1) The purpose of this document is to provide humanity with information about hidden threats that exist to the free will and self-determination of mankind. This information describes threats from extraterrestrial societies, international organizations, and domestic shadow government activities. The implications of successful fruition of these threats are also presented along with information that must be considered when planning a strategy for resisting these threats and ultimate objectives.

2) This document attempts to expose the fact that all three sources of threats must be considered together because they are all interrelated. What may appear to be independent groups with vastly different agendas are all actually working toward the same goal of world domination and the abolishment of individual freedom for all of mankind. The only way to prevent this from happening is for humanity to become aware of the threats and respond as one people, despite how unpleasant this may be. It is morally improper to remain silent and do nothing to prevent global domination from occurring.

3) This document contains information of a serious and troubling nature that will be emotionally disturbing to sensitive individuals. Only by viewing this information from a dispassionate and discerning point of view, can the emotional reactions of anger, fear, anxiety, and depression be avoided. This document may not represent all truths from all points of view. It only presents information relevant to the preservation of Human freedom.

4) This document provides a full operational briefing. However, it only contains a summary of available information. For a better understanding of the topics covered herein, the reader is encouraged to review the source material listed in the References section. Each section, subsection, and paragraph of this document is assigned individual numbers for identification in regards to source references that are listed in section 7. For instance, "2.3.4" refers to the fourth subsection of the third subsection of the second main section of the document.

5) Every paragraph within each section is also sequentially numbered, such as this paragraph of "5)". In addition, the Reference section identifies portions of paragraphs with a fractional percentage number after a decimal point. For instance, "2.5" indicates the mid point of the second paragraph and "3.9" indicates the bottom of the third paragraph. By using the section and paragraph numbers, the source of all information presented in this document can be determined by finding the associated numbers that are listed sequentially in the References section.

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1.1 Ancient History

1) In order to understand the nature of the threats facing humanity, it is necessary to know what events have taken place that have brought us to the point of where we are today. This section describes the origins of modern civilizations and the affects that extraterrestrials have had upon human development. The next section will cover important events that have occurred in recent history that have brought us to where we are today.


  • 75 million years ago, an Intergalactic Federation existed, consisting of 75 planetary civilizations. However, this Federation was overcome by a catastrophe resulting in a cultural desert with fragmentation, over population, and war.

  • 50 million years ago, Tall Blond entities from the Andromeda Galaxy used a black hole to enter the Milky Way Galaxy near Arcturus. They settled in the Lyran system.

  • 22 million years ago, the Lyran wars began. Portions of the Lyran population settled in the Orion, Taurus, and Era constellations.


  • On Earth, early human development evolved slowly for the first 150 million years.

  • Then, two million years ago, the Elohim came to Earth from the Aldebaran System. They were a tall humanoid species with blond hair and fair skin. They departed with over 10,000 of our simian ancestors.

  • Hundreds of years later, they returned to deposit a more advanced, genetically engineered race that could use tool and fire. The Elohim have returned seven times within a period of 23,000 years to accelerate human evolution.

  • 450,000 years ago, the Anunnaki settled on Earth from the planet Nibiru at Mesopotamia.


  • 300,000 years ago, a great civil war began on Rigel, within the Orion constellation. Peaceful tall Blonds escaped to the Procyon system in Canis Minor. Those who remained on Rigel became the tall Grays with genetic damage due to the nuclear weapons exchange.

  • 208,000 years ago, the tall Grays reconstituted their power base and began the Markab Empire with the short Grays from Betelgeuses and conquered Procyon covertly with mind control.


  • 100,000 years ago, the Anunnaki mated with Neanderthal beings to form Cro-Magnon terrestrial beings as a genetic hybrid for mining purposes.

  • 70,000 years ago, Lemuria and Atlantian civilizations began to flourish.

  • 50,000 years ago, 70,000 rebellious beings left the Pleiades and settled on Earth where they flourished.

  • 40,000 years ago, war broke out. Nearly all on Earth were destroyed. A few escaped to another planet. The Survivors on Earth became wild and degenerated.

  • 35,000 years ago, those who had escaped, returned and rebuilt Lemuria and Atlantis.


  • 30,000 years ago, the current Homo Sapiens began in the Andes.

