by Sean David Morton
May 8, 1996

extracted from Delphi Associates Newsletter, Volume III, Issue No. 30 - May 1996

from DelphiAssociates Website


EDITORíS NOTE: When Adrain arrived for the interview, he had lost his contact notes.


They had either been misplaced or stolen, and this greatly perturbed him. From what I have read of his writings, he is very eloquent and profound. This interview, and the transcription of it, will help him greatly in the future because of the loss of these notes.

He speaks English with a heavy Spanish accent, and some of this transcript may be hard to understand because of his unique manner of speaking and inflection.


I have tried to clean it up where I can, and once you get into the rhythm of the piece you should have no problems.


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Part 1

May 8, 1996

A type 3 variation beamship taken by Adrain in 1994 on the golf course adjacent to his condo in Miami. It is capable of both interstellar flight and time travel. The Pleiadian's open their invisibility screens just enough to be photographed and remain cloaked to all other observers. It is starttling that these are the same ships filmed by Billy Meier in Switzerland 20 years ago.

Sean: So, with the loss of your contact notes, you are probably going to have to pretty much start all over from the beginning today.....

Adrain: Yes, I suppose I should.

Sean: Because the things that we are going over are very important, they have every thing to do with what is happening on our little earth. Tell me about the pendant you are wearing. [The pendant appears to be a large yellow faceted sapphire about the size of a small egg.]

Adrain: What do you think of it, eh?

Sean: I think it is beautiful. It looks like a yellow sapphire.

Adrain: Actually itís a citren. Itís a thing I wanted but I didnít know exactly how it would come about. I needed a jewel that would perform certain functions. [Laughs] Looks like you have one too! [He points at the medallion around my neck.]

Sean: Itís called a nuclear receptor....

Adrain: Thatís interesting. That comes from Fred Bell, yes?


Sean: Yes. Dr. Fred Bell. He sends his regards by the way. He is also a UFO contactee.

Adrain: [Holding up his pendant] I wanted something that I could work with for certain reasons, certain personal things, and so I just sent out the thought. Then the Pleiadians came in and said they were going to give me something. In this case it was from someone else. A friend of mine called and said, ďI have this beautiful thing for you!Ē When I saw it I freaked out! Because it was exactly what I wanted, the shape and every-thing. So they used her as a mediator, you know?

Sean: Does it have any particularly unique powers of abilities, or is it just nice?

Adrain: It seems just nice, but itís used to reflect back negativity. Anything as far as thoughts from people or actions or whatever, it will be reflected right back at them.

Sean: So you were born originally in Cuba?

Adrain: Havana, Cuba, yes.

Sean: Whenís your birthday?

Adrain: This one... this body.... was born 11/19/1955.

Sean: And in 1965 you came here to Miami?

Adrain: Well, the boy came here in 1960 and in 1965 was when the approach and the soul transfer occurred. Letís talk about that a little bit.

The boyís physical body was very poor. He was partially mentally retarded and in very bad physical condition. He [I] was throwing a ball in the air when he [I] saw a V-shaped phalanx of ships coming across the sky. The lead ship began to glow very brightly and descend. He [I] thought it was a plane crashing so the boy ran towards his bike, and before he could make it, he was taken up in the ship. Inside the craft was when the boy first saw Adrain.

He is from a planet called Romel in the Koran star system, some 950 years in our linear future. The boy was placed in a glass cylinder and his soul essence was removed and healed, where it was incarnated in a much more positive environment. Then Adrain laid down in a second glass cylinder. There was a device that looked like a large white box, like a refrigerator, placed horizontally, with glowing tubes coming out of the glass cylinder into and out of the white box. Adrain transferred maybe 10 or 20% of his mind and soul into this body, so that he could exist simultaneously in the future and in this Earth time-line. Like an archeologist or anthropologist that has found a way to travel in time and not disrupt the structure of the time he is studying.

When I got up out of the glass cylinder on the ship, and I saw this huge blonde being, it was like looking in a mirror. Like looking back at myself.

