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Every day, in every aspect of the media, you will be reminded of the holocaust of World War II and the damage it did to one group of people.


You are supposed to feel guilty and excuse away anything these people, who are portrayed as the only victims, now do to society. You are not to mention others, such as the Poles, Russians and Gypsies who suffered equally if not more, for that would detract from the lie with which the rest of humanity is being burdened.


Sure, terribly evil things happen in war, but it is even more terrible to allow lies to be embellished and used to promote guilt, misunderstanding, blackmail and more evil. Sooner or later, there will be a worldwide confrontation arising from this deceit, and the liars will come off second best.


It is for this reason I have reproduced a section of one of our books here:

Alan Dershowitz believes that all American Jews should think of themselves as victims of the Holocaust; his rationale is that they were ultimately targets of the Holocaust. But, the Holocaust is even bigger than that to the Zionists; they want everyone to believe that all wrong is done to the Jews, and no wrong is done by the Jews.

And, there is a reason for this.

Robert Faurisson observes,

"Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. He is generally accepted as a witness to the Jewish 'Holocaust,' and, more specifically, as a witness to the legendary Nazi extermination gas chambers...."

But in what respect is Elie Wiesel a witness to the alleged gas chambers? By what right does he ask us to believe in that means of extermination?


In an autobiographical book that supposedly describes his experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he nowhere mentions the gas chambers. He does indeed say that the Germans executed Jews, but... by fire; by throwing them alive into flaming ditches, before the very eyes of the deportees! No less than that!


Here Wiesel the false witness had some bad luck.

Forced to choose from among several Allied war propaganda lies, he chose to defend the fire lie instead of the boiling water, gassing, or electrocution lies. In 1956, when he published his testimony in Yiddish, the fire lie was still alive in certain circles. This lie is the origin of the term Holocaust.


Today there is no longer a single historian who believes that Jews were burned alive. The myths of the boiling water and of electrocution have also disappeared.


Only the gas remains.

  • The gassing lie was spread by the Americans

  • The lie that Jews were killed by boiling water or steam (specifically at Treblinka) was spread by the Poles

  • The electrocution lie was spread by the Soviets"

Yes, these are all Holocaust lies.

"The fire lie is of undetermined origin. It is in a sense as old as war propaganda or hate propaganda, just like the false assertion of human (Jewish) skin being used to make lamp shades.


In his memoir, Night, which is a version of his earlier Yiddish testimony, Wiesel reports that at Auschwitz there was one flaming ditch for the adults and another one for babies.


He writes:

'Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load - little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it - saw it with my own eyes... those children in the flames.'"

None of this ever happened.


And, yet, such lies have earned Wiesel the Nobel Peace Prize, and made it "anti-Semitic" and even illegal to simply tell the truth about the Holocaust.

Why have lies superseded truth? And, more specifically, who benefits from the lie? As we have observed, every lie in the evil Zionist-controlled system is designed to exploit; every lie keeps Yahweh's system of evil securely in place.


In this world, everything of value is offered up to Yahweh by the Zionists, as a "burnt offering".

"Holocaust" means burnt offering; it is the perpetuation of the illusion and the elevation of the lie to the level of supreme truth, religiously.

The fact is, the Holocaust is about money, legitimacy for Israel, and the total denial of any moral failings (or evilness) in the Jewish people. Jews are outraged when it is mentioned that many gypsies and Russians suffered the same fate as Jews, because to compare a sub-human to a Jew is unspeakable. The Jewish scripture declares that the life of a Jew is the most priceless thing to "god" and the life of a non-Jew or "goy" is worthless.


The Jews have a history of crying "holocaust".

The Talmud cites examples of many billions of Jews being killed (including children being burned). Needless to say, there have never been that many Jews on the face of the earth. The same falsification and embellishment is true with regard to the "holocaust" of World War II.


Many Jews died, but not the six million that is claimed. Perhaps a million died, none from gas chambers. Red Cross documentation which Jewish controllers refuse to release, is suspected of suggesting that some 100,000 were lost.

As historian David Irving and many others have rightly observed, there never were gas chambers at the concentration camps. And, it would have been impossible for the Germans to have gassed and then burned 12,000 Jews every day.


Reports by concentration camp survivors that tell of the guards going into "gas chambers" as soon as one batch of Jews had been killed, clearing out the bodies, and then filling the room again are patently false - the guards (none of whom was reported to have worn a mask) would have instantly died, since cyanide does not dissipate or disappear in a few minutes.


