Message from The Pleiades

The Adrain Interview




Part 2

ED. NOTE: I had a chance to chat with Claudina, Adrainís beautiful fiancťe. She of all people convinced me of the validity of this case. She is bright, honest, gentle, and totally guile-less. She goes on most of the off-world trips with Adrain, and gives a soft, feminine perspective to this entire thing. I also saw a photo, taken by Adrain, of two saucer shaped craft, one hovering a few feet off the ground, and the other with an extended ladder. Claudina was climbing up it to get into the ship! Here I talk with her about her experiences.



Sean: Whatís the greatest experience youíve had in this whole wild adventure?

Claudina: Well, Iíve always had a strong affinity with dolphins, and anything that has to do with underwater life, always since I was a kid, you know?

Sean: Yes..

Claudina: This was before all this started happening, before I met Adrain, it was very, very strong. I mean extremely strong. It was something that I was just always in my mind, you know, and I told Adrain that there is something weird going on, because itís like, constantly in my mind, you know, and, I really donít know what it was all about. So Adrain smiles at me and he goes, ĎYouíll find out soon!Ē And Iím like, ĎYou canít tell me now?í He says, íNo, not yet, but you are going to find out soon enough. Youíll be surprised.í I said OK. So, one day when we had an encounter, it was a time that I was able to go....

Sean: You had to take off work in order to go? [Claudina works as a cashier in a local market.]

Claudina: No, no, no. It was a time that I was able to go. But, you see, I donít go all the time, and they told me that this one in particular was something special for me. To kind of prepare me for something that is coming in the future, that hasnít gotten here yet, but it is coming, and it is getting close.

But, to ease my mind a little bit, of something that Iíve been almost obsessive about, and wondering what is going on, you know, with dolphins and whales and seals and I mean everything. Mermaids and this and that.... and they took me to this planet, they said they couldnít tell me the name of it, because I wasnít ready to know, but that I would know about it in the future.

For some reason they were going to talk to me, and they couldnít tell me yet. But, eventually we went in, and they took the ship down. Itís weird, because itís not like an atmosphere in the sense that you still have land, and then you have the sky, you know ? Itís not like that. Itís like all water. Just like from top to bottom, itís just like a big ball of water, something youíve never seen before.

They have all kinds of creatures there. I mean, man and animals that are here like dolphins and seals and some other things weíve never even seen before. They have cities, you could say, but buildings that are transparent, it looks like crystal quartz, transparent that have a faint glow to them. Like pure energy and they have like a pyramids and igloos and circular structures. Those were the types of shapes I noticed their buildings were like.

When I saw that I felt such relief, and I knew that was where my connection was. They told me that I had an-other life there, and itís not too far back, thatís why Iím so close to it. But that in the future I was going to find out more about it, because I have something that I have to bring to this planet that comes from that lifetime.

But, right now, Iím not ready to know everything, and thatís why they couldnít tell me everything thatís going on, but that I will in the future, and a lot of things will be coming together, and eventually Iíll be able to do what I came here to do, my mission, which is going to be helping a lot of people, but, it comes from that lifetime, in that particular planet. It explains a lot of things. Why I always as a kid I loved the water and nobody ever taught me how to swim. I just jumped in and did it! Thatís something that my parents were always amazed at. That I was just a little, little, little baby, but I would just play by my-self in the water for hours and hours and hours and be swimming under water holding my breath. They couldnít understand it. You could say that is the most touching experience to me.

Sean: Did your water planet have any other features, like a lot of moons?

Claudina: To be honest with you, I mean, I didnít even notice. I was so, like, into everything I saw, the animals, it was great, but I was just amazed. The other thing is that I love animals, in general, you know. So, when I was there I was like blinking, I couldnít believe it! So, I really honestly didnít have any fear of anything around. I was just feeling like a horse when they put the blinders on, thatís exactly how I was.

Sean: So you didnít get a chance to talk to any of the people?

Claudina: No, no. We were in the ship the whole time and we saw it on the screen, like we were watching out a window. And they just said, ďObserve it and remember this! And in the future you are going to know more about it, but right now, weíll give you a little push.Ē At the same time my mind was going a hundred miles an hour. Like you have something inside you thatís asking so many questions.... what is this? What is that? You know? And they just said I could relax and know Iím not going crazy.

Sean: Did you have a favorite person on the ship that you liked? Any particular person that you were friends with or felt close to?

Claudina: Um, mostly I would say it would be Muka.

Sean: Is it a man or a woman?

Claudina: It is a lady.

Sean: Are they all women?

Claudina: The ones that I see, yeah. I havenít seen any men so far.

Sean: What do they look like?

Claudina: They have long hair, longer than me. Down past their waist. Dirty blonde. Very, very pretty. And big, big eyes, that look like cat eyes. You know?

Sean: Do they look like yours?

Claudina: Yeah, but they are bigger. They look like cats. Every time I see my cat, I think of them because they have those almond shaped eyes, like cats do. You know, they go out and slant up. Really pretty!

Sean: Uh huh. Do they have a round retina in the eye like a person or a vertical slit like a cat?

Claudina: No, no. Itís regular, round, like a person.

Sean: Anything about the ears? Big ear lobes, pointed ears?

Claudina: Their ears are normally, you know, like ours. They might have a little extra skin down here, at the lobe. But, nothing super noticeable.

Sean: How tall are they?

Claudina: They are pretty tall. They are like, 6í2 or 6í6. For a woman, thatís big. Very, very prettily shaped features. They look like dolls. They donít have a space at the bridge of the nose. Yíknow that dent where the nose starts. It seems to come straight down from the forehead. A Roman nose, like on an ancient statue.

Adrain: But it looks good.

Claudina: Yes, it looks very nice. On Earth there are very few people that have that straightness. They usually all have very long, sharp noses, you know? Itís straight like that, but it is very feminine. I donít know... I canít explain it, but itís very, very nice. I mean, itís hard to explain. They are very, very pretty. Their mouths are also perfectly shaped.

Sean: Do you see the same people every time youíre on the craft?

Claudina: Most of the time. Mainly Muka.

Sean: Just her?

Claudina: Well, no. Itís her and another girl, but, she wonít tell me her name for some reason.

Sean: You asked?

Claudina: I asked her and she just looked at me and she said ďRegretfully I cannot tell you.Ē So, I was, like, OK.

Sean: Could you get an image or a symbol or anything from them when you talked to them? Instead of them having a name is there some sort of symbol that you see when you see each one of them?

Claudina: No, not really.

Sean: Do they ever talk to you telepathically? Or do they speak just like we do?

Claudina: Most of the time they talk to me like we do, but sometimes it is mentally.

Sean: Do they speak English pretty well?

Claudina: Oh God, yeah.


Editorís Note: We return now to our regularly scheduled interview!


Sean: Could you tell me if you know anything about Area 51? Because apparently they have a Pleiadian beam ship and I was wondering if you know anything about how they got it.

Adrain: I was told once that they [The Pleiadians] actually left one of the craft in some field. They just left it there, and somebody came to pick it up, but they canít open it. It is actually a trick. Like a Trojan horse. It is like a camera. They have monitors on the craft that can see into anything. Into the earth, right through walls.... but at Area 51, and many of the other bases where they are being helped by the darker entities, they have technology that can block the viewing monitors. So we let them have a monitor ship to study, so that we could collect data to see what they were up to inside the base. They captured a second craft that they got into but they couldnít work it correctly. It is the only thing I know, having to do with the ships at Area 51.