Sean: So you are saying that you are not simply a ĎContacteeí, a human being in contact with extraterrestials, but that you are, in fact, one of them?

Adrain: [Smiles] When I came in, I came in full consciousness. During the process of days I started losing my original memory, except the most important thing: Who I was. That was never lost. I retain only certain memories. Now, Iím sort of trying to recuperate. I sort of went down for a long time and now Iím on my way back up. Little by little. In other words, Iíve been left with about 5% of the whole consciousness. Everything else is in the other one [the ET]. So I am very human now, you know?

When I came in, I took over all the mentally retarded boyís debts, his karma. That was part of the deal in the astral plane, so that he could progress very quickly in his new incarnation. When I had fixed his karma to a comfortable degree, then I left his family. Iíll never forget it. The Pleiadians came into my room one day and said they had orders from the Pleiadian High Council. ď

Youíve got to leave as soon as possible. Everything is arranged for you, because the vibrations here in the home are interfering with our contacts.Ē

I was a little surprised in a way, but I was expecting it. The Pleiadians said,

"Donít worry, everything is fine. Everything will be O.K. We have contacts, and weíve made arrangements, donít worry about any-thing. Just pack up, and weíll take care of everything.Ē

Sean: How old were you when this happened?

Adrain: Umm... around 16 or 17, I think.

Sean: Where were you? Was this in the United States? In Miami? Where did you move to when you were 16?

Adrain: Thatís a curious thing. I did what they told me, packed everything. Then I get a call from a friend of mine, saying to meet these guys who just came from Japan, a martial artist, staying for a while in Miami. Oh, I said, ĎMan, thatís for meí, I love martial arts! Then I went to see them, and we became friends, and evidently they saw something, maybe not strange, but different in me, and they asked me if I wanted to join them, and become part of the group, and I said, ĎOh this is the connection for me!í So I went to live with these people, and I became a black belt and got involved with the Buddhist philosophy.

Sean: Did they have an Ashram, like a Dojo, here in Miami?

Adrain: Yes, here in Miami. They had a shrine in their house. So, I lived with them for months. I went to live with a friend that I met there with them for about a year. After that I got a job. Then I lived on my own and finally I got my own apartment. But I stayed in close contact with all of them, training for my Black Belt.

Sean: So you started out being very independent, very young.

Adrain: Very young. ĎTheyí started kicking me, really early, to make me mature at a very accelerated rate at many levels, and told me not to depend on anyone and not to trust many people.

Sean: Do you ever see your mother and father here much?

Adrain: No, theyíre dead, physically, now.

Sean: Oh. Iím sorry.

Adrain: They were pretty old. At that time, with that family. I have a half brother in New York, and thatís about it. I donít have any more family.

Sean: What happened to the physical soul of the... Iím not sure what his original name was, but the original soul of the other body. The small boy you once were.

Adrain: They told me they took him to South America to reincarnate, in a family, which was very interestingly, a family with money, and they are into metaphysical things. So, he is much better off. The deal was pretty good for him. Good for him, for us, for everybody. Because he was not going to make it. He was dying, and emotionally he wasnít well with that fanatically religious family. They were driving him crazy, you know.

I was going crazy there, too. There were times I would come from school, and Iíd see priests and psychiatrists in the house, because they thought that the devil was in me. Thatís what they were saying.

Sean: Is that why?

Adrain: Yeah, because I would fool around with these people. Tell them the future, tell them sometimes what they were dreaming, and this bothered them. Iíd see what they would do. I spoke to these people like they were an experiment in the house, you know. Not in a malicious way, you know? I just wanted to see some reaction, to learn myself, and how they would take things, you know. I would play around like that, but, what really did it, was within three weeks of my coming into his body, I left the Church, thatís what really did it. Then the harassment and abuse got really very strong.

Sean: You left the Catholic Church? When you were 10, and you told your parents you didnít want to go anymore?

Adrain: Yup! Thatís it. Just like that.

