What about Gun Confiscation


Civil war?


This Awareness indicates that this is seen as part of a plan. Whether this plan actually manifests into action and reality is yet to be determined. It is more probable that this will occur than that the NWO will actually be successful in setting itself up. This Awareness indicates that it is quite possible that there will be these dramatic moves to establish control that would remove guns from the hands of U.S. citizens.

This Awareness indicates that this is a priority before a New World Government could be established. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that it will be an easy event or easy goal for the globalists to conclude. It appears that there will be great resistance to having the guns removed from the citizens, and they will not likely attempt any action until the guns are removed. This Awareness indicates that the possibility exists that if there is not a consensus among or a majority among the masses in favor of gun controls, and if this does not catch on among the masses, then the indication would suggest the people have no intention of giving up their guns, and it may be sufficient to keep the globalists from enacting their scenario of bringing in UN troops to confiscate guns from people's homes.

This Awareness indicates that the people who refuse to be disarmed will not be disarmed in the future, if this refusal is wide-spread and a kind of a general majority or consensus of the people insist that they wish to keep their right to bear arms. This Awareness indicates that no government on earth would risk trying to take guns from a majority of people who are armed ten to one over that government officials, and when you have some of the police in the government also objecting to the disarming of the masses, it puts quite a damper on the government effort to disarm the masses.


Gun Control will come in increments

This Awareness indicates that instead, the approach would be to disarm them in small increments, taking away certain rights, requiring registration of guns and so forth, beginning with what is obvious: the disarming of children, which is obviously a necessity, and moving from there to the next step, registering guns and investigating gun buyers before selling a gun to them, et. cetera. By creating many little laws regarding the ownership of guns, the hope is that there can be a gradual changing in the consciousness in regard to licensing and regulating gun ownership, and if entities can be licensed, then everyone who owns a gun is known in terms of location and the ownership of the gun, which makes it easier for ever future government to locate those people having guns,.

There can also be taxation placed on guns at some future date, and there can also be the action of government control over the bullets, and in so controlling the bullets and the making of the shells for these guns, the government can make the guns useless, or near useless. This Awareness indicates that there are many ways whereby the government may attempt through one increment after another to disarm the people, even if they cannot get them to give up their ownership of their hand-gun.

This Awareness indicates that it is something that entities may wish to consider and to watch carefully in terms of what is coming next in the attempt to disarm the people. This Awareness indicates that when people are totally disarmed and the ownership of guns are only in the hands of criminals and government forces, then the people will be at the mercy of the criminals and the government forces.


Government and criminals may combine

If the criminals and the government forces should join together to enslave the people, there is little that can be done by the people to avoid this. In many people's minds the criminal organizations may be seen not so much as independent of government control, but as part of a greater conspiracy using the criminal organizations by the government. For example, down through history, there were many governments who used those forces from that group know as assassins. This Awareness indicates that the same has been suggested in regard to the government use of the Mafia, whereby if a legitimate government agency was not effective in dealing with a particular individual or group, the government might enlist the Mafia to take part in the assassination.


How Gestapo tactics by government can snowball

This Awareness indicates that with this recognition, there are as many people who consider it their patriotic duty to keep the right to bear arms, and become quite concerned when they feel that the elected officials are encroaching on that right, and have seen the results of elected officials in their past, using their brown-shirt techniques to come in with guns drawn into homes, into places of business, to raid a clinic or a home because someone has violated some statute which was improperly placed in the first place. The FDA may decide that some vitamin is improper or is ineffective or perhaps doing too good a job and cutting in on the earnings of the medical profession, and may raid a clinic or a health food store, to totally put the business out of business, and the entities would be totally hopeless.

This Awareness indicates if all entities were without any protection of arms and it were known all over the United States that only government officials had the right to bear arms, do you not think that these Gestapo tactics would increase ten-fold, and become much more belligerent and threatening in their expression? This Awareness indicates that as long a s people have some protection, protection against their own elected officials, against their own bureaucratic appointees, and the organizations that have been created from the executive branches of various administrations down through the years of lobbyists from special interest groups, as long as these entities do not feel they have proper justice in this country and these lobbyists and special interest groups can buy off government to create agencies that protect their special interests, such as the FDA or the IRS or other groups such as the firearms and alcohol and housing authorities or whatever, do you not think that before long you might also have postal inspectors raiding your home because of some product you are mailing or sending through the mail or because of some information you have been sending or receiving through the mail?

Do you not think it might spread to other government bureaucratic agencies so that perhaps the welfare mother will be invaded by welfare agents who come to check to find out what she eats, or what she does with her money? This Awareness indicates if entities are totally helpless, those in power tend to bully, even if they are supposed to be the servants of the people.

This Awareness indicates that your choice of medical care may some day be classed as criminal, if you have no power left, and if these entities have strengthened their power by your total disarmament as a citizenry. This awareness indicates that therefore, the struggle for total domination of the people by those in position of bureaucratic status can become either a curse upon the people, or the people can remind the bureaucrats where they are, and who they serve.

