Although hundreds of books have been written about the tragedy that was the Second World War, very few people know anything about what was really behind this costliest of all wars.

The history of war as it is told in countless history books in Germany, England, the U.S. and Japan has only little in common with the actual causes and objectives of that war. What is recounted is certainly correct, but half the truth has been omitted.

“The ‘picture painters’ of the controlled mass-media have also done a masterful job of pulling the wool over the eyes of those whom they are supposedly dedicated to inform and educate. These peddlers of deception have been guilty of reducing the minds of the general public to what has rightly been described as ‘a state of impotent confusion’ regarding World War II.”

(Des Griffin: Descent Into Slavery?)

Slowly but surely the truth comes out now and a clearer picture of what really occurred is emerging. What we know of the war are the historical dates. Who, when, where, with whom did what. But those who actually pulled the strings are never mentioned.

After the Hitler-Stalin pact Poland was to be split up and Hitler proceeded to bring this about on September 1, 1939. According to the conditions of the treaty signed twenty years previously, (pro Illuminati) England and France were obliged to enter the fight on Poland’s side. After the “Dammerkrieg” (Twilight War) Chamberlain who was called a coward was replaced by the former Zionist Freemason CHURCHILL. He was a better collaborator and he soon ordered the air strike on Germany. Since the Germans never expected England to attack, they were not prepared. Several events show that Germany did not want to war with England.

In an address in 1933, Hitler said that in its fullest unfoldment, Communism would also contain the British Empire. In that case, Hitler added, he would help to defend the British if he was called.

So, on May 10, 1940, German troops did allow the English to evacuate 335,000 soldiers from the beach at Dunkirk. And with his flight to England, Rudolf Hess had tried to unit the two strongest northern nations. But Winston Churchill was a good friend of BERNARD BARUCH who had helped Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt to their presidencies. It was BARUCH who convinced Churchill to support the foundation of the state of Israel. In May 1939 Churchill ordered Colonial Minister Lloyd to withdraw the English troops from Palestine and to equip and organize the Jews for their own defense.


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Most Americans did not want to get involved in another war, but the Illuminati had differing views. The 32nd President of the U.S., the hidden Jew FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, descended from the famous Sephardim-Jewish Delano-Family and the German Jewish family Rosenfeld, was a Grand Master of the Freemasons, member of the CFR and the Committee of 300. One of his closer allies was BERNARD BARUCH and for at least eight years he was closely linked with COLONEL HOUSE.


As one can see, the Illuminati had their man already in place, and this man thanked them be passing an unconstitutional law, namely that before the end of April 1933 all privately owned gold had to be handed in at the bank, failure to do so resulting in a fine of US$ 10,000 or 10 years imprisonment or both. Then gold was valued at US$ 20.67 per ounce. After most gold had been collected, the gold price rose to US$ 35 per ounce. The insiders had their gold in foreign banks and later sold it at the higher price, naturally.

By giving the Japanese on November 26, 1941 an ultimatum by asking them to withdraw all their troops from Indochina and Manchuria, President Roosevelt provoked them to war. This is a historical fact, but a well-kept secret. Roosevelt’s ultimatum was deliberately kept from Congress until after the attack on Pearl Harbor. All agreed the Japanese had no other option that war. The Japanese themselves did all they could to avoid a war with the U.S.


The Japanese prime minister, PRINCE KENOYE, repeatedly asked to come to Washington or Honolulu to meet with Roosevelt and to try to find an alternative. Later he even prepared to meet the demands by the U.S., just to avoid going to war, but several times Roosevelt refused to speak with him, since the war with Japan had been long since planned, as was the war with Germany.

At the same time Roosevelt told the American people:

“While I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. I have said this before, and I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.

One is speechless in front of such a blatant deception of the people.

The American military knew from several sources that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor first.

The U.S. ambassador in Tokyo, JOSEPH GREW, wrote in a letter to Roosevelt on January 27, 1941, that in the case of war between Japan and the U.S., Pearl Harbor would be the first target.

In August, Congress member DIES had given to Roosevelt not only the same information, but also the strategic plan of attack with a map. He was forced to silence.


Further, the American secret service had succeeded in 1941 to decipher the diplomatic as well as the military codes of the Japanese. Roosevelt and his advisors knew the date, the hour and the target in advance.

AL BIELEK, one of the two survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment told me that he had also been stationed in Pearl Harbor during that time, but one week before the attack he – together with his brother – was pulled out, because they were meant to work with Nikola Tesla on the Philadelphia Experiment. They were told at that time that they were taken out because of the impending attack, that they were too valuable to die there. Pearl Harbor was told only two hours ahead and therefore was ill-prepared. It succumbed pitifully. That was exactly what Roosevelt wanted, for now he could call the Japanese “treacherous swine”, and the U.S. had to retaliate.

To those who still don’t believe that more is needed to become president or chancellor than just being a good politician, the following example will hopefully serve as an eye-opener. It concerns the later President of the U.S., DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER.


To guarantee the success of this infamous intrigue the Illuminati needed one or their devoted vassals to be supreme commander of all the allied forces in Europe. The person selected for the job was Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower. His career in the army is not just interesting, it is a fascinating study of what can happen to an ordinary army soldier if he had the “right” people behind him. For Eisenhower, too, was a friend of Bernard Baruch.


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We have to thank the son-in-law of President Roosevelt, Colonel CURTIS B. DALL that the story of Commander GEORGE EARLE became known. Earle was a former Governor of Pennsylvania, U.S. ambassador to Austria (1935-39) and Bulgaria (1940-42). Later he was Roosevelt’s personal military attaché in Istanbul when in the spring of 1943 the head of the German secret service, ADMIRAL WILHELM CANARIS came to see him.


Canaris said that an unconditional surrender as it was asked for by America and England was unacceptable for the German generals. But if the American President would indicate that he would accept an honorable surrender of the German army this could be arranged. The German army would then be posted at the Eastern front to fight there against the approaching Red Army. Soon after this meeting Earle had an even longer one with the German ambassador FRITZ VON PAPEN who made the same offer.


