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The veil of illusion has finally been lifted with one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the New World Order. At 570 pages, this critical study is now accessible to anyone who wants to see beyond the conditioning and lies perpetuated by our political leaders and mainstream media.

If you want one reference book that you’ll return to day-after-day and year-after-year, open the front cover of "The New World Order Exposed" and discover how the world really operates! This book will shock, unsettle, and enrage you, but in the end, the truth will set you free because you will no longer be enslaved by the Controller’s brainwashing, propaganda, and deceit.
If you are unsatisfied with the status quo and feel as if you’re not being given the full-picture, take the first step and buy this book. I guarantee it will change your perspective on the world we live in.


Book Review by Joyce Metzger

by Victor Thorn
2003 (p/b trade 566pp) First Edition; Cover: Peter Currenti
Sisyphus Press, P.O. Box 10495, State College, PA 16805-0495

Victor Thorn was born in a little factory town in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and from 1980 to 1989 bounced around the country from one coast to another, restlessly moving 20 times in 10 years. He has been quoted as saying; "I lived 6 years in a remote section of Pennsylvania where I had only one TV channel … CBS."

Victor Thorn’s work has appeared in Pink Magazine, Big Hammer and The American Free Press. He is the founder of Sisyphus Press, the co-host of The Victor Thorn Show on The Reality Radio Network, and also Blood real TV, an Internet television show. He is also the force behind the internet "Babel Magazine," and was editor of the acclaimed anthology: “Rebellious Confessions." Victor has three previously published works: Artistic Decline (1991), a collection of 6 short stories; The End of Fiction (2000) a 556 pp novel (Sisyphus Press); and Return to Eternity (2001), noted as the world’s first 3-D Novel on CD-ROM. He counts Peter Currenti, the founder of PC Studios in Los Angeles as his friend, part-time advisor and inspiration; and thanks Lisa Guliani, his co-editor at Babel Magazine, "for spreading the word."

"With the intensity of a jack-hammer, Victor Thorn rips the lid off the New World Order as never before in the most disturbing political and historical expose ever written about America’s ultimate betrayal and the war against humanity. Meet the Controllers. They’re not who you might think they are."


-- Lisa Guliani WING World Independent News Group

"There’s nothing ’new’ about the New World Order. It is a conspiracy... and its very roots can be found in the Garden of Eden. Today those who are tilling the soil for their own insidious ends are in positions of power in government, the media, and in academia. In order to understand the nature of this monster - the enemy of liberty - you need to read and understand Victor Thorn’s THE NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED. Thorn is a shining star in the freedom movement, and his efforts are inestimable."


--Michael Collins Piper -- Author of: Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Shock after shock ripples along a reader’s spine as they delve into this phenomenon, now known as THE NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED. Intensity and determination underline the theme of exposing the "Controllers," a cabal of International bankers that is deliberately trying to undermine not only America (first objective), but the entire world (they have already partially succeeded in this).

Victor Thorn’s words penetrate into the very essence of being human. His clarity of thought glows with creative heat and fuels a relentless flame with the power to not only shock, but to rip out the heart of every freedom-loving person on the Earth. Victor’s words penetrate with saber-thrust brilliant vision in a weird amalgam of passion, hurt, astonishment, despair, touches of humor, realism and final hope.

Victor’s focus never loses sight of the ultimate bull’s-eye. This is passion, shining prose, and gripping realism. Thorn’s scope and theme reveal an underlying urgency as his intellect "wrestles this all consuming Octopus - its multitude of slimy tentacles slithering into every aspect of society."


-- Paul Walker, AfterMath News

There are ten sections in THE NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED. These are sub- divided into various chapters relating to the section heading. Section One: 9-11; Section Two: Banks, Oil, Drugs & War. These two sections shouted "Now," centering in on Afghanistan, touching on Iraq... and the ramifications following 9-11.

