by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

April 1, 2012
from Exopolitics.Blogs Website


The purpose of this article is to support humanity's project for planetary "regime change" and to transform the international war crimes racketeering organization leadership hierarchy and structure of our planet into a sustainable, democratic, transparent, abundant, multi-dimensional galactic society.


1. "Mass Arrests"

Thank you deeply for re-framing the term "Mass Arrests" in my consciousness and in that of many families, citizens and activists around the world.

When I first heard Wilcock and Drake talking about "mass arrests" in a March 28, 2012 video/Panel, I thought of the "Mass Arrests" that many of us in the aware community have been confronting since the REX program in 1984 and before.

I deeply support articulation of the planned mass arrests as an external shock that will trigger a dimensional shift into a prophesized "Golden Age" on Earth.

At the same time, I have my own comments and perspectives that I would like to place on the table for consideration and discussion in this Memorandum, which I am forwarding to David and Ben for distribution to their panels for their information.




Benjamin Fulford, Alexander Romanov & Chodoin Daikaku

March 27, 2012








2. The Nov. 22, 2011 Bush & Blair verdicts

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal

Nov. 2011

On Nov. 22, 2011, as a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, our Tribunal found George W. Bush and Tony Blair guilty of crimes against peace - the Nuremberg level war crime - in the war in Irag.

Some karmic justice occurred to the "Bush" clan. Nov. 22, 2011 was the 48th anniversary of the assassination of JFK on 11/22/63.


George HW Bush was photographed in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas on that date, standing by the Texas School Depository Building in his role as field coordinator of the CIA/Rothschild/City of London-ordered JFK assassination.

The following week in Nov. 2011 (while I was in South Africa), our Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission petitioned three neighboring African governments to arrest George W. Bush as he visited these nations on a coincidental "humanitarian" visit.


The three governments refused to arrest G.W. Bush.


I do hope your combined forces will lawfully succeed where others have initiated efforts.



3. The Anunnaki-Illuminati exploitative hierarchy is 280,000 years old in 2012

I and many are deeply grateful to have the word "Mass Arrests" reversed on the Perpetrator class.


The Anunnaki-Illuminati exploitative hierarchy is one term for the Perpetrator Class. Another, rooted in international law, is the "International War Crimes Racketeering Organization".

This hierarchy can be brought down and non-violent regime change accomplished by the power of law, as your plan clearly sets out, and as Wilcock has especially articulated in his dialogue with Drake around the possibility of summary executions.

The specific "international war crimes racketeering organization" your operation is planning to eviscerate is the heir to the Anunnaki-Illuminati exploitative hierarchy that intervened on Earth 280,000 years ago to start its gold exploitation of our planet and dumbing down of the 12-strand DNA homo sapiens, designed as a Light being guardian of the 3rd dimension to the 2-strand homo sapiens of today.


As Alexander Romanov knows, the term "Illuminati" here does not refer to the Gnostic Illuminati he represents.

Univ. of Hawaii geneticist William Brown at Occupy Adam's Calendar

Nov. 28, 2011

Adam's Calendar, near Johannesburg, South Africa is the location of the initial Anunnaki occupation 280,000 years ago.

  • On 11.11.11 the government of Deep Abzu (South Africa) closed Adam's Calendar, the Anunnaki gold teleportation machine to the public.

  • On 11.28.11, international researchers including Michael Tellinger, Kerry Cassidy, William Brown, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Alfred Lambremont Webre entered Adam's Calendar to break the cycle of Anunnaki occupation and reveal it to the world.

You can visually experience our Occupy Adam's Calendar in this short 2 min film:



Awakening: Adam's Calendar








4. Upper Theatre & the Anunnaki-Illuminatis

The Queen, The Pope, The Prince & The Obama

In the demonology of Earth (part of its exopolitical "upper theatre"), there are four individuals who are programmed to carry out the higher functions of the New World Order:

  • The Queen (Elizabeth Windsor or her successor)

  • The Pope (Joseph Ratzinger or his successor)

  • The Prince (Prince William)

  • The Obama (the CIA-captured, time travel predicted U.S. President Soetoro-Obama)

In upper theatre, these personalities are living out archetypes.