Also, there would have been bones and ashes to show, with cyanide residue. None of this is found. Even the Auschwitz Memorial which once stated that six million Jews had died now states that perhaps a million died. The plaque has been altered from six to one million. That being said, even a million dead people is a lot.


The degree of suffering they experienced, and the treatment they received from hateful, evil Nazis was a fact.


Yet, that does not excuse all of the evils and wrongs committed by the victors, who fire-bombed civilian populations in Germany and Japan, and dropped atomic bombs on cities in Japan, before ending the war. The intentional massacring of millions of civilians by the Allied victors was certainly a war crime, and perhaps of larger impact than what happened to the Jews.

War is a terrible thing, and though it is an unwritten and unspoken policy, civilian populations are targeted and slaughtered in the worst way, to weaken the morale of the opposition. War is not just fought by soldier against soldier, with some kind of boundary against civilians.

Yet, it is always the victors who write the history; they are always in the right, and the losers are always in the wrong. War is not black and white, truth is its first casualty, and what is written in history and in the news has little correlation with the truth.

Jewish bankers funded the Nazis, and the Zionists fiercely pressured Western nations to keep Jews from being able to leave Germany before the war began.


For perverse political and economic reasons, the Zionists did not want the Jews to go to free nations, but rather had the single-minded objective of claiming Palestine as the Jewish state.


Because they could not force the creation of Israel before the war, they readily sacrificed the lives of their "lesser brethren" for the "greater cause": Israel.

There are many people who hold that all major wars in the last few centuries have been instigated by, funded by, and profited by, the Zionist international bankers.

  • First, they instigate wars

  • Then, during the war, they loan huge sums of money, and make enormous profits in their military-industrial production

  • After the war, they buy up property and industry at pennies on the dollar in the loser nations

This policy of economic conquest is not only a factor in war; it is how the everyday economy operates, worldwide, today.

  • The Zionists control the economies, governments, and agreements/conflicts between major nations

  • They control the daily economy, inflation, and deflation

  • They engaged in economic war in creating the Great Depression in the US, in which they obtained vast amounts of property and business by foreclosing on mortgages and debt

  • And, they have plundered the resources of Third World nations, via the issuance of debt (loans) which cannot be paid back due to usurious interest rates

We need to understand that nothing in this world "just happens", especially not global events.


Everything has a reason and a purpose behind it. There are forces that control all that happens in this world, and there is an unseen "shadow government". It uses the masses or "sheep" as cannon fodder during war, and to gain sympathy and financial aid.

We are told that we cannot forget the Holocaust, though we dismiss all other genocide that has occurred to all other racial groups throughout history.

  • Why is that?

  • Why is there no motto to remember the millions of Native Americans slaughtered by white settlers?

  • Why is there no public relations action to memorialize the millions of Africans who were slaughtered in the slave business?

  • Why is there no mention of the millions of Cambodians - nearly half their population - who were slaughtered by Pol Pot; or the twenty million Russians killed in World War II?

  • Why is it that what happens to these other groups doesn't seem to matter?

For the answer, we need to only look to Jewish propaganda and scriptural dogma:

the life of a Jew matters, only a Jew is a human being; the non-Jews do not matter, their lives are worthless.

The media are controlled by the Zionists, and because most of them are Jewish they are greatly invested in the story of the Jews.


They readily promote fiction over fact, the lie over the truth in all other areas, so why not in this area - in which they have such strong emotional and financial interest?

Contradicting the Holocaust lies is illegal in some countries (called an act of racial hatred and vilification, defaming the dead, and anti-Semitism).


The media quickly label any less than glorifying truth about the Jews as anti-Semitism. And, this, more than anything, has given the evil Zionists the greatest cover and freedom from public scrutiny. They are able to go about their agenda of world domination and control with immunity from media attention.


If you doubt this, just check to see the last time the Rothschilds and Rockefellers headed the Forbes list of richest people in the world. Rather than holding down the top spots due to their enormous and cunningly concealed wealth, they are not even on the list.

The media refuse to acknowledge the power, wealth, authority, and control that the Zionists truly have in this world, because if they did, then some attention would be directed their way when people discuss what is wrong with this world - and why. They have set things up, and controlled things so well, that they never receive this bad publicity.


