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In the April, 1991 issue of FATE magazine, there appeared the following article written by Ann Druffel, titled: 'UFOLOGY'S "MR. CONTROVERSY"?' Following are some excerpts from this lengthy article:

"William L. Moore has admitted passing disinformation to ufologists. Here is the rest of the story along with some startling NEW information---Do you believe it...? "(William Moore) made the startling announcement at the 35th MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Annual Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, that he and his associate, Jaime Shandera, had been part of a disinformation scheme launched by the government against Paul Bennewitz, a scientist who had set out to prove that there was ongoing UFO activity at a military base adjacent to Bennewitz' New Mexico home...

"WHY HE COOPERATED - Moore asked the forum audience the question,

'If an individual, flashing credentials of an agency of your government, invited you to cooperate with him in studying UFOs, what would you do?'

He admitted that he jumped in, he felt he had to find out what there was to find out. He found himself in the midst of a widespread effort on the part of several government agencies to collect data, to send this data up to higher agencies, and to disseminate DISINFORMATION among the public.

"Moore differentiated between 'disinformation' and 'misinformation.' Disinformation is a diversion away from the truth; it necessarily has some truth sprinkled in. Misinformation is lies, or phony information.


"At this point, Moore made it plain that the disclosures he and Jaime Shandera planned to make at this forum were with the express permission of the government agents with whom they had been cooperating for several years. THE INFORMATION, HE WARNED, WOULD BE A MIXTURE OF TRUE INFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION, FOR THAT WAS THE WAY THE GOVERNMENT WORKED, EVEN IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. He assured the audience he and Shandera had tried to sort out fact from fiction in order to share it with them...

"According to Moore... the official government policy for the past 21 years--ever since the 'close' of Project Blue Book, which ostensibly disseminated public information about UFO sightings-- is that UFOs do not exist. Why is the government, through the '80s and up to present, still spreading falsified data?

"Perhaps the most blatant example of this concerns the Roswell, New Mexico, crash of 1947. In that situation, Moore is sure that something did crash on an isolated ranch near Roswell and that the air force put out a bulletin that they had recovered a 'flying saucer.' However, the next day this was denied and a cover story about a 'balloon' was disseminated as a cover-up, a story the government has stuck by for over 40 years.

"To date, after years of investigation by Moore, Stanton Friedman and others, 130 people have been contacted and interviewed in connection with the Roswell crash. More than 36 claim to have been first-hand witnesses to the situation, and some claim to have actually held the wreckage in their hands. "Some reported that dead alien bodies were recovered from parts of the wreckage which came down a few miles from the main object. These 130 source stories do not include numerous other statements made by persons whom the investigators judged to be less than honest and reliable.

"Moore thinks that writing THE ROSWELL INCIDENT opened a can of worms. In September 1980, shortly after the book was published, a source to which he gave the pseudonym 'Falcon' contacted him with the offer to participate in government UFO studies. To this day, Moore is not sure what the government people's motives were or what they continue to be. Other government sources continued to contact him, and he and Shandera continued to give each source the name of a bird. In this way, the two could discuss the activities in which Moore was involved without having to worry about telephones being bugged or being overheard in public places.


"Bill Moore stated with a grin, 'There are now 12 in the aviary,' [Not to be confused with MJ-12 or Majestic 12. It is merely a coincidence that the 'aviary' and the alleged Majestic 12 high-level government UFO study group each have 12 members.] (Note: Moore stated that some of his information may be misleading. For instance, other sources stated that 'MJ-12' has more than just 12 members - Branton) all credible people, well-placed as employees, scientific consultants, or intelligence agents.


They hold a variety of 'need to know' security clearances, and seem to know each other. Falcon's identity still remains a mystery, but Bill describes him as very knowledgeable about UFOs. (There is an ongoing controversy in the UFO field about Falcon's true identity as demonstrated by recent letters to the editor of Fate by such UFO notables as Jerome Clark and Linda Moulton Howe.)