Sean: Why canít they work it correctly?

Adrain: The ships are partly organic. When they are being manufactured they use a sample of tissue from the person that is going to operate the craft. This helps to establish a physical and telepathic resonance which acts as a dead-man switch, so that if the operator dies or if the ship is captured the craft can only perform rudimentary functions, like hovering, but is no longer capable of space flight. The whole ship would have to be rebuilt and completely reprogrammed.

Sean: One of the ships that Bob Lazar [the scientist who defected from Area 51] saw had three small chairs in it, but looks just like the ship we just saw in the video you took.

Adrain: No, no. That is a Zeta Reticulan craft. Some of the Pleiadian ships look very similar to the beamships on the outside, but there are some subtle differences.

Sean: Can you tell me anything you know about the crop circles? First off, who is making them, why they are made, maybe what they mean? The modern crop circle phenomena started in May of 1990 in England. Any reason for that?

Adrain: One reason we see most of the crop circles in England, is because that is where many of the Nine Families are based. They are working with a reptilian race that lives many miles underground, together with several other alien races.

Sean: Is this correct?

Adrain: The Alliance have gone directly into the back yard of these Nine Families and they are telling them to stop what they are doing, and telling these alien races and the secret world order that they work with to get out or suffer the consequences.

It is a message, and they have a time limit. So when the ninety percent of these circles are found, most of them are done as a form of communication. Some type of universal code. It is the language to communicate with the non-benevolent ETs that have the world strangled to tell them they will not triumph. A small percentage of them are also little messages for people who are waiting for things and certain signs.

Sean: Who are the circles made by?

Adrain: They are made mainly by the Arcturians, and some people from the Alliance who come in from the Andromeda constellation.

Sean: So the crop circles are being made by Arcturian ETs or do they come up from up inside the earth?

Adrain: When they are made initially they use small craft, and then the negative ones come down to sort of read them, the way people have filmed them, and think that those craft are the ones that are making the circles. [Laughs] They get pretty rattled when they read the message and find out what we are going to do to them.

Sean: Since Iíve been in the fields in England about 100 yards away at the same time the circles are being made, I can tell you there seems to be no visible phenomenon whatsoever. Itís like they ooze up out of the ground.

Adrain: Well, because the craft are cloaked, and the beams they use are way above the visible spectrum of light.

Sean: Have they ever taken you or have you ever asked to go to Andromeda, to go sit in on the Counsels of the Alliance?

Adrain: Not really. But, I have a feeling of it because Adrain [the Pleiadian counterpart] has attended the Council many times. When that happens ...whew... those feelings of peak experiences are for me hard things to talk about. Of course, Adrain tells me a lot of things. What they want to do with the earth, and everything else.

Sean: Such as?

Adrain: It is very hard to explain. They have a much bigger perspective than ours. A much wider view of the entire picture.

There are three alternatives that they are considering:

  • The first is to do nothing. Even if they manage to simply neutralize the negative ETs, they feel that you will probably destroy yourselves anyway, and many are willing to let your own natures take their course.

  • The second is to simply kick over the planet! Rescue a deserving few, let the earth roll over several times, wipe out everything and start over by repopulating the earth with beings they feel deserve to live here. These are my people considering this! Many feel that destroying everything here would allow those who die to progress and transmigrate to a higher level, and help the consciousness of the earth to evolve much more quickly.

  • The third is to stabilize the spin of the Earth, which has been thrown out of whack by all of the atomic explosions, stabilize the tectonic plates, so the game can be played out... but with one difference: There are many Earth people that they have taken to live on their worlds, Romel being just one of them. These Earth people have had children who have been raised in Pleiadian societies, learning their laws, science, and religion. There are about 100,000 just on Romel now. These children want to go back to the íOld Countryí and see where they came from. Many thousands of them are returning, and will be returning in the years to come to help us through the hard times ahead. There was a huge influx of these people coming back to Earth in1995.

The Council has not really agreed on anything as yet. They are making their mind up now! That is why it is so important that we do everything we can to fix our karmic debts. IF we can raise the consciousness of the planet, by building study groups, like the ones I am teaching now in the Tampa and Vero Beach, Florida area, we can avert the catastrophe that our current time-line holds.


Sean: Who does the Andromedan Council report to? Do they report to anybody else, anybody higher?

Adrain: There are people in the organized group, in the Council of the Alliance, that I told you about. They report to people more inside on a mental vibration. And those report to something more inside of that.... something that was called a spirit vibration and they report to something more inside of the heart.... there are no words for it. It is a soul vibration. The spirit is not the highest vibration, the soul is. The spirit is like a protective sheath and the soul is the highest vibration where everything comes from. The soul is the core vibratory frequency of the Universe.

It is a Collective Consciousness of people that have made it in many incarnations to the inner heart core of our universe. As they come in they join into this one vibration and they get bigger and bigger. Then these huge ĎCollective Consciousness Entitiesí report to some others higher, you know, it is like a chain of command.

Sean: They report to beings in another universe?

Adrain: Yup. And they are the ones that are mainly responsible for overseeing this universe. Another universe oversees the other one.... thatís how it is.

Sean: Thereís no original universe?

Adrain: It doesnít exist. It is infinite, from the biggest to the smallest. It is a fantastic number. A gigantic universe, that has next to it a whole bunch of other gigantic universes. This planet, the solar system, the little dipper, the galaxy, this universe with all the other ones and all the rest that we are talking about.... it is so big! And yet all of that is perhaps part of an atom in my thumb.

Sean: So there is infinite bigness and infinite smallness?

Adrain: Who would know we are in the middle of this. It is going to lead to the highest and the lowest. Thatís why our symbol looks like something like this. [He draws] With three lines and one joining. That is the universe and the creation.

Sean: I have videotape with photographs of ships that have this symbol on the bottom of it.

A drawing of the under-belly of an UMMO craft displaying

the symbol of the United Universal Alliance of Planets.


Adrain: Oh?

Sean: Yes. The are called the UMMO and that symbol is on the bottom of their craft.

Adrain: That line on the bottom is the physical worlds, the second horizontal line stands for the invisible or etheric words, and the third line on top stand for the worlds of the soul. They are joined together by a vertical line representing the highest eternal, to the lowest eternal of of all Creation.

Sean: Is there a ruler of this galaxy? Is there a name for somebody that maybe rules or runs most of this galaxy?

Adrain: The galaxy? No! It is just a Collective Consciousness. Itís like I said, itís beings that have made a different connection together with beings from other universes.

Sean: Have you had any other experience with people living on any other planets in this solar system with the exception of the Moon and Mars?

Adrain: Some beings on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. I was told that these are from Orion.

Sean: How many races have you had direct contact with?

Adrain: Thatís a good question. The long nosed Sirian Grey negatives, the Grey Orion negatives, and the benevolent Zeta Reticulans. The Pleiadians, of course, and some beings from the constellation of Pegasus.

Sean: What did they look like? A thumb nail description?

Adrain: They, uh, believe it or not these people have wings.

Sean: The ones from Pegasus have wings?

Adrain: The people from there tend to have wings, it doesnít mean that everybody there in that system has wings. Just like people that look like Germans, but they are not all blonde.

Sean: What do the Sirians look like?

Adrain: The original Sirians, that came over are mainly tall dark people. But their noses are very big, not flat like a Black person. Their faces are a little long, tall and thin. They look tough, you know, interesting, very strong.

