by Ananda
November 2000

from FireAngel Website

A tremendous amount of intriguing literature has been published on the remote Pyrrenes region of the Meruvingian* Rhedae, otherwise known as the infamous Rennes le Chateaue region. A region that held fascination to the Meruvingian kings and queens.


A region that was re-instigated by the Orders of SION and the Templar Orders. A region that was central to the Cathar heretics, who practiced alchemy, and a religion of love. A region where a treasure was said to be hidden, perhaps even the very Ark of the Covenant and the Treasury of the Lord. In recent years many extraordinary facts concerning this region have come to light, which are overwhelmingly clear, and demonstrate something unique was instigated here.

In this article we explore some new findings. And we look at new interconnections and the secrets of immortality. These are finding by two individuals who each have this history singing within their grape veins. Not that this particularly should make a difference in regards to the realization of humanity.


But in this particular part of the puzzle, it perhaps is clear that it makes a difference.

* We use the "U" in MerUvingian deliberately to accentuate the Mt. Meru Buddhist tradition that was imminent amidst them. The slight vowel difference of Merovingian and Meruvingian, at that period in history, their were often much vaster differences in spelling for the same sounds. And since the Thera Vada influence on the Essene Christ ministry has quite some weight of evidence for it, and the fact that those closest to Christ, like Mary Magdelain Eucharia, left Buddhist statues at their own sites in France, as well as the Essene tradition in calling the Great Pyramid in Egypt Mt. Meru (hieroglyphically M.R.), gives us further justification in adding this pronouncement. We see this as an actual basis for that name. Let alone numerous Tibetan Buddhistic practices within the Meruvingians psychic legacy.


Before I engage any further in this article, I would like to state that I can certify that I am not part of the present Order of Sion (Priory de Sion), nor any secret society on this Earth, even if some of my remote ancestors are or have been, this is not where I am coming from. This is an age of the Alchemy of Compassion, which requires that "The Secret is to give away the Secret," so that the Grail Cup can overflow for everyone inclusive.

It is my present stance that a majority of this lineage has been corrupted and has forgotten the Taoistic and Tibetan Buddhistic Hermetic Gnostic roots, by its obsessive secrecy, which had their place in the hard times of the 1200s, certainly. But have no more room in this day, for they muster elitism.

I also know of no evidence that presently links my colleague Dan Winter into a secret society, although I do know he has been in and out of many diverse groups, some of which may be secret society based.


I have seen in my colleague the exemplification of sharing his findings, and many of the "mysteries and secrets of the ages" to availability for everyone. These efforts should be commorated, for it has accelerated mankind’s progress from the position of the middle man, not having a security clearance, a need to know, or to take an oath of secrecy to behold the arcane, but to have a vast array of central foundation alphabets that comprise creation available at their finger tips on the world wide web, and through other media.


This then also follows the Grail Code of the Overflowing Cup of compassion, as "The Secret is to Give Away the Secret."

In my introduction to the Bloodline 13 book, sent to our Grail Ring network of several hundred people (a book that exposes the 13 main families that control the majority of the resources and power on Earth at present, and which also relates to us all, but also an expose whose polarized accentuation we do not find the adequate compassionate and coherently constructive approach for the benefit of humanity, but none-the-less considered the great detail in research to override in value, the accentuation), to be which we felt impelled to add this introduction.


Which also suits this article, in synergy, when inserted here, as a launch pad into out story. Here is an edited selection:





by Ananda

September 2000

Whilst this book is a stupendous archive and assembly of material, we do not necessary agree with the Christian filter of the researcher, who considers anything Egyptian to be Illuminati or Lucifer orientated. But overlooking his personal biases and taints, herein is a lot of work at assembling much material which has been parallel to our research.


The fact is that these 13 families are not "Satanic" (followers of Seth, El Shaitan, by the Templars mistake to be exposed to the Yezidi’s and Ishmaelians, who believe that Adam’s son Seth is Satan, and that he is good, and only the Seth line divine - hence chauvinism/racism) initially, but through secrecy and elitism have distorted the original Coherent principles and Wisdom of our history, by desperately holding onto certain key core cherished principles that became secrets of the secretions.


A lineage which many of you know where it comes from.

It was during Melchizedek dualism times, that the duality mlk-zdk (melchizedek/molekzedek) set about making Lilaka a demoness, rather then the "ET" human she originally was, and a contributor for the female denucleated DNA genes of all races ancestral memory. Her daughters (according to the stone tablets of the Sumerian Kings lists, which in some versions are more that 5,000 years old) married both of the lineages of mankind.


