by Alexandra Bruce

Edited by Peter Moon

January 2001




Many years ago, I had learned about the Schneider family from Wilsonville, Oregon and their connection to the Philadelphia Experiment. Phil Schneider was the name of a man who had been lecturing across the country and telling incredible tales about underground bases of the military. He also claimed that his father, Oscar or Otto, had been a Nazi U-boat captain who had shifted his loyalties to the Allies where he served as a full-fledged medical doctor. He had also been seen aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge, the ship believed to have been involved in the Philadelphia Experiment


When I first heard of the death of Phil Schneider, I was amazed at the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. I wanted to investigate the matter and write a book on it. As is the case with so many books I would like to write, time and circumstances would not allow it. Nevertheless, the story stood out and needed to be told.


When I first became involved in the research of the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment, Preston Nichols told me that it was the martyring of Dr. Morris K. Jessup which gave impact and credibility to the original investigation of the secret experiments of 1943. In other words, had he not died and “spilled his blood,” there might not have been enough interest generated to find out much at all about the Philadelphia Experiment.


For those of you who are not familiar with Morris Jessup, he was a well known scientist and investigator of the paranormal who was discovered dead under suspicious circumstances after being personally responsible for breaking the story which is now known as the Philadelphia Experiment.


At this writing, forty-four years since Jessup was found dead, a new martyr has been created in what I have termed the second “Philadelphia Experiment Murder.” An investigation into his death has resulted in a fountain of new information. But, before we go into the details of Phil Schneider and his mysterious death, it will serve us to review the original patter n of how the Philadelphia Experiment sprouted into consciousness in the first place.


After writing an extensive and well thought out book about UFO phenomena entitled The Case for the UFO, Morris Jessup became the recipient of very strange mail from Carlos Allende, a mysterious and elusive man who was a witness to the Philadelphia Experiment.


In modern folklore and literature, Carlos Allende is the original source or “portal” responsible for unleashing the flow of information which has since ensued. Thus, in the stream of time, there are two major events which resulted in the inception of the Philadelphia Experiment story or legend.


First, there were the letters from Allende. Although Jessup received them over a lengthy period of time, they had a profound impact on him.






Allende also sent a cryptically annotated version of Jessup’s book to the Navy. This eventually resulted in the Navy contacting Jessup whereupon they actually published it a limited edition and new format that included Allende’s cryptic notes which alluded to UFO propulsion drives being connected to the Unified Field Theory and its application in the so-called Philadelphia Experiment.


After being interviewed by the Office of Naval Research several times, Dr. Jessup knew he was coming closer and closer to the truth. But, the more he found out, the more it seemed to disturb him. He commented on a strange pattern of coincidences that seemed to be overwhelming him. After visiting publishers and several friends in New York, he disappeared in 1958 after he was supposed to return to his home in Indiana. After many inquiries were made, he was finally found dead in a car outside of his home in Coral Gables, Florida in what was officially claimed to be a suicide.


None of his true friends accepted this and inquiries into the official investigation left many unanswered questions. The obvious conclusion by serious investigators was that he was murdered. The Philadelphia Experiment legend has since grown into several books and a full length motion picture. It has also attracted a steady following of supporters. In fact, it can even be considered that the Philadelphia Experiment legend has reached epic proportions if you consider it all began with a few crack pot letters from Carlos Allende.


When Carlos Allende died in a Colorado nursing home in the early 1990’s, there were many questions left unanswered. He left this world with many serious researchers scratching their heads. Anyone who has studied the Philadelphia Experiment to any serious extent knows well that there have been many attempts to pin Carlos Allende down with regard to where he was and what his role was in 1943.


Some say that he really wasn’t on this ship or that ship. There are also the smug observations that he could not possibly have any real scientific training or acumen because he did not know how to spell or speak good English. There are various theories and assertions as to exactly what he was doing, but none of them are really too important. Too many “head-scratching” researchers have missed the main point of Carlos Allende and his role in releasing the Philadelphia Experiment information.


Although it appears in books on the subject, the primary fact of the entire matter has been woefully understated. The following quotations are in his own handwriting from the letters he wrote to Dr. Jessup.