Sean: When was your first physical contact? When was the first time that you actually rode on a ship, do you remember it? Physically, after you got your new body.

Adrain: Hmmm... Iíve got to think back. Because there were times it was done physically and there were times it was done astrally, and sometimes that is very similar to the physical. I think the next time was right away, immediately, and this was in a matter of days, in the same park. And then I remember once, outside the Orange Bowl.... I would come with my bike, and with my footballs, and just started kicking, and stayed till very late at night.

Sean: So you were out playing football, and they came down and got you?

Adrain: Thatís how it would happen for the contact.

Sean: Outside the Orange Bowl? Was it outside, or actually in the Orange Bowl?

Adrain: No, no. In the parking lot, on the grass field, they have a big thing there. It is changed today from when the original abduction took place. Before it was bigger. And thatís how they would do it, you know? My little bike, a bag of footballs. I was pretty good at kicking footballs. I was a kicker for Miami High and I was aiming to become a Pro, and even once, some people from the New England Patriots, back then they were the Boston Patriots. They came right up to the field, and they told me, ĎYou are a good field goal kicker. You can play for us.í

So I started preparing everything to go. Something told me to drop it, because that would have taken me in another direction in my life, so, I turned them down. But, today, I still have the little part of me that asks Ďhow could it have been?í I could have played pro football, can you imagine?

Sean: Well, we have better things planned for you, believe me. And, so do the Pleiadians, I guess. Did they ever give you a reason, as to why particularly they chose the body that you are in now? As to why they chose you at that time?

Adrain: Because one of the things they told me was that they knew the people in the family, a lot of the family members of this body. And all the incarnations. They have had conflict with the same people that live in that family of the little boy. Not only that, but there were things there from the past, dangling, that had to be conquered and resolved. But on top of everything else, on many levels, that was proper, for me to get excellent experience. Which I did. It was an excellent school. It was hard, it almost destroyed me many times. Thatís the whole thing. It was very good. It matured me. It helped me in many ways, on many levels. So many things like that were considered. The learning processes, the karmic process... it was all so carefully planned. Thatís why. Thatís the main reason.

So, I met a lot of people that were not for me. But also I had things to accomplish with them and to learn. So, until today I am still learning just a little bit more until I leave this area. Iím going to go at any moment, Iím not sure.

They donít tell me everything. You know how it works. They donít like to interfere. They might alter things. I guess I needed the energy here. They are always saying, ĎYou become a teacher in this area, so negative and so adverse, boy, you can feel satisfiedí, do you know what I mean? You can become a good teacher. Thatís whatís happening to me. I want to do something else better now.

Sean: When do you feel you absolutely have to be out of Miami?

Adrain: I think absolutely, before three years. Because there are things that can happen before. But since I know that things can be changed, I always try to say that things can be either altered or pushed away.

Sean: Negative things?

Adrain: Things that have to do with geological disturbance and stuff like that. And Iím not always thinking about that. And I donít care too much. I always think that if itís not for you, itís not for you. You will be at the right place at the right time. You donít have to be thinking of getting money to buy property in North Carolina, or afraid of this or afraid of that. I donít believe in that. I donít think in that way, anyway. You could be in the most dangerous places and the ship will come down right in an instant and take you and thatís it.

Sean: Exactly what do they want?

Adrain: They want stability right now. I know that for some it doesnít make any sense, it may even hurt them, but again, they say " have faith!", they are in control, and there is nothing to worry about. Some people, they see me as a little shaky, they think that maybe Iím a little crazy, that Iím a liar.


Maybe my case could be fake. It is for our convenience. Thatís how I can proceed and work real good and then when the time comes, weíll launch a plan of concrete evidence, and then suddenly everybody will be exposed from behind their mask. Thatís what weíre doing now. You just have to trust me. We are out to expose everybody that doesnít belong. Those people are going to stay behind, and whoever wants to come back later, we will not let them. So, I think thatís what we are going to do.