Lilith/Lilake today, as the Demoness and Demon of the global computer revolution of NASA and company magicians (using the soloman dualistic Lesser key magick), is a Mlk-zdk "distortion" concept, designed to muster dualism, and perfect control through such dualism, which Springmeier, at present stance has not been able to look through, due to lack of integrated objective analysis of his christian beliefs, not even realizing that the bloodlines he is black listing, also edited and kbalized the present version of the Bible, which he bases his beliefs on, even thought this hint of Spirituality, has been a resource for him in offering relief to people that no one else was offering relief to, and for this he has done his best, and this should be honored.


Very few have dedicated 5 year at a time to aid a person in the most difficult reprogramming work, as Springmeier has done, repeatedly, although with the christian programming replacement, so not entirely free Sovereignly.


None-the-less the completely dedicated research effort and quest he has undergone in making this book and his other pivotal key books are of immense value, if you know how to maintain a middle way, and utilize the material for ever more integrated compassionate ends.

The Grail water has became stagnant and rotten by its secrecy, that is why in this Age in the Cup to Overflow, the highest initiations are being given by Universal Man, by those of the Midway, who are not in the Duality Hierarchies of the stagnant cup that is now ROTten.

Omega Point Ptah, who acted as a back-up assistant to my Emmanuel education, and who has appeared physically to me, including in SION in 1992, relates that he is one who is drawing this True Grail alchemy into place.


I found it curious that when I mentioned to my colleague Dan Winter that on my grandfathers side (from my mothers lineage), 200 years ago they were the Monnet family, which came from the Rennes Le Chateau region of SION document fame. His reaction of surprise was then iterated that I could use that ’for better or for worse’ ( I naturally stated I prefer the middle).


And then he likened my characteristics to the Plantard de Sinclair, present grand master of Priory de SION (which I took as a mild, but humourous insult, since I find him quite ’unhandsome’.


The descendency, I was told by my mother went via Monnet de Blanchefort [which I did not take seriously enough at the time, thinking that the name was only that of a Castle near Rennes les Chateau. Now it has revealed to be the base of the Vorexijah, 8-fold code, laid out in the Zodiac landscape there, and in the SION document and more].


Now having researched this recently, there is actually a clear cartography of Monnet de Blanchefort, and it goes back to the Grand Master of the Sion Order and the Templars, Bertrand de Blanchefort. It was Marie Hautpoul de Blanchefort who made the very SION document that now actually reveals the 8-folded Vortexijah symmetry, [so far only presented at the Paris seminar, where Fulcanelli’s books were edited. Addition Nov].


Blanchefort, the White Stone and White Fortress of alchemy, this alchemical aspect will be presented in a later posting. In the Heraldry foundations of France, the lineage maps from Bertrand de Blanchefort, 4th Templar and Sion Order Grand Master, go directly back to Meruvingian King Dagobert II, who was assassinated on December 23rd at Stenay, his skull opened at the Pineal point, in Tibetan Buddhist MeruSheba style, who then of course goes back the Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene (see Grail Zine 14).


Some of you must be saying "you must be Nuts to relate this in association with this book". Not mad, just to balance the specialness that is usually associated to such information, and also to show that there is a Midway perspective herein, where the Grail is for All. It turned out, humoursly, that Dan also was of this lineage, since he was a Sinclair (StClair) some generations back.


Hence, many of us have incarnated in these gene pools, outside of the hierarchy, to transmute, relinquish, and redeem the Grail back to the Universal Grail for all, as All Is God.


This is the Alchemy of Compassion.


From a dreamboard perspective it is why Omega Point Ptah chose contact, because we fitted a Grail none-spelled into the hierarchy of secrecy, linked in lineage without being initiated into these societies. That later criteria is an essential part of the Sons and Daughter of All-Oneness requirement for contact and providing the highest initiations of the Universal Grail secrecy prevents their contact.


Remember this and make steps in being a Cup that Overfloweth, to make amends to this, if Universe Grail Unity is of interest to you:

"the secret is to give away the secret."

That is conscious All Is God Compassion in action, the Image of Unity incorruptible, like a Diamond, Uncuttable in its IMperishable perfection of IMManu.

