by Michael Salla

October 20, 2012
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Is a real life version of the Battleship Movie happening in the Pacific?
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Gordon Duff is the senior editor of the popular Veterans Today website who just over a month ago attracted much media attention for his claims that a joint U.S. Chinese naval task force was battling UFOs off the coast of San Francisco.


In a Veterans Today blog (first 39 minutes - below video) released today, October 20, featuring an interview recorded on Coast to Coast Radio four days earlier, Duff provided details of a briefing document he personally witnessed in 1982 while working for an unnamed government agency:





UFO Disclosure

Gordon Duff on Coast to Coast with George Noory









Coast 2 Coast AM

Remote Viewing Mars

October 16, 2012

first 39 minutes audio only of above video






Duff claims that the document belonged to an organization called Majestic-12 - a committee allegedly formed to develop government policy on alien life - and contained references to two treaties with extraterrestrial civilizations.


The treaties, according to Duff, were coerced upon the USA and other countries by a hostile extraterrestrial race.


In revealing more details of his 1982 experience, Duff is hoping to cast light on what sources have told him of a hostile extraterrestrial race that the navies of the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea are currently secretly fighting in the Pacific Ocean.


Is Duff revealing the contents of a genuine highly classified government document he witnessed decades ago; or is he disseminating disinformation that was created with the purpose of creating a false flag extraterrestrial threat that may be unfolding at this very moment in the Pacific Ocean.


In his radio interview, Duff described the initial experience that made him aware of the extraterrestrial issue for the first time.


He says:

In 1982 I was put on the readers group for Majestic-12. I received an original copy, slightly redacted. Done on a typewriter, dated August 23, 1977, Office of Naval Intelligence.


About 12 pages long, I had copy number five.







Duff claims that at the time he had a high level security clearance from an unnamed government agency, and that it took him 18 months to be cleared for the Majestic reading group.


After reading the document for about two hours, Duff put it back in its binder, and never saw it again.


Duff revealed (top page video) the contents of the document:

The document covered the period from 1947 to 1977 when they were produced. They indicated that over this period we had two distinct treaties. There have been more since, I have been told. One [treaty] in 1947, initially with President Truman. One in 1953, with President Eisenhower


The 1953 treaty with President Eisenhower was an agreement, a coercive agreement against the USA on behalf of a hostile alien power that wished to be able to kidnap (abduct) a number of citizens from the United States, which means of course that they had agreements with other nations as well.

What Duff revealed next might be a shocking set of provisions forced upon U.S. authorities by hostile aliens, or something straight out of a propaganda manual to condition a domestic audience for a future false flag alien war.

The numbers were unusually high. These were not people that were going to be detained, and probed, and returned. These were people that were going to be detained and butchered. They were very clear about that!

There are some important reasons to suspect that Duff may, in 1982, have been unknowingly recruited to spread, at some future time, propaganda that would assist a false flag operation.



...there is a well known collection of Majestic documents that have been released since 1984, and have been vetted and investigated by independent UFO researchers ever since.


Some of these, according to leading researchers such as retired nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman, are very likely to be genuine. Other Majestic documents are more controversial in terms of authenticity.


Nevertheless, none of the Majestic documents refer to an alien treaty, and none refer to the coercive provisions described by Duff.




...if there was a coercive treaty imposed on U.S. and other national government authorities with the onerous provisions described by Duff, there would have been other whistleblowers coming forward to reveal this.


While there have been a significant number of whistleblowers that have come forward to describe agreements between U.S. authorities and alien races, none of these whistleblowers describe the onerous provisions detailed by Duff.


For example, Dan Sherman (USAF retired) claims that he was trained to communicate with an alien species involved in the abduction phenomenon while he was stationed at the NSA.


Sherman claimed that the names and numbers he was relaying appeared to be part of an agreement to monitor alien activities with abducted humans. None of these activities were as egregious as those described by Duff.


Sherman wrote:

The bitterness began a few months after I had started to receive comms from Bones [an extraterrestrial].


It hit a sharp incline when I began to receive the abduction comms and now it hit a crescendo. I was tired of being supposedly so important because of my abilities, yet treated like an underling with no need-to-know…


Why the abduction data? Why had everything been passed in code, mostly, until now?… I finally came to the conclusion, after reporting over 20 apparent abduction scenarios, that I wanted no part of the program any longer.


Although I had no reason to believe anyone was being maliciously harmed, I did get a feeling that the abductions I was reporting were part of some sort of higher calling and the feelings of the people involved took a back seat to that calling.

Above Black - Project Preserve Destiny (1988) pages 134, 136


Third, alleged treaty that clearly describes people being detained and butchered is highly likely to be disinformation.


If provisions of a treaty do contain onerous conditions, these would undoubtedly need to be cleared at a very high level, and be framed in a way that would not be so obvious.


That would ensure that senior national security figures would not be prosecuted at some future time if and when the treaty/agreement was released to the general public.


In conclusion, it is more than likely that Gordon Duff was unknowingly misinformed with the alleged Majestic briefing document he witnessed in 1982.


The goal was probably to recruit Duff so that at a future time he could promote a hostile alien threat scenario that could be manipulated by national security authorities tasked with the extraterrestrial issue.


The creation of a false flag alien attack or invasion would enable,

  • the national security apparatus to impose more stringent security procedures that significantly increase their influence

  • maintain a cover up of extensive advanced technologies developed from retrieved alien spacecraft

  • clamp down even further on whistleblowers exposing alien related classified projects

  • manipulate public opinion about the intentions and activities of visiting extraterrestrial life

Duff, John Kettler and other writers that are currently discussing various sources alleging an expanding battle in the Pacific Ocean between hostile aliens and a U.S. led naval coalition may be revealing a real life Battleship movie scenario.


More likely, Duff, Kettler and others are disseminating, unknowingly at best, a well prepared and thought out false flag alien invasion scenario that would make it even more difficult for the public to learn the truth about extraterrestrial life visiting our planet.