“I can be of some positive help to you in myself but to do so would require a Hypnotist, Sodium Pentathol, a tape recorder & an excellent typist-secretary in order to produce material of Real value to you.”


“UNDER NARCO-HYPNOSIS I CAN BE ENABLED TO DIVULGE THE NAME, DATE & SECTION & PAGE NUMBER of that Paper & the other one. Thus this Papers “Morgue” will divulge EVEN MORE POSITIVE PROOF ALREADY PUBLISHED of this experiment.”

The paper Allende is referring to is what he terms a “Philadelphia NEWSPAPER.” Whether this is a screen memory of reading the information from a newspaper or an actual memory, I have no idea.


According to sailors at Philadelphia during the time of the experiment, there was an account of the Philadelphia Experiment, at least about a bar room brawl, in a Navy publication named The Beacon. Even so, Allende’s accuracy is not terribly significant. What is important is that he was aware of sodium-pentathol at all. This was a “truth serum” drug that the Navy experimented with during the war. By placing a subject under the influence of this drug, the operator could find out the most amazing details about his life.


There seemed to be no limits to what could be discovered or accomplished with this mental research. Whether as a victim, researcher, or perpetrator trying to clear his guilty conscious, Allende knew about the cutting edge of mind control research. He was hoping that Jessup could help him in this regard. This is the most important point about Carlos Allende and is all we really need to know. For whatever reason and in whatever manner, Allende was a witness to something that completely horrified him. Subsequently, he displayed a knowledge of physics, albeit more than somewhat fragmented, that displayed a knowledge far beyond someone who was instructed only in Physics 101.


So, to recap, we have the Allende letters to Jessup as being the source of the research and investigation that sprouts the legend and literature regarding the Philadelphia Experiment. Jessup investigates matters and is also contacted by the Navy. He becomes disturbed at what he discovers and disappears before being found dead in Florida.


Ivan Sanderson, Gray Barker, and others take up the cause and produce various articles and publications. Ultimately, William Moore and Charles Berlitz publish their book The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility which brings the subject to the mainstream. Of course, the story does not end there. Eventually, The Philadelphia Experiment is released as a motion picture and this unleashes a whole new chain of events. Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and Al Bielek emerge and connect the time experiment in Philadelphia to that of Montauk, New York. Wild and preposterous stories are held together with hitherto unheard of technical explanations and approaches to the phenomena surrounding time. New avenues of thought are opened to the imagination.


When I come along and hear the stories of Preston, Duncan, and Al, I work with Preston in order to write the most cohesive account possible at the time. This results in the birth of an entirely new legend: The Montauk Project, a series of mind control and time experiments which allegedly connected to the 1943 version of the Philadelphia Experiment itself.


I find the predicament of Carlos Allende somewhat similar to Preston Nichols. Both were programmed or mind controlled and seem to “leak” information that comes from an unpredictable source and certainly flows in an unpredictable manner.


However, Preston is much more together as a personality than Allende was and is also available for dialogue. He is also a scientific genius. Like Dr. Jessup, I also encounter strange coincidences or patterns of what we call “synchronicity.” But, unlike Dr. Jessup, the coincidences I discover are not disturbing. I take these coincidences and use them like chess pieces to discover new facets and connections in an attempt to explain what is going on. A whole new genre of literature has thus been created which has turned into “The Montauk Saga,” and the eternal quest to discover the secrets of time and the universe itself. This book, The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity, which is based upon the murder of Phil Schneider, is an important piece of literature in this regard.


I have referred to the death of Phil Schneider as the second “Philadelphia Experiment Murder” because his life is inextricably connected to this incident and the quantum potential that it represents to all of humanity. In a bigger sense, the “Philadelphia Experiment Murder” also refers to efforts by some to literally “murder” the legend or story itself and thus cut off mankind’s reach to an expanded reality and consciousness of itself. Most importantly, it should be recognized that Phil Schneider died as a martyr for the cause of truth.


His life and efforts to expose the truth should never be forgotten.


The word “turtle” derives from “tortoise” which means “tortus” (twisted). Webster’s New World Dictionary gives a hypoethetic derivation of the Latin tortus as being derived from Late Greek tartarouchos, evil demon, originally controlling Tartarus.


