by Zen Gardner
May 18, 2014
from ZenGardner Website




Amazingly enough, most people don’t know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private institution.


It’s so private that despite its profound influence and power, no one is allowed to know who the board of directors are or any of its inner workings.


Yet they control not just the production and flow of money in America, but the economic mechanisms that drive the US economy and thus much of the rest of the world.

If the American people truly understood how the Federal Reserve system works and what it has done to us, they would be screaming for it to be abolished immediately. 


It is a system that was designed by international bankers for the benefit of international bankers, and it is systematically impoverishing the American people. 


The Federal Reserve system is the primary reason why our currency has declined in value by well over 95 percent and our national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger over the past 100 years. 


The Fed creates our "booms" and our "busts", and they have done an absolutely miserable job of managing our economy.


But why do we need a bunch of unelected private bankers to manage our economy and print our money for us in the first place?  Wouldn’t our economy function much more efficiently if we allowed the free market to set interest rates? 


And according to Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress is the one that is supposed to have the authority to "coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures". 


So why is the Federal Reserve doing it?





So How Did This Happen? And Why?


In 1910, three years before the Federal Reserve Act was implemented. a group of banking moguls conspired in a hidden enclave off the coast of Georgia with the specific intention of controlling and directing the American money system.


This has been documented yet thoroughly dismissed by mainstream sources, and for obvious reasons.


Many researchers have uncovered the facts surrounding this financial coup over the years, and most of this information is readily available on the internet with a simple search for "truth about the Federal Reserve".


One of the most lucid researchers is G. Edward Griffin who’s written a widely read book entitled "The Creature from Jekyll Island" referring to this clandestine meeting and formulation of a plan, and legislative bill, that would soon be passed by a complicit Congress implementing their agenda.


From a review of his powerful book:

In order to help us fully understand our present predicament, Mr. Griffin ranges far afield in explaining the historical, economic, and political antecedents of today’s money system.


We are given a crash course on the nature of money; the origin of banks and the concept of fractional reserves; how this led to the seductive idea of using the same money over and over; how this inevitably led to economic disaster wherever and whenever tried.


We are instructed about the Rothschild formula, which perfected the art of making enormous profits from loans to governments, especially for wars:

  • how this led to preventing any one nation from becoming strong enough to establish peace (the famous balance of power)

  • how those who could instigate wars or revolutions were financed (including the Bolsheviks in 1917)

  • how we Americans were sucked into World War I in order to save J.P. Morgan’s loans to England

  • how environmentalism is now the weapon of choice replacing war

We are taken to the super-secret meeting of Insider financiers and Rothschild agent Paul Warburg on Jekyll Island in 1910 where the basic plan for what became the Federal Reserve Act was formulated; we learn that these plotters were already affiliated with the conspiratorial British one world Round Table group which preceded the Council on Foreign Relations (our secret government).


We are astounded by the brazen deception of Congress that pushed through this unconstitutional act creating the Insiders’ fundamental tool – a central bank with the ability to inflate.


We are told how this same tool has been expanded internationally through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in order to create worldwide inflation, pay enormous sums of perpetual interest on never paid-up loans to Insider banks, and socialize the Third World, all courtesy of us unsuspecting taxpayers.


Lastly, Griffin foretells our dismaying fate if our course is not altered; then he lays out a step-by-step procedure of how to alter it, inviting us to join with him in doing so.


Griffin looks the Fed "creature" straight in the eye and tells us it is not federal, it has no reserves, and it is not a bank. It is, in fact, a pernicious cartel operating against the public interest.


The widespread belief that the Federal Reserve exists to "stabilize the economy" is hogwash; the real reason for its existence is the making of money – not out of "thin air" as is commonly supposed, but, more accurately, out of debt.





More Whistleblowers


Aaron Russo, Hollywood producer of "Trading Places" and other works, turned Truth activist once he discovered what was really going on behind the scenes.


He had much to say in his film "Freedom to Fascism" which features the Federal Reserve Banking scam as the fulcrum for fascist control:










Education is the Key


Anyone can find out these facts if they are willing to look.


Many wonderful people are trying to educate the American public, including its students, as to the true nature of this fraudulent institution and the complicity of a metastasizing government bent on unquestioned dominion over its subjects, money control being the key.


Here’s another brilliant excerpt to this effect:

It is unfortunate, but understandable, that young people in the United States are not taught (in the government’s schools) the history and operation of their country’s most powerful financial institution, The Federal Reserve System.


Created in 1910, codified by Congress in 1913 (along with the personal income tax), this "system" facilitated the US government’s ability to inflame the nation’s citizens for the purpose of supporting the European war of 1914-1918 (World War I).


Warfare provides a source of immense borrowing and provides banking corporations with huge profits in the form of interest income. Several of these same Wall Street banks financed Adolph Hitler two decades later.


Readers desiring an insight into the international interests and subsequent political relationships of the bankers who created the Federal Reserve System can click here. To understand how recent the Federal Reserve System is, my own parents were alive when it was created in the USA.


The adoption of "central banking", a concept indispensible to enforcing policies determined by big central government, is as old as Alexander Hamilton and The Federalists. Central banking has been tried and thwarted in the past. Today it is alive and well.


For a brief background of this subject, read this fascinating essay.







For any sincere seeker there is plenty here to begin on.


I’ve included links and key words that should be explored thoroughly to anyone’s satisfaction. That this is not common knowledge is extremely disturbing as to the state of the general mindset in a nation so affected by this fraudulent, usurping institution and its complicit government agents.


It is my sincere desire that people investigate and find out for themselves the truth of these matters, and not listen to the deceptive, hypnotic drone of the very system that has been set in place to keep everything at this unjust, inhumane status quo.


I admit grasping the fractional debt-based banking is system is not easy to do, but even a brief perusal of this information will begin to paint a much clearer picture as to why and how we’ve been enslaved to a greed driven, abusive system via a manipulative financial cabal.


Please take the time to perform due diligence and confirm these facts for yourself.


The world’s nations are being controlled by just such central bankers almost without exception, all of whom work in concert. It’s time to wake up to this reality, expose it thoroughly, and take our power back.


These self-serving, humanity-crippling entrapments and those behind them need to be exposed and stopped.