by Andrew D. Basiago

24 August 2014

from Exopolitics Website

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A lawyer in private practice, Andrew D. Basiago is admitted to the Washington State Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington.

He served in DARPA's Project Pegasus from 1968 to 1972 and the CIA's Mars Project from 1980 to 1984.






In April 2014 U.S. Marine Capt. Randy Cramer (pseudonym = Captain Kaye) came forward publicly with his whistleblower testimony to Dr. Michael E. Salla claiming he had served 17 years as a member of the U.S. defense force on Mars.


Following this, Mars experiencers Andrew D. Basiago, Randy Cramer as well as Exopolitical researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre were part of an August 19, 2014 panel convened by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower to evaluate these Mars experiences:





 Mars Roundtable - Awake in the Dream Radio

Andrew D. Basiago - Randy Cramer - Laura Eisenhower - Alfred Lambremont Webre
















Concluding that Randy Cramer's Mars experiences were congruent with and corroborative testimony of his own Mars experiences, Andrew D. Basiago wrote,

After careful analysis, I have concluded that the Mars testimony of Captain Randy Cramer is truthful. I am convinced that Randy is "the real deal."

As I stated during my recent appearance on Awake in the Dream Radio with Mark "Dr. Dream" Peebler and Laura Eisenhower, there are a number of highly specific facts contained in Randy's account that reveal to me that his account is authentic and that he is speaking from actual experience.

They are facts that are unlikely to have been made up and that would probably not be claimed by somebody purporting a false account. Some of them possess details that only a project insider would know. Others are facts that closely parallel the public testimony that I have given about my experiences visiting Mars for the CIA's Mars jump room program in the 1980's.


They are also internally consistent when one considers Randy's account in isolation.

Let me enumerate 10 elements of Randy Cramer's account that convince me that his account is real and not fictive:

  1. Randy states that he is a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps.


    This is consistent with the secret military service that Randy is claiming. In the Army, Air Force, and Marines, Captain is the first qualifying intelligence rank. It is the rank, for example, that an officer must hold to be given access to intelligence reports classified "Top Secret" or above.


    The corresponding rank in the U.S. Navy is Lieutenant Commander. This is the rank that Courtney M. Hunt of the CIA and Dr. Eldon A. Byrd of the Navy told me that I am listed in Navy records as having reached in order to document my service in Project Pegasus and the Mars Project.


    Randy's rank mirrors my own, despite the fact that he was attached to another branch of the military and, in all likelihood, was unaware of my secret Naval rank because I had not widely revealed it.


  2. Randy claims that he was born in 1970 and that he began training for Mars in 1987 at age 17.


    This is a young age to begin such dangerous service and tends to strain the credibility of anybody offering such an account. Seventeen was, however, the average age of the five Mars jumpers that have been identified as being among the 10 American teenagers who were trained to go to Mars by Major Ed Dames at College of the Siskiyous in Summer 1980.


    They were:

    1. Barack H. Obama, born 8/4/61 (age 19)

    2. Andrew D. Basiago, born 9/18/61 (age 18)

    3. William C. McCool, born 9/23/61 (age 18)

    4. Regina E. Dugan, born 3/19/63 (age 17)

    5. William B. Stillings, born 12/22/66 (age 13)

    Do the math. 19+18+18+17+13 = 85

                                           85/5 = 17


    Clearly, the fact that Randy stated that his age at onset of training was 17 without knowing that this was the average age of our cadre of Mars visitors when we began training is probative of his claims.


  3. Randy says he was part of the "Mars Defense Force."


    When we were training to go to Mars in 1980, Major Dames told our class that the three major reasons we were being sent to Mars were:

    1. to help establish on Mars an extraterrestrial defense regime protecting Earth

    2. to create a basis under public international law to claim Mars as U.S. territory by sending temporary visitors and permanent settlers there

    3. to acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to our presence

    From 1981 to 1984, I took the jump room in El Segundo to Mars about 40 times in furtherance of these goals.


    The fact that Randy states that he began training three years after my trips to Mars ended to participate in the establishment of a U.S. military presence on Mars is consistent with the developmental time line. It would have been several years later that such a military build-up would have begun.


    The fact that Randy was sent there not only as a Marine but as a settler harkens back to what Major Ed Dames told us about how Mars would be staffed during our training in Summer 1980.





  4. Randy claims that the ship that he traveled to Mars in used teleportation based on "wormhole propagation."


    I have given extensive public testimony that when the jump room morphed from a box into a cylinder half-way through our "jumps" to Mars, a wormhole, spiraling clockwise, formed at the far end of the cylinder.


    I have also described how my father, Raymond F. Basiago, who took one jump to Mars in May 1984, was the point man between Parsons and the CIA on teleportation, which remains a secret technical capability of the U.S. defense community.


    It would have been far easier for Randy to cite the space planes addressed frequently by sources within the aerospace community. But he didn't. He cited the far-harder-to-prove technology of teleportation and, in so doing, corroborated my teleportation account.


    How very interesting.