Although I was personally very well aware of the outrageousness and implications of Phil’s death, time and circumstances did not allow me to engage in a personal investigation of the matter. This responsibility was placed in the hands of Alexandra Bruce, a very capable researcher and writer who has more than a little acumen for this type of research.


I first met Alexandra many years ago at a lecture in Manhattan. When she told me her surname, I inquired if she was aware of the particular nature of that name’s Scottish heritage. I was, of course, referring to King Robert I “the Bruce”, whose army defeated the English in the Battle of Bannockburn, winning the independence of Scotland. Those of you who are familiar with my earlier work will remember that the Stewart family are the guardians of the Stone of Scone and by that reason, are the rightful heirs to the throne of the British Isles. The purpose of the Jacobite rebellion was to restore the Stewarts to that throne.


Looking further into Scottish history, I discovered that the legitimacy of the Stewart Clan’s claim was due to Walter Stewart’s marriage to Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce.


Walter had commanded the left wing of the Scots army at Bannockburn and had been knighted by Bruce on the battlefield. The son of Marjorie and Walter Stewart, Robert II ascended to throne of Scotland, after her brother, King David II died in 1371. The Scottish crown was thereby passed to the Stewart Clan. Alexandra’s uncle, Duncan Bruce has been the North American representative for the Chief of the Bruce clan, Lord Elgin, for over two decades.


A multi-cultural and multilingual individual, Alexandra attended Brown University after growing up in the United States and Brazil. At Brown, she was befriended by John F. Kennedy Jr. and was also a good friend of his wife, Carolyn Bessette. She grew up surrounded by the trappings of wealth and the so-called beautiful people. While this might sound either impressive or pretentious (depending on your viewpoint), Alexandra would be the first to tell you of the dark side of privilege. She has observed how the mind control tentacles of MK-Ultra are a multigenerational labyrinth that reach into the most powerful families in the world, as well as the celebrated and famous.


Upon graduating from Brown, Alexandra founded her own film production company and became a leading producer of “rap” music videos in the early days of that musical genre. In addition to working in the film industry, she is a multitalented individual who has experienced various adventures and misadventures. Currently, she works as an executive at a Long Island investment firm. The Philadelphia Experiment is her first book, and I think you will find it a very good one that not only maintains the intrigue of past books of mine but opens up new territory.


Of more importance, is that it exposes the horrendous injustice of a murdered man and his efforts to expose the truth.


Peter Moon

December 2000







On January 17, 1996, an officer from the local Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department broke into Phil Schneider’s apartment. He was accompanied by Al Pratt who had been leading regular Bible study groups with Phil and had come by Phil’s apartment several days in a row. He had seen Phil’s car in the driveway, but there had been no answer at the door.


Phil’s bloated dead body had been in the warm apartment for about a week by the time it was discovered by these two men. The corpse was found in a most unusual position. The head was resting on the seat of a wheelchair and the rest of the body arched under an adjustable high-rise bed. Beneath the body and on the floor was a pool of blood. There was no blood on the wheelchair.


The initial cause of death was a judgment call by the police officer, Detective Randy Harris. He said there was no sign of a struggle and that there were no scratch marks. He determined that Phil had suffered from a stroke, that he had died while seated on his bed and then had fallen face forward onto his wheelchair. Harris deduced that the pool of blood was from a brain hemorrhage, which had spilled out of his mouth. What the detective failed to explain was how this stream of blood had missed the wheelchair which is exactly where Phil’s head was resting when the body was found.


The apartment building’s superintendent retrieved Phil Schneider’s emergency card that was on file. The only name listed was that of Phil’s friend, Blaine Schmeer. Not too long before Phil’s death, Blaine had been set to inherit most of Phil’s personal effects which consisted mostly of mineral samples. Just a few weeks earlier, the two close friends suffered a major argument and Phil had cut Blaine out of his will. Blaine arrived at the apartment and, upon viewing the body, thought that it was in an unusual position. Detective Randy Harris, however, did not think so and released the body to the Mount Scott Funeral Home.