Both of your panels (David's and Ben's) rightly emphasize the criminal liability of Elizabeth Windsor, who as current Monarch of the UK 'owns' more than 20% of the surface of the planet and is the planet's largest single landowner.

Coronation of Elizabeth Windsor

as Anunnaki-Illuminati bloodline ruler


Queen Elizabeth Windsor is current Anunnaki bloodline planetary ruler, maintaining perpetual war, Gaia exploitation (GOD = Gold, oil, drugs), and devolving homo sapiens DNA.

The International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State has documented how Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State of Canada, in Oct. 1964 did abduct 10 First Nations aboriginal children from a residential school in Kamloops, BC, who were never seen again and presumed the victims of Satanic ritual murders.


Here is a summary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State proceedings against the Queen and the Pope:




UK Tribunal to try Pope Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth Windsor for child genocide

Rev. Kevin Annett







5. Prince William as the future New World Order King

Although your panel does not mention him, Prince William, Elizabeth Windsor's grandson, is being groomed as planetary Anunnaki bloodline King.

Buckingham Palace

Prince William holding cleft rear hoof of the Lamb

2012 is Elizabeth Windsor's Jubilee year and in Commonwealth countries and at the 2012 London Summer Olympics a great NWO elevation is planned (some say perhaps a false flag operation).

If your planned operation brings down Elizabeth Windsor and goes on to support Prince William as the successor Anunnaki bloodline king, there are some experts that believe you may be installing an "Antichrist" New World Order king in Prince William.




Prince William as Antichrist, future king of one world government







6. Prince William and the downfall of Rupert Murdoch

An analysis of the fall of the house of Rupert Murdoch overlooks a crucial fact.

It was when Rupert Murdoch went after Prince William and hacked his phone that sufficient political force was mustered to bring down free-lance CIA cooperator Murdoch's infiltration of the UK media, Parliament, Monarchy, and communications.

If you do not think Rupert Murdoch is a CIA cooperator, just look at the power of his News Corp holdings in the USA.


Even in the UK, Murdoch merely closed the News of the World and launched a Sunday edition of the Sun.





7. The Dragon Family "Peace and Prosperity" plan

...and the installation of the New World Order on Earth

I understand that some of the forces associated with Ben Fulford's panel have suggested Prince Harry as a substitute for the British monarch, as Elizabeth Windsor and her heir intended, Prince William are "brought down".

Yet, consider what the above Prince William expert wrote me recently about Prince Harry's becoming Monarch, with the Windsor lineage being set aside in favor of the Spencer (Diana) lineage.


You may well be perpetrating the Anunnaki-Illuminati royal exploitative hierarchy under another guise.

The expert wrote me,

"Alfred, this is most amusing, if not outright funny! While it is accepted that Harry is not the son of Charles, I seriously doubt that Charles is the biological father of William, based on what my 'Royals' contact has said in the past.


"If you have followed what Benjamin Fulford (proclaimed spokesman for the Dragon Families) has had to say as of late, there seems to be an out-right war between the Dragon Families and the Star Families [Rothschild/City of London] and money and control are at the center of the issue.


Their plan seems to be focused on taking down the banking industry of the West, using legal means. I doubt they will be successful, but it is difficult to tell. You were successful in the Tribunal to indict Bush and Blair for crimes against humanity, but they are both free to do as they wish.


In this world, take away the money, you take away the power.


However the Bush Cabal is backed by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad, which takes us back to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the Star Families of Europe and the Royals are pretty much untouchable at this point and still appear to be large and in charge.


"March 30, 2012

Today is the last day the Bush Cabal has to turn itself in, before the Dragon Families take action against them.