Instead, they portray themselves as philanthropists and benefactors of all mankind - whom they think of as animals, and gladly sacrifice as "burnt offerings" to their blood-thirsty and evil "god" Yahweh (Jehovah).

The Nazis allowed a ship full of Jews to leave Germany, to see if another country would be willing to accept Jewish refugees. But, every country, including the United States, refused to let the passengers disembark. Because of this worldwide Zionist policy of refusing to accept Jews anywhere - because of their desire to claim Israel as the homeland of the Jews - many Jews were sacrificed for the political Zionist cause.


The shipload of Jews was forced to return, sacrificed as another burnt offering to the greater glory of Yahweh.

H.G. Wells noted,

"Zionism is an expression of Jewish refusal to assimilate. If the Jews have suffered, it is because they have regarded themselves as a chosen people".

The Zionist leaders of the Jewish community have repeatedly, historically, ensured the suffering of their lesser brethren.


It is they who have sacrificed the good and innocent among the Jews, willingly, consciously, methodically, so that they could implement their own, self-serving, evil agenda.



A Letter from Peta Mansfield who lived through it all, as a slave in a Nazi forced labor camp :

"Dear Dr. J. S Chiappalone
Thank you very much for your most helpful exposure of Zionism via your books.


Like so many others I always had an uneasy feeling about Jews and you don't know whether to feel guilty or justified about that. Few people realize that, as you pointed out, the bad ontological Jews reflect badly on the ordinary innocent Jews. Like Hitler, virtually everyone associates the bad Jews with the good ones, which considerably increases the suffering of the good Jews.


So many hurtful jokes we tell about Jews are at the cost of the good ones. Had we known the difference between these types of Jews a lot more of them would have been protected and saved in Europe.


(To understand what Peta means by good and bad Jews, you will need to read 'The Kingdom of Zion' - ed.)

The bible made no sense to me.


But that written rot has trapped most Western people into accepting Jews as a special people, and so many well-willing and reasonable people like myself tried to find all sorts of reasoned explanations and excuses for Jewish behavior and suffering.


Many have had unpleasant experiences with Jews but, not being able to do all that research themselves, would fear that all those nasty revelations about the power of the Jews that have appeared from time to time, might be hateful exaggerations, especially if they come from people who themselves are seen as suspect.


If one feels that the belief that Jews are a superior people is a sort of reverse racism, one may be inclined to deny that by pointing out that there are plenty of ordinary, often pretty stupid Jews.

But in the end, do we have to accept that all those people who wrote nasty things about the Jews and that all those societies and nations that drove Jews out of their midst were ignorant, stupid and badly prejudiced people? The Lutherans are, I believe, quite embarrassed over what Luther wrote about Jews:

"He must have unthinkingly expressed the nasty prejudices Christian people had of Jews at that time." !!!

But isn't it silly to say that of a man who had the perspicacity and the courage to expose the evils in the Catholic Church? Do we expect him to have been blind to the evil influence of those interloping parasites?


But we have been brainwashed into believing that all Jews are the good, holy, chosen people of God, and that if there appears to be any trouble with them it must be the fault of the non-Jews.

I do not like the term 'anti-semitism' and do not use it. I have heard an explanation of how that term came about and I feel that this term has been hijacked by the Jews. I have nothing against all the other semites.

How the concept of 'Holocaust' came to be applied to the situation in Germany I will never know. I feel that the term is wrongly applied. The claim of the Zionist Jews that they were exclusively the victims of the holocaust is unsustainable.

The holocaust was the National Socialists' attempt to sacrifice anybody and anything to their confused ideology. But the Nazi command structure was based on that idiotic ideology and was very chaotic. There were continual power struggles between the army and the Nazis; the army and the SS, and among Nazi and non-Nazi organizations and individuals, and amongst Nazis themselves.


There were plenty of ideological rantings against opponents of National Socialism, and against the Jews, the Slavs and others considered inferior, and against communists and plutocrats. But there was no proper planning to achieve any definite goals.

There were a great variety of sub-plans, often with conflicting aims.


The attempted executions of any plans were haphazard. Whatever plans there were they could not succeed because there was not enough military hardware and not enough production of it to sustain any initially successful actions. There was not enough manpower, transport, medical supplies, food and clothing. These problems of shortage were greatly exacerbated by allied bombings.

