by Anders

17 May 2010

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Goodbye to Europe as a High-Ranking Power

Even before it began, Europe's moment as a major world power in the 21st century looks to be over

by Richard N. Haass

13 May 2010




Through crises to the peaks - this seems to be EU's strategy: In every crisis - and most of them were created by EU's masterminds - the EU grabs more power over us, and especially over our money.


As the chief of staff at the White House says you should never let a severe crisis (that they have taken so much pain to create - real or imaginary) go to waste. The EU Commission certainly does not. It glee is very audible now because everyone will accept the EU to have more power to save the planet.


Maybe the syndicate, however, has made a miscalculation:

President Obama directed the lacing of the EU's bail-out for the Euro group's weaker countries - thereby sweeping aside EU's new permanent President, Van Rompuy, who recently declared that 2009 was the first year of world governance.

Chancellor Merkel and Barroso are now shouting for what is actually the United States of Europe - and without the dangerous referendums. The EU Commission will censor the budgets of EU countries' - possibly reject them before they are allowed to be presented to National parliaments.


Now union proposals are teeming:

All Community sentences should circulate and be applicable in all EU countries. Refugee policy is to be aligned - Southern Europe's many Muslim refugees are to be jointly distributed everywhere.

The Eurogendarmerie, Eurogendfor, will deploy French troops to defeat expected mass demonstrations in Germany - and Germans to defeat protesting Frenchmen, etc. They are now holding corresponding maneuvers.


The Icelandic ash cloud was used by the EU to usurp dominion over our sovereign airspaces - in spite of its demonstrated tremendous incompetence.


Huge extra taxes are coming to us:

financial transaction taxes, huge CO2 taxes besides already existing ones.

Merkel, Barroso and Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Möller definitely want to play a major power and subjugate the world militarily for the New World Order - and appear to their masterminds to be big boys and girls. One can wonder about the EU's commitment to such insane actions.


But it is now apparent that EU commissioners who have been loyal to the New World Order ideology and program, get cool corporative posts, when they are finished.


This interaction between corporations and rulers was defined as fascism by Mussolini.


Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”









Take a look too, at the following videos:

See and hear in above videos, Mr. Barroso, Sarkozy, Gordon brown vying with Pres. Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger demanding Weishaupt/Rothschild's communist New World Order/world government.


Like children before Christmas, they cannot wait for the fulfillment of this nightmare. So what are they doing to achieve it? They are creating crises and using each of them to promote their silly slogan “global solutions to global problems” - the EU Parliament working for a UN Parliamentary Assembly to govern the regionalized world.


And the sheeple believe them and gladly accept their saving the planet - although they really loot and enslave us with every crisis they make.


It is later than we may think:

According to EU Pres. van Rompuy 2009 was the first year of global governance, which he has now experienced, as Pres. Obama took leadership in the planning of the Euro-bail-out away from him.





14 May 2010

Now the EU has created a bail-out for Greece (110 bn Euro) and for the the PIIGS countries (750 bn Euro).


Nevertheless, the “markets” (read Rothschild/Soros) have serious concerns: These countries are trapped, will have to take more loans to repay their debts - and finally end up in insolvency.


These big loans will stall the consumption of these countries - and of Germany too, all of them having to introduce austerity measures. Some fear a double dip in the Euro zone.


Crisis paves the way for the United States of Europe

13 May 2010

Chancellor Merkel says crisis is chance to boost political union, not just the Euro - and a chance to boost political union, not just the Euro.
German leader sees all EU members one day joining Eurozone



13 Mai 2010

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday the Euro's troubles offered a chance for the EU to strengthen its economic and political union, not just its common currency.

"If the Euro fails, not only the currency fails. Europe fails too, and the idea of European unification. We have a common currency, but no common political and economic union. And this is exactly what we must change. To achieve this  -  therein lies the opportunity of this crisis."

After the common currency, we may venture further steps, such as the joint move towards a European army.


Little boy wants to grow big to help big boys bully us

24 January 2009



"Let us be clear: in the past, some national politicians have resisted stronger mechanisms of governance" in Brussels, Jose Manuel Barroso. "I hope that… all EU (national) governments will now recognize the need for full ownership of Europe 2020 and for a truly coordinated and coherent action in economic policy."