Sean: And the Zeti Reticulians? Mostly a small race?

Adrain: Yes. They have differences. Some are more human looking, more like Chinese. Some look more like the pictures you see of the Greys. They always have big heads. These other ones look more grayish with bigger eyes. You can tell when theyíre from there because they have an ambiance like little children. Mischievous but yet innocent. It appears in how they walk, how they act, their whole vibration. It is no bother to me, the way they come and poke you, like playing around and being curious. The negative Orion and Siran Greys have an ambience of fear, knowing exactly what they want to take away from you. The others, the benevolent Zetas, have an ambience of playful curiosity.

Sean: So there are good Greys and bad Greys?

Adrain: Yes. But the Greys that are confusing everybody, look pretty much the same as the Good Greys from Zeta Reticuli... small, grayish with big heads. They are from Orion. From Rigel and Betelgeuse. Those are the bad ones.

Sean: And what do the Pleiadians from your system look like?

Adrain: The women are 6í2 to 6í6. The men are between seven and eight feet. In the old days they were 20 to 30 feet tall. But now they are smaller. They all have a Roman nose, that comes straight down from the forehead, with no dent at the bridge, with very large, liquid, almond shaped catís eyes with a beautiful blue or green color.

Sean: Where do the American Indians come from? The red race?

Adrain: From the Southern Hemisphere of Atlantis.

Sean: But where did they come from before that?

Adrain: They belonged to the Sirian, Vegan and Orion systems. They are dark people. Of course, like Iíve said, the ones that are screwed up, the evil ones, they also come from the systems of Sirius and Orion, they are negative ones, but they donít look black or red. They look sickly and whitish, and you have tall ones and small ones. Most of them donít have any hair. Those are the ones that are in trouble, and make trouble for the earth humans.

Sean: Is there going to be an extraterrestrial invasion of this planet, some time around 2004, 2005?

Adrain: The Nine Families have a plan which has to do with the íChupacabraí that you were investigating in Puerto Rico. The ultimate goal is to create a climate of so many problems and so much terror, pollution, war, crime, and fear. They want to get people used to the idea of an alien invasion with the Chupacabra, that this will set the stage for them to launch a fake alien invasion of Earth. Everybody is will be so terrified that they will give up all their rights and say to the World Government, ĎPlease Help! Do anything just come save us!í

The Chupacabra is a creature created by genetic experimentation, and being purposely released into the population to get people used to the idea of some kind of evil alien invasion. [Thatís why it is getting so much publicity!] Thatís when they have the special forces come in, with marshal law, take over and tear up the Constitution... poof!... gone! Thatís the plan. See? Because like I said, they are seeing that people are becoming very intelligent, they are learning whatís been happening, so they are very afraid. They know the Constitution and the things that they will take away. But thatís why we have the mass mind control, for the kids, using the TV and all that stuff to make them hang around with pistols, start shooting people and everything else, so that then it will make an easier excuse when they want to take over.

Parents and everybody sending letters to senators and congressmen saying, ďHey letís the guns out of the streets!Ē They take away everybodyís guns so the people canít defend themselves. That makes it easier for them, when the thing really starts so the troops can handle people with no trouble. This is the whole mass plan.

Sean: So you are saying that there is no threat from the Reptilians, thereís no threat from a real alien invasion?

Adrain: No, no threat. The only threat is that the Reptilians have technology here and they donít care about anything. They are here already. The threat to the Secret World Order and the evil ETs is the Alliance. They are wondering how long is the Alliance going to let the Shadow Government get away with what they are doing. So thatís their actual fear.

Sean: We can change this canít we?

Adrain: Yes! With this conversation, we can actually alter, through positive vibrations and frequency waves, things all around us. Somewhere something changes for the better, and that changes and that one.... like dominos. It begins a whole different future.

Sean: We need to reach through the mind control. Tear down that screen, and it changes people. By writing and talking about all this.

Adrain: Yes, as we are doing here, because thatís one thing that escapes them. That people have souls. They have the life force which is of great power. But it, too, is a form of energy, and it can be trapped by the evil ones. They can create a situation like when you are dying, and they can create a hoax, a fake scenario with a light and a tunnel and Jesus Christ and everything. ĎOh itís the light! Jesus is coming, Oh yes!í They can trap the soul and trick it. Suddenly you are in a laboratory terminal at some kind of station there. They wipe everything out and then you are back here again. They live on that. They live on the notion that you are constantly reincarnating over and over with many lives with not enough time to catch up on whatís going on. No time to build up any strength or wisdom. These aliens sometimes abuse these souls, for as long as they live which is thousands of years, or 500 years at least.

Sean: Who lives that long?

Adrain: These entities, you know?

Sean: Which entities?

Adrain: The ones that do this stuff, the Sirians, the Orions, the Old Ones from Atlantis, the ones that are doing the most damage. The Rogue Pleiadian splinter groups together with the Old Lyrans.

There are beings from Alpha Draconis and Ursa Major that are most amazing. They are half man and half lizard. Big people, you know. Very strong. Oh, you have small ones there, but the majority are very strong, very big up to 1,500 to 1,800 pounds. They are totally unemotional warriors and thatís a problem, too. So all these people are living in their own artificial ambiance and they are tired. They want to be in your dimension, they want to be free. To breath and move and be comfortable, to be out of the bubble, as they say.

Sean: What do they do with the soul energy once they absorb it, once they trick it and put it into the laboratory? You are saying that they use people coming to the light, or going to the light, as a kind of trick.

Adrain: Yes, they do that. In many cases they capture not the soul, but the astral body, but when they capture the astral body the soul is captured too, for a time. If it is strong enough it gets out, if itís not it is because that soul lacks Cosmic Evolution. They stay pretty much, like, in a prison, and thatís a problem.

Sean: And when they die are they taking them to the astral plane, where their spirit and the soul go?

Adrain: For instance, here you can do the same thing with witchcraft. When somebody dies, you can be ready for him with entities on the other side. They are waiting for him, with the same vibration that you are coming into. They will capture you, and they can actually put you in a container and you are stuck there. So, you can capture somebody with this magic technology. For people that are weak, they can be made to work for you later. They will become slaves. Thatís how it works.

Sean: But there are entities that can feed on the soul force, the soul energy?

Adrain: Oh, right. Thatís a good question. How do they do it? Itís true! The ones that do this are the ones that are the good looking ones. The ones that look like angels, the strong ones, that look like tall blondes. Those are the refugees from Atlantis. Down here on Earth, they are the ones that are in charge of the whole thing. They are of Lyran/Pleiadian descent, in charge of everybody else.

So these are the ones that feed from the energies of the people, from these astral operations. They are looking always for people that kneel down easily and give all their power away to someone that will take care of them and take away their own responsibilities. They feed from this, and thatís why you see the ships of these beings, hanging out around football games, around churches, anywhere groups of fanatic people gather for something where there is a lot of emotion and anger exchanged. The ships take in these energies through a vacuum of light.

They will filter this energy in the ships to use as power, then all of the other energy that is left over, they actually transport to different places around the world depositing it there and then it manifests as problems, wars and fear. You can see it out in the streets, all the crime and everything else. So they actually are attracted to particular negative auric vibratory fields. So they live from that. Isnít that interesting?

Sean: Why do UFOís usually always appear over areas before there are major natural catastrophes or wars?