Another note, Springmeier mentions that Alice Astor was one of the first to enter King Tutankamon’s tomb, when in actuality Howard Carter, the discoverer, was sponsored by Baron Lord Carnavon, who had married De Rothschild’s daughter, Almina De Rothschild, and it was their daughter Evelyn who was the first to go into King Tut’s tomb, when they went in illegally during the night, before the Egyptian Antiquity authorities came for their first inspection (some objects of the tomb were also then taken).


It is entirely possible that Evelyn and Carter did some form of rituals together that night, Evelyn had taken an avid interest in Carter, despite family position dispositions in caste et al.


After this night, Carnavon and Carter broke out in avid disputes and fights, partially due to international pressure, but also, many have pointed out, due to Carters close relationship to Evelyn. The Baron banished Carter from his house, but then broke ill.


He had already been in bad health when coming to Egypt that November 23, 1922, and probably the radioactive red mercury in Tut’s tomb had weakened his immune system, so the mosquito bite and shaving wound had gotten the better of him (let alone what he may have been involved in within the possible rituals with his daughter that secret night November 26-27th - there are indications that there were others with them, at least that’s the heresy, which is possible for the afternoon of the 26th).


Carter and Baron Carnavon reconciled, and shortly after the Baron died (this has been called the curse of the Mummy by many). Evelyn’s mother was a Rothschild, and after the episode in Egypt she, Almina, forbade the mention of the word Egypt (due to numerous reasons). Perhaps she felt that the magick done in Tuts tomb had backfired on them in the events that had transpired.


This may well have been an Amen Priesthood reverse causality resonant download, in the time and space gene mapping history hologram. Murial Astor believed herself to be a reincarnation of an 18th dynasty Priestess and a major disciple of Akenaton. There is also that curious coding in the Titanic story to do with the Daughter of Amen Ra, in which one of the major Astor’s allowed themselves to die in.

These families took an avid interest in Akhenaton’s time, because their secret archives demonstrate that they are descended from them. But there are two lines, those from Akhenaton’s daughter via Mari-Kiya (she died bearing King Tutankamon), it was King Tut’s older sister, Meri, who became the missing link to Christ’s lineage directly.


But the other is Tuthmosis V, who became Moses (whose whip with his name, is in King Tut’s tomb), who carried out the Amen Priesthood into its Melchizedek form of the Order of the Bee, and merged with Mystery Babylon, and hence the whole child sacrifice domains of Molek which continues to this day in their lineage, as a blatant misunderstanding, they have lost the key, literally.


Manu was truly corrupted into Amun (anagram of Manu, although Carter called King Tuts tomb, the Tomb of ToutankhaMANOU. Mt. Manu was the Mt of the east, the Great Pyramid).


Amen/Amun/Manou was a distortion of ImmAnnu-Ptah, in a "clone" of his son Ra (a very involved story), of which Neb-Nefer (beautiful-lotus, the actual name of Amenhotep III, father of Akenaton) may well have been a direct descendent.


The Mummy of found of Nebnefer, shows his elongated skull to be like Ra, he was ’a Son of Ra’, and the Morphology and DNA is different to Tuthmosis IV (his alleged father, like Joseph Abba H-Eli was Christ/Iusos’s alleged father), but yet is related to King Tut, through Nebnefers Son Akenaton.


Present evidence, on a physical analysis of the mummies, may bear out the claim that Akenaton was a direct descendent of Atum Ra or his "clone" brother Amen-Ra, who are known for their elongated skulls, even as Assur-Ra (the Sumerian Ra).


King Tut’s skull has this same morphology. Certainly the style of elongation between Nebnefer, Akenaton, and Tutankaton, is the same lineage, but cranial manipulation techniques were and continue to be a central aspect of the Amen Priesthood, and even the Asna (Essenes) in their African Maui form, as our colleague Prince Sahabi of Niger demonstrates (his skull has been manipulated at birth), continue to use this form.



(As the Illuminati Formula revealed, cranial manipulation is a major form of modern mind control, of the modern Amen priesthood. Hence, in your own hands, with Unity Self Mind control, one has a personal key here for self alchemy. The alchemists implored one to look at the shit to find the stone. Centralized mind control is by a fragmented, non holistic sector of mankind, but in integration, and in unified coherency and personal Sovereignty, they may offer the mirror image of the Unity Key of re-fusion with the Unity Self, consciously).

Although this morphology is by far not the same as that of Amenhotep III/Nebnefer and King TutankAton/KheperRA, which appears also to have a genetic characteristic to include this.