This turned out to be the first of many irregularities by officials in the investigation of Phil Schneider’s death. Another such irregularity occurred when Phil’s body was removed without a coroner or assistant coroner ever coming to the scene of the death. It is a violation of Oregon State law for a body to be removed from the scene of a death-at-home without the body first being examined by a coroner.


During many lectures he gave over the course of the previous two years, Phil Schneider often referred to constant attempts being made on his life. These ranged from staged “accidents” to running gunfights. Phil was quite well known on the patriot and UFO lecture circuit for speaking out about underground base activities. He said would continue to talk until somebody succeeded in killing him.


This is evidently what had finally happened.


Two days later, at the funeral parlor, an astonishing discovery was made by the mortician. When Phil’s body was removed from the body bag to be prepared for cremation, a rubber tube was discovered embedded in the inflated folds of Phil’s decomposed neck. From the autopsy photos, it is hard to imagine how this evident murder weapon could have been overlooked. It was actually wrapped three times around his neck and was double knotted. Supposedly, this was missed earlier because massive swelling had obscured the tubing at the scene of Phil’s death. Refrigeration in the morgue reduced the swelling in the body and thus enabled the weapon of death to rise to the surface.


This failure to discover the implement that killed Phil until long after his body had been removed from the scene is a flagrant oversight that would not have occurred if it had been properly examined by a coroner, as dictated by state law. This should clearly have been a murder investigation from the start, and it deserves to be a murder investigation to this day.


The funeral director, Rob Gasgill, was fuming mad at the discovery of the apparent murder weapon on his premises. Covering up murders was not part of his job description. He went out of his way to store Phil’s body free of charge for several days past the company policy while Phil’s ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer, decided whether to bury his body for possible future exhumation or to have it cremated, which was more affordable to this single mother on a fixed income.


Rob Gasgill assured Cynthia that the Clackamas County coroner was very good, giving her his name and number. However, since the Mount Scott Funeral Home was located in neighboring Multnomah County, the autopsy was to be performed there by the local Medical Examiner, Dr. Karen Gunson. According to Cynthia, Karen Gunson’s autopsy report had “so many discrepancies, that it almost felt like it was not the body of Philip.”


These inconsistencies related to what Cynthia knew full well about the state of her ex-husband’s beleaguered body. Gunson made no mention of Phil’s plastic sternum, the metal plate in his head, his tracheotomy, and the fact that half his right lung had been removed. His genitalia were described as “unremarkable” in the report, while Cynthia states that his penis was very remarkable, having been “sliced down the bottom, from tip to back, like a hotdog bun,” due to massive injuries and infection that Phil said he had incurred while working as a construction engineer in Vietnam. Gunson did, however, note a “roughly triangular red-brown abrasion which is horizontally oriented in the right upper arm measuring 2” x 1/4”.”


The autopsy photos are definitely of Phil’s body, very clearly showing a rubber tube wrapped three times around his neck and double knotted at his throat. Phil’s housekeeper said that he had been very weak and in a lot of pain recently. He would strap the arms of his body brace to his bed to keep his arms from moving at night. He needed to use a ball with a pen stuck in it, in order to write. His left hand, missing three fingers, had already been eighty percent disabled for many years.


Phil sometimes wore a specially-fitted rubber bag to collect his involuntary urinations due to poor bladder control. In fact, he was wearing this catheter device at the time of his death and similar rubber tubing is what was found around his neck. Dr. Gunson quickly declared the cause of death to be “strangulation by ligature asphyxiation”, the manner of death a suicide. In other words, he had strangled himself to death with the rubber tube.


According to a twenty-year veteran New York City detective that I queried, this kind of self-asphyxiation is NOT humanly possible, as opposed to suicide by hanging, which is quite feasible and relatively common. Death by hanging involves using the weight of the body to block the intake of oxygen and it often results in breaking the neck, but this was not the case with Phil Schneider. Additionally, this detective told me that the pool of blood “didn’t sound right” either. He said that once the heart stops pumping, blood does not exit the body, unless a vein or artery has been cut, which had not happened. Did that pool of blood actually belong to Phil? This was never ascertained.