Let the assassinations begin? I guess we will have to see what happens in the coming weeks. Putin issued an arrest warrant for George Soros 2 months ago, but he is still free as a bird and Greece has kissed banker ass and worked out their debt and not defaulted on their loans, at least that is the front story.


If there was any substance to getting rid of the "Banksters", the first thing which must happen is for each country to get their gold reserves out of Rothschild hands, that is what maybe happening with the 15 Trillion Dollar law suit by the White Dragon families.

"Will the Dragon Families be successful? I'm not so sure, the [Old and New Testament] Prophecies indicate that the NWO will be established by support of the USA-UK. We can already see that happening by the dismantlement of the US Constitution and the mountain of laws being passed by congress making almost everything illegal and turning the USA into a pseudo communist state.

"Alfred, you and I know there is enough evidence against the Queen to have her executed, but the public is totally unaware of her crimes against them and their children and still strongly support her and the Royal Family. How do we change public opinion and not be executed ourselves?


There is a long line of dead 'Whistle Blowers'.

"Change is coming! Exactly how is not stated in the [Old and New Testament] Prophecies, but we need to get to a place where the world can declare "Peace and Security". This can happen several ways, including destroying our current monetary system and replacing it with a "Debt Free" system, which is what seems to be the plan of the Dragon Families.

"Two things to remember the Queen still controls 23% of the land mass of the earth, second only to the Vatican. I know the Vatican will be taken out, but that is by the NWO the "8th King" of Revelation 17.

"According to Ben Fulford, the Dragon Families have the backing of the Gnostic Illuminati and they intend to have Vladimir Putin as the "King of the World" instead of Prince William. That does not follow the "Prophecy Paradigm".


There would be much less support for Vladimir Putin then for Prince William and I really do not see Harry in the mix at all, Harry seams more like the "retarded brother" whom no one pays attention to, with that said, he could be much more controllable than William and could be a puppet for Vladimir Putin.

"Final thought... Watch the money-gold! We will have a much better handle on this by the end of the Olympics. The Royals and the Governments they control are still under influence by Alien forces and I know there is plenty of infighting between them for control of earth.

"This [the Fulford panel plan] could be the plan for "Peace and Security" under a NWO.


That is, the latest plan from from Benjamin Fulford to effect mass arrests and install Vladimir Putin as world leader, could function as the prophesized plan for "Peace and Security" that leads to the establishment of the New world Order on Earth, paradoxically."


8. Archons & the New World Order

The 2012 Mass Arrest plan is based on the arrest of specific criminal human individuals as triggering a "dimensional shift" into the prophesied Gold Age.

Humanity and Earth exist in a dimensional ecology of intelligence that includes Draco reptilian intelligence, Orion grey intelligence, and archonic intelligence. The "New World Order" is a roll-out of these specific anti-human intelligences.


Eliminating criminal humans without acknowledging and dealing with hostile extraterrestrial and archonic intelligence will not bring on the Golden Age.

NASA: Image of archon

Archons are hidden negative controllers of humankind, inorganic interdimensional entities that must now be exposed and exorcised from the individual human mind, from our human species, and from the planet as a whole as part of our collective evolution to a new state of consciousness and being.

This is the vital message that researchers such as author Robert M. Stanley and Earth advocate/global alchemist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower bring us:





Exorcising hidden controllers with Robert Stanley and Laura Eisenhower






9. Barry Soetoro/Barack H. Obama?

Both Ben's panel and David's panel are largely silent on Barry Soetoro/Barack H. Obama, the current CIA time-travel captured U.S. President.

Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama)

Occidental College, 1980

Is Soetoro/Obama subject to the 2012 Mass Arrests? We do not know from the panels.

What of the emerging evidence of Soetoro/Obama's proffering of a forged birth certificate and consequent electoral fraud in the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential elections, both grounds for impeachment and disqualification from the 2012 electoral ballot in all 50 states?