While initially great military advances were made, these actions petered out. Neither England nor the Soviet Union were taken. While here and there systematic efforts were made to exterminate all the exterminables such as the mentally inferior, gypsies, slaves, and Jews and great numbers of them were murdered, lots of intended victims escaped, were hidden, or were used and survived as slave labor.

A number of Jews bargained their freedom with the Nazis at the cost of other Jews.


The Nazis and a lot of non-Nazis liked to see Germany rid of Jews and they would have been happy to see them leave of their own accord if any other country would take them. The claim of Himmler, near the end of the war, that they had solved the Jewish problem was exaggerated nonsense.


The German need of manpower saved also a lot of Russian, Ukrainian and Polish men and women. But initially there had been no definite plans to use exterminables as workers and to make proper use of them as a workforce. The output of concentration camp prisoners was very low.

The two aims of exterminating exterminables and winning a war on multiple fronts were in conflict. The resources used in exterminations were not available in warfare and vice verse.

The Germans did not even plan their war properly; they started it before they were ready for it. They were ideologically too muddleheaded to realize that you can't win a war with bluff and blitzkrieg. They failed to back up their blitzkrieg and knock their enemies out for good. The loss of army personnel was great and had to be replenished with Germans withdrawn from the workforce.


Slave and forced laborers needed then to be used as workforce.

While Albert Speer wanted the war supplies to be manufactured in occupied countries Schaukel wanted to bring foreign workers into German factories. Both systems existed side by side. There were a lot of complex and incomprehensible commands and regulations about how German civilians should behave toward foreign workers.


These rules were not known, not clear, ignored or anxiously, fanatically or sadistically adhered to and surpassed.

There were sets of rules and regulations on how prisoners in prison camps, and prisoners and foreign workers should be treated in the workplace, and on what foreign workers should be supplied with. But the interpretation and the compliance with any rules was left to the individual camp commander and Lagerfuhrer.


As the German authorities - Nazis and non-Nazis - had their hands full with the war effort and with fighting each other they gave little attention to what happened to the prisoners and the foreign workers, who were left in a moral vacuum that got filled with a great number of fanatics, criminals and sadists who did as they liked.

As the Allied forces advanced, the evacuated prisoners swelled the remaining, already overfull concentration camps where many thousands died because of the worsening conditions in the chaotic last phase of the war.

So, who are the victims of this Wagnerian holocaust?


I feel that we must make a distinction between the purely national warfare and the National Socialists' instigated violence. The German army commanders imbued with soldierly honor balked at the criminal excesses the SS displayed before their eyes. We must make a distinction between those who were victims of warfare and those who were sacrificed to the Nazi ideology.


The German and Allied army personnel killed in action were victims of warfare but not holocaust victims. Russian, Polish and Italian prisoners of war were not holocaust victims but became that when they were put into concentration camps as racial inferior exterminables and died there. Or when they, as prisoners, were simply gunned down en mass or left to die of cold and starvation.

Many civilians were just victims of warfare, but Russian, Ukrainian and Polish villagers who simply were gunned down, burnt in their houses and churches, or chased away to die in the wintry wilderness because they were exterminable slaves, are holocaust victims.


Most Germans suffered badly during the war, but one could argue that all those Germans who died in concentration camps of one kind or another because they did not fit into the Nazi ideology or were actively opposed to it, like Hans and Sophie Scholl, were all holocaust victims.

Soldiers who were executed for breach of army discipline must be left out of the count of holocaust victims.


But the 13,000 to 15,000 Wehrmacht soldiers who were executed because they were regarded as having sinned against the brutal and senseless Nazi discipline should also be considered as holocaust victims.

Field Marshall Von Paulus, in possession of nine tenths of Stalingrad, responsibly planned to break out when the Russians began their pincer movement around the city. Had he succeeded, as he probably would have, he could have destroyed the pincer movement and retaken Stalingrad.


Hitler, with his Wagnerian fantasies, however, ordered him to stay put and promised him supplies.


But as no supplies came, the 85,000 men who died of starvation and deprivation can be said to be victims sacrificed to Hitler's grotesque fantasies in which he expected Von Paulus to play the role of Teutonic hero and shoot himself.


Many, many more of all sorts of other people than the Jews were sacrificed to the Nazi ideology, and the claim of Zionist Jews that the holocaust concerned only them is a brazen affront and an insult to all the other holocaust victims, not to speak of all those who were not killed but nevertheless suffered terribly.