The main focus is on today, yet some of the other ‘historical’ chapters deal with events that occurred before the catastrophe of 9-11. I asked Victor; "Were the chapters that compose "The New World Order Exposed" actually shorter articles you wrote; then combined to create a book?" His reply:

"The articles for "The New World Order Exposed" were written within a two-year time span and then later put in order by chapter/ subject. Most of what appeared in the book was originally published in Babel Magazine, though much of the material was updated."

[Some before 9-11, some after.]

My veins steadily chilled as I read "The Controllers and their Evil Goals"; "The Bush-Bin Laden Family Connection"; "America’s Deliberate Demise and China’s Role as New King of the Hill"; "Big Brother Technology - A Boot Stomping on A Human Face"; "Notes and Quotes: Mind Control"; "Who Controls The American Presidency?"; "An Overview of Gerald Carroll’s ’Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy, and the Gemstone Thesis’"; "Notes and Quotes: ’Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy’ by Gregory Douglas"; "The Bush Family and Nazi Blood Money"; "The American Caste System"; "The Story Behind the High School Shootings"; "AIDS: Man-Made Virus Created in a Laboratory"; and "Taxation or Slavery?".

Victor’s advice to thoughtfully sentient readers is to read a chapter of this book a day, absorb, think, then go forward until the mind can deal with the multiplicity of new viewpoints, the uncovered facts, the duplicity of our leaders, and the seemingly chaotic, but in reality right on schedule, destruction of the "slave class" in America. In all aspects, much of the world has already, "thrown in the towel."

I also told Victor that I wanted to know what made him "tick." His response:

"All I can say is that too often in life people accept the power structure around them as a sort of caste system that cannot be transcended. To me, that’s not good enough, especially when I see what kind of people run the Control Pyramid, whether it’s the mainstream publishing industry, the political system, or our government. What I’m trying to do is open the doors for the rest of us - those who have been pushed to the side and silenced by exclusion. I want our voices heard too - those who write poetry, fiction, or are disgusted by how the New World Order cabal has usurped our government."

"We are numb with fear. The entire planet is "kept in its proper place" because of fear. Religions use it, as do governments, police, parents, social groups, schools, and faceless bureaucratic institutions such as the IRSFear … the concept that levels and reduces us to lowly animals rather than beings who could transform this world...”

"In September 2001 this country was essentially chopped off at the knees … but don’t get fooled into thinking its over … Our society is being crippled by a faceless, nameless form of fear that is being crammed down our throats by every media source available. Radio, television images, newspaper editorials and op-ed letters, gory magazine photographs, Internet rumors and half-truths are all contributing to this fear. And America is falling prey to it."

Learn about the Bilderbergs. The Controllers. The power struggles. The chess players and the pawns. The Council of 13, the hierarchy levels, the nuts and bolts of world hegemony, the three biggest industries in the world, secret societies, royal families, American dynasties, figureheads, the spider web control of the Mafia, what happens to those who fail expectations as their conscience balks.

"The Cold war was largely an excuse for a massive arms build-up between the United States and Russia. The most frightening aspect of this scenario is that these hidden elitists have already taken over complete control of the United States Government and mainstream corporate media. Read how badly the Controllers want a New World Order and how little concern they have for us."

Victor Thorn’s thoughts, composed, written, and now published, concern the insidious assault on humanity, on mass intellect, morals and our culture. This writer throws spears as he delivers blow after blow of his blunt, but entirely sincere, message. Readers learn of physical and spiritual destruction, then fall into awed silence as they contemplate this warning message, not only of why, and how, things are, but of what they, and we, will become if brakes aren’t applied.

Duplicity surrounds us and has wrapped everything in a tight cocoon of fear, false patriotic ideals, or plain indifference. How many times have you heard yourself, or others, say … things were different in the 50s … the world was so different, very little drugs, not as violent? Learn why everything changed after ordering a copy of this page-turner: THE NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED by Victor Thorn. Fear will crawl up your spine, will suck on every pore as your blood curdles then chills. You will survive! After the last page has been turned and the book cover has closed, try to realize; it is better to contemplate the issues, and the information given, then act before your hands are completely bound. If necessary, all bridges (of the mind) for reconciliation will have to be burned, if one does not want to continue as another "sacrificial lamb" forever silenced. Is Victor Thorn a sensitive self-sacrificer on sensory overload? You make that decision after you have read The New World Order Exposed.