Adrain: I guess one reason is to watch for whatís happening and to see if they can take somebody. Many times they wait until the disaster comes, and the whole building falls and thatís how they can easily take people so they wonít be missed. I donít know if Iím explaining it right.

Sean: No, you are explaining it perfectly.

Adrain: It is a great opportunity to just take people for either good or bad reasons. They wonít be missed that way. They are always watching. Always looking. They can beam people physically onto the ship and take them directly to another world or another place, so they can be taught or trained without having to die, and yet they will not be missed when they are taken. That would be called a íDirect Incarnationí from the regular mode of having to die. Like an Ascension.

Sean: The good guys or the bad guys take people?

Adrain: Both, actually. They both sometimes use the same methods, but that is not in general.

Sean: So thereís no extraterrestrial threat to this planet right now? Thereís no reptilian fleet or armada on its way here, the Arcturians arenít battling anyone outside the asteroid belt...?

Adrain: No. If an invasion were to happen it would be a staged thing, because the bad guys took over a long time ago anyway. It has already happened.

Sean: But thereís no battle happening between the asteroid belt and Oort clouds? The Arcturians arenít fighting off the reptilians, right?

Adrain: In the old days that would happen. Sometimes that happens with somebody that comes in accidentally, without knowing the space laws, and so sometimes you have little wars or some-thing like that. But the Alliance would never.... they donít work that way. They donít fire on anybody actually physically to destroy. They would if they had to, you know? It happens once in a rare while. They have police all over. They stay away from that kind of thing.

Reactions take place when the Greys or Reptilians know they are going to get arrested and they shoot at anything. You know, they are very trigger happy. The Reptilians are a race that has been created directly on purpose, with no emotion, as a warrior race. Human beings cross bred with reptiles. Originally they were created as a land force, labor and warriors, but then they started getting smart. If you create something like that you canít expect them not to use their intelligence. The time came when they also wanted their own ships. They wanted space, too! To live and be independent. Now they live 200 to 300 hundred miles underground here on Earth.

Sean: My Tibetan teachers call them the Nagas Harachi. íThe Serpent Mení. How did they get there?

Adrain: With the ships.

Sean: Why do they live under the earth?

Adrain: Like I said. The answer to this is that they feel good in a cool temperature. They also feel comfortable because of the lack of light and the atmosphere, and they are sensitive to bright light like the Greys. It is interesting, because in the Atlantean days people would create fantastic cities underground to keep away from the big animals, you know, dinosaurs and all that. Now these creatures have gone underground, because they look like the dinosaurs, and now they want to keep away from humans on the surface. Funny, right?

Sean: Letís talk about time travel. When was the first time you traveled in time? When was it? How old were you? What can you remember?

Adrain: I was 15 or 16. Man, they just pulled me up right into a ship, and dropped me outside of Miami Beach.

Sean: From where?

Adrain: From a house where I was living with my Earth parents.

Sean: So it was a long ways away from Miami?

Adrain: Uh, a half an hour drive, I guess.

Sean: OK. So you were taken up in the ship?

Adrain: I was slammed into the future. A future Miami Beach. The first thing that happens is that they drop me and I hit the sand, and I looked straight ahead, and saw the ocean horizon. I said, ĎWhere am I?í I was overcome by surprise! They donít tell me anything. Thatís one of the curious things. Nothing was prepared before hand.

Then I looked back, and of course, then I noticed I was there in south Miami Beach, recognizing everything because I saw all the hotels. I said, ĎOK, so here I am, whatís going to happen now?í and I was just waiting. I was kicking up some sand, and I was walking up and down the shore. Then I noticed the light starts getting dim, like bad weather, you know, that kind of ambiance, like a little nice breeze. Then I heard screaming in the street on the other side of the hotels. I had a feeling to look out at the ocean again. I had a feeling that maybe whatever I was there for it was coming from that way, and, I was right!

From the east, it looks like a black line moving up, taking up the entire horizon. And I said, ĎOh, oh! I wonder whatís coming over there!í It kept getting bigger and bigger, and all of a sudden, the weather starts getting a little stronger. The wind blowing and everything. I see and hear people running around crazy, all over, and I can remember a lot of people desperately falling, and others walking right over them. Iíll never forget the chaos all around me, and I said, ďOoooh MY! Look at that!Ē

It was a giant wave coming right at us! Then I started remembering in New York the giant buildings, how they look, and I said, ĎThat thing is bigger than those tall buildings I remember. That Old Man is going to take all this out like little toys!í

And then all of a sudden about a dozen people appeared to my left hand side, and they were part of the crowd that came from who knows where. Then the starships appeared and started quickly, franticly, beaming people up and out of the city in the ships.

So, exactly as I say on my left, this group of people were just looking at me, and with their minds telling me, ĎYes, itís us, we are here and we are ready. Tell us what to do. Where do we go?í And there was no expression on their faces.

Sean: Who were they?

Adrain: Young people. I didnít recognize them, but they recognized me. They were just regular people. I was surprised that they recognized me, and apparently I didnít recognize them. There was a calm expression on their face. Like they knew that they would be people who would be saved.

Then I said, ĎWell..... this is where we have to go. Follow me.í Then we very calmly walked. We were walking and everybody else is running around, but we were in a protected force field. I didnít see it, but I felt it. The field was 5 or 10 feet around.

All around it is like a revolution with people running over children screaming, and then I was thinking, ĎLook how interesting, how they are screaming and going crazy and running.... but to where? There is no where to run!Ē I was thinking that I remember. Which is very curious, too. And thatís when I... poof.... got taken back up and then I became like a camera watching the scene.

Sean: So you were up in the air, looking down. You saw the wave cover up all of Miami?

Adrain: Yeah. The water receded. Is that how you say it?

Sean: Yes. So you went back up to the ship?

Adrain: Oh, no. Iím in the air which I canít explain. I didnít see the ship, or those people anymore. But, they were safe, and of course, they came there, for that project, and I saved them for whatever reason. What I saw were little dots of islands, like Key West Florida.

Sean: How far up in the air were you?

Adrain: Ten thousand, twenty thousand feet, more or less.

Sean: And were you looking down on all of Florida?

Adrain: Yes. But my body was going higher because I saw much more of the gigantic peninsula.. It could have been a hundred thousand feet, or something like that. I could see the whole thing from one corner to the other. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf.

Sean: Florida was gone?

Adrain: Yes. Not the whole thing, though. I saw little dots of a shoreline with the water moving very violently, around Lake Okala. Thatís where I saw the new shoreline. The wave covers just a little higher. not exactly in the middle. Then, all of a sudden, I feel this rush coming down this way from me, from high to low like this. And I woke up, opened my eyes but now physically in my bed. Jumping, I landed like I was dropped from the ceiling. You know? But, the interesting thing is I was all wet. Like I just took a shower with all my clothes on. That was interesting.

Sean: Salt water?

Adrain: Yes. I was just soaked.

Sean: Did you see when this happened? The incident, in the future?

Adrain: No.

Sean: Any idea as to when? Did you manage to look at a newspaper or anything while you were there?

Adrain: No.

Sean: Did Miami Beach look like it looks now?

Adrain: Yea, yea. It looked normal, not like the Jetsons or something like that.

Sean: But you had this vision when you were 16. That was 25 years ago.