As neither panel has addressed this issue, I offer my own detailed research into Soetoro/Obama's birth, activities as a CIA operative, CIA time-travel pre identified captured US President, along with a lawful, constitutional citizen plan for removal that does not involve Mass arrests.




The deep Exopolitics of the CIA, time travel technology

Barack H. Obama and the extraconstitutional capture of the U.S. Presidency






A March 3, 2012, 3-hour about update on the "Obama/Mars Connection - The Soetoro-Obama Deception":



LNM: "The Soetoro-Obama Deception"







10. USA - Mass Arrests, time travel, and political control

"The U.S. government has had Tesla-based quantum access time travel technology for over 40 years.


Time travel technology has been weaponised with its principal impacts to date being for the sequestration in time loops of secret military installations, such as U.S. secret bases on Mars, political control of the human population, political surveillance, and attempted imposition of a catastrophic timeline on humanity by withholding or manipulating information about future events."

'Time travel and political control'


New York City Hall

Site of CIA time travel-triggered surveillance of Alfred Lambremont Webre in 1971

based on 2005 book and actions.

I have had first-hand experience at being the target of CIA surveillance based on misuse of time travel technology since 1971.


Key details are set out here:  My 1970s meeting with DARPA's Project Pegasus secret time travel program.

If I was time travel surveilled in 1971 for my actions and book published in 2005, chances are the 2012 Mass Arrest plan has been time travel surveilled and worked into the CIA time-travel captured U.S. government plan for 2012-2016 and beyond.




11. CIA time travel surveillance and the 5 inch "legal brick"

From Drake's remarks, I know that he and his cohorts are aware of at least of some of the history and architecture of the CIA capture of the U.S. Presidency via misuse of DARPA time travel technology to pre-identify U.S. Presidents and groom them as CIA operatives sometimes 30 years in advance.

The four CIA captured time-travel pre-identified and groomed U.S. Presidents:

George H.W. Bush (1989-1993)

Soetoro/Obama (2009 - )

George W. Bush (2001-2009)

Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) was pre-identified: Was he groomed?

This misuse of time travel technology by CIA has co-opted the power of the US Presidency and the constitutional structure of the Executive branch of government for the CIA and its masters in the Anunnaki-Illuminati exploitative hierarchy (the "international war crimes racketeering organization").

Drake refers unequivocally to U.S. President Barack Obama as the "main lackey in the White House" of the criminals that are subject to mass arrest.


At specific points during David's panel, Drake makes explicit reference to "Stargate" technology that has existed for a long time, presumably referring to time travel and teleportation technology. [Technically, teleportation is time travel along a single time line].

Yet, from my reading of David's Panel and Ben's Panel, I am not certain of the extent to which the panel members are fully cognizant of the penetration of CIA time travel surveillance and intelligence of modern USA and world political life since 1971, the initiation of DARPA's project Pegasus.

CIA use of time travel technology for political control is especially relevant to the Mass Arrest plan in the USA as set out by Drake on David's panel. CIA has been monitoring US presidents and political activity via time travel, my research and personal experience shows, since at least 1971.

Drake's reference to the 5-inch thick (the "legal brick") legal declarations underpinning the constitutional sovereignty of action by the parties intent on performing the 2012 mass arrests and restoring the constitution indicates this legal plan for constitutional restoration began as early as 1979.

There is a time convergence in this 1979 date between the CIA time travel pre-identification in 1971 of,

  • George HW Bush

  • Bill Clinton

  • George W. Bush

  • Barack Obama, future U.S. presidents and the beginning of the CIA secret grooming of these individuals as CIA operatives.

George HW Bush would serve as CIA Director from Jan.1976-Jan.1977, presumably with oversight of the CIA time travel political surveillance capability.