Since Tuthmosis III, who is supposed to be the great great grandfather of Akenaton (but whose skull morphology is not the same), has his royal archives describe physical contact with the ATUM- RA’s and their Atum vehicles filling the skies (the royal hieroglyphs of which I have been presenting in seminars over the last year) make this possibility more likely.


What Emmanuel related on this matter 10 years ago, in Aton-Ra 3 is besides the point of argument, even if it relates material along these lines.

Therein, they made a interspecies agreement (much as is reported with Eisenhower in 1954), which lead to Akenaton, and the reopening of the Mt. Serabit Alchemical laboratories with the discovered superconducting elements therein (100 tons) and the Soma/Asna bush and Acacia tree being hieroglyphically shown to be synthesized in, to make the bread of light, of enlightenment, for this lineage. Akenaton going off for his alchemy of the body, on his 33rd year, to Mt. Serabit, Sinai.

That NebNefer and Akenaton are then an anomaly in the genealogical comparisons of the 18th dynasty, with characteristics associated to Ra, MAY all add credence to the "extraterrestrial" human intermarriage at that point, which we have called the SION-HOR/Iusos Diamond upgrade in the detailed seminars and slide shows.

It is little wonder that any offspring from that lineage will be a jealously guarded series of bloodlines, due to the inherent apparent power within the blood (alchemical Graal), stagnant now through secrecy (black/white magick). Which is so apply placed together within this book. We release this book here to the Grail Ring, since it is of essence in understanding how our Unity Keys 2 presentations link in to the present stagnant waters that must be unblocked within mans collective self.


True Unity is only when all of humanity gains the same realization. For waking up means that one becomes aware of the superconscious ancestral memory plural-time collective, the Super-species called everybody.


That means we will be looking through everybody’s eyes, including this lineage, as well as all other lineages. For such an event to occur coherently, we must let the Grail Cup Overflow and flush out the stagnant, guarded waters of the Amun secret, so that the Spirit of true Unity can overflow for all, in this Age of Abba Ptah Aquarius, now emerging, beyond the duality computers of the universal dream computer.


All Is God Compassionate discernments in your readings.



On Dan Winter’s family Coat of Arms (Sinclair), shows the Bear of Arcadia, which was the Greek goddess Arduine or Artemes's symbol, as well as the Akkanna (Great Bear constellation) being the name for the boat of Joseph of Arrimathea the date difference on either side under the 14 striped shield guarded by the two bears, is 1681 and 1861.


Of course the difference between them is 180, which is, in code, a perfect pentagon, of 6 36° lines = 180. However, there is another play therein, both dates break down to 16. Hence, 16 + 16 = 32.


Dan has been saying for years that a dodecahedron is 5 cubes tilted at 32°, whose tips make the 12 pentagons of the dodecahedron.

When actually, it is 72°. Dan has been coding in his family coat of arms. I discovered when making the intercubic version of the Dodecahedron, and the then resulting 5 Vortexijah Grail version, that the X-axis is tilted at the initial -64°, or twice -32.


That the 5 intercubes, or cubes, or their revolved and phase-conjugated Vortexijah Grail forms, MUST be tilted at 72° on the Y-axis, another 4 times.


The 72 figure comes out in my family coding, from the Monnet De Blanchfort, from what my mother related of my uncle 2x removed geneological research, my grandfathers (mothers side) went back to Monet family, of Bordeaux, and Dijon area, France, which went further back to the Monnet De Blanchfort, from the Rennes le Chateaue region.


Before we proceed, let us also note that 16 x 16 = 256 = 4 x 64.


Hence, indeed, if you have the hidden 72°, the 64° receives another 4 on its base, at 72°. It is 72 beats per minute which is the maximum resting beat harmonic for the heart, for lengthy and healthy life, beating with the cosmos, as well as precession 1° every 72 years.



Bertrand de Blanchfort, becomes the Grand Master of both the Order of Sion and the Order of the Temple, in 1153, one year after the 1152. He reigned until 1170. It was the year 1171 I referred to you in SION, as the beginning date, instead of 1152, and this has a reasons, as it was sent through.


And in 1188 the two orders separated, and Jean Gisors headed SION, followed by Dan1s family, in 1220, by Marie Saint-Clair. It was Blanchfort who gave the Order the land in the Rennes le Chateau and Bezu area, where he reopened the Gold Mines in 1156, on his Grounds of the Chateau de Blanchfort.