From a legal standpoint, once a death is ruled a suicide (or natural causes, for that matter), the guidelines governing the further investigation of the case diverge dramatically from that of a murder or a potential murder. Examination of the circumstantial evidence, such as blood work, is not considered worthy of the taxpayers’ money to pursue in the case of a suicide. This is understandable from a budgetary point of view, although one can see how an invocation of “suicide” can be abused by an agenda that does not want the disclosure of certain facts.


Phil Schneider’s ex-wife knew him too well believe that he would ever commit suicide, let alone by such a bizarre (and impossible) means as self strangulation. Though they were divorced, they were still close friends. He had strong religious convictions that forbade suicide. Despite the great physical difficulties and pain which he endured daily, he told her more than once that if cutting off his legs would give him another year to live, he would definitely do it. In the event that he were ever to be put on a life-support system, he said, “Don’t pull the plug, you never know, I might come back!”


Phil and his friends and associates were excited about future projects. Mark Rufener, who had last seen Phil on January 7th, was in the process of buying land with him in Colorado. The two were scheduled to collaborate on a book about UFOs, aliens, the Black Budget, and the One World Government.


Phil had recently borrowed a gun from another friend for the stated purpose of protecting himself. He also had a variety of prescription painkillers that would have been more efficient for the task if committing suicide been his real intention. Cynthia is positive that he was committed to living his life, watching their daughter grow up, and alerting the public to what he thought was really going on with U.S. taxpayers’ Black Budget dollars.


The following is a direct quote from an email Cynthia sent to me:

“The body was taken to Mt. Scott Funeral Home (located in Portland, Oregon, Multnomah County), per my instructions to the sheriff that night after they called me. The next day I went to the funeral home and asked to view the body, and the funeral director, Mr. Gasgill, suggested that I not do that, because of the advanced state of decay and smell. I told him of my suspicions, and he told me how he trusted the coroner’s office in Clackamas County. He did not realize at the time that no coroner had been out to view Philip’s body…the director must have [then] gone in to view Philip’s body, and was shocked to find a rubber hose wrapped around his neck.


“Mr. Gasgill was outraged at having been delivered a body that was ‘compromised’, and called the Portland sheriff’s office, who must have contacted the Clackamas sheriff’s office. Rather than take the body all the way back to the Clackamas County coroner’s office (which is 40 miles round trip), they simply took the body to the medical examiner’s office near Eastmoreland Hospital, in Portland, Oregon, Multnomah County.


“I was later to find out that the Clackamas and Multnomah sheriff’s office do not get along. I think at the point of the autopsy, the Clackamas County sheriff’s office and coroner’s office were trying to cover up their botched job... I called Dr. Gunson about a week after the autopsy and asked her to do drug analysis of the samples taken from Philip’s body. Although I gave her reasons for my suspicions of foul play, she refused to have the samples analyzed but promised to keep the sample for one year, instead of the normal three months.


“When eleven months had gone by, I arranged for an independent analysis of the samples and contacted Dr. Gunson to transfer the samples. THEY WERE MISSING. I had Philip’s body cremated, based on Dr. Gunson’s promise to keep those samples a year and certainly felt betrayed by her incompetence. I have a lot of complaints, both toward the coroner’s office of Clackamas County, and the medical examiner’s office in Multnomah County.


“Even though I sent a several page letter, outlining why I felt that Philip had been murdered, I only received negative responses from the sheriff’s office and coroner’s office. They never reopened Philip’s file and never ordered the necessary drug analysis of the samples from his autopsy. It turned out to be an $88.00 test, not the $2,000.00 test I was told by Dr. Gunson. If I had known that, I could have had the samples tested before the three month time period. I’m fuming right now, because the total injustice of this is just welling up in me.


“Philip didn’t deserve to be murdered... My only hope is to have his story told by people like you.”

Phil’s brother, George Schneider has long been and continues to be a sheriff in Multnomah county. He knows every cop in the Portland area and could have easily pushed for a more thorough investigation of his brother’s death. On the contrary, he wrote a letter to Cynthia urging her to simply accept the fact that her ex-husband was dead.