At first Earle was not sure he had heard right, then he realized these men were serious, so he sent a message to Roosevelt. Nothing happened. He sent another one. Again nothing. When Canaris returned a few days later to hear Roosevelt’s response, Earle couldn’t give him one. Earle then sent a most urgent message to Washington, but again there was no answer. Neither Earle nor Canaris could know that a capitulation of Germany was not wanted. Roosevelt forbade Colonel Earle in a personal letter of March 24, 1945, to say anything about this event.

Once the German army was driven from Rome the army led by General MARK CLARK was kept back, although it could easily have gone on to enter Yugoslavia, Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

Instead, some of his soldiers were sent to the Normandy, which cost the lives of about 100,000 people and had drastic effects on the future shape of Eastern Europe. Why?

At the Allies’ conference in Quebec in 1943 an agreement was reached, urged by General GEORGE C. MARSHALL that was named “Russia’s Position”. There it was said that, ’Russia’s position after the war will be a dominating one...’

The men who were outwardly in charge of the U.S. – Roosevelt, Marshall and Eisenhower – had strict orders from their superiors, as you will also see in the next example, to conduct the war in such a way as would best further the interests of the Illuminati according to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Therefore, the Russian army was given ample time to spread out.


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An important factor to help in understanding the events of war is a remarkable book that is avoided at all cost by all the big media, film producers and most libraries: From Major Jordan’s Diaries.

MAJOR RACEY JORDAN was a veteran of the First World War and because of his military experience got the post of a “lend lease” agent and liaison officer to the Russians. The first two years he served in Newark, Montana (?) and from May 10, 1942 in the United Nations Depot No. 8, Lend Lease Division, Newark Airport, Newark, New Jersey, International Section, Air Service Command; Air Corps; U.S. Army.

As liaison officer between the U.S. and the Russians JORDAN was surprised about the influence the Russian Colonel ANATOLI KOTIKOV had over Roosevelt’s aide HARRY HOPKINS. Every time the Russians needed anything, even special equipment, a call to Hopkins by Kotikov was all that was needed for a speedy delivery. Later Jordan noticed the black cases that accompanied almost all deliveries and he became curious.


How he later succeeded in opening some of the cases is an adventurous story. He found papers about nuclear fusion, a list of the material on its way to the Soviet Union, two pounds of uranium 92 and deuterium. At this time he didn’t know what it all meant. He wrote a diary with detailed descriptions of this and further events.


In Siberia, a money plane had crashed which had carried printed plates, paper and other materials so the Russians could print the same occupation money for Germany as the Americans!

Because of the “lend-lease” treaty Stalin received from the U.S. 20,000 aircraft, almost 40,000 trucks, twice as many tanks as they had when war started, railway engines, cars, food as well as secret material.

Why had the U.S. helped the Russians to that extent during the Second World War? And these were just a few examples.
The Illuminati created the red regime. They knew what they wanted. Soviet Russia was an obvious tool in their plan (protocols) to enslave the whole world under a new World Order.


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And Japan was denies its surrender just as Germany had been. The Japanese capitulated unconditionally in March 1945. In that month the Japanese supreme command sent a note to the American embassy in Moscow, the Russian embassy in Tokyo and the Pentagon in Washington saying that the Japanese Imperial government would like an unconditional surrender.



Later they claimed that they were not able to decipher it! But how then did they decipher the diplomatic and military codes before? We know the answer: The Japanese island had not yet been destroyed. The big show was still to come. The B-29s carried out the big “city redevelopment” in Japan for the international bankers. First the destruction of Tokyo, then the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is said that many of the upper echelon in the Japanese army were members of a mystical secret society called Black Dragon, but I know nothing more about it.

The post-war rebuilding of Germany and Japan brought astronomical profits for the international bankers. Both the Germans and the Japanese had the most industrious workers and managers. Yet their governments are also chosen and guided like puppets by the Illuminati. Later, when you see the members’ list of the different organizations this will become very clear. Many of the German politicians in government are just as much part of this game as are the Americans or the Russians.


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In human terms the war was an absolute, unmitigated disaster. For the Illuminati it was resounding success. The Second World War with the estimated 30 million dead (Solzhenitsyn says 100 million) is clearly part of the worldwide reconstruction program of the Illuminati, the objective being the installation of Weishaupt’s “Novus Ordo Secolorum”, the New World Order.

For the Illuminati Lenin was the perfect man in Russia, in the political and psychological course of events Communism had the role of the foil, i.e., the conspirators used Communism as the bogey man to force Western nations into agreements and commitments that ran against their proper interests.


At the beginning of the Twenties, Lenin told the world of the future plans of the Illuminati:

“First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia.

This objective was reached as a result of World War II. The larger part of Asia followed few years later. The Vietnam debacle was part of the cleanup drive where loose ends were tied.

The Second World War brought the Illuminati even more. The large cracks in the old world order opened wide and the financial and social foundations of traditional morals were swept away. America, whose security was never endangered before or during the war, was forced by the maelstrom of world politics to give up its own politics.

The Second World War cost America 400 billion US$ and had the national debt rise to 220 billion US$. Because of this the U.S. was fully in the hands of the international bankers. That war paved the way for the foundation of the UN in 1945, whose headquarters are on land in New York donated by ROCKEFELLER. At least forty-seven of the founding members of the UN were also in the CFR. The UN is the largest Masonic lodge in the world, as is shown by its emblem. Like the Great Seal shown on the one-dollar bill it is a Masonic symbol. Like the Statue of Liberty was given to the American Masons by the French Masonic Order of the Grand Orient.

What became of the Nazi secret service, the Gestapo?

William Bramley writes that the CIA had accepted the offer by REINHART GEHLEN, the head of German secret operations in Russia, to help build an intelligence network in Europe. Many former SS members were then part of Gehlen’s organization. It became an important arm of the CIA in Western Europe and also formed the basis for the Secret Service of the Federal Republic of Germany.