  • 12,000 years ago, Lemuria and Atlantis are destroyed by global catastrophes.

  • 6,000 years ago, the Sumer civilization thrived between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers of present day Iraq.

  • 5,000 years ago, civilizations spread to Europe and the Indus Valley of India.

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1.2 Recent History

1) In 1776, a secret organization was started by a Jesuit priest named Adam Weishaupt. This organization was known as the Order of the Illuminati. Its purpose was to take over political control from the Catholic Church and the Kings of Europe. In 1777, Adam Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Order in Munich, Germany.

2) On January 25, 1878, farmer John Mertin of Dallas, Texas observed a flying disc. On August 12, 1889, Jose Bonilla took several pictures of over 300 objects which crossed the Sun. In 1896 and on into 1897, a wave of sightings occurred in the United States of winged cigar shaped craft and airships. In 1909, the first recorded wave of European sightings occurred in England.

3) In 1932, Adolph Hitler directed German scientists to work on aircraft designs using advanced technology provided by Gray entities from inside the Earth. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt became President of the United States. Roosevelt was a Mason at the time when interaction with the Gray entities began with the U.S. Government. In the winter of 1933-34, there were 487 flying disk-sighting cases in Scandinavia (240 Norway, 96 Sweden, 157 Finland).

4) On July 11, 1934, aboard a naval ship in Balboa, the first deal was made between the United States and the Grays. The agreement stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in their affairs. It allowed the aliens to establish underground bases on U.S. soil in exchange for alien technology.

5) During the winter of 1936-37, there was another wave of increased sightings of disks over Scandinavia. In 1938, the Germans began flying experimental craft using unconventional power sources and Methods obtained from a downed alien craft. Also in 1938, the U.S. Government engaged Orson Wells to do the "War of the Worlds" broadcast in order to gauge public reaction to the idea of alien contact.

6) In 1947, a powerful radar unit caused the crash of several alien disks in the Four Corners area of the U.S. The most notable of which were at Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico. The disks recovered had a reptilian species on board as well as the bodies of U.S. Air Force pilots that had been mutilated. The disk crash at Roswell netted one live alien that was referred to as EBE for Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity.

7) President Truman knew nothing about aliens prior to this time. He responded quickly to keep everything about the aliens secret and established a group of 12 top military and scientific personnel to deal with the aliens. They were known as the Majestic-12 and the group still exists today with different representatives.

8) In September of 1947, President Truman caused the National Security Act to be passed, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, in order to hide the activities of the government and the alien problem. CIA mind control projects began at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Project Sign was created on December 30, 1947 at Wright Field to investigate disk technology capabilities and performance. The Navy Auxiliary Field in the Groom Mountains of Nevada was chosen as the place to do the testing.

9) In 1949, alien craft were often seen hovering over sensitive nuclear installations, especially in New Mexico. Probes, known as "green fireballs", were frequently seen over the state. In 1949, another disk crashed, with one fatality and one living alien, that was kept in a facility with an electromagnetic grid. In December of 1950, a disk crashed in the El Indio-Guerro area of Mexico and was taken to the AEC facility at Sandia in New Mexico. In 1951, flying wing type aircraft were seen over Albuquerque.

10) Also in 1951, the alien, known as EBE, suddenly became ill and died in 1952. In 1952, President Truman created the National Security Agency to monitor and contain the secret of the alien presence, decipher alien communications, and eventually establish an ongoing dialog with any aliens it could communicate with.

11) In 1952, a group known as the Bilderbergers was created in order to take the decision making about the alien problem and other international issues out of the hands of governments. The Bilderbergers, headquartered in Geneva, evolved into an elite secret body that still controls international situations.

12) In July of 1952, disks flew over Washington D.C., creating a public stir. One of the disks flew away at a speed estimated at over 7,300 mph. In 1953, there were 10 disk crashes, 26 dead and 4 living aliens. Astronomers in 1953, discovered a large object that entered the solar system and later proved to be intelligently guided and emitted communication signals. The Air Force, in the same year, discovered huge orbiting objects between 100 to 500 miles in altitude. They were alien craft.

13) In 1953, members of the Pleiadian race met with President Eisenhower to warn him about the Grays and offer their help. But, to receive their help, the people of the planet would have to stop killing each other, stop polluting and destroying the Earth, and request their help as one people. Their help was refused because they would not provide advanced technology.