  5. I have testified how I and my colleagues used teleportation to reach Mars via "jump rooms" that left an elevator shaft on Earth and after teleporting to Mars invisibly arrived in elevator shafts within U.S. facilities on Mars.


    Since Randy was a Mars settler, he could have imitated my testimony and stated that he, too, reached Mars via jump room. After all, we now have six whistle blowers whose testimony supports the existence of jump rooms to Mars.


    They are:

    1. Michael C. Relfe

    2. Arthur Neumann

    3. Andrew D. Basiago

    4. Laura Eisenhower

    5. William B. Stillings

    6. Bernard Mendez

    Laura even cited the acronym for the Mars jump rooms that we were given in our jump room training 25 years earlier.


    She was told during the recruitment effort directed at her in 2006-07 that she would go to Mars via "ARC," which stands for "aeronautical repositioning chamber."


    But Randy Cramer didn't ape the testimony of the six whistle blowers that Mars is being reached via jump room. Instead, Randy testified that his teleportation was facilitated by advanced space craft that were more versatile in their movements than the jump rooms that we took to reach Mars. This makes perfect sense.


    As military men on Mars, Randy and his comrades would have needed such a spacecraft to provide a rapid response capability above the surface of Mars.


  6. Randy states that the air on Mars is breathable.


    This was the previous testimony of myself and my fellow Mars jumpers William B. Stillings and Bernard Mendez. The fact that Mars' atmosphere is breathable has been established in photographs showing Mars' blue skies. I have testified as to Mars having blue skies, Randy as to the skies of Mars ranging from blue to purple in color.


    Oxygen is a clear gas that refracts blue.


    The Martian atmosphere is oxygen-laden as a result of oxygen seeping from its lithosphere, hence, its blue skies, now visible not only in Mars rover images from its surface but in satellite images showing the blue halo that envelopes the Red Planet like a thin azure canopy of gelatin.


    Case closed as to whether or not Mars is habitable. It is...!


  7. Randy describes how on Mars, he was outfitted in a full body suit.


    The Mars jumpers were not; we were always dressed in our street clothes. The rust red dust clinging to my hiking boots was once noted by my mother at our home in the San Fernando Valley and by a classmate sitting next to me at a lecture at UCLA.


    Nonetheless, Randy's description of blue bodysuits being worn by a phalanx of the Mars Defense Force corresponds exactly to a group of Martian humanoids dressed in blue bodysuits that I found in NASA-JPL image PIA10214 and included in my paper "The Discovery of Life on Mars" in 2008.


  8. Like I, Randy has described the U.S. facilities on Mars as "small."


    In light of the fact that our comparative testimony about this topic could have fallen into any one of nine combinations of large, medium, or small, it is conspicuous that our testimony is congruent and that we agreed without revealing our evidence to the other that the American facilities on Mars are small.




    If descriptions of large, medium, and small were set as the parameters of our mutual descriptions of the U.S. buildings on Mars, then there was only a 13.71% chance that we would have randomly testified similarly as to this question.


  9. Randy describes how the indigenous Martian civilization is "almost all underground."


    This is highly accurate. I have given dozens of radio interviews and public talks in which I have described the Martians as living "primarily underground."


    After I published "The Discovery of Life on Mars" in 2008, a senior career CIA officer telephoned me and informed me that the Martian underground civilization numbers about 1 million individuals consisting of several typologies living cooperatively.


    I have since described how a member of the Martian species Homo martis martis once met Courtney Hunt and me at the entrance to the jump room facility called "The Corkscrew" and took us on a brief tour of the Martian underground, which was cavernous and decidedly "Tolkienesque."


  10. In telling these details of his experiences on Mars, Randy Cramer strikes me as the very kind of individual that was selected for the Mars jump room program.


    He is highly intelligent, has a superb memory, is a composed and resilient individual, is spiritually strong and emotionally calm, and is highly articulate.


    The vocabulary that he demonstrated on 'Awake in the Dream' Radio included such graduate-level words as "psionically," "covertly," and "seditious" - not bad for a Marine when you're going to send him to Mars and ask him to report back.

I could not be more delighted by this development.

I salute Dr. Michael Salla for bringing Randy Cramer forward publicly as a Mars whistle blower. When Alfred Lambremont Webre brought me forward as a Mars whistle blower with a very similar account in 2009, Dr. Salla called me a "crackpot."


Michael has now stated, almost apologetically, that in light of Randy's account, my account should now be reevaluated as credible. Let this begin a new era of collegiality in exopolitics.

I would also like to praise Randy's commanding officers for asking him to come forward. The fact that they have done so convinces me that my Truth Campaign has had a positive impact within the secret counsels of government.

Lastly, I would like to thank Randy Cramer himself. It took guts for Randy to live on Mars for 17 years and it has also taken estimable courage for him to come forward and tell of his experiences on Mars after he returned to the Earth.

The testimony of Captain Randy Cramer marks a signal event in the unfolding history of the Truth Movement and makes a major contribution to ending the cover-up of the fact that Mars is inhabited by both indigenous humanoids and animals and - now - also by visitors and settlers from Earth.