From the documents of the Nuremberg trials the CIA got information about the psychiatric methods of the Nazis which decades later were to be used in the infamous experiments about consciousness control.

INTERPOL, a private international police organization for the fight against criminals and drug traffickers operating world-wide, was headed several times up to 1972 by former SS officers. This is not half as astonishing if one knows that during the Second World War Interpol was controlled by the Nazis.


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To finish on Germany and World War II I will tell you something you definitely never read in any other book, something which will surely make you wonder about what you are told in your school books and will question your present picture of the world. As you know from history books, the German Reich never signed a peace treaty, because a peace treaty has to be signed by the leaders of the nation. But Hitler probably went to South America and anybody else was dead or gone as well. So Donitz, substituting for Hitler, signed a cease-fire treaty for two arms of the Wehrmacht.

And this cease-fire was broken by the Allies in their attack, led by Admiral Byrd in 1946, on Neuschwabenland, the German territory in Antarctica.

They tried to get at the elite of them all who sure were smart enough to have a back door open – Neuschwabenland! And since the German elite, the Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) and the VRIL-Gesellschaft was at that time and still today living in this particular area (at least some of them do), the Allied Troops had been destroyed within weeks.

And because of the broken cease-fire, the German Reich was again – and still is to this day - at war with the Allies!!!

You may wonder, but this is an irrefutable and definite fact of which every important, high-ranking German that I have met knows. If the Allies would have won in Neuschwabenland against the “Schwarze Sonne”, they would have come out with it on every front page in the world. But because of their defeat they kept it very secret.


The same with their attack on Neuschwabenland in 1958, when the Americans blew up two nuclear heads, one below the ice and one above, to get access to the subterranean German base. But of course they failed, because the technology the Schwarze Sonne has down there is, as Admiral Byrd already said, “highly-advanced”. And so the Anglo-American Establishment with their Khazar-illuminated bankers’ background have been smart in keeping the whole affair “top secret”.

The Allies were very successful in their newspapers and nowadays with their Hollywood background to make the Japanese and the Germans look the “bad guys”, but in fact it is rather the opposite that is true! Remember the attack on Pearl Harbor which has been staged by the Americans themselves. Please check this information for yourself, making sure that what you will find out is based on your own research, and that it is the truth!! To this day, Germany does neither have a peace treaty nor a cease-fire nor anything else.

Germany has an illegal state installed by the Allies – the Federal Republic of Germany. If what I’m saying is true, there has to be some evidence that the Illuminati would have some of their puppets sitting at the top of the German Federal Republic, like in the other nations, too.

Well, one of them was Chancellor Willy Brandt, a Jew, who’s real name was Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm, offspring of the famous Israelite family Frahm from Lubeck, Germany. He was a member of the Committee of 300 and the Bilderbergers.
If the information of Mr. Rudolph from Melle, Germany who went to court against Mr. Kohl and the Jewish writer Jacov Lind is correct, Bundeskanzler (Chancellor) Helmut Kohl is one of them too.


According to them, his real name is Kohn. Lind states in his book The Inventor (Methuen, London 1987):

“The great-grandfather of the present Chancellor of Germany wrote his name still with an “n” instead of an “l”, he was a door-to-door salesman from Buczacz. I have documents and proofs. A whole library of proofs in the strongroom at the National Bank in Vaduz.”

The Khazar-Jewish grandparents changed their name from Kohn to Kohl when they came to Germany form Galizia in Poland, to cover-up that they were Jewish. According to Mr. Rudolph, Chancellor Kohn/Kohl is also a member of the Bilderbergers, the Grand Orient Freemasons and the B’nai B’rith who bestowed upon him their highest blood order, the Order of Joseph. Further, a Khazar Jew should never head the Christian Democratic party (CDU) nor be elected Chancellor of Germany.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a substitute nation until Germany has a peace treaty. An official NATO law states that until that peace treaty has been signed, the borders of 1937 of the German Reich still apply legally. Because of this NATO law, colonies of the German Reich still exist in total legality today, like the “Colonia Dignidad” in Chile or one in Argentina, 100 miles north of San Carlos de Bariloche (size: 10,000 square miles!!).


To understand what that means is exemplified by the ex-foreign minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, who tried to get into the Colonia Dignidad three times and never got permission to do so. He flew down there three times, stood in front of the gate and they said “no”! And according to NATO law the German Reich’s colonies are absolutely legal. The same with the colony Neuschwabenland, which you will still find on maps of the South Pole of the 70s.

So, because of this you will now understand the act of treason the newly installed Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl perpetrated against Germany when he handed over Neuschwabenland to the NATO (according to a NATO major who wants to be unnamed). ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL!!! He handed 600,000 square kilometers of German territory over to the enemy (which is exactly what they are again since they broke the cease-fire) – the Allies!

And that is just what the IRS and the Federal Reserve system in the U.S. are, too: ILLEGAL! According to a Schwarze Sonne member, who claims to live in a subterranean city in the German Reich together with about three million other Germans (in January 1993!), they have bases all over the world.


Besides several in the Andes, the main ones are inside the Earth, in Neuschwabenland, Tibet and the Bermuda Triangle. Tibet had been attacked and taken over by the Chinese, who then hunted the monks, tortured and killed them. Why should anybody torture and kill peaceful monks? Because the Chinese were looking for the Germans in the monasteries. But they didn’t find them in the usual monasteries in and around Lhasa, because the Schwarze Sonne-Germans live together with the so-called Avatars high up at 18,000 to 23,000 feet who supported them in the first place and do so again until the fulfilling of the prophecy. The Chinese can’t go there, it’s too high up for their armies.


Besides that, the Schwarze Sonne in Tibet has access to the Inner Earth, for they have been living up there for more than 40 years by now, with the monks of the highest Tibetan lodge – the dGe-lugs-pa (Yellow Hats). And of course they now have a new generation there, too.

According to my source, the German Reich network has an army of 6,000,000 soldiers and 22,000 flying saucers. They are ready to go any minute.

