by Mark Sircus

06 November 2010

from IMVA Website


“The breakdown of the monetary system will be chaotic. When inflation commences, it will be highly disruptive. The damage to fixed-income assets will seem instantaneous. Foreign-exchange markets will become dysfunctional. The economy will become even more fragile and unpredictable.”

John Hathaway for Bloomberg

“The present fiat currency system will end based on the strategy of Debase, Default and Deny! It is my opinion that it will be replaced by a system structured on the IMF and BIS’s Strategic Drawing Rights (SDRs) partially backed by precious metals. The question to be asked however is not what will be the replacement for fiat currency, but who will have ownership of the assets after this war ends? Who will pay the requisite ‘tribute’ that goes to the victors?”

Gordon T Long

Dollar issuance by the United States is “out of control,” leading to an inflation assault on China, the Chinese commerce minister said in comments reported at the end of October.


Chen Deming, speaking at a trade fair in southern China, said,

“Because the United States’ issuance of dollars is out of control and international commodity prices are continuing to rise, China is being attacked by imported inflation. The uncertainties of this are causing firms big problems.”

Richard Mills writes,

“Socio-economic turmoil - lawlessness, poverty, lack of adequate medical facilities and attention, low to no employment, low wages, disease, no clean drinking water or water for irrigation, and shortages of food or unaffordable food can all cause socio-economic pressure to build in many countries that were once stable environments for investment.”

Mills also writes,

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”

The best information is truthful information, which is unfortunately not available through the mainstream press any longer.


In a rapidly changing world the best most truthful information becomes even more crucial, for one false step can present doom to us and our families. It is when we understand what and why things are happening that we gain the power to avoid catastrophe.


Modern Medicine is a Sitting Duck

Drs. Bednarz, Crawford, and Wood write,

“While the hour is late, it still makes sense for leaders in medicine, public health, and nursing to speak up about what our civilization faces and what we can do about it.


We doubt this will occur, for reasons everyone who has ever worked in an organization in hopes of advancing their careers understands.


It is possible that a rare leader will step forward - probably someone at the end of his or her career - and tell the populace that growth is over and sustainability is here. It will hurt and the powerful will attempt to cut their losses at the expense of the less powerful and powerless.”

These professionals think it’s obvious that,

“American society is arrantly unsustainable - ecologically, fiscally, economically, politically, and ethically. Succinctly, the world is reaching the physical limits to economic growth.”

This means that the entire economic and financial model of the world is going to change dramatically.


It’s going to be a different world with higher prices and less money and food for the masses.



There will also be much less money to support a multi-trillion-dollar health and medical system in the United States.


Contemporary medicine will eventually be chopped down to a more appropriate size, which means all the lies and deceit of the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, AMA, APA, CDC, WHO, and others will have to end simply because people will not be able to afford high-cost medicine or the damages and side affects they instigate.

Incredibly we have Dr. Matthias Rath running a full-page add in the New York Times shouting out warnings about the Fourth Reich and the attempts of elite pharmaceutical and petrochemical interests. I have no idea why he is singling out the Tea Party Movement for obliteration while defending Obama and his program.


No matter which way you turn politically in America, we find the same controlling interests and the takeover has been accomplished at least in the field of vaccines where we find 90 percent of humanity already enslaved. But no doubt patriots will sooner or later turn out for a fight and then it will be every man and family and small group for themselves.


Big ugly government is having its day and there are political monsters on the loose and the last thing they want to be known as is “has-beens.”



There is no doubt that Dr. Rath has had his fingers on the pulses of these madmen and we do know where they all came from.


I don’t particularly go for his American politics but he is realistic with European ones and the European Union and he is dead on with oil and pharmaceutical terrorism. Don’t know why he leaves out the bankers and chemical monoliths though and all their representatives in the Obama administration.


And if reform/revolution is not going to come from the grass roots where is it going to come from, Obama?


If anyone deserves the crown of being an agent for the unspeakable we have one in him. Under his watch they certainly sprayed enough toxic dispersants over the gulf and now we are even hearing reports of people’s esophagus melting down.


Betrayal of the American people is what is being served up with men, women and children replacing turkeys on the silver platter.




According to Riki Ott, marine toxicologist and Exxon Valdez survivor,

“The people that did evacuate [the Gulf] are glad they did. And for good reason! I am dealing with about 3-4 autopsies right now… I know of people whose esophagus are dissolving, disintegrating… I know of people with 4.75% of their lung capacity, with enlarged hearts… All of these people have oil in their bodies.”

Multiple C-130s, military and Coast Guard, along with various types of Evergreen Air aircraft and boats have been used to carry out the spraying operation in and around the region, so we know this has all been a corporate-controlled government operation.

“The global economic crisis, really having only just begun, will in years to come spiral into a Great Global Debt Depression, plunging the entire world into the greatest economic catastrophe ever known. This will be the ultimate catalyst, the most pervasive crisis, and most commanding ‘opportunity’ to implement the formation of a global government.


In 1998, The Economist ran an article entitled, 'Get Ready for the Phoenix,' in which it postulated that by the year 2018, there will be a global currency, which it termed the 'Phoenix.' The mention of a phoenix is not to go unnoticed, as symbolically, a phoenix dies and from its ashes a new phoenix emerges.


It is the symbol of destruction as a form of creation; the ultimate incarnation of crisis as an opportunity,” writes Andrew Gavin Marshall.

Marshall continues,

“The middle classes will vanish and poverty will reign supreme, while the rich become immeasurably richer and more powerful. Naturally, people will rise up, take to the streets, protest, demonstrate, riot, even rebel and revolt.


As sure as the people will resist, the state will repress with police, the military, and the ‘Homeland Security State’ apparatus of surveillance and control. Make no mistake: this is the ‘Thirdworldization’ of the West: the ‘Post-Industrial Revolution’.”

It’s going to be a hard ride down and the amount of paper wealth that’s going to be lost is stupendous.


No one really knows the future but we can see the intentions of certain people and groups.


One of the greatest books I have ever read was called The Rise of the Phoenix by Christopher Hills but it certainly was not about the rise of a central currency and one world government. Each of us has to incorporate the destruction in our spirits, transforming disturbing energies and experiences into growth and new inner wisdom.


A new breed of rough riders we will need to be, tough in spirit and determined to do and be our best for our families and loved ones.


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