Adrain: Yes. So maybe the time is approaching. I usually never talk about dates because things are changing constantly in the future, so the path that is leading energies back and forth isnít fixed. If I say things and they donít happen people will say I am a liar. I have been in the future several times in the same place at the same time and it has been different every time. I have predicted horrible storms for Florida in 1997 but the Pleiadian forces are trying to change this, just as they changed the four other hurricanes that were coming behind Hurricane Andrew.

Sean: What causes that tidal wave?

Adrain: A meteor that is going to hit the Caribbean.

Sean: But, you donít have any idea as to when?

Adrain: No. And, if I do I wonít say a date here, like I said , just in case things change, I will look bad. It is pretty near. It is somewhere between Ď98 and 2012, I believe, somewhere around there.

Sean: That gives you alot of breathing room.

Adrain: Yeah. [Laughs]

Sean: Have you ever heard anything about Atlantis rising up? Because Iíve seen that in my own visions and meditations that Atlantis starts to rise directly off the coast, which begins to inundate Florida.

Adrain: I thought that could happen, cause I saw something like that, too. Land just rising up, and actually people were moving there to live.

Sean: After Florida goes down into the ocean?

Adrain: Thatís right.

Sean: Did they ever show you any big earthquakes in the future? Los Angeles, San Francisco?

Adrain: Large earthquakes in Florida, which will be very strange, because that has never happened.

Sean: Do you know what area in Florida?

Adrain: The lower area.

Sean: Are these going to be right before the tidal wave?

Adrain: I think so. Letís talk about another experience that I had when we get back to the hotel.

Sean: How many times have you traveled in the future?

Adrain: Solidly, at least three good ones that I can remember.

Sean: Why did the Pleiadians from Taygeta dump Billy Meyer? Stop his contacts.

Adrain: In a way, Billy Meier was an experiment. He represented the whole human race. However he would react, they considered that the whole reaction of the human race.

But, the thing is, that his emotions started manifesting. His ego. The human passions that followed got in the way. The same thing happened to people around him. Thatís even more trouble.... jealousy, fighting... Meierís people saying ĎIím going to be his secretary!í, ĎNo Iím his secretary!í, ĎNo Iím in charge!í All that crap was going on.

Sean: Did it do something to his aura?

Adrain: Of course, this altered his auric field, all that negativity that was brought in, when all of the experiences and all the power was given to him, it brings out all these negativities from the inside to the outside. It penetrates the auric field, and you become very sensitive to negative energies from negative ETs, from negative astral beings, and from government people. This all at the same time, got right on top of him. And so everybody got out of whack. They lost theirlove and harmony.

So, that actually started the interference, with the Pleiadians, it started bothering their minds. Billy developed a negative auric field... like a bad smell... a psychic stench... The Pleiadians are very sensitive to that. Thatís why they donít come around certain people or certain areas.

So, they decided to stop the whole thing, because the negativity was so strong, and the negative influences became so powerful. So, they [Meierís followers] decided to keep the Pleidian Teachings, which were meant for all mankind, for themselves their own little group. They didnít do the right thing of disseminating the information properly world-wide. They never did that. They have to this day not done it still.

So the Pleiadians decided to just leave. He was told by each one of the Pleiadians, in various contacts, and especially by Ptaah, who told him that this was the end, and that the next contacts will come from America. And here you are with me. I am it now.

Sean: Which must have made Meier very angry. Because he hated Americans, right?

Adrain: Yes. Meier was always asking the Pleiadians why it has to be in America for the next contacts. They always told him no because they couldnít tell him the true story, you know? Or whatís happening now with my case, they couldnít tell him. And they never did. But, now he finds of all the details this year for the first time of what is going on.

So that was back around in the early 80ís since Meierís contacts stopped? And how many years has passed since then? Fifteen, sixteen years? Well thatís about the same time they told him they will come again. That more contacts with them would be made public. Some fifteen or twenty years.

Sean: Did Semjase [the name of the female Pleiadian in the Meier case] really have some kind of accident? Because Meier claims she hit her head and was almost killed, and that thatís why the contacts stopped.

Adrain: No, not really. That didnít happen. She is very well. Thereís no problem with her. She is alive and well... no accident.

Sean: You have had two contacts so far with Semjase. One in the physical and one in the astral plane. In fact that was Semjaseís ship in the famous ĎCar Chaseí video you took on the MIAMI CONTACTS video. She has been brought in by the beings from Romel because of her experience with earth contacts and interaction. Are her contacts with you going to start up in earnest, when Billy finally dies?

Adrain: Yes, you can say that. Because, uh, like I said, Semjase is one of the original members of the whole project and if we start just like that, I mean, thatís bad for her own evolution. You know? So, she wonít be satisfied and fully developed soulfully until she has actually finish this out with Billy. She must bring her relationship with Billy to a satisfactory conclusion in order to join my team, which has a whole different energy.

Billy is probably going to die suddenly very soon. This will allow Semjase to deal with the karma she has built up with him once and for all on the astral level. She feels as if she failed with him. She needs to balance that out before she starts again with anyone else.

So, we are all going to work, when that happens, and it is going to get even stronger. And especially when I finish my own training, my own karmic cycle it may come together at the same time. You know those things you never think of, they have a way of attracting each other. And thatís when it really gets stronger. When there is more powerful evidence. And by that time also, things have changed in the karma of the world, and things will be softer so that we can put out more stuff, also in the same time. So a lot of things will be combining.

Sean: What do you say? Do you want to go out somewhere and see a ship?

Adrain: Yeah. I wouldnít mind.

Sean: Want to go tonight? Just me and you and Claudina? Can I bring them down?

Adrain: [Laughs] Yes.

Sean: What do you say Claudina?

Claudina: Yeah!

Adrain: When a serious question is asked, I always say ítheyí are calling the shots. They are in charge. If it is meant to be, theyíll put it in everybodyís mind.

Sean: Have you ever managed to call them, put out a telepathic call, and have them appear?

Adrain: Oh, yes. But it was because it was time, for certain people to see them, to have the experience. It has happened. Milagros was one of the people Iíve done that with along with some of the people that used to be part of my group, here in Miami.

Sometimes its just me and somebody else, and sometimes in groups when they have actually done it, but if they did it, it was because of some very good, strong reason, other wise I donít bother. Even if they wanted to, sometimes, if the ambiance is wrong, or the energies are wrong, I canít do it. They might want to come in, but I canít clear my mind enough to have them come. But apparently everything was perfect in those particular circumstances. For instance, with my girlfriend and some other friends. Everything joins, the energy, the people deserve it and the perfect combination clicks in and they come.

Sean: Have you been inside these bases on the Moon?

Adrain: No.

Sean: How do you know what they look like, and how do you know what the interiors look like?

Adrain: I see it. Iíve seen it on the astral plane.

Sean: They donít show you on the ship what the inside of these bases look like? They donít show you on a monitor or anything?

Adrain: Not that I remember. They have told me things, just in conversations. Like somebody talking to a spy, and telling them a little bit. ĎWe are doing this, and then look at that.í In conversation. And I see it in my mind sometimes. I think I just saw the outside like an airport, and thatís it. I donít remember anything else.

Sean: Have they ever taken you to Mars or the Moon?

Adrain: Yes. Over the planet. Never inside, just over the surface.

Sean: What are the interiors of the Mother Ships like?

Adrain: There are parts that are look like a mall, like a giant play ground, you know? But gigantic. The big ones, look like a park. We have got to go! All of us will go sometime soon.

Sean: Now you said that one of the original compounds where many human mutations and variations were genetically engineered long ago by the Atlantians, was close to here somewhere? Something about a compound in Ocala Florida. Where there was an original genetics laboratory?