We are going to work with what we have, and Iíll give you a little bit once in a while in the form of photos and video.

Adrain took this photo of a type 2 variation craft in flight several thousand feet in the air through the 'window' of another beamship that he was riding on. Notice the high clouds in the background. These photos have been thoroughly analyzed by photo/computer expert Don Selwin of Imaging Services, a NASA contractor, and found to be completely authentic.

Sean: With the video tape ďTHE MIAMI CONTACTSĒ, and Randy Winters book ďTHE PLEIADIAN MISSIONĒ, and the network TV special I have planned, many people will be talking about your case and everybody will come along with their strong opinion one way or the other.

Adrain: Because there will come a time that the powerful, straight hard core, undeniable evidence, will be brought to light. But these people, they will not be able to be a part of my project. They are going to want it, but they will not be allowed, donít let them in, donít talk to them. They had their chance.


They could have said ĎWell, maybe, this is a little strange, but letís give the guy a chanceí, you know, and that shows they have a heart and they want to know the truth as people. At least it will not eliminate them very quickly. Those are the ones we want to find out where they are. But the others, the disbelievers, theyíre not getting anything in the future, on any level. So Iím finding out already who to trust and who not to.

Sean: Was there a connection between the ETs and Nazi Germany?

Adrain: Yes. Through the Thule and Vril Secret Societies. The ETs they originally made contact with were very negative. But even those ETs, because of certain reasons, they, too, are also changing. They are getting Higher. I will see what happens and how they behave when the.... thing hits the fan.... how do you say?


All of them as a group together, the original people that were part of that scenario in WW II, we will see how much they have really changed. I know at least these Germans have changed a great deal. Now the ETs, I think they still have a little bit more to go, but they are changing. Their leader, this Ashtar Sheran.....

Sean: Whatís the leaderís name?

Adrain: Ashtar Sheran. He is also called Aruseak, which is his real name.

Sean: Yes?

Adrain: He gave them [the Germans] the technology, and he helped all of them, along with Hitler, get away. That has nothing to do with the fact that the Nine Families had this technology even before all this. Hitler got his technology around the 30ís. These people that were in control of Hitler and in control of the Nazi party, The Thule Society, the real bastards, all this stuff, the whole thing.... The Nine Families had all this technology long before it was given to Hitler and the Germans... since the 1800s. The Nine Families started very strong contacts with the evil ETs hundreds of years ago and they helped them with the building of all this advanced stuff.

Sean: Youíre saying Ashtar was the one that helped Hitler get away?

Adrain: Yes. He has done some very bad things. But, he may at some time in the future change... we will see. He is a Pleiadian Renegade, this Ashtar.

Sean: Is that so?

Adrain: He is an old Pleiadian Renegade.

Sean: Why would the Nine Families choose the Germans to begin the release of this technology? Or to develop this technology?

Adrain: Because the Germans, they chose them as their Police. Because the Germans are the closest thing genetically to the Nine Familyís forefathers. They have alien genetics from these ETs. They are Old Lyrans and Pleiadians. The old war-like Lyrans and Pleiadians who raped and pillaged across the galaxy millions of years ago. Thatís why during the war they.... Hmm..... give me time so I can explain something. You guys know already, more or less, but people should know.

The wars, like all wars, are always controlled by the Nine Families ever since who knows when. Generation from generation. Just to make money, create mass genocide to control the populace and to take over land. They always control everybody thatís involved. They have reunions of these Insider people and they say, ĎWell, now tomorrow it is your turn to bring your troops and destroy all his troops.í It is like fake wrestling. They get together and create a fake scenario, and everybody gets a piece of pie, and thatís whatís been happening for thousands of years.

They chose the SS and all these people, the Germans, who actually have become the police, for the time being, while they were doing all these things, and World War II and before, and in the future also, because actually they were also the ones that created the CIA.... the Germans did. The Germans are all of the high instructors of the CIA installations, wherever they are. All the teachers are German till this day. There is no contract saying that that is the way itís supposed to be, but it is just the law, and thatís the way it is. They are all in control.