This gold had all but been removed by the Romans, but he set up their Alchemical underground headquarter therein, for as Cesar d'Arcons investigation in the 1700s showed, the hired Germans, "la Judicature des Allemands', found only evidence of smelting metals in the ruins of the workers and the underground of the mountain of Blanchfort, they appeared also to be excavating a subterranean crypt -- hence their alchemical initiation headquarters.


This of course lead to the basis of Nicholas Flamel alchemy, when he became grand master of Priory de Sion in 1398-1418, where next to the Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, where he edited alchemical texts, is a street named after him, Rue Nicolas Flamel.


Who was assisted by the original Fulcanelli, and decoded there "The Sacred Book of Abraham the Jew", and achieved the White Stone of alchemy on January 17th, which is when Saunier discovered the SION documents, and also his coffin was made for that date. It was the Capricorn day of Alchemy in ancient times, and Flamel, became very rich as a result.


And encoded "The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin The Mage", in the same Bibliotheque, which much latter Golden Dawns Cathars translated.


At Blanchefort mountain were found 14 sets of Menhirs from the Celts. His lineage then connected him to the Visigoths, whose structure remained as the base of the Rennes Church, and whose neighboring castle, Chataue Hautpoul, was inherited by Marie Hautpoul de Blanchfort. The Visigoths who had taken the Grail Mystery to this very place. The Visigoths had left in the 7th century, when the church Monarchy was hunting them down et al.

Bertrand transfigured the Templars organizational structure and launched its political diplomacy work into international politics. Of all the Templars persecuted on Friday 13 October 1307, the Bezu contingent was left untouched by Phillip le Bel. The Grail lineage was well known to be alive in the Blanchfort's.


This is not only evidenced in the fact that the Bezu Templars were the only ones not touched, but also by the fact that Philip's pawn, Bertrand de Goth, the archbishop of Bordeaux, known as Pope Clement V, had a Grail mother. For Clement V/Bertrand de Goth' mother was non other than Ida de Blanchefort. She named her son after her great ancestor Bertrand de Blanchefort, they were of the Visigoths, further factored in Bertrand de (visi)Goth.


Hence, this Pope was privy to his Blanchefort family secret archives, which related to the alchemical, the extraterrestrial, the Grail, and the lineage of Christ. This secret arcane wisdom was to remain in the Blanchforts custody until the 18th century.


It was through Clement that the Monnet de Blachefort family obtained the Bordeaux status. It was the last recordings of the Arcane wisdom that the Blancheforts had custody to that was evidenced in the SION documents found by Saunier in his Visigoth foundation church at Rennes. These documents were composed by Marie de Blanchefort, through her confessor Abbe Antoine Bigou, cure of Rennes le Chateau.


The SION documents with the tetrahedron code, and the 8-folded Vortexijah code I discovered at Le Croix, which has not been published anywhere as of yet, but it is video recorded in Paris, at the very place where Falconeli's books were edited, next to the Rue de Dauphine, at Rue Nesle.

The 72° connection was actually found by David Wood in another connection. He looked at the White Stone of SION, from Rennes le Chateau. The Chateau de Blanchfort, makes a perfect line from Rennes to itself, extending to Arques, which is another pivotal key in our 8-folded equations of the SION document. Blanchfort is 4 statute miles from Arques, and 2 statute miles from Rennes, 4 and 2.


But what is of exceptional significance here is that, Chateau de Blanchfort is 2 miles from the Paris zero meridian, and arques is 2 miles from the Paris meridian, whilst Rennes is 2 miles from Blanchfort (222). Of course then, Rennes is 4 miles from Paris zero, and Arques 2 miles from the Paris Zero, hence the 42 again reiterated.


But this line is specifically 72° intersection between the Rennes-Blachfort sunrise line and the Paris zero Meridian.

Of course this is the 72° line in Rennes d'Anjou's painting "La Fountain de Fortune", which links the disk of the sun to the fountain stone passing through the paintings vertical middle, and the staff in the paintings is tilted at 75° and the 72° line to the horizontal of the painting of Lord George Stuart, by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, who not only wears the same colors as the Lady in Pousins, the Shepheard in Arcadia II, but Lord Stuart's forefinger is 75° from the staff, which links directly to the 75° angle of the base of the tetrahedron from the SION document, which is based at Chateau de Blanchfort.