While the air is filled with vehement arguments about whether there were gas chambers or not and how many Jews died in them, what happened to all the other holocaust victims is ignored and forgotten.

Lots of evidence as to what happened to them has been erased by the Germans and the Russians soon after the war. And if any of it has been rebuilt as a commemorative gesture it is now taken as evidence that they are fakes, and that all the others are fakes and that in reality nothing or very little has happened.


And while the world is overwhelmed with Zionist gas chamber horror tales and the voices of Zionists are clamoring loudly for compensations, the far greater number of Nazi holocaust and war victims never get a word in edgeways and never got any compensation, or if they did, it took them a long, long time.


I have always assumed that there were gas chambers but the only one I saw was in the Dachau concentration camp museum. It had been installed late in the war but not been used. But to me whether they existed and were used or not is neither here nor there.


There were worse ways of killing people and those who died a quick death in a gas chamber were luckier than those who died after years of totally destroying tortures.

Stories that lampshades were made out of the tattooed skins of victims turned out to be false, as is now generally recognized. Some people have disputed that there had been crematoria in use.


But as we know of our own society, cremating dead and diseased bodies is often preferable to burying. It was one way of getting rid of them. Where there were no crematoria they had to be buried. Stalin's holocaust in which 20 million or so were sacrificed to the insane and evil communist ideology, the Turks slaughtering 25,000, or was it 50,000 Armenians, and so many more holocausts hardly get a mention.


And while the Zionist Jews erect holocaust museums everywhere, where are the museums to the other holocausts?


In the end Hitler himself was a victim of his own holocaust: an imitation of the Wagnerian Gotterdammerung."


A little more on this subject:

  1. Why will the Zionists not release the authentic Red Cross records of the time and locations, which show who did escape, who did survived and who perished? Is it because these records show some 100,000 perished in the 6 years from 1939 to 1945, not the six million as propaganda would have it? I am not trying to excuse away the horribleness of what happened, I am trying to expose the subsequent horribleness compounded by lies and evil-inspired untruth.

  2. If 6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis, where did the 5.9 million who settled in Palestine, America, Canada, the UK, Australia, South America, etc., come from?

  3. If the 6 million figure is so sacrosanct and precise, why did the Auschwitz Memorial reduce the figure, on its own accord, from SIX million, to ONE million?

All this goes to show that Evil begets Evil.



Some 3,000 years ago, the special race created by Jehovah, called the Zionists, began plagiarizing information from others and then distorted it into a spurious version, claiming it to be their own history, calling it "The Old Testament".


For "special race" reads "especially evil race". There is no doubt of their evil covenant with the evil Jehovah however. Acting as secretive elements in a new movement (spuriously called Christianity, which it is not, of course) again started by Jehovah after the assassination of Jesus, these same Zionists rewrote most of the so-called "New Testament".

Why do they do this? Read "Death of An Evil God" to find out why!


A clue is given in Chapter 8 of St. John's Gospel (especially para. 44). That is why the Zionists hate John's Gospel the most and this section in particular.

What the Zionists did with the Ancient Wisdom and various manuscripts at the time of Jesus, and before, and for some 4 centuries after they murdered him, they did to the truth of most other Avatars, including Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Manichaeus and even Mohammed.

Today they are doing exactly the same thing with this section of history they want to call the Holocaust. But they only fool themselves, and the other fools who are the demons and robots of this dimension. But it does not really matter when the spiritual bottom line is reached, for they, being spawns of the Celestial Error, are all being corrected in a way they dread the most - in the manner of Divine Justice!

The venom, hatred and arrogant ignorance of the bigotry in respondents who object to this essay have to be seen to be believed!


A bigot is an indoctrinated fool who states,

"How dare you, or anyone else, have a differing view of this subject, thereby upsetting the ossified view I have already chosen to be the correct one for me and for everyone else? What right have you to express a view at all?"

Indoctrinated bigotry manifests in the unprovoked abuse of others and arises from the stupidity of the bigot, for these, bigotry and stupidity, are inseparable partners of maliciousness, while all the time the evil and all its sequel are poorly camouflaged in the arrogance of vicious ignorance, programmed by no less a being than the evil demiurge who has controlled this plane.

These things are just one more reason why this planet and all its evil must be destroyed, are being destroyed, totally.


I hear many of you shout,

"Hooray, the sooner the better!"

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