Cynthia distinctly remembers a conversation that occurred during a Thanksgiving dinner when Phil brought up the subject of George having been a test pilot at Area 51. Cynthia said, “George told Philip that he better stop talking about such things or he would end up dead. Really, that is what he said.”


The oversights on the part of Clackamas and Multnomah Counties are glaring and point to a cover-up in the legal investigation of Phil Schneider’s death. My investigation into this story thus far, which includes the perusal of hundreds of official documents furnished to me by his ex-wife, has led me to conclude that Phil Schneider did not kill himself. He was murdered. Who killed him and exactly why are unclear.


It is my hope, as well as that of Cynthia and the rest of Phil’s friends, that his case will one day be reopened so that justice can be obtained for his death.







Who was Phil Schneider and why would anybody want to kill him? During the two years preceding his death, he lectured extensively around the country about his involvement in the construction of secret government underground bases. The bases he claimed to work on included Area 51 in Nevada and the base at Dulce, New Mexico. Phil routinely told his audiences that he was breaking the law by discussing these projects and that he was in breach of his national security oath. Although he indicated there had been many attempts made on his life, Phil felt morally driven to talk about these things be-cause, as he said, “I love my country more than I love my life.”


Professionally, Phil Schneider was a geologist and an expert in the design of “shaped charge” explosions. This involved leading teams to drill holes a mile or so into the earth and taking core samples to detect areas of porous rock strata surrounded by harder rock. These are the optimal conditions for the controlled implosions in which they would blow huge underground spaces into existence, sometimes as big as three cubic miles. Often, his teams would be linking pre-existing cave systems.


Phil said that he worked on black budget projects for seventeen years. A copy of his filing for federal disability insurance in 1981 lists his employers between 1977 and 1981 as Morrison-Knudsen, a construction company contracting for the US Department of Defense and later for the US Overseas Projects Division. He worked directly for the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence between August of 1978 and January of 1981. On the lecture circuit, he told audiences that in 1994 he quit his black budget job in disgust, cutting up his ID card and mailing it to his boss. This was the same year he began speaking publicly about black budget projects.


Phil had some bizarre things to say about what was happening with trillions of U.S. tax dollars. He alleged that an element of the government was in an uneasy collaboration with negative extraterrestrial groups. A faction of the military had been acquiring and developing alien technologies in exchange for human genetic material, but this alliance had unraveled into a war that was going on beneath our feet. He claimed to be one of three human survivors of a clash between sixty government employees and gray aliens in a legendary skirmish, long known to conspiracy buffs as the “Dulce War”, which supposedly took place in an underground base in New Mexico in 1979.


On display at Phil’s lectures were samples of alien metals he said he had acquired over the course of his work. Also on view were enlarged photographs of UFOs scooting past mushroom clouds at the 1946 Bikini Atoll nuclear blasts. Phil’s father, Oscar Schneider, who served as a medical officer in the Navy for thirty years, had taken these photos.


Phil added that his father was a German U-boat captain who had been captured by the Allies and inducted into the US Navy at the height of World War II. Much has been written about the CIA’s Operation Paperclip, in which German SS officers were given new identities and repatriated as United States citizens in the years following WWII, a sort of “Witness Protection Program” for Nazis. There are many tactical reasons why it would have been in the interest of national security to do this.


If it is true that Oscar Schneider was a captured Nazi, his story is all the more remarkable in that his repatriation would have occurred as early as 1941. Two official records of his that I have seen are typed onto bureaucratic Navy forms entitled “Officer Biography Sheet” and a “Statement of Personal History”, respectively. Both refer to his 1906 birth in San Francisco and the destruction of his original birth certificate in the resulting fire.


It was established by Cynthia Drayer, however, while doing unrelated genealogical research, that as of 1902, all California state birth records were automatically shipped to Sacramento. So, the story about Oscar’s original birth records being burned in the post-quake fire is a lie. In addition, the above referenced documents conflict with two others that are apparently out there, each one stating Oscar Schneider’s birthplace to be a different town in California. I will say more about this later.