Sean: Do you remember the names? You mentioned the Nine Families a couple of times. Do you remember the names of the nine families?

Adrain: Yes, I know, but, I would not like to say.

Sean: Are the Rothschilds the leaders? Are the Hapsburgs involved?

Adrain: [Smiles cryptically.]

Sean: How about the Royal families?

Adrain: You are not going to put this out are you?

Sean: We want to know just for ourselves. I wonít put anything out there unless you say that itís all right.

Adrain: No. You can say whatís going on. But, leave the names out. Because thatís negative Karma, and we donít want to damage anybody, either. Weíve got to remember, they are also us, and they have a right to do what theyíre doing, just like we have a right to do what we are doing. But we are not going to injure anybody either, even though we know what they are doing, it is OK. But thatís all part of the Plan. And the other people that you know, those commissions. What is it? The Trilateral and the CFR, they are just people getting used.

Sean: Are all of the nine families represented in the Bilderberger meetings?

Adrain: Yes, they are in charge of all these people. All these groups... the Bilderbergers that you mentioned. What was another one that you said?

Sean: The Council on Foreign Relations.

Adrain: I have a friend that used to be a chef for these people when they got together. With a very high Clearance in the Luftwaffe. You know? He was a German. He said every-body was there in a NATO meeting, in the time when Nixon was the president. My friend is in the corner fixing the food, and then he hears Nixon start talking about something that my friend doesnít remember, and demanding some things.

But in the middle of the room, where Nixon was sitting, at a long table, there were three guys. Very young, good looking, dressed very nice. And all through the reunion they were very quiet and weird. They didnít talk once to anybody. When Nixon started talking, the guy in the middle started yelling at Nixon saying, ďYou are stupid! You keep your mouth shut!Ē My friend, when he saw and heard that, he was freaking out.

He said that Nixon actually physically hung his head down and wouldnít look the man in the eye. Nixonís face turned red and he started trembling, like a child being scolded. Now, who was the guy in the middle? And the other two next to him? They were no more than 30 years old, yelling at the President of the United States!

Sean: I wonder if Watergate happened after that?

Adrain: I know! [Laughs] And after that came Watergate.

Sean: Do these Nine Families have access to the bases on the moon?

Adrain: They are the ones that have had this advanced super technology since the 1800ís, I believe. Who knows before that, I donít know. A loooong time. The thing that happened to the Nazis was giving them some part of the technology that they allowed them to have. Itís like they were giving it to The Police for when the war was over. Iím going to get to that later. You will see how Iím going to connect it. If I donít, remind me.

Sean: Itís all right.

Adrain: They knew that after the war everybody involved was not going to destroy everything. The Consciousness was totally all about just making money. So they needed Nazis to go and construct the CIA, who actually take care of these people, the former Nazi war criminals, when they go all around internationally, to establish themselves. Thatís what the CIA originally was set up for.

Sean: As their own private police force?

Adrain: Yes! And thatís exactly what it is to this day. To this day! But, the Nine Families have technology from those secret scientists that no one will ever know about. All the scientists that are German, and the ones that came after World War II... they are the ones on the moon. They are the ones on Mars. Theyíve been there ever since the 40s. In the 40s they brought some French and some Japanese, too. Hundreds of thousands of people are up there. Hundreds of thousands of people all living under-ground. They literally have made it like an earth. They have lakes, they have trees, theyíve got everything. They can survive forever, they donít need anything. I have seen all this when I travel there on the astral plane.

Sean: Underground on Mars?

Adrain: And on the Moon, both.

Sean: Were there any indigenous people on Mars that protested when they went up there? Was there anybody left on Mars?

Adrain: No. But in another dimension, yes. But not physically in how we see it. It is all deserted.

Sean: On the Moon, the huge tower that the NASA scientist Richard Hoaglandís talking about. Tell me what that is. (click image right)

Adrain: Itís like an airport, like the thing over at the Miami airport, a control tower.