Adrain: Earth humans are part of the original experiment.

Sean: When you say ítheyí, who is ítheyí?

Adrain: The renegade Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Old Lyrans, were the groups that were working. The Sirians were working under..... letís call them the Tall Blondes.... they were living in the place. The Sirians were in charge of a lot of the genetic experiments under the rule and tutelage of the Lyrans . Then they got the opportunity to get back at the Tall Blondes. They saw the opportunity when they saw the experiments in the compound. They thought, ĎLet them create the beings, and we are going to control them.í Because there werenít so many people in those days, and they were going to build the slave races, a race they could rule and be lords over later. When they expired, they could actually also be incarnated in those bodies.

It was like a chicken farm. The Sirians said, ĎOK let them build this race, but we will come and ruin the experiment, subtly without anyone knowing.í The scientists in the compound started building the bodies, but they made them stupid and retarded. They were supposed to teach them how to perform their jobs and certain servile tasks.

Then [what it looked like inside, Iíll never forget!] they started teaching man different things. They taught them how to have sex between themselves, and the Lyrans found out and threw everybody out.

Sean: Which everybody?

Adrain: Long ago the Lyrans took over the Sirian Empire. Because the Lyrans had more power the Sirians just had to keep their mouths shut hoping to someday get their revenge. So by screwing up the entire experiment of the Human Race for the Lyrans, this is how the Sirians got their revenge. Because the Lyrans wanted to keep the people in the compound stupid.

Sean: Why did they genetically engineer mankind in the first place?

Adrain: To take over the bodies, as I said. Because one day their bodies arenít going to work any more, the machine is going to run down, so they say, ĎI need a new body to incarnate intoí, and they go their compound and use the íchickensí from there.

Sean: You were going to tell us. You had two other time travel experiences.

Adrain: Yes.

Sean: You told us about the other one the other night, where you were taken and you saw the tidal wave hit Miami Beach. You said you had two other really good ones.

Adrain: Um, which one shall I start? OK....

Sean: You told me about going to Miami and the 15 people on one side.

Adrain: That was the first time. The second experience, I was around the Florida Keys, that area. Apparently the first one, the meteor strike, hadnít happened yet or didnít happen. Cause I was around the Keys. The problem hadnít started there yet this time. It seemed to start in South America, because I was in the Keys looking toward the south, and from over the ocean you could feel this dark stuff coming out, rising, do you call it, ash....?

Sean: Ash rising out of the ocean?

Adrain: From the other side. Coming over the horizon. Then I heard like the sounds of bombs coming from that direction. I said, ĎWhat the heck is that? What could be happening over there thatís so big that could be causing these noises and that thing that looks like smoke or ash rising, from all the way over there, that I canít see any land, only water.í Then..... the floor started moving and I looked down, and I said ĎOh shit!í These are volcanoes or something erupting over there.

I looked up and all of a sudden I see the Sun racing like this across the sky and I say, Ďlook at that, how it is racing.... wait a minute, the Sun doesnít move! It is us! We are the ones that are turning around like that so quickly.í

Suddenly, I saw literally millions of saucers coming down! The thing that caught my attention, is that none of them touched the floor or landed. They just hovered about 20 feet off the ground, and they started beaming people up.

But it was curious. They had a pink light, like you shine from a lantern, and some people were beamed up and some werenít. I said, íThatís curious! I wonder why that is?í Then all of a sudden, in my mind, as I was watching, I was also being told telepathically that yes, those are the on-board computers working in harmony with the vibrations according to the people. They are programmed to be in tune with only the vibrations of certain people. People that are good, with a lot of love. That are cosmic and resonating with the on-board computer. The ship is rigged. It can take up only those people. But, other people, it wonít work. And I say, ĎWell, why is the computer programmed like that?í They say, ĎAh, because in a time of such strong crisis and emotion, maybe the pilot might want to save some people that cannot or should not be saved.í So the computer takes care of that, just beaming some people up and not others. Isnít that interesting?

Sean: You saw this in a dream or you were taken there, to a period in the future? Was it astral travel or a dream that you had?

Adrain: That one, well, it seemed like a dream, but it definitely wasnít. It was real. Iím really there looking at them. There was no symbology or anything weird going on. It was like me sitting here talking to you.

Sean: When did this happen

Adrain: It was like the other one. About fifteen, twenty years ago, approximately the same age that I told you already. It was on the second day. I had one experience and then the second one right after that. Two days consecutive. I was taken the same way as the first time. Beamed out and slammed into the future, just like that. Then I saw the ships taking everybody and then it took off, and I canít remember anything else. It was like an exodus. I do remember people driving up on top of Aruba and the water rising. People on top of the trees, and the terrible heat. I felt awful! I remember being sorry for those people with the water coming towards them, and the terrible feeling I had watching them drown. Thatís the only thing that I can remember.

Sean: Werenít you on the ship when they took you into the future, and then they showed you things in the future on the screen?

Adrain: There was one time like that....

Sean: Also, can you relate your meditation technique? Is it fairly easy?

Adrain: Easy?

Sean: Could you explain it to us?

Adrain: Sure. All you have to do is sit or lie down very comfortable, somewhere where there is no noise, no distractions. Close your eyes, look up to stimulate the third eye, that gland right in the center of the forehead, the pineal gland at the center of the brain. Place your feet are full on the floor, and you focus. The pineal gland is the connection that links your mind to the soul force.

You must go into the meditation with perfect, positive feelings of harmony. It will bring a comfortable, complete feeling of love, peace, joy and happiness.... full of wisdom, full of power, full of freedom. Everything in you realizes all of these things that you are. When you concentrate and focus on this point, with this understanding, you become one with all things for a while. Just do that, for a couple of minutes, until you see something. By that time you start controlling all your thoughts. And when you have your blank screen, at this point then start taking very slow, very deep breaths. Fill yourself with that light and power of all that you know that you are. Imagine that you are breathing the life and light in and out. In through the nostrils, and out through the mouth. Breathe out everything negative that doesnít belong to you.

That helps raise your level in many ways. It not only raises the cosmic level and the ambiance around you, but you go deeper, into yourself. All the time your focus is here, [the center of the forehead] as you take in the breath.

Now, by this time, you are aware that you are calling your own soul to manifest. You have to call your cosmic master teachers, and together you combine the great experience that you have deserved according to your highest cosmic intelligence at that moment.

Whatever it is for you now, thatís what is going to happen. But you must call for these teachers over the course of the meditation otherwise sometimes they donít interfere. Even your own higher soul will not interfere, it doesnít manifest, unless you call for it to do so.

So now that youíve done that, thatís when you start chanting. You begin to chant your Mantra, your personal secret word, that is your own soul vibration sound. You get it through a meditation such as this one, or in the dream state, usually by yourself, before you go to sleep, you just talk to yourself, and you tell yourself that you are going to receive the sound of your own soul. It usually comes in two or three sessions.

Sean: Like Om or Aum?

Adrain: Something like that. The soul will tell you. You will see it in a dream. For instance, you fall asleep, you start dreaming, and they will show up maybe in something that hangs in a frame, like a picture. Once they give it to you, if you donít write it down, you will lose it. While you are doing it you have to kind of hypnotize yourself into remembering the name and the sound. You are going to tell yourself that as soon as you get it, you are going to wake up and write it down. And believe me, itís not the first or second or third week later you are going to receive it. This is very important and it is worth all of the trouble. Because it is a sound that you are going to use for all this lifetime. The sound may even change later on, when your soul goes to another level... but thatís the level that they have to work with. The old name doesnít work any more. Itís very interesting. Thatís how it works. Anyway, you start chanting your name, whatever it is. Letís say itís Om.....

