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Thorn’s NWO Exposed

to be Published in Japan
from Sisyphus Press

May 4, 2004


Sisyphus Press is proud to announce that Victor Thorn’s groundbreaking book, The New World Order Exposed, has recently been purchased by the Tokuma Shoten Publishing Company of Japan, and will be made available in that country later this year. This book, which is now in its twelfth printing, is also being carried by First Amendment Books in Washington, D.C., and is currently being translated for a French publication later in 2004. It has also been endorsed by such renowned authors as Michael Collins Piper, Jim Marrs, Gordon Thomas, and Paul Watkins, and has been reviewed in The American Free Press, The Midwest Book Review, Clamor Magazine, and by Joyce Metzger of Black Diamond Books, who called it "The one must buy book of the year. Absolutely!" At 570 pages, it blows the lid off the shadowy cabal that runs our world like none other.




Section One: 9-11

1) Forty Reasons that Suggest the Controllers Knew About the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks but did nothing to stop them
2) 25 more Reasons that Suggest the Controllers Not Only Knew About the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, but also allowed them to happen (while failing to disclose the full story to us)
3) Military Smokescreen: Who Commanded the Air Force to ’stand down’?
4) Notes and Quotes: The War on Terrorism - Money, Fear and Rights
5) 9-11 Smokescreen
6) Fear, Psychic Driving, and Pavlov’s Dogs

Section Two: Banks, Oil, Drugs & War

7)   Drug Trafficking: A Brief Historical Overview
8)   The War in Afghanistan: Opium and Oil
9)   War-Mongers, Death-Merchants, & Killers: America’s War Machine
10) The Carlyle Group
11) The Bush-Bin Laden Family Connection
12) Banks, Oil, and Drug Trafficking: An Overview of Mike Ruppert’s The Truth and Lies of 9-11

Section Three: Control Systems

13) The Psychology of Control Systems
14) Yes, Virginia, There is a New World Order
15) The Controllers and their Evil Goals
16) Compartmentalization and the Need to Know
17) Notes & Quotes: We Don’t Need Your Education
18) Review: Lawrence Dawson’s The Death of Reality: How a Conspiracy of Fools is Imposing
Unreality and Laying Claim to the Destiny of a Nation
19) Review: Hugh Fox’s The Invisibles: A Dialect

Section Four: The Federal Reserve System

20) Notes and Quotes: This is how our Fine Country was destroyed in 1913
21) Who Controls the Federal Reserve System?
22) The Federal Reserve System Must be destroyed
23) Do We Want To Save America? Then Demand that We Destroy the Federal Reserve and
Default on our National Debt
24) Financial Enslavement and the Federal Reserve: An Overview of Peter Kershaw’s Economic

Section Five: Technology & Intelligence

25) America’s Deliberate Demise and China’s Role as New King of the Hill
26) China, the Mossad, and Artificial Intelligence
27) Artificial Intelligence - The Final Conspiracy
28) The Controller’s Ultimate Motives
29) Big Brother Technology - A Boot Stomping on a Human Face
30) The Terminator Gene: Who Controls the World’s Food Supply? An Overview of Texe Marrs’
Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos
31) Chemtrails over Happy Valley
32) Notes and Quotes: Mind Control

Section Six: History

33) Don’t Trust History
34) Why Did Americans Finance the Bolshevik Revolution?
35) Reviewed: Antony L. Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
36) FDR and the Controllers: War-Time Traitors - Pearl Harbor
37) FDR and the Controllers: War-Time Traitors - The Atomic Bomb
38) FDR and the Controllers: War-Time Traitors - Russia and the Atomic Bomb
39) Adolf Hitler and Black Magic: The Real Reason behind the Nazi Party’s Rise to Power - A
Review of The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft
40) The Bush Family and Nazi Blood Money
41) Notes and Quotes: The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen
42) A review of The Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace
43) Jonestown: Mass Suicide, or Massacre?
44) Notes and Quotes: The Oklahoma City Bombing
45) Notes and Quotes: The Freemasons, Lucifer, the New World Order and Beyond
46) Civilization, History, and the Decline of the West: An Overview of Samuel P. Huntington’s
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

Section Seven: The American Presidency

47) Who Controls the American Presidency?
48) Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush: All Bought, Sold, and Controlled
49) An Overview of Gerald Carroll’s Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy, and the Gemstone Thesis
50) An Overview of Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK
Assassination Conspiracy
51) The Rothschild-CFR Connection
52) Notes and Quotes: Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy by Gregory

Section Eight: The Media & Society

53) Why Doesn’t the Media Tell Us About the Bilderbergs?
54) The American Media Should Be Ashamed of Itself
55) Take Back Your Stolen Vote: Votescam Revisited
56) Mainstream Media Cowardice: An Overview of Into the Buzzsaw
57) Reviewed: The Octopus - Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro by Kenn &
Thomas and Jim Keith
58) The American Caste System

Section Nine: The Man Who Runs Happy Valley

59) The Man Who Runs Happy Valley
60) The Story behind the High School Shootings
61) An Alien Base beneath Beaver Stadium
62) AIDS: Man-Made Virus Created in a Laboratory
63) Taxation or Slavery?