Questions will arise as you read; they did for me. If all these facts are true, this writer has stretched his neck on the chopping block. If they are false, or mere misconceptions, then Victor Thorn would have a genius level imagination tapped into the ultimate fear/ecstasy machine!

We are constantly bombarded with news flashes, with Internet exposes that have proven to be sensation seeker hounds. Or, were they simply discredited by those who control? Thousands of thinkers, historians and investigative reporters have written, and continue to write, dire warnings of impending doom. They have the sources to fetter out, filter and decipher information the public does not, cannot, will not, try to cope with. This is your chance to read, to grasp, to do something more than whine about gloomy destiny. If I were poly-thumbed, all thumbs would stand up erect for this dedicated and enlightening expose!


By Michael Collins Piper
The American Free Press - May 12, 2003

One of America’s most energetic young patriotic writers, Victor Thorn, of the online publication, Babel Magazine (, has produced his first full-length book, confirming that he is a rising star in the freedom movement in America and around the globe.

His new book, The New World Order Exposed, is a proverbial “must read” for those who want the cold, hard facts that you aren’t about to get in the controlled media which acts as a mouthpiece of the very forces being exposed by Thorn.

In 563 thoroughly-documented pages, featuring references from dozens of important works, Thorn has dissected the New World Order and laid it bare: a virtual autopsy of Satan himself and all of his intrigues.

This book is a virtual handbook, a catalogue, of the New World Order octopus that has the globe in its grasping tentacles.

Thorn opens up with an investigation of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. His summary of the massive volume of findings about the tragedy that has been “deleted” from the mainstream press is breathtaking.

Thorn also delves into that dangerous area of the inter-connections between the big banks, the armaments industry, the oil barons and the worldwide trafficking in illicit drugs and how it all relates to our global crisis today. Nor does the money monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System escape Thorn’s investigation.

The means by which our elite rulers oppress us – by manipulating our minds and our – read “their” – educational system and by the use of new spy technology aimed at controlling the masses also comes under inspection by Thorn’s sharply-honed magnifying glass.

The New World Order Exposed is also a primer of historical Revisionism, highlighting the scandals surrounding the Pearl Harbor cover-up, the role of international bankers in fomenting the wars of the 20th century, the shadowy connections of the Bush family and its forebears to the global money interests – and much, much more. Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations – it’s all here.

In the interests of “truth in press,” this author is compelled to note for the record that Thorn’s book also features a chapter-length and quite comprehensive review of my own book Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. Thorn’s book provides those who remain interested in the theory presented in Final Judgment a very worthwhile presentation.

Gordon Thomas, author of Seeds of Fire, Gideon’s Spies and Robert Maxwell – Israel’s Super Spy, among other international best-sellers, says of Thorn’s book:

In the world we live in, Victor Thorn’s writing is a beacon. A bright searchlight on what people want to hide: the truth. I unreservedly commend this book to all those who care with a passion about our future. Beg, borrow or best of all, buy it as one for your shelves.

Another widely-read and admired journalist, Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire – The Plot That Killed Kennedy and Rule by Secrecy says:

Consider Victor Thorn’s book your final wake-up call. It’s all here, the names, dates and the places. There’s also the methods being used by a small clique of men and women to subjugate and manipulate the masses – that’s you and me. Learn about the New World Order now while America still pays lip service to the Constitution. Tomorrow may be too late.

Thorn makes it clear: there’s nothing “new” about the New World Order. It is a conspiracynot a conspiracy theory – and its roots can be found in the Garden of Eden. Today those who are tilling this soil for their own insidious ends are in positions of power in government, the media and in academia.