Sean: Is that what you use?

Adrain: Sometimes I use it. But I have my own private name. Everybody has their own private name and you shouldnít say it to anybody else. You say, Ooommmm, carry the last syllable, until you run out of breath. There are people who say Om, like this, ooooooom, and then stop. Thatís all contrary to what you are really trying to do because the vibration is cut. There is no vibration, no force there. It stops.

[Editorís Note: We were looking through some of Adrainís photographs. Hundreds of UFOs, most in flight, many landed on the ground and many taken in the air by Adrain from out the porthole of one craft filming another. There was a íTime Photoí taken of Jesus and four of his disciples. There were photos of dozens of landed craft at the main Pleiadian base in South America. One of the most startling photos showed a full view of a ship hovering about 6 feet off the ground, and a half view of another ship, with his girl-friend Claudina actually climbing up a ladder to get into the craft.

[Also a stunning picture of four craft, one either taking off or landing, the other three, parked on a hill perched atop large archways, with stairs down either side. They were all of a different design, and there was a man under one with what appeared to be some kind of tool, while another man was walking down the hill. Both men had very long legs and, relative to the craft, appeared to be well over 7 feet tall.

[Adrain then related a particularly unusual adventure.]

Adrain: On one occasion I was on the ship and we collected a number of unique people while they were sleeping. People that will be very important in the future. They find these people with the computers on the ships. The have the registration of their current and all their past lifetimes, downloaded from what is sometimes called the Akashic records. We find them through the fingerprints of the auric seal. With the record of their vibrations we can find them anywhere in all time periods. It is very complex. Thatís as far as I can explain.

That day I decided to go through time and get a whole bunch of at least a dozen of my past incarnations, and many other people that would be important. These are sometimes what are called abductions. I got all these people together and I took them to one of the planets. It was like a university. I sat them all down like in a school room and I started giving a class. And itís all me..... along with all kinds of other people. Women, men, kids, whatever. When that finished, I got them in the ship again, and dropped them off back home in their own times. I allowed some of them to remember consciously and some only sub-consciously. So that helped them in their lifetimes, and that helped me in my lifetimes.

Sean: And that helped you as well?

Adrain: Yes. I was having many strong problems in this life, so that allowed me great perspective. Itís just getting a little light to, you know.... you may have a certain lifetime that becomes a teacher with a comfortable grade. It is your job to go and look for your lifetimes either through meditation, or dream states, or physical means and give them a hand. And thatís what I did.

Sean: That is what my Tibetan teachers taught me when I lived in the monastery in Nepal. I have found that sometimes we get great advice, and see what we think are guardian angels, only to discover that it is actually ourselves, coming back to help from the future.

Adrain: Yes, exactly! I can see you are very powerful at traveling through time. You are like me, you slip back and forth between lives in the time stream. It sometime gets very confusing.

Sean: Tell me about it!

[Editorís Note: Later on, back at the hotel, we gathered together to talk business about the upcoming TV special and to have Adrain lead us in a meditation. In the group were Larry Germain, my co-executive producer on the TV show, and friend since college, Randy and Armanda Winters and Milagros, an older Cuban woman with great psychic power, insight and ability. She has seen the ships many times, but has never gone on the craft.

[Adrain starts off leading the meditation.}

Adrain: Focus 1 inch, above the eyebrow and concentrate towards the back in the middle of the brain. Towards the pineal organ, the seat of the soul. Concentrate on your life force, your soul, who you really are. With a conscious deep understanding of who you really are, as are all powerful, all wise, all free. You are the eternal life force. You are God that has been created in principal on life force, of the universal creation. You are all perfect, positive, harmony, freeing you, comfortable, full of love, peace, joy and happiness. You are a complete soul. Letís meditate on life.

Knowing that you always were this life force and you always will be. In the greatest characteristics of the soul that was deep and beautiful and this is where we are going to go, this is where we always see that quietness, that stillness, that inner peace of silence. Keep concentrating on your third eye.

Now at your own discretion, call out for your soul to manifest and together call out for your inner master teachers that they may come and join as one with your soul as they may determine that this experience that it is for you at this time according to your highest cosmic intelligence in the now. Saying the AUM chant for at least a dozen times and then we will remain in the silence and there we will receive.

We shall do the ohm in a rolling way, without stopping. When I stop, all of you will stop also. Keep the concentration on the third eye all through the meditation. It is the understanding of who you are when whatever you think manifests. And if we are thinking on our souls, they shall manifest. And all its characteristics and everything Ooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmm, oooooohhhhmmmm.

[Ed. Note: After we come out of the meditation, Milagros has a number of psychic insights.]

Milagros: (Speaking in Spanish)

Adrain: She says, we all knew each other in that era when the Knights of Templar went to war. We were all Knights crusading for the truth. Sean and Larry especially.

Milagros: And thatís why I feel like I know him [Sean] myself.

Adrain: You two have to compete. [Sean and Larry] ĎMy horse is prettier.í But, it is just fooling around. You [Sean] had a white horse. You [Larry] had one with spots. So, we can fool around with each other. It is a true gift your [Sean & Larryís] sense of humor. We are all reuniting again. That is interesting.

Milagros: My brother [her guide] is coming from the center of the universe. I tried to bring the diamonds of light down on him. It will be all unified in one mind. That it is, in my mind, what I want him to be. The energy of it needs to be more focused, in the room, and it works like that. I donít know why they say that. There is too much discord all around us....

Adrain: Thatís because we are in a hotel room, with people staying all around us.

Milagros: Iíve got this feeling. Something that is like what I heard. Sometimes I hear from my left ear a sharp tone, like a bell. This is already in process. This show you are doing, the message is very important: that everybody is doing the wrong thing and that they need to change. It is going to be a good product to give to these people. But, you have to be very careful, who writes it.... thereís going to be one person, thatís going to be very sensitive to the writing to whatever the subject is. It is like it is very important to recheck and be attentive to whatever is written for the notes and the script. Not too ET or too religious, but very straight forward. So what the Guides were telling me, ďPut on TV what you have seen and heard!Ē

Adrain: Itís always people shouting saying things, and then somebody comes and says it is not correct. Itís always a panel and that kind of junk. No! Thatís not the kind of thing we need to do. ĎYou are the master, take it or leave it!í That kind of presentation.

Milagros: Itís gonna come out, and itís gonna come out good. And everybodyís gonna earn a lot of money. For you, [Sean] I see you working a lot. Whew! So much work. Many people working under you in movies and TV, being the big boss. [To Larry] Do you have a girl-friend, right now? Is she pregnant? I see a little baby, take care, cause every time I see that it happens.

Adrain: She never fails, man. Now we are gonna really have to smoke some cigars, No?

Larry: [Shocked.] We actually were trying this weekend.

Milagros: OK. Keep on it. If you want a baby, it will come.

Adrain: Oh boy, look at that. Thatís pretty clear.

Sean: From November 23rd to December 28th there is going to be a door, thatís gonna open. Thatís when the vibrations are going to begin to change, and thatís when things need to be realigned. Those dates are very important this year.

Adrain: I agree!