14) It was decided by the government to communicate with the Grays and possibly acquire advanced technology. They also wanted to find out more about both the aliens and the role they were playing in mutilations and abductions of humans and animals. Project Sigma, a joint NSA/CIA project to communicate with the alien species, was successful. The aliens told the government that their abductions of humans were for medical examination purposes only.

15) Diplomatic relations were established and a meeting was held between elements of the U.S. government and the Grays from the Marcab Empire on April 25, 1954 at 6 p.m. at Holloman AFB. Two disks hovered above the runway while a third landed. Representatives of each species were exchanged. The representative of the EBAN, as they call themselves, was named Krlll (no vowels) and confined to an Electro-magnetically secure facility near Los Alamos.

16) A secret treaty was negotiated with the EBAN by the United States government. The agreement was made and contained some of the following provisions:

(1) The U.S. would not reveal the alien presence and would not interfere with alien operations

(2) The U.S. would allow the aliens to maintain underground bases on U.S. soil

(3) The U.S. would allow the aliens to abduct itís citizens on a periodic and limited basis for medical examination, provided that the people were returned unharmed and without memory of the interaction

(4) The aliens would furnish a periodic list of abductees to the NSC

(5) The aliens would provide the U.S. with advanced technology

17) To finance these "Black" projects, without being accountable to the U.S. Congress, the government allowed Lucky Luciano to return to Italy in 1949. Heroin began flowing into the United States in the 1950ís. Today, the U.S. government is the largest purchaser and distributor of heroin and cocaine in the world. Primarily, the CIA and the Delta security forces (sponsored by the NRO) were involved.

18) By April of 1954, the U.S. began to suspect that the aliens were abducting a larger number of people than were being reported to the NSC. They realized that they had made an error in trusting the aliens. The purposes for the abductions turned out to be:

(1) Insertion of an implant device for the biological monitoring, tracking, and control of the abductee

(2) Implementation of a post hypnotic suggestion to carry out a specific activity during a specific time period

(3) Termination of some people for biological materials and substances

(4) Termination of individuals who represented a threat to their activities

(5) Effect genetic engineering experiments

(6) Impregnation of human females for the creation of crossbred infants

19) So, the aliens had violated the agreement. The government realized that there was little that they could do but try to keep the information classified to prevent panic. It became increasingly obvious to MJ-12 that things were not going as planned. The extent and number of persons reported missing every year is a closely guarded government secret. But since 1980, there have been at least 20,000 children reported missing each year. There have been over 14,000 cattle mutilations since 1973. And, over 20 million Americans have reported seeing a UFO.

20) In 1955, a large donut shaped UFO was seen over New York. In 1956, mind control experiments on prison inmates, was approved in the United States. On August 13, 1956, radar operators at RAF Benwaters, England detected objects flying over the North Sea at a speed of 4,000 mph.

21) In March of 1956, at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette, was abducted by aliens. An Air Force major witnessed him being hauled aboard a flying disk with tentacle-like cables. His mutilated body was found three days later about ten miles from where it was taken.

22) In 1957, a facility code named DREAMLAND, was constructed at Groom Lake, Nevada in the proximity of an alien underground base known as S-4. The bargained for technology was set in place but could only be operated by the aliens themselves. It was found that the advanced technology could not be used against the aliens, should the need arise.

23) In 1961, Cape Canaveral/Kennedy radar locked onto an object that was following a Polaris missile over the ocean. Vice President Johnsonís private aircraft crashed. Radar showed UFOs in the area. At Fort Ord, California, 221 military members were abducted and implanted with devices. All were sedated through the efforts of 600 other soldiers who were recruited for the purpose and debriefed. Many suffered severe physical and psychological trauma. They and their families were sequestered.

24) On September 21st of 1961, two Boeing 707s encountered a large donut shaped UFO over the Pacific Ocean. Betty and Barney Hill were abducted in New Hampshire. The Hills were taken onboard a disk, examined, and released with memory loss until it was later revealed under hypnosis. Also in 1961, President Kennedy, dissatisfied with some areas in the covert government structure, threatened to go public about the alien presence.