In order to understand the nature of this monster – this enemy of liberty – you need to read and understand Victor Thorn’s The New World Order Exposed.



Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Marvin

Author, Expendable Elite

Victor Thorn’s book THE NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED presents a wide ranging diet of facts and expert opinions and analysis that should prove invaluable to those who have an appetite for the truth and the courage to involve themselves in one way or another to help bring about a systematic revelation of the awesome power of those evil forces who, in fact, manipulate and manage worldwide conflicts and the flow of money and drugs. The end result, should sufficient numbers read this book, understand and believe that such evil as depicted truly exists and come to realize it is this "New World Order" that controls events and orders heinous crimes and pours out oceans of subterfuge to cover their tracks, will be a worldwide public outcry for freedom from this ghostlike hierarchy of tyranny.

Much as Dr Martin Luther King’s famous "I Have a Dream" speech motivated blacks and a number of whites alike to demand freedom, this book could be a catalyst for another outpouring of honorable citizenry to demand freedom at last from those horrendous powers who now rule without consent.

As a former covert operator trained and utilized in the many aspects of unconventional warfare which include but is not limited to terrorism, assassinations, intimidation and subterfuge, I have had very personal and direct experience is some of the vast array of illicit, immoral and deadly acts which Victor Thorn presents in a clear and convincing manner. He gets five stars from me.

Jason Cox

Collegian Staff Writer

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Victor Thorn is not a conspiracy theorist.

“Something is no longer a theory when it’s proven true,” Thorn said. “I can prove that these things are true.”

What Thorn is talking about are the topics covered in his latest book, The New World Order Exposed, which the State College resident released in April.

“I was very conscious of sourcing everything and being able to prove it’s true,” Thorn said about the various scandals and evil government machinations covered within. “Unfortunately, the mainstream tries to marginalize [the underground] with terms like ‘conspiracy theory.’ This is really a philosophy and psychology book. It lets readers inside the minds of the people who really rule the world.”

Thorn said he has run into difficulties trying to promote the book because he believes the media doesn’t want to promote something that challenges everyday beliefs.

“The media has a liberal slant on the surface, but it’s actually very conservative,” Thorn said. “The media is run by the Controllers and they don’t want the status quo to change. Even the Centre Daily Times won’t acknowledge it and let readers know about it.”

Coined by Thorn himself, the term “the Controllers” refers to those who are truly in control of world events, “calling the shots.”

“It’s usually international bankers,” Thorn added. “The leaders that we know don’t make decisions, they implement them. The media perpetuates the myth that these leaders actually make decisions … I call CNNConditioning, Not News.”

Lisa Guliani, marketing director of Thorn’s website, Babel Magazine, describes how the lack of coverage has been frustrating and unwarranted.

“We’ve even sold the [translation] rights for the book out of the country, but the media has put up a blockade for marketing the book.”

The book itself covers a wide range of topics from Sept. 11 mysteries to the Bush family being a money launderer for the Nazis during World War II to the Federal Reserve System being a privately owned, for-profit corporation.

“There are huge gaps between when the planes were hijacked and when they hit,” Thorn said, referring to Sept. 11. “Fifty-five minutes elapsed between when the first tower was struck and the Air Force dispatched their jets. There are 10 or 12 bases with pilots on standby 24 hours a day nearby. Why was nothing done sooner? The mainstream media won’t touch this because it blows everything out of the water.”

Thorn acknowledged that people finally seem to be asking more questions about the events.

“The stuff I’ve been writing about for two years is finally starting to come out in magazines like Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.”

As for recent events, Thorn merely considers much of what’s on the daily news to be more of a distraction than anything else.

“Kobe Bryant, Laci Peterson, and Arnold [Schwarzenegger], they’re all diversions. It diverts people’s attention away from what’s more important. As for me, I want to know why we have a $374 billion deficit.”