And the staff in Bergers d'Arcadie II, held by the far left shepherd, is also tilted at 75°.



We live in the Sirius Millennium.


The Star Sirius, apart from its archaic popularity, plays a central role in our Meruvingian unfoldments. It brings in an extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional influence. Before we plunge into this, I would like to quote from my teenage Emmanuel education days, before I embarked to research and to confirm the many many things they related to me.


As I was relating one of my Sirius synchronizations to a colleague who had the same time synchronicities with Sirius in his history, I related the following (please note that 3:15 is an anagramme of 153, and the ratio of the mass difference between our sun and Sirius b is 1.053):

"I get The Light Of Emmanuel in the dark, and open it by a slip of the foot, it is page 117, From Sirius To The Sun,1 as an example of Complexity Theorum working here, due to the astonishing mass harmonic ratio of Sirius with our sun. It was received as a communication at 3:15 am, as were almost all of the contacts' in that book, and this page number is 117 value 9, just like 3:15 = 9 [1.053 = 9]."

NOW, a few minutes later, I realize it actually opened on the page where I wanted to quote to you, Sirius:

"It broadcasts the communications such as this one tonight. This, what we give here, is partly responsible due to Sirius being in manifestation."

-Private communication with Randalf Barolet, January 13, 2000

Emmanuel related that Sirius and our sun were part of one "virtual neuron" which they called Oversoul Sun. They related much in regards to the role of Sirius. But this can be explored elsewhere.


This article is not to focus on the Emmanuel story, which is well covered in other publications.


Archaic Sirius At The Heart

Sirius has taken serious focus from a majority of our archaic cultures, which treated it as the centre of intelligence and civilization.


Whether it be the ancient Maya of central Meso-America, who gained their wisdom from an ancient legacy and tradition handed down through the Oaxaco shamans and Olmecs; or the archaic Egyptians, where Sirius was one of the most major stars; to Kala Chakra Buddhism, where the Shamballa of the heavens is seated at Sirius, as revealed by Steven Jenkins, in his book of adventures and high initiations that virtually killed in amidst the Buddhists, "The Undiscovered Country", whom we met shortly before his passing on.


Or to some of the Amazonian Indians, who have unusual fair complexions and blond hair who relate their ancestors coming "from" Sirius, and some returning later and re-educating them in plant alchemy and the arts Shamanism of the medicine man (Sons of the Sun, Wilkins), and it featured central in many ethnocultures of the Amazon basin, let alone within the arceho-astronomical remnants of the Inca.


To the role of Sirius on the Mali Dogon tribe, which has been well documented elsewhere, who were not only aware of Sirius B's small size before astronomy could confirm this, but also were aware for thousands of years, and on western documentation for at least a hundred years, of a Sirius C, which was discovered in the 1990s, who relate their ancestral archaic "contact" with the Nommo from Sirius, who taught them their Shamanism and civilization principles; or the neighboring Mau Shaman tribes of Niger, who to this day still claim "contact" with this star system.


Sirius, the 7 pointed star, was also central in the Sumerian and Mesopotamian, so called, proto-civilization, as accepted by the Sumerian and Akkadian scholars. Where Sirius was said to be the home of their gods, the Anuki who brought them civilization, Shamanism, intelligence, and music and measure. Sirius also featured as a place of major importance within the Vedic and the the Persian Avesta traditions.


In the latter Zoroaster tradition, which roots from the same indo-European as the Vedic, the epithet of the Sumerian god of Sirius, Anuki or Ea, which was Mazda, becomes the Zarathustrian main creator God of Light, Ahura Mazda, is referred to have created Sirius, as here chronicled by the Greek Plutarch (370):

"...[He] adorned the heavens with stars. One star he set there before all others as a guardian and watchman the Dog-star."

Along with this came 288 gods, of good and bad, of which we note immediately that 288 is 2 x 144 (and thus 24 x 12), and thus 178 x PHI (1.618), the sacred middle path of the golden mean ratio of coherency and compassion.

The Scandinavian Ur cultures, which authored the more than 2,000 year old Valuspa, has Sirius created by Thor from the toe of the giant of Orion, who is called Orvandel. Sirius was also called by them Lokabrenna in the Nordic myth's.


In the Nordic Hamlet original, the Yew Tree of Life of Sirius, which belonged to Uller.