Greece easily represents "a turning-point in the history of monetary union.

The problem, as ever, is one of "the transfer of sovereignty" from national capitals to Brussels, Belgium's Finance Minister Didier Reynders said on Friday.



12 May 2010

EU countries will review each others' draft annual budgets before they are adopted at national level. Germany is opposed.


Sanctions: Cut of 50 billion Euro annual package of regional aid impose interest-bearing deposits on member states that are making insufficient progress towards their budgetary medium-term objectives


The Independent

10 Feb. 2010

The Maastricht rules - limiting member states to an annual budget deficit of 3 per cent a year and an overall national debt to a GDP ratio of 60 per cent - were swept away during the financial crisis.





30. okt. 2009



The EU is to be made a more successful foreign policy player, which can give the U.S. and China an equal fight. Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller sets this out at an EU summit in Brussels.

We have a huge amount of military, if we only used it.

The Foreign Minister is in no doubt that the EU is to have a much larger global role, so that the union becomes a respected actor around the world.

  • Why do people talk about the G2 - the U.S. and China?

  • Why not talk of the G3 - the United States, China and Europe?

Of course, foreign policy is still sovereign, but when the Lisbon Treaty comes through we can become much better at having Europe placed in the global negotiations than we have been.



Do I hear Napoleon, or an elected Danish Foreign minister?

Justice due to The War on Terror: here and here.




15 March 2010

Spain proposes to make court rulings move freely like people within the EU area



The Telegraph

20 April 2010

The plan to turn Eurojust, an existing body based on non-binding judicial co-operation, into an investigator, with the power to order arrests and trials, is the first step to creating an EU public prosecutor.


The Commission's proposals welcome the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty as allowing "greater ambition" in giving the EU new justice and policing powers to sweep aside national "obstacles to effective law enforcement".



Key to the EU ambitions to forge a "solid common European procedural base" are new proposals, to give,

"Eurojust powers to directly initiate investigations", Tony Bunyan, of the European Civil Liberties Network (ECLN), "We are seeing EU agencies becoming institutions in their own right without open debate."

Other Commission proposals tabled on Tuesday will lead to a European ID card register, internet surveillance systems and automated EU exit-entry border systems operated by machines reading fingerprints.

"These policies are evidence of dangerous authoritarian tendencies within the EU," said Mr Bunyan.


20 April 2010



Immigration. Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström identified asylum seekers' rights and seasonal workers' rules as the two main priorities in terms of immigration.

Malmström will pledge to foster a burden-sharing mechanism.

"Europeans must act together to deal with immigration and asylum policies," writes Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, in charge of justice, and home affairs.

Now it turns out that a long line of leftist Danish top politicians, whose parties have declared they want to “change our society radically” through massive Muslim immigration - and they themselves have been scolding citizens who send their children to private schools with no Muslims, even threatened to deprive just such schools of their state subventions - are sending their own children to… private schools without Muslims!!!

In 2011, the Commission will start,

"to review the member states' national asylum systems and identify the issues related to capacities which will enable member states to support each other in building capacity".

A new proposal on the "joint processing of asylum applications," aimed at enforcing mutual recognition of refugees' rights, will not be presented until 2014.


Radio Utopie


5 Maj 2010


Military exercise as for counter-insurgency against the peoples by French and German security forces at Toul-Rosières.


The exercise topic is the simulation of violent actions on both sides of the border as part of a mass demonstration. It was frankly posted on May 4, 2010 written on the site that that they are preparing police for mass riots, demonstrations and protests of the populations with a bilateral exercise of special security forces from both countries, France and Germany, on May 6.



With the Department of State riot police headquarters of the Saarland, the forces of the Compagnies Republicaine de Sécurité (CRS) from Thionville, Metz and Jarville will for the first time train a common interaction changing the subordination of practice on neighborly territory.


This means that during civil unrest in France, French demonstrators will be fought by Eurogendfor German police - and French elite units will be used by the German Government for the suppression of mass protests in Germany - and so on all over Europe.



The Eurogendfor may have the right to kill demonstrators.





The Telegraph

7 Apr. 2010

Last month, Jose Manuel Barroso, EU president, pledged to ask world leaders to impose a special tax on banks (the proposal of Rothschild's minion, George Soros).


