NWO Probably delayed

beyond the year 2010


(Revelations of Awareness 94-3 General Reading, November 3, 1993)

This Awareness indicates there is an old phrase that many young people today perhaps have not heard, but this phrase is apropos for what appears to be coming in the struggle for the New World Order, and this Awareness wishes to us it in this opening message. This Awareness indicates It will first define the phrase: "Nip and tuck." This Awareness indicates in earlier days in this century, entities would say, for example: "It was nip and tuck all the way!", which in a sense meant, give and take, or which meant the struggle was fairly evenly matched for some time. "Nip and tuck" indicated that it was not clear winning at that time, nor a clear closing, but that there was both winning and losing back and forth as the struggle ensued between two opposing forces.

This Awareness indicates that It sees the energies relating to that which is termed the NWO as that which is moving in a kind of nip and tuck state where there will be that give and take, that balance that is neither extreme nor of any surrender on either side, but a kind of back and forth trade-off that keeps active for years to come. Because of this nip and tuck positioning of forces it appears the NWO will be delayed considerably... at least beyond 2010 before any serious differences are experienced to lead to a conclusion. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that it will have a clear-cut conclusion to this struggle until at least the year 2010.

By that time, the energies may be much different, so that perhaps it does not even come about then. This Awareness indicates It wishes to give this information now, because some of the information given by this Awareness in the past describing the NWO may have given the impression that it was fixed as a position on the horizon that would indeed manifest on this plane.

This Awareness indicates there is a plan for this to occur, but there is a big difference between the plans of man and the outcome of the plan in reality, and it does not appear that this will come about easily, if it does come about at all. This Awareness indicates that even the proponents of the Book of Revelation may find that the Book of Revelation does not meet with reality and that the Mark of the Beast may not ever completely manifest on this plane.


The "Book of Revelation" a Masonic Writing

This Book of Revelation was indeed a Masonic writings, that was inserted into the compilation of the Bible because entities did not quite understand what it was talking about and were fearful that they would leave out something of importance. This Awareness indicates that if modern-day Biblical scholars had known and had the opportunity to put the Book of Revelation in or leave out of the Bible, the realization that it was of a Masonic nature would have led them to leave it out.

This Awareness indicates that in those days, the Biblical scholars were not sure just what it was all about, and they could use the symbolism to fit with certain of their own suspicions about forces at the time and see it as a warning against those forces, and therefore felt it could benefit their own purposes to include it.

This Awareness indicates they also were concerned about the curses at the end which warned against changing any wording of the book, and felt that if they did not include it, the curses might also apply to them. Thus, it was included in the New Testament and has been a mystery since. This Awareness indicates that even in the centuries that followed, every generation was generally influenced by the Book of Revelation, thinking that it applies even to these present times, in its symbolic way because symbolism can be used to apply to many different situations and because of the potential application of the symbols, entities often are certain that it relates to these particular time.


The times will follow their own historic and karmic directions through cause and effect

This Awareness suggests however, that the times will follow their own historic and karmic directions through cause and effect and the energies that are in motion, regardless of what the Book of Revelation says. In other words, your time is not directed by the Book of Revelation, and if a parallel occurs, it is because the Book of Revelation is symbolic enough to have an application to whatever occurs.

This Awareness indicates that those who understand the nature of symbolism in the Tarot, for example, can see how the Tarot could apply to various events that are occurring in their lives on a daily bases and these symbols that have various meanings can be used in their symbolism to be representative of events that are happening to any entity under any situation.

This Awareness indicates that It wishes entities to realize that the future is not fixed; that the Book of Revelation or any other predictive source of information does not fix the future. This Awareness suggests that a nip and tuck scenario in regard to the NWO, the forces promoting and the forces objecting to it, does seem to be in the future years, and this nip and tuck scenario will prevent it from having a clear resolution within this (1900) century. This Awareness suggests that therefore, through the remainder of this century (from 1993 on) you will probably be given more information about the threat and about the curtailment of the NWO in its appearance or manifestation on earth.

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