As we are in the astounding Sirius millennium, where the Gregorian calendar was set up to map the cycle of the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, and a long arcane mystery tradition following its companion star(s) Sirius B, which appears central in Pythagorean Mystery traditions, as has been well extrapolated by Robert Temple in his recent revision of the Sirius Mystery, which presents ample data which makes this highly probable - the Sirius connection takes on an ever more profound stance than ever.

For this was the Millennium where Sirius was exactly in the midst of the zero meridian between east and west at Midnight into the New Year 2000, AND precisely at the opposite side to the sun from our Earth, from the position of the Giza plateau and the Great Pyramid, which the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Pyramid texts relate as a representative of Sirius, giving it also the same hieroglyph as Sirius, and naming Sirius the star of Isis, whilst the Great Pyramid is her house.


Although there are a hundred years where Sirius is within 4° of the zero meridian (1950-2050: 50 years 4° on the east, and another 50 years with 4° on the west), at the Mid 50 years, it is the only time that Sirius is exactly on the zero meridian, and this was our New Millennium.


Whilst initiates into the Mystery school s of Earth fight to be the Sirius president, like George Bush (via the Skull and Bones Order), and Al Gore via his Free Masonic initiations, others have received direct contact with this resonant Star system, which is the only visible star so far discovered which has a cycle precisely and "coicidently" of 365 days. Hence, the "Virtual Neuron" seeks the novelty points of congruence that enable utmost coherency to result.


Hence, those bound by secrecy will not enable fully saturated holographic fractal connectivity, to share an equivity coherence amplification as an outcome.



Meruvingian king Dagobert II, the ancestor of Bertrand de Blachford, and the descent from Arimathea and Iusos-Immanuel Christos, was assassinated by the Babylonian religion, inhabiting the Roman Catholic church, as a wolf in sheep's clothing.


He was ritualistically killed on the shortest day of the year, December 23rd. In the old calendrics, this was the 13th month, of which the last day the 22nd, was the death of the Sun, which would be reborn on December 25th.


Hence, Dagobert II was sacrificed as the Sun King on the darkest day. He was assassinated at a village called Stenay (Satanay, Satan Eye, Seth Eye, SETI), whose village Coat of Arms has the Baphomet in the form of the Sacrificial Goat of Saturday, the Goat of Alchemy, and the Sabbath, Taro card 15, the Devil, the 15 mail parts to the body, of which Osiris lost the Phallus, the 15th part.


Stenay is near Paris, and his assassination occurred in the year 679 AD. For a while the Meruvingians had their capital there, that is from around 396-693 AD, and it appeared to have been made into a stargate. Little wonder that the Church chose to maintain the Horned God on the Coat of Arms, despite it being a Christian Village.


A Star Gate?


With the superconductive influence of the Grail "technology". Stenay has, on average, more rainfall of frogs in its historical records, than any other European city to date. The sky opens and it rains frogs. The frog was on the Meruvingian royal Coat Of Arms, and was encoded into the frog prince.


For the frog, like for the Mayans of Tikal and the Olmecs before them, was used by the Meruvingians for its 5-MeO-DMT, to induce the furtherance of their psychic abilities by this exogenous consumed Pineal gland metabolite, which awakens the brain up to 40% more. Dagobert II was killed in the Ardennes forest, which was named after the early European bear goddess Adruina, who was modeled on the Greek Arcadian Artemis, from whom the Meruvingains descended, via Princess Argotta's marriage into the Arimathea and Christ lineage.


In Dagobert II's and his ancestor, Childeric's tomb, were found the typical Meruvingian round Crystal Spheres, similar to that found by Dr. Ray Brown in 1968 (Jaques Custeau diving team), in the underwater Bermuda pyramid. His skull, typical of the Meruvingian style, had been opened at the crown for the Pineal gland to release the Spirit, it now sits in a Grail cup at a Convent at Mons.


There is an identical Tibetan Buddhist tradition, whose monks do the same to their colleagues after death.

Apart from the 23rd figuring often in UFO phenomenon and other "anomalies", which was taken up by the film "232", and that 23 was often linked to Sirius synchronicities, like the rising of Sirius in Egypt on the 23rd of July, when the waters of the Nile would flood fertility to the land - 23 Earth diameters per second is also the speed of light, and it takes 23 years for the sun to breath in and out in the heliosphere, let alone the 23 chromosomes form the mother and 23 from the father.