Sean: It will occur right after Thanksgiving till December 28th.

Larry: We have to be done soon to be aired by then.

Sean: We could even air it Thanksgiving weekend. If we can air it between November 23rd to December 28th it will be amazing. But that door is opening from now: Ď96 through 2003. And whoever doesnít get in to that door, is going to be left behind.

Another thing, too. I keep getting these two women dancing around in my head, now. There is a blonde one and a brunette. During the meditation a window opened. The two women were teasing, pushing each other aside saying, ďLet me see! No! Let me see!Ē The blonde was dressed in what looked like a goldish burnt orange tight body suit, with what looked like a gold ring around the neck. She went and changed her suit, and she came back wearing something white that was sort of big shouldered. It came diagonally across the breast, like a uniform, it buttoned here. She was now wearing the same outfit as the brunette.

The screen widened and I could see both of them full view, standing inside a ship. The blonde turned and said ĎIt is time!í, and she pressed what looked like a diamond on a control panel that looks like a switch. She touched the diamond and it lit up. Then I saw the under belly of a ship, but the ship opened and it became very, very black. Like a camera lens. Then there was like a tornado, like a whirlwind, and it sucked all of us up into it, and the bottom part of the ship looked like an eye.

The blonde was named Muka. The brunette seemed to be named Ish Tiara or Ick Tiara. Sheís not the same as the blonde. They are similar, but she comes from another race, like she was brought in just to deal with me.....

A portrait of Muka, one of the Pleiadian women that Sean saw in his vision

during his rather uncomfortable "Uplink Experience" drawn by the Lady Junis.

Adrian says it is an 'Amazingly accurate' drawing of the woman

who has become his main contact through the years.

Adrain: Beautiful!! This is great confirmation!

Sean: Wait! [Looking up] I can see the window again, with the two women.....

Adrain: Thatís probably right outside, they are looking in at you through the monitor. [He gets up and looks through the curtains out the window.]

Sean: Letís hope.

Adrain: Thatís a good confirmation.

Sean: Long blonde hair. What do you think?

Adrain: She has beautiful eyes? Cat eyes?

Sean: Yes! Iím also getting the same feeling, too, that I had for three days after that lunch that we had at Acapulcoís. You know, up in Burbank, that day. When we first seriously started to sit down and talk to Randy about your contacts and bringing out your case....

Larry: You told me about that.....

Sean: [Looking up. Suddenly yelling.] WHAT! What do you want? WHAT!

Owww! Iím getting that feeling right now! Right now it feels like my whole brain is being downloaded from right here. It feels like my whole head is being sucked up! Images and flashes and childhood memories, and past lives.... future stuff...... [Yelling.] ARRRGH! QUIT IT!! STOP IT!

Milagros: [Translated from Spanish] Heís too sensitive!! Theyíre going to put the ĎHatí on him! Mother help him!

[Editorís Note: I could clearly see these two women in front of some kind of control panel. They went from guileless and child-like, to cold and clinical, like doctors performing an operation. They pressed another diamond button and this time Ick Tiara said, ĎIt is time!í

[I saw a clear, brilliant tube come through the curtained window of the hotel room, and it attached itself with the impact of a bullet to my forehead! I then felt something else attach to the base of my skull! The whole left side of my body went limp and numb, like I was having a heart attack. I began to quiver and shake violently.]

Larry: [Panicked] Are you alright? [Looking in Seanís face] Oh my God! His left eye has gone milky white! And... and.... thereís a white light coming out the back of his head. [Larry puts his hand on the back of Seanís head.] Maybe we should call a doctor..... This is really freaky!

[Milagros got on the bed behind me sitting in the chair, while Adrain stood in front of me. They were both trying to work the energy coming into the room, but I donít think either of them knew anymore than I did what was happening!

[Suddenly, I screamed as it felt like two red hot daggers were plunged into both my eyes, and my body continued to badly spasm. I felt sick to my stomach as the bile worked its way up my throat.

[Then, a tangible, physical pressure began to be applied to my skull. It felt as if a circular vise grip had encircled my cranium, and someone was twisting it tighter and tighter. Like someone trying to crush an egg in their fist. The pressure on my head was excruciating.

[It felt as though my entire existence was being downloaded and dumped into some huge data base. I have spent much of my life collecting information and now that information was being forcibly sucked out of me all at once!

[The past, present and future began to run together simultaneously! Being turned to liquid and poured into the sparkling stream of time. It was beautiful and terrifying all at once!!

[Brilliant flashes of my past and future lives, earth history, gleaming cities, great battles, massive destruction, earthquakes, hurricanes, clashing knights, glistening swords, magic stones, crashing meteors, beams of light in space, other planets, priests and prophets, angels and demons, thousands of creatures and beings, Good, Great and Noble... evil, craven and perverse... whole galaxies and universes within universes. All of God was within me, and all of the Multi-verses were within Him, and he was not stretched or cramped in either place. I know every-thing and nothing all at once!

[ALLISONEALLISONEALLISONE..... but all of it was being pulled out. I felt traumas, conflicts, pain, betrayal and loneliness pour out of me, but also being strangely healed, as my left side continued to go tingly and numb with paralysis.

[Milagros and Adrain worked frantically trying to regulate the energy coming in and out of me. I began to sob from the pain and overwhelming nature of what was happening.

[Suddenly, I saw the kind, benevolent, loving, concerned face of my mentor and teacher Master Rinpoche, the High Lama from Tíang Boyche, the monastery I had lived and studied at for those long months in Nepal. His shaven bald head, flat oriental features and burnt tanned leather skin, like crinkled ancient parchment, softly drifted into focus. Like a face breaking the surface of a gently babbling stream.

[He looked at me closely, tilting his head as he scrutinized me in my agony.

[Then I saw him on the bridge of the ship, surrounded by a soft reddish golden glow. He stood behind the two women at the console with his hands clasped together.

[He waited there for what seemed like an eternity, looking calmly but inquisitively over the womenís shoulderís at what they were doing.

[ďMAKE.... THEM.... S-S-STOPPP!Ē I screamed.

[Master Rinpoche raised his right hand with the index and middle digits pointing upward, and the other fingers hanging limply, in a casual gesture but one of immense power.

[The two women turned, somewhat startled, but then bowed differentially.

[ďPlease. That is enough.Ē he said.

[The women nodded, pressed a sequence of switches, and the image in my mind vanished.

[My breathing slowed. My heart began to pound more regularly. I had lost all feeling in my left side. I staggered into the bathroom and vomited my guts out.

[As I sat on the floor, wiping my face, the cool kiss of the porcelain bath-tub against my back, Milagros knocked softly and came in.]

Milagros: Are you Ok?

Sean: Yeah, yeah...Iíll be fine....

Milagros: Oh, man. They did you good! They put the ĎHatí on you! I hate that ĎHatí! Thatís why I go with Adrain to see the ships for many years, but I will never go on them....

Sean: Why not?

Milagros: [Laughs] Oh no! You should ask? And wind up like you? Madre! They are not coming anywhere near me with that ĎHatí thing! No Gracias!

[I staggered back into the room, getting some feeling back in my left side, but feeling empty and drained.]

Adrain: [Smiling] They are activating you! You are going to get closer to the ETs my friend, much closer than you ever imagined! Closer than ever before! They are going to start giving you things that are incredible! People will start opening up to you. Amazing things are going to start to happen. So get ready my friend! You are in for the ride of your life!


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