AFP reports support for a global financial transaction tax is growing within the German Christian Democrat party, Merkel being against it.


AFP publishes data showing that the financial transaction tax would raise €321.3 billion per year in Europe (which we shall have to pay). A tax on leverage, borrowing and risk-taking could raise €50bn.


CO2–taxes: In the UKalone the Climate Act costs 18 bn a year.


Then there are the climate exchanges, where CO2 is being sold like shares - costing us enormously much via our energy bills and fees. CO2 mitigating redistribution of our wealth to those LDCs who never will rise above their present levels out of thin air for harmless, life spending CO2. Besides, rising to 100bn dollars a year from 2020.


The CO2 tax required to bring emissions down to the levels demanded by the IPCC would reduce global GDP by an amount that would equate  -  in 2100  -  to $40 trillion (£25 trillion) a year.


All as agreed upon by our elite at the Bilderberg Meeting 2005 (Daniel Estulin was there).



The Guardian

11 May 2010

Price for EU reducing CO2 by 30% instead of 20%: 81 bn by 2020.



10 May 2010

"The choice we face is therefore clear: build on the strengths of the EU and use its collective weight to become an assertive and relevant player in the world, or cultivate fragmentation and contemplate the possibility of absolute decline in a world where the rules are defined by those who matter," the report says.


"Project Europe 2030":

"Above all, the situation calls for strong political leadership. The report calls for both a long-term vision on European defense and a common European strategic concept. Politicizing and engaging EU citizens could be achieved by allowing, under certain conditions, nationals of other member states to vote in national elections."


The Global Warming Lie




Control of European air space



The Icelandic volcano plume was used by the EU to create panic in order to make it clear to the public that such “global problems require global solution” - although the EU showed a maximum of ineptitude to deal with the plume.




The EU will absolutely become a superpower - thereby - like all superpowers - sacrifice us for their private ambitions which the peoples of Europe do not share.


Their demagogical vision that they and the EU can play a role in the world by its own force reminds of what Hitler said - but is another lie: Not even Obama plays an independent role: The leaders of the world are all Rothschild's puppets.

Why should the EU play a role in dominating the world - not just Europe. Why is the top priority of the illuminist EU (explanatory statement) endless expansion?


I see no other reason than the one offered by David Rockefeller's and Zbigniew Brzezinski' little known Trilateral Commission:

“About the Trilateral Commission:


It was formed in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, Europe (European Union countries), and North America Corruption (United States and Canada) to foster closer cooperation among these core democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system.


There was a sense that the United States was no longer in such a singular leadership position as it had been in earlier post-World War II years, and that a more shared form of leadership - including Europe and Japan in particular - would be needed for the international system to navigate successfully the major challenges of the coming years…



The “growing interdependence” that so impressed the founders of the Trilateral Commission in the early 1970s has deepened into “globalization.”


That interdependence also has ensured that the current financial crisis has been felt in every nation and region. As our conviction has strengthened that the Commission remains more important than ever in helping our countries fulfill their shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system, we too have changed.


Our membership has widened to reflect broader changes in the world. Thus, the Japan Group has become a Pacific Asian Group, including in 2009 both Chinese and Indian members. Mexican members have been added to the North American Group. The European Group continues to widen in line with the enlargement of the EU (and is engaged in the Mediterranean Union).


We are also continuing in this triennium our practice of inviting a number of participants from other key areas.”

From this we see that this private club has the audacity to take elitist non-elected world government in secrecy by forming a belt around the globe, governed by politicians and and business people, i.e. what Mussolini called fascism.


The EU wants to play a big role in promoting this agenda.

Why? The Commissioners are thinking about their income after their time in office - doing what ever they can to play into the hands of the vested interests of corporations behind the TC:



14 May 2010

Transparency International, an international NGO which fights corruption, expressed "strong concern" after four former commissioners in the Barroso I executive had accepted positions in the private sector.


Benita Ferrero-Waldner of Austria, who held the external relations portfolio in the,

  • Barroso I Commission

  • Germany's Günter Verheugen (enterprise and industry)

  • Ireland's Charlie McCreevy (internal market)

  • Bulgaria's Meglena Kuneva (consumer protection),

...assumed corporate jobs.


The companies involved may profit from the former roles of their new employees. The EU is as corrupt as ever it was.


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