Section Ten: Finale

64) Frogs Being Boiled to Death in a Pot
65) David Rockefeller Speaks
66) Do We Care Enough To Save America?
67) The Outlaw Class
68) An Interview with Victor Thorn
69) Afterword: He Who Would Face the Winds by Lisa Guliani

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"9-11 on Trial"

Cracks Mainstream Media!

Opening Comments by Lisa Guliani


Note: This article appeared in The Centre Daily Times on Thursday, March 10, 2005
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On Thursday, March 10, 2005, 9-11 truth finally made a breakthrough into the mainstream media when a State College, Pennsylvania newspaper - The Centre Daily Times - owned by Knight-Ridder (the third largest newspaper chain in the United States) published a 650-word Op-Ed article by Victor Thorn. This publication, with a daily circulation of approximately 30,000 readers, allowed Thorn to discuss his latest book, 9-11 on Trial, which lays out a solid, thoroughly-researched case that the government’s “official” story regarding how the WTC towers collapsed could not possibly be true. This article appears below - please disseminate far-and-wide!





Author Searches for Truth

on Trade Center Collapse

by Victor Thorn

What if you discovered that the government’s “official” explanation for the World Trade Center collapse on the morning of 9-11 was not exactly true? In addition, what if their “official” version of events could be disproven solely on the basis of physics, mathematical equations, scientific formulas, physical evidence, and expert testimony – without the use of a single “conspiracy theory”? Would your perspective on 9-11 be dramatically altered?

This is precisely what is illustrated in 9-11 on Trial, a book that shreds the government’s official story – and credibility – beyond repair. Did you know, for instance, that never before in the history of the world has a steel building collapsed due to fire? Yet on 9-11, three of them did just that in seven hourswith WTC 7 not even being hit by an airliner.

Furthermore, it takes a temperature of 2,795 degrees to melt construction grade steel, yet the highest temperature jet fuel can reach is 1,517 degrees. Plus, all the jet fuel burned off within two minutes of the towers being struck, while two independent studies proved that the fires within each tower never rose above 500-600 degrees. In fact, FEMA revealed in their final report that,

“The heat produced by burning jet fuel does not by itself appear to have been sufficient to initiate the structural collapse.”

Also, the WTC towers were designed to withstand the impact from a Boeing 707 (similar to a Boeing 767), and each floor was designed to hold 2,600,000 pounds beyond its own weight. Likewise, the steel used in these structures was rated to hold five-times its normal load. MIT professor Thomas Eager admitted as much when declaring, “The impact of the airplanes would have been insignificant” in toppling the towers.

Also, how do we explain the pools of molten steel which were found bubbling 70 feet beneath the towers five weeks after 9-11? Incidentally, a temperature of 5,182 degrees is needed to transform steel into a liquefied state. Do you think fires that FEMA admitted “would have burned at, or below, temperatures typical in office fires” could have produced such extremes? Even NYFD audiotapes of firefighters who reached the South tower’s impact point reveal that they “judged the blazes to be manageable” and were easily extinguishable in less than an hour.

Even more interesting is the South Tower. Even though it experienced a less forceful hit than the North Tower and had smaller fires, it fell in only half the time of its counterpart (56 minutes). It takes five-times that long to cook a turkey! Plus, the South Tower’s cap, which initially tipped 23 degrees past vertical, suddenly reversed direction, then dropped vertically, defying Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Most incriminating, though, is the resistance-free speed (a mere 10 seconds) at which the towers collapsed. To put this matter into perspective, if you were standing atop the WTC towers, and at the precise moment when they began to fall you dropped a football over the side, you and the football would have hit the ground at nearly the exact same moment. In other words, 200,000 tons of steel, 425,000 cubic yards of concrete, and all the walls, desks and floors provided no resistance whatsoever. Not only does such a collapse defy Galileo’s Law of Falling Bodies, it is physically impossible unless all resistance was removed via a controlled demolition.

Of course there’s more (seismographic data, the ridiculous pancake & truss-bolt theories, and the complete vaporization of nearly all the concrete into a fine microscopic dust), but I’ll close with this question: considering that 9-11 was the most traumatic event of the 21st century, if there was even a one-percent chance that the government’s official story was false, shouldn’t we do everything humanly possible to discover what the truth ultimately is? Because, if the search for truth and justice doesn’t matter to us in regard to 9-11, what does?

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