This Awareness indicates that if the power base is given to the bureaucrats, then the people are really nothing more than victims dependent on the good will and altruism of those who carry the guns. This Awareness indicates that there will be a time some day in the future wherein guns can be eliminated from consciousness, but it is not appropriate to eliminate these tools of protection while there are still others out there who are willing to use these tools as weapons of control.


The lone Berserk gunman scenarios will these increase or decrease?
(Freedom will not be taken easily from citizens)

This Awareness indicates that it is being used to give the impression that the control of guns will stop the senseless violence. This Awareness indicates that the same could be said for automobiles. Entities could also say that if they were seeking to get rid of automobiles, for example, they could point to the accidents that occur and these could be broadcast on television, to show that even though entities have a right to automobiles, that they should have that right curtailed, that they should lose all rights to drive automobiles.

This Awareness indicates that they could show the dangers and the continued accidents that are occurring and make a good argument that entities should have their automobiles taken from them. This Awareness indicates that many entities driving automobiles would feel very paranoid about these arguments and would cling tighter to their automobiles, and they might be made to feel somewhat guilty for having an automobile when other people are giving up their automobiles, and in the case wherein money was offered by the state for entities to bring in their automobiles, there might be be some who will bring in their old automobile that does not run well anyway, in order to give themselves the feeling that they are complying with the wishes of the government and of the majority of their peers who are opposed to automobiles, but they may keep or turn around and take the money to buy another automobile.

This is what has happened in some of the areas wherein guns were taken, wherein entities were paid to bring in their guns, wherein the state or the police would buy guns from the citizenry. They would receive old guns that were almost worthless or ineffective and pay for those guns and the people would take the money and go out and buy a better gun. This Awareness indicates that the people who bear guns and know that they have the intelligence to use them properly, are not likely to give up their guns any more than they would give up their automobiles, and the government has already begun to realize this.

In some areas where there were laws passed that entities could not have guns, instead of entities turning in their guns, they went out and bought more, and there were more guns being sold in that general area than had been sold before. This Awareness indicates that there is something in this that makes people realize the reason for the article 2 in the Constitution, the Right to Bear Arms. This Awareness indicates that more and more, as these efforts are made to disarm the people, the people will begin to appreciate the Constitution that gives them the rights and they will begin to assert themselves in promoting the Constitution and the efforts to take away the Constitution and the right to bear arms is likely to backfire on the globalists so that rather than having One World Government, they will themselves be targeted for being traitors to the nation and may be called criminals for treasons.

This Awareness indicates there would be a great excitement among most entities if indeed they could trust a One World Government if that government had the kind of guarantees offered in the U.S. Constitution for all of the citizens of the world. Most entities would be highly excited and glad to support such a government, but who in their right mind, would support a world government that wants to destroy the U.S. Constitution, and offers no clear discussion of what the NWO will be, other than control by the UN and its troops over all countries and people who do not comply with the NWO and its agenda?

This Awareness indicates that there are not many who are willing to risk throwing away the good things they have to take on a world government that does not have its own clear definitions offering the same good things to the people. There is no clear constitution guaranteeing rights, guaranteeing justice, or guaranteeing that a nation has its own rights to its own justice and that the people can pursue life, liberty and happiness without hindrance from the NWO.

This Awareness indicates that who needs as vague undefined leader or structure that does not define what it offers, when you already have something that defines the kind of freedom, the kind of protection that entities in other countries give their lives for, which entities in the past have given their lives to promote and create?

This Awareness indicates that most entities appreciate the freedoms of your country guaranteed by your Constitution. They would like in fact, to have even more guarantees and freedoms made available. This Awareness indicates it does not appear likely that even with the control of the press and the media that the globalists will indeed sustain and survive in their efforts to destroy the U.S. Constitution and enslave the masses under the NWO, although it is quite possible that many entities will be destroyed in their efforts to do so.


A world revolution will throw of the yoke

This Awareness indicates that as this comes closer, entities will begin to react, with greater suspicion, with more questions and eventually a great revolution will occur throughout the world to throw off those who would impose the NWO. This Awareness indicates that it may need to come very close, and its teeth may need to hurt before entities react sufficiently, but in the end, the NWO will have a very short life, perhaps not even completely being established before it is thrown off. This Awareness indicates that the process, however, can be painful for all of humanity. This Awareness indicates there are many entities in the police and military forces throughout the world who will begin to see what this NWO really is and will turn their energies into resisting and stopping the action rather than assisting in the oppression of the masses.


Centuries-Old Plans Are now Culminating Today

This Awareness indicates It cannot guarantee that the masses will have smooth sailing in the coming years, that there will not be suffering, for you are in the midst of a culmination of a plan that has been brewing for many decades, even centuries, wherein these entities have sought to create a One World Government for several centuries and have accumulated many tools and techniques and methods for accomplishing that purpose and wherein they have garnered many individuals under their control in particular positions wherein they control the media, much of the political arena, the money system, medical system and other bureaucratic agencies and organizations where they have fingers extending into the religions of the world, to control these areas.

It is indeed likened unto a giant octopus with tentacles reaching into all areas of one's life, and these entities are arrogant and believe they have total control, yet in the end, there is something in the souls of entities that remains free to some extent, even in the most totalitarian case or situation.

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