They had interfered in the Gulf War. On the 12th and 13th January 1993 the Allies tried to destroy the German Reich’s saucer base near Baghdad where two huge VRIL-7 are stationed. The two Saucers were absent on a mission, which was known by the Allies. So they attacked the area with altogether 198 bombers. 12 Tornados and 22 F-4s were meant to destroy the German base. Guess what happened? After 3 hours and 45 minutes the Allies had lost 16 F-14s, 1 F-15 and 1 F-111. The Allies themselves had shot down one Iraqi plane on a training flight (the pilot could bail out).

This is proved by some very clear photos I was shown by an Iranian secret service agent (he showed me several photos with two VRIL-7s, with the Iraqi banner on the bottom.) Three photos show two Tornado aircraft chasing them. Very clear photos!!! In the Bermuda Triangle, the Reich Germans have bases on the ocean floor. They can easily float through the water like others through the air, sit on the ocean floor and push water through their gravitational field away and thus create underwater domes. He told me much, much more, but I’m not allowed to talk about it.

They have very big plans, and I promise you that we are going to have a very, very interesting time until 2003.

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As it was planned since 1871, the war opened also the doors to the foundation of Israel. As the wounds in Europe slowly healed, the attention of the public went to the Near East, where the Zionists were establishing the state of Israel in Palestine. England was shaken by the murder of Lord Moyne by two Zionists. At the 1946 Zionist congress in Geneva terrorism was approved as a means to establish the Zionist state. Thus many terrorist organizations sprang up in Palestine to force the foundation of Israel.

The two most important ones were the IRGUN ZVAI LEUMI of Menachim Begin and the STERN GROUP of Yitzhak Shamir. Since the bloodshed between the Arabs and the English was getting worse the matter was put before the UN. On November 29, 1947 the UN decided to split up Palestine into two independent states, and Arab one and a Jewish one. We know the principle of dividing a state for domination from ancient Rome. The consequence of “divide et impera”, divide and rule, is always a never-ending dispute. And that is what occurred.


The division caused even bloodier unrest which caused the UN to draw back. The Zionists then proceeded to divide Palestine on their own authority. The Stern Group and the Irgun Zvai Leumi (led by Begin) stormed the village Deir Yasin and slaughtered all the people, as a warning against further resistance by the Arabs. They threw the people into the fountain in the middle of the village and threw had grenades after then to silence the screams of the dying. Most of the Arabs flew to the neighboring countries, except for a few who under Yasir Ararfat formed the PLO.

The declaration of independence by Israel on May 14, 1948 spurred further unrest. Ever since that time the Near East has been a festering hotbed of hatred and murder. But that corresponded exactly to the aims of the Illuminati (Albert Pike’s Plan No. 3). What happened in this particular village sounds pretty much like what occurred hundreds of times in the Old Testament, all by the same group of people, and nobody has ever been punished for it.

  • Isn’t it interesting that you don’t read about stuff like that in your schoolbooks, but about the “bad Germans”?

  • May it be the case that somebody who has the power uses the news agencies and the mass media for holding back information of “some” kind and for giving out “other” information in a rather unbalanced way?

  • To say it more clearly, they use the mass media in a very clever way to hand the bucket to somebody else?

  • Who owns TV networks?

  • Who owns Hollywood?

  • Who is always the “bad guy” in the Hollywood productions? Of course the Germans.

  • And who has never been called the “bad guy”?

  • Could it again be the case that these particular persons may be the ones who own Hollywood and the TV networks?

Think about it! We will see more a little later.


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The CFR now really began to be influential in the U.S.

Old and tired institutions were replaced by new international ones – like the UN – that grew out of the CFR. Later the INSTITUTE OF THE PACIFIC RIM (IPR) and the FOREIGN POLICY ASSOCIATION (FPA) also emerged from it.

At the behest of the IPR, George Marshall handed CHINA over to the Communists. The control over the Soviet Union by the Illuminati was considerably strengthened by the war.

The Soviets themselves were strengthened by the “lend-lease” project and the agreements Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill reached at Yalta. The well-staged “Cold War” between the Soviet empire and the West that followed made the Illuminati stronger in the rest of the world. The Korean and the Vietnam wars were set up so that the Russians and the Americans never met directly. At the same time it justified their “national security” set-up, viz, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the NSA (National Security Agency) and the NSC (National Security Council).

The undercover operations by the CIA to topple all the governments of countries that were not yet controlled by the Illuminati and to replace them with illumined, I.e., controlled people started in the early Fifties. Some U.S. senators began to smell a rat and wondered – as did Senator McCARTHY – why there were so many communists holding high offices in the U.S. government. McCarthy founded the “House Hearings on Un-American Activities” and he managed to uncover some communist activities before the media discredited him. This is the most successful and well-tried method to unseat troublemakers.

Later, McCarthy investigated the CIA. If he had reached a bit deeper he might have been able to prevent the Kennedy assassination.

The Committee of 300 was alarmed when McCarthy prepared to bring William Bundy before the investigating committee. His subpoena might have uncovered the good relations between the CIA and the British secret service.

The RIIA then chose Allen Dulles to get McCarthy out of the way. Dulles ordered Richard Helms and Patrick Lyman to take care of McCarthy. Eisenhower gave an order to General Mark Clark (CFR member) to divert McCarthy’s attention from the CIA. He managed to convince McCarthy that there was a special supervisory committee checking into CIA activities. McCarthy then stopped his investigations. He was well known for his witch-hunts, but he was – apart from being attorney for many New York Mafia families – also a close friend of the homosexual FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover for whom he arranged transvestite parties in a New York Hotel.

Richard Helms and Allen Dulles later both headed the CIA.


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Ever since November 1963 the motives for the assassination of JOHN F. KENNEDY have been the subject of wild speculation. What is clear is that the young President was about to steer his own course strongly opposed to the mighty political and financial interest of the ESTABLISHMENT. He was not a good “collaborator”, and one of the reasons for the murder was the sacking of the overly powerful CIA chief ALLEN DULLES – after the fiasco at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961, shortly after he took on the job. Furthermore, he prepared to call back some U.S. advisors from Vietnam.