25) In 1962, the Bilderbergers met to discuss the ultimatum. 1962 was also the year that a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the presence of a viable atmosphere. Disk activity was observed by the public around Dulce, New Mexico, which was the site of a joint government-alien underground facility.

26) In 1963, mind control experiments began in Warminster, England. In May of 1963, Gordon Cooper had visual contact with a UFO while in orbit on a Mercury flight. Within a month after President Kennedyís assassination, the Bilderbergers met again to formulate their plans.

27) In April of 1964, Cape Kennedy radar technicians tracked disks in pursuit of a Gemini capsule. On April 15th, two intelligence personnel met with aliens in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman AFB, New Mexico in order to solve the problems with the Grays.


  • In 1966, the Soviet Union had a massive wave of sightings.

  • In October of 1967, Britain was hit by a wave of disk sightings.

  • In 1968, disks that were known to be flown by the U.S. Navy, were frequently seen around China Lake, California.

  • In May of 1968, disks frequented the demilitarized zone in Viet Nam.

29) On July 20-21 1969, the Apollo 11 crew witnessed a huge alien spacecraft surround their landing site on the Moon. In October of 1969, Jimmy Carter reported seeing a UFO. A major flap of spacecraft sightings occurred in Australia.

30) In late 1972 and early 1973, numerous sightings of disks occurred in South Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Canada, and in Australia. On October 25, 1973, a disk buzzed the National Security Agency High-frequency transmitter facility at NW Cape in Western Australia. In 1974, large numbers of animal mutilations began to occur in Texas.

31) In 1975, captured German technology allowed development of a sonic weapon against the EBEs. The project continued until 1978. In November of 1975, Travis Walton was abducted and returned five days later. Also in 1975, bases in the northern tier of the U.S., were flown over by UFOs. Chase planes lost them near New Brunswick, Canada.

32) In 1977, President Carter was elected and said that he would make every piece of information about UFOs available to the public. Carter was shown a disk and changed his mind. In 1978, a wave of sightings in England began that lasted until 1983 with some 3,000 sightings documented. On March 18, 1978, William Herman was abducted and told by the aliens of the existence of a "network" of civilizations.

33) In September 1978, scientist Paul Bennewitz discovered the activities of alien craft at Manzano Weapons Storage area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In November 1978, a huge cylindrical object was seen hovering over oil company equipment in Kuwait. The CIA had secured control over most of the worldwide traffic in opium by the end of 1978.

34) 1979 was the year that a disgruntled scientist at the Dulce Bio-Genetics Facility fled with evidence, vowing to expose the atrocities found there. In October 1979, 66 people were killed during an altercation with aliens at the underground facility near Dulce, N.M. Also in 1979, Electronic Identification Research began at Los Alamos National Labs for identification implants.

35) In 1980, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), conducted REX-80, readiness exercises in which they relocated Cuban refugees as part of a population relocation test. In May of 1980, Myrna Hanson related information, under hypnosis, of being abducted and taken to an underground base with vats. Also in May, Judy Doraty and her son witnessed a cattle mutilation and were abducted and implanted themselves. In December of 1980, the Cash-Landrum incident occurred where both women received severe radiation poisoning during an encounter with a U.S. disk.

36) In 1982, the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted the REX-82 exercise, which tested the nationís ability to mobilize quickly for wartime military production. Industry failed miserably. In 1983, FEMA obtains standby legislation with the passing of the "Defense Resources Act". This bill suspends the Bill of Rights, abolishes free enterprise, eliminates privately owned property, and censors all means of communication in the event that a National Emergency is declared under any pretext.

37) On April 26, 1984, General Bond is killed while flying in Area 51 during a classified aerial test. In September of that year, a high delta-winged craft soundlessly buzzed golfers in Australia, which set Royal Australian Air Force into motion. The event caused the subject of UFOs to be raised in Parliament.

38) In September of 1987, 16-cycle waves are broadcast for a period of four months before the election of George Bush. The ELF waves caused entrainment of millions of Americans to occur. On September 21, 1987, President Reagan voiced his thoughts about aliens threatening the Earth in an address to the United Nations. On the 27th of November, groups of U.S. Army Rangers attempted, but apparently bungled, to enter a joint U.S.-alien facility in New Mexico.