Sean: Richard Hoagland says it is 20 miles high and is made out of glass? Itís a communications tower for an airport?

Adrain: Yes. But that has to do with the Old Wars with Malona, from long ago, hundreds of thousands of years back. I donít think they are using it now for anything. They have probably tried to activate it but I donít know if they have been successful. It is just like many of the things I have seen on Mars. The towers, pyramids and monuments and all.

[Ed. Note: Malona is the name the Pleiadians gave to the 5th planet in our Solar System which blew itself to smithereens in a great war over 200,000 years ago. What remains of Malona is now the Asteroid Belt.]

Sean: Have you been up close to those and seen them at all?

Adrain: In the Astral plane. Many years ago I saw all of the power. Like a giant speedway, what do you call it? Like a runway. It looked deserted. But most of this is under-ground.

Sean: So what do these Nine Families have planned for us and the rest of the world in the next few years? First off: How do you know the plan, and how do you know what they have planned?

Adrain: [Laughs] Man, thatís a heavy question! One, because I was part of it once. In another incarnation I was one of these people.

Sean: One of the Nine Families?

Adrain: Part of it. Not directly. One of the officers.

Sean: How long ago?

Adrain: In the 1930ís. Donít get confused. Donít worry. Because we can go and have millions of lifetimes, in between the lives we have here on earth, with things like that in my memory of what Iíve seen.

Sean: What are their plans? You spoke earlier about three things.

Adrain: The first thing is to create a mass genocide. Because they are under orders from the powers of the ĎOlder Onesí, The Old Renegade Lyrans from Atlantis and their descendents. These guys were the great Overlords called the YHWH.

Sean: What are they called?

Adrain: The YHWH, [Ich Whick] which is a title meaning íSupreme Leaderí or íWisdom Kingí.

Sean: Ish wish?

Adrain: The correct pronunciation of it is ICH Whick. Some people say Yahweh or Jehovah, but Ich Whick is the correct pronunciation because the power is created when you say it correctly. It is very powerful. It comes from the original Lyran which comes from a language that was created by the life force. It brings out powers. Like singing it, you know? The Hebrews used this name, but were never allowed to ever pronounce it!

They have orders from the Old Overlords to create a mass genocide. Because from that clean up, they are supposed to create a new race, stronger people, from the human beings that are left, so that they can actually reincarnate with their servants and officers. They are coming back! Jehovah the Terrible is one of them!


Because they cannot escape the vibration of the earth. They didnít belong here originally. They died here and so they are stuck here. They cannot incarnate because they will explode a regular human body. The vibration here that is pulling them, they canít escape. Naturally, this is a big problem for them. But, they are the ones behind all the trouble you have seen in the history of the world.

These Overlords are stuck in the Astral world and cannot progress any further. They want to come back here into this dimensional plane. These are the families of the aliens that were actually responsible for the destruction of Atlantis. They are still here. They want to create a whole global genocide, to re-create a super race. That is the whole mystery behind everything that is going on.

Then they want to leave some percentage of sub-humans, to use as a slave race that is human but also part robo-toid. Using their technology to make them easier to control, such as implants.

Sean: This Ďslave raceí is probably going to be us!

Adrain: It is incredible what they have planned! These people donít know which race they are going to use as the Ďservantsí yet. Probably everybody who is left over.

They are scheming so many things. They are planning another war. Like they planned all of the others. They actually not only make money and help each other but they are looking at killing a fantastic amount of people they have a problem with. So they are doing that. They have all these designer drugs. The designer viruses. The microwaves. All of the technology. You think that you know about most of it, but you canít even dream of what they have! They want complete Genocide and a remodeling of the earth human species.

They are attempting constantly to accelerate the spin of the Earth with atomic blasts to switch the poles, cause thatís a convenient way to eliminate a lot of people, and sort out all the trash or ísub-humansí, as they call all of you. Down here everything is cleared so that they can come back. Thatís one reason they are establishing an entire civilization on the Moon and Mars. So, that they can leave it all behind, and then come back and make everything new.

