale of fiction, he merely relates to the rest of us who canít easily read the ancient languages what has been passed to us in the ancient writings from all over the world, primarily Mesopotamia, Canaan, Egypt, and ancient America. The ancient texts he quotes are really ancient texts, not his own writings, and doubters can go to the British Museum, the Louvre, Hermitage, and other major museums to verify that those ancient texts are real.

The problem with Sitchin is that he fails to address what happened outside the abovementioned time period. He does not attempt to find the origin of the Anunnaki before they came to Earth, which I believe is necessary in order to truly understand who they were and how this meshes in with the ancient Martian civilization and the ancient Moon. Even more seriously Sitchin conceals what I consider the Secret of Secrets which goes beyond the secrets uncovered about the Anunnaki: after the Anunnaki another alien race came to Earth, kicked the Anunnaki out, and they are the ones who covertly rule the entire Earth today.

At the same time when Sumer was laid waste by the deadly radioactive cloud brought eastward by the wind from the Sinai Peninsula where two hot-nerved Anunnaki leaders nuked their own spaceport (Sodom, Gomorrah, and a few other cities were nuked at the same time with all their innocent residents simply because the war-makers were thinking their enemy was hiding there), something weird happened with a Sumerian man named AB.RAM: some ďgodĒ came to him and told him to mutilate his penis and do the same to all his children and descendants.


Then some six centuries later those descendants come out of Egypt into their ďpromised landĒ displacing, enslaving, or killing its innocent indigenous dwellers, barbarously sacking marvelous cities, and creating the state of Israel.

Who was the ďGodĒ of Israel (whom they called Yahweh, YHWH, Jehovah in Latin and English) who should be held responsible for all those atrocities? All evidence points that he could not have been any of the Anunnaki. Moreover, this evidence points that he was very different from the humanoid beings (us, Anunnaki, Sirians, ARI-AN, and others) and instead was something extremely ugly and evil, a monster of the kind we try to picture in horror movies.

So it was the Yahwists who have replaced the Anunnaki. The same source that talks about AN and ARI-AN calls them lizards or small reptiles. They are the ones who are in power today. Their greatest power is that of disguise, which is why they are mostly unknown even to those highly involved in these subjects.


They falsified the Bible to attribute to Yahweh all the creation acts done by the Anunnaki. They fabricated the Quíran to cloud the minds of the followers of Allah, who is really El/Sin/Nannar, one of the Anunnaki, and make him into another Yahweh like he is in todayís Islam.


They took over the Anunnaki command center on Mount MoriahThe Mount of DirectingĒ - image right) in Ur-Shalem (Jerusalem) with its interplanetary communication equipment. The fact that this place today is the most restricted place in the world and the prize over which wars are fought in the Middle East without end strongly suggests that some millennia-old equipment may still be operating there today.

It is this stealth takeover of Anunnaki power, status, and facilities by another alien race that has caused everyone I know of who has tried to solve this jigsaw puzzle to come up with wrong answers. It was Sitchin who brought the truth about the Anunnaki to the populace, and he is wildly popular. His books have been translated into 14 languages and sold millions of copies. While originally he was my hero, I now question his real agenda and the effect of his works on the peopleís knowledge of the truth.

Given how much research he has done in this area and how many people have approached him with suggestions to refine his theory (which he has consistently brushed off), there is no way he can be unaware of the reality of the Yahwist reptiles. So essentially he knows the truth but refuses to talk about it. By ending his story in 2024 BC he leaves his readers to guess what happened in the remaining 4000 years from then till now. And his readers unaware of the so well-hidden secret reptilian power have all come up with their own theories.

Neil Freer, a pie-in-the-sky idealist who sees the people of the Earth as perfectly informed and free-willed, a sort of united family, builds a theory that Anunnaki left the Earth in 1250 BC (even Sitchin, who rarely goes past his 2024 BC mark, shows one instance of leader Sin having some business on Earth in the city of Harran in 555 BC) and theorizes how the humans left all on their own slowly enlightened themselves. Wrong!


Not once from the moment of our creation have people ever been free. Weíve been property from our creation through today continuously without lapse, itís just that our ownership changed hands from the Anunnaki to the Yahwist reptiles.

Conspiracy researcher and author Jim Marrs, who is very familiar with Sitchinís work, has like myself come to question Sitchinís true agenda. Yet when I met him and talked to him about this, he was unaware of extraterrestrial influences other than the Anunnaki and he built his theory that the Anunnaki were the sinister reptiles who went into hiding and rule the Earth secretly today.


David Icke seems to be of the same line of thought, apparently having equated the ancient ďserpent raceĒ and todayís Yahwists lizards and probably having missed the fact that not all Anunnaki were the ďserpent raceĒ, only Enkiís clan, and the latter were actually the humanityís greatest benefactors. The serpents and the lizards are two very different reptilian races! Even in simple mundane biology serpents and lizards are quite different species.

I have thus realized that I have almost accidentally made a major discovery. I have realized a fact without knowing which oneís understanding of our true history and present reality is impossible. Without realizing that there have been TWO very different extraterrestrial forces involved in our history, one is bound to come to totally wrong conclusions, either to live in a pie-in-the-sky illusion or to blame our problems on someone who is not to blame.

Thus I believe I have a duty to the humanity to expose this truth. This is why I am writing a book about this. In my book I will explain all this in detail, slowly and sequentially in a way that can be understood by someone completely new to all this overwhelming knowledge.

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