Thorn also keeps busy with a plethora of other media-related jobs, including hosting a Web-based radio show, and running his popular literary site, Babel Magazine, which receives about 250,000 hits a month. Thorn hopes to start up a political Web site early next year.

For now, Thorn continues to push The New World Order Exposed, simply in hopes of getting people to think a little more about their everyday lives.

“[Penn Staters] will find out more about the world from this book than from any other book they’ll read in class,” Thorn said. “It’s a hopeful book that empowers people. Isn’t it our responsibility to know as much as we can about the world?”

Other authors applaud Thorn’s underground efforts. Gordon Thomas, another author, said,

“In the world we live in, Victor Thorn’s writing is a beacon. A bright searchlight on what people want to hide, the truth.”

Midwest Book Review
by Thomas Fortenberry

November, 2003 edition

Victor Thorn has written an explosive new book. The New World Order Exposed is exactly what it says it is; a long hard look at the reality behind the smoke and mirrors of the ongoing realignment of the world. The New World Order, first publicly put into government policy by President Bush the First, has been a long time in the making, and continues to this day. It is a rather unholy alliance of the uber-wealthy, businessmen and politicians who are out for amassing power and whom Thorn refers to as The Controllers, for obvious reasons. These men, working as a cabal to further their own power and designs, are the ones who constantly bring dismay and disbelief into the news with an endless series of banking, corporate, governmental, and military scandals which they somehow seem to always escape from without spending the rest of their lives in jail. The well-known warning concerning the “military-industrial complex” is hitting a home run here. Thorn’s stated goal is to wake up the reader to what is really happening in the world, and he does so dramatically. Wake them up and give them nightmares for years to come. It is truly appalling some of the things he documents in this book.

It is a fascinating book, even if it is one of the alarmist-style conspiracy type texts which find everything happening for secret, organized, and evil reasons. But one of the things that stands out most about this book and frankly puts it ahead of most of the books of this ilk is the immense amount of facts he has supporting what he says. It isn’t wild claims and boogeyman scare tactics. This isn’t UFOs and Atlantis rising. When he offers a statement he usually backs it up with tons of quotes, figures, and copious amounts of excerpts from other books, government reports, news articles, etc. There are over 500 pages of facts crammed in here, and it can be an enlightening read at the very least; or a downright frightening read for almost any rational human being.

There is far too much ground covered in this book for me to summarize, but I’ll mention a single example. Some of the more fascinating areas of the book cover the war equals profit subject. Thorn points out just how nefarious our secret agencies, their black budgets, and their endless covert operations are. With amazing insight he chronicles connections between these agencies and our wars, drug trafficking, and other illegal activities. It suddenly becomes crystal clear why we are constantly dragged into pointless, costly wars in strange locations without any strategic importance or threat to ourselves, such as Vietnam, Central and South America, and Afghanistan.

It is quite odd that in all such cases our military/clandestine involvement also coincides with a marked increase in illegal drug activity, such as production and trafficking in cocaine and heroin. For instance, in Vietnam we had the Golden Triangle explosion, while in Afghanistan the evil Taliban had eliminated the poppy crop, literally. These religious zealots killed everyone involved in the drug trade and burned the crop almost out of existence there. But shortly after our conquest and occupation of Afghanistan, poppy production made a miraculous recovery and is now the number one export and cash crop of the region (most strange since we control the entire country). Why is this allowed? This book answers these questions, and raises a lot more. It is a powerful indictment of the rampant criminality of the world today and its direct connection to our secret extra-government agencies.

If I must find fault with the book, it lies in Thorn’s style of delivery. Instead of letting the facts speak for themselves, which they do, and the horror soak in quietly, he will sometimes overemphasize the point he is making. He’ll write an aside that says something like ‘Do you understand what I’m saying?’ or ‘Do you get it?’ or ‘See what’s really happening?’ We definitely get it. Worse, he sometimes makes a statement and follows it with many exclamation points. It is distracting and unnecessary, since the facts themselves are so disturbing and horrifying they need no additional emphasis. Furthermore, it detracts from the point he is making and could be perceived as juvenile, thus weakening the credibility of the claims. I know this is the further thing from his mind, he is simply trying to hammer home points, but it does hurt the integrity of the book a bit. I do wish this one aspect of the book would have been toned down or eliminated altogether by good editing.