Sean: Who is going to stop them? What do you think will happen?

Adrain: They are going to kill themselves off in the end. Because of the vibration of the New Era. The New Zodiac energy fields of Aquarius.

Another incredible photo taken 'ship to ship' by Adrain, from out the 'window' of another craft in flight.

Notice not only the height from which this photo is taken,

but the actual mist of the clouds wrapping around the fuselage.

Sean: The Ascension Frequency?

Adrain: Yes! That is an excellent name for it! They wonít be able to go against us. That energy works in a very interesting way, because it is amplifying and combining all the energies we have but consciously and on purpose. It also comes from the Collective Consciousness... from Beings from the center of the galaxy and the center of the Universe. Mostly from our galaxy. This energy is activating our DNA on purpose at the start of the Aquarian age, and it is hitting everybody in a serious way as a natural power boost.


The people that are unbalanced, will become more unbalanced, and the people who are metaphysical, will become even more metaphysical. More good beautiful hearts and more love. So it amplifies whatever is in you. These guys that we are talking about, they chose as a learning procedure for their own souls to be very unbalanced. So, this energy is going to kill them. They are going to kill themselves off. They are going to go crazy totally, or explode or just die. I mean, thatís it. They canít and they wonít be able to hold the energy. They cannot run from this one!

Sean: Is that what Project HAARP [High Altitude Aural Research Project] is about and all of the electro-magnetic frequency bombardment and all the pollution? They are trying to actually destroy the evolving DNA of the human race?

Adrain: Well, yes, they are doing that because they know that people are becoming very dangerous. They are finding out what has been going on all this time, and it is now or never. So, they are very nervous, and very afraid. Thatís why they are microwaving us and destroying the quality of our food. They want to do something now. They are against the wall. They know about the energy of the Ascension and the Zodiac. They know all about the energy of the Collective Consciousness. They know the people are changing and they know something can happen, and that the Alliance will come to interfere. They are not going to, but, thatís why they have the moon bases, the military bases, all that weaponry out there in case of an attack. All the Star Wars stuff. But not an attack from an alien race, like people think.

No. Itís an attack from the actual GALACTIC GOVERNMENT. Like a parent coming down to a little kid starting a fire, spanking them and saying, ďThatís enough! No more!Ē They are afraid. They felt all this weaponry was for a war against Russia or China. No, no, no!

It is to be used against the benevolent Alien Alliance should they interfere, or against us if we evolve to far. They know that they canít get away with what they are doing here forever.

Sean: Who is the Alliance?

Adrain: The Universal Alliance of Planets.

Sean: How many are there?

Adrain: Thatís what I forgot. All that information was in my notes.

Sean: 48 evolving worlds in this sector? More than that?

Adrain: No, no. Lots more. It is a line that is established in all dimensions, everywhere and it has a lot of ramifications. One Confederation is aligned with another, and that is confederated with another alliance. They are all interconnected by various treaties and agreements. So, the familyís membership is endless. It goes into other universes. I had it all down, all the numbers, in my notes, which someone has taken. I had the membership of the aliens that controlled this part of the galaxy, which is in Andromeda.

Sean: Andromeda the galaxy or Andromeda the constellation?

Adrain: Oh, both. Both are very high and both have a great deal to do with it for some reason.

Sean: Getting back to the future. Whatís the other thing, beyond the genocide? Oh, OK, the first thing is the genocidal war. Where and when is it going to start?

Adrain: In Europe and the Middle East.

Sean: Who are going to be the major players in it?

Adrain: Israel will have something to do with it and the people in the Mediterranean. And then later on, China will get involved. Little by little everybody will end up losing control and getting dragged into it. But, of course, at the top, the leaders are all saved and uniting just like we are doing. Thinking this out and planning it all. No one is really the enemy of anybody. Iím sorry. People are just in the way like always pawns in a game of chess.

Sean: How long does the next war last?