"He went on to describe the main characteristic of each aviary member:

'Hawk is a person well-connected in areas of study in ESP since the 1960s, with impressive credentials. Blue Jay is a person close to the President of the United States, capable of checking on information to determine its reliability. Partridge is a scientist privy to UFO information collected by the government. Chickadee is well-placed in the Pentagon and versed in scientific data. Heron is enigmatic and puzzling; he seems to 'speak in riddles.' Sparrow is the code name for Richard Doty, a former agent for the Air Force's Office of Scientific Information (AFOSI), and was the original go-between between Falcon and myself, and so on.'

"Later, Moore stated that Doty was a small man in the operation. The process, in his opinion, started 'originally from the National Security Agency (NSA) and high levels of the AFOSI.


"According to Moore's assessment, AFOSI holds prime responsibility for UFO data collection in the government. It is also responsible for planting information and disinformation on the subject. Why are they doing this if UFOs don't even exist? If it is a case of national security, why is this so? How could UFOs jeopardize the national security of the U.S.?

"Of one thing Moore is sure. Government agents are faster at planting 'data' than civilians can check and verify it. Civilian UFO research finds itself in a pitiful state. Moore pinpointed the case of Paul Bennewitz as an example. The Department of Energy, the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies were interested in Bennewitz' claim that he had intercepted low-frequency electromagnetic signals which he believed originated from UFOs.

"Bennewitz was a reputable scientist; his only crime, according to Moore, was his claim that he was receiving signals from UFOs. To this date it is UNCLEAR whether or not the strange signals Bennewitz was picking up actually originated from secret government projects, and had no connection with UFOs...


"According to Moore, he tried to diffuse all disinformation schemes containing references to,

  • underground alien bases

  • UFO involvement in cattle mutilations

  • genetic research by aliens and government

  • (so-called) 'hybrid' babies

  • rumors of 'aliens among us.

He recognizes such incredible rumors--as the sort of thing that was fed to Paul Bennewitz and others. Disinformation, but even more so

(Note: If such things as subterranean 'alien' activity, cattle mutilations, abductions, secret government-grey interaction, genetic experimentation, and alien infiltration do exist as many claim, and the reality of which Moore denies, could this attempt to label such ideas as 'government disinformation' be a form of disinformation tactic itself, explaining why the 'Aviary' and the NSA, etc., so readily allowed Moore to speak openly when this would not seem consistent with a group of intelligence agencies involved in DECADES-OLD coverups? Remember Moore's words to the effect that anything he might tell the public may be DISINFORMATION.

Veteran aviator John Lear believes this to be the case, and suggests that such denials are part of a secret government-grey 'agreement' wherein the elite 'secret' government (not the U.S. Constitutional government) receives 'technology' in exchange for their promise to keep hidden from the public such activities as those listed above, including the malevolent nature of the 'greys' itself - Branton).

"At the 1989 MUFON symposium in Las Vegas, Moore tried to defuse such stories, but they are still believed by some in the UFO community and by many members of the 'unsuspecting' public...


"(Moore) has come to believe that ETs are more than one race. Whether they are extraterrestrial or intradimensional... they have some stake in our existence. Their agenda is their own, and to date not even the government has been advised of it. When Moore asks the aviary about this, he receives short and enigmatic answers. He has asked them about the question of UFO abductions, reports of which are flooding the UFO research field. The short answer by the aviary? 'Abductions are not happening...'

(Note: According to 'abduction' expert Bud Hopkins, he was approached by the CIA and asked if he would be willing to work for them, and be their 'abduction' expert. Strange that the intelligence community would hire someone to work with abductees when 'abduction', according to them, do not exist - Branton).

"...Whatever aliens are doing on Earth, they are actively manipulating us as a race. They are also manipulating our awareness of them, and this is responsible for the various groups of humans in the UFO research field who are manipulating each other! But evidently some conditioning process is at work...

"(Moore) learned that government agents had tested 20 people, all civilian researchers, to see what they would do with limited information, and Moore and he were chosen as a result of their reaction to the test...

"During the past decade, there have been four or five 'summit meetings' of the aviary with Shandera and Moore. Once the meetings began, information flowed quite freely. Specific questions had to be asked of the right person, and the questions had to be carefully phrased. Other contacts are with just one of the aviary.

"...Although the U.S. Presidents from 1947 onward have been advised of MJ-12's existence, they DO NOT control its activities. It is an INDEPENDENT entity, responsible for policies regarding UFOs and alien contact..."