This order was issued in October 1963. Another thorn in the flesh of the Illuminati was the plan to curb CIA military activities in Southeast Asia. On July 18, 1963 he had told Congress that he wanted to implement certain measures to remedy the balance of payments deficit of the U.S. He wanted to support exports of industrial goods and an interest balancing tax on foreign accounts of American citizens.


On capital invested abroad up to 15% tax would have to be paid. That the international bankers didn’t want to put up with that is obvious. As you see, Kennedy would have been the right man as the people’s representative!

But to find an even more important reason we have to leave politics for a moment. It concerns the ROSWELL INCIDENT. On July 22, 1947 a “non-terrestrial” flying machine had crashed at Roswell, New Mexico. There were ninety-two witnesses, thirty-five of which were Air Force personnel, and four humanoid beings were found.


The next space vehicle was found on February 13, 1948 near Aztec, New Mexico, followed on March 25 by a further crash in the same area, at Heart Canyon. This disk had a diameter of thirty-three meters, was made from an unknown metal and was occupied by sixteen beings, about 120 cm high and all dead. Another crash happened near Roswell in 1949, and here one being survived.


An Air Force officer was ordered to bring him to Los Alamos, at that time the best-guarded institution of the U.S. Armed Forces. The being was described as a reptiloid humanoid with certain insectoid characteristics. He was simple called EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). He came from a double-star system, that their planet was now a desert planet, that their sun was dying and that they had underground facilities in several countries of the world. EBE taught the young colonel who looked after him about reincarnation, that the soul lives on and that this was the law of the Universe. All this was recorded and stored under the code-name YELLOW BOOK.


Under the project SIGMA they tried to contact EBE’s race, but without success. At the end of 1951 EBE became very ill. Since his biological body functions were chlorophyll-based, the botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza was called in to treat EBE. EBE stayed in Los Alamos until June 18, 1952 when he died for “unknown reasons”. It is said that the colonel looking after him cried when he died. He apparently had loved him like a child. Under the project ROBERTSON PANEL this event was later filmed as “ET” to accustom the public slowly to reality.

On December 6, 1950 a thirty-meter saucer crashed near Laredo, Texas. In the debris the charred remains of a being of about 130 cm in height with a very large head was found. When the photographs were released, this event caused quite a stir. On May 20, 1953 a further saucer of only ten meters across was recovered in Kingman, Arizona. Here there were four dead beings who were brought like all the others to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Hangar 18. As the Americans like to say: Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

[H: Well, that might be the “saying”, but mostly the “reality” IS only fiction.] After the first crash already several secret organizations were founded to deal with the presence of UFOs. The most important one was the OPERATION MAJESTIC 12 that was founded on September 24, 1947, by President Harry Solomon Truman and under which all the other projects ran (MAJESTY is the code name for the President). Among its twelve members were Dr. Vanevar Bush, the scientific advisor of the President, Defense Secretary Forrestal and later also Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Head of the CIA, and J. Edgar Hoover, Head of the FBI. The rest were all members of the CFR. All twelve were also members of the JASON SOCIETY or JASON SCHOLARS, the elite from the SKULL & BONES order. The group’s headquarters in Maryland is only accessible by air and is called the “Country club” by insiders.]

Among the Projects under MAJESTIC 12 were the following:

  • Project MAJI: “Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence”. MAJIC means Magi-controlled. All information and disinformation about UFOs and extraterrestrials are evaluated by Magi in connection with the CIA, the NSA, the DIA and Naval Intelligence.

  • Project SIGN: Investigation of the UFO phenomenon, the name was later changed to Project GRUDGE (perhaps because of the many human body parts that were found in two of the vehicles).

  • Project BLUE BOOK: The retrieval of the crashed vehicles and – together with the ROBERTSON PANEL – distribution of disinformation among the public.

  • Project SIGMA: Communication with EBE’s race.

  • Project SNOWBIRD: Technology of extraterrestrial flying objects and the attempt to fly one of them.

  • Project AQUARIUS: General project for the co-ordination of the research and contact program with extra-terrestrials.

  • Project GARNET: Investigation of the influence of the extra-terrestrials upon the evolution of humanity.

  • Project POUNCE: Responsible for the evaluation of the crashed vehicles and the biological analysis of the passengers.

  • Project REDLIGHT: Organizes test flights with retrieved vehicles or vehicles made available by the extra-terrestrials. At this time this project is conducted at AREA 51, GROOM LAKE, Nevada.

  • Project LUNA: The code name for the extra-terrestrial bases on the moon which was observed and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. There they have mining operations, and the great cigar-shaped mother ships are stationed there.

  • DELTA FORCES: units specially trained for these projects.

William Cooper maintains that the CIA was established expressly to screen the problem of the extra-terrestrials. They both say that the establishment of the international secret elite group The Bilderbergers, about which we will talk at length later in the book, was also for the screening of extra-terrestrial contact. Here I will deal with the Bilderbergers only in a purely political context.

H: What do I think of that which is projected by one, William Cooper? I don’t! Selling a bunch of books often indicated a “tool” at work. I believe you will find one legitimate sighting form a sea-vessel. However, most of the background information of Cooper is proven to be false and at best he presents what OTHERS tell him. This may well be entertaining but is not proof of truth. Be very careful when you have the New World Order Elite in command of information flow. AND HERE, THE TRUTH “IS” STRANGER THAN ANY FICTION – RIGHT DOWN TO “SPACE ALIENS” WHERE THE DECEPTIONS ARE GREATER THAN YOU MIGHT RECOGNIZE.]

I will mention something right here and see what you think. On August 17-18, 1987 an alien craft was brought down at Yucca Flats, Nevada with five “aliens” aboard. The ground crews were unable to open the craft to gain access. When it was opened (from inside) there appeared to be only “bodies” as to four of the beings but one remaining “almost” alive (as described by military personnel).