Nevertheless, this is an extremely powerful book and should be a must-read for anyone interested in politics or the way of the world today. For those of us familiar with the high-power world of money and politics, it is actually only an opening up of some familiar ground and an in-depth look at some very known worries and problems. But for the common reader, this may very well be the wake-up call they need. It will blow the lid off the average Joe’s perceptions and understanding of the world at large. This book rips the cloak off the truth and exposes an awful lot of dirty manipulations and illegalities ongoing amongst the elite power barons of today. It also connects a long series of dots stretching way back that explain why and how things are occurring, and most frightening of all, what may be the outcome of it all if we do not begin to say no and act immediately. I recommend this to anyone interested in their own quality of life, and especially in their children’s future. It will change the way you think, act, and live.

Reviewed by Priya Lal

November/December 2003 issue of Clamor Magazine

It won’t be long before a small cartel of bankers implant the human race with artificial intelligence technology, transforming us into slaves programmed to serve our masters, “the Controllers.” So argues Victor Thorn in The New World Order Exposed. At 570 pages divided into a staggering 69 chapters, Thorn’s book is vast in scope and self-assurance. Thorn peppers his detailed evaluation of the present and not-so-distant future with an assortment of conspiracy theories, Hegelian dialectics, quotes, and (uncited) facts. His paranoid language and reductive tendencies, along with a strain of virulent libertarianism and extreme ethnocentrism that rears its ugly head throughout the book, make it easy to dismiss Thorn’s work as a bible for delusional quacks. Despite Thorn’s repeated denunciation of pacifism, illegal immigration into the United States, and universalism, one cannot deny that The New World Order Exposed contains some valuable material, at times offering striking percipient analysis of political, economic, and social realities.

Thorn’s work effectively underscores the fallacies of the rhetoric of democracy sold in classrooms and on the news. Comparing TV news to a professional wrestling match – both are scripted with pre-determined outcomes, both are performed by paid “actors,” and both rely on manufactured sensationalism – Thorn’s analogy is surprisingly apt. New World Order attacks a host of political assumptions, particularly about American motivations in military and diplomatic interventions, as he does with his early contention that “War=Profits: it’s that simple.” Reminiscent of Randolph Bourne’s famous words, “War is the health of the state,” Thorn’s remark is backed up by an analysis of how war facilitates central control by the American government and reaps ever-increasing monetary benefits for what Thorn calls the world’s four largest industries: usury (banking), energy, drugs, and war. This is Thorn at his best: exposing the incestuous relationships between the Bush’s and oil, the cabinet and defense contractors such as the Carlyle Group, the CIA and international drug lords, to name a few.

New World Order also contains a sophisticated exploration of the U.S. government and media’s reliance on the construction of enemies – “others” – to bolster patriotism and support for power at home. This analysis deconstructs the instrumentalism behind everything from Samuel Huntington’s ideological conception of clashing civilizations to post 9-11 scapegoating of Muslims. Thorn, admittedly, does get a bit carried away and ends up turning to the rather tired theory that the U.S. government was complicit in the September 11 attacks. This type of disconnect ultimately discredits The New World Order Exposed. Nevertheless, the book can provide considerable rewards to the discerning and patient reader. Perhaps the most compelling point Thorn offers stems from the theater analogy described above. With his Chomskian portrayal of the media as a network of conglomerates, Thorn convinces us that much of what we see and read might be a farcical drama, designed to distract the American people from substantial issues, the real stories affecting their lives. He accordingly calls for a turn to honest and independent media. Naturally, Thorn offers his own publication, Babel Magazine, and The New World Order Exposed as the political analysis that America needs today. However, readers will best be served by following Thorn’s advice to engage with other, more responsible sources of alternative news. Even if it succeeds only at this, The New World Order Exposed will have accomplished no small task and, perhaps, compensated for its more maddening elements.