39) On December 17, 1987, a UFO in Gulf Breeze, Florida dropped a fluid on the local athletic field. Analysis showed that the fluid was of unknown origin. In 1988, George Bush became President. A joint U.S.-alien base off the Florida coast was reactivated, giving rise to the sightings at Gulf Breeze.

40) In May of 1988, Ronald Reagan again made a speech in which he referred to an "alien threat from outside this world". In New Mexico, an antimatter weapon was developed at Los Alamos as a weapon of last resort if "the Grays cannot be pried away from the planet". The number of Grays on Earth was estimated at 20 million.

41) In February of 1989, the government began communications with a Reptilian species (who were advancing on this system), because they were one of the few enemies of the Grays who could get rid of them.

42) In 1989, data on Project Excalibur was released. The project was involved in developing a warhead that would penetrate 1,000 meters of earth and then detonate. This was useful for destroying underground bases. On May 7th, the South Africans shot down a flying disk. U.S. pilots exited the craft and South Africa complained about invasion of their airspace. On June 30th, after a spree of what were possibly government induced violent episodes with guns on school yards, gun legislation was presented to Congress to disarm the American public.

43) On October 11, 1989, a large disk was seen by hundreds of witnesses in eastern Oklahoma. Sightings began to be reported in Iowa and around the U.S. in large numbers. On October 16, 1989, information was disclosed about a disagreement between the U.S. and Soviet Union in a base on the far side of the Moon in which several U.S. scientists were machine-gunned in 1986 or 1987.

44) In January of 1990, witnesses in Lancaster, California viewed a delta shaped craft, 900 feet long, fly slowly over a ten minute period. The craft was accompanied by another disk. On February 17th, a Ukranian astronomer detected radio emissions near Altair, which has been associated with reptilian creatures.

45) In 1994, the motion picture film of an alien autopsy in 1947 was released. In 1997, the failed attempt to shoot down an alien spacecraft in space, was video taped from the Space Shuttle, and released to the public. In 1998, the video taped evidence of UFO activity, from several people all over the world, were released. Also in 1998, many of the original MJ-12 documents were released. In 1999, the first national televised presentation about UFOs occurred during prime time, with "Confirmation, The Hard Evidence".

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1.3 Alien Messages

1) The term "Crop Circle" refers to a phenomenon whereby a pattern is mysteriously formed in a cultivated crop field with affected plants that grow horizontally, instead of vertically. This causes a contrast to the even shades and colors in the rest of the field. There have been over 10,000 crop circle formations that have been discovered just since the early 1980ís. Although this is a worldwide phenomenon, over 90% of all formations have been discovered in Southern England.

2) Crop circles began as simple circle patterns. Over the years, they have grown in size, complexity, and sophistication. Some formations cover an entire square acre, or more, that depict advanced geometry, technology, and communication. Although some crop circles are manmade, mysteriously formed formations have evidence of fundamental biophysics and biochemistry affecting the plants. The following paragraphs describe two of the most interesting crop formations that have been discovered in recent years.

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1.3.1 The Response

1) Across from a giant radio telescope at Chilbolton in England, a crop formation appeared in a wheat field on August 19, 2001. It was 75 feet wide and 120 feet long. It contained a response to a message that we humans sent out into space back in November of 1974. Dr. Carl Segan and Francis Drake created the message as part of the project for the search of extraterrestrial intelligence.

2) It was transmitted with two trillion watts of radiated energy from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The message was sent in a very narrow beam towards a galactic cluster known as M13, which is 65 million light years away. It was a pictogram arranged in a matrix of 23 pixels by 73 pixels. It was intended to describe our numbering system, the building blocks and formulas for DNA, a double helix symbol of DNA, a figure of a human being, our solar system, and a diagram of the radio telescope that sent the message.

3) The crop formation looked very similar to the Arecibo message with some very interesting differences. Below the dot pattern for our numbering system, the crop formation had an additional pattern that indicated the atomic number of Silicon in addition to the hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus numbers, which are the basic elements for life on this planet. Instead of a double helix symbol of DNA, the crop formation depicted three sets of diagonal lines that indicate three strands of DNA.

4) Instead of a depiction of a human being, as presented in the Arecibo message, the crop pattern had a different depiction of a humanoid form. This new depiction showed a body with two arms and legs like humans. But, the head was much larger. The height of the crop formationís body was indicated as being a little taller than half our height. And, the dot pattern in the crop formation indicated a population that was almost six and a half billion larger than our own.