In 1980, George HW, Bush, the first of the CIA time-travel captured US Presidents, became Vice President. Thus it seems reasonable that the originators of the 1979 plan were reacting the ongoing CIA plan to capture the U.S. presidency through the first of their "co-opted" time travel assets - George HW Bush - around that time.

My point is that it is highly likely that the 2012 Mass Arrest plan proposed by Drake's network has been surveilled by CIA time travel for some time.


The 2012 Mass Arrest plan may have already be infiltrated by CIA, or counter-measures initiated.




12. A manipulated dialectic

2012 Mass Arrest plan co-opted into a plan for US civil war?

What is more, CIA/Illuminati's methodology exploits "dialectics", such as a 2012 Mass Arrest plan by constitutionally-concerned active and former U.S. military and other personnel.


Using time travel surveillance, such a plan could easily be co-opted into a manipulated "insurgents vs. loyalists" constitutional civil war in the USA.

Many sources, from George Washington's visions to modern political analysis have predicted a manipulated civil war and NWO occupation of the USA for the years following 2012.

My advice to the 2012 Mass Arrest group and Ben and David's panel would be to start consulting whistleblowers from the CIA secret time travel program from 1971 onward, such as Andrew D. Basiago and William D. Stillings. That is what I have done to inform my own strategic planning on what will probably happen during the time frame 2012 through 2025.

Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars by Alfred Lambremont Webre.



13. The 2012-2025 Positive Timeline

As a futurist who incorporates CIA whistleblower time travel evidence into my scenarios for the USA and world futures, I offer this for your consideration, time travel evidence and other evidence that supports your conclusion of a Golden Age 2012-2025:

"In the course of research on potential impending transitional changes during the 2012-13 time horizon, this reporter has identified what can be described as two parallel realities, each buttressed by independent sets of data and personal and institutional decisions – a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline and a 2012-13 positive future timeline.

"The two parallel 2012-13 timelines are quite opposite in nature. The cataclysmic timeline envisions 2012-13 as a time when the Earth is hit by destructive 'solar flares, large meteors, tsunamis, world-wide coastal inundations, mega-catastrophe.' The positive timeline envisions 2012-13 as follows: '2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature.'"

Are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic or positive future timeline? Parts 1 & 2.

Time science, more than political science, suggests we are on a positive timeline 2012-2025, or in other words "timing is everything."




14. 2012 Mass Arrest plan

Why the focus on individual criminal prosecution rather than on institutional transformation?

Having called for prosecution of the international war crimes racketeering organization for some time, I can understand the current focus of the 2012 Mass Arrest plan.




Yet without the transformation of institutions, it is likely that the Mass Arrest of targeted individuals will in time lead to another crop of leaders of the international war crimes racketeering organization and the same New World Order in place, functionally.

I raise these issues because both Ben's panel and David's panel speak vaguely of long-term goals, without any specific plans to remedy the economic and constitutional ills they rightly seek to remedy.

You may have these plans - such as abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank. Yet they, as all measures in the financial and economic field, need to be transparent and articulated.




15. Seven (7) Steps transform the world financial "crisis" and bring world prosperity

I respectfully submit the following for your panel's consideration.




Seven (7) Steps to Transform the Global Financial "Crisis"

In "As Europe falls into the Abyss," UK journalist Ambrose Evan-Pritchard writes:

"We face extreme danger. Unless there is immediate intervention on every front by all the major powers acting in concert, we risk a disintegration of global finance within days. Nobody will be spared, unless they own gold bars."

(See Appendix II for full article below).

Source of the Present Economic Crisis

To find the fundamental cause of this economic crisis - the original moving force of this economic Black Hole into which the Globalist Financial system is being drawn - we must travel back to 1914 and the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank by the two principal Rothschild representatives in the United States, J.P. Morgan and Kuhn Loeb & Co.

You can click here or go to Appendix II to view a chart of who "owns" the Federal Reserve as recently as 1976.

Charts of Who "owns" the Federal Reserve Bank.