by benjamin

November 01, 2010

from ProjectAvalonForum Website


In a sign events are coming to a climax, the Chairman of the shadowy Bilderberg group, Viscount Etienne Davignon, contacted the White Dragon Society last week saying his group did not oppose the filing of a Rico anti-organized crime lawsuit against Daniele Dal Bosco, the Davos Forum and the United Nations. Davignon also said that,

“I sleep well at night,” because he was guilty of no wrongdoing.

If he is sincere, we would like him to invite various internet journalists to a press conference where he can answer questions about sensitive topics like planned genocide. In any case, the contact is a clear sign the global campaign against the shadowy backers of the Federal Reserve Board Crime syndicate is starting to hit home.

According to the NSA, there was a flurry of telephone activity last week following this writer’s promise on a interview that the $1 trillion lawsuit involving the Japanese arrested in Italy in June of 2009 (see previous issues for details) would target,

Many of the phone calls were along the following lines:

 “If you let them arrest me, I am going to tell everything I know.”

Intelligence agencies now expect many murders and arrests as the people behind the $1 trillion theft try to hide their trail while the good guys try to put key witnesses into protective custody.

The latest news in the lawsuit is that a clear evidence trail has now been traced to Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve Board. This evidence trail was provided by several large corporations who have joined the legal action, claiming they have also been victims of the OITC/Greenspan crime nexus.

Multiple sources including Japanese military intelligence and a senior freemason also say they expect some sort of “big announcement” this week but we were unable to get any details. No doubt it is linked to Federal Reserve Board threats of more “quantitive easing” or dollar creation. Hopefully instead it will be the end of the Federal Reserve Board that is announced.

However, sources at both the Pentagon and MI6 have a much more pessimistic outlook. They both say they expect a “once in 300 year” type event over the coming two months and suggest that people stock up on food. There will be “a total breakdown of law and order in the US” followed by a military coup d’etat, they say.

The trigger for this will be the bankruptcy of the Washington D.C. corporate government, they say. There is an end of January payments deadline the US government is simply not going to be able to meet, they say. Perhaps that is why Chinese President Hu Jintao is due to visit Washington just before the end of January of next year.

There are also signs the war-mongering criminals behind the Federal Reserve Board Crime syndicate are split into at least three factions now.

First of all we have the visit by Obama (and his faction) to India with a giant entourage that will occupy the entire Taj Mahal hotel. The entourage apparently includes Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and their various war-loving friends. The aim of this visit may be to provoke a war between India and Pakistan, according to our Pentagon source.

The Pentagon is deeply worried their troops in Afghanistan are going to betrayed and turned captive in order to inflame pro-war sentiments for an invasion of Pakistan in alliance with India.

“There are signs we are being deliberately set up for a major defeat in Afghanistan,” the source said.

The Pentagon is being deliberately over-stretched in what appears to be a campaign to weaken it or neutralize it, he added.

Hillary Clinton (a different faction) is also on a long Asian tour in search of money to finance a takeover of the US government by her and her fellow Khazarians.


She is hoping to get some of the shrink-wrapped US dollar bills sitting in giant warehouses on the China coast, Asian and MI6 source say.

“While both Obama and Hillary are welcome to have a holiday in Asia, neither of them are going to get any money,” a senior Asian source promises.

The third faction would appear to be the European Bilderberg group who are now claiming to be allied with the White Dragon Society against the Satan-worshipping owners of the Federal Reserve Board.


Needless to say, they will have to be a lot more forthcoming about what they have been up to and what their plans are if they expect to be taken seriously by the rest of the world.

It is also interesting to note the White Dragon Society was offered an exclusive monopoly on all investment in China and that “we could write our own check.” The catch, of course, would be to accept financial servitude to the Rothschild family.


It is their time-honored method of seduction of people in power:

“We are not interested in power. Just leave us in charge of finance please.”

Rest assured they have been told the White Dragon Society is not interested in their illusory fiat money.

There is a lot of mischief afoot in Japan as well. The most shocking new revelation is that the Chinese have been infiltrating the Japanese Self-Defense forces for a very long time, according to Japanese military intelligence. The project, going back at least 30 years, involved having beautiful Chinese spies marry members of the Japanese self-defense forces.

They would then educate the resulting children with pro-Chinese views before sending them to the Japanese military academy. Graduates of the military academy automatically become officers in the Japanese military. As many as 60% of recent graduates are the product of such marriages, the source says.

This puts an entirely different light on Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara’s recent provocations of China.


Maehara was the person who directed a hysterical anti-Chinese campaign after a Chinese spy ship (“fishing boat”) was captured near the disputed Senkaku or Daiyu Islands. The Pentagon strongly advised against making a big issue out of this and secretly informed the Chinese and Japanese governments they would not go to war with China in defense of these Islands.

However, we must be very wary of this statement because it may simply be a trap intended to fool China into trying to take the islands by force as an excuse to start WW3.

Maehara also propagated a totally false report that China had stopped exports of rare earth minerals. This so-called stoppage was widely reported in the world’s media. In fact, all that China has done is say that it will phase out export of completely unprocessed rare earth metals to a Western cartel and instead sell semi-processed rare-metals directly to the world’s manufacturers.

Maehara has long been considered in Japan to be a Federal Reserve Board agent who has been compromised by bribes related to weapons purchases. He is not expected to last long in his present job.

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