5) The Arecibo message depicted the 9 planets around the Sun with the symbol for Earth raised above the rest to indicate where humanity lives. Earthís dot was also located directly below the depiction of man. In the crop formation, there were three symbols that were raised above the rest. They indicated the planets of Earth, Mars, and Nibiru. However, it was the symbol for Mars that was located directly below the humanoid body.

6) At the very bottom of both formations, you have distinctly different dot patterns. The Arecibo message had a depiction of the telescope that sent the message with an indicated size of 2,430. The crop formation had a depiction of something else with a size of 6,748. It was very similar to another crop formation of one year earlier in the very same wheat field that depicted a new form of radiated energy.

7) If the information presented is accurate, we now know that we are not alone in the universe. There is intelligent life on Mars and on the planet Nibiru. We know the general form and size of what they look like, the composition of their DNA, and their population. We also know how they communicate and, most importantly, that they want to communicate with us. But, what this formation does not tell us is why they want to communicate with us and share their advanced technology or what their intentions may be.

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1.3.2 The Alien With Disk

1) On August 15th of 2002, an elaborate crop formation was discovered at Crabwood Farm House in Winchester County, England. It was a framed design of an extraterrestrial being holding out a disk that measured 232 feet by 390 feet. The disk was 100 feet in diameter. The head appeared to be large with a pointed chin, parted mouth, small nose, and large eyes. It had a long neck and thin torso. There were also three small shapes in the background that appeared to be UFOs.

2) This crop formation had a much higher resolution quality than the facial crop formation of one year earlier. That is because horizontal lines of varying widths were used, which is the same way that pictures are displayed in television.

3) The disk was composed of blocks formed by standing crops surrounded by flattened crops. It was a spiral pattern with a sequence of blocks and spaces that started in the center and spiraled out to the edge of the disk. The sequence was divided into groups of eight equal parts that were separated by triangular arrowhead-shaped symbols. The patterns represented letters and symbols, based upon a computer code known as ASCII, which actually spelled out an intelligent message.

4) The complete translation of the message on the disk stated:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING,".

All of the letters in some of the words were all capitalized in order to add emphasis.

5) The first sentence states, "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES." This message is far too important to simply be telling us to be cautious of one another. Because this message appears to be of extraterrestrial origin, it appears to be referring to the intentions of an alien race that could offer us advanced technology and spiritual guidance. Although it does not specifically reveal whether false gifts have been offered in the past or will be offered in the future, it does say that those who offer the gifts have broken their promises in the past. This is telling us that we should be suspicious of any gifts from an alien race and that we should not trust everything that they tell us.

6) The second sentence says, "Much PAIN but still time." Whoever wrote this is displaying compassion for human suffering, which they know exists on this planet. Although this does not indicate who is suffering, it can be assumed that the pain referred to here is caused by the bearers of false gifts and broken promises. However, it does state that there is still time to overcome the pain.

7) The next sentence consists of a single word, "BELIEVE." It is telling us to believe that there is still time for humanity to end the suffering here. This is calling for a huge leap of faith by all of humanity to trust the authors of this message, have hope, and believe that there is still time to overcome the pain.

8) The next sentence states, "There is GOOD out there." It implies that there are good entities that can help to stop the pain. Although there is no indication of immediate help, it is saying that there are good entities that can help us.

9) The next sentence states, "We oppose DECEPTION." This identifies the source of this message as coming from a group of beings that are concerned about the dangers to humanity by untrustworthy entities that seek to deceive us with false gifts. They are making it clear that it is their intention to oppose those who would take advantage of others through deception.

10) The last sentence is the most puzzling. It states, "Conduit CLOSING". There is no mention as to what the conduit is used for or why we should be interested in the fact that it is closing. A conduit is a channel that enables fluids, cables, and other materials to pass through it. It is also defined as a narrow corridor for people to pass between buildings. In the context of this message, this may be referring to a passageway or portal that enables entities to pass into our world. The fact that it is closing could be telling us that no more entities can come into our world or leave. However, the message ends with a comma, which indicates that the last sentence is incomplete and that there is more information to follow.

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