Adrain: Two or three years.

Sean: Thatís all? Do you know when it starts?

Adrain: Supposedly around 1998 or 1999. They have the plans all laid out, the goal in numbers for the elimination of a certain number of people.

Sean: How many?

Adrain: I had it all written down.

Sean: Take a guess...

Adrain: Several billions...

Sean: Do they use atomic weapons?

Adrain: They are more advanced than atomic weapons. It was something more strange. It was weather control technology they were using . If I can remember when I saw it, they were creating huge winds. So maybe 5 hurricanes at the same time. You know just one can do a lot.

Another incredible photo taken 'ship to ship' by Adrain, from out the 'window' of another craft in flight. Notice not only the height from which this photo is taken, but the actual mist of the clouds wrapping around the fuselage.

Sean: So itís made to look like natural disasters?

Adrain: Yes. They use different weapons. Weapons that people have never seen before, and canít even imagine. It is something out of a fantastic movie, from an acid trip, or whatever, it was really something strange.

Sean: So like earthquake inducing devices, hurricane inducing devices?

Adrain: Yes, weather control.

Sean: So, we wonít think itís war, will we? Weíll think itís all natural disasters.

Adrain: Then thatís the excuse to use regular simple conventional weapons because people donít have any food, and thatís the biggest problem. Nations might still have something stored, some grain, and other nations will come to take all that land to survive. They order the stupid captains in the lower ranks around to do it. They think they are playing a real war, you know? So they will actually go out and start a lower war with conventional weapons. It will go from artificially induced atmospheric and geological problems and Iím afraid that it will go to conventional weapons after that.

Sean: Whatís the next thing, the second thing you were saying. There were three things?

Adrain: Oh... remind me.

Sean: Genocide was the first one of the goals of the Nine Families. There were two more?

Adrain: The second one: genetically engineering the perfect special bodies for the slave race, and then engineering a perfect body that can hold the unique energies for the ETs who want to come in, who have no where to go. The Custodial Aliens who consider this their real estate. They are not going to give up until they get this world. They have it already, but they just want to taste it a little better than they can now. For them itís like smelling a good steak but not being able to eat it. And finally they want total control of the Earth and this entire sector of space.

Sean: Why donít they just take it all over tomorrow? Theyíve got all the power. Whatís stopping them?

Adrain: There are a lot of good people in this world. Our vibration, in itself, is what stops them. We are the last line of defense, whether we know it or not. Our own power field. There is a lot of good love, a lot of good open hearts, a lot of cosmic warriors and benevolent aliens helping out, too. Very subtly. They are also very afraid that if they come to far out into the open, it could backfire.

Sean: They are not in a hurry, are they?

Adrain: Huh, yes, yes! The benevolent aliens are in the way! We are in the way! There are a lot of good things happening. They just canít take over like that. Their energy is very powerful, but fragile... easily burned away. That is how it is with the Forces of Darkness. It only takes one small candle to light a whole room. They just have to make sure we donít light that candle.

Sean: Is there another great Anti-Christ, another great world leader that comes to power?

Adrain: Thereís a probability. But not definite... with a stamp.

Sean: Nostradamus talks about the third great Anti-Christ, the guy in the blue turban. I have had some runins with him and his uncle on the astral plane. The coming Arab leader of the Islamic/China confederation. Have you seen any of that?

Adrain: He comes in saying that he is one of the incarnations of an old prophet from the Bible, and that the Bible says that his coming has been predicted. He is coming out as a religious figure. Very good looking, too, very strong. He is incarnated already but if he is going to do all that, we donít know yet. It could change. There is a man who comes to great power, but it is the fall of the Church he is connected with it.

Sean: The fall of the Catholic Church?

Adrain: Yes, but I saw that more concrete. Thatís more favorable. It was more strong. I could grab it more. But, the other guy, no one may ever even know he is here, but he can become something else. And then people would say, ĎThey lie, the psychics were wrong!Ē I say no, things just went another direction.



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