All such items of interest, even the July 23rd Egyptian celebration of Sirius Rising, is not enough to link in with the Dagobert Vatican murder, December 23rd story. However the principle church of Stenay faces South, and on mid summer mornings, standing at the altar of the Church, one can view through the door the rising of Sirius behind the Sun.


So the Church's front door to the altar aligns and faces Sirius, in the days of maximum light, and Dagobert died on the day of maximum darkness.

The above points were first released by a SION agent in 1973. He was Gerard de Sede who published "La Race fabuleuse". He reveals secrets about the Rennes le Chateaue zodiac, and relays that he interviewed Marquis de Blachford, who reveals some of the Meruvingian secret story, including the Vaticans occult, astrology, and numerological choice for assassinating Dagobert II at the Ardennes forest.


The Marquis de Blanchford also relayed that a nameless society protects the lineage of Dagobert II from further assassination. And relayed that the reason these genes were being protected was that their value came from the intermarriages of several distinguished ancient Israelites and superhuman extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system.


The society that is supposed to protect this lineage, failed in protecting Marquis de Blanchford, for shortly after revealing the above matters to Sede, he himself was murdered at the Ardennes forest, on December 23rd, 1972. And his son runs off in hiding in Asia.

The Sirius connection and extraterrestrials also comes from another angle, in 1973. Swiss journalist Matthiew Paoli publishes his "Les Dessous" (Undercurrents), his own investigations into the Priory de Sion and the Swiss Grand Alpina Masonic lodge. At an Alpina Temple of this largest Masonic Order of Switzerland, Paoli discovers copies of the internal newsletter of the Priory de Sion, called "Circuit", amidst a chapter of the Alpina Grand Lodge.


They were dated from the late 1960s, and Paoli traced the publishers down to the Committee for Public Safety within the de Gaulle government in Paris. The managers were Nobel laureate Andre Malraux and the grand master of the Priory de Sion, Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair (Sinclair), who apart from his recognized scholarship was an occultist and WWII resistance fighter.


Of most significance in Paoli's work, however, is the fact that Paoli mentions that on the cover of the first edition of the Priory de Sion's "Circuit" is the map of France, with a circumscribed tetrahedron, or Star of David, superimposed over it, and a classical Flying Saucer hovering above these.


The content of this newsletter only speaks about the vines and wine lineage of the Meruvingians going back to King David via the Christ lineage. Without the "independent" (since not connection has ever been found by researchers into these two authors) Sede's testimony of Marquis de Blanchfort that these vines were an intermarriage between distinguished ancient Israelites and superhumans from Sirius.

Well for me, finding these items in 1997, which were written when I was only 3 years old, certainly have added confirmation to my own "contacts", which started at the age of 2 (1972) at SION in Switzerland. It may seem very far fetched for many, but to those of us engaed in "contact2 it is most interesting to see that there actually have been such connections made by the Order of Sion themselves, by another descendent of Dagobert II.


A clear Sirius connection.




A clue to where the Merovingians possibly originated is found in ancient Norse mythology.


Merovee claimed to be descended from Odin, one of the gods worshipped by the Teutonic people of northern Europe - after whom Odin’s Day (also called Woden’s Day), or Wednesday, was named. Note the spelling of the word "Odin."


Is it possible - could this be another way of spelling Dan, or could the name have evolved from the Israelite Lost Tribe of Dan? We shall analyze the possible Merovingian/Israelite connection in this chapter.

In order to explore that premise, perhaps we should begin with a story from Greece - of the battle between the Spartans and the Trojans. Keep in mind, the kings of the Merovingian dynasty claimed to be descendants from those ancient tribes.

According to the ancient Greek treatise, THE ILIAD, by Homer, the founder of Troy was named Dar-dan-us. The name is strikingly familiar. It contains the name of Dan! It was said that Dardanus was the son of Zeus. Dardanus had a son named Erichthonius, who had a son named Tros, who was the namesake of the ancient Trojans and of their capital city, Troy.

Tros had three sons, Ilus, Ganymede, and Assaracus. Priam, the reigning king of the Trojans, was of the line of Ilus. Aeneas, founder of the Roman Empire, as a prince of the royal house of Assaracus. Ganymede was the great-grandson of Dardanus, the founder of Troy. According to Homer’s ILIAD (Book V), 4. Zeus kidnapped the prince, Ganymede.


Zeus wanted Ganymede to be a special cup-bearer to the gods (which may be a clue to the origin of the legend of the so-called Holy Grail).