The “bodies” were moved, as unusual as it may seem to anyone who knows geography in this matter, to Edwards Air Force Base where one officer stated: “The old man (higher ranking officer) will shit his pants when he gets this one..”. Afterwards the bodies were taken to Nellis Air Force Base at Las Vegas. The bodies are still there and periodically show signs of “life” although there are no “vital signs”.


Now, why do you suppose there is not further mention of THIS craft? – it made the local news. Surely, as close to Area 51 as it was grounded, there would have been some “inside” information. Next consider that on that same day a craft was “down” in Texas and was ASAP removed to a non-active Air Force base. This downing was brought out immediately and announced on KTRH, one of the major station-channels in Houston, Texas. Why does this not get mentioned in such journals as Mr. Cooper’s?

This may well be WHY Mr. Cooper once left a message on Dharma’s answering machine that she was a “slimy little puke”??? And further, he would bring all the F______ legal charges he could find against her when he was actually “mad as hell” at George Green who actually gave him good accolades for his writings. Now, of course, he is a major presenter in the UFO circles, so why not give all the information available and why just the PARTY LINE?



Here one could ask oneself what the extra-terrestrials want of us? Why do they not approach the leaders or president of a country? They did! And don just one group of them!

Already George Washington and Abraham Lincoln maintained to have been contacted by extra-terrestrials. President Roosevelt apparently had a meeting with the occupants of a flying saucer arranged by Nikola Tesla during a Pacific cruise on the “Pennsylvania” in 1934. One the fourth of July 1945 President Truman is said to have had a personal encounter.

Around the turn of the century some Rothschild children claimed that their parents had met UFOnauts. But this was claimed by a few people only.

Concrete proof exists though of a meeting by President EISENHOWER.

Michael Hesemann writes (in UFOs-Die Kontakte)

“From the reports by the contactees we learn that since their massed appearance over Washington in the summer of 1952 the extra-terrestrials had made contact with the U.S. Government… Some contactees like George van Tassel were also charged with sending special communiqués to the president. At that time – after the election in autumn 1952 this was, from January 1953 onwards, General Dwight D. Eisenhower had already heard of Roswell, Aztec and Laredo UFO crashes during his service.


After his election on November 18, 1952 he received a report by the ‘Majestic 12’ committee that had been charged with the investigation of the retrieved UFO wrecks by his predecessor Truman. The committee recommended to the President strict secrecy for reasons of ‘national security’ The place where Eisenhower was to make contact was the Edwards (MUROC) Air Force Base in California. This had been the area for UFO demonstrations for months and years before:



  • August 10, 1950: Lt. Robert C. Wykoff, physicist with the Navy, observed with the telescope a large disk-shaped object as it maneuvered near Edwards.

  • September 30, 1952: Air photographer Dick Beemer and two other witnesses observed two spherical, slightly flattened objects maneuvering over Edwards.

  • On February 20,1954 the time had come. This event has been confirmed by films and several witnesses among them Geralt Light of the mighty media group CBS, the Earl of Clancerty, member of the House of Lords, the former secret service man, William Cooper, Paul Solomon of the Air Force and many others who at that time had been stationed at Edwards/MURDOC.

    Apparently on this day something happened that had all officers including the commander run to the observation tower. From there they saw a disk with a diameter between sixty and one hundred meters that hovered directly above the runway. The object was observed for hours, literally until the last man on the base knew about it. The disk flew patterns that defied all laws of physics, up and down, from one side to the other, right angles, etc.

Later there were five objects, three disk-shaped and two cigar-shaped. Eisenhower who at that time was resting at Palm Springs was fetched. The air base personnel and Eisenhower then watched as a small group of the occupants stepped out and came toward them. They looked like human beings, had about the same height, were blond and spoke English.


They offered help in the spiritual development of humanity. Their main condition was the destruction of all nuclear arms. They were not prepared to share their technology with us since spiritually we wee not even ready to deal responsibly with the technology we already had. They believed that we would use any new technology only to destroy each other. This race declared that we were on the way to self-destruction and that we had to stop killing each other, polluting the Earth, exploiting the natural resources and that we should live in harmony with Creation.


Most importantly we had to understand and to learn to see ourselves as citizens of a planetary family and that we were committed and should start behaving as members of that family. We would have to quickly let go of the idea that we could do as we pleased. Only then could we start to behave like citizens of a planetary system and start relations with them. They are part of the same family and should be treated accordingly, and that is also how we should see the people of our Earth. As soon as we would have learned to interact peacefully with other nations, we could start interplanetary relations.

H: Now, might you guess THIS might just be the reason I am handled in files beyond top secret? Would you also wonder at a need to bury such as CONTACT, the paper and “voice”? No, I, nor my compatriots DO NOT write through, of, or for any such paper as SPECTRUM, although some of their crew as in “Martin” experienced the strange happening around “our place” of contact, as did George Green who later took “myself” as “his” own private information resource. NO, CHELAS (STUDENTS), IT JUST DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY AND IS WHY YOU ARE MISGUIDED AND TOTALLY DISTRACTED WHEN THE TRUTH IS UNDER YOUR NOSE. SO BE IT.]

This was met with skepticism, especially the demand for nuclear disarmament. One didn’t believe that disarmament was in the interest of the U.S. and feared to stand defenseless before the extra-terrestrials. The offer was refused! The aliens then declared that they would continue to contact individuals until the humans were used to their presence.


Then the extra-terrestrials showed to the President , who stood paralyzed, and his entourage their authoritative technical possibilities. They showed the President their craft and proved that they could make themselves invisible.


[H: Well, this came along with trying to take us into “custody”.]


This made Eisenhower fell most uncomfortable, because although they knew that they were still there, they couldn’t be seen. Then the aliens boarded their ships and took off.

This landing was also confirmed by the U.S. astronaut GORDON COOPER who recalls that during his service a film was shown that showed the landing of a UFO on a California air-force base in the Fifties.


[H: There is a lot to this stream of events with Gordon Cooper but it shall no be covered again here. I do suggest, however, that anyone over the past 14 years with my “self” in this routing as “here”, had best, if you want truth – get caught up and stop the ongoing nonsense offers by the distractors.]