The New World Order Exposed
Reviewed by M. Jude Ortiz

Voices of Central Pennsylvania - March, 2004

Reading The New World Order Exposed by Victor Thorn, two things come to mind: Thorn needs help citing the sources of his conspiracy theories, or Thorn is making fun of conspiracy theories.

This book, published by Thorn’s own Sisyphus Press, is a collection of essays organized loosely and, at times, erratically. But all the essays in this 560 page book work towards informing the American public of the systems of control that keep them down while empowering a shadowy network of “Controllers.”

Thorn covers a range of subjects from the unanswered questions about September 11th to the ways the Federal Reserve is manipulating the world, to Bane, “The Man Who Runs Happy Valley.” The sections are filled with Thorn’s own essays, many of which appeared in his “Babel Magazine,” as well as book reviews and quotes from various sources.

But having select quotes is no substitute for showing your sources when making claims such as “AIDS is a man-made disease.” Call me picky, but I like to know exactly where information is coming from, and whether or not I can trust that source. Thorn does not provide enough citations to make his arguments credible, although he does provide a bibliography for people to find the information on their own.

In all fairness, though, Thorn does reveal the source of much of his information about the network of Controllers. This revelation comes in the second-to-last section, and in the form of stories of his meetings with Bane, the Controller of our own little town. These stories will catch your attention and make you turn the pages like any good fiction will. And that’s exactly what they appear to be.

Thorn recounts his meetings with a man he cannot describe or name in fear for his life, a man who has lost status in the shadow government and is fighting back by telling Thorn the truth. Bane explains how the Controllers are brainwashing teenagers to kill each other in school shootings so Americans will voluntarily relinquish their guns; and about a system of underground buildings that house the true world government. He also explains how the World Health Organization created AIDS in the early 1970s to eliminate “undesirable” people.

Throughout these stories, Thorn puts the puzzle together and Bane helps him along, prodding him with questions and confirming his suspicions: “The Controllers are doing (insert malevolent action here), right?” Thorn asks. “Of course they are! Just like you always suspected,” Bane confirms.

And herein lies the possibility of satire. Are we to believe this X-Filesque tale to be true? Are we to accept the veracity of Thorn’s claims because an unnamed man has told him that everything he suspected is right?

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether Thorn is in earnest, or pulling our legs. If nothing else, this book will make you think, and that may be enough reason to flip through its pages. Whether he’s serious or not, it’s clear he wants us to think about things we may not have thought about before. He succeeded in making me do this, and I recommend you give him a chance to do the same with you.

The New World Order Exposed by Victor Thorn
Carol Brouillet,

Director, 911 International Inquiry

November 7, 2003

This mammoth book tries to show how 9-11 was one piece in a large puzzle, the big picture being the attempt by the tiny global elite to control the world… He includes lots of quotes- including this one by Robert Anton Wilson to “allow you to see a light at the end of the tunnel:

“Every conspiracy collapses eventually because of the psychological likelihood that those who are superlatively clever at deceiving others become equally clever at deceiving themselves. Disinformation eats those who create it.”

In essence I agree with Wilson’s insight and Thorn’s thesis, that the global “elite” struggling to control the world and public opinion are going to fail and their downfall is in part because they are lying to themselves and refuse to see that which “threatens their opinion of themselves and their worldview.”

The book opens with 9-11, moves on to the deep politics beneath wars, mind control, the monetary system, technology and intelligence, history, who controls the presidents, the media, then a very weird UFO outlandish drama, and a wrap up to mobilize us before we turn into boiled frogs… The humorous, bizarre stuff, tends to make all the actual information appear to be very questionable and of dubious authenticity - What is true? What is fiction? So, it isn’t one that I’ll be tabling on the street.