What is known for sure is that the Germans in the 1940’s were far more advanced than the Allies were in their development of submarine technology. A captured German with high tech information of the kind possessed by Oscar Schneider might have been too valuable to the Allied effort to be left to rot away as a POW. While there is no irrefutable proof that Oscar was a captured Nazi, there is ample documentation of his involvement in the 1950’s of the development of air circulation systems used in nuclear submarines. There are also documents detailing his responsibility for monitoring the radiation effects of the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests on the crewmen involved. Both of these officer class positions were in extremely sensitive Cold War Navy projects.


The record shows that Oscar served with distinction during his three decades in the Navy. Early in his professional life, he helped formulate the first U.S. Navy Radiological Safety Regulations. These established the parameters for safe exposure levels to different kinds of radiation for the human body. He ended his career as the Chief of the Division of Biology and Medicine under the Secretary of Defense with “regulatory cognizance of all biological and medical research conducted by the Armed Forces”, answering directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and retiring in 1961. Oscar Schneider was definitely no slouch.


During the period between 1943 to 1945, Oscar Schneider’s resume states that he was the Senior Medical Officer on two aircraft carriers on the East Coast. His family was stationed in Pensacola, Florida and in New York City during those years.


Interestingly enough, Oscar’s official permanent address on all of his records during his thirty-year stint in the Navy was “Fidelity Philadelphia Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” If Oscar was originally from California, and if he was never stationed in Philadelphia, why was his official permanent address there?


The above data is particularly interesting due to Phil’s claims, along with his supporting evidence, that Oscar Schneider was the Senior Medical Officer in charge of the infamous August 12, 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. There are several official photographs of Oscar aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge, the vessel said to have been used in the experiment.


At his lectures, Phil distributed four documents in Oscar’s handwriting on official Navy letterhead relating to the Philadelphia Experiment. These papers are either remarkable forgeries or they may be the only official records of the project yet to have surfaced. Phil vowed that his father, Oscar, confessed to him on his deathbed about his involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment and told him the whereabouts of these documents. If they are fake, we must ponder why anybody would go to such lengths to fabricate a hoax of that nature.


Many readers of this book will be familiar with the story of the Philadelphia Experiment which is propounded by lecturer, Al Bielek, and others. They claim that it was a top secret, proto-Stealth, radar invisibility project conducted by the Navy during the height of World War II, with strange and unprecedented results.


On the U.S. Navy’s Internet website, there is a whole section devoted to denying that this experiment ever took place, using as proof the logs of the Eldridge during the months of September and October... but what of its whereabouts on August 12, the date of the fateful experiment? The vessel was not officially commissioned until September. This made it the perfect venue for top secret tests of the kind the self-professed survivors allege took place in July and August. The following is a brief recap of the highlights of the story for those who are not familiar with it.


During the early part of WWII, radar was still cutting edge technology and the U.S. was desperate to have an advantage over the Germans who, at that time, were on the verge of winning the war. The U.S. Navy tapped the top brains of the world to manipulate the unified field energies in order to cloak the destroyer escort, the U.S.S. Eldridge from radar.


The scientists purported to have been involved were Nikola Tesla, inventor of the alternating current generator; John Von Neumann, inventor of the modern computer; and a host of Princeton University physicists. Known by its participants as Project Rainbow, a series of tests were conducted over the course of approximately one month. The initial tests were done in the Brooklyn Naval Yard with later ones in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. This is where the unexpected events of the August 12th test gave the project notoriety as the “Philadelphia Experiment.”


Essentially, they generated an enormously powerful electromagnetic field, mostly in the range of radio waves, around the ship. This intense field was powered by harnessing the vast amount of telluric “free energy” emanating out of the Earth itself. This energy field is referred to as the “geomagnetic grid”, as it manifests itself in intersecting lines around the Earth. Called “ley lines” by students of European megalithic sites, these bands of magnetic energy were also known as “dragon paths” by the ancient Chinese. Tesla fans believe that harnessing and distributing this free energy was his chief goal in life and conspiratologists theorize that Tesla was murdered by the petroleum cartel that did not want knowledge of this free energy to become commonplace.