The whole story in detail, with answers to every why and how-come is found in Michael Hesemann’s UFOs Die Beweise (the proofs) and UFOs-Die Kontakete (the contacts). He painstakingly collected the data from more than fifty books, especially from the U.S., and he added many pictures of very good quality. UFOs-Die Beweise contains the secret CIA documents that were released after thirty years due to the “Freedom of Information Act”.


[H: Ah, but what of the REAL ones that have never been released and can’t even be accessed by your own President of the U.S.?]


There were more contacts with governments, but one should read it all in one go to get an overview of the many facets of the subject of UFOs. There are also videos available that among other things show the landing in 1964 on the Holloman Air Force Base. They are listed in the “Further Reading” section at the end.




Now back to KENNEDY. After he became President and was told about the retrieved UFOs and the secret projects that also contained the study of the survivors, he wanted to make this information public. Defense Secretary Forrestal, who was a Majestic 12 member, had tried to do just that, too, and on May 22, 1949 he was thrown out of his hospital room window with a bed sheet tied around his neck.


Kennedy fared no better. He was murdered at Dallas on November 22, 1963. The first shot actually did come from the roof of the storehouse, but it was not lethal. The killing shot came from the driver of the President’s limousine. A CIA agent who shot Kennedy in the head with a special weapon developed by the CIA. If you look at the original film of the assassination in slow motion and watch the driver, then you can clearly see that he turns around with a gun in his hand, shoots, and the back of Kennedy’s head bursts.


The films shown in most Western countries have the driver cut out. On November 21, 1993, the German TV channel ARD sought in its program Spiegel-TV in a ridiculous way to tell the viewers that there was no CIA involvement in the assassination, at almost the same time RTL showed a program claiming the opposite.

Apart from the differing commentaries both programs showed the film only once full-frame, afterwards the driver was again cut out. But in the full-frame version the shooting driver and the gun were clearly visible to those who knew where to look.
John Lear, the son of the founder and today owner of Lear Aircraft and once decorated as the best pilot of the U.S. Air Force (seventeen world records), found three original films, e.g. in Japan, that he had computer analyzed and checked for authenticity.


Both he and William Cooper, former member of Naval Intelligence and author of the book Behold a Pale Horse, today give lectures in the U.S., and they supply the original films, too (address in the list of literature). Because of this film William Cooper lost one leg when the CIA tried to assassinate him. Japanese television later showed the original footage several times during the main news. The computer analysis also allowed to recognize the weapon as a special caliber developed by the CIA. The bullet, too, was a CIA special that only exploded after entering the body and thus annihilated Kennedy’s brain.

The assassination was prepared by the CIA members Orlando Bosch, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and Jack Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby) for whose collaboration the CIA paid his huge gambling debts.

Lee Harvey Oswald had also been a CIA member, but at the time of the assassination he had bee working for Jack Ruby. His death had been planned.

Jack Ruby shot Oswald before he could prove his innocence. Thus they had a culprit who could no longer prove the truth.
The CIA hated Kennedy. In its eyes he was responsible that neither the Vietnam, the Cuban nor the UFO projects went the way the CIA wanted. When the news about Kennedy’s death broke, writes a CIA operative who had also been involved in the “Bay of Pigs” operation, all the people in his department rose and applauded.


Many of these facts had been uncovered during the special hearings by the committee for assassination, but according to U.S. security law they remain secret until 2029. After the hearings the CIA was prohibited from undertaking any undercover operations within the U.S. [It is] hard to believe that they ever followed that order.

All the witnesses of the conspiracy were either killed or died of fast-growing cancer that they had injected – the deadly marksman in the car three weeks after the deed, for example. The official story of the Kennedy assassination according to the report by the Warren Commission was that LEE HARVEY OSWALD had been the only person responsible, and it was printed nine hours later in all newspapers of the U.S. The true story of the CIA-Committee of 300 conspiracy was never told. For good reason. You see haw good it is for the Illuminati to control the news agencies! And once again a whole nation is misinformed for decades until a brave researcher takes the trouble to dig deep.

His brother, ROBERT F. KENNEDY who stood also in the way of the Illuminati had to die on June 5, 1968, as he was about to win the presidential elections. In this case the single attacker was SIRHAN SIRHAN. He was under the influence of a drug that was developed by the CIA especially for cases like this.


To be sure that Sirhan Sirhan was not going to miss, one of the bodyguards of Howard Hughes fired an “extra bullet” that later was found in Kennedy’s head. As the examining magistrate found, the ballistic tests showed that the mouth of the weapon had to have been about five to eight centimeters from Kennedy’s head, Sirhan’s weapon though was never nearer that thirty centimeters.


This story, too, was kept from the public. The independent publications with the CFR and the SKULL & BONES order contained this information. As section 12 of the Protocols says, persons who oppose the “plan” should be brought nearer to death.


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The English royal family has very close links with the VENERABLE ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF JERUSALEM, a very old order whose leader is chosen by “The Crown” according to his abilities to head the Committee of 300. The innermost circle is the ORDER OF THE GARTER. The fact that LORD CARRINGTON, a Knight of the Garter, was once head of NATO and now is chairman of the BILDERBERGERS shows just how strong this order still is today.


It was Lord Carrington, also of the Committee of 300, who altogether with LAWRENCE EAGLEBURGER acted as intermediary representing KISSINGER ASSOCIATES to make sure that in 1993 Belgrade got a free hand for ethnic cleansing and mass genocide. LOUISE M. BLOOMFIELD, head of PERMINDEX, is also a Knight of Jerusalem.


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By the end of World War II, most monarchs were unseated. A part of the Illuminati’s plan was fulfilled. But what about Roman Catholicism?

At first glance one would think that seventeen centuries of stability would not easily be shaken, but a closer look show different.

The Vatican’s secret service has always been the SOCIETY OF Jesus, whose members are called JESUITS. I would like to open the eyes a bit of those who believe that Jesuits were just another harmless religious organization. The initiation oath for the 2nd degree demands the death of all Protestants and Freemasons. They were the leading force behind the massacre of the Huguenots and were also responsible for the beheading of countless Protestants and Freemasons in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Society of Jesus was founded in 1534 by IGNATIUS LOYOLA who was of JEWISH descent as were the first three generals of the order.