I use the term “unified field” here to refer to the mathematical understanding of the quantum interplay between the frequencies of the entire electromagnetic spectrum; light, sound, radio waves, gravity, time, etc. These forces are all interrelated with one another and, together, along with the component of consciousness, form the fabric of space-time. These could also be called “the forces of Creation” as they create the constructs of reality as we know it.


There are also those who say that Tesla and the Princeton-Navy team had achieved a measure of control over space-time physics and that Project Rainbow was actually a test to teleport the Eldridge. According to this scenario, the ultimate objective of the project was to perfect their ability to teleport materiel and troops to anywhere on the Earth’s geomagnetic grid at any time.


As the legend goes, the Eldridge did not merely disappear off the radar screen, nor merely from plain sight, it disappeared from this reality entirely — for about twenty minutes. While gone from the Philadelphia Naval harbor, the Eldridge was sighted in many diverse places. Different accounts had it appearing like some kind of giant quantum particle off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia; somewhere in Northern Italy; in the Gobi desert; and off of Montauk Point, New York. When the Eldridge finally reappeared in Philadelphia, several men were dead and some were found melded into the steel of the ship. Some were “phasing” in and out of view while others were spontaneously combusting. The rest were either driven insane or at least sounded insane from what they reported about their foray into hyperspace.


According to Phil Schneider, it was the job of his father, Oscar, as the chief Medical Officer of the Philadelphia Experiment, to autopsy the sailor’s bodies and assess the effects of the massive electromagnetic fields on the survivors. Among the documents that Phil displayed to support this were the above mentioned four official letters handwritten by Oscar on Navy letterhead.


There will be a more in-depth discussion about these documents later, but one of these letters includes a drawing and description of an “implant” Oscar removed from a sailor’s body, a 1 1/8” long fiber with a conical-shaped gold tip on which there was an indecipherable script. This document lends support to Al Bielek’s theory that the Philadelphia Experiment was an alien manipulation all along which enabled beings from another space-time continuum to invade our reality. This supposedly paved the way for the thousands of worldwide UFO “flaps” and reports of alien abduction in the ensuing decades.


The gist of Phil Schneider’s information is that the lives of he and his father were deeply embedded in the military’s secret involvement with interdimensional “alien” intelligence. From the videotapes and transcripts of his lectures, as well as from the affirmations of Cynthia Drayer, it is clear that Phil Schneider was genuine in his mission to alert the public to what he believed to be a vile encroachment on human freedom.


Whatever their relative truth, his claims were not merely difficult to verify, they were a total assault on the prevailing “conventional-consensus” reality. But, Phil was hardly alone in the kind of claims he made. His statements have found corroboration in the first-hand accounts of other self-professed high security defense contractor employees, military personnel and “alien abductees”.


Phil was not a skilled public speaker, but he emanated an unvarnished sincerity that was compellingly heartfelt. With the indignation of an insider, he would constantly refer to the machinations of the impending “New World Order” although he never gave an explanation of exactly who and what the NWO is. He was not particularly good at deliberating intricate political plots. He was a nuts-and-bolts type of guy who had the personality of an engineer.


His lectures focused on the esoteric technologies that were being used by the “Secret Government” and withheld from the public. He was absolutely fascinated by stealth technology, mineralogy, and the different molecular structures that metals could take on under different gravitational conditions from those of Earth. On the blackboard, he would draw up and compare his own Time Variance Formula with that of Nikola Tesla and showed his audience how the formula explicated the ability of UFOs to exceed the speed of light.


It was when Phil would describe his experiences of physical combat with grey aliens that any hope of his story going mainstream went out the window. His credibility deficit from discussing such things was further complicated by a tendency to contradict himself in the details of his stories.


Whatever the truth is about Phil details, the fact remains that scores of people worldwide have reported abduction experiences where they were taken to underground bases and were observed by U.S. military servicemen working side by side with aliens. There are at least a handful of people claiming to be ex-government employees whose stories of back engineering alien technology and other details mirror Phil Schneider’s claims.


There does seem to be an alien reality that a mass of people are directly experiencing on some level of their being, regardless of whether their reports can be physically proven.


The earnest sincerity of Phil’s speaking, with its strange ring of truth, begs for a deeper look into his story.