The power of the general of the Jesuits is such that he is called THE BLACK POPE. During the Second World War, the Catholic Church was heavily infiltrated by other secret lodges. Among others those were the OSS (precursor of the CIA), the MI6, the Italian BLACK NOBILITY, Freemasons and the P2 Lodge (Propaganda Due) who all were protected by the Committee of 300. The P2 is the strongest of the Italian Masonic Lodges.


Within the P2 is the GREAT VATICAN LODGE, which was at the root of the P2 scandal in 1976, when a list surfaced in the Vatican with the names and entry dates of 121 high Church dignitaries, among them cardinals of the Curia, archbishops, bishops, prelates and laymen. Instead of calling these persons to account, a veritable witch-hunt was instigated against those who publicized the list! No commentary necessary, right?

Among the names on the list were also those of the secretary of state cardinal Jean Villot, the Vatican’s Foreign Minister Agostino Casaroli, cardinal Sebastiano Baggio, cardinal Ugo Poletti and the head of the Vatican Bank, Bishop Marcinkus.

As stated previously, the Illuminati always supported both sides of nations engaged in war. By the end of World War II this became more evident. Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, for instance, had a secret meeting with the SS leader Gehlen.
They made arrangements to smuggle SS officers under the cover of the Catholic Church into Switzerland.


Some SS officers took their vows and were posted in other countries, predominantly Argentina, Paraguay, and the U.S. After the war it was Gehlen’s task to organize the station RADIO FREE EUROPE. After the war a large section of the SS was directly taken over by the CIA.

Another interesting member of the Committee of 300 was Joseph Retinger. After the war the CIA supported him in making contracts with the Vatican. For instance, he won over Dr. Luigi Gedda, the medical advisor of Pope Pius VII and leader of Catholic activities. With Gedda’s help he succeeded in strengthening for the future the connection with Pope Paul VI who had already collaborated with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). Retinger also met with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the Italian prime minister, Sir Colin Grubbin, director of the SOE (Special Operations Executive, British Secret Service), and CIA director General Walter Bedell.

Before the war PRINCE BERNHARD was with the SS and then held a position at I.G. Farben. He married Juliana, who in 1948 became queen of the Netherlands, and he took up a post with Shell Oil. This group was the core that met at the hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland for the first time in May 1954 and later became known as THE BILDERBERGERS. Committee of 300 member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the first director of the Bilderbergers. (Explanation later).

One of the CIA members with a strong influence in the Vatican was Cardinal Spellman. He helped the CIA with the overthrow of democracy in Guatemala in 1954. It was also Spellman who introduced Father Paul Marcinkus from Chicago to the Pope. In 1971, Marcinkus became archbishop and head of the VATICAN BANK. Marcinkus developed close links with Masonic P2 lodge members Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi.


The grand master of the P2 was Licio Gelli. Calvi who headed the BANCO AMBROSIANO helped the Vatican to transfer more than 100 million US$ to the Polish Solidarnose movement. Later he was involved in the huge Banco Ambrosiano scandal. In 1982 his body was found hanging from the London Blackfriars bridge. He had bricks in his left and right pockets and his legs were tied at a right angle. This a Masonic ritual murder. This peculiarity was never written about in the newspapers. Sindona became advisor to the Vatican Bank. The P2 lodge had many links with the Vatican, Opus Dei and the CIA. Many of its members held high offices in the Italian government.

In January 1966 LOOK magazine published the article “How Jews Change the Thinking of the Catholic Church”. The Vatican probably is the richest organization in the world. A large portion of its fortune is held by the Rothschild banks. There is no doubt that the Vatican over the years has been taken over by the Committee of 300. This also explains why Bush, Gorbachev and other leaders so often visit the Pope.

This of course is only the tip of the Vatican “iceberg”. The murder of Pope JOHN PAUL I is another instance. By mistake his obituary had been published in the Mexican daily El Informador by the West Mexican Masonic grand lodge a day TOO EARLY! (Placed on June 3, 1963. The Pope died on June 3, 1963 at 19:49 HOURS).

An interesting book on this subject: David A. Yallop: In the Name of God. The present pope, JOHN PAUL II also has an interesting and noteworthy past. In his book Behold a Pale Horse, William Cooper, who has worked for twelve years for Naval Intelligence, writes that during the war Karol Wojtyla apparently worked with I.G. Farben and sold gas to the Nazis. At the end of the war, for fear of being killed for collaboration, he fled to Poland, looking for the protection of the Catholic Church. There he made a development similar to that of Eisenhower, just a bit slower, and subsequently was elected Pope.

He immediately thanked his friends on November 27, 1983 by lifting the excommunication order that had been pronounced over Freemasons worldwide in the Codex Iuris Canonici. That today’s Pope knows the Masonic secret language is “obviously” proven by the Masonic handshake and also in a speech he gave during a general audience on September 5, 1982. On the occasion of the death of the Lebanese president Gemayel he spoke of Jerusalem, the City of God, and said: “Jerusalem can also become the City of Man”. The “City of Man” is a keyword of the Illuminati for world dictatorship.
On April 8, 1983, the Pope received the complete Trilateral Commission in an open audience.

This secret organization was founded in June 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and was set to work because apparently the established organizations like the UN were working much too slowly to bring about the One World Government. This elitist organization aims at uniting the top people of the industry and commerce giants of the Trilateral Nations – the U.S., Japan and Western Europe – in one pool and to force the New World Order to come about.


To the elite coming from different branches of Freemasonry it offers worldwide meeting facilities for secret collaboration, and it wants to give a broader political basis to the influence of the Bilderbergers. Most European member had long-term contracts with the Rockefellers. It has about 200 – in contrast with the Bilderbergers permanent – members.

And you might imagine that POPE JOHN PAUL II did not meet with them to drink coffee!


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